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Friday, December 1st

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This is the men's room. Listening to. Is thrilled. Thank you Gonzales edit my profile this is coming up color 9844999. A little play profile that's coming up it is. It's your headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check in my car for some of the stories and headlines he has not working out all right some areas across the northeast LT four point one magnitude earthquake the other day that's a big deal it was centered in Delaware near the New Jersey board of get a fellow at the New York go down to the Baltimore DC area. I heard it was like a five fled the original was or what if I play one want arrears on the way it says that either way that's I don't know little lot of fracking goes on that area and no doesn't Pennsylvania Pennsylvania sure we're not that far you know I'm I'm not sure. What that was all about. They get earthquakes out for yourself in the moral man gets crazy is we're coming. I'll see American Airlines announced this week that they accidentally let their pilots take vacation let all the pilots take vacation in December. And 151000. Holiday flights were in question a lot of wood left without either pilot a co pilots or bowl. Good news though they said they voted on pilots for almost all himself so. Should begun yet well keep in my part of the reason may have found pilots for those places after they gave all these guys the vacation. They're like we made a mistake we know we get to the vacation if you work on this day or during the break remember that in my time and a half. It's why I'm going back half on their holiday today. Right so they're coming back right so go like how bad I'll make a windfall of cash and they're not doing it on the kindness of hearts they're doing it to. For that warm warm Fuzzy wallet feeling yet. Which I think it's hilarious it if it yeah Baghdad have been committed we don't have time to someone of our busy flags during the month off. I only fair that you vacation too far did they go home see the family right. And that was one thing that I actually thought is that that's that's another professional we don't think about how many people are flying out on Christmas Eve twelve. This guy's still working and they don't have a day off and get I've read pilots who I did and other Seattle Redwood Trust me mad about it makes it doesn't suck and you get like to a merry and I don't know in the game. Well Nebraska near alone with. Only Christmas and you know I mean there's no place to eat marina and back to leave them more Merle let's you know they're on battle cry in your tears and ironically home alone is playing on TV wasn't wearing granola. And paths and options on the radio Ali home for Christian faith has always had my hard 7-Eleven the only place you can eat. It was imprisoned then to keep its hands and not just. And a big fight fellow pilots up there thank you guys Jeff. Applebee's has dollar margaritas back in October now for the entire month of December they're doing one doppler Lana when I see what do you mind will last the entire month ahead I'm saying a hundred days it. What could possibly go wrong that's. I I'm going to bring it out about my low level long known as the united hole rather well I just looks so you can of those things did you you swear off for a reason and I'm sure the night that that happened whatever reason with a real good look for me to swear off any type of alcohol and I don't. I don't know what happened William Blake you freak out every time I gravel now we go to Vegas for the first time first night sit donned a little circle bar and I still have a Long Island and miles just. Mos Def. I did lose what is wrong we're zero and if it's too long and you start Allah that. And Dyer did not hold a bloody champ pretty sure you did Arianna Jerome Tillman remember I don't know if there's yeah I then maybe then brought in size replica plane I don't arrest us all you're dead you're talking to a hooker. You don't talk about half the field. Well I know is you want to with a guy who had no idea that there was this due group like you saw what exactly where I Tallahassee black whose duties Udall white. And it's easy to bring hop black kids won't do what you can instantly Ted's life. Or hookers and we know because I've got hurt and no way of there's no way this guy pull this off arm is OK and he was really nice but they sit down on the table Elizabeth a decent conversation but he was at that point his night where once you sit down now full draw upon. Yeah basically he was on the way to get waved and Alamo started paying interviewed then what but clearly this is what was gonna happen he decides to talk to me instead. He gets stronger basically discount passes out into the tunnel yet Peter that was. So then they start talking miles a little bit and literally came out of a friendly conversation but they recognize that we were my interest in paying for those services. Yeah a big elephant it's a conversation they are doing it is very mortal CNN and others this is slumped over. AC Doucet and I don't know I. Well I just saw the one girl I like her hair. I have to prepare for the Illinois where natural bow. But we were there any and I had no idea we walk around those casinos ago would have like ten there's a lot of good looking women runners is yet there's a reason for