WSU Men's Basketball vs Cal - 11/20/17

Monday, November 20th

WSU Men's Basketball vs Cal: W 92-82


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Yeah. 103 point seven GUY. Break. During game down here is some points on the shutters. Our pregame show Todd. Goodbye and. Thanks as always thought to have you with us Bob hall alongside for the first time this season doctors are away from home. As a shocker as well play in this valley invitational against the university. Up California Berkeley certainly that's his Wimbledon everyone of us now hosts don't duplicate I had seen groups UC Santa Barbara use a year I'm better off. Part of University of California system that are going to be the ones it is UC Berkeley at this point in the second time. Schools have met him for that State's second trip finale invitational and a great showcase New Orleans Susan Ashley right. Ya just a great opportunity for the soccer ranked sixth nationally. If you make a statement here early in the season for them but. National audience on ESPN. Film and tape analysts who in the game upbeat look at you watch these games. Philip great opportunity for soccer's. To feel that they're the real belong in the top ten. Game going on right now matches the two teams that what it's not stated that the same bracket list of winners and losers actors play the winner or loser of this game. It is Marquette against BC market at least 6457. And eleven minutes. At 32 seconds remaining lifted it up and down faster up those games that should be out. But opponents for the shot it's ironic very early on if they win it with a gusting winds today. Well at 830 tomorrow Hawaii time that would be 1230. You know what should for our differences it's not a witnesses that you start over here. 4 o'clock of course that it. Just clears that up I think it's usually atlas night's yes yeah soars. She edited in 330 starts. It is 4 o'clock this may not help. Him. At least thirty they allow it to happen out. Start time yeah which is. Well they have to totally empty. On couples that would be good with her and invite photographers that feeds to compete whether there after that you. Here at the Bali plastic. They they live with him after every ball game. And connected. Thought that should cranky and do rankings are out today that it. Coaches poll did not update last week after he sees it it is only in those few games of the first weekend. Both polls updated today at Wichita State is number six. Highest incidence of the American athletic conference's. 1213 just another game was sincere on the other side of the bracket so they are the other ranks. In this field which is now estimated 600. David Sloan and their team and Michigan museum at Notre Dame racquet. It was not his received votes. In phone calls that were in the top 3540. In the country. Also this being my daily polls giving out and so forth that is true volleyball also. That's a pretty exciting finish with a Palestinian. Group of sixteen. At the RPI last week to nine. In today's URPI. Now I think we'll probably take a bit of the hit the FBI has actually played Memphis that's laid out in the RPI but I. Possibly host. With the NCAA tournaments and that's exciting news nothing certainly not for certain there obviously see what happens if you try hard. The strongest position they've never did it in an RT I at this point in the season. That's great news that's what do you appalled that the RPI's one. Susan Knapp tells her that it CD itself. Congratulations. Three and it clinched the American athletic conferences. At home. It matches remaining with last place Memphis wanna have this on Wednesday. And that it was a on Friday afternoon and receive your day at 1 o'clock there is no American conference post season tournaments. Played last matches for the NCAA. This week to finish the regular season at 28. And three and you're gonna fly out hi I am. Get back that won't be excited to be there for senior day on Friday because their sentences. And I have gotten now over four or five years. Wonderful group of them. The floors to see him play his last home match on Friday before a lot of you out there. In his first game of the candidate. Yeah. Time for you guys all to get involved you can do that might colonists. Had 3168691037. Or you completely. Asked shocker voice on Twitter at look forward to hearing from either land on this is that he's in his time with them you can get to a phone that you get on. Or a phone call yet to get a different athlete or whatever and we'll be glad to answer your questions if your observations and so forth. It's rights advocate probably won't be driving over here trusted notion as always fascinated by Kansas flat tire and service with retires. Professional auto service are always a slam. The flight of why it's slated. But the tires on that your place. All right. Do the phone was the first time today Al has been patiently waiting to me that's not enough. Well thanks for taking my call it's only a couple things number one I've been very very period. Ordered the doctors in 1970. I can't remember year. Tonight was saved that one of five different guys that leave the scene in pouring here. That the great prop up problems as for the race this thing the kind of on. You've got to wait period is my. Can barely. I'm a little bit nervous about all the threats to thank you reading. They're putting so much emphasis on Arctic the end. That's that's an outfit that three I know that they're both all three of them. Have