12-01-17 Seg 2 Men's Room Didn't Mean It

Friday, December 1st

Mens Room Question: I know it was bad, but I swear _____ was an accident.​


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This is done men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. All of Carlos there's an ID 47 K easy be pure rock in Anchorage good morning everybody also our friends and a Boston paid of the show right now WA AF Boston's rock station. Handout to buy Ewing New Orleans on 95 point salmon. Have big chill for a bad jokes on the way. Ted vs the FCC and our men's room like question today I know is bad but I swear to god blank was an accident 844999. Hole. You know I'm just looking at the comments on monument and and if so what are they about well one of our lives and ocean instead emotion and relax and myself but we are met more electricians coming into the drooping yeah. And things about but electricians think that the first data because when the plumbers have first crack at and no pun intended and in. But I think that may differ on the economy like electricians that come in late very evident in the former do you think former might have thought it was my first dibs. Go first did what he might have to move on to the other room electricians following a flight Amylin Brohm bombs plays I don't know I don't OK I don't know that delicate moment I am so we don't know if you're mercies of all the time ranked yeah I don't. I don't know why I'm just coming up this theory idyllic electricians little horror flick the fancy with fancy guy now curled. Thanks again like the plumber he could move a lot of toilets he doesn't do attrition definitely attrition are great about that religion should doesn't care nannies and I'll nutritional group editorial that the drywall guy has a decent chance he starter for the long shore but sure yeah drywall guy might be in every for the toilets running. He still might be first via I would really drywall guy he's not first when he's like second through eighth. These calls the shots that he's got a shot at who's got the worst one. The worst chance now who's media source who. All the roofer. The roof for the drywall and root for the trials and what is facing a non parents and that in an annual Easter but you're on the site you know you borrow. I know is bad but I swear I blank was an accident 8449990. Hello Jay welcome to the men's room. Oh ma. It is today. I'll paint a picture and I'll thank you pick it developed its you're off the sense though. The blue did picked guys being guys who turned into kind of an accident so. Several years ago the end some guys are down in the Bay Area. For the week camera negotiated you know let niners and that was abandoned each day take the best my brother and I and ordered it. We partied pretty good on Saturday night he got up on Sunday to go to game. And if you're familiar with big east bay you have to go through open to get jet fuel. Aaron sent out. And on the way to do this couple tunnel freeway split the Portland go to Tulane didn't want Arnold to Clinton or the other we got you rental cars. Regarding my car began the other parent would indeed. Being obnoxious being idiot on the freeway speed and I am back and forth taking the lead. And I'm driving one car with my brother and another guy MM three other guys the other car all the other guys come up. Along the edits from behind and we turn our head and we see. All of our buddy. But it definitely died since. Yeah that's the total Cranston now turn share. The matter. And I would do well boring game thread until. There and one line and they don't want all week goes on the other panel and I'm an intimate look at all we gotta get back so my brother in baton beat Mike did Gary we're Gannett. We're gonna catch up with a MM moved him back and don't. We get out the tunnel and I could see there are bad. Amber. We're gonna be not to get ready. Get ready here we go here we go and I'm just trade put up on the car and we're just. Right the bit to the into the back into their other car they realize that my Brothers at this spread in the conduct of Stanley a book. Yeah. I like. Patent I think. So I took and I don't think he got. I don't think he's got time yeah. I don't know what your example yeah. I don't know accidentally hit it is headed down opposite day that I couldn't that the that the abort. I thought I. Good dads though the Internet that's the the the accident authority. There's the up those art isn't a good bye bonds you're someone else with the well you because you came up that you're in the towers ski in the new you give. Two what I came up well. What I thought was my wife my designs that yes exactly. And it wasn't her you know it is another woman's dress at duke oh man what black at this news or out of and I had a look at Brad Wright so I won't go to trial yeah I slapper has added bonuses or. Like others I thought borrowed doubt. Her boyfriend and their man this is a big dude. Well Mike I sort of got a look at who were my wife is all right and she deserves the smirk kind of sink and enlightening and a half. So much more into her leg you didn't look at how do you look at it like it. Darren and don't worry about it but in very clearly. I'm choosing to believe I still remember usually do vote red yellow jacket death. There's such a weird moment or a tour. To slabs announced did you go to the I think you're staring at somebody you're pretty sure like it's your friend apparently. An