WSU Men's Basketball vs Savannah State 11-28-17

Tuesday, November 28th

WSU Men's Basketball vs Savannah State: W 112-66


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From. Yeah from me and from that and don't know it's. In his. Yeah. Shocker. 103 point seven GUYM. For prayer for. I'm down here is somewhat silly. How long the with the Dodgers. Valley. And they've heard that there have been lost by one point in the championship game the other day on a couple of free throws with 2.3. I've just left on the clock had with us statement for 38 minutes. That game including leading by fourteen. At half time. So it was really an usual though Gregg Marshall coach Steve has ever lost that kind of believe since he's been here. He said last night in his country showed that 33 years of coaching including his days as an assistant he's never experienced a loss quite like after it was just. One of those games where you could go back and look at. Swatting plays easily that could've swung the game either way I don't one point game like that certainly did. No damage to Wichita State's reputation they only dropped from six to eight in the tooth falls. There's still number four it can't Pomeroy power ratings number three in ESP n.'s PPI. Solve it really it was. Certainly not a bad loss in any way shape performance. Notre Dame is not number five at the polls out just you know. Here's here's the wanting out of matches and on what days off. One thing you're all gonna have to do about it except. As you. Is that with the link is not Richard Alley at as a nonconference schedule their client. It's a tough schedule and it's going to be a lot more games like that that you didn't just in recent years with more close down to the wire game tonight that the as many twenty to thirty point blowouts. And it's just the law of averages your client that but he did two games. At least a few of those closely and they're gonna go the other way sometimes shots are gonna fall whatever they see. So get used to and don't get too panicky slap shot is lose a one point game of the final two seconds in the top five days. I thought people. Which is not state will probably not win thirty games again faith but probably not. But they'll be a better CE. A better program. Or well respected. Biden media by ENCAA selection committee by out of else's. It'll be easier to recruit because if that's at your thing that kind of competition. Things can happen like they happened against Notre Dame and things happened yet it went as well it puts us get more than their fair share of those types of. Rates that they asked to keep in mind also is that this doctors are now far less susceptible. Something like. Playing cal fairly full games that count getting blown out by shop and not of what that might do to people's perspective about how good his Wichita State really. Those kind of games aren't that hurt them anymore because they're quite enough good teams that are gonna happen that's good performances against. Really highly regarded teams that. It's all gonna play out over the course of time with us daily as a team deserving of a high seeded mr. They sure are and the benefit of markets the stuff he'd be out is that other flu. That had to step up a little bit more. Shark Alley for example he's done a tremendous job in that role that he's had to play everybody asked to take on a little bit more responsibility. Do we so when markets get back with our state is not going to be just a better team because markets. Is back but because everybody else better. All right. We're opening it up as we always stick to your questions and thoughts and that number to call is 8691037. If you're falling in the area outside the area. 316. 8691037. And of course she could reach me on Twitter. At a shocker voice will be glad to start taking those questions and thoughts anytime at. Al and has made his usual phone call from Texas to get things under way so I'll welcome him back happy postings here. Thank you very much currently yes after holidays at all on earth a couple things number one I think there's. The Notre Dame game. Sort of evidence to me that the doctor horrible that they have previously here lately that game and it pop. Think in the country. Lose and they'll drop spot that he did feed them. Notre Dame had a lead in the pool ball slipped from number five. I think if this really had a lot of respect that doctors are finally getting. But her hands. You know a long time a couple things number one. I'm concerned that. We met in lol yeah instantly gain in the curled in game Indy California game accurately in the Notre Dame game. We are in serious Ralph. And our local derby I don't know I I don't that have. I don't know what we reviewed it it is with the depth that we have I don't know it. You know mark maybe it looks different rotate and there's not but every single one mess hall. And death. Yes the vessel with the current debate. What. I'll first of all there was won't really long drought not there there were several routes really don't want it was about fire and a half minutes by the Nixon 39 seconds. And there in the middle of the second half of mid to late second half. And that's when Notre Dame was finally able to have backed him close to yet but it wasn't like. It happened all of a sudden they had to really work and that they've made a few shots Wichita State just didn't make any during that stretch. Ed out I'm not really concerned because Wichita State had quite a few good shots during that stretch against the zone and I appreciate a bit tighter frame camp. Both said afterwards yeah absolutely we had an open losses this could not sit down. Greg Marshall mentioned yesterday reviewing the video a couple of times and all four of the shots that land routes if against the zone beneath this were an open shots. Now that that's gonna happen hopefully not very often that no major underlying problems there I think he adds. That game that particular game. The shocker is little short. One actually two elements because Shaq was in foul trouble for the first time this year which took away their best clothes or even though. Obviously you know Willis not a very threw down a very good job at the end of the threats that there but not having checks hurt and then. Also that's the one game work really would have been nice to have markets with Duffy of the five played so far because. His ability to slash generic to the high post against that zone throughout the free throw circle and then make plays at its height and he skills. You know whether he shoots it dries it passes out of those. You know that bad. He lit that's something he really does well that's one place where his skills really would have been in evidence at him with a fifty shocker that much different element attacking that zone so all of those things aren't. And and Gregg Marshall said yesterday. Certainly there were other things they can have got a lot better against is no evidence that they don't work on it if it could work on that. Nothing to be concerned about as far as anything off. Every team has those points and gain more or every other game every third game we'll have a little bit that route. But despite that lets us State's average speed 86 points a game that's not 50% from the field. And that's what you avid game like that when things are falling fifth shot here or shot there. And then all of a sudden electricity starts again for heard over on the part of the other theme that you just get one of the things that we were not war fought gains. During ballgame is with our statements that the other team. Wow what basket fight business wire baskets in eighteen minutes. I think they have one game one people would succeed him. But it was but. We'll have a five minute stretch six and spread things just aren't going well for them but this team is that so much success. I just don't think that that's going to be a problem. Have a question from Garcia Twitter about how many single possession games behind under one minute event in the win. Towards doctors under martial. I don't have that specific stats. But. Wichita State in games decided by I want to three points Gary Gregg marshall's and here. Are we fighting to get your just hit it. But they. They're right around 500 they would want to died in the first half of those games in his tenure when his teams were just edit cents that's 43 and twenty. Over the last 43 games have been decided by us a single possession. And I would think even for the best teams in the country that that number is going to feet. Fairly close to. 500 because. If you are very good to even get a ticket at a very good team played it close most of the time and so it is going to send out a little bit. What's it takes about that the first one is not surprised that they play ten games. Within one or two points the first year that they just didn't have as many good players at that time and snow fall of staff. Here second secondly. What you talk about those water two point gains that it boils down to turn over it boils down two free throws quite often. So you're not necessarily better at most athletic team. But something as basic principles of free throw and make the difference. And a five on an average for a little bit better than 500 average against it seems that looked like he within one or two points speaks very highly of with us today. You know here's something else that I think they take a little bit of adjusting what you argues to. Blowing people up a lot of times with our state has in the last three years. It's a little bit different steal one here in games that tight and you have got to get that habit and it consistency. Applying it every possession and every possession is critically important. Add. And Gregg Marshall told the team before that game that they're film sessions this is going to be that kind of fear you're going to have to make every possession. Count and it really be prepared to fly every possession like it's the last ballots that he's this great marks here. They only have four games. Decided by one thing at this point it's not very games. It will be more than that it's a little bit I think it will have buildings here that just fine. Tonight's game is brought to you by the distaste. And let the distinct make your brand unforgettable custom branded products including items like cops pants to shirts embroidered. And do it's do you Ferrell. They'll be barred the unforgettable contacted since he's not popular at your school company sports team or organization. Being on forgettable your drive to the game does not like this flat tire and service retires and professional auto service are always a slam. All right well we stand. Somebody radio saying the lady. That. We think that's LC well it so. So notified back to the studio and this isn't it yeah of that it. As David is our ex colleague David. Yes I might as well I have what. Regarding Al Paula off. Yeah it was a game or is he just suffered a year and then another date fire we're Smart enough to step in his hand. You know the day that he made contact. Who would have we went through committee that reviews that that play it as it right it definitely. Yahoo! ID data found that pot. Annapolis favorite spots. Thank you you know I don't know update that's. Then something that has always been that way shooter been taught as long as I can remember back in junior high and high school. If you get your finger off the eighth innings after the jump into the to take the thought picture you get out try to make the shot it at that. They tried to get that contact itself. I suppose there's the the possibility that it's here a couple of steps back off that defender at him jump into that you could call this now but it's not gonna happen very often. The one place at that rule or that the interpretation of how that she's he has changed. Is just in the last couple rules that will not go out there that circle. Around the basket and you leave your thesis goes straight up to stand there you're more likely get a block call that if you're. So far bleaker street and go straight up and stay straight vertical. They're not called a foul on the offensive player who makes time. An awful lot is players on offense. Withdraw that now and it's just it always looks at its brutality. But he insists he would not. I see it now called the dance. Almost every time and adds I don't think it's safe. All right next question from patty do you think soccer fans will ever be satisfied that you put up with good players here at the end of the year maybe Marshall should say I'm satisfied because it's not for. Here's here's the only thing that I have well a couple of things that I had a problem list NASA gave it just seems like. Any time. Anybody loses a close game and not just Wichita State that any one. It seems like you're always defeated you fans saying well we got out losing close games we got out coached at. They others hit a couple of examples this year. Duke and Michigan State possibly. That you most talented teams and certainly to look at most five or six talented teams in the country. Played in Chicago. It's tremendous freshman Marvin back in the third got poked in the I'd buy his teammate missed its chance to that game. And you still want the cars. Race and Alan scored 37 points in just went off and everywhere. Soda pop is Soviet outposts because grace and Allen went off and scored 37 points it at an apartment. Not beg to differ and I would love somebody tell me how Gregg Marshall got out coached that game they do. What better day blood to the zone what Toronto. At that got plenty of good shots against the zone they just didn't make it that's not getting out that's this that happens. The last play where they slipped it got to the basket and it got fouled and made the game winning free throws that's the last thing he covered before they left the Hubble was how to Clark added. Somebody made a mistake. That's that's not coach and so I just I hate to hear I think all too often it really has nothing to do wit. Coaching when a close game decided unless somebody gets. Makes an obviously bad decision or or whatever I would say that. Coaching might have been a little bit of an issue with countless Wichita State was coming back count get thrown the ball on the corner against the press and getting trapped that's. That's something a coach teach to correct that. Not of those plays at the end of the Notre Dame gave us a factor coach the other here's the other one tee box that I think. It does it frustrate well I'd already missing for us not just try to explain. Two or three people ask about why it was Connor inbounded the ball I watched him coming to the quality at the hands of our best free throw issue. Well I thought. Now. I think potentially. Cotter. Probably has the best free throw shooter on the team. But based on performance of the last year plus. He's not he's right up there with their shooters. Snyder Shannon Jack Morris and a bit desperate throw shooters percentage wise it the last say year year and a half. Cotter is very good all the guys that were out there all five were all 75%. Or better tax free throw shooters of that situation. So and and the thing with Connery as he's two for two this year shot. Five game. And I guarantee you can go out a lot of days of practice to make 203040. Guerrero I don't think there's any question about that but it's different. When you only get to shoot a free throw every three or four or five games it just feels different you're not as comfortable going to the line when it's been awhile. Taking situation that may have something to do with the fact that occasionally this is an employee surprised. Wait that's the other thing. Keep in mind that this situation as if they don't foul immediately what was Austin green spots first pass. If they can't get to him immediately and now the pass. A lot of times. He's gone back to the boundary when he steps on because he's going to be the most open guys which therefore puts it Connors answers what your best ball handlers and free throw shooters. And it does happen they were able without re throttling isn't he caught the ball so it's yeah that's. That's designed to they're a lot of things that go into all of them those in bounds plays and content was not necessarily that the best choice to come get the ball first with a lot of those lot of guys in that situation. We're very capable if there was the first guy to catch it get out of step up and. But it very analytical as always too much stuff. Now. It's easy to second guess. If Wichita State would set in about five points that you think they have done at certain points. There would be no questioning. About Brett favre's ability. Right Marshall has been national coach of the year he has spent valley coach of the year that Boise movie and it. Paulson here. Miles 99.9. Percent. Love him and what he does. There will always be a few malcontents. And there's a good thing can be done about that. Usually it hurts them now stands for a few minutes after the game that it thought statements. The next game and it's an app that. Better okayed it with us state because of Gregg Marshall. It's an 88 seed. They are the eighth grade. They have thoughtfully final four with an entirely and starting lineup for Gwyneth. Three star recruit. The interesting question from choices that she's going to be here for the South Dakota State next week. It will be the first time that she is scenic gains in the around the house that she'd lose her chances at the end of the 197273. Season at she was curious who might have been the last few weeks off. To answer that I can only say choice if you had season tickets to game every game the last game here Nazis it let's Mexico's day. And thanks those things like that he sent to 66. Prior to that all states. Prior to that North Texas State. And before that Bradley at west Texas State so. If you are there on it yet this season tickets and their policies that put it in New Mexico State. While 4045. Years right stuff I thought you know if you let us. All right what make sure you're aware that the witch that state volleyball teams hosting the first and second round. NCAA tournament for the first time in school history this weekend right here Charles cup arena. Third place starts at 6 o'clock Friday with the border war between Kansas Missouri and shoppers think the state to its feet south champion Bradford at 8 o'clock. All session tickets are on sale now with dockers dot com. Or 978 stands or by visiting the soccer ticket office in person let's get a big crowd out if you did not here today. For soccer's happy layman heavily favored camp ground you know routes that were named first team all American athletic conference or if she beat him was named second. The team. Happy late night as the league's player of the year animal keepers Sadr. Out here added length and becomes just the second player in Wichita State volleyball history joining Mary Elizabeth who were as a wartime. First team all conference performer having won that award three times is there Alex. And Emily Deaver just the sixth player in program history that the first team all conference at least three. You can't particularly. I Abbe Lane then. That in layman's