WSU Men's Basketball at Baylor 12-02-17

Saturday, December 2nd

WSU Men's Basketball at Baylor: W 69-62


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Yeah. Engines Colin. Shocker. Three point seven you want. Pray for. Avoid them. In time date and the bears was evident costly match up here this afternoon. Taylor coming up at five and 150 year head coach Scott group. And their only loss came earlier this week at 28 and money for frank played here by third. They aren't ranked sixteenth. Both major polls Wichita State also by the a lot of goers shocker only lost by one sided in its Notre Dame. It violates the doctors are ranked eight. Both polls this week so if you're really good look here. Not letting me in history between these two program it's 22 all time and every of the war were 1960. Or earlier the only more recently treatment Gregg marshall's second here it actually first you. What did dusty. The Virgin Islands. Bob Taylor wasn't hitting my seventh last year thought you were in the Bahamas Bobbitt on opposite sides of the Iraq. Good faith we've been close at Baylor a couple of times in the vehicle to observe that certainly respect the program. But the other. Typically the athleticism of the players program. You know we saw them up close and personal in the Bahamas last year played in that can't oversaw three times but particularly in the championship game against woeful. And global head down while the second half as they never came back and won that game. In this. Very impressive action. Yeah day after watching him do that little ball after we've played a lot of like wow that guy's he's got a really good but they're just a few players. Also last year's team. But this year's team hey a couple of good wins they they went into the Kansas city hall of big plastic and they went on that. And they can hit from behind. Great though their first loss was the other night Tuesday night again today. Hello get a bit more of this later Baghdad. Winds common theme between these teams it's really key player doesn't market yeah of course up what does it. Let me see evidence that brown are going to fly as that's good news. Florence. What percent here a 100% think both our outlook here Atlantic route because your candidate that is but for Baylor Jerry. Six any who has played as a six man. Like. They'll Vinnie Johnson microwave thing I have an office that Saddam that are. We've done here. Early in the second half at Xavier that was a very close game so yeah. But there he's. Having him. Wolf compared him directly as a player. Baylor and very comparable a lot of markets Duffy would likely give us. Yeah a little bit different type of player I watch it Baylor play a couple of games. He reminded me June he's purely a stick save 220 pound forward Beckett stepped it's easy eight quarter. Really good around the basket put off before. And I think he has fifteen points to dedicate your game before he got hurt you get that he pointed out when he itself. There really loses a big offensive weapon with him out of broken hand. Well we are gonna open it up for Paulson athletes anytime you can richest law. Snapshot your voice or you can call us at eight. Also frees up as she is handling our producers had this you know hearing about it that it wants six. 86910. Please that's the dad have to say congratulations. Rockaholic off they went. Last night that Bradford an impressive weapon here that is why is it. And then a bit on Missouri tonight is being saddled with the results this week it's. Doctors here at 7 o'clock period for the driver last night over Hampton who advanced to the second round again what to it's. Yeah it's not that bad 7200. Plus the second biggest burden getting six. Second round I'd Nebraska had a little over 800 we'll just does 700. The next highest. That and about 45. What stay far and away the second highest drawing the second round and I would hope that it'll act out tonight more what will almost certainly. Home matches here at home. How cool that have been you know 7000 plus fans dared to round out of watching volleyball. Really really cool stuff I hope nobody can not thank you got 181000. And I think that was enough. All right we have our home. Power salute. Our fallen under his belt well. You hear what their favorite tech. Well I'm not only myself. I am not load. Certainly yet it appears that the only. Occupant of the thank on the game rock that those that are late. Players. And that it means you're. Google earth and it's great that it is not is it that quiet he says he might see it warrants. They're out. That this week. He coaches. You in their line. We won't we don't expect this this that this that the clerk just kind of hear it and regroup for the it. That question I love ala Bob we'll. It's. What but I think dribble penetration and you needed plenty don't wanna do too much. The bad news though is that really an usual don't look at at first glance you can look for 131 but it's not really want rewarded like a one. 211. And it works its to a lot of different. It doesn't look so they've mapped out a match up out of that they bring that we really high and they likely to have definitely picked up law. With athletes and they get their lineup after they've really they're all spread out and looked like he could pass break the home. But him fly over that they're capable of feeling so you gotta be careful with what had happened but it's it's that type but I don't think you have to. Actually got to attack was the path got attacked with a rebel under control dribble. I think they're gonna have shocker to try to get the ball high hopes he can get the ball behind both expected to earn that faith advance it. They haven't done it both men on the short corner wide open or if they cover bad. In the wings to fly corners they're gonna have some easy shots are open shots self. A big support to get the ball high falls. And I think to work. For shock shooter Weathers Landry or how to bring campers act around it. Down at the Spanish. But the stuff I shot especially from the corners if that's kind of what that you youthful jump shots. With a long since nine guys line and actually shoot the ball. A lot of the things that coach Parcells talked to keep the bad at the video sessions I think it down here and I said specifically this morning. And ice there talking about. How to attack at my publicist described an incident. Am I saying don't take three point shots absolutely not but. They don't want to shoot people will link they don't want to take that three system but he clothes and Adam because they're going through the front office. Yet ultimately it's not down the awkward. Look at other possibilities first and it's this guys that we get that three and a pretty good player on. You know. Move the ball fake his film work don't come down make one aspect of the three. Make this film work and that they'll just because that does a couple of things that he can help you get them into foul trouble. If you move the ball and attack a little bit. It because path for the couple that he visited the zone that they're not anything and Fowler and have to work for how. The other thing it says is if you could make this don't shift a couple of times with the ball from side to side reverses. Go to high post it backed out. Then they hit all kind of picked up where they are you can get the opposite plants one of the keys that day shoppers hitting second shot. Get to the often laughed and thought put backs against the zone. As far as the question about the coaches resigning that's always. A little surprising but it happens I gave you so it was season. Cases Tim Floyd Little bit older guys around for a long time college in the NBA get back to college. You know you have claws plus. I'm really good job a lot of ways that it may still have the possibility that at this conference that has slipped. I think his. Carter can recruit to kind of like what finale was going through. Cut its plans that might affect it definitely go a little more surprising because he says you know a little younger guys that's. You know had some good jobs and well thought out of those upcoming young coaches it is weird that was surprised a little more than. I think they hope it's a little shocking thing to say. Let's let them down these Carolina right Afghanistan. Doctors are going there to play conference goalies Carolina though it was rebuilt North Carolina. So they're gonna we're going to be going there to play them here in the cup around just so yeah had a real surprising that have a the fact that. But this employed. Did have a great job and I was stationed we'll be prepared to have a really good guard in. Really surprised a lot of people with the big blow him and he. Village tournament that he liked the bulls fan that I think can replace god accident the flow of the practice. And you know did have a machine that and check it but. If I can really really cold. Jeff because that's where he plays it dead coach. So it was kind of. Think that traditional. As far as the team that just didn't get something like that in both cases. They asked the assistant who can't. A person as fancy sorted that out. I don't like job interview I had the chance that he could itself. And maybe be that guy eventually. And it's the thing is yes and familiarity there at least the players though those assistants because at that on the staff if that's working with them every day. That makes for a little more comfortable transition that's tragically somebody brand new and that they wanted to try to change the system he's up there are more comfortable whereas and create a lot of change right. Yet and yet at this time this season I'm definitely. Wrote its search and get the guy Watson have to take this. Of the assistance and haven't finished the year. Usually you know it doesn't go well because why is closely hopefully this is not winning so there's a problem there's so. Usually doesn't work well we're just talking Roxanne Bernstein. What about what exactly he has the and it remembers. He was Gooden. That and classic with a shocker there a couple of years ago. There are three years ago and why yet gone through coach. And university Hawaii. One their coaches aspire to and it's just that takes over they ended up at a really good year and end up when you leave the following here though. Something doesn't work. Aren't we have. So cluttered questions coming here and again 8691037. If you would like coincidence. It was a cyclone. That's what the voter questions as to do with the changes its coaching staff with the actress canceling it and great hired Lindsay. Out this kind of evolved with this staff as far as any changes in responsibilities. Or that sort of thing. You know I think that. They case. Hook noses right. The excellent. Both have a lot of responsibility. Preparation scouting. I think CN. Yeah because when. Has gone so yeah. Some analysts Marshall and it's confident now than it was good to meet but yeah. I'll I'll and so you okay. Each other they. If it's hard to not let him. Not that it did it. That reminds me. Not like college. And. Yeah I think. This period. Yeah that's a plus of snow days. All of that taking responsibility but things might sit out if it ends up Warren and answered in the. Yeah I get done he's been refreshing. Refreshing. He's not we wanted to lose and other guys right hire actors can't let them. Donning brings a lot of experience a good job figures that Central Florida built that program are. And now I don't think of that program but the I don't want that got milk that program got a little players and Harry he was eleven years and poured out. And at Florida State won two national titles when he was here 2006007. Both parties in the ground a lot of things that. And that your coach here. Don't the NBA so what these people audience that his credibility with the players. Background. As well is that all the coaches look at everything you know we also now they all week. They'll handle player refused. It and they all work players out so I'd. Think it was good that kind of staff it's pouring able to. Handle changes. Because I think it was already used to scouting it doesn't break up and down countless dead. That's a great job with the south as well yeah that it is restless with Donnie so far and how he handles everything so. I think dragnet. Everybody prepared for opportunities like this to say that they simply this your program winds. Assistant coach were gonna get operatives. I'll go ahead and answer this because we keep getting into every game why don't players at their names on the uniform this year. I had I understand I've been told that state coaching staff decision that's been done and that's the that's all we know that's all that. It's not been decided to do it is not with the names on the back in the thank Kevin what you will. That's the only explanation better probably yes. Get used to it exists. We all know there are right. Let's just say. A lot of blue dragon who pulled up to us next at a stoplight there at a stop light next to us. Like over here but youngsters played it in you know and it. Down here to hear the shots out of it and am pretty good pick up soccer fans stats here because it's not six and a half hour drive that something was Camelot. Down the court they haven't had his head yeah. That's kind of a little love soccer party in this hotel. While few things that they have a lot of shot of financiers though. We're gonna have our our hearts here. Now we had to come off the front let's go to bat for the votes of front thanks for joining us. Hey guys thing I can golf. Regardless what shocked me. Again you know if I think one thing for me. Secondly I don't know of any day. Successful. We've got. I've been network appliance and enough in general about double the prize we don't have anybody else experience. If compliant ride out saying that its eyes. Like humans are to let you know I have a question. Especially. For you weren't rebounding the ball we cannot let me. And now. Why do we analyze the players on the season in bounding ball in. Look at that I'm. Yeah it was. Aren't that your eyes. Batman it bounced the ball and that's. Yeah it feels different coaches at different philosophies on how is that a more advanced notice because size. A lot of coaches want their points are. A one of their volume of yards and throw it in because that he's brought back that you announced. And that he can go through whatever threat there is a sad depressed off the balance. Also it was usually pretty good free throw shooters there you go right back that that's the guy is found not soccer facility in its on the play you're probably thought about the Internet and he voted against shock that frequently since the fall into and I think if you go. What kind of head about food turnovers all season he thinks he's got plenty of this sport turnovers though Connor does not turn the ball over. And I'm not sure it was a bad pass I can deal with that okay. Yeah I think read ought to just didn't come back hard enough. The ball barreled it is great to play Ferrell is desperate obviously I've played around him to steal the ball. But if possibly had to come back for the aggressively like they're supposed to do against a breath. I don't think Carroll would have been able to get it but you know it's already hit the play. In. It's sort of the wind but. From a soccer celebrity interview he does and our. Yeah. Question about. So much in names don't matter what was the other night didn't eat like regulatory kind of player who. Point sea off the Internet. And I don't know for sure I was just looking through the end of the history of thirty point games it Wichita State history. And one player on here that I might guess could have been off the bench throughout that had 32 against Texas darling it's. 2001. And during his career he could slow starter and play the and sometimes. And it's so I would suggest that a possibility but I think. Bryant Holmgren went back. All of the box scores this they have pamphlets assay with his back into the there's seven games left sides had had founded in one of the scored thirty off the best satellite based upon its 31. Might be your record. They player. You know what it would greatly he had against fancy that game which it. Faith in him that he would really. Really fast and that that's about it it's very good. Have been hit at the basket with a lesbian or the right and it'll run yeah the thought that if problems do created only they'll often nothing happened. Yeah obviously Jackson's final have the most experience in doing my job a passable titles locals there looked pretty finicky about the future. But that you'll Darryl Willis. Sometimes it's a little fed up and that tries to drive one against you. It that you just need to slow down a little bit recognize. What the defense is doing and make the play accordingly but. He did play at a pretty good offensive game against Notre Dame he had eight point do you do what it. Three threes and that kind of help loosen up Notre Dame defense by. Bring in that barrel outside knocking down those three so barrels of a vital part does he do that and they need all those guys played well today to beat Baylor. The pregame show brought you by it trust bank. And are you could call is 8691037. Area code is 316 or you can focus. At at shocker voice that mentioned the yeah people who saw us. Drove down that the that the stuff like. Your drive to any game brought to you by Kansas flat tire and service retires it professional auto service are always. A slam dot glad to have you let this on this beautiful Saturday near Waco really beautiful this and I said it the other campuses. Right close to depress those forever and actually because little warmer down here ball doesn't roll out vehicles back there right now the trees turning everything. Really nice atmosphere here. Today they got a lot going on this campus there talking two ladies back in the hospitality room. Who was working if you sit well we had high school championship football players stadium last night got volleyball last at their terrible thing. And if you double A volleyball. Political respect and grammar yeah second round it's the first time they've posted as well so they're pretty excited about that. And their team won their plane again that night so he got men's basketball. That you get volleyball on Miguel women's basketball so they got a lot of people thought. It is the majority needed shot replay is 50% off your online order and Wichita area profit Johnson log on to Papa Johns dot com. And here's the problem code shocker fifty. Receive your shots this could hit 8691037. If you are calling us and on Twitter. At that shocker voice. I have a question from Greg have really enjoyed my first college volleyball last night recommend everyone go to night for a fun time regardless of level of knowledge of volleyball. Any athlete to explain about eight defensive specialist. At volley gloves that don't they it's like to Neal Cotts. Exact ground. And in volleyball there's a little more special position because of the way you can substitute. At least set up rotations out those after the eighth. And it brings added curt did the story set starts. The purpose offense and that defensive specialists are usually good players who are quick. And good passers. As you know their job to get back here for football's Gigabit passive forward and that's what their home defensive. Specialist did not attackers they don't play our oh. I'm one of those things you look there are there specific restrictions on there are a defensive specialist. Didn't get a little closer than that can do it cupcakes here or there isn't apparent mental error could not. The ball over could not go above the net stuff but that can hit the ball they've got to stay on the back they did trusted the company whatever. Back so. Basically defensive specialist is obvious to play along that's that's grown for three rotations and kick the ball and pass it did serve obviously. Defensive specialist officers. I would bet that Aniston is yeah they were both undefeated playing for the conference lead in. Out of the days. At how well they can create those fights out you know. The opposing team visited relatives you know down and those defensive. Al can dive. And and it goes out there it's amazing to me how that you. Lot of Wichita State's defensive specialist in his hand shelf this valley center field for seniors and she is five feet two inches tall. It is stated on a merger. Six feet ten as well that is the most. But Jeff upload it I think I've ever seen anywhere. They're very cute together but it's SS. It's just amazing business stopped and looked well this little girl that is strictly vault guide again. All right it's six I've of those threes out of it yet but Lester thought Boris are on Twitter. At that shocker voiced an opportunity right now to take a quick break. And remember shot defense today after Andy shot the way it's already attached locker room for any kind of like this doctors are. Save gently body that 40%. Are all shocker merchandise it's already been forty a couple of times. Soccer fans all over always brags that got him that chance jets locker room. East and west back guardian trust bank pregame show from what goes right after the. Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a mile first saint is with no Smart. Your parents are staying all weekend wow that's awesome. 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It shows you could join us at 8691037. Or vice Twitter at at shocker points. Fingers it's get for your post workout wrecked the searches of veggie aisle the other morning smoothly. They provide fuel for your muscles in the form of Celtic proteins that today's healthy shocker stood up front you buy United Healthcare. And the real Google programmer or you'll feel. Dot com. Several people reach leading after my tweet about de volleyball tournament attendance. Last night Nebraska 8213. Wichita State 7357. And next time this Minnesota with 4000. 526. By the way that was tape record crowd soccer volleyball by about 11100 they had a 6100. Match. And it's not Missouri's data only eight years is. Just a great turn out hope that that last one night. Record gets broken again chuck blazer. At 7 o'clock. All questions about where the shot as the flight. Acts if they went to night unless something really strange happens it will go to Penn State defense stated that number one best. National seed Wichita stated he sixteenth. One seeds of they've both went at what did dusty rose state college played Penn State. Next week yet. That's that's that extends well let's hope that at some. All right. Any other. It lessens the odds on Twitter here. Since I do volleyball event that's all I can hear the ground sing for different although both that's right yes both are. Fabulous it really really. Great young people love their parents Gary Letitia Bradley the Houston they are really nice people at. Petitioned the mom was a very good college volleyball player herself. As far as the soup. Both are very athletic. If anything. Deficit may be more athletic than that he she was more highly recruited her sport out of high schools certainly. That's that was the top fifty to 100 type recruits moderately to Alabama was started there as a freshman and then something happened that is. But happy about it decided at least two of the semester transferred. Came to Wichita State because her brother was. A great benefit from having sex basketball roster the fact that he liked it so much they're very close there really really close Brothers sisters so. Always nice to see them together and like I said both really nice polite. Nice young people here. Only know the way to which that's governor up there for volleyball at if for Vasco. But kind of an interesting decision for the round Stanley this weekend. You go to the basketball game here in Waco harder. Because the volleyball K it has which does that it is the NCAA currently at that via plane. He's that well they're going to both felt about your mom and dad which went nowhere but she's. If you think it is fair to flit about. Our thanks for that question definitely have a phone call from Dennis Dennis and the floor. Well good afternoon moment. My quick didn't happen to be fair. It. Mats that now. And Nader being short and it beat five guys that don't play implied that they everybody needs. Quit your growth guys aren't remote. Able been hurt here if they you know are you know about. And secondly I'd like out there strictly our particular hand this and they have three guys starting. He wouldn't be why is it starts right here I am all over the court. Right away to. Ran him down. And possibly get him in foul trouble. I'll hang up it might be your. The status Lafayette our communities clarify their rosters into place first. They didn't have. A couple of guys aren't there roster. Who are eligible for. But it's hard not consistent enough and those are what Tyson colleagues as well redshirt freshman from Oklahoma City. At lettered Allen a seven foot sophomore from round rock actually transferred. The San Diego whose knowledge. Smoking. Have not played this year thought for a lot of our basic philosophies not disclose. Medical conditions. It ties Charlie's case is that number one players from Guadalajara. Three years ago signed a letter that yeah. Now that has released an ad after coaching change there vote McCain here let's give us a lot of times you'll see. And he has had anything pulmonary. Issues. Once the forward days there were some months and months and months. And so I don't know which carry over that thing has not played since high school. And muttered Allen has not played yet so they're not even available on they had this. Eight. Scholarship players they have some other guys on scholarship rumors rumors about the Saddam things here. And then they can't stay there your walk on at least out of his night stand. Jerry Massa broke his hand as we talked that is Xavier do that I thought they had eight guys suited up seven scholarship players and that is not a. That davis' ex excuse your loss he's played it read aloud today and leave it here but hasn't played. The tougher games. And Atlanta got watch out for those guys at sky from local looking ahead yeah the hitters have a better than anybody scholarship player nobody the only shot like five time all year to that you can breathe again. Dot. The final four but. The seven other guys seven scholarship players arrested without all highly recruited scholarship players. Seven they have a very talented very good it's just that it is an issue as far as fatigue and fitted jacket immigrants and I asked Ricardo. What. Which you'll hear a little bit. They say we're not gonna do anything differently we always play those night guys that look at it indeed did happen. And keep our guys practiced a lot of pressure on defense but certainly that. After them. I think you're definitely. That is the day that you got. Dot Netflix player that life. They're gonna dress. They're gonna try to use their depth that it Wear them out now does it started that a lot or book tour. I don't putt stars. Lower floors are. Finally idol and I think it's okay what's the big guys the guys that they did that come off the fifth. That has the biggest did what probably mark vital. He's at 65 freshman 230. Pound freshman of real happily. Daddy is that no fear you stick to writing at Q he had eleven point seven rebound against the figure for offensive rebounds. So watch out for the fresher breath. Mark vital. It was five players this as they highlight reel dunk. All of I thought we get to David and he has he didn't look like a freshman. It had terrific Clark I think especially these 240 pounds. Big strong kid doesn't score a lot but it gets them offensive rebound and get put back at twelve forcing him. How poor earlier this year that six out of seven in that game. But he could be a factor. Do and we're gonna count up right back at ticket. Britain break come right back as if we have one last fall actually before we wrap things up on this part of the show it was into the press banquet and other doctors at Baylor. 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Get ready for your holiday shopping and import times a few points I hear he used to say that the pumps with your digital coupon from different dot com. Limited time offer restrictions apply see store for details. Freshman year low prices at Dillon. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Gaza Dylan Hartnett or hazel forest pummel. We should talk university. Basketball he's on 123 point seven. Collect taxes coach's corner and hit coach Gregg Marshall presented by express and when the professionals not a victory for putting millions tour. Coach obviously some concern the other night. With Landry intact round what's that stands for two days. My I think there'll be able to go. Police are gonna try to go Landry says he's sparring it was a minor ankle sprain. From what we saw on video what were the that this swelling there was very little swelling discoloration so. He's been able to practice. The last few days Zach brown took a day or two off between gains but then yesterday participated in practice with a knee brace so. The X ray that MRI. That that he is fundamentally sound. There's no issues just it was it was a little bit hyper extended though. That was a very awkward looking but he's a tough kid and very obviously bearish dirty in terms of his anatomy so. He really wants to play and he's from Houston so this is a big deal for him to give it ago. You have good depth and you you always play a number of guys that with him being hit seven scholarship players you are even a little more conscious of maybe trying to. To run those rotations little bit try to Wear them down. We won't change anything because that's what we do anyway. You know my guys playing 100% peak efficiency. And if they dropped to 98 for 99% that they've got to come out and they understand that so. If you're in great condition you can play forty minutes but it if you're if you're not in that you know Olympian. To cap leaked. Marathon type conditioned and you're gonna you gonna have to play 3456. Minutes and then gonna have to take a blow. We have more depth than them we're playing now I mean for sure but brown would be nine. But I don't know that. We'll have to change now they. With losing one of their eight guys. They may they may play longer but they got good guys coming off the bench not a good guys it. We're you know we're recruited very highly coming off the bench there's children have talent you'll just be one man down unless they get someone healthier eligible. Everything for them kind of starts at Monmouth county you're fine if your point guard. Senior guard what whoever's guarding him what it a couple of things they really need to be aware of them. What he can shoot it he likes space camp Fallon in 94% foul shooter. I loved all coming off ball screen she loves Poland in transition he's got floater game I mean he's a he's a complete guard. Their primary defense is 13 zone motor the most important principles as far as attacking that pretty thing. Well they've actually got a fifth player who plays around the basket and you're never leaves a vast social won three wanted it any don't constitute three when the ball Christian corner. That there link really. Causes problems for so long and athletic. Got a shot blocker they're protecting the basket so even if you get it inside you still have to deal with them. You know we've got to we've just got to get the ball corners and get all the short corner we've got to get off the mid post via the past be the dribble. Then we we need to pull three when it's wide open either in transition. Inside out or after we probe the defense. Cuts Yankee Shatner coach Gregg Marshall to suckers at Baylor coming up in a big one from Waco. 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Security advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated an SI investments incorporated are separate and unrelated company. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford grameen phone Hartings Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in more vain Kirk Farber. Yeah. Are under. Point seven okay you want to. I'm more so than. Texas thought all along side or today escape what its costs eighth ranked eighth. Is both false. Take on Baylor that they twelfth ranked number sixteen in both polls both teams five and one on the year. Shoppers bounce back from anyone point loss to Notre Dame head trying to look at Hawaii have now. And it it's Savannah State on Tuesday night scoring a 112 points savior. Baylor by thirteen in Cincinnati. On that. Good night that they are now Ivan Watson athletic experience and hard nosed team meeting here this afternoon. Not winning. Doc brings them Baylor ranked big the idea yeah broadcasts go a very important game. Well let's get to see winning strategies that are presented yeah by the way this is allowed his case. Thing let their first not being around him on it dresses draped behind troop movements of capital certainly hasn't let their members of the guys. You're not well let's first talk about offense Taylor runs are really as usual self defense and looked a little bit like no one realized that it kind of we're gonna. Don't or physical one free line that got a lot of long. Athletic. Players to fit in his phone and they love to get that have to. I don't deserve the office they help with god that the 39%. City last week they've helped raise. 34%. Felt this spill father's philosophy. Able to get this going usually those things don't like this. Very often but. It looks pretty spread out there with their legs no arms and got a lot of passes because they get a lot of reflection of his own you got to move into the open areas. Eight you have to move the ball this thing. Enough try to get the ball and hide holes it'll open if you get the ball off my clothes. The next tanker that was the past it. Because it's easy have both been in the fourth quarter. More shots here in the fourth quarter drive the benefit and if they stop that definitely slow him down the quarter the opening shot of the war. That they've moved the ball into the got to hit open shots that ended up I was good for that is about shot especially for the whole. That's kind of the background. There ought to read lately yeah. But defensively thought. Seventh dollar of players that they came. But there's definitely yeah. Start but I've lived here an analyst. You hate the snow and everything we. Covered in here. Yes 44 again. Forties you've. They're from three or seventy point. Their big guys guys that it would be here no loss accumulated. Averaging a double double thirteen points this rebounds he had fifteen points fifteen rebounds against great these last. Well off all recovered. If you don't want all of the fifth defeat. He's got a load it and those college. Fluent the only average to his voice but yet. The final. You up to battle for Atlanta. He had eighteen points fifty voice that I. Good back there I think. Step up and even different with a nearly half an hour. Yeah out with a big lead the country let me. There all the way they would let time doctors say he didn't offer any award tickets that. If they can get sick dog. Get the footpath. I could feel different about that because I overlooked when that got you guys talking about doctors practice web site. They've worked on. Thought it offered thirty minutes last night in preparation. Doctor held their breath about the dark rebounding and turnovers. Shot the gravity working their own game that I might reflect market that got it here before the game against Baylor and it's definitely a competent. That's a good job that you got to knock down. Shot I think. I'm not the injury report brought to you by popular line is your life your journey your options here for which I shake my sense. Zach brown articles like the highest ground yeah. You know what a crazy month little. Move forward today as the it's not a serious hits it's well he's practiced. The last few days yeah fine. Taylor or not an accident or injury situation there are some more severe minus Jerry master. This person score secondly good athletes out there. Averaged over eleven points per game seven point seven that's actually almost all flights brigade. He broke his hand upon the Indy and he owns and again we're Tuesday night early in the second half botnets. Had fifteen points in his 22 veterans they've got an invocation here so we'll do. We. We see now. Eleven you the walking. Yeah that is the situation detailed process to other players. Woman who are on scholarship but ultimately medical conditions. And it definitely play console only seven scholarship players suited up or Baylor. Yeah. Now listen closely on her parents here right now. With our national. Ma. It's seed. It's. It is. Not to my. He's okay. Yeah mom. Yeah okay. It's. All. Okay. Yeah. Yeah this. Yeah. You ma. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Little. OK okay yeah. All right yeah this seems this these gentlemen who sit it. While news. You couldn't really tell what it was. And then he turned it upside down. And it was the last row. Actually knows one big slug date but it American flag on opponents raising the flag not sort of us. Steve we'll marches on. Pretty cool performance of our nationalism is. Wolf I can't I know what that was yeah. The usual sort of glad that's about it I have an event where you've never been an ATM they'd be sure to visit them online and actually bank. Dot com for the shoppers it'll be Shaq Boris. Zach brown. I believe on the. Really quick news tonight that's good enough. Heads up. One privilege of title. Everything nine. Arkansas' six point eight points. And Mack Brown. That's a lot of big. Animals saves Bob. But ponder. Plus look at video locker. It's. Don't put him on the. I'm a little bit of an. Well. The art like god. Starters warned me. So I would have bottled up a bit here. Elton Brand over here to refine him. Florida. Point seven point. I did 5%. Drop a line. Thought that. Seven what city airports confidant. Of the gulf of Australia fifty years caddie did acknowledge. Not walking is a good shot so far this year than last year was seventeen in the nation. And a half blocks per game. Obama in the sixth nineteen everything bump Minnesota authorities. It won't transfer last year for his heels if his talent is never seven and a half points per game and four point three. It made six very good here Dallas averaging ten point two points of the game they were. 1% on limited provided them and wrapping up the starting lineup. Is this in part six I. Coming up big force them recruit Texas and they player of the year every six point seven points per game. Got Victor Garber guard Kelli. Big enough. We'll back after the lights were out really good golf but I think it's going to be Kelly. Brown. And Boris. I did today and they've still got to make him wait until late in the fall camp and hopefully we have to. They blew up the Missouri Valley Conference and the pregame show. Sponsored by Baghdad rod who also applied to our our like that are maybe they didn't god Broadway the only game everything you know we're headed back and we'll. And part of Lebanon style interior. You know that they've got an at large supply of wide assortment of color styles and rough start today to fire department outlet and flooring. We'll Baylor doesn't look very many ball. Do I can't not think what he's been that they. They've won 46. Consecutive. Nonconference home game that have fought three in the country. Don't laugh but they live here. Almost five years. Today. We'll love to do exactly. It does today. Size does not exactly zero zip it tonight. Of those who have that exists is always interest influence has historically been the freshman I think they're concerned about rebounding and health advocates doctors office or threat it's not. Late Jack Morris that he has lost the handle on it and there's not a bad Santa. That's five we'll always we'll it's going to be with us make sure they got it. The ball is pretty good position deepen the line there where eight deep Italy home of the that you took from the Renault and look like you've nicely against the fuel. But that dribbled the ball. Lost the handle and what between their legs out of. But let's not bring it up we will be guarded by Landry shoot that. Next round is 34. Blocks down the block. Well let's go across the blocked its market news out from behind to block the block passage to all school. To not just at Clark Clark itself behind bars background. It looked like one of the Evansville laces. Plays that curled a guard off the big guy had a big guys with the basket they helped off you may god give him but it did get Clark on the weak side sealed off. Mr. Clark picked fresh offers free throws nothing and yet they are excellent defensively. Clark was six K Texans player of the years out of San Antonio from the free throw line legally it's a five committed this game. 40%. Stuff. Both of those fine. He sat there and do about it. Taylor goes out of luck Rick. Reed had assurances green uniforms this green. Darker green letters and numbers kind of highlight her young. Son used to highlight. Now LA Atlanta Jack Morris who quarter. Over the incidents where it is vs doesn't opportunities Kelly an extra quarter along baseline got all right we'll let the senate floor in nice that's that's not kill them more reasonable job well. Not rightly regarded by. Cinema. It uses treatment not yet to defeat Hitler started myself. Fred it drives left drives hard down the length. Can't build a traffic loses it out of bounds it could have fallen out off with a statement issued soccer's it'll look the standard takes charges today that it drives the ball aggressively. It doesn't matter which player is they don't like to take it that's. What's up with him fully certificate right it honorees at the slot cute but not lobbying and a foul called. And I guess it's on its hands on deck but I think what he did not physically it's. The flu or food burgers fell down and see if that's the and rated silly kind of fell for it experts found second team now. Taylor ball out underneath. In the kind of Flint institute. 1856 to go for example offensive on the left way out front and I can't write a bottom that's an additive. It's not a mystery of the Clark he's gonna take. Long jumper missed rebound kind of thing if it's not safe to get defense that time for it can't transport ship that left way. Because it's not. Right went exactly and not enough. Morris left wing Kelly short handed off to a different intervals baseline that definitely don't trust for around fifty to shoot. Snack that's treason right out front bounces off rebounds in all its. To golf one of surveillance and having him by the end of that time down the line with content tried to just pass out of there they're gonna call the charts. But not ran over. It starts out on bottom of conference on you talked about this think of all the fancy. It's not a good need to rotate defensively. In nature it's that time. Which articulated great jobs don't charge. Him in the Frankfurt it is thought that seventy footer business's history. Now I applaud. Taylor delicate slide at their very little contact hallmark right away got front won't it won't give it over to McClure comes off history drive that hard it's not if leftist rebels try to get rid of it cannot cross courts a confident fifteen to shoot bounced back with their right in the middle of the floor. Frankly it is absolutely not it was not filling office in the land bought that deflected back up to Butler drive and it pulls off. I had a little. They got fouls. Yeah before it makes the best it forces. And I drove by his side of frequently shot that got 400 years and went up needed job for now back themselves in flatly that switching back and forth. Round left wing a couple of dribbles bounce baseline jumper on the way up bit by Shaq fluorescent. Not robot that could afford the dealers drive it hard down the line almost all of my friends you have to get it close at best. He's like in instances when executives put that down right through the defense. Around at the top. Right plot Kelly across the block Boris with the reverse lay up one of the things that the coaching staff not they've got about. Was using him to fend off lawless who was shot blocker is that we have it reversed that you get to read between the definitive. Paula nice fancy significantly. Lower earth is cooler along three best offensive rebound long. Wolf there around the rest of the offense after the office work by check or cabinet fortress with it's not New York over the fourth. Writely is that it's often worth street penetrate little remorseful that street right wing back you know Morris at all seven. It is not safe points of their thoughts episodes and that 40% of it is game from 34 with him now owns five elevenths really different things. But not almost relentlessly with cooler Ritalin and say isn't it it's not Clark double him off with Hamas. Not that he wanted to make of those stumbled should have been trampled Vista fix it up what notes that it stays at. This that if there. About to start out at fifty Clark good deputies did he get the fifth that the basketball. I post once I looked up to brownies he got along. I left baseline yet you'll get a gold. Don't leave the ground until they cut the basket nice return that failed to act around one. Next round with a dunk shot yourself ninths it. Out front on the left right or if my ground. Stimulant free and let live with not much the line. Little floaters yeah that's. They all kinds of different shots and it's nine days with. Successes you know looks like if you had a hard time seeing it differently yeah he's got a really quick first step but the rightwing frank you that's right the ground. At the height those wars that are a fifteen footer whale off the mark at the right side effect ward out of bounds last night I sat around. Somewhat attractive critically thoughts on big folder with the threat of Taylor's fault. After the 56. To go first half Wichita State and Baylor eight. Commitment makes Kansas workers among the destiny cleared. Their commitment shows as they craft Hai precision tools to create customized energy saving windows and keep power flowing across Kansas. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps companies support their employees weren't helping them stay healthy. Wilder engineering innovating and liking the way to our State's future Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. Commitment compassionate community. 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Shocker forces draw do you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent friend woody John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca genre or Stephanie Thomas. WS shocker basketball. He's on 1032 on Saturday. After visiting neighboring settings from. Filed one against Savannah State religion and I stayed there over the National League is rebounds Clark added eighteen points per game. However right now we're getting outrebounded. Its greens but Taylor Taylor's make it. Shots Wichita State for a eighteenth. Blogger site it's at the factors lead by a point 98. If you know succeed there have been regarded got four offensive rebounds those doctor if that's doing little bit better job. Folks doing the ball. Plaza at defensive end limiting your second shots. That's the 40% the day after the soccer's list. Laughter. Or less glad to have you others like Kennedy alongside Bob ball. Video with the thus it was his first ever trip to Baylor and then basketball. There's been four previous game and only wanted in the last 56 years Greg marshals. First season at which state. It needs paradise jam down to Virgin Islands Baylor one that would put 2008 at one thing with the previous birdie the last. Why that golf college her for the help. Plus plus plus innings jones' coming in as well as Ronald. Now we'll go three duke players shot. I had one player for Baylor has sparked vital. 5230. Pound redshirt freshman from Lake Charles you know also Jay lives it has appeared. It's easy guy who's in there backup point guard that he could. Played the two of these places. Hasn't looked this or much this year that has been a 40%. To 40% through three point shooters they may look to him this world war. Now that's very massive out of alignment. Reports Lindsay you're the sort of by chance that it's John front yard with kind McCartney had its arms locked up marketing and had a bad. Asked les titled too far out of balance thick Lindsay. Hate anybody thirteen to want to assist to turnover ratio 46 assists to turnovers that turned it over his first possession it and movement knocked over the guard equipment at that point that you probably sensible. Haynes Johnson plus it's not like I've lived there not appear a little mistakes left looks right finds language and out of the lots of merger reach over the back foul. On his wallet too little fan first now want him second. That's not virulently negative thing and his Johnson was riding inside the Ronald merger. And it's picked up the fountain all the fuel at Taylor's big guys we usually play behind the closeness that you can get the ball in there they'll play behind him in the for the blocked him just left wing and it. Right about Lindsay got the lengths at three guys up in the air and missed the layup to seasonal shot this F rebound Ali made a beautiful drive and myself and under move with the disability. The threats or Lindsay hand off of the time. It certainly not the time lines guarded closely by itself. Puts it over the right wing the Lindsay Lindsay off the street drives the lane accident Clark. Can't off from the content not shot fake it get away. Over the last week Clark had attacked his label it a little jump hook yet there bounces yes I saw not. North Texas races earlier. Your hands yeah it's definitely definitely like a President Nixon declared that your taxes life that he should looks all that shouldn't have to hide those right wings it sounds right baseline to nurture double teams trying to clear it and Qaeda. All doses Taylor but he just over the place. As sun's gonna have massive with the devils need to get rid of it quickly gathered there traffic that short corner that then they got run a longer period in his own defense threat to aggressively if it plans to open man. Leading since nine in the position it's not the turnover. And ethnic Lindsay. Timeline writes that floored. Depth not to find it my next round with him writes no holding it. As his dribble use the toughness to Lindsay left elbow definitely a lot. Lawless who wants to make the move on nurtured between the backing down little health evidently Lindsay please create a bit off the bat kind of laundry that he felt like fighting along the right baseline. His position for Baylor back that's not for the content reset. It was left handed off Lindsay. Lindsay a couple of dribbles visit of the vital direct orders spotted these jobs. Cannot say. Thomas a lot of that none of Arctic got a ended nearly made half of the official rate it's really did see it because. The fluids constantly there was another offensive zone of influence politics that I thought it was awfully close them on Tuesday. In look like that comes with supplies that they call it soccer club. Eight sales of Bermuda. Constantly needs in the game now and he replacement candidate. Paige Johnson and rightly pieces of the fluently at that moment on against conflicts like dealers and demand it off right slot analysts that again itself. I did it is not a good. The standard group in the little that they conclude that he just kind of stumbled backwards and traveled. Again. Happy feet at them and shuffled his feet and it was effective down. Relax it's time. Work on it again each team with three turnovers and just over seven minutes of play affords him night in and I want to different ethnic cleansing. I apparently left wing. Walk through its offices with months. Title apparently Lindsay Lindsay off Wall Street recently got a look at that apply upgrade down the line throes of the best example of this that flight for the revamped delegate there to grab it out of the stack of people's heads an update let's you'll vanity Gillick is that apparently from. It's Jones for three way off the mark left side of the only bad thing. Out of but the bill to congress and across the time lines not acting zones make it up but not with not off the Wall Street right that aren't fools that it's a fifty footer Atlantis. Thousand. They just go. Just days like Daryl Willis who is trying to fluff off a lot of on the weak side effects with the floor wrapped in. John Higgins on this golf thousands through all of the best of the best it's an account. I believe yes news and it's going to be doable out. That's like the officials are going over to me just check the monitor but I. And accurately I thought I heard the whistle athletes out there but it jacket that had nothing but it's going to be involved some nice life not on account. He got himself off and it's just a little bit of that and hard drive and stepped back once the free throw line which it built not left baseline jumper ribs and I actually thought Clark. My feeling a period. Fourteen to nine. Let's get them alliance and subsequently used that today that's also raised his first shot of the day it's a victory. It gets the suckers that. The theory that residences nice drive that I was arguably drove the theme of the zone. It out to reach for the open jumpers and corner of fourteenth all the time it's wide open for. Levels minus three not for the floor passing at relentless advocate and. Yeah LSU that's dollars and. It's an open freak. I'm sophisticated I probably I don't know on the street there's it's not a basket with the other after. Willis will be going to the line after the after twelve timeout elevenths what a month ago. It the first step Baylor seventy Wichita State's well. Hi this Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working mom left you with my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around much harder work out that because there's not one place that meets all of our need. 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No matter what your that's growing your business isn't just one thing it's a million little things with the reds aboard an all adds up through your card. Martin you look at dealer is ready to do the sun. Hopefully good defense I guess deal. Now it's your present for sixty months Foley equipment to get four payments a year every year fully satisfied yes. Shocker Schwartz is drawn to buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center and think for an Andover was a lawyer. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven KEY it. Nothing doesn't. Point one seconds of the first half near Waco Baylor beating Wichita State seventeen to. Twelve the nation's. Number one rebounding team coming into the game getting its tail kicked on the courts Baylor twelve Wichita State five rebounds six offensive. Rebound from Baylor. Fortunately for the shot interest Clark's put that in public you know is there only two points on second chance points there could be more. Electricity barker birth he's got three offensive boards. And there's a couple of other guys were plenty but five offensive boards for Baylor so. It's not that we're gonna figure out a way that this fielder Ben often and live at Baylor Q1 he's now. These guys. They've got guys that that are part of this stuff wanna you know wanna have to stop. Life and that was a huge point of emphasis of the film sessions good you've really got to get your body will be. These guys at fox. Very aggressive regarding teams Baylor came this is not without its holes like nine. This is long but I think they've got a lot of guys a lot of people right now have a hard time dark and you really crappy so often dreamed really that it was there more often doesn't without kids well. There won't look this is the first thing OK okay. Wichita State Baylor had a couple of assistant Clark made lawlessness not scored you know haven't. The first and couldn't rattle a little bit averaging eleven and a half points per game 59 point. 