them yet but I believe clue at a bar had a high percent and are all directed to you right now could threaten. Imagine in the middle of the day since then harvest the electoral losses era I like cocktail dresses like you're not hiding this very well I don't normally she needed a tiny car. I'm really she walked this kind of specific time like adjusted herself in the started circling around the moon. Nintendo all that far I don't think it's a good bargain. And Danone Kellogg's have teamed up for new Super Mario serial. Looks got a similar lucky charms is there might well have no idea Ted and organize it is made on a real Italian food. Food food they should have mushrooms daughter's latest needs. The good guys. Amanda Michigan just filed a lawsuit after he tried to pay a ten dollar part continue with many it's got chills down my security garden soil to obstacles aren't. Although like all paying pennies today though they get rid of that it is not money get rid of the bracket calls more our deuce and the word sorry and that you won't even take it for today with why do we privately. Then we showed some heat of the apple and he caught a charge. We'll start to sue well he's suing them are awesome IP got you got anything suit they have built. He's suing them because the money go a little overboard. Getting the frustrated the guy brought in almost any neighborhood. Jokes did you doubt well I'm the one that there was a little bit more between here's pennies and choked out but in the end. The press that I knew definitely yes how many tasks and basically he's so beat because he's a guide there remotely because after that have been. You can think of the new game devoid Doug Doug is saying well we're terribly tat tat or. Our man at Scotland recently found forty dollars and an ATM and turned it again. Then places two dollar bet on horse race thirty minutes later and once 68000 dollars and all right how's that good karma that I am. Where is yes it's got one. Shocked top objective enough Hornish beautiful country perfect cup returns to Dallas. So they returned forty dollars or 4220 ish. And twentieth 21 dollar bill Schneider once want to rush you tell she relished. But it was fortunate. I wanted to shoot here puff oh she it was fine just fine I think. An army deployed in Michigan chased down a robber in her car than held him at gun point until police got there there until she proved herself. Should there. It Arby's and armies are so everything and Arby's. You got to be alert to your favorite places just. Converged into one big company. Far enough in buffalo wild with Arby's and the Arby's bought buffalo wild woods I am down all right they got momentum now or sees us winning this thing I'd crawl strands guys cross screen and getting their arm and a Tennessee since his mom a picture of his girlfriend and didn't realize that there bonded drove for hanging above your bed in the background. Cool guys seen the photo no all right. So it's very easily you don't even notice a different strengths and it's like a homemade bondage then I secretly. Think the more you look at that oh yes he's like put a clip of himself and then there's too late I guess little noose is on each side for her wrist that are world. I'm hey look I just another good friend like to be delivered in a lot of you know. Do another one out of there I know I did an animal person now struck you have to share a laugh beat the living hell out of each other have a good day business. Am home and again they haven't seen that at one point at a mom I drive the come here maybe about a father stickler wouldn't take definitive word for much of other and simpler to understand okay let really mean political. Ally now. I say we used to the PE six to his mom looks like I don't blame nobody noticed it the first theater like guys do be the end need. Bondage night and had a lot there's a new list out for the best companies to work for in America okay. What are left. Google's number one parents software developer hub spot is number two. And FaceBook as an effort. Google bought my house and have barbecues. So I'm drab play volleyball. You're the man they got to the they don't work out facility beautiful cafeteria. They've got a copy fan I mean you walk by the new guys these guys are livid and there's no price is on the food. Right no it's weird to thank you look into the restaurant. They have a big board up there and nothing cost anything. There's no prices besides it's it's it's my ball and take away any argued it. I finally you'll never believe an event. Is there any in the windows you've endured creepy dude employees could easily do you believe there is going to be honest clothes while I was pictured you know like what additional produce heroes we do it do. And finally a never getting an amended to shorten his commute but that's a tale about a when are now save my cock we'd better headline. Given a one hour from now the birds the blues club. Newsroom three cents. See you throw inevitably start norm how profile this is playing a short ten miles that's a simple game where we share with few real life news story something that happened right here. I'm planet earth or. Or are and they do listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. We'll ask you what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Shawn welcome to the men's room. All off on our cars are now one real quick question why is that dollar Long Island was