scholarship opportunity out of high school was like basketball. Experts. No volleyball off. Certainly don't see Juan offers and he has a four time first team all conference and will be some type of all American. You talk about rake marks. It's not your thoughts on its body talent. About deficits that. And Italy's. It's that sense etiquette that we all need to be very grateful for having those kind of coaches Steve Greenville yes Holland Foster and Grier Jones yeah. Audit on and on. Our coaches who despite being at Wichita State don't have their pick up see blue chip kids and whatever sport it yet look at all of the things that they have accomplished here by being able to spot. Somewhat unseen talent and develop them and to people that can compete at the national level of their particular sport and it looked to excel even. All right back through all of the phones with Ed thanks for joining us. Expect my call them what about. Are fine and you have you're you're worried about. The purpose in being brilliantly resisted and been able to drive to the buses. Itself and these shots but. Kind of higher as they say the things that might be. Really that good to kind of guy and he'll go if we communicate. But not done as well but so hopefully. You know. Like I said that the free throw shooting of toy surprise for instance and it. He has been a little up and down so far that he got up to that kind of start last year and over the last twenty games shot better than 50%. Of street. I have every confidence that they're going to start falling fourteen place. This first half against David and it's. And Atlanta is only got a couple of shots. It just didn't knock it down. And I honestly think maybe he still thinks about it a little bit too much sometimes it against the zone. That's out its own could be effective that's like Notre Dame went that was just to try to take these factors that are written a little bit. And slugged it out my race ended close it is definitely could not ours yet. It would have been downhill at us all the time that we had to try something else. It is not just that the moderates that we have to take a little longer on this. Around that and so sometimes. I I thought there were a couple of occasions that constantly had a pretty good look earlier in the in the possession of and maybe felt like the admission ticket yet maybe it's instant it might get a better one bit later this position. Now you now you have to take it may be drafted a little bit I don't know off the pedal to start thinking you know what he's thinking that. But I think with him a lot of times it's just it really made a couple of operate just didn't read it in stride pulls the more heat it is bad. And you know what makes a couple of he starts relaxing feel confident that. Think he's getting at really the game slated to and I think these accidents but that's par. When you are playing against the zone of three point shot becomes workers every shot they. Becomes more significant because it's harder to get the inside shot against the zone. Last year under 44%. And it's practice. This year he's shooting about 39 it's not that at Wentworth greens every other game and it's about things. He is or excuse me shooting 30%. From three. And he'll bring that number up because he started slow last year for you as well he's averaging almost ten points to gain. He spent insistence. He. Is averaging between ten and thirteen points gained where the five ball games. I know that's. Fans would maybe like a little bit more but he just terribly selfish is eighteen assists. They're getting a lot of that's not a sexy science and we'll see him. Inside Ronald nurture is getting more shots. And that these players Clinton with the openings. And congress been able to find it sees itself don't despair that constantly finds thirty point thirty point. 3% freeze would go upward and that's the only area. That we might see a little bit better sent by the late Dave mentioned his insists it and selfishness. He is seventeenth in the nation in assist to turnover ratio and as the best career assist to turnover ratio in the history of program through it is worth roughly two seasons the time he became eligible apparently if you look at the ball games if you look at scouting reports on Wichita State. He is one of the players eat salmon are the players that'd defense keys on the most because they you know frank yeah. Gets hot and makes the retreat recently wrote that fought gains virtually over because the momentum has shifted. In Wichita State's April 8 to ten point lead into a twenty point lead Lincoln but not. And so he gets a lot tougher laws for the fences Dan. Normal guards would yet and I think he's performing quite well especially because he's not for the ball over and from the some spots. He's running like a point guard depth. Think a lot of questions that need picnic time not the one I can answer pretty quickly. This would says Scott my volleyball tickets eight times or ti ga united game time on Saturday. I think that's often decided now state and Missouri are at 6 o'clock Friday Wichita State at Bradford at eighth. Sad that the lenders needed the second round at 7 o'clock. On Saturday. Hopefully that we'll look there I'll let up. 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What kind of officiating crews can we expect the American conference Sampras is not the valley three isn't bad if there were some really think that's definitely. I think I think he's proud. See at the present stars will be very. It's a league that has some financial backing so I think they can afford to. Pay a little bit more this summer league and I'm sure that if it's any concerted effort to get the best officials hand out so I think. Exhibit the geography. I think you'll see some guys that not only worked just leave that to hand it twelve ACC SEC. At least some bits that work at least some games blizzard now a conference now. A couple of guys that have worked valid for a long time friend behind him and John Daly had had teams here already this year both of them focus. They're going to be working Americans for the first time this year so there will be some guys that work both of those weeks. I think they. That you definitely Wichita State I think it's Wichita State is going to break with them. Somebody better officials in the valley and I think flights into conference might. There are officials that they not yet so far but then there are a lot of predicted officials the valley has very good missiles fortunately we've seen some. All right back to the phones that got decked. Not thanks for joining us. Hey guys that we're record might call. I love you remarked about. Why. The adjustments that at brand it that we're going to have to make in basketball gave the duct. I'm good period. My golf and I think a lot of both their prey and don't really important story we're we're. Getting boring. I I think there's going to be so much. More exciting and I'm minute period and political game like we've added Notre Dame even though. Lehman to. Lord here and there. Also our I have. I hadn't thought about it. That we aren't that a culminate on the effects. That we hear it now fast and four when we go off it gave him. And we only dropped two spots. That you defeated him. Total. Wow that make the epic fifth. Though they just to let that thing I don't know regarding but it did but I. It was going to go in it and they. Congratulations. To the women. Volleyball team. And what are thank you we already know a lot thicker. As you can millionaire now. That I have been reading about. Forehead. And he is getting the chances not the Saturday. And he's hardly the way up there they'll go shocked him are definitely. I doubt that you have read every time he gets a chance to play more minutes puts up numbers since. Guys and they. His own life. It's not thought Jared Simon tweeted that creator and I think guys just flat out winner and you could see his client he's been in a game it's a lot. Doctors like doctor. Lawyer. Her lawyer that's idiots. All right I phone lines are open right now ID 69137. We just had one drop offs don't they are wide confidence though is splitter. And it's not just me an opportunity to take a quick break here come back to get score out here lots of questions. Boy wrap up this portion of program so. Stay with us think about that is the great thing about this is breakaway Phillip your fridge. With freak out there it's. And since it in the pantry forcing that throw it to today's healthy soccer camp at Dubai United Healthcare. You'll you know programs and work real you know. Dot com or Amtrust bank pregame show on the care of. One have a little fun at what's our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back educators take on the competition and crushed them one my war. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center ten detour and Andover was a lawyer. It while he's on 103 point seven. Look at best interest that's pregame shows and hopefully that should not state that he knocks at this stage. It's eastern athletic conference tonight. Much more on that coming up just yet but is certainly the fast paced. Kirk as a question of that exact round here is not suiting up president getting into violent. Lengthy. Explanation. Gregg Marshall we'll address that his top that's coming out is just a couple of minutes it is not anything serious if we could be a little bit you know holding not to night. But so far all the examinations indicated it's not a scare any real seriousness. That's listed excellent comfortable right now. And this has got its big question I'm not sure I had the exact answer that it cents. I want your how to find the Shaquille Boras or Landry Shanda accuracy or assurance that that might have a chance. I think I'm pretty sure that the NCAA rules aren't that as long as somewhat of stellar collegiate athletes and no one can sell. Any item with the likeness on it or even their names like it Teamsters and witness with the name. Now I think you can buy their jerseys with there which it's nice pictures with their job and then get your own purpose. If you wanted to go support yeah let audits I think that's okay. So if you notice a good chance for instance you might ask him yet it's got pictures with those numbers on them. But it can't have one made up that has there they want it that there. Brett I think that's right because earth our grandson wanted to friend recently. Every place that find one. So we bought a couple of things number. And then took it to somebody who heard his name out there so I think that's I didn't realize that's not an office that's right. OK I would try that out again that go back to chance of that talent basically get the which is mostly yours and with that number on it and end. You'll have been estimates put on yourself or just be content with where the crowd that your word fax number Atlantans. Let us out opens etc. if all right hey thanks for your tweets and your calls appreciate it very much coming up to soccer's. And death alien theory interest in Savannah State Tuesday we'll have included strategist and a little bit. And Gregg Marshall coming up next we continue audience for us thank free game show for us. It sounds looks like Chevis homework sounds like 2017 should be close out this time. I'm I had. Yeah the 27 teams are going fast they'll get special clothes or pricing on the most popular twin seventeen shedding models like Silverado Tahoe in traverse it. It's a trade and get a great deal during the Tony seventeen should be closed out the year hometown Chevy dealer today. 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Wichita State university's shocker that's good policies on 13 point seven. And Wichita. Marshals tracked by express employment professionals on a mission to put a billion. To work. Coach that you had debt and a half or so after the championship game balances. Enjoy Hawaii a little bit what's the routine kind of been like to get back at basketball. Work to get ready. Play this week well we traveled. After a day and a half in the Alley post tournament Thursday and Friday we traveled Friday evening. Actually took a while to get everybody through. In the Mallory airport. Lou. To Los Angeles. On the red eyes and then from Los Angeles in. We got in here Saturday that day. So we didn't practice on Saturday Sunday Monday we've had good work out. Watch a lot of video of ourselves and we are going through now. Try to get back in the win column with the Savannah State tonight at 7 o'clock. How would you describe this somewhat unique style that you're going to be facing today. It's it's helter skelter it's. Shoot very quickly their pay is as good as anyone in the country. Get shots up on average at like eleven seconds per possession. Seductive pull out past you'd have to defend long which you're gonna have to defend because they're coming right out. Then they press on makes and misses so it's it's going to be a game where we're gonna have to handle the basketball should be a lot of points scored. And ups and downs entertaining affair. Certainly they've played a lot of guys are sick game you got to prepare for the system more than really game planning and two or three individuals. Exactly again whoever has the ball with the threat because they're coming right right towards you towards the basket. You back up which occurred so. We gotta we gotta we've got to play basketball tonight jovial it will be upset you know just the a lot of breakdown basketball and an opportunity to. Handle and pass shoot. It entered don't get so and over the incident is gonna come fast and furious and it is B rated defense early and and hard. With those things you mentioned offensively just a little bit of caution to not get. Get too carried away not get a little recklessly places exactly we have definitely do that like you know world. We'll we'll still put a premium on getting quality shots taking care of the basketball sharing it and I try to do. Opportunity to maybe get into your bench a little deeper adjusted to keep guys fresh on defense this data out we've got. We've got to see what. So much they can do and see what guys who work. And she's Kaiser can do tonight it's usually have an opportunity to play a little more. That round on Sunday tweaked his knee a little bit and yeah everything's checked out with with the trainers but. We need to make sure that done because he's got some soreness need to make sure everything's in tax the next rate which did not show when he negative. Issues and now he's got an MRI scheduled for Wednesday so. We hope that to have him back sooner rather than later. Thank you shut your head coach Greg why. Showbiz shocker since Savannah State coming out too much you create hot and very interesting game races. Another mile power experiment brought by delta dental can't okay today we're going to find out just how powerful a mile first is with no my. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's on some. Okay now with a smile to your parents are skiing all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile is a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Hi this is actually Hayes and I'm a full time working mom if you my husband and I think hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what father worked out that because there's not one place that meets all of our means. So to say we are thrilled opted Eiffel filled up Floyd is an understatement. 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Normally begin landscape show march 2 third and fourth century do and it continues to drought is now in expelling conventional giving you more room to showcase your products and services to thousands of consumers if your business is landscaping exterior lighting lining streets here are anything outdoor living coming apart at the largest guard Joseph native Kansas sponsorship information or to reserve your food they call sixteen sites when he wants funny line or outdoor living landscapes showed up. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in more vain Kirk Farber. Everything now. First shocker for. 03 point seven hey you want him. I'm always play. I'm Tim loads of they think he's on what time date tonight at Packers get back to action for the first time in six days. After their trip back from now what does state for a one on the year ranked eighth in the nation book maker pulled at Savannah State went. Fire on two years since this story didn't do it gave him giving up 95. And if all has tonight's winning strategies brought to you by capitol federal. First off their home and home you can trust the strength behind True Blue financing. Capitol federal equal housing lender members at sea ice thickness Kennedy winning strategy number one. Is that the Great Wall of China. Well no it's just missile defense. And it's no but soccer is get what they simply against the zone. And treated just like any other defense that might unnecessarily struggle against it. They need to make sure passes. Penetrates with the ball movement off all of limited reveling. Feet defense down the floor at the three point shooting that's going to open up the good work for a successful night against so. What strikes you number two. The crimes tonight will be the three point line. The tigers rely on three's but they eight point nine point 2% at 55%. Of their attempts at three point attempts yet they think last. Thirty cents for the Sox have struggled on the revenue also. Instantly the last three games the soccer is the phone with a 45%. Three. You know obviously that's a bad state as an appetite sleep and likewise with our state is not hot from three point stripe at least not like they were last year. The only sense. The sausage gets. Three point shots but it happened not some of the dance. Winning strategy number three there are numbers ever 351. End or. Three if you want the tigers rank if it's eight points allowed per game. The tigris about nine. Where point nine points per game. That's dad laughs but it is a trivia question happening division one out of that at its 35 annual rate if one at last. In the country. It's got to be able racked up at least once tonight that's good for the 40%. Chance at the important. We strategy now before. Many snaps as so often is Nancy. The tigers have belonged to gamblers anonymous. Lots of violence deals and it nine point what's the football game. They're tied for twenty hours of the country and they forced opponents. Points happen. Over brigade another shocker is only the ball over WellPoint for blogging. I don't expect more than thirteen turnovers but a soccer here with the basketball. This team tigers if it ends up. And finally went back to number five. There's always hear ya know you might have found the first time since. States. But there's also fear of that now what you are facing as soccer's rebounds. WSU is third in the fox recently down department and it plots or points six rebounds per game. The tigers are 340. In the country and rebound mark and it minus twelve rebounds. Pockets of and a state. But those rebounding numbers chance if they can't and they won't win it looks like because they haven't please explain me down this. If you mentioned the three