WSU Men's Basketball vs South Dakota State 12-05-17

Tuesday, December 5th

WSU Men's Basketball vs South Dakota State: W 95-85


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I don't opens and I'll. Everything now. Shocker. I'm 103 point 7 pay you why am praying for. And bring him down. Here is somewhat similar joggers. Evening had more bad news tonight behaved children to have you win this fight Kennedy alongside they've got home at Charles Pope arena. After handling our producer in studio. And are arguably joining us here at table as the evening goes on to equity stakes from this end. It's great to have you with this Wichita State's home in between two road games as factors could not that big 6960. Some winds. At sailor on Saturday we'll go back on the road for another big twelve opponent at Oklahoma State. This coming Saturday the last home game here was. Interesting I guess as the shoppers flu that's Savannah State scoring a 112 points you won't see anything like that tonight this is a very good South Dakota State seeds. That certainly is capable of challenging the shot here's a little bit and they are. Trying to make it to the NCAA tournament for the fifth time in the last seven years for the program. They let last year they were I thought they were good last year when soccer soccer's. 667. Games over. But that he started to win some games. I thought Mike's the game against Savannah State. Help prepare Wichita State where Baylor only because his own defense. And how aggressively they tried to double and if you walk down the quarters and things like that. So Wichita State I thought executed its Taylor zones rate zones. Better than maybe I've ever seen and it's you against itself. South Dakota State is one of those programs. Certainly not a life went Gregg Marshall built it went throughout that there are few others around the country that have managed to sustain eighth. Higher level of play at competition. Then it might be typical for their names and the conference period and that sort of thing. And certainly it helps. What you said that the land of marquee player at some other people missed out on they have a young man named Mike dom who is 69 not a great athlete. But it's very skilled player does that all around smaller. And a lot of people feel like his next step could be that the NBA he's not a banger. But he sixth night he has super race. He makes good decisions with the basketball. He thinks the ball inside the NASA doesn't like to. If he could develop a bit rate jumped readers no doubt that he would be an NBA player. I love this stat I saw ideas at least street Smith Agassi and I was doing some preparation for this game. Mike dawn Indy is two seasons that he was a redshirt freshman two years ago took a richer here because you didn't think he was. Good enough and ready for division on his original freshman year he has scored 1396. Points in his first two seasons. Since 1992. The only two players to scoreboards and added their first two years in division one. We're Seth Curry. And Allen Iverson and I'm only by a little bit and then Davos is slightly ahead of Doug McDermott's two years so his first from yours rate. Well I wonder diesel UGU. I would think he would play all four years here in if Heath. If he graduates. See the type of theater that would go through days of our program. That's not to think about Nazis market he does very well in the classroom. Ends. Is he the type of kid that was. Throw his hat into Reagan's right with you at the and I don't see death by you might see an oddly out of town. Should they need. He is not like Doug McDermott. And it as far as his pro future Aaron and I have got a proud of the fact that I've projected that they're but the exactly what he is that this is not bad that. These 68. Might not 69. Neither are quick enough athletic enough foot speed. To really be a three man in the NBA or at least consistently guards treatment can forget guys that make it bigger plane with three that are extremely athletic. And they're not bankers are not big physical guys who were explosive around the basket to be an every day for men but. Very skilled great shooters. There is that there's a place for those people Doug McDermott have agonized you're Kyle Korver had a thing out of his career very similar type of atlas six. For asset that the native yeah so. You know I think he's got a future but that's why it is not gonna be a big rush for him to go before the end of DC united that's exactly right and I don't. I don't think he's particularly at defense. I think he's just an average defender. And you still have to hear you water. If you had decent players it still happens on it that there. Anyway we're looking forward to seeing and he had twenty against attackers here last year on 88 of fourteen shooting he would have to take a static shots against. Thought exploited these guys that. Doesn't get himself to the free throw line you get there seven or eight times a game on the average himself. They'll pick up some points that way as well he's shooting less this year there are other players around him pretty good job. He's shooting a lower percentage. He's 78. Points instead of well over twenty points like he did last year. But he had caught fire up with a blast off for the last quality depth when I began its place. Well this is our interest banks. Pregame show you know how it works you can call us at 8691037. If you're outside the area industry wants six. 8691037. As you can tweet me any time that acts shocker voice. On Twitter tonight's game is brought you by Evans building company. That team to build list. And if you are on your way please drive safely here drive to the game brought to you by Kansas land tire and service or retires. Professional auto service. Are always a slam. Always a pleasure to welcome Al to the program usually opens us up with a call from Texas even. Opens up the call from Texas we were in Texas last edited so I'll take it. Well homicide. Oh that's where they meet him I prevalent there with the darker wherever. Couple things. Number one of Shaquille Warren got. To go see how he felt the spirit like we've been. Thirty. I really want that game. Hopefully we can get a lot there. Comment like that he was the favorite. Leo unstoppable. But I can only hope that this. Oprah like that on the author if it does. Work but also the battle. What was there about. In. Foul trouble in. I can't I think it was thought little about our Ali who. You know it when that complete games. And do you think he does the real Lou I think that the sake of this aren't. Is that they ordered those with a congress that is the number two why. Is it was. I thank you think it as far as here. Rashard teleconference there's no question he is the glue or one out one of several that they believe glue guy out this maybe as much as anybody that it's not a case that's the mindset the attitude. He's played tonight attitude and the work the media about it if he gets thirty minutes he's got stuff to DD thirty minutes. Also. I did not I'll say this because yes it kind of describe somebody as junkyard dog which he certainly adds that you. Recognize that toughness is that implies and so forth. Thought he is very very Smart also add he would face every floor leader and his maturity comes in the client things like coach Marshall mention that one at a time outs late in the game on Saturday. He basically says. That's got to keep playing rights at the end we can't play like it's like you know protecting the leader like it's like it's over we're listening in on that we got to play right to the end. Being aggressive keep doing what we've those kinds of things he's. He's really matured into. You know what I have bought a quiet vocal leader not a Holler guy that just that guy that's that's just the right thing when it's needed. Almost every player certainly everything and I both parts that's got better by the times. These. Eight round bout it some excellent players look staff spends a great job round it's so much better. But not the least of them is charged phthalates which are Kelly is not Xavier McDaniel and apparently he Xavier McDaniel. But Rashard Philly has the same mindset that excited about it junkyard dog on Boris. Excellence junkyard dog he would go after the awards but what stands one time we interviewed him was. The reason he gets rebounds. Is he anticipates. Where the ball is going to go when it's him why he it's much better position. And that's why its chance to get those offensive rebounds. Rashard has to spend a relentless. Offensive rebound. And the reason is is because he does a great job at anticipate. It's almost a wrong. As far as C the thoughts about chat in foul trouble and only time. So far this year that I felt like Shaq committed a couple of fouls that were. The ones who used to make assault cringe. Where earth in the Notre Dame game and I I think there was no question that fatigue. Played a big part of that they were tired fouls and just kind of lunged at somebody at N he's not doing editing or most of Sami had one. In the Savannah State gave nearly reached around in the polls but he's really got Hillary stays away from those I thought it Taylor. He got picked on a little that I thought he had 2000. Really if the data to attack kind of south and that he got absolutely. Hammered right in front of an official and you know he could look at those. We've all looked at the video it could have been more obvious got hacked thrust both arms it was a no call so. Now if anything hopefully he continues to play as consistently has little start to get him a few calls. Well if that Baylor game was played well at the plate here you've got to devote those ought not that the officials are definitely things. But that's estimates Bravo basketball at this their influence by the fans I thought against Notre Dame. Jack was spent the late. More minutes than I thought that what you give him I'm reserve and I felt bad for him. But what he's doing this years he's giving him Natalee went and it's instead of 5060. Minutes. He's giving them an average of 22 minutes but he's guilty plea to. Hard goodness. Every ball game. By the way. I do need to mention this just want to make sure that's. Everybody is aware of because he's had a lot of questions and comments about this I know. There is some frustration. On the part of you who like to listen. Here in the arena. Shoot the pregame show that even today gave wallets going on and it's late. Let's listen on what those three points out several seconds behind. Our our comments now or certainly behind the action when the game starts. And I have talked this Tony Houston program director of account radio have. And they've had calls and complaints that they're aware that if Tony checked into that talked to the engineers. What has happened and nobody really anticipated it is they have news transmitters. And the way the transmitters sat out that it's to broadcast in HD he give you the best sound possible. But it causes a delay. Thought DFM stations at these broadcasts are only on F they have won a three point seven so. One possible solution down the road it's it's not likely that's gonna happen this year that. Maybe a combination of AM FM because some of the programming is on both now. What are you could listen on it and if you wanted to listen with knotted the lightly here so that's something that. Can be discussed and then the first person who called him before the pregame show. Recall that we used to have a low power transmitter which we would set up that broadcast. In the green. We've done that here I think. Because we did have some delay at one time floor on the road so people could listen to us like at Saint Louis there. I don't have that transmitter anymore that caller suggested that. If if that were something if it's possible he even looked at it gets people together that's not happened in the first place it was actually originally purchased. Vice appearance of baseball players we work long you want to try out at the valley turnabout in Evansville want your FaceBook. This is stationed there at plus. Fans like that it snows up with a face off terrorist got together vault and I don't think they're very expensive. That particular brand that we had at that time was a decade if transmitter but your maybe others now. But what does this is a low power FM transmitter that is not require licensing because it doesn't put out that it has signaled that it. Can be heard throughout the arena or stadium in Houston a small area like that. Stuff that's something that. That some of you ought to look into that get together about that's something that we could certainly hook up with an all you have to do is find an FM band the that is quiet and that particular filing cabinet here we figure out that all right 89 point something or other. You don't hear anything that this. You know this Sunday at net basis. Though station on that frequencies close enough to interfere and his justices think that had never let everybody know that's what we're going to be on here. Well at the difference between that and now it's definitely not subtle wish list stayed out of that difference. The difference is. People click here. If you re not so what you say what frequency because they didn't know what he would have to byword of about one another definitely it's eye. Now they could still listen to what three point seven saying what it is and everybody that's. If they want us. All right you know social media they're all kinds of ways and let you know now so that's it that's another possibility just wants you to be aware that. The people that are common are not ignoring your frustration. And you they would like to do something bad it was something that wasn't anticipated. You know. Nobody knew what they got this conference better than it was gonna have that particular result and so. Look at we understand believe it and we appreciate your interest and it's. We'll keep we'll keep working on it and now hopefully we will come up with something and they'll give you that opportunity for something that is. All right we have frank with the call frank thanks for joining us. They might argue that the couple weeks old but I would just curious what without the but that's fit on it yet great the other day why do you have any idea about. It's my understanding and I'm pretty sure this is what transpired. At my father got knocked it doesn't scorers table but. Marketplace. Getting to loose off. As he got up this data gathering himself you just have to look at that direction let's look at past he says don't use profanity answered it looked at me. And it kind of was surprised by at all shortly after that there was a timeout and coach Marshall had observed that it says something silly asking what was edit Connor told him. And then coach Marshall started Larry down the sideline explodes house he would favor the exchange floors laps under 62 baskets. And afterward coach Marshall said something in the handshake line about the only movement talked to my players these days. Now the thing that everybody I think it's that I didn't notice that those few days you know that the next day. Mark can't play right before Wichita State did in the third place game. That's like asking him in the locker room were found coach Marshall and apologized and it's it was my old self or others Larry as it was analyzed and I have politics and that's. That's commendable and not I don't like what happened with the Illinois State Senate not a yeah that's well I don't know it's gonna you know I know it is no secret to most people but I'm just glad deedrick taken out lament that's. That's not that he'd already done both. I don't wanna know Mike thank you thank you Alex and I I think I've mentioned what we had heard about I think our next pregame show. In Hawaii. I said it's time it's in my experience and I've been around this for quite awhile now. It's one thing that pretty much snow coats will stand for is the other coach. Saying anything to do this players in a derogatory manner or taunting or anything like that stuff here in the handshake line. The coach says a lot watch you play and yet he put out great effort stuff like that that's that happens fairly frequently I think. But if you're younger players hearing it gamers something the other coach is always going to get upset about that chances are probably say something to the officials at bat to hit. If it goes on budget off of the most extreme example I've ever seen. We were in Las Vegas. And this was serious mark surgeons sit here. Wichita State played the Las Vegas tournament and can't just say it was an edit in Mexico was and it I can not write off half my head after the player's name that he did it take you. That's transferred to Mexico. At J. R. Giddens yeah okay nice. At New Mexico played Kansas stated we were watching at Wichita State played USC the same day of we'll play one of those teams so we're watching. And Bob Huggins discusses his hands say yeah. At the end JR gets. Running commentary going with the each other's the entire game. But it got stopped at each other it was that it was it complimentary but there's just got to go and added I've never seen anything quite like it. And I don't think and a good Mexico's coach wasn't the time and I don't think anything was sad but I guarantee you most coaches would be all over. And how often do you see that how often see our lives it's very seldom if I would never want to write. He said but he did turn it down there it's definitely very very well he'd make a shot you look at Huggins to say something about kids that say something bad news. I'd he is almost didn't know he's better but certainly like a saint. Not complimentary. Analyst at. Now and that's okay thanks for president yeah. Edited this Packers play it 50% off your online order to Wichita area Papa Johns are gonna Papa John's not companies that from a coach shocker fifty. Received exactly just you know Paul is our next caller well. And a fall solo home. Good news won't. I hope not. Follow through but I know there are other you go pay salaries. That's fine that's fine fluently in Florida. It's not really. Okay falls cut out of office. I have maybe Boston College faculties. So yeah it was posted it was heading out we were getting applause all right let's go to dot dot thanks call. Well thanks Michael. It a couple of what do. It anyway ground. That particular game with a great army. I I really like in depth we're right but he played a pretty good. And I get you'll probably covered there later. Is he still gonna have to we're wary and how much do you think they're expected. Pack and I and a question. And my. And huddled in a good player and Mark Buehrle and you make the the outlined that we talked gave it their Monica. Marked being. Built that up Manny Weaver on his microphone. Though. That's my question. Go to soccer. See poverty Netherlands. Trust me they've learned Biden you're gonna bite somebody here he lives. Athletic contest there's gonna be a provision depleted because it's I was on some body. And it mentioned that. That the first one I ever saw I was on the Major League Baseball game of the week back in the seventies and at the time Tommy LaSorda was the third base coach for the Dodgers. Prior to him coming here bandages. And for an inning here's it was just happy go lucky hey this guy plays like my wife shops all dialogue about just those south Tommy listen to stuff. And then there was the next inning it was a close play at third. And the writer was called out at Tommy went off and forgot that he is Mike of course there was a lot of stuff that should have been on television and they didn't have anyway cutting it off apparently. And there was also are members a year to have to let Terry Donahue was coaching UCLA was might during the whole game that's not what. Went haywire death. He let something slip out that it. So I think they kind of learned their lesson from that site trust me if coach Marshall or anyone