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Friday, December 22nd


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This is the men's room. Listening to. My friends and family handed out them annoys you the most 844999. All here come the comments yeah network thought look we were just talking about the idea toilets flushing finally entered whenever but we had a small discussion about. You go to the map in the bathrooms and our particular place of employ as soon as you stand up the toilet flushed a lot of that there's is a sensor. Myself miles that we liberal standing wipers I like August Lucinda however so the comments are coming in and even a three reformist and Dwight. What the F. You stand white please explain why doesn't the hoops match and it keeps would you give up don't sit down wipers rule next sit down wipers rule entities trilogy of a club. Tutoring like their blood steady up minded blown. It's better when you'll. It's better to wipe your bottom boys sitting on the totally good about teachers red parties get service are you better now they'll likely trying to Whittle an app looks own as a look like a fruit roll it's not likely grab a bunch or wait for this squad like Jesus Christ man squad might about what someone else they add hey. You wiping to stay and of any good to dig in there and get over Massa looked eyes stand what I what I don't know a thing blows it by the blows your mind just know that. Whether you think you're great you're not I want my dirty toilet paper to go away that don't play will make it yeah I don't budget while there is a bloop. But more about how white you were about what the number approved in the toilet actively we're just finding out there's a button on the out automatic toilet first time of one minute first thing I look for you didn't know. No I did you know I think I even had a fully opera I do not trust an automatic toilet why would have given incidents. I just have had too many over time out what happened backlog wanna thrills and a quota allowed for a year and then I don't feel about his good MM. Glad you told it big as a renowned Feliz might I don't know blunders like I know got to go to Q avail plunger your place now I do you do see you know I won't be until the next day actually you would really like if it's a plunger political cleaner and all of war and all that night he does think it was let's face. It's our secret to employ artists so there's the old school blunders that's just the big suction cup right in to me they were fine forceful about it by now off you go. Now there's the ones you approach damn right it is too political halfway able water and the McKenna. You got the one that has that the extent that little circle at the bottom. You're an all yet replays down into the yea right so it's gonna ship like this so base for the show weakness of the one I have now would pull back out of the toilet. It's two doves on the water inside of a gun and partners itself yes exactly know what. It's proved water splashing around man like apple was oh so it looks like what you gotta point. Yeah that's what I have got like that and I hate that that there now I don't know how to play you know look I know plunging right demands on is too much but. Go back to old school Wanda cheap one more to. Don't really could be their terror below the problem these are though and that is experience once and the kind of had little party goes on the bottom of the triple open and exact that's what I think and I hadn't heard of iron in the dry and you know not the next hour right I didn't like the drop in Canada and the problem worse because at least the pool was in the water one on ones now it's in the plunges. What's about friends and family what happened about them annoys you the most 8449990. Le hello at least welcome to the men's room. Our job. What annoys you release. My hat and gradually leave it purity and odd that art by the bad and laundry in icu. Yeah that would normally do. The zone on the panel. And we actually I'm arrange a better note did I get the edit it on the site that I don't have to go to just so I don't get. Useless basically mute switch sides of the bed you've given up on the idea of them actually ever just taking a close to the to laundromat usually after I just I love it. So you may debate would you awesome the big decision to switch sides of the bed. Notice is the wrong but he rearranged to rewrite mortgages which side. I didn't. I need to pitch at bat and hit it at acknowledged aren't already there a way to ensure long. Did it take you to the yeah I want to tell you be used to sleep I don't think coming out of the but the big commitment. Act I think I only did they came here I bet on it I didn't read that carpet there at the other end. I think that's a weird thing okay not got the same argument OK I've now that's the OK now let's until it's explain this to make is I'm I'm I'm this blows my mind all right. You always want the side of the bed that's closest to the bathroom door correct. Why can't I do now. I'll usually on the site but at the clock air occasionally and her. We're trying to end OK okay out of Barack I like it this way I mean there on the right side of the bed or the left side of the so okay. You go to law hotel room do you stay on the same side of the bed or would you switch sides of the bed based on the fact that the door to the bathroom might be on the other side of the bed did you normally sleep on. So would you take the other side of the bed and hotel room based on the