a better shooting percentage and agreed then that breaks camp that scene Joseph at this point. That obviously won't fit continued throughout the year. And I'm just open that we don't that think that we have at the feet bullets stretch fours that are going to be Allman from the outside that there will be a day. We're gonna need you know good basket that the post that fine and are off the program. It did it here I. First of on your observation about as many as five guys definitely it's it's all right and I think that's certainly true. I think it's going to be very eager to balance last year Marcus Vick Duffy led the team in scoring at about eleven and a half points the games. I think he did have five guys in ten to 40 points in Braintree. It's. And I can see. The fifth off. Potency. A couple of guys who is really primarily focused on it and and it's obviously Atlanta is that it's really at gets a matter of fifty deploys it. Well right now they're a little effort. Jack poor pathetic that you should study to respect them more. And then hit my vision is that fourteen points you're 58. So I would say probably one of those three I think probably they'll leave the sport but who knows. I do. You could or. Obviously not a crank it wanted to coaches would like it or not. Alfred. They would be happy. More shots we're. And penetrate more I think. A lot of schooling. Kind of hard to thank you to when he reached. That's the toughest problem out if forget about going inside. And to settle for three pointers. Carol wolf kills YouTube you know he's he's fifty. Three out of six. Jack more society here. Flaws that clicked after that. And I think occasionally those guys probably if you 123 game. But I think those three is gonna come from Connor from Landry and different backgrounds that logic. Into the guys that that would be convenience not a plane that I'm okay but let me say one thing if that it can't hit that 3COM. Then pulled their defenders out of there. And so it allows the other big deep down there by themselves and have they have lived awfully. So if the bigs can't hit that three there defender has come out it was Iran hi hello Darryl those. Hackers that hero Ronald you know god and have them to operate your folders. And as far as any concerns about him taking any. They only 51. It is ill advised spots but those guys out there and they're gonna develop that even closer relationship with that special. That's always a very motivated to. He could not good for purposes of cuts this you can say that about any position that court because it's very balanced feed. In there that while the fact that at every single position here and if MacArthur over there they're coming up that would guard company with a big. Arm slot and off on rebounding or Haitian bad shot at it cannot have another victim itself I think you'll see it right mark. That's not physically and especially here because frankly freaking. It. I doubt thankfully not as always it. Again it would like to policy it's 8691037. Your utilities 316. A horse got to a follow up on that. Next question. Bob is talking about playing here and so forth that it had a question about that the Lahaina civic center have air conditioning anything happening to thousands. Can't ever from the floor being very slick. In 2010. And Gregg Marshall mention that that the humidity was high end here and flawless tennis legs but. You can vote right disgusting thing athletic director thought that maybe that was the first year we were here seven years ago. That's that is getting at here at this. You know certainly feel like they do now I don't. And zone. You don't see excessive sweating the players have been the issue of this game at the. It's a small snippets like have a a big high school students who. Thousands of innocent. You know he gets in this body temperature in here with that many people packed in the a fairly small area that but it happens it's responsible so far I think his team he. One thing is not pleased you most is you get a full. The fans Canada for the disease. You really don't live here just fifty. 2000 people physically everything added. Here about six years ago somewhere. And it appears to watch on TV if it looks like it's on all the coaches were just. French to let the players were. Slipping a lot on the food briefed on the floor guys are ramping up because there was so much water but now Washington DC you. And mark definitely haven't seen these guys left. Or refute that pretty good traction and it's very thoughtfully definitely cool. Voter I'm due any day the shutters let you get 50% off at night. If not area it's not a lot about Papa John's dot com and he is the promo code shocker fifty. You receive your sentences him. We've got quite a few Twitter questions. It affected us on 300 here at home thanks to. 6869107. And a Houston Texans who have what is wild. Yeah. Ralph if you don't fly. Product. Of our kids in life it happens Parker powered by the our kids are going to be really tough cover of flip it open Djokovic government. Once again we're getting questions about the start time it will be eight or plots yet since that time it is here on now play. The city of behind now and again 4 o'clock Houston time and it's great marsh comes along at about. Wouldn't that time the pregame interview. We had follow up question also owns talking about the big guys it through these. Posted about our thoughts on tax sources ago Willis. From last year to this year house it was you know I