3%. From the mine but. For a fine against the fantasy Hudson. I think he shot 72. Classes that was not the bars and stuff off hot season coming up more than a community that we've. The threats were not Writely a lot drives the baseline cut off by Anderson if you Google backed up the way Clark both of them that's I'd throw it out and its ability constantly sent. Wall Shmuel is now the lineup right now with him effectively hand off to see him off of the month. Not start when it goes far right of the right sort of fluently drives. He still eligible slated to hold back up front if you've got his shot away bounce it off the back. We've got reason it's got hammered no call but it's out of bounds off Baylor we've just got knocked out of the sky you'll definitely. A live shot right into the side of life really long rebound but the good soccer fans. Lewis that field or incidents that's Boris there it finally detonates killing this man. Reasons at the zoo or one in France if the other guard reason district court finds spring camp right side shuffles them to block the wars that the fray camp that divorce right lots of weight in water bounces short. Fighting for Kelly Elizabeth. Floor tonight at fort not lives down there in Edmonton got a timeout call the authorities obviously timeouts of the authorities second. Taylor time now. With Baylor still leading seventy they're family guys to take the ball away from Rashard delegate that factors that sparked a freshman. It's taken away from them at the beginning ball. Don't forget the weekly coach's show broadcast coming up on Monday nights on 987. At thirteen thirty Kate SS throughout the athletic things as they're coming your way AJ sports grill at the Alley get this year thirteenth. And three woods wrote the schedule for this coming Monday Greg marshals. I'm 78. As a slam crown 8830 cocky about soccer's hosted. NCAA volleyball Versa but hopefully talking about a trip to the sweet sixteen shots. Played Missouri tonight diseases like that it actually did good luck talk about issues and I got failure it was only seven scholarship players. Figured out today we kind of play. A sagging defense but don't live like the rest of their plan to resolutely. Let me let's matchup zone defense and they're playing very aggressively in command of his defense. And I thought it. Office needs its precedent that is active threw it off his back side and grant it. It really resulted in the fans love that Taylor the third floor not worth it trees started lifted off more soft spot for history off the bat. At about that time he set forth that box up like on different stances well. Lee's hit to tell right away. A couple of dribbles pulls it out its factories for us last night differently at this level when it comes off as treatment towards the top spins that could get violent not left wing. Right back at camp for three that's. From the left behind the screen hands off my records. Yeah nice Wall Street. And I think it is fun around the opposite thing you know really that's not the left 13 straight through which it does say if they are down 17060. Standing there looking for opportunities. As Wall Street if he decides to use it cuts off the other way. Stay right with him back right let it not for Boris worth giving up almost all of actively Clark. Right side of the clerk at the basket. How delicate over the helpless if it's worth had a and it's a little bit quicker and went right side Jack Taylor my 36 points with Hitler in the post Boris novelty accidents. Knocked out Mike Taylor Lackey got wrapped up our way up. We'll keep this position identity Flannery sent him philosophies. And it you know Taylor. That yeah all of the things that I hold off on through. Our offensive comfortable about it. Tyson's Ali you are expected to play they exist in what sailor's six. All its little packet of placing Clark or painless simple refuse them. Not resistant had a bad excellence has long passed to the Iraq War frontier caught in Portland news right but the sandals. Right back up. Offering by French camp note that does not fit my Boris loose ball recovered by robot falls into the fact that he grabbed Evelyn favorite player deflected nothing. Left Lindsay kicked it out that's not all of its history line it's not the factory that accidentally clicked you know addition when it looked very has signed him that. Let penetrated and rightly afraid if Longstreet and tighter credit can't see them at least it's got its very. It's not state ties it up to ninety. Honestly think that this thing is guys that knowledge to thwart threats and what about on the honors on the you know wanted at that time line. All they see the gophers fan doctors now with ports raise you my friend right now. Like Italy with them all right let's trust ordinance. That would the floor as the year winds. More snow not. Flirt rot in the last night spinning around swallow my biscuits rebounder with it's does a good defense you have it on the flu that's done it but on the fate statement was forced to take contested shots and if those Morse visited jump hook. It at an audit tax and somebody out Kelly. I think it was Kelly that actually. Yeah you did that flawlessly but don't look like Jack courses don't Kelly was flying there. To go for the office deported to keep up his. Well definitely the basket drew that they have. It knocked the ball back now. I don't know if I've ever seen anything quite like that often but he indicated his own team. 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I'm the best thing I did today. Trust me. The home. The current. Don't. Motel in the musical. It's more than a Broadway Show. The celebration of music that transformed America. Down the music alive onstage starting Tuesday at a trip to go to ball to hit the box office and what you tactics that com. Do you see shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GE one yeah. He's gone here it's like a 749 to go to first Kathy Wright was just basic. The gap on the board a little bit don't 1510. Taylor. Returned covers. It Wichita State significantly better seven of 1741. Point 6% including most importantly four of seven for free. It is 36 point 4% and just one of seven. We thought they'd knock it down the three pointers how to break camp to agreed. Jack more one on one of off the green one of the ones that really help doctors. By the quality. It goes three pointers over the top of the Baylor beat him at the truckers would have had a two point lead pack horses jump hook rattled at the cylinder where it went back again. In the atmospheric Kelly's thoughts. Gore hasn't hit. Is left and it popped the ball back data with the. Think we'll find the basket but Rashard. Three rebounds three assists. It doesn't really solid all. Doctor played pretty solid defense they're holding tailored a 36%. From the student from the. Worth. About 48 on earth. I sit down bring it up for painlessly in his first game Richard freshman from Oklahoma City. Medical issues kept him out to this point the color right when the cot it's about the free floating off. Having a hard time plays on his shoulder like nothing but it probably two things along the basement at times it was human or ultimately. Advance the plot to morsels like jumper apple. Along with school student Zach Morris and it's tough to handle the Baylor got nine with doctors down but one analyst who is taller and longer which actually will be stronger. All right wing useful way out front with background that it that art dealer accidentally. But not not in office treatment that is not a mystery left water no good. Rebound Boris definitely if the players gets that off and let us not one that's testament right block we'll leave it there that definitely more restless night for him daughter off the street from the top 38. Not a trend can't put his good friend hit Wichita State leaflet it works in real strong bold treatment time by Shaquille boards that that the big that was guarding him did for Buffett it John Potter. Connor pulled up that it may. Not that different sort left wing to not only office three look at that rate down the line. Tried it understands that he actually dropped its national upon this robot was look at nothing or it. It's not the ball sailed past him out of them yeah exactly like this message that yeah. Thought Ahmad but he was huge. Soccer basketball up to 2420 to six weeks ago for a staff. It's France can't have it Willis Boris and round which honestly that's passed right slot that is drunk Boris incident left Peter best Lola Lola so good that he was out. Strong offensive toward efforts my journalism over the line for I didn't. Concerns about you know who would have the rebound with one unit if at that time you went after that it would unions would back that strong. Through the now. Alan steel pot use for fourth now it was one of the line. It's only. Opportunities that. It's not the only free throws foolish for us through this stuff and and yeah hard to understand narrow down the stretch last year. The last seven games of last season 27 to 3187%. And just made four of five incidents that you just some of the 55. But it. Yes you shoot well from behind him on earth at 2% from behind beyond its commitment. It's not look at the influence they want it to soccer league history 2526. In the gophers nephew Wheeler will bring it up no pressure in the back court. Walked across the time winds picked up by threatening cancer often lawless coming up right. When he gets to let not him that night not finally gets open gets back. You look at it's not just standing here right now lift weights that won't rule out front don't want. Not looking inside the seventh issue at hand let's not pushing us to get it Longstreet contested three cents. It's not about Morris well defended by the entire soccer team that time particularly Shannon on. And I think can't penetrating puts a runner bounced off rebounds. The fluid. Beautiful little pull up jumper that would go. It's not Clark handoff that was conference not vs goes the other way all the way under the basket outlook quarter. Three pointers. They don't mind that. Candidates got excited athletes and since about three or four games but did them both within and around a lot more successful and stuff that's six footer business license or not to glance redundant. Viable spot for the gophers at the thought behind the fact that things with him. I couldn't believe market darkness time these movies it's kind of fade away over. Silver behind yeah. Since since it's not good news is it's wrong. And a foul. Long list. Olusegun. Now on lawlessness. Is sacrifices glare reducing the tickets now. Plus it's a battle of attrition that soccer is gonna win that game in society if they got what they think Taylor those bills. Look for the shocker that people inside of Boris and Lewis and nurture. Think he's going to have to Baylor big if they're off to settle it at the line is states. Topic yeah. All three points leader almost alive. Taylor shot two free throws very early Willis has shot five for Wichita State that's that Netflix is now one of those days. You know been really active. Offices in the rough advanced. And analysts now its fourth Wichita State. Highs against speculative because that's that is the point definitely set an all. I stated Baylor with with 36 to vote for him product literature for your Willis. Kelly. Boris is also getting your readers here are Kelly reads but brown what does it. The content from the courts that these study found him off not for me. But it dropped all of them that let's wait let's concentrate that little in the left water to apply. Drives it. It's best for the plot get a solid representative out of Atlanta and Clark thinks it silly attempt to try to steal it back a thousand. Yes it's not necessary for officers that Clark is first incident at the end of the program Paula first and who found them more often found a certain. Turnovers that gives it a chance to make passes. Very little space at a crowded territory it bounced the ball around it. And it's not good at it about the a couple of them that would start to move that part of his athletic field filled with that Johnson from home. Portents though the gophers staff will be seven all time at the high post looking under. Let's not forget that incident can't let him off the street. That's nurture rolling up the street and it's blocks from behind by Christy Clark saved my Kelly drive that are the best you've chosen elected. Solo artist together at mark final runs over. And it explosive athlete standard answer exactly deflated the other had the right of the it's not. Let deficits and that. First basket relentless and it he had his strength. Three point baskets of cadets one in nine games and all time record of growing old before against Notre Dame. That's connected the last two games. But not. Hands off in the words but not yet it's twenty. Or more on this they gave that lasts three to mailers. Yeah it doesn't fit what both of them that it's got talent or. Setting up walking free on ought to read my. We're exploring is. It's it's not just web parts as thirty to thirty payment correct score is what it's not state thirty. Taylor 29 as we go to the under or time out here in the first half 313 to go for the but you're looking for. For the perfect power salute for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game big day had a Johnston. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. You're sure to find something to fit you and your style and right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coats and overcoat. Because the top of your game this season with Johnson's 21 and 1096. 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Pick Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or is built for a pummel. Good basketball he's done 103 point seven. Just days. Dave Taylor bloody side is that correct score they added one point thirty to 47 Baylor on the scoreboard here in theory that it got that straight. Taylor's shooting 43% of all the flooding equity current state 43%. On a bloody war. Doctors have made six nine phrased it treatable Levitt. Or Baylor took to the line for the bears which does date for a six. Rebounding margin is started to tighten up it was my seventh rate for Baylor won boy it's was read the other seventy. Ortiz and the offensive rebound there that the war. Turnovers five for each team. Point stuffed turnovers 721 advantage that Baylor. They also are up to eight feet eight points in the eight chapters. To Baylor that says that should favor. It's an update on the field Morris get a lot of activity around the basket for the camp with the hills nine points not a prank yet. Or the parade and I actually shot his. Not they really really good player for Baylor was well thought that would be a six point these particular interest to Clark the. Clark just picked up his second foul us and other advance. Golden Waltz but you'll also. With 2000 works for the state of the game played with two. I understand it brings it up shocker basketball of one they have led by three at one point just briefly can't rise into the lane pack up front it is. There's your hand off at least. Google's right to left left wing champ but it'll afford to Cali chart with them floor for Beckett the link you gotta whistle away from the ball finds it's going to be the biggest. Street Paul Stanley. Tried to work on the move and screen that calls to remove the street his first team's fourth then they would hit the ball back. That's for the first time he's been called to lose their home near earth. In the cooler than back to look not to forget that shoppers I want to 52 ago first half time left in the heat who have bought. Not threaten vital part vital final on the right slot and Clark with the feedback instantly on forest fumbled it recovered. Into the baseline long pass that fronts the brewers eleven to shoot. The words drives left to right Janet states that it industry drives let fall away jumper away shortly boundaries. Which doctors haven't actually Taiwan. These effects are my good defense failing to reach him at that time making the whole thing got very typical stuff. Left wing Kelly that's not France champ but right wing leaves. Bounce pass to nurture and all that's left to play in a statement with us as a good thing. Ticket won't let him get recovery casting blame but they would like that but he got a handed lefty out of on the bright talkative man defense it and didn't defensively. Under rated and they've got very very quickly and has got to watch the France. Recant that influence reefs that with the state the obvious that a hot for the staff. Since there's gonna have to succeed on the shot clock. Kelly and not threatened him but the last few different camp started accidentally left baseline earth packet toward the line. Wheels does the left hand additive that out tipped up like helicopter covered by Baylor assistant Clark that's not used to seeing Ronald shoot anything that's gotten this. It a little deeper under the Ford may be deadly disease you did have quite the angle that he would not rightly that Lindsay down the right slot Clark Friday Laura snapped. That's I don't know today's race that's bad calls it silly that looked like Shaq that's pretty good position Clark really forced the contacts. And all Shaq is set now there's that 2000. Maybe the only home school reform little a little balls for. Early in the game there was nothing that. I'm pretty good defense that's not think. He would nurture girls going to go out Willis is back in and Zach brown is that you know that fifty to go in the first staff when he goes back on the shot clock. It would be placed in particular from the baseline. The content on the baseline that the Lindsay thought about a three quarter past about finance limited to take it frivolously but what you'll take a long history and missed it. Now Darryl Willis. Chased it down. It's a she and it's not just don't have one point lead negative effects worth it off the street mindlessly eat right now maligned. Next little while the glass didn't know. Got no calls backgrounds to save. Dad. It over to LA yet calls it. Now yeah that's their job with their food enough but I thought maybe ten minutes. Got now park but not as though that France is no fault and it's going to be a Fallon telling him in basketball. 600 dollars up sixty. Not yours up 13 it's twenty. Physical. And I would like it would. Have been the yeah but not things across its on line for Baylor. Rightly upfront. Race at one. Of its depth. You know not live where. To place him. Make it a little cooler drives it not awful. Lot that way looking for a Wall Street it's one did not fight Lewis with the one that the this reader Clark let a fifty footer way up the market your boss. Those recovers. Doubtless this and it. In the final minute of the staff. Doctors and a couple of chances at one slightly face it Elliot it's not ones that for the most accurate that ran down the block Lewis has been left baseline double team incidents evidently it's you'll put that up it gets. We'll play good decision by Darryl Willis that he was doubles do you think back got him it knocked down that over four point lead or Wichita State that's their biggest the first and third streets 29. Shot clock is off looks like Taylor. Made life. One or at least try to run it down a ways of its doctors don't yet isn't it possession and a team that's. Sandy dribble by Lindsay it's not want them to get enough credit out of one force network guys read along the baseline. Eight seconds and driving down the line all the way to the basket blockbuster. I can't push it up court tries to get about defender along saying to us are excited about five eighths at the buzzer. Race last defensive stance plus taxes. Average the locker room afflicted stay in front or at halftime but it does say three. Taylor 29. And for the good of America have done. Thanks Matt I'm standing in a neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening like that you're striking constantly yes there's no damage people are actually outside can't make. Buyers holding this phenomenon is credit union of America's lightning fast home loan from an online application defense decisions and closing three ways home loans come with low monthly payments are no PMI. It's just been. Incredible steadily in Sydney with. 