fact the bathroom doors closer to that side. Seeing this is not a barrier this has visited like this before I get into an argument in a hotel room every time like I've been sleeping on the same side of the bed. For years and now all of a sudden we play an away game and also like I don't even know where I am anymore I gave him out of all right this is not fair to do meters into the bathroom do not like. Just cuddle with your left arm I can't sleep on the other side of the bed if I'm not broken into a dearly like I've got. It no bad new stadium I know but at the wrong end of our best ability Antonio and I don't think the end zone delivered that committed Philip into the field man I still play big look the same game he played those same freaking game newborn your debut where you're away uniforms the crap out of high school but in the end. This is our game play we are all right cause they are right back on the oil on your own vacation right yes icing on the left is sometimes a vacation make. I have a beer like 1130 noon right now. I'll do that nor I brought okay shake it goes HCA was strange. Thing here I am on this foreign place nominal side of the bed and never on never ever wrong. I started mostly it's just it's weird. Well only. Best to ruin a lot of true are you there because I don't yeah we're gonna ask the president that makes sense to say it's it's different. IE tacky thing that does decide asleep at the girl's got an offer access to bathroom. It society and that's what it's all I would displayed how much your husband whatever side is closest to the AC in the hotel room that's rough side are you don't like whatever side she ain't on her. More than like him but he's not on that are obviously among friends enough family coworkers what have about them annoys you the most boat can be welcome to the men's room. Oh Bob caught. Both gone dead yeah mine would be actually to get others. Like currently. They plant the opposite sex without only Koran and not own up to mimic the plan and or go what we're gonna play the re talking about. I. I like. Like a launch date like it birth date. It's like yeah. Quote unquote old friend you know and that they've done so in the past the need. Oh. Yeah. That's the actual liver than to school now difference that's a difference and there. Anytime. Normally if it's with Freddie on the dumb anything but in that situation that I definitely think you should give the person who heads up before you do the same thing right now amendment that whole thing like Adrian gobble this I can assure you blank and I don't I have no feelings for this person personal friends but gonna catch up that I have a lunch yeah I want four fingers deep so if I write an element. And we're now along. And that I you know right. And by meat to 2 o'clock no no no no no you don't wanna be involved in that you're going as I do the. Now because you know what he would just. It's not to place it is that if she chooses to make that decision. And I sure invited in and you say yes then that's up to you but I would say like any other old friends like you guys go catch up you know me if you're telling me is true. You don't have any feelings towards which I had done done necessarily add have that same clarity issue. But I would say hey you gotta go that's when my parents with a two. But it did if the other you're gonna be in the life. If she's gonna go. You say I'm I think yeah I got a memento to dagger in my own if they are why this is not wanted me. I think we're all one of the obvious place so he's how many times have they gone out on a date. People go to one I'm all. Well it would be the you know we edit Digital Domain out of the fact that she and I know that catchy yet but definitely not at well fed company. Getting here's the bottom line we all those guys you guys do not have female friends and lest they wanna have sex with them I'm never gonna meet a woman for lunch a Muslim cheating among. A look an I don't know I'm not an eye on a five site action by outside action fund and president somebody. It's just in does its business and we're sitting down we're talking business you know do you wanna answer Steve Smart please or whatever the deal is no heavy stuff that we get into. Honest to god that I wouldn't I just. There would be no reason for me and as we grew up together we've been logon to a friend right I gotta think I think if you know both parts of the party. But I would I would be odd to me to go have lunch with your White House. Not your enemy I don't get drinks what sort of what I know both of you I do agree if if she's single indoor single right that the toll from all but at those market if they ask somebody than it. It's not as weird. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Got off the table but then you can find out earlier on you know you're going yeah if anybody anybody doesn't know it'll be so if you're her old flame you're like do look. But he would need to meet you and I'd an instance like that rose like all now yet find this is this is there's no way. And then all of a sudden it was like all know I was completely right. I was completely right to take your dating yet. Toshiba model brings down you know friends and hung around you know everything else on an economy in late may we broke up but I am right on with the fact I mean like. Flies on. Duke to read the Novak oh man I had a feeling but not nearly like that on. It's very Covert operation. Now on museum in gonna nothing had been going on but it was just like I'm in waiting. I'm in waiting for you think that dude sat there waiting. Oh yeah come on all he had no way to link in my Katz and fox and Ann have been stolen energy before known don't know well maybe if you can't tell me I'm probably try to look I got a buddy that same thing he was. He was dating basically both of them were in other relationships they were both friends and and once they got single they got together but it wasn't I assure you are yeah. I know exactly and that that's that that's what I'm saying like if he wasn't with that girl. Then they would be going out to lunch and hang out anymore sure. Yeah I unable to be out of it and for. And for that guy via brutal one of the lead yeah I don't know you probably lost touch after yeah I don't know I'm not an exact amount. Our a rural that in normal exit eight ex girlfriend used to look at all of that other typical exactly. I don't doubt and didn't run as well. That run in one go into that dude did you later I was like gas is like to that date I think like two or three deeds after the earth did you do that one thing of that gap and he didn't respect to the ethics that I go to and we all got our but have not done a counterclockwise as well I don't even those students at the bar and I think you know he's going oversexed people's elbow here if you think that I epithet as impressive. I got out they thought they return a dead birds of the FCC yet ready bad jokes on the way you can email the bad jokes to the men's room at midterm dot com as an obtuse on Twitter and men's or live is a bad jokes are on the way along with her emails on our question. Among friends and family would have been about them annoys you the most we'll take a quick break and read those emails in the men's room Edmonds or live dot com next. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have gentle men's room. Our lesson about friends and family. What have about them annoys you the most in here come those emails in the men's room mad men's or live dot job yeah. Dad was here for a week he's 83 he had three different diarrhea of the cells and got it on to the carpets and the brand new Barack. If it. If it it it it. Damn man M. Let her large gentleman there endless complaints that it bore you with about my one roommate such as urinating in the kitchen sink while it's full of dishes buying a puppy without mentioning it to a true mates etc. However what annoys me the most is the disastrous smell which lingers through the house every time he takes a dump. I understand that typically. It does not smelled great the majority of mine smell far from safety savory it and the my roommates every damn time smell like he has been taking opiates drinking large dark loggers and eating Clif bars. And is dropping his first one weeks I don't understand how it's that bad all the time. Thanks for entertainment from James. Guys I work with a guy who constantly whistles not only is he two octaves higher than the actual song. He has whistling but he is always flat or sharp sometimes a wanna throw punches that bastard. You guys in red festival. That from DB Cooper. Amid is I think you had today's question would me in mind where to start my dad hovers over me calling me all the time asking me where I am guys and 36. My brother who is also in his thirties and lives with my parents is afraid of yard work so I get to come over and do Bayer's. My sister's stays up until 6 AM watching movies and sleeps until two and is never on time for anything. If you guys wanna trade you know that from the collide the pizza guy. Yeah the than ever on time person man it's just I mean. Now man it's not that hard now it's just not there yet but I've gotten much better but I tend to be. On time in the poster earlier whatever yet but. Yeah so it's weird for me it's rare that ideal somebody who's like slower related and I am guys are getting fired up to elect. I don't think so I'm the fictional clock that I always implement and any circumstance. I people who say they're gonna pick the other four amazed that ready to go and about four to law men and I do the same thing for them so we're supposed to meet someplace and the meeting time is gonna be five. Then that meeting time is now going to be about 53 or that way they'll get there early more than likely when they come in at 51 mean it's and then they get mad grieving and I and harassed you and Roger relayed and drag you have the friend it's like I befriended is. Always on time right but then every time I'm by militarily he's got the intended answer and could probably beat you you think even when I try you can't beat. Now because you know why he wants to be at that bar more than you do it does seem kind of death that this shift. He just crazy bumping umpire. Our guys have a tale of my family does it's extremely annoying they tell each other everything about a decade ago my cousin had a wedding and of course so folks started becoming a little bit inebriated there. It's a boy my aunt comes up to me she says so Kyle I heard your film director these days. To my surprise my mom announced to the family that you found a personal video that I made my ex girlfriend the film of the adult variety. My face turn red and all I can do is drop my head and walk away. Some things are best left not shared thanks guys have a great day. That from Kyle we can make honest and yeah this one out by the through an entertaining this is from a very frustrated parent as best I can. More knowingly then prove I'm flushed. Try to get bad they're meant for kids use and