allegation really go to Crosse and across blog think progress and this brings the Pentagon today look at him and dad yeah I'm and I. If I goes back but I sort of god like it was an accident that you were powerful are 999 no us. Dude it's just awkward I feel when I indicted unity to a woman that I thought I knew. And I'm like staring Paterson my talent I think as a how to put it I look so great. If if if so the story a man walking downtown Indy creepy is dude I'd ever see the smile when I mean stare at it. Hello lieutenant Perez welcome to the men's room. A lot it's all I. Ran out of it to a new user. I'm not yet to did you doubt but yeah I doubt one Oreo you know it doesn't. This Q how about fifty years are before we had a military family hour. Yeah country we are glued to existing mirror you know America or should paycheck or neighbor you know no big deal. But does expired after it moved and we're all out of barbecues outside. But that time we here's this huge explosion I mean there's they do about. Shut all area that can but he goes actually looked up. And why do you think Kiki gallon propane can't beat you eat your only shot about I ordered beefed up because here. Yeah you can have about sixty base sixty. I ship it back. Just devastated to not me but splintered everywhere and there were like do what they are apprehended. And you can't experiment but I think now we are. Ask weakened a little cigarette everything went out and I'll bite. I'm OK so we called it got. So out well long story short. Checker at that blew up due to the mobile map Latin blue. Tylenol. Google I. It. Would have been I'd say you're a man yeah I really can't do they not your neighbors anymore after that. All of the other. They've always been about one way Iraq ditty in hotel pullout by enough they're pretty much too damn bad air. It could all the chemicals buried there all the black speakers there as an agent down bowl player in Dumont where they came then also the entire lot. Yeah I think that I did a good yeah I am. I don't attempt it if other part at all all it can't upload all the crap that don't get it brown. Don't mean it was well watered well they did it will completely yeah well. He's gonna be an all out you saw while you saw that ball does that they have a look at all the way it shot decade 500 feet on the news you saw flying in the year. Album dig out of luck went public now we're like. Hard at any on the tank and I think gunned down and we're all I learned recovered that we had nowhere at all and yeah. But couldn't sit on one hell of barbecue alert predict. Yeah yeah Devlin was an accident they did not mean to do that go to jail a Mobil math linemen and a yell. At one of the ingredients to go on the map. It's just can't be that hard to make because a lot of the people that you see that you're pretty sure making that no strike you as the Braves catcher at. Now I DC it's really dangerous dishonest I heard that turned her into like only filled up at living next starling Lisa it's in the well of what's in the well waters and everything else committed it's that potent you're not a matter your Scranton and I can shoot my sandwiches that tonight young blisters hungry if you just keep cutting the grass over and over refuse to Wear a shirt from sleeves. They used to be this need heat lake. What silica. I guess it was a piece of something he did I don't know what they did it right. But he did it wasn't that far from my house and he had been there for years straight ahead golf course but you can never get on the golf course which you were in the military you can. Now we live probably fifteen miles from this place so one day there's a massive explosion underground. I mean it blew a hole in the ground but it crater keys. And they closed and then they opened up the golf course not unlike what we need to do all the things you get this will be massive explosion and then both. Threw the ball look a little right now you Google used the golf course but yet the facility just got to run it was just an hour the wind blown it. Raider and crowned the public is welcome to go out there don't you remember a man and you don't do your ear you hear some degree you can hear from fifty miles well until I think you would hear something ridiculous and then about a half an hour to an hour later. Aberdeen proving ground are released a statement on an incident it's perfect right right there's been an incident today Aberdeen proving ground and finally later on I feel like late yet they blew the living hell out of something either on purpose or accident or training drill whatever but it would it would seriously come down and in and shake the whole court receiver some problems saying incident. It is an accident that people understand well what's not intentional. An incident your not really telling anyone anything was an MRI they were in those Indian accent it a hands deviant acts of the things as they can also not be. Right so I could accidentally stab you with a pair of scissors because a trip. Miss a man they maximum work and then but I would revert to as the donuts. It's an incident if I'm lunged that you would scissors that then the press releases their. Same and result he got stabbed by scissors from me and in no way is the sum forty in fancy my. I just I want you to so it's got chances what you're saying but you don't know could you don't incidents or. Appleby you want to stab I don't know I you know you're right out of love and