point numbers they're first. Savannah State. They're 21 in the nation in three point field goals they forgave him I love of the game. And out of 37 had a chance they're 309. And it's three point 8% south. It's not a very. Not a very effective ratio that's not very efficient NHL but the numbers dictate the. You remember that old and it still seems that you see the whites of their eyes. Now with this team face this. Does that cross that three point loss when I was talking before the ball game six feet and it takes the ball across the line at stake is not. For the fans received the first. Path to take its shot to paraphrase and help jumpstart their theory is don't let the shot clock goes down under the I think. They averaged eleven seconds per possession that's a full second per possession. Fast for the last year when it was the nation's. Thank you about a 32 slot but it's gotten that consideration. That's almost three possessions. It Wichita State game both teams combined for about a 130 possessions Labor Day if you. This event as they claw game there are a 155100. Balls significantly more and that's why and five of the seven games they played in her five yes 5786. Latest. At least one of the teams that scored a hundred points. The injury report is brought to you via pop your life you live your journey. Or opt that would you goodness. Soccer practice certain markets and Duffy is out of the actually has done a little bit of light jockey. The last couple days so he has started a bit closer. Being ready to quiet yet these calls is it. We'll be ready to go full speed by the start of conference play but it certainly is possible it could either be a little bit before them. On the flip side is either red marker right. I snack wrap. Great to be just a little bit of practice. I think right now it is not appear to be anything serious at all but. They're going to have and aren't that just to make sure but again right now at this year's it will be that he sprained it bad he didn't back I would. If you think. Don't expect the licenses didn't release it. But it's not about 21 year old when he rolls yes. And I was shocked at how fast that sent me back I was surprised how fast president needs to advance. We'll we'll update you bet it's the off the stadium itself guys like at C entity it but it is safe glitzy Marcus out on the exercise bike into the. At stake but its staff there a couple of significant flyers not here for hours of and a statement not sure why not employed as a six foresee here. Returning starters average seven and a half points per game last year's ad is still listed on the roster that he has not played yet this season. We that's. Situation. Or something else that he is not here tonight. And then finally Kevin's little 570 your garbage is that threat there and played it the first five years artists who. That is averaging eight point eight points per game at that point sixes and yes. But he has not played in the last game and he has not your. It possibly get it through this is not. I let go of the players are getting discouraged because of their budgets they're going to. Next year and the players may have had a solid outlook and I say we don't wanna be added that this is let's ought to think. Never shot or bad it's not there on the road if there's like particles station casinos and afterwards the Sox slugger what experts that plan. So I don't watch parties for canceling its effort to. AC circuit in Orlando courtesy of Eisenhower national airport again you know it's a tough words there officials watch party location. Shocker basketball. Wichita state of the wearing gold tonight gold jerseys and shorts letters and numbers black Louisville quite tight it. At Spanish state scholars are royal blue and orange blue will be different school college there isn't right worries write down cited advances. Don't quite experience. On that. Have a suitable not the warmup not so sure about the numbers and letters sent it probably Horry scripted white. As well as bad as they've ever seen it. Since late 200203. Season that was their first official here in division I want it played as an independent. Through 201011. They're they're seventh and final year as a member of the NBA's in his case said they announced April. That they're polite to move back to division Snooki get it next fall and it cited financial reasons for that series. Teams are lined up at either end of the floor and we invite you to join assess the honor America your post arena's. With the soccer basketball fans play a nationally at the. It's. Okay. A high flying saucer thing. These games sponsors to cars are an outlet and floors that are so that is what you thought conditions for close to forty years now apparently on an upgraded. So let's support it and if you if you great service everytime there's no high pressure us. It was great people to work who have done. Way to help line exactly what you're looking for a they have all kinds of sunglasses. Carpet area right slanted at Kyle's part whatever they believe in the Florida Tennessee our friends. Varsity team sixty's yeah or thought place. Starting lineup is presented by equity bank. Force of at a safe sex sellers. All right to six months off or. It costs us. Suit and here salaries averaging eight point three point. Arsonists Atlanta's center is extension of the Greensboro Georgia averaging three point one points per game but what I have read now. Jalen Smith who started at forward. At this. Enough time. Like the big. Well it. It's our the last sluggish. What motivates both staff but the chemistry between the coaches the players but for the second straight game with bad incidents. Got me started on this is a little bit different tonight not the end. Yeah. I know 676. Third cricket yes. Four point eight points per game. 63 in the nation. Here's your said that Oklahoma. Everything's fifteen. Point six points but it. Tonight it's not so. XP drivers. It's. Okay. 365 sophomore. Arkansas. Averages five point eight point. And if it passes not accidently three guard lineup starting out the game. Not her friends can't the other guard six. Nine point eight points of the game. Three point six assists and Florida have you want to assist to turnover ratio was thanks. Places and it's not a ballgame I think we're content rank him. Signs that based entity that's thesis that if that accident scene suitors. And I hear for a long long time but not far behind yeah parliamentary candidate constantly soccer three points yours would have a field today. Tonight's officials aren't nuts out firing tear it and it probably Martinez. At tonight's game is rotten night that this thing ain't. Look at the holiday gifts for clients and employees it's not like the order is not a holiday season. Contact that the state. Dot com and let them customize and regrettable yes giveaways and in case it. We'll not take your brand to the next level and now they're saying it's not. Soccer's going to be exciting game defense. Our legacy stuff and a efforts. Here it's been a lot of fun but it doesn't France bladed wind. What memory I have made my. Because I had to gain here in the first round the NCA. Or at least fifteen years those and it's. Southern University if not. And then out of the face that I could look down there right at the end of this story here is that the next basket. The other and it just my last words and he left NASA couples gay. They've RC just went up it says there were incidents it. Zach Morris for the shot it's active it is his position. Getting a lot of these opening minutes of maturities of art that shows. League officials this month and up. It is in the air and Shaq can't. It can't at a lately yeah doctors don't like the first possession sunscreens don't force them to stay. It can't right side out front Santa reflexes. Austin looks a lot of trouble spots here's the thing we have left went back out. Re thrust slightly can't double the bosnians fight for a camp about this at length crumpled like Kelly but that's because he got fouled with. Stepping into it from behind bars he has let his first now. And the first team not worth the disease usually what's open against that 23 zone is the man with the good fast. If they ran across some of the defense's toughness. As we get a free. I thought that's not a threat to him about it that they're open here on the 42 floor shot clock after. Now marvelously thinking about things like 1015 footer candidate yet the backcourt bounces quietly about this event at stake in as quickly as they have felt aren't getting loose right now. Is fearless they have to make it that night they really. Work quickly might want to thank perhaps all the time off makes this is not restrictive currency easily hide those. Frank camp that's not pleased with three good. Boston Braves a three pointer right at the top of the charts artistic freedom to leave you with the most accurate street. Teleconference last but did enough of those trees qualified lost three out front shortly boundaries pushes up the the floor down the line all the way to the basket and electric rolls out belly up and yeah it'd been years. Vault for traveling entry gets basically undercut it not that the floor. About him read my team that's seen. It now eight point eight rebounds but nobody has rebounded. That frequently. Since. Arnold. Right yeah it is in the water why all of the theory is though rebounded Shaq only slaps the way off of Delhi leg out of town of stimulus and the state. So. What it got flipped down the floor and missed golf for traveling now with not leg out of bounds at the you know Willis. The Nittany. Front Isaac sellers here all. And it's tax dollars. Let them out with the guys with the quality athletes news. About a minute and half expired. Camp will work thrashers zone threats. Look for analysts lobbed at. Him right that it was right baseline Morrissey doubles. Quarter that's that's negative Melissa Block it was deflected out of balance that doubles they'll violent statement. The advance. The quarter right. Mary snow. You know the stuff La La it can definitely let it penetrate that he's back at him all the way. What's doubled its prize for treatment baseline three bouncing out I can't let it not patrolled by accident it's an outlet. According sellers. And hear all of out front with it to. In. Its knack for himself. It's. Like let's not let us up the street right way it goes Smith. That standards I'm download it snap it on the that's my admiration but upon as the nose on that now. At that alliance which shots Aventis today. Through its person of the games shot. More free throws in the opposition's. That sticking. Out. If they don't reflect Mike. Writes the math on that basket mostly your best qualities. This guy's really. It's the person badly wanted standards. 1588%. At that. Part right. It's not one more time athletes. Stately. Three. It's fourteen seconds the Oscars they sequel fourth session reefs here that back. Back with him at it rate stresses that a state that stuff. It might that leave them right slot Willis is accurate but frankly over reefs act different you have three left AA little short I don't want about a fictional life better for us at a state Michigan ethnically. Identity prices hovered right ones yet. Give it up along if not front office Max snack or not wavered and out of bounds and out. Mike Morris Jenkins said it was an accident stated it will go out and check it for him three hours. Freshman let's go George you. Know the State's fire. As far as story quiet 33 yards with almost three minutes on. Rightly raised might pose those places double team with a Laura ran it over to reach three rightwing. And off the back rebounds and the night before last night's events and it's not if it thirty from the baseline knocked off the game against Notre Dame when they needed 23. Last year. Well not the. It's. Already adequate support those 53. Wichita State and out front when it. Those right wings better. Thought they hide those hours over the left water. Back up purposes. Yes that time that I felt like both of those shots. And it is back toward double team it's not line it is different if that's not my list of all the way to the basket lazy. It's quick and athletic. And that's. Not that big guys 69 could take it that far along NASA courts say look quarter for its freedom rules not rebound forest alone a horrible loss of Smith intercepted. And a three put up nice sellers bounces off the knack for us about this not a better outlook the net machine redemption. You get caught up in the case might start expensive thank him left wing three wide open three off the correctness is not the snap those night. That it goes to the program I think they're gonna call these events they play in college living in Willis over the back looks like if they don't want there'll. The baptism we doubt that it that the court. It's not happy. It's kind of Florida's sixteenth I'm not seen that kind of staff which state seventh. Since its eighth straight. House isn't great neighborhood and walking distance from one of the best schools then what are they asking the asking price is only 24 years of really really hustler cloud that since the well the house across the road jostled for a few years more than a mile an insurance companies and how we get home gym work really hard or don't want to give it. There tell you weren't quite up to 23 years with a faster Clinton's lubricants. It's firm colony do today. What. Good health was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live healthier happier life. At the Kansas health foundation and our mission. We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats because view. Every Kansan deserves the chance to be healthy looking more at Kansas loan from dot com or go to shop. When it comes to putting a winning team on the floor and tell you about my friends of midwest yeah they know what it takes the best product on the road. He was named JD powers best initial quality for the second year and midwest PS in the number one. Dealership in new Jim. The online then Westfield dot com or go see them today they wanna see it in the midwest. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita he agent Brad would be John Green rich conflict dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. USC shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven KEY depth. I'm big on first and here's a period of five of Wichita State's first nine shots of him. Voice rises only made one of them. Our. Hartsfield Morris has its docket perilous and lay up. Or Savannah State seven of eight. Attempts from three point range they are a lot of NATO all over 731. Of two lines socks. Me at that last client wants a foul shots and this thing not a legit guys today. Now on visitors doctors with the new position that they have to credit Savannah State my theory yet now. And not a lot with a state. Score baskets but we often right. You know Willis on the high post I think Ohio logos on them out here yesterday it I'll pass out of bounds. They keep this that there was going the length and not at this thing. Floors of out of state. Flies. Boot sector appliances that it's not really. There's little handoff from France can't right sideline not practice and I think roughly Reeves. It's jones' Atlanta campus friends can't cut for a fact of please let quarter hurt its fifth career off of factory about Savannah State well over half the shots Wichita State has taken have been three point baskets at usual for them. As far as tickets prior to that he has got different sports fired a long three at Vista prevent the kind of thing it can't take credit double team. Backward to get to that counts of Nike goes around the defender that's his baseline Berlusconi under gets fouled. That's it physically active shooting or on the drive before but he shot at. And it snows with Colin will be in the active it will go to the lines which do it is with a little more entertaining you know. Players make that's that's that's that's that's just up and down the court but the point blank it's. But that was not snacks sellers his first four Savannah State. Willis. Pointed to gains so market. No they could free throw shooter last year he ended up at 74%. But so far this year has slowed. Background it's for Kaiser making his first appearance of the season with the recent war. Rules have not merger kept alive its three fourths and it's not a planet. But we got in that lord. That's that's. The lead back on the baseline not planning hand back to let one that's not why I don't know if it it. Off and said it now fast like it out of town my state forest land with us. But the point. That's. Tried to pass around sixth and sixth read that it's very difficult especially. When is the first. Plate that's right let's get back. Not grant him the benefit concert satellite double huh. And you step out that that half an infant. And it worked great right wing there at this time via Austin. Cents or three pointer of the game made by accident is. Accused of shortly. Six guys right side. Accurately. They pointless shots they drive step through that now. But. At the line for you or. Hurt them was right there. Let's end it advisable but he moved the ball right Nancy Wright cited the bath. House. Now on Savannah State goes against violence in his first team's war already bursting at. Now excessively. Right and mouse game which states that point about it's which estimates. The number of steals that they have them they. All the time except that. It's not with us but they don't found. That with. Sellers out force then stay. And I think highly evidence it was supposed to be here on this trip used to feed it to the speed. But your free throw up my littlest there. The line it has five points. At a state ball full court press that if doctors vets for after the Florida launch NASA court. Now we're gonna get another player in her lap for the third time in the last four games that everybody stayed on the floor and its last night I would not state the right word. Dexter McClanahan played it for a Savannah State into evidence as it thrives on blankets that left lately on the way. That's. Is. Dissent against his second. It's got six points between us it's twelve times with nothing not to think it's right north of saint John's right. I don't you want it spits out of it loses the ball. McClanahan has yet to dissident stuff like point 33 phonetic yes he has submitted his three out of three stories of this game aside from all the things. Well please let me ask the experts don't look. At that since. It made sense if that's what it means that it is they swore an oath. Three from the left waves at the Atlantic at a stately sits this well you know those double seeded player to go up. The plant can't drive it's that simple layup benefit. Those lessons and accidentally. 