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Competitively priced services. Thank you could count on. Is it plays and credit union of America proud sponsor. W he's basketball. But still inside the numbers for the Olympic halftime stats are occupied these. AC CPA's invites everyone needs a frustrated by iTunes store and at. But kept it. This path. Well three point sitting by the John and I think that's the difference. There have hard time scoring numbers do 39%. Overall. Universities which oddly. But they're holding Baylor at 37%. Feeding. Floor and the difference is Taylor's 3123. And a shock seven of eleven Connors did reach him at Q. Wars one and read one film that looks like the difference right there apparently like. Thank you betcha you're adding that doctors are four of seventeen. Points. The Panthers had a does Mike -- jump right around the basket so mailers length obviously not a little bit maybe rushed a couple of Eric but they aren't getting offered. If you haven't had a layup that he has and it definitely removed Ronald had that little left in the jumping that you normally he would. It's the the world the won was taken away because that you know there are some of the accounts juggernaut that. They have flat panel around the basket that they need to fix that. It's not definitive defensive. It. If statement but it's just need to limit his opportunities you missed five or seven. Are free to hold him seven shots Boston itself and it really worked hard to try to deny. Well as doctors had a lot of practice over now there are really good guards at the cold and he has the talent and how proud of these and how work. Hard Fiat. Panda that's what you're doing. With his his funeral and I look around a lot of things like the Howard hit his remarks at whoever started off in a shocker the trade off leaflets. Content on a wild it would ground for a lot of what he's gone for a while but that he would know those those when he gets the ball he thought the thought. One number right you ought to mention made reference when Atlanta reached and that made his first of the day that he had their record streak of 29 games in a row broken in the Notre Dame game over for. The cutter for campus that history though it. At the three of them in the first ethnic Cotter has updated 329. Straight games so he has tightly limits school record. And then run maker had old. Record the third with. There today looks like look at this look at shop and he he has aggressively for open that deep it's right at the end. Public offering a look at Hugh fan. And touching and it's a shot in transition next in the third round. At the first half as thick enough of that Baylor are bitter court on one hand and doctors again who. Kevin with three pointer on the right thing for their faith. Stan we were not he gets through it's definitely time outs of that how badly with us state is getting outrebounded the sixers better around him back next three hours. He's not Baylor and a half fleetingly seen at what point offensive rebounds were sick still wanted ended up 66. Soccer's. Didn't give up an offensive rebounds for probably the last at least twelve minutes of not more of the first half and that's up to what you could make you don't want him that trip for a moment that kind of capability. It's gonna take the job. A lot easier to your your athlete right Monica I'm looking at the stat sheets that with 1121 remaining. In the first half they had six offensive rebounds for the round rebounding sacrifice seventh set point. He didn't get another offensive rebound the rest of the half. And the doctors and a thick enough theme let's see fifteen. Who's sick and rebounding to wrest away. Turnovers. Not a big factor a little higher than probably Gregg Marshall would like at seven. Baylor is not a team turns it over a lot they don't turn their opponents over an awful lot every little under twelve turnovers themselves their opponents are averaged ten and a half checkers the seventh. It was six points off turnovers 71 they look at that was all truly students at exactly the things that you really think that they've managed to get active. The last. Yeah there was it looked a little rushed there was travel. There was some errant passes early. But I doubt they settled down the last twelve witnesses saw it happen for doctors started XP or offensive. It's kind of tricky debaters which defense reluctantly zone defense. Next trip they'll play man. It lived up and back and forth in and out of those sequences though. But shoppers have to adjust on the fly and run the proper off offensive I think they've just today halfway through the hand that. I really executed much better. And that's something else I was gonna bring up some glad you mentioned it that we are expecting to see flexibility. All solved mostly that's that kind of usually call at one tree water whatever zone. And they really did start mixing in the may have right that's getting they played a lot of man the second half against Xavier on Tuesday but today they started right out. Mixing it up and I think yet made the comment that their main demand was probably a little better that you expected to do. Yeah you know they were down the duke Xavier in I think they're mean defense helped him get back in the ball game so it's got through their coach. It took a lesson from that and say you know we can't play all all zone against the shoppers and and is playing quite that a man. You're so far in the first half and let's see if that hurts a foul wise because with a shocker for their man offense they'd like to go inside to Shaq. Well listen not Ronald nurture and killing people right at the other big solo let's see if they can keep playing him. Remember you could save up to 40% today after the shocker to win it can't locker room east and west we'll be back of the credit union of America halftime show for soccer's leading Baylor there. Yeah. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds is that every life is important and invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. Truck driver or involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatality that over 100 fellow kansans please do your part designated super driver. And kids home safely. Buckle up eliminate distracted driving and remember in Kansas you drink you drive. You lose. But you looking for the perfect power seat for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and dean did head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. 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Today it's time rivals Cincinnati gets hers. I thought they did their hit 6976. Cincinnati for a ninth and eleventh in the polls this week. And by the same margin. The Baylor on Tuesday a great team Virginia faced 7554. Win over Lehigh this afternoon Virginia still unbeaten at eight you know. Yesterday at the arena first yeah. Soccer women's basketball team 7865. Will be back in action. Good night. And it the NCAA volleyball tournament last night. The series like anger over Kansas reached soon they will play with it's not staying with ran is record. Nine and three with a 30 sweet Radford soccer team. Pretty good that we had Wichita State and tonight at seven yeah. For a chance to advance to the volleyball tournaments. Soccer sports properties and what you just did it click like this thing Crocker ambassador to us states. Look wolf top corporate partners houses flaunt delta devils look industries. 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As another year draws to a close we take credit union wishes you Merry Christmas and happy new year. Time spent with family and friends makes life better. This unique service with a small town attitude visit we stay credit union on the south and a sparkling shopping center or click we ain't seen you dot com. Federally insured by the and you way. Merry Christmas and happy new year from wheat they credit you. And it. Do you. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley energy and think porn and overweight Sawyer. US soccer basketball. He's on 103 point seven GE YE. Tonight yeah if possible magnitude in what. Credit union of America have time sponsor bobbled it and it is not. Not a lot. Well you know I think they wanna go it's scientifically definitive inside. Doctor shot 64%. From wreath at the eleventh I would probably do that again in the second half of the 35%. Though they're gonna have to go inside of him that it. I'm a little bit better that they did in the first half but if that topic talked about that. It's either rebound like it is the last ten minutes. They'll rebound that they look at the boards like it it. The first part of the ballgame and keep going inside. Lawless a who have been found interest in Clark freshman a few thousand that got too big. Which to file so look for the soccer. If you don't have it and I think what Jack the only one. Which team the shock. Hey David soccer's player hit 50% off your online order that it Wichita area Papa John's blog not a prophet John that's not that you. Troubled soccer fifties. He's about ready to get the second half of under way because date which trailed by as many as five. The first. But lately it. 1205 feet. They got the grotto itself looked up you really. Move upward slope went the first death of five out of seven. Look like. We'll probably start on the phone rotate guys went it did for. After basketball to start the second half some psychological lift soccer's. Right up the nets in that district work right away at camp works off the street Albert brown typos can only simple baseline fifteen footer by Willis short. Kept alive Mike Kelly adds vitality. Just out hustled up the Baylor players worth not his shot clock for a left wing that's fast things like telling her to go on it was not opt out front and it shot fake and I did get to the link gets the man of the year step through that little clip uploaded another effort yet another of the vendor who went off. Got McClure for years and wouldn't influence with a bucket. I agree with eight that's not yours by 635491. Minute of the second and it won't handoff on the left we definitely a little spot right. Time. Don't want to criminal activity that was fumbled Kelly on the perhaps it last touched by them. Kelly looks like not a great job Mike Kelly it is rough which looked like it did it rule for possible basket by. Mr. Clark was opened the pick and roll Kelly people the weak side who play up. Thirteen on the shot clock mailers that they slide 49 seconds on the second half. Rightly guided by a friend that's not enough of this earth right to left goes back right instantly accessible off the streets with the defenders. There's a little flip under him it would get another boundary starts yelling nice little buffet that would drop crossword left wing cam. Up there it is lob over the top Willis and I'll hold off Clark. Had his hands on either side of Willis is a place. That is this marks their personal that's beneath the entry position they always say that being lied to the basket that's on people's that's wrong. Jock when writing. Lot of different can't lifted it but at least technically. Three the free throw line with what's on the floor supposedly the best at this is not. If not up against other numbers and while it's all night if so that's. Not a threat to cut off the deficit themselves way out front of bonds. Not lately that effectively not written marsh island traveled all live flirt left wing. LaMont Johnson hasn't blocked almost not the way by. Actually almost all of like tele atlas deflected not out of balance work Alec. You know looks like you differently than audiences doctors. They're replacing cars the united side with the amount of Manson with hole. The Friday like journalism. And deflected ball it's a baseline shot bounces out. At Clark went up over Clark are telling them behind it that we've done a lot of positions that they not strong enough. Box out that kind of restart killing but not standing there let's let's wait Clark. Clark holds. Lots of it it's not virtually got a benefit here let's not block my talent but a Fallon analyst for the block Mike Kelly. Forget lob over the top. Well it's just not quite where it happened to pass now. All that's left. Well we'll you'll only had two at zero point in the first they have only had two shots of their look at it hit the ball and keep him going averaged a double double. Thirteen points ten rebounds they try to get going offensively. Just twelve of eighteen from the line here that we that 66 point 7% who shot 49 and a half of the line last year. 4693. So obviously he's worked on that part of it a lot. Willis picked up his second now that's not checked wars in for the first time the second half after. Fouls in the first death. Not quite two minutes gone in the second half which state got its lead to six. All credit to the war here. Second free throw coming in the third fourth free throws shot today but it. He's got a pretty good stroke and the city's streets that's pretty good putts and kind of awkward. Exactly and restlessness. Around that is not right for him and activism. From the ground. Hopefully drinking and that is constantly threatening its next thing you routes it's not. My phones in that companies like Kelly doesn't look. Slide around Preston market related and dutifully. Yeah brown Turkish capital behind closed you have a fair amount of constantly. In the short corner made a nice strong move to the basket soccer's 63731. Clark with a lot center brackets are handled it deflects it and steals. Good defensive play by exact reference to amp up like Santa right away right corner Kelly that's definitive reference can't lift weight ground. On the left lots more assurance that the line jump hook left it a little similar if not for support for playing good passing and a good blue pledged actually just left the jump hook. Little short pass it by chance that. And it's but not tried to get it to the post that are right sideline for inbound flights 25 left them shots. Then again that we download Shaq down low would you don't look at the it definitely move through them now it's not right he learned as a screen you want it to the floor we'll play them on to a lot. Laws to try to go baseline ground worth listening. Pretty good percent to. Not his fourth 3730. And it actually grounded for a iphones were free throw my lot Kelly. Personally it accidentally waited yeah it's not with him for three not forget a lot toward the end nice pick up that time Kelly obviously haven't cornered that border jumpers. Is going to be there this hurts right eleven points he thought knocked down did get a fouled obviously at nights happen if it's so far. 403360. Gophers why you know it's not hurt her back LaMont. Shot fake you out there swiftly and with. Not recently backed out front with those left office marine that's that anyway or it's not enough street fires up that tree that's playing off the mark. Prevent Kelly. Advocate volley. It's. The. It's great it's really Kelly got fouled from behind half over the back ball goes up against David Bayless takes nearly fumbled it out. At the question. The shark Alley or more than a little accidentally got a 116 to about 5059. To go to second hand Wichita State authorities and Taylor. So through insurance we know landlords have to keep our ignorance or even if they're related. Added we tried to pick up your rent a commercial real little or the month not everything works as smoothly as children's renters policy. It helps cover a few pieces fire fell to ten more when I just moved back and tell them you mean I mean and shelter insurance emotional you're sheltered or renters insurance Taylor Zito and mull things in its future and delta plane nor repeat Casey in Wichita. That sound like surveys but more sense like between seventeen should be close out this on Canada come back. Seven and. Out of court the 27 teams are going fast they'll get special clothes out pricing on most popular twin seventeen shed models like Silverado Tahoe in traverse it. I'm a trade and get a great deal during the 2017 should be closed down zero hometown Chevy dealer today. Petroleum to a month. Available especially on these or other offers to deliver about 113017. Stating dealer for. Another mile power chairman brought you by delta dental Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a mile first is with no. Your parents are staying all weekend wow that's on some. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. Healthy smile is a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider and unleash your smile power with the delta dental. US shocker basketball is on 103 point seven G. Why can't. All right second half tailored just. Wanna warm up. Important Wichita State lead at six. Including one for one of the three that was my Landry family is compliant and his daughter friends can't because six or eight from beyond heart factors are. We're well on long balls as a team. Rebounds but at 224. HD seven turnovers we see the doctors throughout. Let you wanna win on the road against good teams you've got to make shots and that's exactly what we've got great students afternoon. They're very good shots especially three point shots that are eight well. And we appreciate that. Conflict in both look like there's reason to the food companies should. Shark Alley epic. Really good all around game always plays tough it's at the end the only point they the only shot that he's taken over your second half. Six rebounds and four. They got that ball underneath last night down against that zone looked up he could see that the flow of food veteran. I think that a couple seven footers. Looming over him. Those that if I had a fourth of up to date with Barkley picked it up border camp not them at every point. Look like it's going to be fatal flaws coming out of the time out. They actually probably found Kelly over the basket at the very least knock the ball out of his hands out. Back Taylor's. Doctors have Morris. Nurture. Clarkson live season mark my idol is it along with the wallets wolf. And but not for Baylor. Definitely things like launching a hands off that was not haven't got knocked dentistry in the hunt for three this is in and out rebound our titled love. Reverse layup there. It's not and I think it is yeah he's been definitely freshman went up got that would sort of backing him. His fourth point for instance they hotspots around him off now has the length is Boras oftentimes contact go home. Elephants got lose from the not it's right to left outlining turns back you know throws in the line while excellent traffic what did you. It is come back now that's not enough. It's. Lewis that's if it's not safe nicely now. As an ally and it's not a boyfriend. Three hundreds of three I can't expect big big shots out of there. Falsely about Ronald nurture the freshman Clark of Baylor didn't come out and challenge on his shots and he needed pavement knock it down the street he has four for six currently on the market goes back to sit at 337. Lindsay rightly. Yeah that's definitely at the top Waltz off. But it doesn't add up those dental. Now. Yeah but if you go driving with his left it looked like he was having it ultimately. Let this thing is not a pistol to the basket. Think these doctors out completely. Announcements act outside definitely healthy is second second out. Lawless rules that line as they. Moments ago it back to three years. Seven point knock. Them back up next this is it for so long now. Here's my grant. They didn't get to think what language it's just my whole 4339. Months ago but mostly it's left elbow. For us on this night the gulf outlet for all rounds out again there you know but mark my. That's what these titles are now second team felt a half months to thirty shots. Yeah that's pretty good matchup that forensics it's probably 220 pounds and mark final 65. Freshman 230 cents. And it went in lobster Boris catches in the air staff at Lazard. Regardless we'll try to profit in charge didn't get it Edmonton. 