and so we have man all anon it's nothing like that. They want you don't think that for a second I've ever thought about stabbing you mean with a pair of scissors and a war could sense we're US battle. Oh wow I mean you want me to do about it. Bad jokes coming up we know bad jokes to the men's room Edmonds or buy dot com we'll do bad jokes right before drink Intel's two with a shot of the day men's or blank question. I know was bad but I swear to god blank was an accident 844999. Alone although I'm or your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Pitches you. It's true. That's okay. I'm trying to portray yourself Michelle de SE a drug charge frank castle will be in momentarily to kick off those bad jokes are miserable I question today I knew it was bad but I swear to god blank. Was an accident 844999. All of this one comes from up Albany and they little town outside of there. Officials say an inferno that destroyed or damaged nearly two dozen buildings. In a city in upstate New York was sparked by an amateur blade Smith. The blaze broke out Thursday in downtown compose and I'm not probably so that right near Albany goes. It's a Psycho who goes who sentenced to. And it was never my wins the times union of Albany reports three buildings were destroyed and eighteen others were damaged. The city is now under a state of emergency quote it is the worst disaster the city has ever seen according to the mayor Shawn Morse while the fires still burning. Geez has this very moment. Jon Gomes was charged with felony reckless endangerment and misdemeanor arson. He pleaded not guilty is arraignment officials say the 51 year old started a barrel fire in his backyard to quickly spread. They say he apparently was trying to bend metal in an attempt to imitate the History Channel TV series forged in fire. Which is about blades miss competing to create histories most iconic edged weapons ICG that's in my own backyard and narrowed men's room like question I know was bad but I sort of got blank was an accident 8449990. Miles we will have a quick step aside here phew well. You'd ask the question we had no idea this question carried this month potency in as a side question outlook we know we're never the first person to actually use the toilet. Yeah from the time of the main breadwinner retirement first caller who's sitting at Home Depot and the kids would come and the reason the toilets are on the Florida more is because enough kids that sat in them and use them who and I said no probably be the only opportunity they ever have to use the toilet for the very first time for anyone else does absolutely. Wrecked and so we're dharma the construction site it was so there's no way you bring guys on a construction site wreaking Havoc under toward. This is a sample of some of the comments came. Drywall doesn't take refused to talk not the toilet. All I'm mad there's more I'm an electrician who drove dollars usually destroy the whole job site not just the toilet. Drywall guys as in our jobs. Plumber here it's a damn framers don't (%expletive) on the corners and estimate toilet for it and give water. The real bonus when the drywall god doesn't want to freeze that's often eat peas and duct work. I clean duct tape I clean docs I fumbled one end to end Duckworth off. AM I used to stage brand new homes until approves a new toilets all the time. I'm working construction first got used toilet the trainers before the plumbing is even hooked up a walk did not it. I'm seeing contractors crap in the walls of condos being built in the NC LaMont. Did you guys are severely underestimating the power of foundation workers' group. And finally. I was a mover and I would always drop a deuce in the customer's home from the house and leading into the new ones are moving into the sport and any ads February 1 your last. That's when people come to Omaha and and you know when I'm they do and Kirkuk today trying to as president last. Are miserable likewise tonight knows bad buzz word the blank was an accident a 4499907. Ricky Bobby I thought. LA Vega coming in Atlanta and pick it up for last hello Royce welcome to the men's room. All Utley joyous mood. And. So hey. I swear it was an accident I don't know I already don't believe you but yeah. Well. When I was younger I was in like eight grade. I am PT. Feet. Russia has wrestled and glad topple soccer IA are. We about a 135 pound out by late there was nobody in my class that. We're live map weight room so all Edgar rest up. A gap so. I'll turn what this pudgy kid here you have my strength and speed Jewish girl and Matt. And I got out. Position and it sure is ask over. And then next thing I know we start screaming we look at them are broken arm into places. No one this is gonna sound bad I'm Levittown indicate that you described in a Foley doo is that your finger somewhere and do deliverance like that it can't happen now blowout in order to break agreements and I don't smell them dotted with bonus that is soft I think good god I thought this was gonna end with the improvement of Olympus and to keep it just sounded I don't know the other way he was sending a double play all my got a good group than I do I don't know why. Gonzo go ahead or loses this round did a good guy I've only them greatly depends on slid the tight to the side and if it. Briefly took afterthought because it opens up a much worth the attack almost got muscle cramps his team let's look at got a creepy that any