not a death apple leads. All man. I'm in trouble Hogan's if you are on the line yeah man drugs I think Applebee's will regret instances messes me. I'd Tonya understandably your game's place. Are you I don't get up play confident that's a good can be cocky about it but here is your storm. Eight contract did Amazon drives. And a marquis you all mammals caught on camera making what they're calling and I'm one a deliberate specifically. Human waste. So the boom happened on the suburban Sacramento street and a quiet cul-de-sac homeowner who do not wanna be interviewed on camera but this year the home surveillance video captured this week. So the delivery driver making the human deposit as they called on the curb right next to his driveway. Then the female driver ran back into the man before eventually taking off now the driver was making the delivery for Amazon the work independently. Nevertheless and bombs taking responsibility for what happened in a statement that they provide the company says quote. This is not reflect our money and read and am not we know we know you think your company policy is not to defecation and people's gotten in front lawns it's on to suggest. Anyway I Amazon also says the customer discard the victim wouldn't say how much it was more about you believe that this woman who. Who breaks down the sidewalk Indians it was driveway is black white Maxi or Asian. Oh man that's hard sometimes you gotta go. Yeah Walsh jobless and that's all right this tunnel she opened the passenger side door basically climbed into the presence I'd man's Hummer pass out. Down the sidewalk and then ran around the front Luka Oregon and Ellis Island and this was diseases and standstill. I was soon to go bad you did have to go and there's a lot to get really has no doubt about that. I wish I was more detail like ditching why oh why not that I saw my home now. It's homework and the way they choose contractors contractors a contractor OK so we know got a job lots of good. Mix. Along. We're wasn't what an idiot thanks Reynolds slated Lederman national thin and on the elsewhere are no man through stories from the Amazon won't you sit ups but it's in Sacramento California rental finally in final answer we go again. I could come and go and this is a telephones. You know let's just go white. And guide we're gonna find out if she was black white meg C or Asia next fat was fatigued you're listening to the men's or radio network. True yeah. Hottest day since July California and a delivery driver who really had to go pull in locals like there in the old drunken madman just couldn't hold and so. Q did open the passenger side door kind of squeezed her way in there and then just let it rip all went the other way all over the Collison still was there was a mass is an attempt to stay she had to go when my most people have to use the bathroom of those situations like look at this hour I was dead you just you have to go as did such a teeny tiny frame. I'm in big groups obvious number yes you. Did you believe that that doesn't he was black white makes your agent. And you know I don't know I lost you went way he had and I don't know if you lose flat out. He was black over in the door is just unload gotta go you gotta go. Now the dues on time and just average Evey time a team. I didn't countless hours in front of the talking. Again the men's room presents. So there's a lot of polarizing characters especially in sports and so what are your thoughts on thrill. Well I'll eat is what's. Second on the all time list as far as receiving yards is he. Oblivious you Zach Goode now he would like his numbers are that's that's what's crazy about his numbers are unbelievable Brett easier today he's silly you know Amanda even knowing for sure but now that he's not in football. But my memory of him makes me smile and the one thing about TO was even though he talked a lot of game we said there's no matter where he went no matter what he did he contributed to the team. On the field. Now what he did off the field with a team that's probably individual to each circumstance but what would he would out there. He played in knowing he did well. That was always my issue with them I just thought for whatever reason he seemed to be a problem in the locker gap and get on the field and really you couldn't really deny it with a guy can do playing football. But you could say hey look there's a question about whether it's worth. Yes exactly and then there's a lot of guys. I mean there's a lot of people sports like that. There's guys there's our little else right now I mean you see you don't tell us as a great town July I'm humor in your locker room but you know. So tee so that's probably sports on obamacare is reluctant to normalize fully counted. Fully fully talented I don't get along well people but I wanna be on the team but apparently did sport but I hate people. Swimming right in tennis yet maybe golf golf there's a lot of individuals tortured under the opponents are grown so I think TO and I also remove related. And Swindon. It's ought to do it all four laps strengthen. Its its a relay he out drove us off at its attitude brought renewed Russell world. All we never tagged and you never know want to protect. Play catch myself just thrown up in the air Tug got some good. So and everything about TO I think they'll lose physically. Right. That is the largely DR Bob a question I shred it may have been still