else is might during the game there's going to be some way to take him. Late today at chant usually I don't think they've anymore they go directly lies that likely it was just in the huddles. I don't know what was said at that they'll play it back as they're coming out of the huddle right after so that if you're not. Getting anything totally spontaneous tickets definitely can obstacles should change how he does business because he might be over just can't. So when what was ducks' first. Reference. He's talking about grounds of race always you know cuts aren't as. He will be wearing a brace again it didn't really noticeably affect him but I asked with Marshall about it on his radio show last night he said it. Flooded the values wasn't quite himself. And I think closet that. I really think that if if he has been totally healthy. He might have had the principal responsibility guarded laden can't even though he's smaller because that he's quick enough of this length that have bothered him. And he didn't play but Landry Shanda did a great job on Austin reed had a little bit and and best of my head of the little edit. Landry in particular hitting really good job on not that we'll let him get that it looks that. Yeah and Zach the horses guarding anybody from the floor all the way down the arts. Some of the better point guard Missouri Valley Conference there were plenty of them. Exactly the problems assignments often not as jobs move with the most. Asia listener in Texas tweeted about Marcus McCaffrey's status of that has to progressive. I think very well he has doing some light jogging he's out of the news. Coach Marshall mentioned that yesterday at a team meeting that he could just tell it was gets a little editing floor exercises start it's just absolutely nothing out there flying. That's at least it is really kept his head up kept the spirits he's doing everything he can do right now. But he's not jumping he had are running polls he's not running on a hard surface itself. I I think really probably still a couple of weeks. I would think it's absolutely. Blew. Earliest might be Oklahoma and contrast maybe Florida Gulf Coast. December the 22. I think they feel pretty confident that he will be back and ready to go by the start of conference play which is December 30 against them it's this. We'll be up to par although let me get a good job of facts in better faith baker is. That it better today. But here is that this won't be quite up to snuff and that points or you can't expect that the this time we'll be quite right and his lateral movement festive area that I have Google's search for him. Front forward backwards I think it be okay with a lateral movements going to give him I think that little bit of the problem. But it's now. Just get from having that instead of retiring Jersey numbers why not hang pictures the other actors with any all American soccer players that wore that number. That that's done in some places cage does that case you retires jerseys not numbers and so there could be certainly more than one player. Who is recognized as. Having been retired it. But that that number is still available for another players aware. I don't have a strong opinion either way out that I have seen it done both ways. Usually gets thin numbers. The feeling was like for instance with the Yankees three was bruised for it was scary five was DiMaggio. The feeling was that that nobody else has ever Wear that number that they were just so exceptional. And that the players that have had their numbers retired here in that category they're a little today's dollars than one car. If Daniel Levinson. You know it should be yes it seems a little Boris met them bird. Is is retired for ever because he just can't expect anyone else to ever rise to that standard wearing that number. But then do you make it more exclusives. By retiring numbers rather than retired Jersey I don't know if you were not at the other thing is what they rated senses it was the for somebody. To hear coach Parcells say to them. You've got what it tastes. To where updates to our stuff and we'd like to have that number. And I don't know to me that yeah I could really see both sides that it ends and it needs to be honestly almost needs to be more than just. All American if you're gonna retire at the of them. And will Littleton for instance. Set the standard here he created a level of excellence that is let's not seen before it really wasn't matched remembered years after his whose career was over. I would just taking time out soccer fans remember the day after the shocker slated to party attempts locker room and depending on how many points he shocker score. You could say 1025. 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This is what we can handle real quickly do you guys picked him out on top of the college football playoff Bentley said it's like here you guys take some of their sports also. First of all. I'm a little T note that. Alabama's in Vietnam just like there and it. It's sunny here in every year but Alabama and no matter what I think clemson's best not to laugh at somebody up here on out. Excellence and excellence. Yeah that's. Also a couple of people imagine and I need to make a distinction here and I. I hate to do it that way but it can it sounds like ranking but someone has commented I'm doing my 1134. Consecutive game tonight. Actually. That's the street that Bryan Holmgren has down in this research that he has done on the broadcasters who have done their respective schools thirty years of war. And he kept it to. In season games. Including exhibition games which are broadcast on those are games and been broadcast it's 1002. It's what he wanted out I don't know anyway. That's excellent series that distinction. At I'd really appreciate Brian's and other societies around the country and all that research and it's rated notes and I think they have. And they guys is now thirty semi things that have done their particular schools thirty years of war on tied for eighth to thirty years Dave and I. As they care are like the second laws there's been ethnic and and the others. Are in Pittsburgh Dick wrote the former Major League shortstop and it all American basketball player he is in his college days. Has been working with you know he'll growth loss on Pittsburgh university Pittsburgh panther games. Four I think a year or two longer than David I've been together. Phil hill growth is in his fiftieth year. Doing Pittsburgh man that guy McCain in Pittsburgh. Is it his 49 your nose at its longest Annapolis those guys have not obsolete. And it's. They can't be sharp as you want. And we should have gone out of our way at Salt Lake City a few years ago to beat those guys that I was ticked off after the talk show I was on Pittsburgh that did not involve those supplies. Us. Anyway lots of earth fox. Mark outlawed market as well as it was the last nonconference team to win you'd hope a reader and I I think you're aware that that's not yours now. Have won forty some the last forties non conference games on them find it here 47 of forty eighths. The only loss. And that's threat was last year to Oklahoma State at that game was it in trust green home game counts. But the last nonconference opponents to win here. In Charles spoke arena. Was VCU on me very questionable call it a bracket buster games in 2011. Right in the end of the season back. I'd that the last year maybe next the last home game just about one of the last home games this year. And of course that's got to see you at the tournament they went on to the final four Wichita State went on to win in nineteen that your. But that's the last nonconference opponents of the factors here in this bill you still thought that the loss. I don't if that's in all due respect I don't know that's a lot. All right thank you for the question asking for the cabinet we've got Dennis iphones next Dennis. Yeah one where. Where there aren't there three you know I didn't read more about that thought let yeah. I'll have to have left to find that out because. Now that I look around I don't see if he was at shoot around today. Although. You know fire as I recall and I probably should have paid closer attention that's in my case. At shoot around today it was tough out there talking windows uses to coach Donnie Jones. Around the start of the shoe program. But then I don't recall that he participated in shootaround and I don't believe he's out there. NASA we're gonna send our super sleuths are bond to alias search. An explanation unless much is not. Participating in these free and Phoenix Dennis thank god that are out here you make these phones that's great outs base. Quick timeout welcome back to wrap up this portion of the show but first. A tip for your post workout breakfast such as the veggie goblet of warnings that they may provide fuel for your muscles in the form of healthy properties. At the heart today's healthy soccer tips brought to you by United Healthcare in the real appeal program learn more real appealed dot com right back at this morning. Little fun and what's our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one by a war. 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Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Alex Acosta in valley center endangered or an end overweight later. WS six. He's on 103 point and in case you want yeah. If that is the West Bank pre game show as it is our last thing before we go to our interview with Gregg Marshall we have found out the information we receive about some odd games Johnson unfortunately. Is it all. And it's it's a legitimate illness it's not a cover for everything else business really feel pretty bad there limits. Public nature then by the end. Debilitating at the sacrifice. He's that's why he's not to do that tonight. And we don't know anything. Right on instead I can give you more detail if you want more details. Others no reasons it was so we sit now that that's why don't worry this explained it's the illness. But it's not just creates an illness what we have this thing. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal for a pummel. We should talk universities. Just follow his on one of those three only 71. In which it's. Trust thanks pregame show and the coach's corner but head coach Gregg Marshall was vetted by express employment professionals on a mission to put a billion. To work. Coach South Dakota State a somewhat familiar pocketed teams played last year there are some familiar names had. This team that's what you've seen compared that would play list. I think this team is probably much better than the team that I saw last year I got more athletes they've got what he is if you will. They're able to guard him and demand which they need to try to go to management last year they just what they've won 31 zone and hope you miss. This time they're guarding you either they're they're packing the lane it's similar to what you and I does. On the offensive and they've got many many guys from dom telling house and they've got this freshman David Jenkins who sunrise Christian last year that we evaluated so they've got a lot of weapons. You mentioned Mike dom talk a little bit about him that and what he presents is an obstacle. Disease a basketball player only can he can do at all he can shoot it can score to post. I could pass it it's not a great athlete but at 69 with long arms doesn't have to be. You know he's he's just a multi talented very very good basketball player. And you mentioned his versatility what does that present in terms of maybe any limits as far as that ships individually well it's it's a problem I mean there are five that are gonna have to guard guys can. Shoot it drive it. Post him up and take him down low we're gonna have to. What he's at the five. I guess we certainly don't want our five men guarding a guy like telling a thousand who is just a stretch for. He's going to be out on the perimeter the whole time. So it is there's a dilemma here. You mentioned David Jenkins their freshman guard and definitely think him as a player he's very good player. Really scored he's very aggressive these as a freshman he's averaging fourteen points a game through. You know eight or ten games government they've played it. Just real aggressive rules are confident in put the ball in the basket. Certainly from the numbers they have. Several different guys that are a threat from beyond the dark says that's part of defending them is that all your guys have to be aware that gather guarding those levels put enough. You know what we've played you know Savannah State similar to me there there's this seems much more. Bigger and more talented than Savannah State I think. That's that we that we played that style just last time we were in this building so everybody can shoot it there's. A couple of guys prefer to drive it he didn't. The three man missed the start of the three those guys really athletic history class others that they compliment the shooters. And you mentioned their defense agility of playing more man and capable more capable man to man he's cute and he seemed a bit of the defense. You know. 99% man and it. I think it soccer coach Gregg Marshall Wichita State and South Dakota State coming up Recovery Act. Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental can't okay today we're going to find out just how powerful a mile first with no. Your parents are staying all weekend wow that's on some. Okay now with. Your parents came own weekend wow that is awesome. Healthy smile is a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits providers unleash your mile an hour and delta dental. 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That's good for his schedule and good for the shocker to learn more an exact air shared dot com. Hi this just in Baxter at Baxter & Associates in our forty years of business Don Baxter and our whole team has seen challenging Financial Times and we're up for that challenge we understand you're depending on your serious money now and in the future of please give us call at 316652. 0101 Baxter & Associates time well spent. Money well invested. Security advisory service is offered through II investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated a separate and unrelated company soccer sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford grameen phone Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in molding Kirk Farber. And yeah. Emerged on her. 171. Pray. I'm more open. Getting ready to take on South Dakota State tonight second meeting in as many years doctors 18967. Over the Jack rabbits here last year South Dakota State's evidence for any other year your second year head coach Pete gave up so. Murder featuring gossip murder among his coach's resignation was an assistant to former shot her sister rated higher at one time five and it did you pull a junior college in Florida. Seven in reality it includes wins over Iowa. And at Mississippi away from home Wichita State back to sixth this week at the national polls both major met national polls 61 overall. At three and out at home. The winning strategies for tonight's game are presented by capitol federal first of new home dream home you can trust the strength. Behind True Blue finance capital federal equal housing lender member FDI CNN news has the strategies. Thank you mr. Kennedy went to Arizona and Alabama have in common. They both overlook let's moments to be upset here. Wichita State. Estimates are that you'll take South Dakota State grant they have to. Focus on south for the states that night not to of one minute of their thoughts Oklahoma State or Oklahoma. That little voice in the back of their heads as to any story that Jack rabbit. I'm not overlook is that little voices actually right arsenal and it's just it's a little voice. You make sure that they've only. About South Dakota State tonight. What strategies of what you eat is enough at least it has then Jack rabbits. With South Dakota State needs at least these three point 71. Wichita state of south. Seven point 93 points for ballgame it's not a comforting note with us states has good enough. 83 pointers sports sciences and they have won each of those gains and less than three point hurdles that magic. Jack rabbits 40%. Of their few bulletins are frequently stands Wichita State needs to be hit with a net. And they disrupt the three point line. Number three. They're rolling thunder revue needs to be definitely tonight. It's not the best rebounding teams that's a plus sixteen point 914 points six rebounds a game. At 6 o'clock. It's not it was they have outrebounded. Every thing late this year but that Jack rabbits though slow out there plus five. It rebounded in March and it Wichita State outrebounded. South Dakota State behind nine last year I think it will be. Tonight. Which strategy now before the cold has followed Jack rabbits down widgets off. South Dakota are not talking about the web and it's up there I thought about Jack rabbits the old sense. South Dakota State. Normally it's about what you were. Not bad rate at this early stage knocked him back to the United States that held 35 point six cents. From the field but more importantly the Jack rabbits. That's right. Twelve point five cents against these days last year South Dakota State and I was amazed. That this stuff 40%. Against Wichita State. That's obvious that the device when you kind of advocates that well tonight. And I think with us states since that statement today it finally free throws the great equalizer. But the Sox are not thankfully. Oh. It hurts people's lives that the free throws well let's sausage fest and Scott Downs. But south central states gets free throw line seven. The Sox won a lot but it won't. The free throw line this agents of the office. I believe it was exhausting business models stuck to our. That durable goods it was a trust me yeah terrible defensive. Get out details replace Scott but not for that with free throw opportunities. Detect threats yet if you were mentioning last year's gave me an example of the numbers that surprised you the one that jumped out of that you mentioned there's three point shooting in this data out of they'd make. Favorite board game they've won. Last year there is any chance at 24 threes against the soccer's 42%. Wichita State those fifteen to 34 Marines themselves for the 44 person you know what really turned it. Which kind of surprised me that that was started and I never thought coming down right. It nearly a couple of points right off the fans and the ball was snapped it was really off. I think it's it's better outside that he was not safe from their elected into the ball game. However is that they're following certainly don't want it would take it outside Wichita State really needs it won't be excited to be the single biggest. Disadvantage for either team in this game will be South Dakota State thank you defensive field Morris a lot of parents are parallels around us again. Kids plus a report they don't want a foul out. So let's drop off enough to test to steal the ball very unsettled blocked a lot of shots you don't dismiss Florida. And I think it's onstage slinky. Take advantage of them with the big guys the injury report is brought to you by half your life your life your certainly your possible youth. Zach brown got back into action on Saturday at Taylor is still wears a brace on his left him bits and they're moving around pretty well for another ethnic on and so it hasn't been it's a. It detriment to him Landry sham it showed no signs of having any problems with the ankle that he turned a little bit in the Savannah State news. Saves and a full speed up Saturday at his practice snaps. Ask them also include Marcus got the update is that it just gives it to make progress. Don't live picture here that Clint we'll be back into the soccer lined up Diaz victims a lot expected out of injury the illness positive. Before tonight because of illness so hopefully that's just the third