story starts out like. I was in grade school. Wrestling to rent an excellent now Ahmadinejad. Unsalted. She could put it. I was young and scrapping copy feel that I would all right let's go to salt would be comforted that could pop up at a hospital that was wore that night and I held it high hit the as we swept the men's or my question I don't have a sort of got a blank was an accident he says let go last signal compelled debut late. Although it. I told you man I wrestled for a year I had one match reheat. And honestly if you've never wore a sync wit there's there's shockingly comfortable. Right so I don't really know what I'm pulling. These people describe really you've never seen a guy smiling so happy with Gloria let's look at the back. And I got app I ask you this if you expect it if it's a monster permit it just didn't if he is a it's definitely cause that was that the you'd. My whole career my life changed forever that very moment when I looked up. If they they just need another big guy for the real heavyweight wrestler practically you're there to make it okay yeah a good football coaches think this'll make you faster I was awful. I know is Babbitt I swear to god the blank was an accident. Hello Carl welcome to the Mandarin. All I don't rack. And I only got the lead and accidents. Against I don't know what it is today I don't believe anyone. And I know that's how we break into why doesn't anybody trying to balance what I'm on drugs and Mike and I are not much time please continue to. Oh yeah. I did in the Dayton I'm at familiar. About it people are committed to go and we'll emulated and older male and and I would like you know grad and now little guy that did it and knowing that Al. And one stop. The hour later I got a little off bullpen stopped the night that they don't want to get that big old lake or let Portland got built flag up. Edward Powell and I got a couple mil a couple not ultimate middle finger limited an eight year old went. Tonight's. At game I liked it sounded good yelled. Could it get them out but I told them it got that up tiger kill not to look like crumpled up like they did they will wouldn't it'll can't. A lot of money to build on the had a couple pocket. Allow let a couple it come back out. I didn't clear and a little piglet. So Booth it's all my contract can learn what it meant a lot of them up a copy had a look on her at one pick Al. Like a little lull where. No way to go to the law and I looked down there but I only do you want to like molecular and elect Biden did really good little. We'll look at nobody liked. What are we deal. They let our depict what other night. At the grip on the mile kilometer I'll make you collect. Old. Yeah we love like my act on the loose. And. Carl. Look. These are the nicer than I've be if if if. I did expect that it can develop Afghan. They're okay ferret out. You Mike Bouchard and might the person's look I think it would alarm and got a little longer I don't know we need now how boring I guess that get down there. How boring was it. Not Sunday Kennedy Lilly lawyer and thumb basically Lilly had been a. When you say I just does it and throw my hey we might die today adventures or just do something interesting to do you entertain yourselves. I did it earlier doll and sometimes that they may weaken the bill he wants television. You can. Loud loud closed loop then and only got. That's a little. Okay well I'm not a good. OK let's say look here down in the summer the Super Bowls on do you have any chance of being able to watch. I live the way I under way along. And I looked into the black gold club youth Balkans. Are not unfair at all related milk. So you can get the radio and a submarine. That would be cool we need to figure out how to do that man I would think we was broadcast to drive through African Tom old radio go right away broadcasting in the Pacific and Atlantic. That would be the bad exactly and what is the longest you what's the blog as you're ever submerged and summary. Almonte and their. And how bad is your site when you get out of there Helen's it they get to acclimate your eyes. Odd man that they're going to Orban the guy who didn't. The idea we've come out there and have a look at it in light and I heard. I think and a sense that it is the all below its Asia week for rise in adjusted probably. I'm not quite as blond but don't let it go I do that stuff like that that a little checklist. Yeah Nevada what what what what are submarine smell like to the average person like you've been down there for a hundred days right. You just finally breeds and I stepped in to your summary and how bad is this place in the smelled to me. I. I'm and they're they're made up. Is there a Star Trek looking bridge in their Carl you know I mean like Dell is he like you don't either with a periscope and all that stuff is really some plays of the capital walks around to look and the blinking lights and stuff. Almost twelve bad by the Mays is this weekend Amanda doesn't look all limited. Okay I'm not another really Eric closet just like driving a small real. It's in its morals things like you see stuff on TV rant and it was not star chart everything. It's very user friendly humor mean a couple of Italy and Amanda makes sense I'm sure you can. Don't see stuff real lightly Jesus H Christ. I can't believe people survive and like what the space shot right it's a yeah they they were sent out and bring people make down and then they show