they clog its all the time and they don't tell us that they did it. We are all guilty ages six. 111217. They proved they limited the political football week gives reportedly been discovered. How can you not have toilet paper for a full week too that's another loan or a walk and go guys write what what are you doing in here. Just in on Twitter. Each is bloggers some but the and puts the toothpaste cap on so tight. They can never get enough. All of the good the bugger piece of older demoted them as well as my lord in north yet Saturday. I don't wanna say which one of my children does this would like please stop. To stop in the to Stewart absolutely. A solid early look convert a nugget gold ounces you watch some stupid movie with the right. And then you notice on the corner on fingers up the nose and I get the kids do that and figure comes out I'm like please don't like hey hey hey don't do it. And then that is ruled her finger lake. Put it somewhere. Where timer if you let him out there for the men's or women's in my dot com. All the guys today is my daughter Olivia sixth birthday she loves you guys you would love to hear a sub and a guy a second I've got Kagan and Al hitting the window thanks Ali. Guys. My daughter Bailey thirteenth birthday we love the show and her longtime listeners please help me make her day by wishing her happy birthday with a barber shop fish sandwich thanks guys from different. He hears it to movie Laura Suzanne wins. She's the daughter on the side. That's how it is I wish I Vizio rarely is she in the morning and afternoon. And you and I know. It's birthday wishes for. 15 you still can't drive voter drink men's or read the do you listen to the men's room show every day and laugh at thrills gas mile scooter stories. And Ted vs the FCC. L while dreaming about Robin and what she will say to you in German. So here you go. I could you get a good old Joey just not one or two and maybe some German talking to from Ted thrill and of course Robin heavy fifteenth birthday. And. Now we know thirteen both they were making that celebrates. Guy enjoy a propane and you can dry. Alice Cooper isn't that what. Right there and above stuff you can. He told us and you plays delivered they set out to my baby boy Justin pronounce island Bobby celebrating his 23 birthday. Could give a big old Lee role lied Jake in CU bitches and red festival that I'm Rachel I'm. And he didn't. Jesus. Did a road through the birthday. Big Internet after reviewing data you gotta love that dirty Germans and Melvin said he would do when you're doing guys then from James. Yeah when you look at Gillette in these Santa a couple of times. And that the Melvin had taken a moment Democrats that I might keep view that Rudy Judi fresh pretty. Maybe a Grand Slam Canadian Australian meat and how does a lot better today is my 24 trip around the sun I would love to hear some turtle wax with a lob and fox built noise thing. Got my premium experience been room men's or red fez we'll take a stairway to be there guys say some Parker. It's those guys at a birthday I sent out and I wanna avoid Janelle who lives would be totally lost without. Can she gets in dirty German talk from thrill and Ted thanks guys that from Eric. Profitable they wouldn't go hiking I would have a student who visit the mosque. And look it's an English food bangers and mash. Over the banging the. Now the Ludlow is my beautiful girlfriend Sarah had a birthday. She is celebrating her dirty thirty so she gets in dirty Germans to cheer up that would maker de love you babe that from Stefan. God he can be Brando who rely on my team just doesn't expend. Yeah that's a problem. It's already getting. It's like Communist Russia. That's beyond your some fun with the. I don't know I don't know journalist who's out there. Allows us. I was quick on the draw. Oh you're 33 birthday shout outs away amber announced Henry AKA Chile Willy he's a great friend a terrific guy the only man I would have a devil's triangle with either his wife remind would be great. I can get a Joey chestnut into dirty German talk about a threesome thanks guys that from debit. The though be months nick does but in the end we would be the three musketeers. Yeah back in the Davis for books and through and through. We just runs and no one. Chilly windy. God is my husband Adam 37 birthday today wondering if being its a little dirty German talk about ducks and chickens thanks guys from Rebecca. Yeah I don't know much about ducks and chickens but I do not let that like watching sports because they don't house. Ducks and chickens thanks Brenda people think yeah. Will ruin the end up with web. Guys it's not my husband Adrian fortieth birthday and I plan to take into a stake in move Alison Borland. Nice he's got a midlife crisis a motorcycle but some dirty Germans thought would be the icing on the cake we've been listening to guys forever thanks for the laughs and rock god. That from the lovely crystal. Charlotte is that your wife as your wife of the state is eat food item or a description of a different. Yeah not most important thing though he's from the salad bar back. If it's. Hurry up with a it is going to be a problem if it's true there were a couple of it it. Still replay please. Stay there for a few by PG a live. I thought and here. There is no I've caddies for. Dean 1965. Day making everyone's like better who's been lucky enough to meet her birthday. Tony says here's the other what dread one of them even though we've been through some rough ones. Absolutely