36 sciences scientist at the numbers on front court has range strictly right way off the block long third. Cases deaths prevented the players and I added that in itself it constantly. And it's I think there's definitely nice one of the three off the facts here to try to rebound but he pushed enough. Get it and Vietnam which state. Just their second circuit now our first dollar merger with us. That's not taken eight of its thirteen shots from three point range and has gone 148. So far note. Necessarily understand it's not selection I think it's going to be. Baylor on Saturday with definite shot selection. Long after which fascinates you have to figure out Atlanta and ways to get the ball inside against that so you know let's let's quickly dismissed from the left corner keep the quarterfinal this laundry that was fascinating it's not fortunate enough all the way to the basket motor fifth tip is okay I've. Tried to keep alive at last night's vice Aventis say it's not a good back that's. Nurtures the guy that makes 65 seats and it's not just took it easy studies at all year and just had a little bit too much mustard on it. If he's twelve Savannah State 1245. Golfers have to soccer's and it scored. Twelve points in the first roughly. Seven minutes. That's basically expected loss in pork belly and blog it's not lose. I opened up the delay Savannah State right it's not not think satellite but not at a don't know if it's not at Connecticut. Is not grant us here for its first. Seventeen. It's well and it's just double seat on us with little forward Kelly left baseline here fear that definitely. That recognizes. That's over I feel like things like yours here on the lengthening. Ross Kaiser makes drives that wouldn't you know so much he set backfires it's very. It. Finally think twice that's not nice to not say hey you know it's not his second straight first street lifers wanted. It the other way at getting fouls. Is highly evidence. At least I think this has happened. Yeah I think it's K let me ask all of us who it is okay. Correct. Palin yes. It that it I think. With the now on with that state after thirteen now. Ultimately that threat to. Think it quirky left and right that are fighters will contact of volcanic horizon north there was a running but this to prevent Kelly from Wichita State frivolous that there isn't that means you know it's not on flights to do. Elliott reports that the lines that got them elected or surpass that for the open look. Free for up to a dribbles it turns out of this fumbled into the hands of fitter. We'll update that are driving through traffic with Sadat visit rebounder through those. You know clear to me you know they get put the ball. Or life of that left it down case that not many states at either end Wesley telling one dribble Rod Stewart sprint can't just being back here through. In the middle. That's test baseline calico center on the reverse that this is not quite got partially blocked it started after he lost the handle on it. At a fast last night. I would not say. That out of the flora London fifteen to go in and ugly first half so far it's sad and a state seventy with us today it's fifty. What. 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Go with the one the only the original Roto-Rooter. Kevin had a great experience with Roto-Rooter you know I've had my share of difficulty and lack of knowledge into my home by your competition I won't always count on your company with confidence in the future the last 24 people to review wrote a rerun Google each gave Roto-Rooter or a five star ratings. For plumbing drain cleaning it truly trestle over repair dial 63 away. No way no rattled now they're great. Shocker Schwartz has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alan Acosta in valley center and think porn and over what a lawyer. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GE one yeah. How far the pace. Lovely expected this story is not. An estate is only six of twenty. Percent. 348 point six which is not safe is worse five for seventy flooding nine point 4%. About nine factory for 22% they have made three of war. Outbreak rebounding since then as they what do you want to 63. Doctors have. Yeah. It's turnovers that residents in most instances the old. Doctors trails them to be confident you know if that. Ray left no front of me. Back to phrase it penetrates gets about testing needs to count those philanthropist and LA Vista it's outfit that they're gonna call it that's not that's the second time is that dumped grabbing rebounds. The first time they called Bradley has not been called now that it won't it. It will be the fifteenth now. Gave it to Rashard Kelly's point eight rebounds the teams getting. Of those on offense. Right there that. It rains here that toppling him right wing. Not. Guidelines that we have not brought that over. You know what drivel over different camps for its grave of the not to back down Kelly who was. And Rashard who pick up but now that you noticed might. That nasty. Although Chris is right around the rim that's the act. Much as Ohio low self fits him pants. Lament at the free throw line. Fourteenth now on Wichita State machine at the Ford is Austin there's snow that is from the so I could down the floor all the way to the basket get. Back. We're slash find its he's got it's not just kinda set it on faith that they're there right wing for three up right back with a trade. His first basket of the game at four points. Slightly to seventy civilians doctors. Bring it actually means you know. It's definitely different ways to get its act. Border city everything that a little it was deflected out of bounds by Savannah State does not keep it. That's all players. It. Math and the SS you know here at the rim subject as. Here at these assets nights you check the project planning a slightly at camp stepped up and fires this is about three in the recent incidents say anything bad. Matters finish. This isn't terrible. Missed everything left. Fascinate. Us victory slopes at the end kind of friend can't count out. Daughter off eventful for three starts from the field two of those three point incidents and Savannah State's with us every office. Stocks. That's against the rest of different work really trust him with rights and Lauren rice needs guns with this night privately financed. And it's great statement doubled deep and it will raise left wake Kelly not make that read them with the campus accidentally fired up at three left when it yeah. It's. Yes three soccer crazy kind of slipped to fifty. The other incidents lately hasn't it hasn't deflected it's much better now he tries his hardest hit traffic watch place. It was Sydney's analysts and I think that is right around the planet cannot. And it's it's impossible. Once it got kind of I don't vessel about some dates through via satellite today. After. It. Went down now. Only god is about half apparently. Capitalism it is. Of July August war think for a baby's life that you know hit the ball at me through the basket apparently. Lately I haven't played him you have to possess. Things. Soccer's not what accidentally got together and it clicked router this in the line by sellers revenge fueled forest and it gives enough we start yelling and honestly. Plus it. Nielsen middle of the floor free Tibet. That's if that's that's not left baseline silly stuff and it drives it accurately plight of the three left when it. And I had signed points enough things right sizes its clients. Back in words well. Our fans that's not the plan enhances the children that look waters Leo today and well actually thought senator. And is actually save it to my knees slap in the fourth and otherwise. It's just an awesome. Things went today. The fast down on the baseline it's not enough horses slots and it's now it's. It's not a statements like this season. Field Florence, South Carolina. Sag ended up with 5000 championships games valley classic gets older than unites not like before you went on the air. Probably a case of succeed despite that and it's three straight days but tonight. Yeah he's first of the other. Point out that you have these six I'd seen here as a very good athlete let the team and blocked shots that your a little over. It was being. Free throw line 56%. Out of Portland tries last year was that the sentiment on fourths of the so far this. Right now at plus 868. Point eight gophers snapped up rattles in and prevent its field or. Act on that blocked shot a little bit ago passed Claudius Johnson the selflessness of third place. Here watch list which I can't hit it straight in the face like a fifteen footer. Don't know us now has seven assists second best if not there's enough by eight the lightning hit the left water at visa for three good. If you look at these really the three point basket he's got four points. If visa. By the 1926%. Recently to. TJ Kaiser that has long right sideline if that little closer looks right that was left Reeves left one of forest type Oceanic and have about him a little short. If that gets a lot about those guys are fighting for its retrieved via Savannah stake him out of there with a that's that's where it left wing he's gonna fire three way short. Rebounds grabbed. Flags about a state planning at this tree out front this is resigning for there benefits rose for the shots. That's more recent wave that doubles if the crisis not wanted to share that with us lately. And now want tickets if you and it grabbed the arm. Todd Landry should have it now on could have hit his first gravity arm it's yes it's over the elbow. It's anything that was certainly grant program. Not out on the floor seven to ten to go first half what it's not State's 29 Savannah State 24. 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Theory that hit their normal pace of thirty cents as we attend the game and soccer's are just. Decimate them on the boards but who would have thought what's at stake Devin nicely with three of their starters were zero points to look at these candidates in France can't Shannon Bentley three. Right for the seat at Kaiser in the left corner campus for three short and a rebound through. Savannah State hostage they said about it rebounds record right baseline McClanahan frantic he traveled after getting. Just the second. Her own person and it's very accurate doctors over nine times Jacqui back it hikers nights they have elders and check out will be few bars it. Nicely done it here. It's all the doors off that some of the statements about him reads Kaiser if you haven't Willis. Boris right now will work rests. Read them high and that port that it. Or left Wake Forest. That Kaiser. Rightly if it. Back it. And I think that's fair equivalent way. Austin I'll. Fight those Willis drops it makes one more throws it up. Corners fan but hopefully you guys. It's not stay out late thirties forties he's written a pass these were the defense double team him allowing some nice passes to about a death. This record sellers had trouble getting rid of it it's not a case that he drives the length but unfortunately it's just that. And a link. All three rules not Mike Felder rebounds for us to reach across fortunate enough the left side of the floor. Whether rightly the CJ Kaiser. Agrees that champ but if that's not Morrison's sadistic streak rolls in and out. Event to Savannah State. And painless as president court itself over to Jason Love history in and out he made four of the earlier rebound well as he has an off the streets. Not pass the court to chance it gets around this militant. Back at the greens right on top Willis fit lite Taurus rolls around his man. Yeah. Athletes added as the defense yet for the faith and or subside. This block altering this victories had a defenders have launched a sense it left water and it Felder pulls it back out for a moment now looks to close at every night. It's still the path. Palin's and I. When it's about what other things. Now Pontiac 6000. Apple with space tourist. Ninety announced that it drives. And nurture him. Boris in Savannah State's laws they rotates or people. Feathers back in the game. Got its. Pretty left wing is my tax dollars this first basket of the game that that's the only that is that again. It's at that it's like it's much else this case it's in his life. Styles that as it is different where it killed our guys rightly. That got it guys left notebook notes it posted here a couple of minutes but no thanks. Atlantis notice position if there honestly thought that's not a good but it's not if you can get the ball inside. To live. The baseline elder. Went out for a long street Lawrence kicked it short rebound games Jones case of that effort was deflected out of his hand gives them a chance it 3617. Shot clock massive surgery last quarter but it's unacceptable. Isn't out of the way we finance the latest deal over that means go right baseline. And it's getting undercut his loyalists. And yet now. There aren't a threat to our hero Wallace's offers seven. No free throws yours and not to balance that mistake and it really right now. That's the art and it's. Were wanting to go first paths each day's first action here. I've been suspended for unknown reasons for the first time the on the left lately that. I've been the key sellers over a lightweight older. 100 days it felt it right back out front sellers try to drive it. It's not it's tougher from the free throw circle by Smith in and out rebound Darryl Willis of the Atlantic champ. Definitely pushed and hit the Kaiser that Janet's that would backward and had a rough time wanting to go. I think that rates the load floor. And the states and if there's 23 zone right post merger are threatening Johnson who for the life trying to get a little link and Willis pass the other hits home buying it sounds about freon on. The budget goes right. Now into specifically freon Don Hudson Hudson got. Part of our sentences blues. Shots off the ball from Wichita State after the reports on about 336. To go. At the first half with our state 36. Savannah State's twenty cent. 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Cambridge decorated tree you have something to smile about shocker Schwartz has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in Gaza Dylan Hartnett for his bill for a pummel. Thanks pat I'm standing in a neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening like that you're striking constantly get there's no damage people are actually outside can make. Hires Goldman this phenomenon is credit union of America's lightning fast home loan from an online application defense decisions and closing three ways home loans come with low monthly payments are no BMI. It's just incredible steadily in Sydney with. Let me ask homeless from credit union of America a plane now it seems you love America dot com you anything the housing lender. US shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven KE YE. The good news is what you they think percentage. Hit it is to gradually climbing up to 44%. But if that is is he shot her hip turn it over on about a birth of their possessions they have thirty. Obama camp twelve turnovers. Yet the first half that takes away a lot of 627. They're out rebounding then a state like what he wanted. Well on the floors. Eight. Offensive rebound and out of those adopted it for example in new second chance points so to the states feels the. All night going three time walking when he first in the country faced his right up there with them. And faith that dated at eighth you already it's just the first snap. At eleven to five points doctor Robertson on jeans jobs free throws with the link color. Down through three times evidently it now has points in the first ten needed that win in week. Favorable balance that would supplies it was eleventh zone yes. Brief career high was eleven against Casey eighties that's that the first happier if they stay. Doctors have their second double digit lead at their biggest lead so far 37. Guys that needs it's nice campus activities. Very noble kind of guy that left a slight chance for us were up slightly as it recognizes. I've stepped through kind of forced one this mystery about the surgery what is it that it needs Jones tries little booklet alliance rolls. That's that won't let us know. And out. There is no better guidance look like he knocked it out of there but it's gonna go back dissidents and while. It is different for sellers list. Planning it for about an app for this is that. Eighth lowest chases down bad it's the guys that worked briefly crosses over gets through traffic flyers center basements. It was a reverse thousands of life which is. Nice matte along the baseline by Kaiser a great job by James Jones rippling through traffic is still had its head out antsy demand that it. The if they'd like in all it's nice path and it looked like about Wall. Street. Three points news announcement sent me if you land is if that means that now goes out forces then they. For him on rants. Or. Let's see today. Staff guys it's 47. At this time effort stance on that support. Jason Ford accident seller's tax dollars into the left Nightline look at the Wall Street gets the fourth like let your your. Activists creator granted misses that shot gun violence with us today. Is it over to Jones much it would dribbles it the way the height of the backwards. It might happen at the high post here right sides need to go back flip Kaiser. I'd. Take that three. But I'd say himself with a second place that. First half identity thought these guys don't feel the sense that it might now they sent Friday night's night. Better for three missed it bad news nurture off my campus of sixty point shot currently. Those efforts have paid out that front him but I've those there now I'm left wing. Freak out. I think that's crazy seventh yeah. Have they sent along very left sideline rips off rebound well those letters to golf at 48 still the effort definitely it's a now for what it's nice day 46 what is that. If the chance to score some points and her Louis luckily Kaiser left slot there that Kaiser. Crosscourt chance opened up about the baseline that's not threatening them can't get rid of us. Yeah but that started the violence updated classic case of factors are ignited by flooding. They sold the first half right thanks McClanahan Friday and it's not to let my guys of the confidence now. That's what it's pretty good call for years in jail chant it kind of sandwiched next McClanahan at Kaiser got shoulders they're a little bit then of these days for us now. Bounces you're one of one predictor McClanahan. Linehan averaging sixteen points to Gabe has not scored yet so for four from the field it says that its action yet. Last night about all of seven from the free points right that. He was the second best player on the last few expected anything from him. Pre season third team all conference. First one up then that's his first point. Statement she just nine points at Texas Tech three of eleven shooting yet scored in double figures. For sixty. Years this works here or. Weis behind at 26. And and it rolls on Paul's in. Them McClanahan makes to have. First pointed a while for Savannah State they're gonna call a quick 32 time now but that it sixteenth. To go in the first half of what state. Up by twenty soccer fans were back to the weekly coaches' shows schedule after free weights of Monday night and basketball games last night. Gregg Marshall. Keith Adams end Chris plant saint wind up. Davydenko had to pay 830. That's lap 97 and at thirteen thirty every Monday night for AJ sport's growth and Eliot thirteen industry which it's not as what you guys again. We'll let you know the difference makers as far as the first half is that spots it needs Jones. He's been able to penetrate get the ball. You for the defense as a chance to set up. As long as Wichita State was rotated all around the perimeter of you have a situation where expense things that we have been afraid to. It quite as much for over two outs. Doctor basketball just over the gophers they asked him that left where it. Counts of it. Seventeen points twelve minutes down the plot nurture and he gets out. Who's gonna go for the shots how to get back across the odds that the presence of mind going crazy thing this past that it opens the the line. Or want it want. On the ninth. Now the half on Savannah State's gonna go on a few bars tickets and second if it wouldn't surprise which it's not State's big men aren't able to get very many points that's because they'll drops down. Street bounces off enough and I it yet so we get three points now. And what does the 88 and ninth. From the free throw line but there's also a 46%. Of the field that start out. 5%. Of them on the year which those days 76 point 5%. Free throw line. It is after 11276. Point 5%. Like that's at all time highs and they're they're better than that tonight. McClanahan at the time line and it's like what would it is. And it's stuff let's watch it anyway short rebound long editor for NATO threat in the fourth planet will not be able to edit office. Can't catch it but it's hardly. Let's let's get him he thought it was so easy three down here. It looks almost like it's like the area. It helped his speedy guys like stretched I think that's very. These kind of walk it off and confident that it. That's not right about that solid is the way he was trying to keep his foot straight. And it's not make it's not feeling around the ankle. It's like he's he's trying to stretch at the got a ranch. Hopefully that's all this devastated the threat to our planet alliance as a writer is that it has tested biker covered by the plan and profit collection. Drives baseline stumbles along side his neighbor and a jump off. A possible bison tonight I. They had time. 44 seconds left on the obsession. Force it then it's state and 29 on the clock. McClanahan. Played in the baseline. 