instill both of those he cannot he isn't lucky he is not it. He truly believes in his mind that he hasn't lost a step physically to play the game he's probably right based on how he's built. He's probably not that far off from where he wants. Now did you also know that he had he blew most of the money he made it blew like a hundred million dollar fifty million dollar it was 77 on what that he just blew it bad business decisions investments he. Had a bunch of kids with a bunch of different girlfriends had to pay child shall belts. Yeah that you can actually go about whatever it up to speed it's not a slip. Right. Somebody's gonna famously TO has blown all the money he made playing football. Okay so. Is this a make cents on on MTV for years say have had the real world and then broke rules right. And and they had these shows we had these challenges. We're like the all star scoped gets other people aren't most famously lake right now probably to me is to keep his original one of these people and then. He was just think I make shows that we get drunk talk while wrestling and he wanted to beat admits now he is in this sometimes people are made good careers out of it but it's one guy CT. He's won like three of these challenges and he just kind of very good but that's how we think that's right the guy goes only shows it starts that's of people and gets into it tell his deal is a started the the crap out. Correct that and he is a pain in the ass to most people. But I respect the fact he went down the path for TO that nobody else would. TO was mocking CT it's just I don't think he has any idea who he's. Riley off right. You want to get home boy we went up like summing it. Bob and I think boy am when he talked a lot not all Lloyd I'm not a dog you just go whatever he wanted to Mickey I. Luggage won't believe the DOT dot com. Not only did she talk to all of you once you would have thought it is wrong that I get and why nobody is so broad and serious. I don't know are you serious. Anyone that knows Steve he knows that he is not one that ever back down from a verbal or physical confrontation. Okay you're on your part I'm not leave few. This is an end nicely and honest. Wanna be here okay only here because. I'm very impressed. If you weren and 81 years I hope we'll follow. No I'm. Well why didn't present seventy million dollars. It's prime I just like I can't get over that. Obviously TO so apparently the back stories that would TO got there as they brought in celebrities he should do the challenge with them aren't TO I guess was like you know Don TO. I don't need to be here you know you be talking to me Bobble I street area was a bad break so that's. That's the Genesis of this argument but again I think the CT guy agencies to get under people's skin and I still I don't know all the mound not learning to be there and wanted to talk to anybody any said like look you need the money and that's why you're here on a new idea and it's total mind you the money and miles your right. And maybe you're that guy never pulled you know I get punched in the face yelling out exactly 30 it is standing over him and he's like oh well you blues seven email like. You know I mean it's like when you talk to your friend it's going through had a tough time of the girls whatever. I know that he's the problem that you just got to listen you'll necessarily valuable member when you do an old rock and several needed epidemic. On his own good times when we all knew what he was hinting half price of diseases which it TO. You blew seventy mil which is a lot has a lot of money lot of wins child support another perfect. Yeah but I think teams are the only way I dike. Sometimes I think college kids you have to have ever seventy million dollars would occur even chat support late what's who was the guy quarterback play for the jags for years for now. Bernard Margaret Muniz was bad business investments yeah because it was like I said my kids to private school this and that. But it just they like it is happening at duke all shapes and that's athletes shore. And then you have a situation where like somebody like fifty cent puts in a few million on. What I was that the zero vitamin water vitamin water and walks out with millions and there's some really youth who you know invest in some crappy company in new you know. Does they they gamble lose. Rich Rosen something entirely different Brett. Yeah exactly where independence that a stretch of who has seen the video of CT Kona TO by the way that'll be up there on the mention FaceBook page a short. Teacher that I could see I mean it it's just unbelievable in and miles you're absolutely right to Rel Owens is still that big in massive and cut up the ideas without a I don't know anybody messed up. To suppose they put out some a list of basically how shows her doing but they are they trending up they trending down was turning a word for Twitter. Yeah right was it just wasn't it was more for nearly four for holes like as far as election results and ensure that. Yes or like she's Trenton up and down that pole then it's. Yeah if they got to take it mr. I don't think you did though yeah that's the way you do serve as our players about the group. The group about a con. Man account. I still like your results they see Sharon. I cancels idea nobody wounded children drives me children's. He's till it's it's. Honor. I was goatee thing and then with the Strickland yeah. The