think hey hey hey. Is that. Do not mean he admitted on this first hitter he is that if you do nothing about playing defense got its state last. That was a challenge or they work hard at it certainly. Is better if and whether that's going to be a key for the doctors is they play some really good competition here. Certainly later on through the conference that in the postseason life. You'd like to be able to play him at before because if you Warburg. So they have moral or strength up front but let's he had trouble guarding this war's end I think he's got the point now where he's better at that that's gonna give him more playing time. Think this attitude and I think he would Darryl and check him full grown in a lot of different ways. From last year to this year. In them accurately and heart can't please together because they had problems defensively he's covering the other team 45 and play golf again they look like that that Gregg Marshall is committed to playing in those guys together with Toronto and Kelly you are coming off the bench. Because. It's gonna give a shock to fifteen at the big. He gave. Your complete flop clients that looks like definitely. Seven you'll have decent figure nice lineup against these guys. But I want to think Santa. Weekly has the early what's a few years and then became seen here but Paul Paul. So thankfully. Self I think you're gonna feed out with Gerri Willis is here because they're just selfish to learn. That there for human commodity college you're gonna see a lot more successful playing better defense. He didn't know the system better and better know what Gregg Marshall expects out of me Shaq I think Jackson proven a lot of food conditioning. Mikey seems to be playing and he'd better he's not keep the silly fouls and that he got. And be in his yellow down only the reform. That's gonna say he really became a different player. For the second half herself last season after the Illinois State it's that Evansville games and had a double double. Insist that it worked consistently. And I think he's taken it up another notch this year and I think that's exactly who we talked to him. After one of the games here plenty exhibitions there or what for students that. We ask you about the experiences on this evidence is BA camps and things over the summer he said that was certainly one of the things he was just about. The issue again. He hit his approach to things so far I mean he's really been good four times in four games. Streets appointments and here we could expect that most of the times. Because now he scored download if you step it's an outside shot of the for a sixth season. But it's got a whole bunch of different kinds of moves but the other thing is serious heart. Yeah it's the system he's a really good afternoon. Watch the number of paths these next when guys effect cutting the faster from title hopefuls though. Jack yeah. It's going to be a really important piece of the puzzle here which I think this year. All right this it is 8375. Marquette up by eight with 354. To do both and we continue in a phone call from. Dot dot. Hey guys. That protect McCall. I kind of wanted to talk armed. Bergkamp. You're mentioning a little earlier. Comment about glory I know everything including myself. What is it like to see him or more from the first game we play. But it. I'm trying to look at it dumping you know the site is scoring I'm not disappointed he puts up double figures. But you know what he played good they really good defense you're not gonna put him on I repeat that score. That with it and it didn't count that he'd had a good job you also does not turn the ball over you get a very good pastor. And it racked up but he idiot if on that they're they're good question and I wanted to ask I know he never gonna. Be the leader or courier. But I'd like to know what he would do. That fifth two colonel regulated. Compared to anyone else. So anyway guide path and over there would there and bill now at the. They got it all work over here it definitely where his work that night and today. Hi yes thank you. Well a couple of things there first of all. One of the things that's been really very few agencies with Connor and I get started a little bit at my entry through the point last year and battery lacked. Not the lack of he's always been capable of very good athlete driving the ball into the lane and making plays off the terrible but he seemed hesitant to. My point started doing a little bit late last year. Now he's the guy everybody's on side. Ticket alliant makes little tear dropped me you won't step back pull up jumpers you hit the office and quiet guy and he really added that they. In his case it. Now complete scorer yet. And I. Think he's he's going to. And that's when he's who he used to play content to play like Connor you know you need to look for a shot to pieces sheepishly like the only head. Like them who. And try to keep the basket and draw fouls in his eye socket that coach I think around a little bit at halftime if he were watching right now. And we are looking at route the fiddle player at number 34 mark hit it he draws he's drawn film and found shot. A couple of so we definitely had three free throws in the front. Yeah pushed around frantically trying to do what those shots they keep guns off your feet on the found few free throw line ourself offensively. So far this season. Hunter and much more aggressive and look at flu shot or hopefully we'll do that tonight. This weekend this week