53 what time does it they slight upper Mike Green at an event Lewis the countless. And afford a ticket little step for a blazer. The last thing I'd say that's what he thought yeah. First half naked together advertiser confidence now we keep it and try to strip that was sixty seconds to go hand. I went back to what it to us it was five or seventy. They had scored fifteen points in the first roughly nine. And they've now scored forty. What eleven that its residents now have fifty cents. Austin reason for Kaiser is that is second now. Ninth bounces on it want it obviously there was a good regardless of soccer's don't have time to possibly score here in the half that you went up. Means jobs for ethnic dreaded double team gets to the later reads let's way. That the forty shoot threes. It's vanity or Haynes Johnson three. So good at productivity went for it first happened today as he has flipping on him. At halftime. At Wichita State leads have been devastated at the break 556. What do you. States it for the credit union of America have an announcement about. It's a tough. 40%. Tomorrow factors that night courtesy of that locker. East and it went back involvement and. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds us that every life is important and invite you to join the drive to zero campaign. Drunk driver or involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatalities that's over 100 fellow Kansan please do your part designated super driver. And kids home safely. Buckle up eliminate distracted driving and remember in Kansas you drink you drive. You lose. Its own reflection of his mark sounds like between seventeen should be close notice on that Canada I'm fine. Seven yeah. 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Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. It's enough that car more than you love me help you see that you can Washington. You listen to this. Sure yeah I soak you're insurance company. I'm one happy camper. So for insurance has great engines were nuts about cars were competitive price and claims before or transparent friend and inspiration financial results. Insurance we're you know. You shot these operations Chris Walters Sherri Williams or Pamela marsh and throw in Wichita. You. Point seven. And Wichita. You have resent you predicated of America. Halftime show and what we kind of expected. Didn't really take place for a while and that's what you tell us they've got it felt like about the last eleven minutes of the first half. They were story about a flight admitted verse. 78 minutes and ended up with a 55. Hit the first half 26 point lead. At eight plus 27. Margin on the backwards it's 5529. Shot here that have done. Well which star status but he points in the paint and it usually because that supplies going no it's just driving the ball didn't. There was no high low everything was stalled out Wichita State was passing the ball around the perimeter. They were fight fight this war. I felt was inserted into the ball game and what it was able to do is. The defense down the court they couldn't get within one on one. He scored an occasional free. But the clouds part editing film definitely at least with our state has done so well the last eleven minutes fourteen seconds. Snap thought the hottest. This guy candy and add them. Remembering Annie and I idea the last time soccer players scored 21 points and a half. The most points or a game with testing players hearing Greg marshals say it here. Was lenient that your release 39 against southern Illinois five years ago. At that he had 39 chances are he had somewhere right around that one of the hands policy is exactly that is safe audience ninety. What they want it first Panthers spotting and the only way to thirteen minutes well. And I was glad to say and with Lee Anthony did it because that's what I was thinking now. He was explosive likely Anthony could be explosive new entity its war night twelve points and its and its fans to turn the ball around. Please don't get this thing and I was thinking it was rice basket that's not what started. But that would make drop off and he'd get the break point in the three of four from the three point line. He had Austin greens with three points eat at the most three pointers and shot the night. Landry should have witnessed his first couple of threes it's like yet there's more than that that he greens and it means Johns. Ended up making eight. Three of this shot is. Eight of eighteen is so. All the percentages were bad starts and hasn't yet at 47 and a half overall at forty. Or three putts that may not an accident rates while Anthony really flex the muscle of the wars in the the first night and it puts thought statement night turnovers. And they scored basket after basket off those over the last eleven minutes and fourteen seconds Wichita State. Had only three turnovers they scored three points off those turnovers so what happened was they cut off their watch the soccer set off. Savannah State's water with turnovers and make flex their muscles on the worthless it's not state is. That it third rated team in the country in rebounding margin and it got Savannah State down to bottom and rebounding margin. They gave up twelve rebounds and yet at that. That's what it does not work for all club in that statistic itself. Would indicate that Wichita State is the far superior team and on the scoreboard which I think is community through. 5529. At halftime soccer's on top. 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Kellogg just the wet road object itself online reported some of which talk about how the liaison with the better word about. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament since 22 kids off Jason one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game but with united health care you can have better control of your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more UH he dot com. United health care. Service is not available for all plants. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita he agent friend would be John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven KE YE a. Halftime show at Charleston Mercury that would give us greatly to Savannah State 5529. After a slow start to the first half but his doctors and other differs seven. Shots that it finished a half a fourteen of their last 23 ended up nineteen of forty for 47 and a half percent. Eight of eighteen from three for 44%. And nine at hand. Rep the free throw line money Yeltsin then it states that nine of 4122%. Thirty of those 41 shots at 5% came from three point range they think seven of thirty or 23%. Of our pace of states. Sixty. Three point shots fitness and their workers have at the free throw line Wichita State. Plus 27. On the glass 4114. Doctors could have awfully well turnovers for the statements of inside. The first seven or eight minutes. And Natalie three more at the left the rest of the first half. But it Savannah State hostage incidents came as it made four of its first 63312. Points missed his last cup that it they have four for eight. After that nobody would for the for a lot faith that it was four points the only one of six shooting here if he's got four off the bench and tax dollars read several of the players to apiece for rebounds for Taylor Smith. Wichita State that much it means you know its mate eight at twelve shots three of war three if he is alive. For 211. Half points at thirteen minutes must prevent homelessness. And the steel. Nine point Austin green's not three at six for three. Seven for Carol Willis it was to the field trip for a lot of had nine rebounds in the first half. Six points for Landry shipment dates to the floor for three had a team high four assists. For a peaceful. A lot of nurture Nancy. He was two of three from the field chart Kelly scoreless but had four rebounds. Not afraid can't scoreless first half 10 for three shooting. The stalkers who have nice finish and a half after kind of a sloppy start at a whopping 26 point lead at to have its 27. Re badly. 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We hear your shots. He's a very simple easy and Wellington we have taken Winfield or Randy Butler in our Kansas City. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center and think porn and over west's lawyer. Let's you shocker basketball he's under no three point seven. Think if you look at the scoreboard before we start the second half in Cincinnati tonight numbered twenty yet what it wants Xavier. At December 16 Baylor its first loss of the years at least 663. Baylor. A lot of fourth soccer's next opponent. It Waco on Saturday afternoon hearsay cautionary sport where you Mississippi. I want it at number 55 at the hip hop power rankings is down by fifty. At home to South Dakota State I don't wholehearted here next Tuesday that's eighteen minutes ago. At South Dakota State credit that is evident throughout the year except you leave sexist view Grande valley back 25 about sixty minutes to play. Also not a fun yes ape like CNN and and it's keeps up the program but that's where it still pretty early the second half here's a straight score for you. Nationally ranked teams actually produce just outside the top spot this week accidentally kicked Louisville's. 342. At halftime. And had less luck. It'd be at math. Fans. I think you're up by thirty yards Alito just out of this. It's not stately teams without fifty cents 41 the fourth seat on the board state held. Savannah State it's 22%. From the field this is the C Savannah State. Who's played some good opponents an average is 82 points the ballgame and yet they only have 29 in the first half against offer. Tonight's case brought to you but if this is it the legacy your breath on the best promotional items apparel for the states. Eight has covered and I bet the state that's not speak with limited experience for the truth it's more about what's hot at. Both of her own histories different starting lineup that friend can't Reeves case. Zones. Merger. Like Nazis out and stand point he's you know he's on the stance flawless as the ad for it can't just went down holding his left leg at the other end Federline take center. Lays it and kind of threat that they'd pass that went down awkwardly. Hand it. He has left leg trader tired they get technique yet. Looks like he's left side that he is holding so well but decides that she's signed. Strange night tonight chant that went down late in the first half actually it seems these lefties that he's got a hold. Landry could tell it was a ramp horrific was his foot looks like he's got a ice bag around the lower part of his right leg obviously out of Washington as soft as it is it. That are on that lay up off. Right now has six points at stake it's the first point the second half got caught a break camp is gonna Matthew. Willis. Kaiser. Means Jones and it reads the authors included 5531. Full court pressure by Savannah State these backwards. Lots of France Kaiser for the rest of the forgo re the senate floor that's not right. It definitely left side of the iPhone as your baseline I was six. It places I love it. The only side against stats don't wanna gamble our way you're gonna allow somebody definitely old shotgun. Better it based on the opposite watered it sat for three at Nelson that's his fifth straight game he's got that team for the tigers. It's not state leads 57 they're those record pace Johnston again maligned little cliff wolf you know kept alive by nurture. Anthony sent only to flex excellent Christmas Day. A fourth in sellers Ross or left baseline with planet endlessly standards I've got to have stepped on those past deflect it by means they don't say. It's that drive that threat cellars for three. That actually got three sex sellers lose second basket both raise them. That states could not hit a couple of trades quickly here the second half definitely that's what it. Dislike that started the ball. Definitely that's nice. Right elbow to Willis thank god knows what reasonable doubt that the way it's totally up front lines news judgment that would flow high Posner Fallon backing you know left wing three shots and drives it out of foul. Going to be a whole. I think you know pulled it Savannah State thirstein. They have one team. It's really the Wichita state of play against the zone because that's the face double teams against Baylor who outlaws. Yes it picked up his first downs doctors have a slightly after the bout Tyson right wing theories that got through it sees it Kaiser. But it on the floor that right side degrees on the twelfth issue came zone middle. Looking to penetrate the baseline Willis goes wrong reverse slam Davis now or visit here by Lance. There's one guy that likes to zone defense. Darryl Willis story twice inside S soccer's first basket of the second half at eleven. Points those lines with a chance to make it well let we'll come out Bayless at the end it. Forces them to stay with us that's definitely. Willis on nine rebounds thus far and also his career highs of Levin reed. The left you know yeah it is. Thirteen rebounds. Throughout that scare off that's not track the foul line tonight four for five for a tier threat as well what's the other standard driving ethically you sent for three off the back fired without Terrell Willis there's distinctly back there is that Kaiser. The tape wrapped it up the left sideline. Cut off on let's not think it is. Triple doubles you know it's not it's not to play guys to recover immediately afoul I think on Savannah State it would help him that's not. But of course itself is rebel. There's only. Still with the quality of Locke who until now while. Maybe not a lot of dollars not Dexter McClanahan his first. With the second thoughts devastate soccer let out of bounds. Dylan Malone is it now it's actress' camp that has gone out with them type. It's really don't think it's seriously instead of ice bag on his lower right leg. Not a friend can't. That's shaken up little bit Haynes Jones got hit the massive hit look alone walk on a year ago now it is here with us today. It at that point guard spot right Marsha going down the scene. Not Vegas that was so much it means you know. Taylor velocity kick Kaiser product nurtured. Darryl Willis at Austin 370. 