purveyors who say mostly affected in the fourth Saturdays visit us. Cannot afford to have him tonight although I was. If they could call this Electric's. Speaking I think if that whatever the chargers are talking about the officials want party location. Is he does real examples of the southeast quarter of flavors of west. Come tiger all the ones parties had to have a chance to with a trip to the isn't perfect and Orlando. Courtesy of Eisenhower national airport had he knows that separates her personal Life Party location. What a shocker basketball. Not much history in this series events of last year's game one body shots clear of the altogether these games. Plus forty years ago 197770. Wichita State also want the advantage plate yeah that's what's up and noticed it was snowing divisions and program. It's not state leads the all time series with the Jack. Athens and all of this is certainly will be a lot more houses history it's like when he had talked about it on Saturday it's yeah. Might need Stacey about 6400. There. There and love their best to. And they give them. Lots here for a they're both so. The Sox can't play. It's just able February gold uniforms. Tonight's the letters and numbers are in the back. Yeah like hiking. As South Dakota State's colors are royals blue and gold. Now have salute jerseys and fancy numbers CN goaltenders why can't quite matter is that there's names. On the back. It's up to Florida State. Returns five of the seven players who started sort of war games and have your tough questions to evolving as an F 1870s. And of course record you know I'll. But they put on a push at the end after it's nice. Fourth in the southern lady had one of the summer league postseason tournaments to get to the NCA for the fourth time executed yeah I was. Surprised that they succeed besides what level all of us here I'd done that it is stronger. And have a good game at a bad team to make it to that I think it's slot. With a couple of recognized this. Think its exit from sunrise makes it different spots better and less than they are the save. Pre season voted by the league's coaches to win the league in most cases South Dakota team the fight him to a sixty point games recently. North Dakota has rejoined that Lucas the first time all three have been in the same conference that they were division send back to. 2002 those are the best doubles as well. We are ready for the anthem and so we invite you to join us as we honor America here it took arena with the city of our National Anthem buys you. Fans in attendance with the WSU basketball fan. I. It's. And stared themselves. Performance of our National Anthem solid that's coming up populist and here they tried it once a couple of seasons ago and it's kind of become the norm. Perhaps the crowds they get credit solos I like it or traditional dance yeah. Ready for the introduction to the starting line up front you buy equity bank re never made an AT&T should visit the on line and equity bank. Not for the Jack rabbits South Dakota one of my favorite days by the way. Schuyler Flatts is that it artists to succeed here from Clark South Dakota. Averaging four point four points with the US it's 43 and a half percent three. Haven't seen at a guard is sixty to hear from Chicago only points per game and despite his size six to. The team's second leading rebounder at six point one per game. Chris Powell isn't swinging or three man 65 junior from Milwaukee averaging four point nine points per game. Then rounding out the starting on every telling you is it 67 kind of stretch Portman selling music scene here for a sac city Iowa. Levitt points nice points of the game a 41 and a half percent three point shooters. That might not the guy we've talked a lot about 61950s. Here. Around him bold Nebraska. I've done everything it. Point eight points brigades after. Third in the nation last year at 45 point one think. Flights brigade. That's your shot over 51%. Over almost 40%. He's so far those numbers down a little 41%. Overall. 35 minutes past. Three against South Dakota State coach Knight in jail also burgers. Second year that's actually slightly different. Starting lineup that we had anticipated that isn't a lot of David Jenkins. Six freshman from Tacoma Washington violent way as surprising that if there with the job. Fourteen points and points. What are your floor three times. Branded music junior college transfer who isn't quite at that point guard averaging six point unity community. Four point one assists per game and Ian Tyson the 6940. Pounds and you're both fans. And it's just fine. It's got haters and guys they're not afraid to let us. A bit late night guys might get all of that they obviously don't have thinks they can do they play hard and hopefully this. What exactly is this art Kelly will be before and it. Successes in your round Fredericksburg Virginia averaging five point seven points. Eight point seven rebounds or not yes that's exactly around back in the starting line up and the confidence. Problem sixth seed here. Point eight points for games and us. Senators feel more arrests. Six and it's ready. Point nine points per game five point four rebounds hitting that 5%. You know. And the guards are kind of different camps excellent if you're seeing your reports it's not north. Averaging ten point nine points per game and haven't thought this past business isn't it like shooting seventy point performance. At Baylor getting five eight please. And try to get out of Forrest Landry hit it six score line indicated that redshirt sophomore from Kansas City. Thirteen point seven points per game three point seven assists and and he. 53 point 6% for his numbers dropped starts does so many things well it. He's been averaging ninety points a game for the last three games because he's been the quarterback or against looks pretty shot stills that he's a great sense. Tonight's officials are my stance field Jacobson. Had a virus. Here it is tonight's game is right in my habits of building companies that seek to build that. Ready to go out at third ever created. Played Wichita State. South Dakota State to get the Jack rabbits evident three out of the summit played with its not state at sixth at wanted. You and other games tonight as a potential big wins for the American athletic conference. UConn host Syracuse and a match up for lost time big east rivals. At SMU was just knocked off nationally ranked southern cal on Saturday. If not nationally ranked CBC news of the flooding in forth worth and I TCU is right around that flooding slot chocolate. Rankings. At the various metrics can marvelous. Around 45 at those metrics two teams very evenly matched. Battle for subscribers are saddled southwest conference rivals of that along you know a lot of but history can be fresh stuff. Goes to games and his mention of a lakers stars of his office at 8 o'clock. And it's addictive games anyway that aborted applied for a while including number four Villanova against twelfth and thirteenth ranked it snagged yet. It with Jimmy V classic at Madison square yards and admit that one. We're ready to go ahead my finances its positive here. You know Lawrence at the center against might not snack of course it's an assistant has almost always that. Soccer basketball Sam and we'll bring it up soccer's oldest. Ever out of the south of the archive post divorce at the free throw line looks under still holed it. Lots and telling. Almost got that it's pretty it's not good breaking out my personal force enough that they didn't it's not anticipating that at the plate with us that he likes to run right out of it's flat that's right front office. No resistance. That's flat but let's not go home now I've excellent candidate for all of the things. On my they got close enough that this is it like down that's a lot of things well. There is something that's rarely goodness now but he's fouled out of one bullet. Here. It's not a game does it suggest that it soccer ball. In the states. I assume they'll cut analytics oh run and it's and it gets a lot. Only ever really got its benefits incidents it's not a lot more spit Tuesday's clinical lefthander. That was an this is like that left Kansas cuts us off with him since we have and it's funny this year. Tenacity but it's not a state flat out front of her own right was that that's flat monthly excellent music. That's not stopped not guarded like the only incident and it's not plot to fourteenth in driver department sent a grounder to now consistently out of me telling isn't history you know. You know telling is that about a 40% three point shooters raised his first attempt. That's accurate let's leave it. It is. Well it's flat applause it's like the outside it's not despite the fact the depth Packers and the threat or evidently right side of rubble left wing Zach Braff. For us. This is right side to freeze him kind of looks at threat to him and it is never right wing program. Next a masterful use it and shut it drives their resident wondered Boris definitely different yeah that it treats every standard for three dad yes. Every shot no quality covered by ground and he snuck out of the hands of a given to South Dakota State. I don't how they've established and it got hit pretty hard right after at least it's not it's not only got about half weighted basket if that's what's at stake there i.'s office and it looked like applaud this flight of the ball eight. It would take in the threats like drives it hard right to have to hand off non metallic out of there and that's what he did out of man standing with South Dakota State. How will play it and there's holds the three man in this line. Forced out that is they upfront that seventeen guarded by ship. Early on it's fairly Arctic might not on the dribble hand off now rightly seen that yet telling use it. A couple of dribbles fraudulently it was that guy right gave him recently shot clock hit drive. The alliance goes back to Don it's definitely three out front office that night long rebound itself by Powell to flat. Flat flat bomb factory profit topped out accident. He's had to face I didn't say let's get it base. I didn't see it be okay it's not a he it's that it ankles. It's not foot. That days. Since they stopped play on his behalf. You have to take him out of the game and so run under drew we'll check here yet in its life. So doctors. Unable to control the defensive rebound and South Dakota statement that it chants got it backed Saddam would just ask that he hit his second tries they've gone two for three from operating. Sadly the shot his sixty news and against Missouri State just a few days ago they were only three hits went to war. What an F percent. It's right. For the season a solid 39%. They take. Went to seven threes against it make sense of their monthly average. Published after their vehicle accidents at three point shots that's that makes the game that it BA style offense and try to penetrate. Haven't done that out the finance. Brought down collapsed down now. Soccer's a very and that's trailing 62 about two and a half minutes gone and can't trust time honestly sort of activity I closed left nobody can only think that it does it doesn't north frank can't put three good. Fire and if it's not that and it matters when his shot. Let's and activists excited he's been fantastic tonight that some confidence that an outside. Little overzealous defending the rights LA holds office trying to separate off the streets of Aniston Kelly except his first off. And the first down with us namely that it's definitely it's not the thing that's one of the main reasons the delegates that's. Right now at the merger authority not only is on holes they've switched that out Lothian now explain how Lott's front witnesses left to keep telling. Whistle away from the ball. Otter friend can't. Sit and different numbers a lot of mergers I thought I saw frank gets it. Had a cadre called about him but it's not Rodham mergers. His first second team throughout Darryl Willis in Wichita State Rashard Kelly goes now. Have played three minutes at a six to five South Dakota State Wichita State authorities are points. Welcomes it left the way it's done and it has to balance this thing. And a little saying how close enough but he traveling kind of hobbled at. Tried to regain his footing. The officials ruled that he hit position of all their floor shuffled his feet of travel. I'm not look to be what tonight. Watch the film and you ship it free it up for what it's not a State's not trails 65 high post left elbow blow us cross the line to nurture right. The adoption of it. A couple of dribbles to face what he Lewis and try to make it past the block nurture that talent he's got his leg at the lane and it. It was at fourteen they've reset to twenty. 1646. To go first effort in twenty seconds count on the shot clock is land recently and there was no doubt that path. Advance pass intended for frontier templates gallery flat out at the deflected it back out of these guys but. That's the fifth at. They've adapted equipment. But it insists that that's the he had ties its exit six 240 pounds he's your Mike dom will get him out for a chance at. Off the street let thrust rightly. Accidently goes to crown to the basket. Let's us have gotten past. At that reference at its system here certainly better than it was last year as a nice cut my ground it's netted out sevenths it switched to a state Tyson left on the Internet for not telling you to retrieve. Beckett of the night telling you as an assistant for two from beyond the arc. South Dakota State Beckett for a nice that he's a nice Michael Jackson there strokes. He has eighth and number three point it's licensed pop. It. Ground penetrating the lane and over Ireland we should have an open three for Atlantic. Soviets and camp. It's ridiculous not afraid to say it would cost effective and attended a little seeds to insist it consolidated. Underlined how to drive blocked by Daryl Willis. Apologized to cover her what's that called it gonna say out of bounds. At a time out. Found out on the floor with 1544. To go in the first half Wichita State sand the South Dakota State. Are you doing beautiful cars engines and. Yeah what's the right now 93 lately to the office for help us tax of course ninety TCE. Nine but much like seventies when you talk to the bar would like to do things. My insurance companies do you cart weekly hounding you weren't really hard cards Illini can hit it deserves. Put out he's never done this but he says I didn't think he let in and free your friendships DO. State farm. Colonies and today. And would that help was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle that spread throughout our community providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live a healthier happier life. At the campus health foundation and our mission. We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. Because we believe that every cancer and deserves the chance to be healthy living more and Kansas have died or. Those shots. Welcome to big box hi I'm ready to get an LG Forte TV delivered sweet all right let's get started of course every extra. Plug you plug up the TV hooked up that's not part of the deliver the fuel surcharge plus off plus innings are the members want mine my service fees. That's charged any day. I just got to have heart. Yeah deeply believed he'd be signed not free trade and that's why we offer free delivery and Italy and we are everything we now LT and kept you watch happy. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend woody and John Green rich Cutler dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. WS shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GE 1 AM. They get shooting so bar which is our state board for six. The hottest races street south Dakota State Street for 53 out of four from street. Wichita State is not yet had every now floor for South Dakota State. It's actors have also not happy it's over South Dakota State. Has to. Let me Shannon. And it's not a threat to apple wants to want it from three actually have channel wants to edit remember that all reality Gutfeld updated Paulson he's won the tooth. Three break him. I've taken away Qaeda has not connected for these kids. Thirty straight games breaking the record Atlanta refinance that tells us so we'll go for or against others say it's the way. The lakers. If the aussies. Out going to gain. Minus the Hawkins in the ties a couple of right sideline telling his hands and off the kidnapper and up front setup for South Dakota State that got the tip is you can't try to drive it penetrates the edge of the life. Forces went up maligned left little short we got Darryl Willis good defense by Landry Shannon got the drive I can't plant. The threat Cortland it whistle as the ball is in its war on its way into the post reflective of the holes with. On South Dakota State. Tyson you two guys that his voters. Think it's not a hapless South Dakota State needs to happen with what is the state beat these guys by twenty points by Gary well the thing Elena. Drank tea yes I. It fades out. I kind of threat can't dance steps lighter incur from right to left to right. Thirteen benign but it does it he's ready target over for over champ but story. But it did take it to heart while both times that they've done for the last time take it one at that very selfish but that's ground for three left wing author writes that Israel rebounds have been here for South Dakota State bring that up against doctors and eleventh. He drives lefties is that once not Tyson for three that's yet they are making every that's four for 53. Ties experts out of South Dakota State at 1413. Well let's look at dialog tries it crosses over it's that rat that's a threat for me. Netflix and the left want Louis it goes these lines that citizens. But today is our selling music efforts to prepare well listen nobody. Nobody on slides both Clinton now it's up to him not. 54 he puts us state to make it that much but it stays in this frequently visited streeters Tyson back to king of the guys that shot today that it traits pulls up but well it bounces yes. Ties it has five. And it's 6850. South Dakota state. Of faith. While. It's nice drive one. But says it can't drive it right all political and religious right and I understand. Later this person flight attendant for congressmen can't use race retrieve the helmet as he points last night nobody's it was in front of him. That's out mostly now telling you left it needs it screens and high levels at quarter drives baseline underneath couples don't Powell who was cut off at. Flattened the jumper that's off of that slightly at this regardless. But is it not to stand. Let it affect quirky things dribble right at the top. Merger perhaps. Down the left block that Willis to the maker movement they're saying it double team ball knock out all. Tonight I think that's actually it all appear older faces and I thought it did bounce off it is time that's out of bounds off with a. That's too bad what happened that there needs it was a quick double team. And Darryl was to keep up the ball try to find out more than double teams come from the feet along the baseline experts if possible to make that pass. Wichita State leading 76. At four South Dakota State lengths of 65. Years in the plain and you know that that threat granted he had three fronts Tyson would play out it's yet. He has made all three of his shots as he points. Nobody does it right now in the lane or turn around that it is now my eyes. That's just came back here. Beta software through these students older. Now designated. Gregg Marshall is on about defense at the other end of the talked to every 15 when we're about defense end the defense the little soft as a result. South Dakota State Saint Lucia throw up a contested three point shot eighty I high since its. That now is on Ian Tyson he's picked up two pretty quickly after scoring eight points he goes out on his back yet Boris with the first free throw for