here's a volley classic. But depth defensively. And I'd argue with you with a little bit there it. Thank you pizza pizza adequate defender Phillip Marshall thinks he's improved this season. But last year you with the guys that people wouldn't you know we've played some really good. The Arctic on it was on they went hand him with that car itself and hopefully he's gotten better defensively this season ends up. Mark if you do it and it's gotta be tough. He is an athletic enough certainly to create theory it is then you're one thing that I thought it got better as the year went on last year. It is something that fit for example you run they please to loosen up get there. Capacity lions got free hand to hand deflecting passes. And passing lanes got better at anticipating benefits he could not his guys get their hands in the air on the double team and it's exactly an ethical but feels the past few seasons both sides of the blocked that's sometimes people's throats. And about assisted turnover ratio you. Because that up. I think he was three to win for us in the last year but he was for the ones who didn't find I have I have to advance. Well not her real. Glorious career with six nicely. Soccer's history has ever had three goals one assist to turnover ratio. Hottest right now is four and a half to one for all the games he's played this 81 point 53. He doesn't turn it over right now we fit well with this one turned over. To walking so your your right because for example. That's really good job I think he certainly agree Billy play off each other well like Mike and his. That he really thoughtful off let's do with the movement of point. And Conner pop star started started on her hand played those two. Together they. This now invitational isn't great tradition in college basketball a year brings together some of the best teams in the country at Monday's break traditions of it's not part of our fine sponsors. The fire started outlet in Florence center. Over thirty years that family owned and operated his. Providing great product at every day low prices with great service and earth. That's where things kind of person experience and what they're looking for any kind of flooring is combined these bars and eighteenth sixteenth. That was brought place. We have a it's good question for many previous leaders this one now. Saddam has gone up. Yeah. They had a lot of the guys. Doctor I'd love I love love big psychological plus three. Movie. A great time. And I recovered from it started with that you don't look for films 502 for both. And then recovered. We have a lot of fun there a question proves to feed via Twitter. What were the tickets I'm out. We need to do that and then we'll come back seat of your question and others 8691037. Period 316 if you want to call. If you want to feed the cats shocker blades on Twitter will be right back within. For us frankly they've shown up not only invitation. 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White ones last year didn't quite a lot. They did it his. Before 71 to 65. That's a year from dark in England. Last year started slotted floor games. Six story that secondly that exist the record for blocked shots is around as a senior one of really just returning players they have Sasha. Time last year. Andy is continuing to block shots and rebound would escort a little more so far this year hasn't. Yeah averaging ten points and nine rebounds he's on the green about due to our watch list. Sports not big in the country. At five points against Riverside fifty again. How many. State throughout the best. I think Federer. Has jump hook either way like the dog the basketball. He will step up maybe the free throw line you want a local players and they got a really good for him to go with the markets these things. Not you think the evidence everything if you let him and he can score a lot of it lately for outside inside. Driving them. Really good offensive rebounder so they've got a really really strong for dot com. It's kind of interest me. Then they don't really we'll take some of those guys that much it for us all the time they log in via telephone and so they don't. Gotta bring it down a set it up to try to get it to the big guys focusing on quality is there a tendency to meet you. No because this is the most typical. Take it home. Like it's not. As you go win those big guys you've got fifty shot attempt Martin Lee has won. Kind of told my life. The rise of Google or inside baseball team has. You can try to feed them with nothing you know signed him alone won't reform. Once again. It's not the start time for this game it will be 4 o'clock central time if you likely want to let others soccer fans. It was a shoppers are on the road the official launch party location. You can go. I'm I'm very thoughtful articulate it to school districts receive yeah AC -- and in Orlando. The end of the year courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and he goes through its upward to gathered what officials want party location. For soccer basketball. Marquette is going to win this skated fit an up tempo high spirited up mostly charged gave. Lead to an athletic team that's 9483. Marquette with fifteen seconds. No fan club it's less severe slit. Oh listen. About please see the soccer match up. It matters but we'll definitely yeah yeah. I hope for the best we've got to be now. Ticket and yet here if racket yeah. Semi finals. And markets got that he wants to know. Hopefully reclaim them now