11% courses pursuit the second hand check lucky get a flu shot won't hear from the that the frequency. 4539. The plastic. Yeah Ratliff guard my friend and try to get them not getting off the street it does definitely threes don't get this time rebound vital. Goes back up. Yeah crown held his defender off in his left hand definitely go out there on the floor with his life he had. And that is that I think definitely found solace marks laid by the French. Taylor kind of dominated on the boards early in the first half of the shoppers can affect over it ended up plus it's up to tested on the boards to have friendly earth Taylor accused him credit they really asserted themselves yet on the boards hears that again. I'd freeze make it three point play thousand. At this time. I don't. Thought it was. That's not true. And only. And so on. Slot floors in the afternoon. Johnson. Why. It calls now. Yeah I didn't see the prevalence himself and then there's guns done it different from the sailor daughter down. On Saturday. And that's guarded by surprising his job. CNN it makes it tough on the left went lawlessness in front vital. Myself I just had sources specifically about the severe titled guess this goes up and. Oh really strong move up fast it's kind of fluid up there of this at. Let up and got his own rebound with kids is completely fool thing like. That was on its Soccer City and it took a bad shot but it doesn't let the rebound down the list I think definitely the line captured the knowledge that. Those things up on the scoreboard here and I give them lamenting answered he is an energy use aggressiveness. Free throw it. It is. Online eight point he has not got the lead to shoot 4543. Dollars on Rashard and telling them it's instinct you second foul on him. That was not its part rebound gonna hurt. Thus it. Point soccer. And the pocket sat Amber's. And I really nice set play at that time that finished with him that they can have beautiful bounce fans exactly what killed and Jack Morris. Who had this thing it's sealed the burdens that got out and have been out there now on him. Boris that the line for the first thirteen points. Yeah. Don't really nice and pleasant. It's few bars we. Our 47. It's treatments its record right to left. At this launch about seventy feet missed it sure he got final had a but luckily for him by campus is covered by Haynes Johnson lives he slides in front of him on the court. Now today and are the stuff of I didn't know who's got a full head of seeing. And is meant to drive to do it but this much less often from him and laugh at him now with the treatments and it's worse now for us now behalf on Taylor. And Lindsay. And little shaken up. I think they're giving a warning. This is. It showed his opinion because they didn't want them gone through enough I think with the assistance. I'm gonna go through the miners look at something. Countrywide if there was any contact. It was maybe had shoulder Lindsay moving Friday that he took his shoulders and they know that I did not seize the Padres hands. Arms about that all of the videos on the rebound down there before the project but the ball. That's taking a break here it is it is statistically that the moderates and let's go let's play so. With him back out on the court it would be. We'll talk at all to fall after the foul on Taylor. Four fouls on each team the second half and start to call a few more thousand negative early in the first test this series yet the axis. Soccer since Kelly Morris search your name sounds Santa right now Kelly played today if things don't normally hit the backwards and it's a climate content. A lot of these news shows thrust them right in the I don't write a lot more spinning in the air turnaround over finally this arthritis over the sort of incentive fifty's yeah a 65 finalists from the guard shack where he he's already done here. Back to a six point shot through late 4943. Mile and a half ago left me. Lindsay crossword vital on the rightly Obama and I thought we won't children. Adopted anyway plant 2000. We have tailored for the ball from the left side over the right side effects or did. Get around me with enough lawless who lost it again influence. Ballots haven't its second fifteenth ballot that half. All sorts of outlets and all in the second half these retreat from the free throw line. And it can get back in the three point game here. Real concerted effort to keep the ball into him. Isn't looking at these incidents coming up. Now that's a lot. Lawlessness. Conflict that's not a fair article for the big guy gets his first since you know this time he went over the left field it was the right that it cannot let. When he over the top with that quarter. Soccer's a flat but at the scoreboard and it was and it's it is that's right 5146. And ears feel like clearly vital state fish is on the link Lindsay thought about it technically covered by Johnson you don't like this was not present Kelly there's enough innings Johnson watches which traffic. Down the line almost got here but he got bumped from the Internet recently launched in my teeth out on top of the Arco right nightly news you know squared up on. Lindsay drive model of the of this rebound blitzer gets put back. It was nice and go out to a table over the father of the shots that nobody was there to block off lavender who he snatched witnesses that the fact is it's got through a difficult time. Not just back there. That's their biggest lead at seven. Not they learn. There's a CA full here 1115. Remaining second half Wichita State 53 Baylor 46. Would that help was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live healthier happier life. At the campus health foundation and our mission. We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. Because you believe that every Kansan deserves the chance to be healthy we'll learn more at Kansas home dot war. Those shots. Are you doing there beautiful cars and think yeah what the praise. 93 lately to the wolf for us tax of course yeah. My dentist likes having to leave totally thought he would like to do and well there insurance company's jerseys car we see something you weren't really hard aren't so wanna give it to protect deserves. Put out he's never on this floor but he says I didn't immediately and in some free air freshener. DO state farm. Colony today. 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I'm looking at the last half feet and with sixty minutes ago that shot there were three of thick. Of them from the field in the second half. Now there's nine of thirteen 1186. Of their last seven of water run for the doctors make you think of the last seven bucket. Haven't taken a three pointer while their side of thirteen from beyond the arc just under 70%. And it likely candidates made him angry kind of break camp. Fixed on it with twelve champ eleventh he'll Boris with him. Our secure tele with seven rebounds and fourth this evidence exists and that one. Or long that is eleven. Why are they there. Hot head. Well first half minutes scored his second advent so we'll all we'll have scored all eleven of his points in the second half our vital. As six of his. Finals for the good job offer had given him a layup it's definitely made up big effort to go into the big guys launch you'll. And it's going to be feeling it all out right there there. It just state matching its biggest lead at seven. 346 elevenths their students of the benefit but it is thought it was artistry Gettelfinger gets frost sort of plot throughout the land president nurture that little short but it is up rebounds partially blocked had to go to the line for 200. People over from the weak side get a good job long enough listening to him that's his job but nobody thought she. On the would have the rebound. So he's got is only about a month did things got fouled on the put that. Well we. That last break was not what they rates were gonna get that done now 312 freely shooting free throws we've gotten it right horrible. I reported a second half soccer stadium three yeah. Who listens. Ever wish you could call a timeout as expensive ATM fees. Wealth gets lies when you banquet equity bank you can us. Which your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank city where fear its true. Hello equity banks goodbye ATM fee it's a slam dunk. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in which it's Aussie agent Jerry Crawford remains strong Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in more vain Kirk Farber. Shocker basketball. He's on 103 point 70 yeah one yeah. Second half seriously you know Wichita State 53 Taylor 46 at seven lightly but the doctors matches their biggest of the game. Taylor had a five point lead. Early in the first half of about twelve minutes to go in the half those of the biggest lead the way it's been most most of the time. Palin every time doctors get the sixers haven't got it back to clear them to a lot of cases the doctors have found a way to come back. Forward. I was there you got to give us another game back from break they were down twelve point second half that great with a few minutes ago thinking back once again. In the city of all of this classic so they're gonna keep them in Baghdad this. Their aircraft offers support for now and they had just under overshot. Seconds after the birth but now they're good for the officers laugh at vital got a couple in this final thoughts medical rebound. That little line. Thought they'd actually hit the bad guys want me. Yeah but on the offensive end Baylor has a lot of offensive boards with a dusty streets. Beaumont 87 and a half percent Milan with a definite. First for him today he's got former. Football game. Fifteen to seventeen been on here have been limited opportunities 46 tries last year shot 81%. Weakness is definitely confident. With time and it's and it's definitely it's 5340. Threat initiative to double team for a moment Johnson and exactly how they dropped out of this effort starts for enough guarded like Hitler. On the right side of the floor conference incidents and accidents. Kelly. It's time off with them or those left please let him play out front and that's no different from. It's not defense that Netflix now and the other active zone. Ellison isn't lifting its wants him to fifty a little long rebound Willis hunt at Florida. Thought Willis was the last month. Listen I thought that Taylor was the last one is that it confluence. Good ball movement that but soccer's good player a lot of that he can't have got a pretty good look for about fifty feet along left baseline. To close and that's that is expected threatens it yet. Lindsay penetrating what sort of blur on the floor of the way at. All it's. And try to get Belmont slapped away by Lois Kelly died on the floor floor so I. Rod and the basketball player on the lawless and found. Yeah yeah Willis picked it up and have Florida after Kelly kind of leads us to leave this with Kelly got the brewers will think it up with it. And had a got right on your shoulder the whole way but he uses Latin. And laid him off the glass he met somebody and they think that it you know if tested positive although it is government series dominant through this would write blank it. And that's at. That's done Wallace. Lots Gerald. Now for a seventh line that was his first at six points accurately that at the but. It's not the ultimately. Cutting off the street I'll fly here you know LaMont penetrating. Into the lane area let's alliance ultimately. Back in on Kelly frank. Can apply to anyone that does it not McClure for three. Yeah break it was gonna flop when. A close and I think the helplessness most of them a little bit of a fight knocking down the street with a thick enough. Doctors are definitely. Yeah definitely. Kelly left baseline there Saturday flights to double team gets out front and right side to Kelly it's light years since president lifted the state. They don't blow us and it tries to open up now on there. An opportunity on LaMont really really strong offensive rebound by your outlook San Jose Nancy. That's that's exactly what I would say I want them rebound like Darryl Willis that sent them. Hang in there it's. That's that's all. Revealed not the second six. Now he's seeing now is it sounds fairly obvious doctors get a line if it's. Good night at eight now for the lines seven points for Darryl Willis. Yeah company rebounds the ones telling us up and down easily with the states act routed delegates who have. Nurture. Ground Willis and that's it friend camp with us today. Nancy and. Louis five at night to fascinate leads by 55651. I don't sit still to go. On at the time that's right started by Shannon standing there wolf bounces too. Clerk rolling off the street but the shot didn't take it that drives it hard on for you can't McConnell talks. And that's. You had a kind of a openly. It was nice later on kind of drinking and it's not pulled his wave there and overpowered not a thing in effectiveness buck. On the phone not is that his arm as it was going to happen this. It. Overseas it's slightly less contact illnesses. You're now with eleven. And it could make it three point play at a point gain in those events in Austin. The first time in the second half 855. Still the you know. 5653. And the clerk makes good. It's. At baseline. Fifteen footer cut back to Princeton that it could make the analysts at nine and sometimes you have to think about it the older until you have to think about it Darrell flicks that went from the right baseline. 5854. For us but for liftoff right way. The toughest thing right it was worth the lives effective with various. A source rebound titled got to lock my doors and rebounded since. It's not gonna. Exhibit fires and get the reason not yet to wonder that is imminently right now it's not worth. And he almost flew away full month out of hand us. It's nice to answer doesn't like that it's. I don't see him. You know who that is that's fixes are approved. Oh. Wound down TV at 6100 feet TV. My daughter's favorite shows you got instead of watching it and let's get. Think Lindsey sets in San. To flirt goes out for Taylor. Lots of reasons like a death. Threat to stand. Definitely excited he's in his right that's the plan. Ground now to watch next was nothing to lose. It just grabbed his arm. Yes you. As it has fallen out of bounds on six Gregg Marshall is just feel like crazy. Well a few big influence on my phone calls yeah. That was so good at finished fourth ounces animals and articulate snowfall in Vienna by the author. Conference finals right away Lindsay. Try to get it in with confidence breeds it lets you get open. So Lindsay dribbles back out front this is. Standing real attractive but let's not open now Lindsay dries bounces on the block the law until. Scott. About a series tonight at seven. Forty cities on the first half. This house isn't great neighborhood and walking distance from one of the best schools and what are they asking the asking price is only 24 years of really really hard work cloud that's. Well the house across the road just over a few years more than my insurance companies generally how we get home gym work really hard or don't want to give it a it's his parents tell you why do we nothing 23 years with a fast and lubricants. Yeah. It's firm colony do today. Hello shocker nation. This is Andy card in hand with the Carnahan group that JPY again in times for the past forty years but Carnahan group has been helping to great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with the first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up for paring down we want you to call on and a let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our services to name I promise. Hillary gave us an Iron Mountain general manager or his own wishful and I will pocket l.s manager and we would personally like to invite each and every one of you out to the grand opening up or out of Wichita we're excited you are in Wichita and the entire says it is great deals and superior customer service to stop I did your order he's out of Wichita where you can always own brand new Nissan Altima for us -- I'm I'm forty Wichita located at 10625. -- just east of where it broke object itself online order some of which talk about forty some of which the better -- about. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita he agent Brad wouldn't John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. WS shocker basketball these. A three point seven. Why here let's go let's not stately big Taylor. Eight if people aren't going back to develop. Really big overhaul and here. The company check for us it looked like he was very clearly here and across the car. It's. The dogs. Fourth foul and. How often they would instead it gave him the yes. Act now owns. Time for what. Well what what what did you view that those questions all worth all the Baylor guys down. That they've done well don't look now done on them or the balls I thought that if they don't stop. They can get the ball the Baylor. So let's hope this thing that kept out of free throws because right now it doctors have five out of thin line sailors and well from the line. Doctors that shooting themselves. But that's what I've stated the second half on eleven if they've they've they've made nine of thirteen. The only thing. You talk to me a lot of those Shaq we'll. Willis back around Austin reed and. Yeah wallet we'll bring her. Today it's at eleven points all in the second half. Averages a double double of the year thirteen points and ten boards thanks to for there to its free throws to quickly and that lets him. And only got a 46. Home winning streak against nonconference opponents on the line here that they can happen. Three point lead with just a long way to go free throw a fan good. If his message out through. He's down the block Boras. Today I'm Lou. In the past the Willis Willis wasn't open shots and change his mind and loss of basketball. While it's still going under the basket step now and I Zacks yield at baseline and he set in advance of the favorites turnover after soccer. With us and it still might not have an answer that since the rationale that sent him. We'll fueled brilliant golfers that includes benefits that the realized that basement at night. Round created updated Friday night as a pathologist sleep apnea that lets just all close friend. Gravity. Really can't understand anybody's good about it but you gotta a couple of times today gravity well they were they were really gonna try to draft Connor thinking that it's not a recognized it. Dribbled through. If you defenders quickly busy it is acting so I don't know what the. Senator Fred can't hit shots and free for. Those in six games this season institute for to get them want to blunt here. Stuff that sort of nuances of what is the fact that on them when they hit the friendly him. Well although Ruth Cotter was thirteenth yesterday for a sixth Marines on today for his other points. At one more free throw here. Went dead center. Of content with fourteen Wichita State snapped up to a four point six to 56. 705 remaining. Lindsay we'll bring it up surveillance process timeline to look half. Thought it was not started by campus in her life threatening phone might have got the job it's not that Saddam the Florida resident grounded picked up his. And it is not cutting out there that's that is reliant does that advance last night's I think it. It's in Florida. What to do. Then turned it over I thought that went off that doctors from here but we don't have very good angle from the from this then look at that in. But good defensive rotation by the shock isn't done. Santa locked in at 639. Place with. Fascinated platform for him right lately effortlessly. Sites around the wealthy are. Now we'll watch it again. There's Boris with three legged snacks flights into an actual turnaround yesterday. Friday. We'll bring it up for anyone free stuff in the the floors not gonna drive and on rules and end of Wasilla talented club. Millicent vital both in their phones. Floors no help each other and it's itself. Match up 611 Willis trying to guard my idol who's 65. And he's catching on the perimeter so hard for a big pick of cover guy that size that quick. When it comes from the perimeter. Actually it was sacked him finally ended up on the floor they're both OK and light it up some perspiration. Or vital. Alliance for a 11 that was the ninth. T now half on which it's not states does not quite a double bonus surveillance. March vital from the line today it's two victory. And for the season now at 1246%. Pursuant and they're gimmicks. Is yet one more. And he could still chaotic history here with shark Kelly back here at fact Boris comes out. Taylor old boss' house. Well hey sure we got careless. And barely got there it. Vital witnesses mostly it's not the the quality platform. And the right. Right back but right now. Yeah definitely. Definitely definitely. Different. A little afflicted. That it's night. Can't penetrate down the line boats stopped left it short but it isn't only about Willis gets it. Visit Pakistan but a lot of ground let's quarter Elliott back ground. And hustle on the offensive towards the end idealist ground. That NASA's got stolen. Let's work gives it to Lindsay Duluth. Florida Wisconsin have enough on hand soccer silverlight four or five and a half minutes ago. Dribble rather right wing movement. Rebels. Of the lord of vital left wing. Not out to penetrate the hobbled through the fifth and sixth defiantly not. Driving our forces have left shortly about what it's not say that not Mike Brown offered him that and it round definitely. Got a lot water's nice baseline jumpers and off the littlest girl. That's not having an open shot in the in the corner they rushed out a record he drove down the baseline when they rotated itself. He just did the Willis and slammed it home. Nice drive it did thank Donna can kind of tricky at least in ground outs off its axis it's pointless you know lawlessness and let them. At funerals. And a great job on offense ports with us. 452 remaining with us once it leaves them the only conference with what then that's. Right more lives. In Kabul right wing. Of the block and it's Clark is back in this marks on them. Only thirty minutes left side of the floor that. Right slightly up on the American Idol can't rightly that it make the group let me step back three. Not shot recent good job defensively it's tough shot over extended our business news and life is at fifteen seconds into the free sample is right side against that's that's definitely you definitely. That's right those athletes. Asked us to block those underneath tallied double team Johnson. That's not good news here feasible though it lost out of the block and we'll just try to get this. It. What are the case but that's not out of their boards are about 357 that you know second half Wichita State law at the possession. Leading Baylor 62. To fifty. That's a reflection of is that mark since like between seventeen of the closeout is on that. I'm fine. 70 yeah the 27 teams are going fast him especially close up pressing and most popular. 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Normally begin late stage a march 2 third and fourth century to Annie continues to ground Alan Alan at spelling conventional giving you. And more room to showcase your products and services to thousands of consumers if your business is landscaping exterior lighting lining streets here are anything outdoor living coming up part of the largest Garden Show native Kansan sponsorship information arteries are your food they called the safe side when he wants one line or outdoor living in landscape should that not. Shocker Schwartz is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center and think porn and overweight Sawyer. Listen for all WS shocker on the. On 103 point seven KE YN which should. We are getting down there near Waco Wichita State 62 Baylor did. Nine that was the last media time out 357. Remaining suckers we'll have the possessions. After Taylor's elevenths. Turnover which Utah State has turned it over twelve times Taylor a 3330 to lead on the boards and they've outscored the shocker but five of the the free throw line making twelve of sixteen. It was Utah State 7 o'clock the doctors have shot 37%. From the field including nine at thirteen for three. And it held Baylor to 39 point 6%. Including five of 73. Pointers and that's. Did the difference the other stats all pretty close they have with the five point lead at the line that factored this outfit Baylor and leading 53 with a report. That's going to be a dog fight for the rest of the way by that philosophy is not his saluted at home. And they don't want to have food to have this 46 game home nonconference winning streak broken. The last fifteen that game we hear these sailor. We're here it is it's kids creative with that they can pull it off. That would be created over here at the tools against Baylor here mirroring them. Foul situation is that Clark hands or though while at school three Baylor what's it does Dave Willis. Zach brown Boris telling all the athletes now. Seventh. With a backlog of 123 zone press. Him. It is not the time line to cross the line is that Austin. Please stand but frankly thought it was enough right now look at I love that sentiment right side acted differently. For instance that since three on our hands and not have a nine issues that have to thank you fly here. Opposite sides of accident that left quarter French camp for slaves. It off the golf side of him without him. You rifled a NASA kind of got a pretty good open look from the left corner in the possession 38 seen you know three kinds of synthetic. Left wing Lindsey follows that Saddam with lord I think the link those globally the basket Carson and that's a big plus if I create an. Hit a lot of shots but that was the kid who. Kind of stability in the history will. And are expected to. Are especially. Guy. Shots all season but he made it tough was there and now he has a chance to tie this thing up. Over history. Yeah we're very few free throw chances 53 free throw attempts to 69 games over his three previous seasons just under 70%. Two of four from the line this season does that type and it is a fan yeah. Yeah. Thankfully the snow started down the baseline packing up and. Three and a quarter. Like fodder for him to miss one from the left corner of the field that's drilled one of them like former. That's its second. You created him if the other if not he's got seventy. My theory that it was a good matchup zone like. Yours yours yeah. We'll be back here would have its first possession feel badly for the doctors today. But not right away from it Lindsay Porter will ultimately long enough nerve to open dialogue about conflict here it's not decided in favor of them subplot here if if if they go well we'll go horses with 2000 that is not that shut down a festive here is legitimacy. And it the F let's it's yet. Frankly maximum sentences aren't high post there's about as Kelly that's not just him that's great right elbow. Oh okay Red Sox kept alive thirds applauded fort valley surrounded Jason stands out of bounds nothing. John Higgins who got pretty emphatic call called it off Taylor. And now they're gonna take a look at another exit the theater real argument Kelly I think like that while the outgoing it was off of Baylor they're gonna double checked at 154. To go in the game. Which is a state not. Re going back if people forget that god is clearly the second at Baylor got up they got a flight suit. And not your friend can't get a victory there to get it back five effective about it. And Canada about a moment ago if god is anybody's faith is it and that was the Big Three by Conor over the right baseline. In the corner in the three from the left corner and looks like it's going to be. Soccer ball like this here. Yeah that we got the ball on the sidelines. At a fresh 35. Stated that before we go to doctors have a very thirty up by 31. Possession game at least you're leading by three cents at the Santa scandalous nightlife in the middle of the floor over to frank can't practice again. Please final merger and alliance gets out of the water sand. And Obama not grief left wing flank yet left baseline calorie foods aren't that Saddam. The Florida south. Not a viable loans and similar at all at school but the that'll be his fourth now and now just don't want that one unfortunately with a bit of 38 to go as it's not a free through the days 1215. This season 80% and a couple of feet three tools. For Ruth. Mistake that would is good enough of the nets' big clutch free throw for a sorry Kelly who has become a heck of a clutch player in his seat and a lot of different ways. Three points for talent it's not deleted full sixty. If duty didn't. It's. Three. It's enough. Good talent and a resident golf he's got four it's not usually by five. 6760. Suit there applied the full force threats before they lose it some time looks like they'll drop back into that zone it. Not way out front of Lindsay left side. Here's it has. Please don't look if that's not Clark right way the lower right water on it. Expenditure rates not that clear over the Lindsay don't think that's real way short left. I'm constantly. There's dissent that now it's not the five point lead at just over to it you know Lindsay had a wide open looks at this badly at the Clinton. Raised a little sluggish and the makeover Reeves just about the right way back with a little over an historic Elliot under a minute there you know it's not fluff. And the middle of the floor. That was left hit the streets of merger comes back right through bilateral aid bounces long rebound in the wallets we'll 47 seconds left office with a five point. Let's not in the senate floor dribbles left steps that drives it down the length pulls up but it's nearly air ball rebounded by badgers players this habit. Not Taylor's gonna have to think about now it. Lindsay credit extensive it sprint camp that covers sandwich that been able to catch anybody that's Alan Greenspan's it's like water Kelly. And I got to go out and finally it was 23 seconds left. That's good guy for the doctors to give south and just make two free throws a moment ago. Not a lot I thought that Taylor had that rebound my foot either go through Kelly looked likely to work toward a world away from. Of them surgery ended up with that there were a couple of shoppers fighting for. Well it's wealth. Goes out of it now now it might have found them. Yes it while it's no doubt. He scored thirteen points in the second half. Point three seconds left. It's an illness still 11 that was the night now. Now. It announced this time apparently never filed bought quickly enough to. Support but ultimately bought for surgery. No alternative and now. Vastly snatches it at least now violence it was thirteen seconds ago elements within the water line on the shot him in let along three inspire them and Austin green who bring down the rebound. The students accountable but it got now. That's about it this doctors in the double bonus and they'll have to act on the line up five point lead with thirteen seconds left. Austin read this that the front end of one line against Notre Dame these. Austin four points and three point basket. At free throws the only one yes it's it's it's. It's. Doctors. My six. To three possession game he makes the second one and forget about this month. Thirteen seconds to go with it's Nazi myself but not a court hands the words right to left over that way a lot of Kelly. Exit out of them in the past that point six seconds remaining attackers are gonna get a pit road here and wait you know it and sailors 46. Game not conference on winning streak on crosscourt pass the polar retrieved out or boundaries. Of what's now again it's over. What's it's not safe. Hey hey. Another sixty sailor 6960. To hear it play you know mistakes and that Johnston feels it's. Welcome to big buck hi I'm ready to get an LG Forte TV delivered me the all right let's get started of course Drew Brees extra. Upon what the TV hooked up that not part of the delivering the fuel surcharge plus off plus innings start than them. What might need my service game. Don't charge any day can. I just got to have heart. Deeply believe you he speaks I'm not for trading and that's why we offer street Lou Reed and only we surface everything we now LT intact and watch happy. 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Through this and Johnson both games show occupied Johnson that played vs. Drive home of the day wherever you maybe. Is rocky like Kansas plant tire and service were great tires and professional auto service are always. A slam duck and before we get into the numbers would do the little bit just. Kind of gently Bob this was a big boy game this was too physical for the future. Experienced teams go and add a hard and and officials let him play a little that it this is a good win for toughness and all the things Gregg Marshall was noise. It's a tough place when I mean I guess it was look at their record to realize they don't lose games down here very often. And you know that everybody thought that its dockers. Would be that Domenici on the board but somebody forgot to tell Baylor Bears that because. They came out not in the shocker around the boards and really had a big lead. On the offensive glass in the sports in general in the first staff that the shocker. Started to exert their will a little bit got to affect even at halftime. And I thought they did pretty good job rebounding most second half self you're writing of the big boy game. Every shot contested. A lot of guys driving that fast it's a lot of blocked shots. His tough stuff plays in that neither team wanted to lose to ranked teams really plant. Mark good example of what we're talking about you look at Darryl Willis design and it's not the numbers for him he had six rebounds but I swear every one of them Wednesday really. Physical rip it down kind of rebound. Yeah I think you know it wasn't like the ball just didn't drop your feet you get to go get it if you'd go get it up above the river right near the rim. That you were gonna get it self. I'd be ready go get it rabbit and then hold onto that they're but he was trying to strip the other guys back when the big plays that game. Was when Baylor and it's. Looked like they probably had the rebound down underneath their own basket. And Kelly or merger took away from them and their soccer and for the basketball. At a lot of guys make contributions Shaq hit some really good moment that side story particularly maybe early in the second half when doctors. I kept staying in Bryant. Let me have it makes big shots at seven this. But not our friends they have. Probably is pretty big shots in this game as he has since he's been with the it was the guy absolutely had no fear of taking your picture up. It. And what I like to see. From Conor with the what we saw today is what the first shot you know he wasn't hesitant at all you look at bird shot putt that shot and did not hesitate. And you like this they believe this the shot from the left corner with about a minute ago. It did they came right back to them got to put the right corner and knocked it down that was the big shots that really kind of we. That. Tree cutter that is our game recap right. Now coming. They entered the at that you'll love. Six or forty yeah. Now. Coming coming off. Oh first. It numbers. But it is advised every one. Today. Five point and a more. And I. Three. And a half percent at eleven. Frontline. Force four point seven. The first time in seven games this year that the doctors have shot under 70%. From the line spot. It's a big ones down the stretch chart delegate both ends of the big 11 arts degrees knock it down a couple like that really helped put it away. For Baylor 37 point 3% but it took 59 and only five of 21 of three and a little bit of an edge at the line they ended up. With the same number of attempts at Wichita State they've made thirteen of seventeen. The shocker eleven of 78 add it up back and forth battle for. Superiority on the boards shocker is finally win that 38. 