thief. Anyhow so the reason I bring this up there's four shows that are up really big one and it Chicago PD. I'm nearly watch I want but this when I was excited about Bob's burgers a Coca. You know it's a great show yeah it's a 7% blushing classics this is still a fairly humorous to. Lot of things you can relate to them just being in relationships with the sister brother dad and mother aspect of life. Yeah there's a lot of more real like the Simpsons and Bob's murder I think there's a good job Libyan and a family show would still be really fun yeah. I was just watching tonight do you see somebody try to make some recipes and weren't bad. Oh get the they did for a week or two at a double hamburger places where they would bring in their specials of the day and I think Eugene airman actually showed up the place. The peace. But there's also the shows that are losing. Fans aren't lethal weapon I don't know that many people watching the most but they're down cent or 37%. Pain and then. The other one a kind of blew me away was black ash they've lost 26% of their audience this year than they change anything Regan Selig wanted to note happened. Isn't my diet I honestly I don't remember what I might not remember seeing a commercial world the whole thing was I don't move to a new night in my head in my attic ownership yep new night new time. You'll know where to find it. And you won't look good off. If yet but I mean I still think it's a good shelling out on the throughout this is the new nightly nothing about the show releasing so much different I think that's one of those shows no matter what it will be around some of regular. Oh yeah it's good enough where the does matter they don't want. It that's one good thing about now amenity if the evidence shows got a buzzes. Now a thousand different options have a chance to keep that our didn't think he'd go. Yeah I still think Family Guy was on the first shows are very Internet saint. Arrested Development that was another one and a weird but there are few yeah there have been in general I watched. My Family Guy came back and people want to meego are Arrested Development went to people don't like it continued to like it but they were still be only people wonder impediment won't intranet. I thought the most critically acclaimed show that no one watched. Your little life and times of Tim. Bree yes I was some Olympic I don't humiliated and D'Angelo before that it was doctor Katz. Yet to Arizona companies of those of those a bunch good shows out there that I can which would have that in a resurgence to be back. Yeah usually revolution and well that's that's nice about her became back and I'm talking about the cartoon for weeks. Yeah they are apparently a watch a lot of cartoons. Back after tell everybody cartoons sports of PBS they show us tonight Hamels goes to limit government and how could you were like you watch this on PBS like that script it yet now now McGrath do I watch any drama no I try to avoid it. All content as well. You know like drop hopefully you'll like this what have you heard about I had seen here about this from Jimmy Kimmel had to guide and Alabama to get its footwear fight oh Roy Moore. Okay Roy Moore is obvious is that guy running percent right senate seat that I believe Jeff Sessions right had to give up. So Roy Moore obviously if you. Pay attention to anything you Curtis named. He's been brought up on abuse charges two teenage girls I can't say this enough. In his thirties he got banned from a mall in high school. From going to the games because he was cruising high school basketball football games so Jimmy Kimmel a 32 year old boy your. So Jimmy Kimmel had sent to Canadian a Canadian. A comedian. Let down when his events the parents say a black person. To Europe if you needed this help him. Market Canadian it. I have been low key races all paid an eight and I did not need to move key races and limit if if if he's not Kindle liberals fear. And now he's the comedian down their kinda. Massive Roy Mori's. You bet that was happening in Alabama rather than they got into a totally did you like the interview stuff that he does is that the idea Horry to talk to people and ask a dumb questions yeah I mean we just got interrupted and then Roy hop on Twitter and got back to Jimmy Kimmel singers Kimmel talking about it. Today Roy Moore lashing out at me. He wrote Jimmy Kimmel if you want a mock our Christian values come down here to Alabama and do it man to man. It and he responded back and I responded again it's all a Twitter but the bottom line is this. I accept the invitation I will come down there we're gonna do it. You're actually go like this Roy and they're come down to gas and Alabama with a team of high school cheerleaders okay. We'll meet you at the mall Doria I think. And if when the girls and guys show up if you can control yourself and behave if he did somehow managed. To keep belittle Roy in your little cowboy yeah. Well young cheerleaders come bounding in you and I will sit down at the food court. We'll talk about Christian values because I don't know since it did it doesn't fit the stereotype but I happen to be a Christian too I made my first holy communion I was confirmed I pray I support great church one of my closest friends is a priest a I baptized my children Christian is actually my middle name I know that's shocking but it true. Open to that what we should down I will share with