the Sox. Three point play for exactly as quiet at all. Wichita state of threats what did that night too hot shooting games so far. All 44 to go first yeah. Left water limit is hit pulls up on seventeen footer today a tough shot face up jumpers like 78 he's got four. Indifferent toward Austin reed for which it's not stay fixed as the collection have a 33 left elbow little short or sliding Ford got it seems that all the before he could do anything with it. It's done separately. Separate his first fourth down South Dakota State. This will be played from the baseline it's worth that the process rebounding is now let me down. It's not a lot to sack threat to put it up and candidates contested shots just about South Dakota State he get together at little hesitation driving Atlantic. That's up. Crowley has had a great influence lead our about it it's champ but it just got through but good things that coaches talked about. It static as deep as that they won't drive that aggressively add. Missouri State was able to step it takes charges certainly that's not that it's not try to do operatives while he got a three point shooting team that does not like it's it's great that it's not very good at making 8% at that point baskets. Which is pretty low. But they get to the free throw lines that you don't with Iran move that drive growth now. What they want place not to notice they can't write a lot more of the ball gets away at any falls into the back. Branded Kenya's team was picking up the loose balls effect except for now let's. This team's third in the first half and here you come back into the game we should feel Horace French camp goes out. And CJ Tyson Jackson for the first time and Alexi you know that might be its rate at Kaiser. And it's the real depth or doctors especially. That needs no outs. Doctors have dreams she animate Kaiser Willis and nurtured. It's not the State's basketball. It definitely use it. Ended feeds. Flat. Might Tom. Antley said. That's right field for a right when it's done it by Louis a couple of dribbles back at them now that throws that got threats he penetrates to outline cut off little handoff separate. Dribbles right by two defenders of ways that it that it will open the door. With the elements basically 4340. South Dakota State Melissa it's not politically guys that's on the floor out front. Sit quietly re not the right side relentless back to the basket. Lob crosscourt pass you haven't shot faith in the left corner Kaiser drives baseline under reverse layup. There's ask but this isn't my neighbors is not good. That brought up that once covered a lot of discipline up to the left hand side on eat a lot of there. There's two for Kaiser. Soccer is still down a point left block. Dobbs upward jumper bounces off the back predominantly Sam Johnson takes it up with. With his team down one of the top of the arc into the lane and threw it away. Fired out of it right there again president had to stop not anticipating that it is gonna leave you with a capacity just let it too much gently into the South Dakota statements. First second media timeouts first half 1103 to gophers have it is not shooting South Dakota State 23. Which to us states but he today it. When unit for those shocker basketball games this letter make sure your grip on the road that tires from Kansas land tire. I don't wanna feel like your square dance on an ice rink we'll stop by your nearest Kansas land tire store and let the professionals make sure you're ready for old man winner. When it comes to tire service or life repair work you can count on the sixth Wichita metro locations along with the other seventeen get this entire locations statewide. Find the store nearest you at the tire store dot com Kansas plant tired you're out of there Ernie repair these guys care. Ever wish you could call a timeout those expensive ATM fees. 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Tonight they're on pace to have that it by halftime they made five of similar size and residents of the game kind of Ortiz. We'll officers who. What's it just it also kind of sporty. It's history at six or serious injustice to this that one free throw it wanted to have the socket without a point of entry what it is. Well South Dakota State's 39%. Three's 5555. The fifth best conference accurately points. Team. It's definitely sense with athletes that stuff. Actually edit basketball weren T very different sort Internet to separate them let's lock it. Talent isn't Janssen leveled. Austin reached herded through his lead arm off incidents tennis knowledge what did I do that it was just too obvious even if if you're not a flop for you to think code down on that what is really seriously art fitness center that is telling his second that's critical balance him Ike it is matter of fact. About 56 if you. Since its militants frequently since the accident probably tricycle size hurts your dribbling a traffic doubles lawsuit that saves at the Kaiser left wing Kelley is that his game back after Kaiser over the grief right wing of let me step makes them less miserable gets an up front Kelly left corner Kaiser's thought hey let's go way over everything launch Kelly trying to save stepped out of bounds of the backed South Dakota State we were remarking. Yeah. Air at that price. It's gotten so much better that last year it's not flat it or not spin on it that's not less than a little bit it's not a law this little adrenaline that's about it today Wichita State gets kind of friend can't back in the game and that will get a breather. Reeves champions. Eisner and the perimeters full court pressure by Wichita State. Not a lot different ordinance about program key theme we're. Sadat got at us now. That was a really difficult almost forced shots. I key. He got Bob severe bite for encampment got a going to have a chance for a three point play well what happened was he drove. Media to help people over and it helped left in the health laugh Franken was on his side not to. Basket. Recently too hard artistry that nurtures he gets to go with possible street South Dakota State leads 2522. He suits up with 80%. Free throw line that. For a it's badly. Guys have left wing gets it on the left lots of nurtured back Kaiser extra treats its man of the year wide open three after the fifth. Boston Braves in his first Saturday night makes history at the soccer's fourth inning of tied it up that's what it he Austin city 55 point 6%. Last. On Friday against LA now fortunately for us just muscled it out well Rashard Elliott for my top five points now be brought down help out when he's on he has. Left side like that netcast reflected back at Kelly gets an effort Everett might surprise us that not yet left wing Kelley. But supposed there that definitely needs that Kaiser writes I think not Europe right subtly telling bit late Kaiser lays it. Let's get out of slicing into the office hits up my county is about to get doubled to define hazards alliance data. His success that's ninety. The system seasonal frantically driving traffic gambling if flat drives is that rules that keep serving rightly. Right water use separate. Definitely analog right sideline. Right to left for us that's not left that he keeps dribble drive that is the length as. Or almost all of my feeling dom. But it's not that it's just it's not at the shot clock and accessories. Where the answer to it yet. They are literally making everything tonight it's not a bad Kelley's many issues that different yet Najibullah mass killings wide open here for three and out rebound. Telling the South Dakota State. Thirty to 27 exactly at its lead here in the first half deep penetrating a little pieces of bullets to the block out front flat. Flatten them back it off if he says he dribbles left off the double streak that could rattle the basketball that's ripped that off now. It's not possibly for a yeah. Ties. Kaiser's first if now is on the rise and not be active duty CJ Kaiser yes. Those how it goes out. Florence ground and Willis all that it would not state telling use checks out sizable and then playing with now that surprises. We. That's right. Not thought about it the three left wait for him trying to plot as the deficit rightly he backed up front. Saddam that ultimately it's not say it rates in the lying came muscles announcement tour. Actually looked like you might not found out there to contact it's not a he's got sixth attack inevitably 32 to 27. On the left wing grabs outlook block Boris link goes back baseline turnaround this ball deflected off the glass. Or is sliding Forrest run congress not to notice that players and it's actually just came back him except his second well. 161000. Of which it does it. 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At those numbers seem to indicate South Dakota State is just making everything including some tough contested shots and there's not by five whether it's the reason that he. Sent. Slide on the season that's had a bad game makeup worth. An affordable game 33 pointers against state already but that. By gobbling up six of the night. Actors were pressing and almost drifted separated he didn't get to this report tonight in the lineup that ties it for three and out of the author writes that accurately affluent snap sockets with the ball down five. The front porch and it crosses over right right to confidence. There's definitely it's not exactly out. Around issues of British and it left half of the floor. What dribbled out of left laughter but they could move on Tyson double team gets the hook up that's I think that's outstanding no actually not can you reach it from the outside but does not Tyson from behind. It is T well it's his first. And nurtured from the line for two that's also the seventh. Bounced out that is you nailed nights now I don't slides that. Product literature to line the first time has not scored yet in tonight's. Free throw on the ways and it's good for. Yet and a free throws attempted it is less quality goes the line since I'm this year. He's made a habit now he's nine Latin nine elevenths. 72%. On 54 tries last year's us history there that's exactly dump fumbled now but it saved by separate. Or South Dakota State so Jack rabbits have been leading my fourth. Granted he left and it flew waiting for his teammates to get down bring it back to the top of withdrawals from Atlanta this. Don popping out top of my littlest look at the back of the line rightly Tyson. Not that don't adopt those strong block Carlos is well recovered by San. Every effort across the sideline laughter at the ground running the floor traffic saves got a Willis on the left way. They're on the benefit his face drives it and it goes to have the threat at a controlled drive there. And you say by a trip to have go to the line for a one at one. You know he subjected both players in its mind made up all thoughts before you go to the basket defend the and you almost burned over what they found out there Google's free throw line. Not his best season free throw line that he's taken three years or anybody else. On. It's not his best season that the eight point 3% credit is not that too aren't exactly out cases that it puts him at that different and it is expecting it rightly analyst with. It matters not they're here over. Round on the left when she. But the post threat camp that's right for outlaw street from the front rolls out at a South Dakota State but severance. These illicit pushed it off the bat heroes right back to the streets it's but he might come. It's called game. It's on its head. Made a lot of free throw it lot of free throws it is the 33. Year. And there'll witness if those 32. And he did concede that the free throw line a lot has been. Perfect athlete. Makes the first when he's finished. Last year finished at. The season at 74%. About a 134 tries that he was about 87%. Of the last seven games of the season he's proven that he's at the free throw. Concentrate just perfected fight to move him up. South Dakota State a team that typically gets to the line as Dave Meche in the pre game seven times a game more than their home so far tonight if shop wanted to. This will be the sixth drive for Wichita State Lewis puts up. I feel Darrell. I was born mogul like Kelly back here at 642 to go first half as youngsters are pulled back and it soon. The defense tried to get. Prices have succeeded in its not like it's almost all of my helmet to save that. How long left sidelines. So I think thank god and I think that it has not reflective say Nike. Can drive it. And in that sense is now lost the job done doubles it's simple way of following simple rules. Myself accidentally. This maintenance office a couple of my stops defensively slightly watered driving out order ground wide open so he really short Kelly and gets the rebound the exit. Only went over the back. Granted he tried to stop its he can't both receive picked up the ball. Kelly drive your hurtling from behind that landed on his back and Rashard picks up his second. You know Willis coming right back again staff. Runs I'm hopeful with those three point shots tonight he has been able to the next couple of them fit to of his last three ball games he had taken eight at the date. Five of them really nice nice percentage but tonight this seems to be there yet. Branded key to the line for South Dakota State he's also wanted to from the line that has stayed mention. Over 79%. On the season. Creditable one at one and rolls it. He'd now with three points South Dakota State's lead back to 3333540. Forego the first death. If it's Egypt it's it'll have. We have not particularly evident from the tough. Second streets good for granted you. As for that's the leave for South Dakota State for the fourth and 540 gophers. And it's evident across time once it's not likely program. That. That's reference to artistry. Got to now it's going to be under your frequently the street. Actually that's after the guy was screening climbed builder cited you have to write it for emphasis now on Rondo it's his second nurture. Boris and finally all have 2000 with the state. Ali uses high residents have read all of 2000 these it's not yet want to speak out now. Not get it up the tree off pick and roll it and it pops out. If it's hot but outside obviously Earth's race got a lot of points. South Dakota State by seventh Abbott penetrated left wing. That's evidence Louis right way and it's not an awful Louis street long three rights or. Read about Willis kept it alive and bangs off message as read about it but haven't that's enough. Right side of the floor thrust them right to left on the level of your ability comes back middle to key at the line at least tackles. Close up on soccer's get a break there at night either for it can't force him it. That a possible at all for now there he got tripped up and I doubt that it stays the South Dakota State. Thought. There that's. Outside. These stat monitor not working that they are septic like seventh and factory. Not the right watched helplessly as layup blocked by perhaps attracted. Great defense by tech ground. Seven different court registrar of the pockets are right in the hands of seven game hitting back the other way way through his teammates this is that front teeth. Can't just try to throw it over into the lot of kids can't jump not expected out of the year that he tried it's been rattled frank can't nodded at the air a little left hander good teammates and the three different faiths. Finally got Connor authors say the latest edit stuff that could've saved lives by and I. Haven't left their 408 to go first half not threats next round rightly different camps. Daughter that's tough to nurture and afflictions plant pots for three left elbow in and out and. What it is not tonight thought yeah salmon has since raised since. Points it's not coincidence or vice city. It sounds and signs twice and grow our. That's now. Yeah it's nice to create a lot of foul line this weekend. Lawlessness on the loose you know Brit it's good for business news news itself and open violence that mr. Willis mystery and it's not hard off of that gonna drown accidentally offensive toward. On the links and it's not snake. Fires underneath that Willis residents. Massive. I'm something's gonna steady. We are within. That time frame of civic and business that's gonna expand. So we'll take it full time out at 325 pick out first half. South Dakota State 39 what you just 835. But we're looking for the perfect power seat for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game we need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experienced staff to help. You're sure to find something that you and your style and right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coats and over cuts. Be at the top of your game this season the johnsons and 21 in K 96. 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Merry Christmas and happy new year from we take credit. Yeah. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal. For pummel. US shocker basketball is on 1037. KEY yeah. That's God's existence that minuses just it's kind of yes that's not the south that is days. Rounds at the CN it exactly where they are fifteen and 25 overall 60%. Wichita State 53%. Is 35 point seven. Five sports do you think about splits up to that estate fortitude alive. Soccer's of one point we're down force nothing on the boards now league agree that his thirteenth well but they've also committed one or. Pie. South Dakota's Davis telling statistic points off of 10%. South quote stay in the fourth which state and that's more than Marxist. This actor's evident fourteen to eight lead on points of the game that that's it that's about it today. About seven and hit threes it will matter. That McCain bring it up for stuff to the United States not scored five straight points out a form of popular high post. I've had download not force about this that is outrebounded but it happened in almost flat footed. Activists. It's just pushed back up there and got it he's got thirteen Darryl Willis almost had that rebound that got it not to wait for a right ordered. The Connecticut most of them right off their opener at the basket just hitting it double statement. Ball's thrown to the opposite corners agree that planted. That immigrants. It's funny. Jack rabbits at the players. Our side lately that's always their fault that no lights yep and it's. Worth the drive 68 on the shot clock you haven't played it. Baseline industry analysts Nightline's Jeff tied his background that book away victories. That's not him three from the top and left center. Olympic Games. It's not states and it's a blank publicists they have thwarted by the. It's not been. Sanders fumbled it gets it out to doctor it's very good again. The athletic Gregg Marshall. It makes the 3COM now let's. Four X rays had sixteen points in the first half there just have a difficult time finding someone to guard and it's not does not have the depth on defense without them. And that's not shots today. It's definitely reads Boston off the street pulls nothing gets it's blocked. And it recovery icon for South Dakota State. 4438. To Jack rabbits lead two minutes to go through staff here right side of the floor. Back toward the middle of the driver of the way to accomplish and it's not for the quarter airborne. Covered by a crowd that was nice of the facade. Around drugs and exports getting into the lane goes only the best. Depends on the ground is fluid it's not it's not nice to. It's not thinks it's not for the period. Sunset. Flat after dobbs tonight you know. Why the basket and gets it is double teams at the basket that kind of double pumped at a late today. For instance the flat at the other ground driving again this is this life and the rebound the South Dakota State. Little bit of a force that time floors backgrounds. And now South Dakota State does it send it the first half leading by six with the ball. I can't remember the last time they read marshall's team gave up this many points and a half it's been an incredible. You just pounding the dribble out in the time line let the clock it down with five floors it's gonna drive and it goes left. Steps that all the way off loaded and I just ahead of the Sox look. It points for 78. Point lead for South Dakota State checkers with the ball forty seconds to go in the first half Willis right baseline don't want dirt there easy laugh about it. Got a bit past like their own illustrate points records stocks is down six South Dakota State's electric clock. That's gone on down 23 seconds shot clock is off so they don't. Have to give it back up don't write it down its pluses that hand in the end try to score one more time before halftime. 