WSU Men's Basketball vs Oklahoma 12-16-17

Saturday, December 16th

WSU Men's Basketball vs Oklahoma: L 91-83


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I don't know because in yeah. Got her. Three point 781. Craig. There's no point them. Hey all I'm. I'm on easily alongside him we're looking forward to bring you hit the game really body decided college basketball game between third ranked woods did not stay. And the Oklahoma standards march 2758. People voted number 24. In the coaches poll this week Oklahoma seven. One Wichita State at 81. And it's a rematch of a very good game last year at Oklahoma City would switch doctors one late. And fortunately happy to say this is now the second game what will become a four game series as the two have signed up. Place for a few more years and it's great to have these various teams playing each other end it certainly. Coach Marshall has expressed on several occasions his respect. For an liking. Coach Kruger at what he's done his career in the fact that he's the leader playing with us. It's great for both programs it's excellent for both cities so. Congratulations and who knows everybody involves teams. For half. And we are going to see two players today that we're almost certain. You will not be seeing in college uniforms a year from now forced Landry sham but what's it really started to get a lot of talk about the Indian beaten up for him from people outside people that know. This is his last galaxies that he could be in the NBA next year and I don't think anybody disputes. Yeah at Oklahoma soft portray ya I think the thing one and done a freshman from. Norman price near their home town who decided to stay home don't know you it. Is leading the country. In scoring. He's third in the country in a Cessna they're only eight games into the season most that all plays that. He stays anywhere close to that. I can't think anybody edited may be Oscar Robertson or Pete Maravich that would have been way high up in both of those statistics yeah especially in assists. Like and I see some that you want them. And he looks down court and find it threatening to these exciting to watch I think he's getting its 28 today four more. But it would successfully neutralized physicists. And give the best chance to win. This is the end trust bank free games you know appropriate since we aren't in trust bank arena for annual trip here and of today's game is brought to you by your hometown Chevy dealers we welcome you joining us 8691037. Or on Twitter at a shocker voice. At if you are calling from outside the area as Al is it is 316869. 1037. Again Twitter at soccer boys look forward to hearing from you and now it is going to believe this off now what's on your mind today. Welcome doc I think that Burke thought it was a split that arc view and that the radio listeners. God first thing is. You know about at a Missouri valley up and following it this year like emperor or your outlet. Almost a year or whatever and an exciting year I think the valley early yet. I mean maybe more with that which are they not met. And I know I probably then you know follow them those gains and it's pretty exciting years there and we don't waste them. But I bet it's let the playing soccer the board. Second thing is. Like I think it background what about it needed to be guarding against great yen and thirdly. You know. How to break camp but didn't know schoolboy legend which probably the Gideon. But I've looked at historical numbers you know ever since bought a college eat less than 40% and here. At the top scorers it's field goal percentage off from the field and three point Greinke I think seven out of eight at the top sports. It amid a sharp either that it at greater percentages dropped it certainly gets its fair here or not. Yeah Connor Connor fifth well how about this. Statistic there now. Find it here. Last three games. He has very quietly. Averaged fifteen point seven points per game they candidate's team for. 355. Point 6% so got off to slow start. We got after a slow start last year at shooting better than 50% for the last forty game season victory. And yet one game where he was one of nine from the field. But in five of his last six games he's 4453. For 45 point 3% so he's coming through. Do a better job and what's been impressive. Sydney is the fact that he's thinking big shots in games. And seek it against Oklahoma State he did it against Baylor. And you need guys like that that will step up to lead the closers. And he's showing that he has to have these I think there. And an irreplaceable part of the team this year. Anything else the ul as far as your comments about that Alley now. I also. Certainly. Want to see that Natalie do you always root for them it's time. But in terms that have had a great year. We'll see her right. I'm not want fund wants records yes lot of teams are having success won loss records. But unfortunately if they hadn't played much that he is that a couple of good win. Certainly loyalty here Florida. But. And you know Indiana State abbreviation. That win even though he had it down a little bit. But if you look at the power rankings of the things that will be considered. War and CA turf considerations. There are five American athletic conference team to the top 55. The vast Missouri Valley Conference team it's around 75. McNabb threw for between 75 and 100. Which needs right now. There what did leave again whoever wins the tournament getting up and there's not much time left there are seeking remaining before conference play starts for him to do anything about that