they're both they're both different front to be used more of the physical he's the life of plants and that's. And it's this not a Smart. It is. Shot cardinal defense. Now our cat. If there really. High power offensive keys and got a place guys can really score affected or who are lousy. And hours. But you know I've been present I want it rebounding has killed these do you want supports. If that doctors can now in the flea market for a minute that those two guards but I have to box out. But can't really fresh ones. And that kind of leads us into another question here on this that we think is the sleeper team. In this valley tournament. Hey. The quiet semi finals. It will play the fifth loop. TCU. On his staff this I. Think it's up on netstat. And I think it's I it's got some work to do that detonated defeated had a very good week for eight years of qualifications. And experience and if they think that it's possible. He did play better defense I think it was another game the favorites there and so said this. Sleeper if it was all of this market out there are some updates. Because they have it's. Anywhere you have no conflicts of side. We've got a 68 floors it houses a very good three point shooter. See if it's kind of 566 wickets athletic and can also shoot the threes off. This game has a lot of spots and I think they don't fit his lessons. Post presence. Plus hit it really is going to put up 94 points on being seen as a lot of those few minutes. If you let them get hot get the feel a little bit it can be really difficult. I agree. All eyes I've watched market with Purdue I was impressed they've lost that talking about Purdue might be one of the top five teams in the country. But I was present market watch him here alive. Against these do not even more breast. Didn't come in with a lot of hype though if you wanna go through Japanese. Lever they're probably this leak proof. Tournament if there is one. Hopefully it might I haven't noticed that it on TV myself. So far this season and I haven't seen missed about a half Notre Dame. In a note the note particularly. Bob Nicholson is such as the top top player they've got quality hitters up and down the lineup. Played really far. They're both really good. Itself I think. They always put out of these so I mean definitely going to be preventable and the other side of the bracket so they obviously. Maybe favored over there because of their experience but. Which just states that have their hands full they would now that they can I count then they're really gonna have a tough fought in his podcast tomorrow. All right thank you for the question and again we'll create 4 o'clock PM central time here this afternoon. So we'll be around to reflect a few more questions than before we hit never gonna take a quick timeout had not come back it ran up this portion of the and Ali place. Wanna have a little fun to watch our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your greater take on the competition and crushed them one my world. 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How one of their comfort consultants come out and check your system and it didn't qualify as don't give you up to 18100 dollars in trade for a new energy efficient models. That's a win win cult. Plus stock for details 943. Cool. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center and think for an end over what lawyer. WSU shocker. Basketball is on 103 point seven GUY yeah. What about the advanced thanks for being a break here. Somebody out especially if weather right now it's harder to get phone calls yet here at work this time. But. Anyway we appreciate your participation like period from don't get it close things out of this portion of the program. With our last footer question might get back to. Yeah I nearly enough. The question was. It's bitterly of the season that it's serious RC and it in the offseason Atlanta candidate qualities that captivated. As to how long they'll stay. At WSU and the simple answer is done on me. Those guys are just always looking at whatever their options they believe. And the night I just think that it and that's not something they know that's not so they're committed to. And others have to look at the circumstances we get to the end of the year. If anything I would say Marcus might be a little more. As far as I wanted to know if it is possible to have Landry but that's just speculation on my part and it's hard to hard to tell what kind of interest now attract Marcus missing part of this season might affect how quickly here. Possibly at the upside of not that it really there's. So that they don't live a life. They keep you. Know I have heard him talk about it at all only if not the kind of question I wanted to go but up. Anyway we'll. What. I think we have to yeah I wanna leave after a involved in our guys thinking that it probably that if they outlawed these. But I think what they're really they're folks that get help you know both of them had had to deal with the when these trees and her right. Injury with nutcracker. Let the officers frequently. Outside of its foot repair. Refreshes phone. So I think you've been focused on that thank you get back healthy and it because it tackles the Eric that's not for one last fall from Dennis Dennis visit Africa now talking yeah. Well like I did that for advice about Hollis. I believe you let does that will be effective and I'm with social status played Al. And I would bet that first game back in 75000. New Mexico. While