41 because second half shots that he sixty to 37 they have the ball which just it was a 55 point nine halftime what adjustments do you think that. Savannah State was going to make in the second half the absolutely not that's the baseline Willis doesn't drugs I got. Lots of behind loose ball Willis gets it back. Here Willis nice country. Off him. Yeah it's my sincere but those dirtier and that he does not want the stuff that's. Yeah. He's got wasted time. Forest but that's there's no better at the other three it transitional wanted it better it is an active threat has nine points. Stately slightly. In the Milan press violent guys like water Willis Myers editor there are excellent idea. It sides of the flu Frist asked. It points on it's six. For forty with us planting it that it right read a lot of contact you know totally get that list now for. That. And then I was so. Old maybe it's time. Analysts. Devastate the 32 snap out of the expanded to a full. As the first call thirty at the half we'll keep it here it's four points now for Dexter McClanahan that 6440s. Who Wichita State's. And again tonight's game brought you five distinct and they could help you put your breath on thousands of items don't want to show everyone. And don't forget these weekly coaches' shows are on these sites. Typically prompt six to eight or 830 depending. I'm 9713. Thirty CSS life for HH sports ability Alley at thirteen that tree trunk. As we get it to basketball season only is scheduled beat Gregg Marshall 6% but he's at a strip seventh eighth but also is still got. Volleyball going on his detractors at the NCAA tournament for a slam. 82830. Sex on the night. And Natalie defeat talking about what we thought this week six to eight or wrapping up a great season but the factors that 28 and street. Like in the NCAA tournament as a host this Friday night they'll take on Bradford at 8 o'clock at cage with the thirty feet at six appeal that. Please turn out to see that match might actually. Both matches and hopefully with such statements plays again on Saturday is so much fun. The ladies were given a great ovation at half time seed seed and with us states is out and support not only is soccer's. The Soviets gazed at Wichita is they were the holes of this. So far this second half which is us Dave has paid for baskets all three point baskets. At Savannah State has made five baskets at three of those stats three pointers as I was devastated that scored with the state of our thirteenth that kind. In the second half they've made five of six shots including three of four straight at Wichita State's defense which themselves early in the first half hole lead. Savannah State 22% from the field has given up five of six pupils as you said Mike 83 point 3%. Wichita State has to put together two really good defensive snaps. Before they go with that game against him. Remaining Wichita State at 6442. At the lineup as you look along CJ Kaiser auspreys careless at bottom there Shaq Boris has not played yet. Cali not a threat camp. It's something to decide if it looks like he's got to wrap on Friday stretch that likely ship that was that Agilent is right. Is it appears to lower leg. Doesn't look like he's probably going to play again that night background was already out of this and after week is a little bit of practice on them. There I know right now I got hit but now Florida loose ball and not seen him. For a that they feel a lot of work right at the length Willis hero back across Ford Jennifer Malone kind of wild ass off its hands and out of bounds. That is Z each packers' first turnover of the second half that they committed. Well versed in. All the loss is devastating human is it that the threat to our equipment alone let's. Those left right. He Malario right wing center. I think the line doubles team bounces border free fight tickets off the opposite side of an every down there. It's across the city of lights Steele accident it's the way to nearly Milan. Gala but that's sort of victory to the left side without double team triple team got stolen it's bad. I hit the picket going to the basket on Columbus later after we got better sound bites these guys. Not suited of the users to be shot at him at. Limited in that. He was barely at the Moses now they often have the experience process and it they got out otter friend can't it's going to come back here tonight. That tells it looks like to stick his neck wrap losses I've gotten me through my fifth. So I wanted vendor is now one of three free throw line is nine points tonight. Great champions prices. Those. It's not a state 64 Savannah State 42 with 1605. Field fly as it is the campuses foul. Free throw good but that is just not that he's got he had been. They sent the fifteenth minute with. And it double figures now forced out of state soccer basketball Austin leads that sort of ridiculous Malone breaks the rest of the different sort of release right half of the with more out of them won't look quite different from. Not fully upfront Malone. Over the right way to reach high capacity as double team gets to the way it Dylan Malone penetration had a sensitive magnetic got hit. No reset to twenty. After the kick and. I'm half. Another slow start to the half. Wichita State boards and defensively this time that the first half that was offensive that shoppers lady 6443. Was 1540. Ago. That sounds reflection of his mark sounds like between seventeen should be close out his own. I'm I had 70 yeah. On the court the twenty seventeens are going fast they'll get special clothes or pricing and most popular twin seventeen shedding models like Silverado Tahoe introvert did. President trade and get a great deal during the Tony seventeen should be closed out. See your hometown Chevy dealer today. Offer only a select month. Available special clintons were there offers to prove everybody 113017. Participating dealer for details. Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a mile first thing is with no not. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. Healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile. Power and delta dental. And they 65 you can discover a new hobby and enjoy family adventures and more time with friends it's all good with good health. When 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas makes better health simple it helps bridge the gaps in Medicare by covering out of pocket expenses like deductibles and go for days plus are proven support makes Medicare supplement insurance Hillary pre planned 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the US government with a federal Medicare program. Shocker basketball is on 10307. Why and. Which just so far the second half products. Sealed boxes and a study by the including three of five for three days that's worth soccer's fourteen did not accept the invitation Wichita State was up 5549. At halftime. But still a lot of time left to soccer's I don't love. Glass hard the first half score forty points they're up 6443. There but the shocker this there's the pieces back grounds out of the gate on defense. Soared eighty. And out late. And it was like if things in the ice bag off in his legs. Apparently nothing real serious with and it's not a friend can't while. Five if you is that if it it's not at all. In the left water reef off the theory short Rebecca top ups tonight if ours it's just devastating accident itself. It's not the key drive exit the corner three on the way but McClanahan has yet. Dexter McClanahan makes the fourth of that path presidency he's got seven points. Definitely it's not. Sure Kelly at ports and capitalists. And it's almost all of my news at. It can't that was the past Mike Kelly it just led to defend your right in different camps last witness the opening. If the data plan soccer's net wealth after every. Second half. They did it really throughout the last eleven minutes after. Andy accounts for only three turnovers already athletes at the end of the month it's not that vehemently. We. Asked statement on drives down the line it throws one Italian open three off the opposites nightly event at its residents today. It's definitely the floor over the rights night. Fantastic night sellers that if you can walk through that divorce rate that. The results may. And it's scalable long Canada got underneath she accidentally get out of his wife shacks fell over wants all of them. It was Savannah State or if you want remaining. It means that why days earlier than. I have been active enough offensive it is sellers left wing. It'll it to people right wing center guys that don't want to drive lately and that was late Tuesday. A lot to a thinner with well for Savannah State the lead is back in the sixth socket the density of a lot. At halftime might just give up fast after that it's available on that report ranking at the foul line this is that your parents definitely bouts of that state if they wanted every time for the sake it's not getting any offensively there. Short sellers left side of the floor. Really slowed down there stating that left side of the and thank you alone Wall Street attack or assist the confronted. Passing it belongs on the basket brought it back to telling slam. First and tonight we start going back to 6648. The other it theatre through traffic for a couple wild shots knows him off the glass. That it was fourteenth that is they can't yes so far here at the second half 6650. With us alone over that. It alone right now. All right back tequila Milan. He reads like a it's an athlete and a lot of things now floor for a case. A handful of points of this. You can clearly see him so far out tickets on the top October rights it's sort of silences the the way through the office Wall Street does not work ethic instantly almost it's definitely could drive it shot fake but enough not to. That Kelly off balance a little bit and it Javaris tickets getting its first points of the game. Stately 69 if you do. Backward not to us it's time on that particular well exactly that's what that meant to Malone left for. Aspects not alone could take three AA office. Another voice over prevent tooth. Sellers support suitcase that the baskets not partially blocked recovered by feeling comfortable out. It drives up the floor all the way to the basket and this matter how lately opted to rebound but he landed out of bounds of the back. Gregg Marshall trying to settle things that it sees that the court for a moment. Doctors saw the couple alone is not so much snow back here. Five K at these things that crisis that's the end zone reads. Out tonight Kaiser plant camp Boris. Alley with us today. Well 43 still that you know unfortunately ups haven't seen right it looked like 26. Of them. Think it starts let dribbles right but worse not view laws passed it to about 85 row of seats. I think what it looked like it made over there well opposite stance with the statement that. And that many turnovers prices and a statement that it is that the beginning. Of festivals like thanks. It's nothing you know what's the time line he's the only thing that handsome advertising rights and it worked. Now the high post divorce. It's like that Kelly at the left corner I don't retreat this season. OK. I think coming up but they're thrilled with three quarters yet. For tonight. Obviously liked what he ends of the suit that he. Started right effects left over tickets law three short rebound fourth slot that there's no society starts support. Our senator David Kelly goes for the and it is now but it. Right vastness of not being young articulate the line the latest Sheila Smith. Now let's go. It's a. And estate industry prospective fourth bout with two free throws for Kelly what we can back 1155. Spelled it now. Wichita State's 72 Savannah State 53. Shocker fans prepare to be shocked tall grass country club our local favorite golf course since 1981 has something new to show you the new local owners have already started adding news we should fairways to the golf course and plans to start on a new 24 hour fitness center memberships start as low 3999 per month. A 24 hour fitness or free golf on Monday in black says plus mentioned the setting future first month free I know is shocking. Tall grass is also the perfect spot for your next private event from fundraisers to weddings there extra staff is ready to meet your expectations play with a shoppers play enjoy the new tall grass country club today. So hey welcome to big lots I'm looking for new LG LED and a real would be none. 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Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or is built for a pummel. Shocker basketball he's. Don't know three point seven GUY yeah. When I state seventy's at Savannah State. Factors shooting 50% in the second half 48 that game. And a state came out blazing they played kind of the first fifteen shots in the second half. With the war they straight there's no at all. Est plus 46. On the boards and after the lead got down sixteenth back up the flooding if we start telling going for the line to shoot two free throws. Carol Willis filed points eleven rebounds for Wichita State that's his fifth career double double as a shock period 42 career games and it isn't the transfer a year ago. At least free throw that. Likely to prove that over last year sentence if one person that the both of his free throw attempts. Against the thing. The shot 58%. A year ago that your. War 61 points to nothing rattles him in the center and looks better when it comes out of Rashard that fourth shot is not my flight to another pressing a little bit of planning process not want it to its accidental plane slam. Lancet Shaq Shaq was the year. But it called salad chef got happy with the ball and the audience that was supposed to do there goes straight out that it is there now. And these second team now and have fun with state. A lot definitive line states and the poor free throws his fourth point of stuff. Matter. Is that guy who. Played as a sophomore. Three years ago and it's been snake was there ever scored nine and a half points and transferred to Francis variant of this program. It transfered back sat out last year's not link it if you're seeing. At sixteen is to make the second free throws. And. It can't that the guys once those restlessness. Backward time line for him at times. And it jumped that legitimately nice bars down the block the calendar at different careful with street right wing of etiquette rebound with a plastic belly back up. Missed the point blank range veteran defense. At a state the adequate planning it right they wanted they sent out front center. Thought about it will still hold it starts right with the rebels drives definitely cuts off its downloads those that got through it. They sent over to. Sellers. Right dates and it Atlanta its adaptive planning hand. Cross court better step back and drives it. I was up front runner this rebounds selling. It's a state. That's along its position that night is this data from this means Jones left. Kind of Christ not once not complete likely frankly guy's face like reverse lay up this thing out. Ribat alleyways Nancy it's not an offensive rebounder Alex Kelly number one slot an offensive against the top weapons of rebounder in the country planning handle low period and out. Forrest fight for deflected it sounds competitively but it up the floor down the line all the way to the grant it draws the salad out of line for two. Soccer's top flight 22. Jobs at the free throw line it's 28 to go under for us now I want. It. Slipped left. The story is 06. Field. Doctors led by Smith and another conflict and was worth it it's. Two. Free throws. Tonight it's late in a sign free throws an exhibition game it was night at 1255. Cents or five. At the Wichita State as yours aren't his first appearance since the first of the season here's the reason. Throw up. And that's fine but if you want to the president has its sixth after the game Nass that court nearly intercepted that they can support an open three left wing is an air ball rebounded though by better. Lay out front of the planet right now alliance if echoed that all of you know. It's gonna column block got Kaiser run out of control drive. Five McClanahan. Now on CJ Kaiser will be his fourth thirteen thousand path. Well he just it is my. Reads it Kaiser out. Yeah. As they inflated the baseline but what about the shot clock and hand looking for a way out for a US dollars. Sellers try to work right to left off the Wall Street and lots actors created through what I say fifth at covered by frank here looking ahead drivers that court. Through traffic behind the back down reliant it and try to pass it up yet found. At bouts don't know much not to grant you your hand. Only the sixteenth. House note. Now is not a pass. My ethnic equality act cute it would be checkers there anything. And I am surprised. About the lack of for its growth in the fall of south. 3003. That's. That's part. You know but it it directly to alienate double team in the chart wisely called 32 time at. Note that opportunity you know in the second chances the 32 not now with us they really liked what war 78. 54 over Savannah State. Members shocker fans good seasons on the road if this watch party location is constantly network to southeast quarter. That's when he first went up by your own what parties canceling a trip details to be 88 seats are at Orlando's courtesy of Eisenhower next airport. You know. We're soccer basketball. It's jones' Bentley accelerant to tonight's all he had. At this person has scored 21 points in the first half. To soccer's were flat place in the fourth second half now they're starting to recapture that. Sizable lead. And it's because of blogging with him. Not a frank camp plays and it's much. Doctors reason that this nation and now right wing rent it out for tele atlas nightly threat. Soft Wall Street vs left wing you know let water for a chance that this is not endless night that it definitely it can't not make I all the way in and get this classic apple. Go to Christopher Connor can't soccer league by a slice it it's a physical. Lou once again aren't part releases with a left grant that. Rightly enough as it went back out fender standard drive it means you know it's been working at the free throw circle that was left lightly at that got for a and at long three is no good by sex sellers to prevent it means you know the president quickly. Guys down the middle over the right wing greens right quarter frank camp wolf that's eureka. That's if they feel right up. Trees left behind for the longer shot grant after five straight points leader is 29 now 8354. Conference Dartmouth that's that. Nine minutes ago which I states that it had 83 points. Layout for a limited sellers try to drive and a reason you've got a plan to issue for it can't just about the back rebound in starts and it's enough to us to reach constantly have to try to double team if that means Johnson I think down the line all the life. I think they have laid up with a Fridays that's 28. Passes late 85 this season. Savannah State does know what to do a better idea course and I thought the yard. Bettors let's stick to kind of protect the vote is body of the guards tried to block the shot snotty body to body Greg marshals. Catholics the sideline it stands straight out of reach efforts now on as you. Well it affords him about a half this recent shots for a lot of faith matters who's active shooting. Petr for a six from the line tonight but giving it negated an 8088%. From the flooding five. Throw a fan bounces. That's not around bounced up and fought through he's got 7080s. Now hi for Savannah State hostage dissident within. On high praise. Charges connected back yet there's been a state replacing planting season Michael Tucker is coming off of thirteen run. They're up 38555. And one more free throw fourth matter. If you back here for the first time slouching here at least that's residents think that. Like that and now he's got eight. Felder is back the end eases their tickets. Yet. And it's earth. Or. Savannah State after it reads ranking. Jones apparently art. You know ultimately agrees that some iTunes announcement from France it that it. Bulls have placement fifty footer that nice that everything Cotter has soccer's. His last seven points status in a court quickly if it's not that long create air ball out of actually save by Kelly before a lot of bat and hit innings three outs of politics thrust time line works right side of the floor and I did the light all the way to the basket gets fouled. As he was going up the right to left us lying. Now to get it to the under eight timeout with 759. To the second half. Needs to announce the Golan to the line trying to get thirty points that I thought it was like 3587. 56759. Lesson that a third. Please. Hi this is actually paid and I'm a full time working mom of two of my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around much harder work out that because there's not one place that needs all of our need. 