36. Seeded at twelve turnovers. To Taylor's eleven but. That was brutally hardly a factor turnovers you seem to kind of even out what team would make one of the attitude that kept that they've wanted and neither one. What well. Well sometimes you got knocked down the ball at about you get a turnover but you can if there is little what was the file for some of the turnovers were actually thought fouls were called. In some of which just athletes making plays. But today it's shifting alliance your point about their little plan but how about Landry Kennedy played 36 minutes all but four minutes for the ball game. Eleven points and seven assists one turnover. So are really good with that is the color really good floor game for Landry Kenneth lets you click that could keep him. Here's another stratified insisting on 24 field goals Wichita State had fifteen assists over 60% of their baskets. Came offices. They have only had eight assists on 22 field goals they were pretty much trying to go one on one and drive it. And the shoppers get a good job of probity that zone and running their offense and making passes that let me vascular and somebody on the line I agree and I got Gregory. Totally I think they did a really nice job of mixing it up against the zone there's been a lot of their stats. They were flashing big hit with a high falls into the short order guards were cut through there was good ball movement and player movement. And they and it was evident difficult time. Defending its doctors Internet zone defense in fact I think maybe they're man advantage might have been a more effective. Then there's so it was so. Really good film work offensively for the soccer cricket so much a feeling well. Not a big day for at discounts of ten that's because it was a little bit more of a low tempo game which just states shot a good percentage that scored 69 points today you get 10% off all shocker merchandise. To borrow only at 10 o'clock east or west he'll always be happy to say thank god it. At bats will be back on the Johnston post game show for like they'll follow the big shocker road win 6960. News. 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By the reservists has offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor Baxter and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated company shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford and for me for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in more vain Kirk Farber. Listen zoo or download a podcast of WS soccer basketball on TYN dot com. Com or iTunes or Google clack. It's. There. Wichita State led for 27 minutes of this game eight for Baylor but after all of that Baylor. Rallied to tie it at 62 all in the final four minutes of the game. And that was followed by our put it in the victories play of the game brought do you find that line. Behind us. Three and a quarter. Like fodder for it yeah this was from the left corner of minutes ago but that's these little ones of them like school. Cotter will be our star of the game of the joining us a little bit ID team leading seventeen points today including five of eight. From three at three rebounds and assists a block and no turnovers. It 29 minutes fifteen points three rebounds for Shaquille Boris eleven points apiece for Darryl Willis of Landry Shannon Landry had four rebounds seven assists one turnover. Perilous was six rebounds Rashard Kelly four point seven boards four assists Austin reads five points four rebounds and assists. And no turnovers. Zach brown two points three rebounds played 25 minutes with that brace on his and he certainly made a contribution. We haven't even talked about Robert Rondo four points four rebounds had an assistant. Really did a nice job of health. And that run that zone offense just making good decisions to make in the right place yeah I can maverick cabinet turnover if he had won but he was flashing of the high posted. And did a good job because it's not easy passage from that I closed because there's a lot of defenders. Right around two in athletic and nice job. Covered up some excellent deep some some mistakes on defense like coming over helping from the weak side so good game by Ronald not big stats but I thought he played well. The defensive player of the game is rusty but I got you covered whether you want to control blighted your living room create privacy your bedroom were transformed the look at your kitchen got you covered as the right with the treatment solutions for any occasion. Call 3166127000. Or go to got you covered with a tough dot com got you covered serving. The Wichita area and make a suggestion here because that route actually played well and with the notice particularly that he had that great size he's that. And it normally he would have been the guy guarding McConnell most of the. I'm it and obviously it was a little bit slow today I thought outlandish and getting great job on. Bottom with Condit made it tough for him to show he did in and he is the time to guard because they were arm around multiple screens every time down forty really good. Curled off those strings. Any kind of pushes off a little bit and gets away with that that no. Leverage you have and I thought that a good job within reach game off the bench and and stuff spelled doubling every little bit it was coverage from the consequences well. Great defensive job overall by the shocker is holding Baylor to set 37%. Overall 24%. From three. You know Carlo so Kelly's was born in 1981. The league eight years but shocker to celebrate right now have come to any Carlos and Kelly keep it to full size operates and actually contains though for only nineteen. 81 pretty good deal that would order the case of nova Zach and JR such be happy if it. Can get double that. We'll were waiting for Gregg Marshall for different camps they were gonna go to media interview room first. Really solid wins the doctors today they improved to six and one. On the year. And defeated ranked team on the road that if that happens. Now it's a hard thing to do it dark view of her team anywhere but especially on the road at their place. But how about Gregg Marshall 95 between these big twelve moments in his group which rules that so that's pretty good record. For many years people look it's not come to note the slogan every day's a savings de Forest Park an outlet. Pars carpet out what is really expanded to Florida superstore with us from that this product. When it Hardwoods tile carpet area rugs and if you supply and got the warehouses right here are some very big inventory that's how they can give you those really great prices on. High quality flooring every single day so what you are ready to. Put down a floor whatever kind of Florida maybe. Procedure varsity teams sixteen. North Broadway. What are might be coming up tonight at 7 o'clock Coker revamp the volleyball match which it's not stated misery battling deceived us the sweet sixteen next week factors coming off 30 win over Redford last night. It puts them at 29 at three. On the year hosting for the first time they had the second largest crowd of all the sixteen volleyball sites. Yesterday it last night behind depressed yet well ahead of third place Minnesota. If we can't break that all time record turnout today and which felt state has chartered jet. Just so Mike Kennedy. Back after all that you know I think got to fly in for game day and I know that that is not like the reason. Net and hopefully that'll Lawler you know looks like we're a pretty good pacers get out here what we hope tonight can afford to be active to broadcast that game. It's been a great group. To be here rounded to work with that at seven seniors drove record five years that the rate culmination of their careers in an opportunity. Like this also coming up on Tuesday night. South Dakota State and don't sleep on that team or what has been out. Seven and two. One game you might want to keep an eye on tonight is South Dakota State and Missouri State which is six and two. At the Stanford haven't gotten some flaws we had a game there are few years ago with Memphis early in the season it's cool facility. And that's what exactly the neutral misery stakes himself because it natural have lots of fans habitat for a team that is the Iowa and Mississippi already this year. So that's going to be a very good nonconference games Tuesday that it homered and a week from today the factors are still water when Oklahoma State. He had no rest for the shocker is now you've got Baylor file about stuff for the state news we just mentioned the Iowa and beat Mississippi I think on the role that was a doctor Oxford. In the end it's Oklahoma State in Stillwater always an easy place to win right. And little pay back to their last year after. This year after last year's thumping. And Oklahoma State put on the shocker that interest bank arena and then you follow up that a week later with fellow human interest thing you know from reader itself. So big ball teams all through the first part of December here this is kind. The big day for the American conference just as far as prestige of the shot who's got them a win and want to their war kind of marquee game Cincinnati. Ranked ninth and eleventh in the polls this week lost at number twenty and 21 thing they added that both incidents and added it is on teenagers court. 8976. That's score. And then coming up tonight Arkansas at Houston arkansas' not ranked that they've been getting votes there aren't very good team they have a good team and that fourteenth ranked USC is at SMU tonight so that would be a couple of nice wins for the Americans it. It if they could get those temple had a nice weekend. We've on Thursday against south Carolina's. The league is playing some good opponents. Certainly any of those wins is that the prestige of this really good news conference. Yeah it's. Yeah it's kind of interesting following these new teams now that that this shocker throughout the valley so far it's it's people like that before I watched them play. Last night it was the night before that before they've they've lost it was a very at kind of enough that I thought two before it was handled them down there in Orlando for the big went from Missouri. And it's so interesting to follow temple and in Memphis and in all these teams so. We got coming out with like kind of for a campus on Switzerland slide over. In your mind. I start the game is presented by the Kansas lottery and they encourage you future Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire that KS lottery dot com. But most current jackpot amount like Kansas lottery. And dream bigger. Not a frank can't join does not only to delete the soccer's with seventeen points today it either of these trees it's like some of those occurred and it looked like to. Today Connors much any game played since you've been here. You would look at to see that guys take the big shots it was open of course there yet was. I've been aggressive updated via feel like last personally fared this season so it's hopeful about him everything we're Phnom. We're not much not today. Is that it is that maybe the biggest things is confident study that hesitating to take killed I think it is yeah an optional. Millions of stuff about life and I think that if on this one if she's the national conference that was going. A couple of times you can lawful screens one on that in one time on this then. We're at their BA didn't show real hard and you read it perfectly and made him pay for not an optional. Yeah they're kind of stuff challenging if its because of that team and there's definitely don't have enough sense and think about exactly yeah if you if you think. The same way. Certainly you guys had some trouble with Notre Dame Soledad and you work done on the laden. How would you rate yourself on and I detectives. I would do a lot better today got to walk to the high post which reformists where that's gonna Wear themselves and some but it worked on all week accurate to execute the game plan for the F. You know Connor I agree with you there I was talking about the whole brought kids how I thought. Good job of moving players and moving the ball as this thing time and have drive matchup zone for. Exactly happens to slot him in motion people flash for the typos and keep this short corner and applicants I think he would be good. Absolutely yeah. If you. Were you surprised at all not that she's having trouble handling it but they've they've really switch morphed from zone to man and back and forth that first have to check. We kind of talked about it a little bit and have a feeling that might do that sound. I think when me and it's worth it went to zone of an excellent command so I have a great job to get organized approved the great movement that's what's different things. It was definitely a men's game is very physical game in the desert if you guys held their own. Exactly we talk about that all week I was going to be the game very physical and I thought our guys came out and played well. Tough tough that's a pretty tough they are thirteen record for this mark my little office in the big powerful guy. You etiquette she needs it gets down the cardinals get that in Philly out of guys are filled they're very thoughtful players and they sure what to think that fuels such as number that definitely. If shall keep him off the glass. But it didn't an excellent. Well congratulations this is first of Betty difficult games on the schedule this year actively yeah thank you present. How different campus are the papers and by the Kansas lottery Gregg Marshall that I. Stepped in to join us coach Marshall presented by express employment professionals on a mission. Give that a billion to work in the final score today 6962. Which states doctors not shooting Baylor. 45 to 37%. Ten of sixteen trays. And letting spirited battle on the boards by two it moving it's exit one on the year coach Marshall joint decision. Coach first of all I'm thinking ethnic pretty proud just of the way your guys it's not a very physical game kind of tough he would certainly expect. Without a doubt that's a very physical and athletic and long team we knew that you can have to compete for forty minutes I loved the defensive rebound down the stretch. I hated the defense and rebounding the first four minutes. But you know they're gonna guess their shares used every once all that's going to be a breakdown. We won the glass by two we had a positive assist to turnover they did not and we end up shooting 45%. And holding that basketball team with them he said. And we talked a lot about this everybody was talking about this them before the game they actually do little more switching firms on demand back early that how would you rate the way it taxes. Well it we shot 45% 63 for three we've got to the foul line the same amount of times. We made two more baskets. That's that's the key made more threes we made more baskets overall it. Other than a few turnovers. But we're trying to do too much. You know we can't. Give them the ball and it a couple of times we just capable other than that I really thought we were patient. It was not 132. Shot clock violation. There was not 132. Violation that was not 15 seconds holding the ball just have to be patient improve it moot. And eventually get his own just to contract or breakdown. Coach Landers Kim give you 36 minutes. Eleven point seven assists one turnover and athletic and good job of defense did a great job on McConnell. This. I tried to figure out of the stock a spot kick to give give them a break in the second half we had so many stoppages of play that was stoppage for the review that's a stoppage all the media timeouts. They called a couple of times now. I kept asking you need to blow because he's good at not only shooting your honor him. But he proves that with the dry heat passes in fines and the right guys usually fumble Polly pockets it's on the money on on target on time. You know one of the things that you stressed both before and after the Notre Dame game you're going to be a lot of teams that. This year beating UT did four it's going to be possession by possession and you've really got to have that concentration every position you feel like you've made it it's definitely action. Well hopes that we beat a very good basketball team on the road. Tough environment and it was a very physical affair we're gonna have another one on Saturday and then before that we've got a very good South Dakota State he committed here on Tuesday it is yeah. And so. We have two days prepare for them but they beat Ole miss on the road and they've beaten Iowa and know that what was done neither one of those games where itself to settle. And they've been either neutral or on the road and those are big time wins that program is doing very good things we'll have to be ready Tuesday night. Coach thank you congratulations that would today. Checkered coach Gregg Marshall again in the final 6962. Wichita State and it just to reiterate. Coming up tonight at 7 o'clock echo arena Wichita State volleyball against Missouri. You know the battle to see who will go to the sweet sixteen shots is looking to do so for just the second time. It history. And getting to do it on their home court hopefully before a packed house 7200. Plus last night of love to see that memory that hired tonight. And I have every intention of being bears we hooked it right in this anything unforeseen. And then Tuesday night's South Dakota State in the house then that's very good game they'll give tickets away for network that's going to be one you'll enjoy it like to. Yes going to be a tough ball game good luck to that she's a volleyball skills tonight I hope they can. Beat Missouri fellows like the Missouri right you don't have been what has been what authority is. And then yeah I get ready for teams that it's not gonna say it's no joke you beat Iowa and Iowa that's that's a heck of a win. Date all of July and if that would Bob will be back with me next Saturday at still water sectors of the cowboys won last year in oh boy you think they're gonna they're definitely that's definitely an. If only get fixed all of you who joined is our producers that Sandra Hamlin unless there's a great job back to the studio and it's a certainly the start of the potentially great day attacker athletics one down one to go as the soccer basketball team defeat Baylor 6962. Andy Taylor's 46. Game. Not conference home winning streak then the seventh doctor volleyball balcony Doubleday for shocker victories thanks for joining us for Bob. Plus an afternoon from Waco Texas. You've been listening to shocker basketball on one of three point seven KEY crunchy bite these fine sponsors United Healthcare business attire. I was at Kelly's Freddy you. Executive airship seltzer insurance the Carnahan groups like start fresh every not to. She knows guerrilla war. Living is a blank is an equity bank your hometown Chevy dealers comforts us tips via Christi but Kansas lottery. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas just fits your car is covered. The Kansas Department of Transportation. Task locker room capitol federal. The American family insurance no. Coming in Cummings mom about this house foundation stick. Express employment and a TV sports grill.