and I don't know if you recall let shoppers even when Nate played out there. Do you recall. What what did go away you're from which to talk about speech. What do Don not Cal's Pete. At that. Right. Black like. I did act and whether it gear for a real would be built back as far. I'm an old guy go back good authority that he's an old guy that that was the hope you are. Here. It was a very good player. That Wichita State team. Actually got off to a slow start this year they lost their games that the pipes that that was the team that ended up. The balance like against any of that and ended up losing on less taxes long shot slightly. And Robert hill or Scotland group as the freshman she's Johnson. It is. Countless. What are you what my guy that they I remember that three quite well IA. It back to Mexico was opening match get out there it was brand new dams. And it did so apt than when they played man they get a turn and added Arctic this debate that was a new arena through. Yup that was up. At that La yes. Again. A shocker group that became pretty significant achievement but so we'll keep dallas' via an early break. Yeah that's a good memory that was I guess I was not good shot it's full time yet that was still a few years away that next year they went to the spirit of this storm that got saved up and that was that. The first games that idea ahead as needed part the knicks. That once I was back at eight TV radio so I wasn't at that tournament that certainly remember that team. Kim thoughtfully brought bets that gate yes he did. Angry at what guys have a good game dollar. Thank you that. We appreciate all of your calls questions Cobb SO through this every game one hour before tip off so we look forward having you with us. Hopefully tomorrow that means it'll be at about 11:30 central time doctors and that's still to be determined as factors thank god cal coming up next and Gregg Marshall joins us when we come back. Its own reflection of his mark sounds like between seventeen should be closeout sale. I'm I haven't settled him there. Around the corner the 27 teams are going fast they'll get special clothes are pressing and most popular twin seventeen ship models like Silverado Tahoe introverted didn't. I'm a trade and get a great deal during the 2017 should be closed out. 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Good things to happen. If you can't feel like you're able to. It's not good. It doesn't seem to be pressing quite as bad. But kudos go win this first game. I would hit in the winner's bracket the losers bracket we just gotta be put. Whatever the style they go out. And here's guiding it then I got to. Really good big guys that's a lot of people who stand up pressure that they know you're not gonna finish at around those guys are usually very athletic. So they can extend the pressure. What about scores as anybody particularly if you. A lot of focus maybe get as background on for instance yeah. Coleman over fourteen don't be don't we start bloopers that had been you know Marcus leave the Kentucky transfer. Great showcase for your team a lot of attention on this tournament so it's a good opportunity to have got to see reorganize our dessert yeah that's what told the guys in this have been terminated we're legit top five top ten team in the country or. 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In retrospect. I would pay double received your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray now call 31 at 3501100. At Cambridge family dentistry you have something to mind about shocker forces draw you buy American family insurance in Wichita. Yeah. And and yeah. First shocker. Okay three point seven hey you want him when break. I'm more open. And after that once again welcome it is my high. I don't fit me better on an island of Bali Hawaii Wichita State. Opening play of the valley invitational as soccer's second ever appearance in this kind of naked on the University of California this afternoon the golden bears out of the pac twelve population would want to start first year head coach why John. To state. Under Gregg Marshall and sixth in the nation. In both of the major polls that just came out today glad to have you with us. Look forward to a fun game here this afternoon and doctors working to advance to determine that Marquette won the first game of the DC united or 83. Whether this game will face the winner of that game. Of course the losers beat him that half. Bracket. Bob hall alongside his first radio broadcast video of course he received the shot it's every game. At home as described a couple of those on the TV decided Bob as the winning strategies. I think by capitol federal first film that homework dream home is good for us the strength. And I truthfully finances capitol federal equal housing lender member FBI's. Thank you might normally like to start with defense but today I'm gonna start with offense and here's why because without that deflate them Movable Type. Full court press that very very aggressive. It's designed to speed he told enough it's designed for the opponent over and get out to me he thought it felt shocker guards. Are gonna be beekeepers facing the backcourt. Move into the scene because they very were they trapped few each time down the floor they might track usage noted in my practice the free throw line. Or or maybe a half court self you've got to move into the open areas within this team and pass the ball well my coach Marshall. Want to shocker to go