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Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisors asked or associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated company choppers horses brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford grameen phone Hartings Mike Rogers in Newton can't hall or in more pain Kirk Farber. The following is a message from new trend. He's due dates. It's juniors aged no no you I have holiday millionaire raffle ticket mr. screeners and the always fun to do it creates molds my good woman yet. And now they're more than 4200 winner's life. There purple Chile. Good dreams are waiting don't play the Kansas lottery holiday millionaire raffle with even more prizes and great odds of winning one million dollars this is fight I. Odd that they. To me. You shocker basketball is on 103 point seven can you why you. That's State's defense Perry did hit it a little bit against. It's been a mistake got off really hot start of the second half. If they five of their first eight shots Canada fifteen others it's their last six there's 43%. After the half. Create for the game. Percent. At 46%. On 43. Three point attempt which it does stay 54 and a half percent the second half fifty for the game 31 at 62. Let's appoint five threes and fourteen up that team. That the free throw line of IT job trying to add to that a shooting. Four for four from the line free throw bounced short. His first minutes from the line its debt 28 points instead of fifteen from the field for a five. 34 rebounds three incidents. Long way to go though still almost eight minutes free throw out there. Tonight Jane reflecting. It. And it's not here's the excellent defense and use it for us. Residents court and a three of the is way short and recovered by you know. The announcement. At that thrives. Not run by. Here. It's. A few art for that that means that ranking long three left side that. Not a threat can't. Us has scored ten points on his last four shots the other ethnic at that. Ranking up here to hit it passionately chickens on three wood off the market for it and it goes out of bounds last night life at this day. Soccer basketball exciting 156. Hi. Five now have repeatedly that six to. Lot of substitutions in force and a state standards that it. Pieces of yours dollars that he. Elders that he would walk. To the red shirt Italy that's nine rebounds. Down more than its. Backcourt tonight. Over the last night for an effective means you know rightly streets right. Kelly that's really trusted friend can't three left wing. Rip off this time. About Kelli let's back. No life he's got it needs and he's kept us out of office. Yes. And it rebounds in all my confidence that a stimulus grant candidate Dick Snelling and he's got to get. All of a sudden Sox this. Rookie on offense. And I didn't find it 56. Better in the line. Takes a couple of guys get some shots partially blocked by guards rebound control Smith's baseline jumper from fifty off the bat. Laundry about it they're gonna call foul. And either read certain accounts that they backing it suits them as they. Fouls on Austin reaches murders. Fifteen fouls happen it'll be like the baseline bus that State's 631 of the factors that 95 to 56. And double doubles now. And mr. Willis is twelve points and eleven boards. Telling. It points its revamped baskets in the federally added to my left wing three on the led off the deck readout. Defense on Fox News please work differently if not let's Nightline. Bulls not far as the three it'd outrebounded the dark thought okay. They just love him. Very strong inside this offensively tonight he's seventh. I think. Tonight sellers. Will be. All the lights yeah it. As defensive pops off the street along right sideline six minutes ago and it's right evidently spinning for Safeway store. He's covered by its current pace Johnson or if Kelly going part of the basket and five he gets another year and he surrogate. The players. It's your nice fights Nelly Kelly it's well it's not your night and I plan against that extra left corner elder of one that doesn't have it's not a formal plan. Except that fires it up way short rebounds tonight. Does not list any you know lifted up the floor over the border Reid thought the three and a half minutes left leg out of balance myself here. And it's not it's not yet. Well let's go let's say hi I'm sorry yeah. The fifth and twelve points and ten rebounds Paul twelve points. Second hand and it's slow points six rebounds in his sixties those. Businesses in a lot of those points as his running the floor like it garden. Five starters in double figures have passed it threatening. Rightly for the fact that you know. Likely see their prices back to France camp lobby for ivory but if it's not. Average it out for a different camp over the left wing you know I poster allies. Rank him right corner and I. Right under prepared to Willis laser. I'd love that we. Sexy side of that zone they're only seeing shoppers that I don't want. It but planet analogue three. It finally end the long drought at planting it's it's a three and a half now at that point. One O 159. But I think still for 44 to go. Haynes Johnson for a timeline over Kaiser back it means Johnson left wing fringe can't. Penetrate that needs Jones freon delay they'll cut off the act rebound loose and recovered. I dissent for. Savannah State or elder retreat right wing that's good. I think its elderly its first points of the game so then it's status updates just raised the second half. Which just neatly one don't want this. Guns across the time line. It's one point news. Posted 630. Points better game you're great marshland with prostate cancer if your wrestling that it's going to be now one. You sense. For Savannah State world's five remaining. Merger. The only go to the line that yup there's applause at the eighth about. 1810011. Perjured. Rondo is efforts to. Frontline yeah it's eight points of the earth but they have become the sixth soccer players in double figures tonight. Good. Accurate a little bit of mystery and free throw line against Notre Dame for a six sees them. Seven of nine now with street to street not a friend can't exactly what Malone is in it. Points stretch of the second free throw by nurtured. It's not there's outlets. Six double figures larger hands and it's three to 62 long and support the basic thrust for it next. Floor plan endlessly driving less water should not use it out but I felt that rebound Darryl Willis you know closed it is rebounding Kyle's not. I'm Elaine Jones all the best ticket. 84. Player Eric Gregg Marshall it was not safe to score thirty year war planning camp right corner case that the three missed everything rebounds recovered enough walked by Lois and now. I'm Darryl Willis will be set that was just shocker that the ball comes off. It's the shot is so bad it comes off the bottom rim the soccer didn't have enough with. The two large gathering. I'm out on the floor at 333. To know what it's not state leaving Savannah State 10. Five to 62. Finding the right employee can be demanding from recruiting ticket your views expressed what we're professionals does the work or. Did you know your business. Or you're trying to. Find qualified people and support he's expressed for all your staffing. Let us help express employment professionals is on a mission to. To work each year go to express rose dot com to find a location near you. 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For only a slim models available special clintons are the offers to for the relentless and thirty. Seventeen participating dealer for. Shocker sports is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita agent friend Moody's John Green rich Cutler does sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seven JE. It's not state the player under Gregg Marshall to. Thirty year mortgage game four players have done it and thought looked. Six times when Anthony early at Theo Ratliff whites each read Bentley the last to do. That that's the nightly news Johnson thirty wants it 45 minute here again Savannah State tonight. Well with us statement while. Turnovers in the first half they started off with frequent turnovers in the second half we picked up one or sixteenth with the ball game. Free throw. By Palin hits. It now hold for two from the free throw line. Obviously 105 to sixty. 33. They RE plus 35 of the court's second free throw this this rebound loose on the floor Willis I like can't sit. And it'll be a jump off position Arab goes back to his advantage states I don't think they'll count that as a rebound for Darryl but they're well. And fourteen points. Shark Alley twelve points ten boards. As regards to start it now on wellness enough probably done for the night three minutes thirty seconds ago fourteen. Points twelve boards his fifth career double double. Fled their rants from the baseline left water Felder. Are in the water side needs you know it's. That was all that it's not plot that would start. Go look at the monitor it. You have much time should remain. Don't forget to get your tickets for the NCAA volleyball regional Friday Saturday here comfortably and at 6 o'clock Friday for eight years. Missouri 8 o'clock sauces and Bradford Wichita State that number one seed in the receipts T national seed. Posting a regional with the first time it's it's. Just put five seconds back on the shot clock we'll make any difference that it does get off. Quantity laughter. And yet looking they slide played in lobs up front almost all of my feelings along with everybody thinks it over to face at try to penetrate that I think get left way. Now there for three off the back aren't rebound Rondo appeared to him alone. That's some of the floors hit them miserable it it made double team variety of ways that it that the threat I did that season over two. CJ Kaiser left baseline there that's nice run alone that go recognizes the tape edit rate drops back to Milan. A couple of dribbles at issues slightly. Down not alone. What is field nurture retreat left way way too hard rebound loose on the floor recovered but elder president of state. 10562. State by 43. They sent right links back out front to Austin days that drives cut off my Kaiser walk up to lose scramble on the floor. Tyson got it that followed up on this night. Love the fact that icicles on the floor that was the floor for the postponement soccer's a couple of what it's. 35 peca here you're out for a party can't threats team as a walk on a couple of years ago you know that your sophomore. Describe the average. And a half minutes to go STJ Kaiser. Trust not light frosts sort things Jones right side of the floor out of them LeBlanc over the left with the Kaiser register at the height adjustment to double team stolen by Savannah State. Rabbit editor at grant. Going to be off the charts rant over. Jake and I fitted their authority cannot grant few years except now. I found that half on Savannah State soccer basketball with eighteen. A state leading 10560. News soccer's second score over a hundred points this year. Time was one of those seven against him hazy. The left wing nearly alone for one time but I'm 57. Alpha alone Leftwich Disney's Johnson much down the left slots at the start bachelor and Johnson stolen but Pickett he drives it a sports. Cut off like scalable outside of Beckett passes deflected out of I think. He stopped the clock with 153 to go kick it hurts the shot is fresh off on that. One point seated. I feel things have got the sense that it's not all of grants the baseline without traffic rules now might be art still loose and it herds him up. President Bush that's not the other. Earth distressing point as a shocker fifth. What 76. Written a nice deep at that place rented on the dribbled past the defender. Great body control as he leaves the floor nights off layup off the backboard. All the launched Savannah State you want grant played briefly earlier in game and a victory. So you know that's fast baseline adjectives was it traffic gets around urgently to Finland a chance for a three point play. Morris Jenkins now with what. When I was 764. What should not state rice of course the other freshman walk on the accident. For CJ Kaiser scene today at his season debut tonight scored four. Congratulated my fifth straight commercialism not some good defense is defense of flashes from season. All right stick it to his first free throw chances that I left to play short off the front nine rebound loose on the end line and it's less satisfactory. Aren't they listen to this day. Windows 7 64 Wichita State leading it. It's vanity these three Watford. Right after these shots that after the foul call that cutting the basket and getting out. Is probably K worries and don't go to the line for two shots. The mouse that now on and it's. Like Texas Tech. About tigers just like Texas Tech. Scored six points against them up on and read it. This differs from the line here. Part. Party doctors placed in along with enough fans let order birds that rates I was born. I think today. I could read out at three point baskets as it turns out well stroller that's not there. Six terrific ball. Out front it started divers. Can't play left way. Ticket drive in traffic out of poverty in our fifth that left or its open. That it. Please do it if it gets its first 266. With a vesting in Malone. It's. Not one that floor alone let birds. Milan rightly bush. Lauded front that it may write it down the line little float. It everybody pitted at historic act alone if this earth. Wants twelve to 66 not yours ticket drive and the bunkers while throws that's crosscourt. Yeah it's not for a want grant to try shored up that everybody writes it's a particular Malone. Shot clock it clock just about ethernet Malone double team. It's leg it's an up to bush Mr. President across the time line. The only player that is not Stewart now it is Brett Favre hasn't had not edited on fourteen on the game clock sports you know it's not much. Like it might. Make one more effort is fluent. 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This was a little bit strange the way it all develop Wichita State started very slowly for about the first seven or eight that it offensively at the first half. Got off to a slow start about the first four or five minutes defensively at the second half. And they still end up winning by 46 or 812 point penalty opponents to 27 and a half percent shooting that wants doctors got going to have it was pretty devastated. It really was my cannot cut the spark plug in both halves with me Jones. He helped Wichita State get under control. He penetrated against that the defense he beat the defense down the war there is no time to set up the zone. That Wichita State I thought salt little bit to start the second half and the lead was cut to us sixteen points. Please don't skate at the couple baskets and the shots off the right to yet add to their defense started to settle down also. Net Savannah State didn't make five of their first eight shots a lot of those were three point shots at Wichita State solidified. And the tigers made only eight of their last 31 shots Wichita State holds them. 27 point 5% you know. Or Wichita State just it give you an idea there's depth of ballots thirteen players scored six in double figures. It would have double doubles. At this doctors had eleven different players with at least one assessed. Doctors in addition to do it after 54%. Shooting 61 of the second half it. 40%. For 3870. To ninety free throws. There plus 36 origin on the boards as the second best of all time top might want it again. Oklahoma City 56 years that well and it was kind of predictable Wichita State is the third best. Rebounding margin team in the country and you've got Savannah State which rank down in the bottom they do about twelve rebounds. Then they get so you do that that was going to be a problem for them but it was like it knockout punch going well rounds with Mohammed Ali it. Which it hostages. If you live of those knockouts much higher walking on the fourth. Though one stat that it will really count that's a great partially block the happy with nineteen turnovers ten more than Savannah statement. The points off turnovers ended up dead even at 62 doctors were. 5219. Point 868. To 37. On that you know at the beginning of the second half also in the Christian Wichita State that let's recap that went down. He was out the rest of the second half to play very much at all as a matter of fact we have for sixty minutes. And that you had kind of tracked him goes down its offices side cuts at the end. Nate Jones goes out he gets it face it that it now we wondered if he was going to be come back in England locker room. He can Beckett had a remarkable second half. And as a result Wichita State got back the drivers went. Frank dancing at the end and it was like he's in a bottle tracked him but but he added I stretch of about five minutes scored ten points every week left finally went in. I think he got a little bit of confidence. Going off you know very well second. Shocker when it wants. Well 266. It at a start game recap right do you buy Dillon DC comics coming coming that your criminal defense would be you final offer but would not give that call. At 645048. Or visit they'll company LLC. Count Cummings coming law where you're needs. Always come first facts doctors were a 112. Points. If you add another 40% discount all sharper merchandise tomorrow on late. At jets locker room either east or west always be happy to say I got it can't be. Even happier and I get 40% off to get it it. Oh. You know what I was gonna say it's just like we predicted. This team's gives up more points than any team in the country 94 point nine points per game we predicted which does it useful for a hundred points against them. What I was really happy with the doctor's defense that fluctuated a little bit but defensively that would stalwarts. Folded he throws the ball up quite a bit to 27 point 5%. 112 points the second most ever scored by a great work shocker to had a 16 against Maryland Eastern Shore. Last year and the margin of victory. At 46. Ties for fifth most all time record worship with us today it's a key gains Jones becomes the fourth soccer player. It's worth thirty your border Rick Marshall. Six total thirty border that are in Malaysia which they averages about five people went. Or 76. People with chance. You both camps. Wars event state and honestly don't know that it sloppiness there. A nice dress rehearsal which cost me. It would be much better but they run zone defense which state had. 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You can count on Comfort Systems were all you're heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free and home estimated at 2657831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. Soccer sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris. Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or hazel for pummel. When a three point. Hello soft Wall Street exact more assists but it's not a pass it to block the basket robbed of that big salaries. Yeah. First look at night if I don't think back. First of the items in the second half he got to hand. And it twelve that her shirt telling them wanted to double doubles which congress tonight. As they wouldn't want twelve to 66. Over Savannah State. That's one of the big plays of the night our officials put into the deep freeze play of the game has brought you by lit supply answer and we chose this because that was a significant. Moment for a shocker individualism and our play of the game inviolate. Shot it in and out I felt a rebound Darryl Willis you know close to his rebounding hi all night. Now delay its jump all the basket. Court player after Gregg Marshall Wichita State to score thirty a warm up. Again for the record clean at that nearly Angel right with the. 230 point games apiece Fred badly the last the force of my game with 32 at Evansville. Just two years ago during his senior season so. Big moment for him 31 points that night in just 26 minutes at five rebounds by the serious. At two turnovers made eleven of seventeen shots that he fourth six reasonably joining us who. At 8 o'clock. There which point he said that that while some might say it was one minutes of much it. I have some of the other steps Wichita State 61%. The second half ended up at 54%. For the game 41 at 7613. Of 31. Three for 42% which is that it because that's. The FKC game when they shot it really well factor. It's you have case either for thirteen of 23. In that game 457%. That it did. At under thirty want. The other war games going 2788. And I have just a 350 it's Saturday last year which touts its not over. 40% three point stripe that's never. Quite shocker. This year still decent 36%. From three point right it was really nice to see it up that point right. 