you what I learned at my church and my church. Forcing yourself on underage girls isn't no no it's something. Considered to be. My dryer turnout this her her flight. Jimmy Kimmel is he's a late night talk show host simulate the four were more like it's. You're picking a battle you can't win no but that's the number one doesn't it. Yeah if your politician on the federal level I'm seeing lately state and local for the most part they still trying to accomplish do appreciate the fact I notice an okay. Why wouldn't you rightly did a couple of loose talk to me you're down it's like come on brotherhood it ends poorly for you wonder and outsmarted a broad Saddam if anyone. Good to not a supporter then you need an outlet mall hook right. I was I was just down in that area of the country and there and the weird thing is about Roy and there's so many countless I don't know if you ever read the books the cowboys and Alabama. Now I have never known another bit there's there's no planes are there is no. Horses or anything like that but it he's easy cowboy in Alabama which is equivalent of being cowboy in Hawaii. I'm not exactly sure how that works is just like the image of I was there. There's our image is just not cowboy now if you go to Texas if you go to Wyoming if you go to Nevada City in any of these places and actually have horses and cowboys Oklahoma that yes there's a cowboy to California I can get in but Alabama is not. He there's no reason to Wear cowboy boots there's no horses. Thousands of fashion today exactly the step man I don't know. Under the agreement frivolous in Hawaiian shirts not why I am right rented an emotional gambles glossy where data is not gators I can. The most Gant does seem wanna polish your team and holds a look terrible. This writer whom. I'm steel holes are wrapped. You know it's beat the cowboys and stuff I'm not the biggest country music fan okay. Tied and any positive whose chase race guy is but he's pretty famous disarmament and so you deal in China executive. I'm just that's what Arizona's chase drags on oh good. So he's I do like this guy that just because of which are about to hear he gets sponsored by ejecting both. And I guess he's have a lot of fun on state each so they kind that they had to sit down with mr. race here talk to about what to do with their product. I served or Jack Crowe everybody else is from the state. An hour for Jack fire and and they're like you know we we love you supported Jack Daniels and we can tell us real genuine you actually very good the closest. This is not pour on tire models on. On stage anymore solo Jack Daniels did have to ask writer editor and though when Jack Daniels. 32000. Just by that also Tony people shots a fireball basically you do just don't staged sport out why I said I go to your front row wanna hear Gary love which I don't don't remember him. I passed out shots once and then had a meeting and the usage you pass up shots today I was also there do not ever do that too bad he didn't. That's an OK my bad news is that a giant bottle it yes that makes it worse to. He's fair man yeah. If you don't tell us there's no reason why we would know that we have since learned that yeah that is very heavily frowned upon but we've never done with malicious intent you like. Have party and then at four holes things are. And animals want to talk to round following Monday he did you poor everybody shots and delays in order yeah man I'm gonna rain and then you realize like. All what I would I can't do that. My bad understands you understand who's the most intelligent man all this conversation went with the same exact theory that the proves why it should be done why it's true. It's DMX. So when you were smoking weed the DMX that what was his law. Oh well you know who's a friend right but he was like right he. Might he was so they don't want him out but if you think. I can't I can't passes do you put a positive moments and what he does with a presumptive. It's I like I think that now they're just had to like get it from his body on Iraq's most locate the exact because he would not pass the joint as they run can't you can't torture. But I got to handle bad momma didn't want the boy you're not allowed as other army body well that's not a big deal basically he was going to Colombia and he knew DMX who come into their they're building really live yet. Did you sort of assumption excellent agencies like he sees them out there he's like. I gotta go ask them but I gotta go CBT Rex and he's like he's exactly what you think he has. I cannot imagine the start right Barbara can't beat the he wanted to book if you can you can you can you can Rudolph the red note renewed the usual. If they what do we usually get your your headlines going up enough minutes but my god you are listening to the men's or radio network. Please tell you Swiss miles. I'll see what's happening in the real. I don't know New York man attending America's oldest ward accidentally burns half of the towns down moment. New romance copying new lines on the road to make it easier for him to get around. Forget Iowa where hunting dogs you tunnel at twelve gauge in the back they worker returned in a serial killer won't get more money oral black. And Amanda stay in the hospitals do not resuscitate catch who has just gave dad just after headlines. It's time native. It's its peers might call. I had a I'm sorry I managed shadows fired from a job and is