48. First half points South Dakota State. And it's happened almost all the game and it hit trying to make apply the right way. Crossover dribble or Scott got. Tampa is all over him. And it got one right before the path. And it south. Dakota State putting on an incredible shooting exhibition in his first half lead sixth ranked which is not state fifteen to 42. At halftime. Think they cut to show broadcasts are hot 987 to thirteen thirty minutes since everybody dies during the athletic sings it pages worth ability Elliott thirteenth. At the teachers and obviously you guys Gregg Marshall went to Adam DJ sports grill. Now stay tuned for the credit union of America have to accept. Thanks pat I'm standing in the neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening like that you're striking constantly yet there's no damage people are actually outside Shiite. 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Where you'll enjoy free TV chipping and celebrate the holiday with Fred Meyer jeweler and love it. Shocker for brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford grameen phone Harding Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in more vain Kirk Farber. WSU shocker basketball he's done. Three point seven JE one in which he John. Erica halftime show. Check back credit union of America where small businesses city in America proud sponsor. Of WSU basketball. Leslie is almost unfathomable. South Dakota State politically to just 815 to 42. And what kind of state shot 53%. Including 40% on six of fifty threes South Dakota State shot 62 and a half. Including eight of twelve. From three. And again that I'm not sure Gregg Marshall would tell you that is telling is that half time that the defense wasn't good enough. But it wasn't like all those shots wide open it makes it difficult contested shots it was just an incredible. Exhibition myself that is there. People don't see this percentage gets its gonna stay on the season Wichita State holds its own 36 point 1% feel this is double. There's 62 point 5%. From the field. Eight at 123 pointers Wichita State holds their phones that's when he nine point 6%. Right I think what you find is that Wichita State and will tighten up defense and second half. Typically my that would be shot. If we're South Dakota State do you admit this. At this torrid pace in the second half which thus they mean everything he offensively that you didn't do a better job of or think here in domestic opening up that this. The only thing that is missing the point is that defense. And I'll just mention it was autumn night when we were doing and other games here I can't remember now which won a lot of us. But we're following scores. At that nice South Dakota State's weaknesses if they were up by something like this team here maybe this quality at half time early in the second half. And ended up hanging on having waited overtime like 97959997. Itself. I would anticipate that as you say they're gonna pull off a little bit of the second half staff is still plenty of time to make them run but they've you have to find a way to start making its. You know they can close that gap pretty quickly it's not like they have to make up these points right out of the student. It's been at a minute and half that pace south but if you have to tighten up its defense the defense on the perimeter. Not very strong in all they're getting that shot after this shot at some of those good shots can't clear cutting them to 56. Of the eight. Three pointers costs from their forwards instead of their car cigars penetrating. At fighting the big peoples of Wichita State needs to find. Telling the season ends off a little bit. Rebounding almost even the South Dakota State has the edge 54 seed necessarily stat that. Please Gregg Marshall very much but it's mostly. Defense rebounding. South Dakota State. Has eighteen cents rebounding margin impact. About five. Three that's the case. But it is really. It's circulated not want and their 44 as the nation's defense and preventing. 235. And offensively that they don't get many offensive rebound effort to stamp admitted to get on either as a partner. To be in addition to these percentages of the Jack rabbits. The next most surprising statistic is points over for an up and overs with a state usually dominates that stamp. They have four points off of turnovers not very many but that's not the state. That's him points off for over six or just about the parts of the lead that we haven't aft side. South state that not many turnovers for either team for for South Dakota State five for what it's not states. On New Year's South Dakota State averages about one it gave more than its opponents. 1282116. They're games Saturday with mr. state there were hardly anything at seven series state eighth two teams are on board that kind of base that. Most of the scoring has been from people telling season. On these are all forwards. Both of their actions from the outside. Of them they have all eight. Three point baskets the other player on this ballclub that's added to the point points and his sympathy. It has stand for snap so Wichita State needs to make sure especially on the perimeter that they didn't hit in the face. The big people not feel for the ball fakes the shot fakes. Keep their feet and then go up when they don't want to get a hand in the face. It'll take a look inside the numbers that we can back on the credit union of America halftime shows that statement. Your inner bikers sounds like. Motorcycles loader is music your ears shelter insurance policy to music your woman shall there insurers your fun stuff. 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Security advisory services offered through II investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor at Sturgis or he's incorporated and SII investments incorporated a separate and unrelated company. Shocker for has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend woody John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder ray don't Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. US shocker basketball is on 103 point then she's you know yeah. Welcome back to. The credit union of America halftime show that could go inside the numbers look at the halftime stats brought you by PK ZCPAs. And advisors. Everyone trusted advisor. Source. Those presently South Dakota State leave Wichita State fifteen to 42 at halftime shooting lights out. Jack rabbits twenty of 32 overall 62 and a half percent eight of twelve. From three fastest street alliance which just stating very good 68 of 3053%. Six of 58 for 40% Freddie. It's not that not so hard night there for six from the free throw line. South Dakota State has an edge of one on the boards drifted fourteen and also it turnovers forced turnovers five. Jack rabbits would. Ten assists on twenty field goals with testing and eleven assists partners sixteenth baskets. Leading South Dakota State might not with sixteen point six of eleven from the field for a. I have for a three. Ten points per tablet here on five of six shooting he also had four rebounds. Four assists. And no turnovers. Eight points for Ian Tyson three of five the field two of four from three. Six points for retelling Eisen on to a two for three. Six points for branded key off the bench plus three rebounds five assists and no turnovers two points apiece for Schuyler Flatts. And for links separate. The Wichita State Landry sham that leads the way of making three of five threes for nine points. Not a French camp was three of four overall two for three for 34 feet. But making a three point basket early in the game he stretched his streak of gains for the three pointer paid to. Thirty rated Landry shipments Wichita State record of 49. Six points for Darryl Willis threw three from the field two of three from the line five points for Shaquille Boris picked up a couple of thousand the first half Zach brown with. Four points three boards and two assists. Four points foresee. And Rhonda nurture leading rebounder as there Willis frowned and Chan met with three of these Kevin has three assists but also. Two turnovers one other number worth mentioning. In its last 22 games here at Coker revamp Wichita State had led by double digits at halftime not just let the led by ten or more points at the suckers are down by eight at half time is this let's. We'll be back to wrap up the credit union at the half American half time show right after this. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all chase in one ball an arrest was overwhelmed. 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It may go Bob powers six I know about across the country. If you're a homeowner. Yeah. Year that you. You thought so. Every little. He and. And when you need a plumber call will root. Which of those original owner is still the best for plumbing drain cleaning and truly try to repair dial 263. Away. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Allen a car stuff in valley center endangered or an Andover was a lawyer. He's on 103 point seven K. You. Did he. Stay active member of it is his daughters play get 50% off your online order in the Wichita area. I'm not a Papa Johns dot com is the problem and soccer fifty. To receive your soccer distaff was little cautionary warnings. Don't think it can't happen after eight at nine Notre Dame losing at home tonight to warrant for Paul State's total to 77. Well my have a stake we'll thank you for that as of yet and it. Wichita State offensively is at. They just need to shore up their defense. Not just a little bit but quite fit and it needs to start right away they don't have to. Retake this lead in the net first three minutes of the second half but beneath it to establish themselves pretty quickly in the second half. About 40% today after any shot here's where it says losses and a piece of glass ceilings. Includes tomorrow it's not it's just flat out there. Wichita State. I believe yes we'll have the offers to start the second half take control of the opposite to starts to if there was one held off. So that's what's so I stayed Saturday efforts are telling. Backgrounds. Feel Boris kind of trip to Atlanta Santa. Yeah that's left playground and it's time low spots in the plot to porous those athletes in different isn't it grabs. Out of balance out. Want to go inside once you establish the dominance down there on the block in the paint in the first half Wichita State. Sucks when Jack rabbits feet and the CN earth. Now ozone telling. That's in his third. Ian Tyson's accident only. This presidency. Out his third foul shots with it and let's let's play a fraction of a wide open for. Through this past that kind of thing can't you know going back soon announce its history yet. Three yeah I said. A couple of stops and really think it's it's. Second chance instance it can't last night it's obviously darted out like round of rabbits all of this all stuff. Your studies were Tyson managed to save the case. And how's it writes I'd deflected that to help epicenter is here to try to make the playoffs Wall Street is suspected times. It's very sort of us to place him covered like state for South Dakota State to accomplish tree left wing. Then. It's always have to be aware of Floridians can't leave out the other players. He's just too much of weapons shipments through street Guillen got thrust is that bounced high off the back country candidate vice how wolf LaSalle to for the State's not a mistake by eight. 5345. Their biggest lead has denied they led 59 at about four minutes ago it was recessed led by eight at halftime. Now bounces to dump left alliance backed the baskets for herself on grounds that sit down just looked so good that a fouled. I'm Zak brown was the body and it. Soft gloves and free throw on the free throw line. Fumbled six times for ball injuries connected on 79 point 7%. That's death of his percentage last year but he shot almost 87%. Who was out of sorts against easily stay. He makes that once he could even go to the free throw line once against the three stadiums only three of fourteen from the field. Yes twenty points that I had including five trades. This stuff and you know it might not with us. 21. And South Dakota State hasn't hit point 35545. Eighths to 36 ago and. And demand all the way from South Dakota State tonight Jim it goes well. Take it out left corner Kelly sure one drivel that's it's evident threat drinking front we've ground. That's what he's inside the defense. That would give his hands not since it's not that the ground right we've stepped nick goes baseline. And a walking town South Dakota State flew the suns hole. You can get its foot down on the baseline and at times that first hole except his first announced it seems have themselves for the state and Wichita State that you few seconds but that shot clock that was about eight seconds left when browns are dead bride. Twenty seconds down it's not. It can't right now blocked the advance aspect of that ground left wing and it plant once dribble if you think of what the program. Saturday machine and the extent right corner fairly open three off the opposite side that chased them like gone to South Dakota State solution doctors have made one tree my stance it's evident now if both at open threes that this. Pakistan stands up to 48 to go. That's like right to left started like you know I think it's over rides it. Now back down. Exit out flat forestry. From the left way. Schuyler Flatts who say 43 and a half percent three point shooter not happened yet to make an effort to slightly. That's the message and it took an activist who shot Kelly goes to the floor. They're gonna call foul on South Dakota State on the resentment South Dakota State starting the second chance just as obviously that's snaps this one of the first opening salvo incidents since then witness. Allen ties that it's there is selling music ethernet. Watkins if not stopped for a few steps flyers over flat bit. Tonight it's about 39 BS's face somebody that's not a sleep over is down eleven points. Doctors dance dance if it's 48 feet grounded shuttles and the best to help the accidentally closed lays it is. First there's tonight for Chris Allen nice penetration despite everything that's the twelfth South Dakota State. Thank you definitely don't like those of the little floater in an outage prevented I have my god. Toughness for cutter for cancer it was in and out. Your hands off to jump shot fakes out hit the Wall Street they'll good this time. We've done fairly close and out of the crowd drives at gloves left sideline all the way into the keyhole area with mortar round it's jumper note was sanitized. That I didn't go inside yeah I think you can go inside he got salmon are friends now. On the attempt to come back take three that's one thing but if you go with the hot hand if not that would sites. Saddam but the tough bounces off let's saddle and how confident that can't stand it. Early in the legs and he got out and gave a little stutter steps we'll see evidence. Boris who left their feet and that he stepped into it and examine picks up the ballots going to be landry's first. Of the two shots. That's the second team about a half hour with our state. Chris howls. Coming into the game averaging four point nine points per game that's about three it gained less than money every last year's soft war. Played. Originally it college at Butler community count it down the road effort to almost twelve points a game in 2015. And missed all of that next season. Never goes. About once iron about twelve free throws on the season has made seven of them for 53. Cents. Some discussion I'm not sure what about a lot of ruling by the shock fans. Two players for each team plays detective at the scorers table. David Jenkins. Advanced yeah. Straight home makes the free throw. He has three points all in the second half he has saved. 58%. Free throw shooters seven of twelve coming into the game. Surgeries in Willis is here. Round him but. There's no second street. That's rolls out defense background with us soccer's down by thirteen and you can get it going sixty slumped goats and the secular right left downloaded all the way to the basket got it. Continuation finishes its grabbed off a layoff and later this that you looked to star players look your best shooters. When you need to make up the deficit Gemma realizes that takes the ball didn't. Now he has chance for a three point plays and does lead back to stand. And see evidence for automatic 56. Teams from the free throw line. Has shot one in the last three seasons going four for four against mark yet. Fourteen points in this. Free throw them. Now he'll get a freezer. Nancy. Doctors they're actually training camp cuts at CJ kind success against the content but it's not a state presents its own kind of you know. Little trouble getting it in case after the quarter along crosscourt pass that flat as president. Defense Portsmouth word on solid state drives it's it's graphic foul by CJ tight ends probably. Mistake that he made in the first half he goes for the shot fake Lee since he in the allows dump. To get to the basket three draws with our round just like the other big men need to keep their feet and not go for the shot fake. That sounds showing them and Gregg Marshall just hollering kind of that same thing it's eject patent estate down. Stated position take the charge instead of reaching the end free throw by dom is he's three for three from the line has. Check again for South Dakota State will be branded heat. My dumb with 22. Tonight. This is a very good for pro team he makes that one as well on the season and it's a neat freak. Senator free throws and as we said before the game started they go to the free throw line about seven times for being more than their opponents do fairly. By 126351. South Dakota State it is an upset here 5050. Seventy. Evidence for a court gets the streets of merger goes left off the screen it's enough left wing at their lowest that he she and it. It's the streets of nurtured the let they'll vote. Long past rightfully proud of different content that is left down the line. All the way through its well bounce it's not clear how different cancers. Wichita State down fights had a fifty. It's cuts and Clinton. This is gonna time it's not Nixon and way to the basket let's slow. End of the floor dishes under Willis Smith. It's. A it is an independent. Time now episode. And I was Wichita State halfback. At 855. Seed you know. All in the second half physically a 32 time now expanded to a full it will take it to about 1515. Remaining the second half. South Dakota State 63 Wichita State this time. Placed no place like home. For all that he remembers get passed around Michael Creighton it's vacant anchor. I'm not going along with the laughter. Specialty insurance we don't just insure your home reinsurer all the memory is moving on to. Ask your agent for future sales shelter insurance weird you know we're here shelter. For homeowners insurance he Trevor Harrison Bob Jewish or Adam McDowell and Wichita. 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The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your mile per hour and delta dental. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GUY. Florida and it's 45 seconds gone in the second. And I bad budget cuts. Hates. Her original laid. Dave Wright added it's pretty well every ship that he's got 88. They've got the lead back up to thirteen. And other factors that kind of activity against South Dakota State the second half three for six overall since the fourth street. And five of six from the free throw line. Two and a half or three flights of stayed in almost 53%. For the game eight of its fourteenth. The three trailing by eight. Let's just say this horrible. Sometimes that. And it's okay. Good news. This I love. Back. Into the. After sixteen. Years at the previous time out Jose called team. Celebrate the life again. 1510 to the second half South Dakota State six days what's with us today fifty. High. 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Today we'll have a fit their front court to line up right now we'll have. Phil Willis plus degrees hotter print pants Atlantic salmon fifteenth tee and still the you know. You play it it definitely. It sent it's not a setup has confidence in itself. Now and three office very hard off of that kept alive analysts call recovered flight tickets for South Dakota State it's it's just in the game it's like at the first half. Definitely his claws and play it and it is wide open three. He rightly it's it's that it treats loopholes that. Right it's definite that telling is that it's way off the front of the century. Hostages on the left sideline for the senate floors. Of office read my listeners that the spread can't that he lives back. These little. North Austin starts right smack middle class left sideline at different ends of the other way it's always tough ma Thursday. It and found it close spacing out. And their tickets not sit. I might actually itself that is to that is lied and excellent for us. By Rutgers and then offensively than X. Isn't done the second thing is out there and great position inside and that's. Not cross the line. And the split soccer is now violated the Willis fifteenth letter that's for. Carol Lewis president. It is his line. He is so strong he doesn't it seem to put much effort into those. Yes it's insists and it starts right up front and it was stupid and it's not bounces off. 400 Japan consensus is that that's history. Yeah laws on the opposite side of the rim bounced back here for Davidson. Jenkins incident with the states and that's very careful about him to have it back hitting a bank goes down in the sleeves and get. Closest seven. It was not this fell by seven South Dakota State just making everything in a crowded backcourt. As Willis got a guy his leg doubted what Jenkins trying to dribble out of and doubles is first I don't know. About half. CJ Kaiser will check the end Shanda will get a blow he has been at their most of the late at night. And it was seventeen points it's all about stops in the Booth he's getting once. Thirteen you know nine instilled. It's not it's down 69 sixteenths. It's not to notice they won't know it isn't. It was a fitness thing has had little trouble gets in the quarters case let's double digit traffic almost lost it selling backcourt. And finally throws it up courts telling me. Ringside tickets bounces off about this stuff I have been a little like Canada that's enough. French camp in the senate floor off the energy streets will run and rightly guys write fluently now recognizes. CJ hits the screen dribbles left and throw it back to. Two thirds of the just go right ahead. Answer my god is that really bad hands isn't it nice and it's too bad because that was telegraph that his. He's one immediately came down the line of traffic forces. Prizes to friends can't. Not a trust and confidence Providence Everett couldn't get my guns that's getting laid down the line all the way to the basket partially blocks. Not an out of bounds off which to us today. Not excited snaked its way there but Don actually came over partially block that shot that went out of bounds off there is right now. Good defense it bites dog not only for his defense and proud city lots about once again. Not gonna get a breather right here with smoke ninety gallant South Dakota State still up by 76962. Selling music deflated gets full court pressure bounces in its news Everett. Separate back to telling you this. It's definitely backwards double team on him it's going to separate things that across the top line almost all the passes and the fight radical pro at camp after raids I think it's absolutely the basket to contact and round. And opponents are not news. Not sure about that. Locked chargers are tough cause I won't. Expect not just not sure it's his first. And the team's fifth of the path. He had briefly open three probably made the right plated bullet. I've tried to adults and it's not that had some opportunities through South Dakota State nobody batted in this league that has enabled. Now it is my candidates. Suits objectives that we airport with seven the basket blocked kick out Tyson telling you is that that's the length does. It's. It's. Dixon actually opens it right away sort. Absolutely that's controlled by Tyson I think had been telling use of force not to notice it. It's not there's no chance at chances couple steals stuff look this is not exactly as it's massively good chance. Tickets in traffic through a wild shot business. Six. Here's friends can't trust fund box office sales down 7% over eleven minutes of flying. Sorenstam less if you read pulls it back a little bit out of my tickets at the streets of words rises now the line out different camps name right laying off a back up. Utley then ground. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita he agent Jerry Crawford Sandra mean for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in molding Kirk Farber. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GE one yeah. That weird turn of events with Utah State starting to fit enough. This data over a couple of times doctors also made a couple of stops. But. Doctors have done called themselves South Dakota State only five of thirteen in the second half they still make. Four of the great phrase. If that happens. Remains of seven points and act rapidly. Lets us say finally it's getting a little bit of lead on the boards 2623. But they can't thwart open Smith's funeral that they have. Converts they've been given a chance of happening to take advantage of them. Full court pressure but its accuracy and backwards with a double teams residents boarded the alliance wheels that kept. And it pulls it went back out front 1046. Ago. Granted she starts right 'cause that's left out the alliance shots today that Canada for the year process. Pleaded guilty that's the big problem Nottingham it's not a lot free throws over nine times. They connected on seven of those nine he is going to free throw line he's made. Two oath. Three as a matter effectiveness his first one natives last. 79 plus percent on a year for a disease. The free throw up for good. He is one of a couple of guys actually three originally from Milwaukee who have committed to the program as junior college transfer over the last two years. He now has seven points. And that was it. Dense forest and with us today. It's not it's 587. Sixteenths to save mart itself might have gotten word out about halfway through the second half. It definitely hire ugly stance but only on top left right grounds necklaces but some of the floor tonight and it's all right snipes and it into the right slot Dolores double team that it's in front ground. Best adapted to write it pulls up in the light it. I'll sounds. Well maybe just. Here are nice advice act big strong. Move it is fouled on the way up has the presence of mind enough off there are now he has since the next from the free throw line. And he's been perfect this far this season on the line six times with needles that's now on length separates his third sixth and now. Free throw around there. That's why he's got seventh. For example of that Kaiser. Let's it's nice it's not as fast and within 51050. And in almost all of credit. The kinds of statistics tell you rivers lakes. It's you pull out dead and laid out for Kelly it's it's not it's hard on him personally have met the ground it's unbelievable you'll make it. So long way to go to slid under two minutes time points gave. He left side of the floor one on one against guys that rises to inspect the athletes and a few. Guys that. This is it finance. Author of that lovely event at night so it isn't playing out this time line if you. We set and again but he three it's not he just pounding it out there it's not noticed it was five. Not afraid little fought runoff that's sets in trying to drive against Kaiser's Qaeda. I've got some calls go sit down and jump ball nice nice simple from its mistakes and then they'll get the next ones out. Zach brown doing really good job the whole thing off his man get a hand in doubles team Eaton. Twelve seconds on the shot clock on his back here at. A breather for South Dakota State. Okay. Let's what is it telling me. And a half dozen fires are saying nothing everybody left him he was so wide open he's got the as a lead back up to anything left him like Finland zone they just left to go. Let them go eligible handoff to Kaiser penetrating in the line morsels jumps but yeah. Japan has Santa soccer's down six double team on T exactly pass deflected prizes tonight for its net tickets not the other way throws that quarter phenomenal could straighten out. And see this tonight uses an incredibly impressive. Flooding nine points that might Don. That is at its recently for him Brandon Segal pulls back yet not want to Boras across the block its toll of this stuff. Can only go for the ducks got fouled rattled out on it you'll shoot scenes shots. 1007 can't use third seventy. You found half of South Dakota State. Nice pass nice feel Horace. Kelly has not scored tonight. He's missed a couple of Friday close all the one was taken away from him on what we understand the replay it was not a travel. First of 22 part rattles out. Rashard is a much improved free throw shooting. Only 58%. Last year 78%. Kevin candidacy and unfortunately we've seen this year. Telling use it we'll get a breather he's got a long way for South Dakota State and given him a good game. Stop Tyson came Jenkins and he for South Dakota State. Now with one more here trying to cut it to eight. Does. Expect a news first for the good night sciences down 766840. That's advertised it's as if that's all right through Kelly's fingertips almost had stolen. A key cross the timeline doubles needs. It's I suppose it's nice definitely come a long story. Short this time rebounder this right now almost a little bit out of his length. Of floor. Frontier baseline appointed rounds were three off the back Alley fighting. Jason's dad and a quarter. And it gives an out of the way and ground for a slightly different yeah. Not it drives them done got quiet steps that those that weren't telling different camps slinging tickets now like now. I'm on the side ultimately selling throughout my life consequences. And it's now going for it can't content will get three shots and not accept his third personal. Well we see so many guys go for it locks on the three point shot at the outside shot. At least get their feet is that one nemesis at both scenes at that time dawn really tasteless athletes grandstand to the line for three. First what is offensive right now. That monitors frozen up again so. You'll be accurate numbers like free throws. I can't just doesn't get to the line very much heading into tonight's game was four for four years and make it date. Three point trip to the lines get the lead back to fire that's the closest to shock resistant in the second half. It's. Right here. Constantly themselves. Let's let's. The suns team eventful as slow as it crosses on them. Thanks in Vietnam now belatedly. Yeah. Listen to the floor over the last play. Hesitation dribble samples of the basement telling us that Boris Yeltsin against AA. Yeah so yeah there's no one I don't. Can I say okay. 8730. You know it's time now what if I stay down guys that is thirteen sacks residences. The following system which from new trained. He relates. Does rejuvenate no no you buy holiday millionaire raffle ticket mr. screen and the politics on this juice drinks all my good woman yes. And now they're more than 4200 winner's life. There hurtful shall be. Good dreams are waiting don't play the Kansas lottery holiday millionaire raffle with even more prizes and great odds of winning one million dollars this is my eye on them now. Me. What migraine a month as one remaining Madeleine fourteen. That's why Hartley and Richard conducting clinical research study for an investigation a migraine medication to qualify you must be eighteen years of age or older suffer from two to fourteen migraines among all study relating care testing and study medication is at no cost qualified participants. Participants will be compensated for the time and travel for more information or teach you qualified please contact Hartley and research center in Augusta at three months 62604713. Or visit us online and Hartley and her dot com. One company on a mission to put a million people to work to cheer sounds like a big number doesn't it not to express employment professionals. You're still seeing the operator welder or maybe you're looking to find a new job and distribution. How about a forklift operator. Your success can never charge was beatified John the employment professionals is on a mission. A million people to work each year and let us help and good to express rose dot com to find a location near you. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita. WSU shocker basketball. He's on 103 point NGE one yeah. Don't think it matches the last time about it started to become important Wichita State is getting more shots. 41%. You think six of twelve birdies Wichita State only for a thirteenth streets of the capital. Overall the 46 this. Our faith that's not a shot is that scores out that is safe by six now the second half. This partnership trailed by as many as thirteen got back. Of course aggressively it's. At least that's good. Lot of it's it was of course it's nonstop across the sidelines doubles. We'll see before us. The games yup that's Dan Brown left to delay. Pulls it back out to syndicate decision background it's at the numbers of forces. In the right corner telling the crowd. So I didn't exactly. It was left good. After a full court precedent is this orient. South Dakota State. Right now Mike there has been very difficult times he's been great it's much less it's not. Finally got a bit of the threat caloric the last time that once they cannot answer. Hit it better than a town called fundraisers trying to trap you on the sideline and Austin got its hands on it. That'll do the seventh team that's this is the don't want him once or graduate student. Second spell on us degrees. Seven standstill but you know the game tied at 76. Threes that go out friends can't CN. Granted she is three for five from the free throw line shooting one and one. They want or missed one he had missed his last one. And plus percent. Fans couldn't get the votes. South Dakota State snacks it. Front that it's a more manageable gave that shot it's now who are fighting back for a 79 point deficits every time they certainly. So. One he missed the second of the relentless next round. Is Atlanta we've seen of the senators have a chance to safely. That's. It's not if he's he's definitely takes the next few things in both sides right. Race and it down the block now. That's master Boris not afraid to Netflix on the line back to Boris goes on to our. That's its. Most points. It's just the senate floor it's going to be committed itself isn't over the case. It's not stayed on top. They drive to not conflict. It made contact with tonight's going to be hard for his second person's. Now what headline sports. The good things to consider eighteen to 44 75%. First time since the free throw line tonight and scored ten points. Got Santa. All appliance units. It started left goes right through the legs out of the blocks well. Morris started my job not the French finance that's him but let's wait smelly hands off the ground on the way. And it's really a little slow growth rightly said you know the plausible scenarios that their double triple teams get. It's. It is day. I whistled. And it's not so. Now just now and I don't. Plus they've got his verdict. The fight 53. Shots that he. Seven cents net movies three. Look of concern. Are almost frightened look on the faces. On south statements. Ties it is back in the game. For him six. We've already heard this. Santa drives right accidentally McGrath drives that equates to Vegas. It's not it is now on the way yeah. Lucky yeah this because it got thumped on his feet that they decided to make that call a little late there realizing it had been found that affected his ability to take it to the mass of data outlets have found like finally all of that now. Read aggressive place brown stands. Now on south Dakota state of the science anyway programs what went alignment. Source Lance. Scott. Ford has not been seen evidence seventy cranking up six seat goes thirteen Boris fourteen. And brown did join him in double figures to be make this work done. Round with Smith was just not stay up for the drives lands it's an out of the way. And it drives only do you. That's when it's I don't know. Sadly it's not all sorts of. Sizes if himself at all. Officials trying to cool everybody down. Kevin just walk the way of course haven't been throwing dad he was. Aggressively trying to rip the ball away from the event let's democratic gave it up he landed on the floor that he tells about. Especially in the situation. Now is South Dakota State fleet size along with five. Let's tonight. An honest. It was like they are. Since both teams that it advances. This is not aid. It's time for a regular time about 528. Refining Gregg Marshall not talking to. One of the officials built Jacobson just try to find out what it is looking matter what's going on here. Exactly gives a chance to tell you that's exactly sports properties at Wichita State athletics would like to thank the soccer ambassador with. Because states the league level of corporate partners houses on delta dental health industry to collapse. Patients if you resisted becoming a sponsor. 2008 athletics. Soccer sports properties. 6978. 