you the actual cockpit and was like the scram playing. But the Monta as he's looking gear looks really strip on the World War II fighter pilot Immelman. Oh my god man I would get mad thing I knows mabus Oregon blank was an accident a 449990. Hello Shawn welcome to the men's room. So our whole lot of guys wow. Days so I'm so I'm I'm doesn't. Junior are all high school student I'm playing baseball. Saw Mumford basing my eight. He made Dhabi hit the ball and it right this second patrons are no name. Second baseman clips about the shortstop who's covered certain patent law the plan based model I'd like going to break up the double play. So I fly our leg connect or break the kids old Blake won't with a new below the knee it's kind of an enhanced. Well they didn't wait to hear what the compound all members here like Quinn Gray configured my legs and then I hear the kids scream. And they Blake concave backward the apple via the Buena eighteen and secure out admittedly a in this accident. Was I gotta tell you slid you know he's running rate you'll double play and now they have got a part of it. You can limit teammate celery on them or you can download you really well the debate my whole life. Got a break up the double play and. Did you slide over the base. Don't. Okay. I'm and I am Hispanic and now let me explore insurance you'll get a feel good numbers you know and I. And it simply Ian the next day I will rule no more sliding her eat you all have. This is third this is really what do you do when you're a lot of ability a lot of really hasn't seen you know I yeah. You didn't know that certain level lately and I don't know that I'd like Tucker if you hit it this is. And down there. Imagine if you cook a good she feels just gets a little kitty glad I was just the railroad. Usually go to gym class but I do respect them in the afternoons and nights hangs over the back right over the piece of all hand this is this blatant and mr. Bob I question I know as bad as the Oregon blank was an accident a 4499 analysts. Hello Don welcome to the men's room. Lo and Adam. Well what I would then fourth grade. I had at a dirt bike and one summer I was really bored that it that it gets in gasoline and dumped it on the all of the dirt and then lied on fire and I'm gonna ride my dear. You can okay naval destroyers and that he evil can able at this point. I've watched a lot of jackass you know. I'd love our kids in my words like man I'm bored. Look dude we've gasoline if we went to ground gunfire we should run our bikes through that and and that is a good idea that age yeah Dahlia daylight to ground on fire you read the Mike W do you do it. Yeah I do and I realized I liked it there that's when I went dirt it's thrown over it. If you go back though Brit and like wipe dirt off it's still don't fire underneath. So we get that's a good all out and holy writ really hit the road the dirt all over my mom's garden and little fired all over the garden. How bad how much damage it did you do your mother's garden. On the it didn't pay too much except for my my mom had. Small tree AM Japanese maple that's the attic and it all it totally destroy that thing on those she'd be glad that I. I have no damage damage to your mother I'll look roasted peppers and they rose right a little on sale and the fairness. And I thought you know what it to be fair I'd I discovered that dirt state is on fire the same way he did. Our enemy willing women fire and nothing like that extreme happen but just in my body backyard the dirt patch. We literally on fire we figured you cover with dirt and we did we want to styles have launched a make out what an hour later give a swing like last week tiger over the site. We rate her feet across and the flood of oh my god it's still on fire which is the man we didn't know me know if I find out and reduced gasoline and lighting it do not mix. Like oil and gasoline in most situations is terrible idea relate gasoline used him. Not gasoline what did you use that I mean we we start a fire definitely enjoyed it and Bernardo and his inner. I know that he kind of like in every our gasoline or a no no no no what did you use our dwindling gasoline kindling is make this golf I told you my brother night. In a snowstorm dug in igloo and our front yard. I start a fire man almost died because you didn't legally have a chimney. You don't have a chimneys you know this is my whole hello are you never sort of realizes amenities or call I mean like not even a minute and a talent like you can hole did you get out freed up. My brother he did it would be cities everything you're doing because we are just getting like editor of how we just we lit the farmers like leaves office he had to believe it felt like a little fire pit depth. And then I mean it just really wasn't you have to think about the whole thing Phil black smoke we could bring this is a crawl out of yeah eight and I think. It was me and my brother until the Eagles a wasn't very good idea there's always a volley catching Carlos Ramos and things ever learn about fire I learned as it did come down dealer on the mezzaluna as an adult you don't have to because of your typical kid dumb enough to keep letting computers and something is wrong to somebody or you read. I mean Myles is right I'm at the pool in my life now I've been to a big bonfire out the cut so he's a favorite author of Catholic cool don't look I'll be 3040 feet you're really yeah I gruesome wish rockets