love the show we're daily listeners and will always be till some dumb ass executive says otherwise of work. Did you get them. Dirty Shannon Sharpe a Joey chestnut and some dirty Melvin Ted thanks guys love eBay policy it's night after get off work that for Marty. Yeah Google won't do alpha and local new seconds ago. Dad. Dad may have enhanced sense that you've been to the millionaire that bloke. It was six kids come on down here and say how we do it had to yell and aim Lou. Oh so those already bird they have a very special individual named Chris. He's a face damage eaten Scotch drinking men's room listen and dirty old bastard. Still love you dad even though the UPS guy is probably my real father look what brown can do for you. Please have him up with a dale he's still have it or drop would be too much love from Conor tears guys. Okay. Probably so they do not like it was my non homosexual lover Jim Ball very happy birthday about an original faced sandwich and some dirty Germans and some stern not a German Robin. Thanks guys love the show that from big rig fin fish sandwich. Yeah I was so you might need Big Three tonight and give you colonial army you can write my. Yeah I just don't forget to clean his pipes. Hello men's rooms John Lennon and I'll run my. Intense mind's kind fit election won this since then found out myself. I heard just about Frankfurt election and he needed you just my regular direction. All automated there is no Greg Burke righteous kill you Reggie know women did. Jim Madison's birthday is slightly override but not old so I don't wanna say how old he is. He works very hard and deserves a face an alleged may be a barbershop quartet in a big old LeRoy Jenkins at from the lovely Michelle. The sandwich and I again if this and OK so you know I got the raw. Brother can nine enemies and man to boot geez man it's harder on this nine. Yeah. Here comes on for WC IMF and Rochester and I ever days just my brother Nikki. Who is unfortunately incarcerated in an upstate New York correctional facility. For the next three to eight months of the name of the dude and 1811 Skid Row in the making maybe it was. Losing your show is one of his greatest pleasures now that there is a lot of competition. But he does look forward to listening to it every night that you'd like a prison themed dirty German talk and maybe a barbershop fish sandwich. Also I listen your show through the Rochester a station WC MF you guys keep me sane while trying to redo my dad's bathroom every evening. Thanks guys bad from Zach. Is it sooner we borrowed this sandwich. She's a daughter on this. Counties damaged navy still really can't see in the morning and afternoon at noon and. Yeah that he would spend time behind all of your brother is redoing the pace showed that people do not to let them do that yeah. Yeah the man who have a beverage line and I knew. And you'll end up with some promo in a moment but if if it. Guys imprisoned at the he's the reentry of accusers. It was dirty job and that's what they please that's neat. It's gonna push the on Bruno and your no no yeah. They could've written on notebook it didn't know if I think it's on the outside and if you do not. We'll move on tonight good job is no no and there is no doubt. Guys that are losing you for awhile this summer I'm down in the United States of America getting to listen live while I was taking classes staying with the American irrelevant. So there would be heading back got to can't assume but I want to make sure I get a birthday shout out to my Obama over in Germany. He is turning 84 and my uncle who lives there make sure to get your guys is podcast downloaded to they can listen to put an open sugardaddies. Oprah that's a grandfather okay. I was trying to be all right I anyway bugger gets ironically from the special and German followed by his personal favorite dirty Germans that would be amazing. Thank you guys for bring us years of entertainment and last set from the lovely Rosalie. The tense missing coupe and some minor look Nissen. I do love them she said but they had big action but they know they Obama I would have been through the whole pop the it and Rosalie would try to get to us stationed there and kill one British Columbia. But we're not I'm kilowatt were you there yeah and we have. And sure. Here we go and it had to play a lot of Neil Young. Yeah yeah and I'm OK yeah definitely I'm okay yeah I. At a greater pay curtailed. That day sergeant Eric on joining us file hi I'm surprised you're though clear I don't a girl that the Kennedy we have to play Emery and all the Canadian song title they can and can't we got to play like a thirty per called. Can calm meaning what now 30% comedian music and K for the planet are you think they've got mobile better music about the rule we play Bieber. You could write you know they do in Australia for that weather and they've played all about 2 o'clock in the morning outlook like yeah you can't meet many Australian bands are really easy and access. And you know work BG we're like the royalty of our Australian Midnight Oil has been I don't know and I tests he really really yeah I mean there wiggles. There is viewed wiggles originals there's the biggest selling artist in Austria I know let's occurs I think we need to go back in time to the last time we played to have children yet you will soon as we're at that you feel. To think of it. Never lit bit depth and chuck Sox duck. Chicks but sometimes. Nick sucks shocks ducked in shock licks mix it. Ducks are far greater effect. Nick lipstick not the trucks stuck stuck chicks but sometimes mix ups chuck duck. And so what lit knicks picked up my party won just went thick duct it chuck stuff duc kids but sometimes it's not just. I'll. All dried again is. Unless flavor and. It was three. 