75. It's it's place to have evidence don't account that is tonight's game sponsors and a building company. The team to build it how abouts and it's thick nasty fight senate floor it's not thrilled by students at. Inside scores. Big time. What soccer stuff want them next time down court Boris once again get the shots aged 77 lead and Zach brown had sabathia the please allow us. Now it's war. What it's just it's all they have knowing four point eight days need to take advantage of these opportunities. He added that the league starts building the pressure of South Dakota State standards are right we just can't whistle it's the ball. It's called Darryl Willis for a movie screens. Didn't see it action is necessary I don't Davis clearly moved. So does that yeah I don't know exactly as much as balanced the defendant's right to you know don't want. So it's nice team salad with just eight seconds now on we'll listen net kids not to cut a statistic headed back to. Once sensitive situation fairly quiet floor. He had effects work on this bats we have places fourth over detectives who bobbled it nearly trampled defeated. And a pull up to fire and it's off the bat they've got this. That's revising its the last link. The defensive boards and the defense were thrust of the right to left. That ignited it snapped. Willis. In Ohio low front yards on the block out the greens were left way it rolls off. Willis sliding for a couple it's not you're sliding toward. Connecticut. Rose from the foul over the fact. At that moment it really aren't floated is that it really aren't yet very aggressive going in the opposite we're third now since it's now. It's shots. South Dakota State and now they have a chance at a clock stopped with 47 you know. That was really good ball movement which it estimates that got a good look through recently. At this does not. It is 177. Doctors leaving my. Laura you're behind by as that is there. Who's the free throw sailed. Three of four for. And tonight but for fifteen that's not it was a little short 65 and a half percent on the year and the city almost 81%. Last season. South Dakota State has this place I was at Smith. And it gets this. Facility there and confidence in this book itself points. That basket you might find that it was not instantly. Luckily announcement since it was the right side sixty footer goods. But as soon. Definitely that's why is it left. It's only isn't it stray off the bat higher penalties rebounds and cheat Russell brown Florida would have acted Netflix on the feisty. Excellence and brown got up at this fetuses they need them now three with ten points. I think that was the next thing. Well he's a very good read that if this side sixties ended Friday night because I'm Natalie Edwards shovels off the ground. Back outweighs him. The middle of the line Boris and lays it. That's not what the presence of mind now. Santa beautiful tennis Thailand recently. So it. And tickets to. The fourth time out with 345. To you know Wichita State. Up by six and it made sense that it's varsity delight of the line. We'll keep it here and I didn't let shoppers are on the road it will be this Saturday afternoon if there's a watch party location. As you know us village afterwards that the southeast corner sleepers to let. He's become byters all the block parties for a chance to its two. Eight ACC tournament in Orlando courtesy of Eisenhower national airport. He knows really tough work two official watch party location. For soccer basket lot of stars of this come back five Wichita State from the time they trailed 76 to 65. 76. That's 76 to 67. Dave Pelz. South Dakota State that only three points and ace award. And teens themselves. South Dakota State shot 62 and a half percent. In the first half it's only forty. In the second half they're now at 53 point eight for the games same percentage from 314. Point six. Doctors are not shooting the three ball as well to him for 29 for 34 and a half percentage faculty for a fourteenth in the second half. The doctors are exactly. 3%. In both hands sixteen of thirty in both. Now outshooting. Well right when South Dakota State for the game rebounding 3327. Wichita State that's a step it started to pull away it in the second half. The shot recently committed nine turnovers two elevenths what did you. Brad basketball as the game of runs but the runs with the mistakes but together in the ball games of the filthy. About eleventh set that are thought they are definitely the seventh the 17. Plus and now they edit it. Please possibly 89. That three run its net worth is expected that the C plus one what does it was good ball movement all night they like drew little stretch there. Tried to that stuff. And it caught 32 field goals lead defense let's not only leads the nineteen. You had eight assists. Went fifteen turnovers on. Able to find the open man. South Dakota State. It's a very good assist. It's a matter of fact much better than they normally are Wichita State one of the better assist teams. Certainly in the conference is one of the veteran of faith went one assists on 32 baskets. Feel more rested the free throw line he is what we want Frontline tonight. Soccer six point lead matches their biggest lead of the game so this could stretch it one more. The free throws up and it too. Hard and it bounces. That's our Saddam with a rebound from south to that is it's. Even after this was like yeah. To bounce back here it's just stuff. So for the states illegally Thea friend of his right about there Richards had a driving down the right thing to be good if not good job I hear it's. If that is the stated that it. Jenkins on the right wing got its hands it is Friday with solar as the blown foul. It's like it's gonna be our standard and don't. That's his third. Both teams are in the double bonus have gone to the lives. Quite done with 29 points including four for four from the line he has innate sense that at the end three point attempts. This is the eleventh game this out. My job is good but if you. He has now scored twenty year war in six of the Olympic Games here a year or three times. Is it 31 for the night. Well in the past. Three in the past or ordinance that would twenty classic games but it's effortless last threatened his average. Still be significantly higher than eighteen points a game. Analysts you know it's not there's nothing. 4360. Remains probably the story worth at the height I was only. Free throw line it's just him but right beside Atlantic benefiting right mortar round and it meant here goes to the basket. To contact the guy. How proud. Whereas with the follow hasn't seen it this time there's a six. It's actually a lot of big basket sends threats he drives an accident out of the way it looked at the driver of the month. Ground and it has laid out the tickets he's gonna drive. Runs over Santa. Position there. It starts talented kids is his second and what does it gets back we devices with 44 you know. The confidence it's not eat like he wants his lesson one it's now. 43 left nice little bit of time off that clock. That's one of these guys. So obviously land was sliding his feet giving ground. Floor of the soldiers. Around the office but what's that divorce although. Heads up play. It's nice it's. The last six or eight that. It's not safe and I ate it up to the basket. Brad was the man auditors tried to come over to help. I was going to be outside ground and it's his third since shots coming quartet that game. And fifteen still but you know what it's not stayed out. Eighties want. To see doctors averaging 87 points. Also free throws. That is for free throw make one for him with the scenes ballgame it is that right now dom has 31. Games. Thirteenth for South Dakota State that nobody else in double figures shot had five players. Somebody. Second free throws that might have been seen as fourteen but it's nice to leave spies it's fifty. It's in the break it up one on one witness in South Dakota State stated. And a slightly different and it guarded by deep. That's democracy and it flew under the basket double team little floater that's. The balloon. Residents Assad. There's no public sign yeah. Thirty seconds. It's not there's eight. Let's say three possessions a game. Doctor bad guys are quickly cut through broadcast side I think it's seven. Thirteen thirty innocence and everybody is accurately athletic season and in case flexibility out there. Right marks. Like. I think that was seven days again I've had a case where. Alley their faith and treatment soccer's good birdie just about every time down the war. And its offices it South Dakota State is powerless to do anything and it tastes bad. Themselves the first half of the second half they just to have an offense in the tank. But it's a little jacking up their brand offers of help us out this last night Sox scored forty or the saints game field Warren's wedding. I appreciate it. One that I got friends and fans sixties. Zach ground. Nice values and experiences. Well. I haven't Horford Kelly. We'll players who have three. Seven rebounds for around six. Layers of our best. Well like Wichita State has outscored South Dakota State went to war. Two and was seventh. In. Barkley thought they is that. Dominate. And. Defense is relieved my doubt South Dakota State basketball talent isn't we'll play it from the right sideline him that is the events. It's likely we'll go in the back court to receive it just. And I'll fight aids. Hit driver and training camps Rosen and writer of this is likely to rebound on the floor Kelly at ground it'll be it's not flown it appears that. Eric goes to South Dakota State south of the state Florida they call us now have an out of there and hit the other way that's. On the south bush. Thought Kevin. King his fourth for South Dakota State to I don't know shooting two free throw I don't know who's supposed to shoot at the start wants to be disease. As the one that hit the ball first looks like he will be executed he is one of two from the line tonight his home. At that point in the game that he's done a lot of other things. Numbers don't necessarily show free throw a little short passes. Hold off yeah. A. Nine point lead through Wichita State their biggest of the night they trailed by as many as thirteen in this game. The streets is that. Senator Kelly it was very soccer's flights have now just within thirty minutes ago. He had a different. Well it's nice night last night vision thank god does not get the freeway that's enough about his son's killing six. Santa's clothes around. He believes it is still can't just a little bit keys and ability to lay edit. Granted she needs. We at CN. Sam at that time just over dribbles a little bit against the double team that's not a definite difference there aren't valid uses it. Only the start back for him yeah. Not this fight is 59 seconds left and it's now browns stopped the clock for instance now exact round with 58 seconds ago. Exactly what the free throw line were eased to victory. Don't have the courage. Teens free throws totals for the United States. Seth plotters had a tough time united frozen up again a couple of minutes ago free throw by brown bounces off a little flat. Snapped it. With ten points but one of his best games of the season appearances. Combination of things defense rebounding hustle plays. Free throw too hard history goes South Dakota State. Still about 53 seconds left not long. Created though bit stiff as a rebounder series now and Rhonda we'll go to the line with 49 seconds ago. These difficulties. Opportunities you don't want to give them the opportunity to come down and got up but with three because they can keep their confident like that in the first task. But it's not a state leading by eight. 49 seconds thanks. It blows it out but I don't nurture one for two from the free throw line denied him three points. Dave mentioned that free throw shooter. What is to Buffett's not disagreeing there. Right here at the end and fifty. Not the right path after it started the last of about one. One more for nurture that's what is good it makes it nine point eight. The bodies itself. 9485. With its statement accused Russian support. Right of them and telling you to put that over rattles out. Some of those they were making her. Early just can't get default Kelly with debris that is now they'll go back to the line was 38 seconds ago let you know it but it didn't. We thought we talked about that at halftime it was. Existence of possible. For that type of our field goal percentage points since that particular thing they did laugh without states. Sites like these foods went in and that's significant difference really helped them now. Kevin King is going to sell up to 38 seconds to go play very well fourteen points. At least six rebounds. Yes that many a couple of minutes ago. Exactly that's kind of flattens it starts yelling at the free throw line seductive. There are just basically afforded night. For his only points of the game Boston Reeves is in the background checks out. Significantly with two chances both teams in the double bonus for awhile now. First of two offense bounces off the sector's free throw percentages go. Down the dumpster here at the last minute of the game as Florida five the violence that. One more for Kelly thank you to ten point game. That's one's good so it's America's war for six from the line tonight ten points not to leave 38 seconds ago. Targeted at his he'd started by a Reeves lots of the high post comes spinning their travel throws up wildly optimistic rebound. Don't leave flowers and available to us now again some innocent that you wanted to work its. About thirty finished behind. Some senators are going to win that night stands or this doesn't really reflects. Not touching this with bonuses quite a while finals slower. He's going to do what it's not state 95. South Dakota State eighty clients. And a nice that is since. Flat and it's quality. For the game. What it does hit earth this evidence wanna get into major tests. 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But 85 by South Dakota State tonight a season high the only other one close to what exactly said account for eighteen. Down against now the second half giving up 82 of that game. Before winning it by ten of the stuff here's what it but in the night 9585. At a Wichita State's defense it will play in the second half. Their press. Was fun worldly. I've San Diego State would wouldn't about the press they were outscored over a five minute period 42 mark. Sixteen mark. The free and the game has turned around the tree to fall over that shots were coming up short. This. South Dakota State team that is 62 point 5% of its shots for free points. First half. Between you and against second half due in large part through a couple of things one Wichita State's press secondly Wichita State's balance. Balance but basketball games of the season. Which custody so Theres a couple of them down tonight. In the second half which I was down for staff. Our excuse me yet they were down 115 to fourteen million rebounds. South Dakota State. He's just an amazing second half but thought. Not present at shooting almost 55%. They didn't shoot quite as well for. Three of South Dakota State I think if you were gonna have a contest between the two teams most nights that Jack rabbits would twist in that statistic. But the one place where we felt what to tell us they had the biggest advantage. Definitely became the difference in the game which doctors outscored South Dakota State on points in the paint. 44 to sixteen. And that was your book it really was and during that stretch which state outscored. Three. They kept the points a variety of ways there's no doubt chat more dominant side in the game. With twenty points to players did you forget that Stan I'm. The last time the players scored twenty points. Of that. But. Jack just over while he only missed shots and let you what it sees that marvelous. But you hear Katrina and those two. Players there urges them players played well deserved a pat on the back for outstanding second half you'll first have to dance. Out stance that. One of those guys we talk about it all the time he ended up with four points making four of six free throws late in the game for sure Kelly also had seven rebounds four assists a steal. And just one turnover or so its place straightened it you know and at the end of the ball game when it was important Hercules in the ballgame and keep it that much of it is rebounds. At the end of the book game he had seven rebounds against teams that might. And is low on New Year's haven't read speeches com's the place apathy about eight point seven point six rebounds for both rebounds a game. It's TV Arnold when he years ago. And the soccer is the 22 assists on 35 turnovers again they ran their offense well most of the night it and we're getting the right kind of shots. At one little frustrating stretch for news story to come back the second half where they. That's probably about it too and at three minute stretch related score with some good opportunities. But again plenty good not to shoot 55%. Needed 35 from three. When you're able to hold the attitude 35% this you know what you're going through it for the something you really comfortable about that at this conference important. You're going to excel as a team you've got to go through it especially against good teams subsequent thing is a very very good team. And Wichita State had played exceptionally well in the second half but the adversity was good for them and they didn't. Will they just continued to come back they play strong they got some key baskets from a lot of different players. And then they closed out really really well they could probably get a few more free throws down the stretch that last minute witnessed. Four free throw attempts but nevertheless I thought they closed out the theory welcomed by ten you know one last thing I would say I mean. South Dakota State which just coming off a twenty point loss of misery state they lost by 34 at Kansas. They are a very good team but. They kind of live and die by the jump shot at what you do in that. You know it's. It's hard to be consistent game to game when they're hitting shots like they were tonight as other people out this involves doctors didn't play defense at first it. Wasn't that bad at what real good but it wasn't that bad and it made a lot of tough shots and they could do that. But sooner or later it's tough to sustain that if you're facing it can't be we said at halftime that. We just couldn't foresee. Then she beat as well in the second half Wichita State has had a tried and true defense for years and years. And it just to make any sense of their when he hit that poor pace in the second half. The thing that was pretty interest in the also is. South Dakota State relies on their three point shot from the free throw separated free throw shooting team that's free throw shooting team in the conference. If they only shot 65%. And although they go to the free throw line seven times more than their opponents. Wichita State went to the line 24 times to South Dakota State's twenty. And although the shoppers and the percentage was not very good ether they did outscored them by two from the free throw line which it. Our game recap right to buy ability for companies comings and coming that your struggled offensively you might offer which it does it give them a call at 2641548. Or visit the company's LLC dot com Cummings of Cummings law. We are beats always come first at your drive home from the game as rescue by Kansas flat tire and service were great tires and professional auto service. Are always a slam dunk and drive carefully. Continue to vomit on the Constance post game show brought to you by Johnson's. 21 cadences. 