40% once again if they've achieved in the game that factors were 76 and a half percent from the line and that 70% or better at all five previous games bested the year at night seventy to 1989. And a half. They held Savannah State to 27 and a half percent at 23 point six on fifteen. Behind it. 313. To 5570%. And eighty shots where from beyond the arc they also were in the teens for three. Plus 36 rebounds 6731. It's the second best rebound margin in the history of the program by Juan. In late game against Oklahoma City attackers out rebounded them by 37. 56 years ago the one the one black mark on the stats nineteen turnovers to dine with. 31 points for so much it means jobs fourteen points twelve rebounds for their well as the twelve rebounds one short of his career best against Oklahoma State last year. Twelve points ten boards or Reshard Kelly. Twelve points for Austin Reeves for a beat three east hand for product literature and eight rebounds in just seventeen minutes. And then six points for Landry champ played sixteen minutes late to a four threes ten points for conference camp look that double figure effort and all it is the very short span of time. Where it may force shots to have the threes. Four points for Shaquille Boris and eight rebounds played fifteen minutes hardly at all in the second Nancy. 21 minutes of the year. Prices pushed it to three toward the end of the game but his only shot at midnight hit two points apiece. For as you're beat guard Jacob horrors and he would Malone he converts it writes bush both making their only shot putter first points as members of this basketball team. Leading Savannah State a lot of tapes that are with the team. Fifteen points or Austin Jason that are really hot streak there for awhile in the first half repeat four threes in a row at the death. Five of eleven from beyond the arc ten points. For Dexter McClanahan was just three of eleven. From the field and elite rebounder would Steelers this with six. Force Savannah State the tigers to a six chapters five and want heading to Baylor. On Saturday all the players that played for Savannah State their world lot of them won't be one of them shot at least 50% from the field that was reason to. And he was one for one asked you to pick a star tight defensive players it's right you've got you covered with control blighted your living room pre privacy your bedroom where transport look at your kitchen. That's covered as the right when the treatment solutions for use all 3166127000. Or go to got you covered which. Cop got you covered serving the Wichita area. Growth is a tough one might Wichita State it really really good job. At various stretches of the ball game I thought Jones was as good as anybody wants. Defensively. I also thought shark Alley do really good job defensively. He was able to clog things up the middle and keep whatever. Attempt. That's about state tried to do to make in the middle a very difficult to know. It coach Gregg Marshall joins us presented by express employment professionals on a mission. To put him millions to work again and 112 points but shot tonight the second most if coach marshall's tenured. The 116. Scored last year. Against Maryland Eastern Shore coach. How do you love how do you evaluate this but overall the nineteen turnovers and are probably doesn't sit too well with it but obviously a lot of good things that stretches. Yeah we we out rebound them by 36 points and a 52 to nineteen in the paint so I thought our guys inside not pleased with the turnovers. Points off turnover was even. We got ten to three of the advantages in second chance points as well as a fast break. We doubled about fourteen to seven so much he's don't look like he was back home because he looked very comfortable. Short of being knocked in the mountain have in the blood. If it appeared to be like a city league game he was that he was getting to the rim he's really really explosive with that first step. And he took pretty good care of the ball farther is only two turnovers. Lenders for the war or were born before he went out but the other guy's got a handle the ball better made a lot of guys with negative assist turnovers. Although. A big outdoor play well and his minutes so. We'll try to get him ready the big but we've got a ton of big guys right now we're short little bit. With round now being now I don't know how long. It with regard so we played three guards most of the game in that TJ it was nice to have him back. He's obviously a little rusty with his files and whatnot but. He does have the athleticism and looked really good ones that you've got to make better decisions we have to. Assistance through and asked what the situation but Landry. That was ankle. We've scared the heck out of us. Now when he was down you know they can hold gosh hopefully his foot again. But I think. It just mild ankle sprain and Woolsey went there thinking with that round we don't know right now actually showed nothing you can do Amaro wins today. Tweaked his knee just little bit practice on Sunday. Hopefully he'll be fine but he was he precautionary on crutches yesterday obviously not on crutches today feels much better that. We've got to make sure there's been damaged the well site. So it. Yeah able to score quite a few points side Harold Willis. Reshard Kelly and in the in to a little bit lesser degree. Rodham merger I thought they get a good job of getting down there on the baseline short corner. Doing their swings step getting some layoffs again Kelly gets it 1010 rebounds and Willis gets twelve we have six guys in double figures. But but tomorrow shape it was his night 31 points really proud of him. And he's you know he's just got to get comfortable because obviously talented and quick and fast fairly strong and athletic. And and he could shoot the basketball and hunted shot never have the shark except in transition now when he's got those numbers at you know he scored that basket and he's gonna have to be a good finisher because he's gonna can get things a little bit. That the game against Baylor is going to be more links and our weather system as we know with the rooms we're gonna have to be mark we can win it. You mentioned the 36 rebound margin as much you care about that part of the game he should be proud to note that. There's only did one better. A 37 margin. 56 years ago so second best in the history of the program it's been a long long time so it's gotten. Yeah we we had some guys shoot the ball it can be hit with two hands that's what else excited with Carol. I was excited which as you won the rebounding wasn't just one here it was too. Didn't didn't like Rashard giving it the re about one time and having them come up underneath it would take the ball away reminded me of it's I have to get snow days. When you rebound that basketball you've got to understand there's going to be count that if it don't be surprised by it's almost like a double team when you turn your back it's gonna be there. Don't assume just just let it you can do anything assume there's going to be contacts when we try to take the ball and Richard keep in. I call edged incumbent out of the year. Make you feel this way in this rumor saying. Elbows to the face but if you edged the ball coming out of the air there's very little chance of what's going to be over here and there. And make it lose shark Alley one of the best rebounder. But in the conference. Well he's he's averaging over four offensive rebounds a game tonight he has five that's what he does particularly well and it. You know he got to the advantage of a couple calls I thought it might go to over the back once or twice but. They called illegal box out. And Jerel with regard raid on the beat that today and he started to do things a little better with two hands everything was one here. He he he rebounds and as far as Bjork with. With his five and only. Nine minutes Rondo had eight and seventy so a lot of guys do a great job on the actual authority Shaq daddy. On all of these incidents are great opportunity America's doesn't go that off. We got lucky for the walk without. Shoes. That he's been in the swim back she's been doing some light jogging on the football field that it says the stadium. Just heard talking to himself which he often does the necessity. These these are didn't see it to me but he sure it out loud. To anyone in particular he goes. Please just help please. You know he's he's chomping at the bit to get back out. Obviously. Much more difficult test on Saturday at and it's not about more link there and athletes so forth that was it good for your team is disease don't all night if it needs more work. I think so I think this. This is a game that was really good for what we needed. All the pressing all the tracking all of us. You have to make basketball decisions and you have to play the game and then you have to effectively attack the zone which we saw for forty minutes. Thank you on Saturday. Afternoon at Gregg Marshall which state one well. 66. Overs of banners and welcome back to wrap things up. That's a reflection of his mark since like 2017 should be closeout sale. I had. 70 yeah the twenty seventeens are going fast they'll get special clothes or pricing and I'm. The most popular twin seventeen shedding models like Silverado Tahoe introvert it's. London trade and get a great deal during the 2017 should be closed out. A year hometown shouldn't be there today. Offer only answer was well. Available especially when police were there offers from everybody 113017. Stating he would forget. 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It rebounds and you know a lot of offensive for the stimulant for advancement had been Kelly he's got to get double. Slant. It was and it's not just lucky on offense. And continue to do that they would have won 1266. Overs event stay back on the job. Post game show and I started the game right by the Kansas lottery if you Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today. For a chance to become millionaires as lottery dot com for the most current. Jackpot of Kansas lottery and dream bigger. I. 31 points five rebounds five assists in 26 minutes. And just the fourth player under great. Marshall which state scored thirty years war in the first a couple of years that spirit Bentley at 32. At Evansville two seasons ago. That. It seem wolf first let me ask you this that your people are concerned you're. Well Iran Byron Alvis that they had it about the game and get the math everything it was you know things incentive for the press from a listen to stuff but we. Beckham play. Obviously this was a game that seemed to suit she temple wise and everything else you like keep it up for them. The floors you it's not I didn't in transition making great plays. If you thought you tell us before it airs at. It new life the opportunity for victory thing. Yeah. You got an open court you get to see a lot more things mostly for yourself if it's teammates is making a great place. You can. So Monday's 431 points is terrific for small givers or more points at school or college you know falsehood. Around 40000. Thirtieth both of them. And then despite the fact she's worth 31 points and obviously the best game. On the floor tonight he still lead to this list with fives that you look to those assists also yeah no matter what. Obama playing out on the floor I got to give people the ball. It's been very positions make it great stuff as you watch the game to start. As you watch the game. Are you thinking I can penetrate this action to fight this guy this guy over plates or anything like that does is go out there a status it's a poison. Stated game. The and you see there and win transitions got to make the play when you can't you know opportunity announcement that it. Budget this is transitional here for you coming from junior college so obviously there are things at this level little different things learn. You speak up if rates start here it. Players but that was done in Hawaii but what if you've maybe learned from playing against them with a better teams you faced him alive it's not every. Every opportunity matters. We hit in the game that matters is the thinnest rebound in anything got to do. He's got to go out and play hard and let them every day and the coaches keep me humble here. Is that they just keep me humble that's got to keep working and practices have to be pretty tough falsely claim against some pretty good guards with us from when you Connors Austin. These days of this this is so they're indicated he would definitely thing. Obviously it's tough loss to Notre Dame is that what kind of at the size of the things you just talk about it every possession is so important against him. In my of that flew on it suffered games on the on the road here. We've just got to execute and something in his office and struggled a little bit in the second half not you with the team played against the zone defense Notre Dame. Yeah now played really well against his own defense tonight and we'll keep playing against really tough on defense. Yes Baylor. Tell us a little bit about your thoughts about as a defense how much improvement. It's a little watched we see that opens seeing the mistakes that we made Intifada. That those who play the next game definitely do here is. It was the perfect game in the last month you beckons him where you're ready for it a great game tonight maybe you've had bigger games that that's one of the biggest ones for Rick. Marshall coach player which I stated. Certainly a good start toward better things season goes along. Definitely think. Well them tonight you had Johnson started the game with 31. Points that night it yes 46 minutes of play. Wichita State goes on when it won twelve with 266. Improving to five at one on year. One of our fine shocker sponsors Javaris carpet outlet in Florence center but you shocker basketball as a tradition in the city. Certainly few bars is that kind of tradition among which top businesses locally owned and operated family owned and operated. And providing great product at great prices with his superiors. Service from top to bottom. Throughout their long history would yours in the heat for flooring those who can varsity teams sixteen. North Broadway. Also. Fund dimension. That are also penalties for was born in 1980 watts which happens to have been at least eight years that's for shocker basketball. And to celebrate. And we're back counselors and other it. And turnovers and I think. It just me in a theater. Near. Yes. Basketball practice tomorrow afternoon can't wait. Stored. As I was Hispanic girls that you know leave the sport in 91. And to celebrate. Carlos valleys and yet most business to full size on race and actually contains though for only nineteen. Put them they closed it can stand it. When you order the case tell them back into the cigarette and I love that bad and it's terrific with the institute. Well then now we are pretty much done with things then which statements gotten on with its performance over a hundred points this year 46 point La incidents they obviously things a lot tougher on Saturday. Not only. At Baylor which ranked in the top money that now angry Baylor. After they lost on the road. Right here tonight. It was a little bit of anger coming after a wide. Let them put the shocker is aggregates they're ignorant it. A politically explorers. Chapters on it. Next on it here South Dakota State improved to 727. Overtime win on the road that's. Tonight so that's going to be another tough one coming up. Purdue which just dropped outside the top 25 members of the team was they'll 667. In West Lafayette, Indiana. And opportunities. Rightfully you know 9658. SMU improved to 631. Point whatever Texas Rio Grande Valley. It's late then at the Reynolds Saturday night that tells the UT San Antonio 102. Goals in three year. Just Euro way here I'll keep that on game Thursday night in East Lansing between number five Notre Dame. The number three Michigan State the if this game with the fact that displayed. As we know East Lansing very difficult place to play our game so well coached so wells who they make adjustments during the ball game. Hopefully their opinion there it is like the ones you'll raise Wichita State has to have the team like that play well win so. Our strength of our power index would be better but still I would like I'm. Like the other thing I'd like Steve. There with. Michigan State. Tomorrow night here cutlery that would tie state Whitman it might just their second home games so far in the first eight they're coming off your first win they'll play wanted for misery stay there long time Missouri Valley Conference rival. And then. Friday at noon the annual schoolhouse rocks with the shots thousands of school kids in here make it racquet. So that should be fun western Illinois be applauded it that it. And then Friday evening 6 o'clock. NCAA volleyball tournament 8 o'clock this doctors and Radford. The winners of those two games we'll meet on Saturday evening at 7 o'clock to see who advances to the sweet sixteen. And in between all of them should doctors at regular partner time he's tip off at 1 o'clock right here on. You know to some big big sports day here and hopefully that shoppers are playing for. For the championship. Of this regional and volleyball that item hopefully you'll be back default but yeah crates. Well we'll do it for tonight thanks and handling for is always excellent work in the studio and things today pleasure to be with you Wichita State. It's five and one we'll take one. Well 66 whatever Savannah State that we act connection. Saturday at one at Baylor we'll talk with him. You've been listening to shocker basketball on one of three point seven OK you want and crunchy bite these fine sponsors United Healthcare slid tired. Carlos at Kelly's Freddy you. Executive airship shows their insurance the Canon Andrew white star machinery until. He knows guerrilla. Clinton is applying its equity value. Your home does Chevy dealers comfort as tips via Christi but Kansas lottery delta Denzel got it covered. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas just fits Javaris carpet out last. But Kansas Department of Transportation. Tennis locker room capitol federal. The American family insurance no. Coming in Cummings mom like this health Foundation's state. Express employment and an easy sports grill.