120. It's bad. Boy oh and and what go where hey wait another day this I record says that this is the FCC. I know exactly who Grimes illegals excellence. We're here we'll fight grow up happy and all Leo we came and offer nine of them blown three balls and but no we have another has been sting and yes I have people yeah. And yeah. That little look if you look at the corner on Google that a blue blood of this morning a flexible and did the worm flower and and the the women aren't. I looked yeah. So we get other. Nurse a militant vs the FCC would also decide what the hell let's go this way only we had no yeah we go to work that hard to annihilate. Odd this. This edition of diversity FCC goes something like this in eatery this one time through and then three times fast. Ted Smith sits she lets and sits on sleds in shifts while smoking's bless. Spitting pits and eating Ritz you say that one time through in the three times faster this Ted vs the FCC you can spray a lot yeah I think. I think it and it's hard to do this movement and her. If it is. Did I go about it and I think that's what's realistic yet. It is like been noted and they have may have flip flips and since all of the way it did they have. While smoking a live that he did it you really have unbelievable. Trying to do good at what kind of broke his lip and couldn't get back. Frank and his little talkative give they would give credit to our right to do blimp because of my goodness some somewhat different. Palin but in a bubble video pool. But it soon. Are they could live. Although Penelope halt. Right. Ed Smith sips so let's insist on slipping when we. Know your mouth and and shift while smoking splits spitting hits eating grits don't back fence there. Fifth slipped sits on slips it shipped off OP split spitting they're eating red barn dance that flips tips. Slept. While this club slips that ship while smoking twelve spending big Edie Britt. Smith sits flat. It sits up flips while ships while smoke it's what smokers many d'antoni would. 200 dead birds and the answer is yeah. It's like going four point 999 Hala. You can see the bad dude since Tucson tournament survive and even the bad jokes goes in the men's room and men's or livestock out bad jokes are on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. True what my. Bad jokes made far far 999. All you into the bad jokes to the men's room amends remind our common way to go with a bad jokes we do have the euphoria here from the emails. Canadians across that are going to be in walk into a bar I know because they told me. Why did you hear a Terrell back dole go to the bathroom. Because the youth I was. How long is it Chinese men's names. I don't know how long I don't know I he's a man and I got. Good at three the first joke off this world now to go out there. Mean I don't know what we have how do you know the Maria that card debt assumed a Republican how thoroughly scoring guard people. Once the difference between the colors pink and purple what is the difference your grip. That all the. Have you. Why don't chicken Wear underwear. Line because they're Packers on their face. What's the definition of eternal load what is it Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder playing tennis. Toss. Good news tunnel that is MO. About. Hello glory. Let us or not. And now you about lizards over Joseph down what kind. Of map rescission bill got a man to fish do. You well. Als. Oh. Had no maverick guerrillas welcome to the bedroom. Are not I don't have. Yeah oh did you think we were talking to the other Mary guerrillas. And I think you're. Like the gorilla. Quite a guerrilla outfit did not told why do guerrillas have such big nostrils. And if that it fingers. We also had dogs have a manager during did that. Audio they're considered to be ready. I'm thrilled knows just. You win games. Dad have been as usual we had to do a great guest Nancy withdraw vilified on nortel's yes indeed today and we toast an unidentified woman from. Somewhere this is all you need to anonymous said the sub for him now will let her do her speaking for herself. Someone who is not her. Noticed are sitting in a car parking lot and she is on the phone having a very heated debate argument or conversation with you there her boyfriend husband. We don't know. But again she's sitting in the drivers out of her car windows rolled down she does not know she's being the cell phone and is somebody who bear and that. I'm gonna let her her talking speak for itself let's just play the audio this is all this woman does for at least ninety cents. It. The ball. And yeah yeah. Yeah okay. Yeah I don't know if you play in European is is through small. What was she doing that it's now Baghdad. Terry I hand over and over he's got a cigarette hanging out of her mouth he's exactly what this person sounds like is what they look like. And it does not it. If if it does not edit these discoveries that may help. He's just out today illustrate her mailman before the imagery does booze because when they get yelling yeah bags tong and download. Broke through party in our Tommy's. Yeah oh yeah they don't yeah. Ticket doesn't live profile this guy are not right now 844999. O'clock. Shenanigans continue on the men's room. The radio network.