stuff. The records are good luck they had kind of I I think we've scheduled some we have is that a lot of those programs and I think it's going to fit compare. Christians but the Iowa. Ads don't do video wrote a little better schedule overall pretty darn good team that fifty feet. That's a factor and NCAA tournament but. Biggest test does not from the staff listens but is not afraid to me like this little kid that will come. Not the panel also asked about this after this quick enough to guard. Yon I don't know if anybody but to guard ya but we'll get in the thick book you'll have to go hand gun rights statutes you. On the perimeter that he has NB Angel and so either it's isn't she something that we face to directly in the past with hands on Zach didn't know on hand out. And then if he beats him off the dribble which can be a lot of people off the dribble whether there's good help. For the big guys down. And it's exactly what he talked about quick enough. I don't know that anybody's quick enough to disk here right up entry on its face and stay with it that's actives. Quicker. Than most 66 guys these long. And four inches is significant if you're four inches solid if somebody. You complain often that a staffer so was and still contested shots and not give up that easy drive that so I think he's a I'm really good when it started out on him Shaq has the race off his team now and so I think he's fact that goofy like he could move that he's done. He's got a really good job on some very good point guards in the past when they felt like that was the matchup it wanted him on. Now I'm not very good point guards you know we're not talking about everything and everybody like at train yard but I. And I think Zach isn't a good starting point. Now Austin Reeves could find himself with his length supply chain with his quickness and that answers questions that we met a lot of art art what are listeners. Hi yes my case is going to play he's practiced the last couple of days coach Marshall seems very comfortable with where he is again in terms of the fact that the full swing of things enabled client played significant minutes itself. And he also could be a factor. With his quickness as opposed to his wife that that's the match up front court so it might not take place on. But some oddities like this on this team. I think he could be content and with. Gun a little bit out of court. But god has the streets like it's difficult for anybody to lac saint. Now one thing to keep in mind he's not. Perfect nineties means he's shooting 48%. Overall 38%. From three those are very good numbers obviously. They're relying totally on him to get it all done that's not gonna happen and it. If he's got it too much at least taking all the shots of me based on those percentages. That's not get a get involved and a half he's got to get up to people involved in the state studies very good at doing that but it. You know against the player of that caliber. Where you really wanna start out as just. You know if you could limit him a little bit if you could slow it down if you could take you a little bit out of his comfort zone. Then you start to give yourself a much better team and would not have open guys for him the past. He could be devastating on the yes yes so Wichita State needs to make sure that they didn't ask. Have a question via Twitter if Zach friend is not a high school or whatever just wanted to point that literally make six is there a stat that follows stats speak wolf bond stopped people minus points. There is not. In terms of general stats that you see out there and anybody left side NCAA just keeps stats like adamant it's official statistics. I'm sure that. All coaching staffs or bones have some sort of system like that that they keep track out plus minus four whites in him and that kind of thing and obviously points per possession. Has become wanted to become. You know talked about a lot followed by a lot of people end. At Sheridan. That's not because its stance to take a look at you know happening points. Did you guys score based on how many shots tonight Yemeni position he had every time to be yet the quality did get a shot that type of things so. I'm sure that if you could see those stats background would you know would score very well of those yet there's too many variables though probably had you work. Statistics. For example what what it beats what if there is a screen. And Denny comes off the streets or somebody else. So point and somebody else is that the game but the fact that we just yet buried buried parts of the track. Once again. We've had a couple of other Twitter questions also butts at my TAM and yes if he did hear earlier answers to my case feeling much better. And is going to client has practiced at full speed the last couple of days I guess if you didn't hear. What was going on at the stomach issues answer players explained that it could Marshall Cox kind of regulation this. It was something and they I don't know upstate and I guess they have not figured out whatever it was it was classic it it was sort of and acid reflux type reaction where he felt like he was going to throw line when he answered the snow then obviously that's little tough. Went through that snow. Highs into the doctor's notes tennis this week returned to practice this weekend at least the last couple of days gone Cold War I watched it shootaround today. And he looked like his old self and not only this guy that's running around flying with just his. Demeanor is interaction with his teammates very upbeat like he's definitely feeling much better so.