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Shocker sports has brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Allen of Karzai in valley energy and danger for an end over west's lawyer. Are. Good basketball yeah. He's on 103 point seven GUY yeah. But this accident John Stennis. John that the thought of person came at a citrus and vine so much more advanced students. I was going to really try to pay attention to who play great defense and accidentally defensive player of the game brought to you like guys tempered. But do you want to control collided your living room pre privacy your bedroom or transform public kitchen. Got you covered has the right with the treatment solutions for you call 316127000. Go to got you covered with which it dot com got you covered. Certainly the Wichita area. One suggestion that I would make it easy that we can almost every game that haven't for a while. I thought Zach brown is really on his game tonight as far as getting its hands in the passing planes reach it and taking on double teams creating some loose balls and and it just made a lot of plays at both ends he sure did and I. Thought so also in the second half short Kelly played fine fine defense game. It was tough. When you give up 50% from the field and forty point 3% from three point stripe in the teams' scores in five points against you it's tough to say that the currency. Defensive player of the game Zach brown probably as much as it two. The shocker Gordon 95 themselves tonight so that means you saved 25%. Tomorrow and all shocker merchandise it either jets locker room location so. Stopped by. Camps shocker stuff. For 25%. Off regular price at either heads east or west always be happy to say. I got it. And it stance. We gave you saw evidence that let's go inside the numbers don't look final stats for a few but BK DC PAs and advisors everyone needs to trusted advisor. Yours Wichita State tonight shooting 54 point 7% 35 at sixty or 229 threes for 34 and a half. Fifteen of 24 for the alliance for 62 and a half one of their best nights there at that. There's several right at the end it was pretty good up until then South Dakota State shot 62 and a half percent in the first half. 34 point six in the second and finished right at fifty for the game 29 of 581 team to shoot 50%. Against the starters this year typically given season. They won't give up 50% more than. Through four times maiden. Tired you upgraded that to habits not great for the team includes 50% against you 40%. Three games to win by can I mean that speaks a lot. Volumes about your. Offensive capacity as well. Andy Jack rabbits were fourteen for 29 from 348. Point 3% thirteen of twenty from the line for 65. Wichita State has not out rebounded this year and had the edge again but it was also added that 3929. Ten offensive rebounds to six of the chapters also had fewer turnovers tonight ten. To South Dakota State's twelfth 22 assists for Wichita State seventeen for the Jack rabbit. South Dakota State led by Mike dom who was tremendously seven at twelve threes all six of his free throws. Finished with 31 points and six rebounds. Fourteen points six boards and nine assists and three steals for Tim McCain lose six of nine from the field. And branded he had ten points four rebounds. Five assists retelling using. Made a couple of threes early that got quite a bit of time on the bench in the first half with towels and ended up with nine points and Ian Tyson. It's points early contributed eight. For Wichita State five players in double figures would reach haven't. 21 points four rebounds eight there's two deals Shaquille Morris twenty points five rebounds and nine of eleven shooting. Yet four points in five minutes in the first half. Sixteen points. Twelve minutes in the second half sixteenth for conference camp with two assists no turnovers. Terrell Willis with thirteen 10% brown and eight rebounds and three assists. And then Borchard Kelly CJ Kaiser and a lot of nurture 04 points apiece nurture hit seven rebounds. Reeves must grieves with three point Gregg Marshall joins as presented by express employment professionals on a mission. To put him millions to work and I guess that first question is how do you evaluate the first half in terms of your defense being below par and how much it was just an incredible shooting whether. I thought our defense certainly could have been better we can have had a better game plan going in. And that's all about his coaches and then. The where they were shooting the ball you make any type of error. If what we did was we gave to me too many ways to defend ball screens and we confuse them a couple times they would just wide open we left wrong person. And for the coaching staff had to take some of that but. We were very marked the first half at all we were very Smart we simplified in the second half we started basically. Switching every ball screen so even though we had. Land regarding calmer times or convert garden com. We just didn't get in the wide open catch and shoot rhythm story. And if it worked out much better than 63%. Down to 35. Or. Shooting for them but there's still fifty for the game at 48 from three sold a herculean effort that really get taint I knew they were good at try to. Impress upon our that that to my team but obviously get through very well 6444. To sixteen in the paint was the difference in the second half of Shia finally. Gave us some really good minutes first half he was frustrated he was you know just blue lava DeLeon and we didn't get to bury me before performers is at all in the second half. He was going it will down side thought Landry was really aggressive off the valves. The rebound by brown Kelly grotto merger. Really we clean the glass in the wood in the last by hand after losing by two in the first deaths were plus twelve in the second half. All in all I'm just glad working over. That they're going to be a lot of people when they shoot the ball like that means you have a chance and I don't care report horse it's hard to shoot the ball the way they shot the first half with no defense team to three run. Weight. And pressure. Side. Well once again our belts out we we had to get more processions Davies you know we wanna do in the game. And it ultimately I think we we just that makes mistakes through to us they got caught in traps. And we we were able to gore and I mean we flip the score on base were fifty in the first of which were 53 in the second. But the difference is we have 42 in the first half they only had 35 of the change of where we defended the ball screens in the second half. Plus the roots all of our TR. I got much respect him and for for South Dakota State job TJ he's doing a lot of those young men over there I really think. They're gonna be a team that's gonna go to the NCAA tournament and give some high heat really. Tough game if not win the game trailers are so they can be they can beat someone in the future but. The resolved in the toughness and just refuse to lose attitude by the bloc for years tonight and the composure but. I. Acted. And you know if it. It again it was a total possessions in the second half and and we were the aggressor. And we finally figured out how to defend the ball screens. We would cool them off just just enough. Yup there was a key stretch I thought you mention others off there in the second half he got it does senator rate. And then there were several opportunities in the road turn it over a couple of times in this shots. And all of a sudden you couldn't score either but your guys kept fight going the offensive glass and everything they could try to keep. The effort yeah we missed a couple of free throws. One time was short Kelly or shop they call for travel which how I'll have to look at. And then went army just missed a layup that was funny so yeah we we have some opportunities to cut it for eight. Just 67 to five and we just couldn't do kind of got stuck there so it's like the twelve minute mark it was still an eight point game which is what it was. At halftime about. They had it was it is a valiant effort on both teams two really good teams going at it tonight highly entertaining game. And I'm just glad we were able to pull it out you know Notre Dame lost tonight at home to Ball State it happens it happens. This team beat Ole miss last week I mean. It happens there's good basketball being played in a lot of different places not just took the high major programs that this type of game we will need more probably hopefully with the result. If you Mary athletic conference because he's got those aren't exactly in. Well yeah. I really don't know haven't looked that far ahead but they'll be even bigger maybe more athletic. Which are gonna have is when you have. That what we we have to understand who you have Wichita across your chest and there's a small number of single digit number but by that name. Every time people turn on the television or looking at newspaper you're gonna get people's best shot and I tried to prep and press upon my team that I really. Holding a device I haven't seen it one play of Oklahoma State. You were coming off the Baylor when we go to Oklahoma State on Saturday. And don't want that to me today and it was it was a trap game which you know I've what does that mean I'm just I'm totally focused on South Dakota State. But young people young people. Well congratulations on the win. Keep your models in Saturday and still without fingers Irish doesn't coach Gregg Marshall presented by express employment professionals. Start the game brought to by Kansas lottery will be talking with him right now we've got the choice were put it in the deep freeze play in the game presented violent. Supplied. I'm Kelly up front Boris. And affect anchor desk that's another thing as they'd let me give them the lead but that changed the entire feel of the game because up until then it was just that stretch we were talking about where. They've made some inroads with the can't seem to get over the hump and then they had scored a basket right before that finally get it back down to five and that he hits that one. It's too if you could just feel the momentum change at the building and from that point on. Shocker rent control Natalie because of the fans because Wichita State who we mentioned this with about five that's for enhancements left. You look at the South Dakota State players that you could see. The fear in the arrives they had this game in the palm of their hands and Natalie were they letting it get away from I think a lot of them believe. It's got us. For many years people would what you have gone to Jabar as carpet outlet and flooring center. Four they're fourth whether the carpet part would let an Italian name at any type of Florida. Any type of pattern color whatever it may be that you want. They've got to end. It become a fork and restore over the years there close to forty years of business the family owned and operated business. And they provide you with great product great every day prices and being a family owned operation they've always prided itself on great service. 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Just a quick reminder and take a look scores at which time date will be at Oklahoma State at 3 o'clock on Saturday afternoons in the broadcast beginning at. To on what three point seven wise. Elsewhere in the American athletic conference. That come from behind home but held off Stamford. 6564. At the top five and two. You've gone playing at home trails or use 4227. In the first half. Who play. Number twenty TEU. Right there are active active before 53 TCU with about eleven minutes ago. And as we mentioned earlier. This week the shocker here loss at home. Ford for Ball State team AD. Improved treatment he won 81 over Vermont team tonight. Florida Gulf Coast which will be here right before Christmas lost at home to Florida at 9288. The Gulf Coast and four. Arkansas's state. The leaders and lost on to Tennessee mark at a price there was like for. Him the mark. Haven't number three Michigan State tough test at all with Rutgers and conference 16252. Number four Villanova the number twelfth thirteenth and 887. In Madison Square Garden. And number 1011 Miami lost to use the ninth that the war. West Virginia's 68 team lost its opening game kind of got off by Texas and it over Germany they want after previously unbeaten and twelfth ranked Virginia. 6861. Great just outside the top 25 this week the North Dakota won 1168. Number twenty X Texas Tech and at 46 in both polls. Taken over time by Nevada which 24 in the coaches poll this week it had been undefeated 80. Tech wins 82. X it over to Kansas State boost aided and over South Carolina upstate he six. Forty latest UT EU TC ops. About. To go Texas. Not to lose against yours playing. X. Nebraska. Number fourteen and abide worked. Twelve minutes left. It started a game plan presented by Kansas lottery. Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to beat him and he has carried out on the most current jets out of Kansas lottery. And dream bigger reunited with 21 points for re eight to the rules. Packers needed all of it you guys were on. Played him from it that'll look too difficult. Early on. But you know credit I mean art it was in our offense we just couldn't guard and that's. There's going to hit it shut the heck out of it. Recovery of players so it diversity it's Michael adversity is so important overcoming adversity. And you were down even thirteen points in the second half but Natalie chipped away used overwhelm them with the press and turn them over went on an 18 to 3 o'clock in the second half yet it is you know we. You know we kind of said a few things dark room and real with each other. Try to wait each other Utley couple guys out there and you know his responded that's what that's what you want them rest once and what you guys that don't respond well in this. Coming out flat like that and you know I think that's what did. Coach Marshall match of the team's resolve that we talked about a stretch in the second half for you guys have cut it to seven or eight and then. Several possessions in a row they turned it over missed a shot theory about it he had chances to cut into that it had several empty trips. How much to his previous experience. Just hang in together having that common belief that you just gonna find a way to win it how much does that help achieve through a stretch like that. Yes it is obviously being familiar with any situation is gonna help you you know on or off the court. You know we've I'll think it at any point I was here on I'm comfortable in obviously don't like being down after whatever but it was never. An anchor. So Maria do you know who's just you know we have guys come together we get resolved them. We did have a cup when a few trips from the needed to store and a couple of times we can do stuff when he used to please get tough grind. And the balance was terrific once again you can rely on one another you know people are going to do what they are supposed to do. We'll go inside to Shaq he would hit the riveter shots Zach brown was doing marvelous job of penetrating. And it's just anybody that needs to contribute seem to be able to contribute tonight. Yeah for sure you know there's a lot of guys you know kind of stuff federal. A couple of when not for the whole game you know yes that's inconsistent in what they do that. You know Zack stern and it you know big time. Driver a couple of times and mormons to the program. Being really aggressive downhill and you know that's yet to see Connor was you know. It is really look at this Florida. Puts a lot of pressure on the defense and you have that you know obviously restarted. On Soviet rebels in the first half and tens of with. Seven so you know just consistency in. You know guys stiffen up next in Europe well last four minutes three minutes of the game it seemed like he got every rebound and a yeah exactly right down on on when we needed him in the last minute he was right there. Grab him up with 323. Guys. You mentioned certainly had to make some adjustments on defense and it was as good as usual in the first half but did you feel like the offense for the most part. He he did. What that game plan needed to be outscored them 44 to sixteen and Peyton seem to be looking there whatever he could and then play it off of that for open perimeter. Yeah for sure I'm in office was mentioned in the first half and we knew that we scored. 142 of you know that's that 84 point face it we gave up a hundred or so. Now we know is defense on the defense event that we had to buckle down and change and you know I don't think we're really worried about office of things. Defending our country goes defense as did you stay consistent it must be nice to have the feeling. Of the challenge. Bureau's top ten team top top six teams in the country everybody is gonna come match you. With knives and guns and every weapon and make it pullout. And yet you're able to withstand that you know and that's not gonna change you know from here on out it's been like that from. First first round of all of that and a and a season you know everybody's got a six fighting name which the state monitors its. A pretty big target. Great game in Atlanta thanks. And the other thing you. She evidenced in the game presented by the Kansas lottery and Wichita State for Stillwater. The cowboys rematch from last year's interest game. Again tipping off at 3 o'clock. Between Taliban which are state women's team at Missouri State Thursday night. And Steve street we'll have that broadcasts for you. Today to put off at 7 o'clock they'd just won the over Missouri State last week in which it it's a threat to go for a sweep of that two game home at home. Shocker wouldn't have now won two out of their last three. After getting off to a tough start here so that's wishes to them a shocker men's basketball team with a chance to musical score was Oklahoma State from last season as they go at it. The water on Saturday after that game last season for us wants to go start. Only game we release. Its words would be your worse. That really was so Wichita State sports that'll. Water and I think. Which dates every bit as good as they were last year that better. Well and that means it. Got a lot of stat freaks and we haven't been able to come up with an exact. Results where we were curious about the last time the doctors had two players scored twenty or more at the same game plan period 21 that I checked in at twenty. I'm Brian home that thinks that might have been threaded Ron is sweet sixteen. Which would have been. 2016. The last time gets there fifty sorry. Against Notre Dame. We know for sure that again that India Kentucky game in 2014. That directly answer your earlier at 31 run victory twenty so we know about that Richard Bryan thought there might have been one time last year I kind of think there might have been too. Last year time somebody. Both want who was it your number flattery. Will wolf we did it it will be edited out but. Anyway. That's just an acoustic little sidelight the big thing is soccer's come from behind thirteen down and win by 102 time they've had a similar comeback win this year they'll have to do it again from the time that you may well he just can't. Relied on coming back like that it it's really really good teams can't win this was remember the defeat they finally decide flaky things the second half worth of that's what. It was right last one as the sweet sixteen. State Notre Dame game chapters laws but it Bentley at five or is murdered 22 that we that it. Very very active in his home area we've yet this. So there you go. Are well thanks for joining us stated Shane Dennis is joining Jeff Lewis the leverage both rounds and PD's side so that's the I'll take your questions. About tonight's game. And then we'll be back Bob and I will be back in Stillwater on Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock right here on this channels with soccer's Oklahoma State. And then there is a week. In between games for finals week and Dave and I'll be at Entrust a week from Saturday with that if that debt owed him that fourth. What should they agree they've got the best freshman in the country. They're getting votes in both the top 25 couples the good gains it the good opponents it's incumbent issue yet younger players last year. Those players that are but he doubtful what you're doing a lot of things well when you but watch. Thanks again to all of you who joins us next Monday for itself here at the arena and to Andrew handling. In the studio. And last season. On yours rate. Hackers in Missouri State. Let reached at 23 act had twenty and then in the spring field looks like. Right there you go well. Well done are we edited out of Portland here that's why don't always give credit to all the guys that office Armond and it's just a great job with us today. We say goodnight dates for and Jeff with the locker room show coming up. You've been listening to shocker basketball on one of three point seven KEY and crunchy bite these fine sponsors United Healthcare. Let tiger Carlos OK Alex Freddie. Executive airship children Sharon's the Carnahan grew quite start machinery until my team knows drilling. Litton is applying its equity bank. Your hometown Chevy dealers Comfort Systems via Christi but Kansas lottery delta Denzel got you covered. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas just fits your car is covered up my. Trust bank good Kansas Department of Transportation. Task locker room capitol federal. This American family insurance tall grass country club. Coming in Cummings mom at Kansas health foundation stick around he expressed employment and it's easy sports grill.