finish shoots out there are days as the months then I'm out right thank you guys do you gotta deal I'll be over here. I know is bad but I swear to god blank was an accident 8449990. Lamar calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles yeah. I just done away about the bad dose of the men's room MS survived back Donald a bad joke thread four aggregate those. With these shots of the day are meant to my question today I know was bad but I swear to god blank was an accident 844999. Obama the comments continued to Roland has come from someone says I do stories. My first job a KFC they may be a manager at AT training a new person to make coleslaw. Should cut your fingers off fool all holes to make cold format him. God damn cool I realized or may get their historic well that's the good news for improvement compute that with the now they notion heavy lifting a finger after effects Lumpur. Lotta regular against colts also thank you heard JU. A second one I hit an employee in the nose of the mayor and he's done an excellent broken nose oops my back. My buddies made napalm the middle for a non fire whoa. The accident part just you know that wasn't an accident. Okay the accident part was at a burger month of Herremans said because surprised napalm doesn't put out easy. Then there's this one when I was eleven I give a kid who's like eight years old and atomic wedgie later mom came out DelHomme have broke the skin around the same. I. When all the dollars I was horrified oh god I told us wears an accident you just over how disappointed she was Russian shook her head all Hollywood Bowl boy the last time I got a super wedgie like that of duty lifting me up in my underwear him an eight it broke the skin or my sexual. Okay cool. Had overreached Paul don't do that can't you how hard it is to sit. When you have they still have a short. How long does it take for about it coming he allotment I don't think I sat. For like three days I didn't like laid down from MI so I don't accounts but I remember being in the studio are jettison the chairs at no. No numeric yeah. We knew it was net who imagine how strong neck I was I was still 300 picking up Obama underwear with snapped that's why don't say anything don't rush labs are manned. I knew it was bad but I swear blank was an accident 8449990. Hello chuck welcome to the men's room. All argument on top. I gotta go today Sugarman are you. Don't well. Thank you out so well I would love to have two years old buddy of mine and was taught to thirty always get now we had to get steady day. And I was ready on the handlebars love Tariq blah lightning fireworks off. And diplomatic kids when they're united schooling potential loss had a good time no actually might not. And Lou right on the street and I had no one not my cigarette I talked to my contacts and I look behind you to Atlanta an Atlanta in the backseat of our car. Oh yeah yeah I can't burn the whole foods back seat down of the gas tank ignited it and put up. You're kidding me he'd no rights. Yeah you're cigarettes and we took off like that I held a hell try to that this harlequin not a car we took off. Couple are that I got home and the first thing my dad asked me what I did go a long today. And I can would be neat little farm solution to complete disgust. Neither do better than that it. Well old. Well that's sort of a gun gun control I'd go to quote about a year. And I was Turkish army arc and shot he's got to leave them because the guy he had like 5000 dollars worth a lot camping swimming in the back of the car. But I don't even know the intent your intent was not to do that they still don't yeah I mean did anyone believe you know when you said look you was a maximum that they believe you. Well you know I would guess we'll know and we need to get out on my kids first of all you know from the time I'm by it's going to court. I'm no one actually saw me sold fireworks in the back of the car so therefore. Nature not charged formally wicket. And I would never convicted on the charges historically. Aren't. Some guy running off and I wish you know there. The look at that a nice hand slapping and everything that's gone around and actor can be tricky do you drew that correlates. You know our investigation that it was like model host country squire older station wagons back interest only and that that newly eighties when it happens okay. Now the assailant is a good and generally happy members don't follow Brian not only has started out is the plan has little bit anyway yeah could have been like a brand new Cadillac or some other well that really sucks little station wagon or now apparently I don't bad but I swear the blank was an accidents 844999. Nolo. I mean you just lab on a rose to struggling back cars apiece that's the cars are and I got a little bit on the road then you let your favorite. Hello and said welcome to the men's room. You allow. Lol OK time. While we go into wells there. Aren't. Also my story. Is that I wouldn't. My breeder reggae band and I would then see them down minority aids think it's like. Dum bass player like grant's pass. News and this summer lose I don't doubt you'd yeah. Hotel and and offered a budget complimentary apple uses. Now all of their rule golf bag and I am able to greatly is that about good and bad I look I don't on the return of debt vs the FCC bad jokes on the label drink it's those with a shot of the day. I shenanigans continue on the men's room radio network.