facing a hefty fine after he attempted to shorten his commute. Due to heavy traffic on his way to word command went out into the intersection that he has to go through would a bucket of paint and began to Alter the lions on the streets usually dead yet to pay indifference different arrows. Basically putting it was six feet wanted to make a left turn OK but he could not. Because the road and did not have a turn like OK so he kind of took the middle of the intersection and made it a left turn lane. Which technically makes more sense like logically by the heavily illegal logically he makes sense in any liquid airline I know I do is the slide. I heard similar to those aggrieved loved. He was just right. But he was from the yeah he's not like you leader I don't know man he was just trying to get to work either possess some of the straight lane was always active card with a limit turns left has a lot of space I thought ten times and make my commute smoother. But I'd like you said it's illegal not a lot of dead. It's actually at the exemption and the daisy didn't try to hide it and all knew traffic was going on around him as he was up they're paying this is some middle of the night. I noticed through the mill is day yeah traffic is going by like he stopped everything toned it out of them great feeling you know I don't know miles he didn't even call it out and walked out there Bob Combs he can't find goes chart that's. Called. Being frustrated I'm not even trying to hide this the stone and I know there's Little League after average at this yet with all that is. Starting. Around the world in an effort to symbolically freed himself from the history of art. Or are seen himself we've massive marble block armed with nothing but a chisel and hammer and attended to free himself from his restraints. Unfortunately after nineteen days of trying he could not move enough for the marble the planned solved and had to forfeit his own challenge. Advance. Its analysts to be this really how we're thinking you know when it's his legacy. Yeah from now values the is sealed that's why I know him now. But then you're gonna forget about about a mile miles it's okay when he dies. That's why he'll be you know and and I don't quite understand that he wants to free himself from the history of art like he doesn't wanna make. Your typical art is that what he's saying because people been doing that for centuries. He had told us and we don't like what he was doing by breaking out was arts which is in fact crap and he couldn't even get that done no need to do his own heart guaranteeing his hardscrabble I. I eighteen days now granted this was a nice big slab of marble. What nineteen days he couldn't get his chain out. But I did my penis and and pain in the end and slather on the wall that doesn't make it art. I disagree. Trust me I don't like Friday I a lot of balls and the beauty is in the eyes of the B hold in my heart I meant for the eyes maybe a nice Sunday afternoon paychecks. Slump. If trade gap the paintbrush. Okay sorry before you do it out of Florida chili chili dog Barney showed up Mario had a parties are miles actually gonna pay to chili dog with his penis didn't. Elvis went to high. Think some you know can you don't think. For the full featured great Odyssey miles with a beer in hand count revenues crush them. Now I have got a bucket of paint him as different and as they're walking along a drag on wall first. Most pain is a one night. It and get everything because it's just one of its own plane he's got bad knees he doesn't doesn't show anymore than I guess that a flat line. Mom would be go down really low floor land existence platforms that if Africa after I talk talk talk talk Oklahoma looks Steve this short yeah. This. There. Yeah I started to get cold outside agency as the strokes and he does have seemed longer to get taller. For awhile back a manager of the McDonald's provided police with a key piece of evidence to catch a serial killer on the run. It was a paper bag containing these semiautomatic weapon that was used in recent murder which have had the evidence needed to find and arrest the man. But because the manager did not call the tip line to submit her evidence crime stoppers is not giving her a red cent. Okay more than remembered us from there and I am you might have a serial killer on your hands you might be able to ensure it did turn the men immediately. Do yourself a favor don't do that. They might have the opportunity to kill another person or two in the twelve hours it takes you to realize. The right place in right mechanism to turn them met him right so make sure you have your paperwork in order when you're gonna turn in a criminal. Because if we don't look correctly the American honor when they're not gonna pay you this sounds like medical insurance is now fortunately. She was there a guy. And if there. As she still may be efforts will leathery it more fun of by several organizations law enforcement agencies private citizens in exchange for tips leading to the rest insurgent he's the lead these. Are no lights on the two love it editor's note so we don't get dad figure out. As a very mine and that's why I iron hybrid version of a seat except for your guess is good as mine the random question question profile this innocent lives. All true we we all know about blueprints. But we shall return. So until then please do what you do best and poorly to say it's a.