through. The press and try to attack the basket take advantage of the three on twos and that's who want what we're gonna have at the back of the press there you go through it in the half court. I think today cal we'll play a lot of zone it may have match up zone they try to protect their nature not real. He along their front lines so many different protect a moral. And leave. So look for them to play a lot of zone on the shocker he can move the ball quickly. Victors don't work don't think the first decent shot keep it moving around and deadly zone work. Golf and high post of the locals. Go inside kick back outside when the ball flight I don't think she wanted to attack the zone. Now second key is defensively. Let's talk about their top players 63 Q you're not over the before he averages 23 points in their first three games yet to. Thirty point games he's thinking twice as many shots that he had to keep me. And he's 40% from three Q a lot of free throws it's that it. We shall penalize them driving look for that round but the office of time. Beyond Don Coleman. There a best guys inside of six elevenths figure market's belief. Number 44 he's (%expletive) fit for he's averaging fifty points eleven rebounds. He should. The very crowded forehand likes to hide both like to drive through to the ball over four he's really good right toward. Watch this match up Darryl Willis guarded Marcus lead after the and their big guys before we talk but in the pregame shows 71200. I lost about 20000. Re not looking hopefuls dialect like close the basket he's that hateful or. So that's and Ronald need to him I think behind me. You've picked up shots. The thirteenth rebounding count out rebound the supporter I can't read enough for me they love the fresh off the floor and attack the last thing. Dockers you that you can do with the job checking them and had not laid out players yet after shots. Fourteen turnovers. Shot through everything for them over for game that's a little bit for them its that he considering they played lefties he. And College of Charleston of that kind of limit their turnovers today against south breath and gets itself zone and number five people. The defeat for life like this obviously has. Sometimes players in the. Give up their comfort zone of. Do what state you. Well physically to play together. My take kind of it statement you look at this team. As much as they press. There's still averaging one turnover. Don't think game more than their opponents fifteen against the fourteenth there on it that you blocked shots and averaging just under six blocks a game with the good guys. But. It out there they can be taken faith and certainly we'll give up some points or giving up almost 74 points a game on 46%. Shooting. 46%. Three points. And their young team I they've only return I think. Lost four starters off last yours and they're picked eleventh in the pac twelve conference so they're not expected. In league play. I have experience for all players but the X-Factor Parker leave he was fifth outlet here and hit the eleventh. And here the players. Let's think it'll be at stake also is how they respond to facing by far the best teams they faced so far this year because they have we had. Over Wofford won over cal poly that if you don't want it from 63. At the weekend Pomeroy. And UC river died. That they lost Houston 68 it can't come that I ever really faced anybody reels off added stated that it presented by far the biggest challenge. They think they wouldn't have it they've had a strange start to their season came out against cal Riverside there's certainly opener in just lay didn't make that it's. A Riverside got down. I'm nineteen points at half they were one at a time for three in the first half that 20%. Came back. It's sort of again what if that ended up losing by eight and Mickey cal poly. 8582. And he offered so. Not real strong opponents but considering all the players they lost probably the type of schedule that we expect that he'll look to have that. It is they do hit cuts viking John to his first here's 44 years old graduated from the military about it 1995000. Thank score there. Played overseas for six years and then scattered division one as an assistant for years at Pepperdine. To listen to seek now artistically he was not needed Mexico's staff under Ritchie McKay. That was here in the valley invitational. The at a time when she's not statement here back in 2010 elevenths he stated why they're on opposite sides of the bracket. Glory years as an assistant at least you know you lose on that staff in 2013. Months shoppers spent the cardinals in the finals war. At that an assistant at cal the last few years that their console market. And a half now for some time this select concept art successor. Gave it to liking John. This is his first coaching position at lunch with us. So he's been really good soccer team in 2013. Games in Atlanta four and it's so they had to prep for that football game though. And then we're working for console market. There he's probably not become so Lafley. Got the fifth. You know what look like much like that like to do so. I think you'll feel pretty good he prepared shot. And here as a note on my game found out today that I don't believe I've ever seen or any other college and now. He is an actor or has yet to hear that you know the word and brown sugar that it was intense it. I carry it definitely those network officials who. The play everything through the fall back on offense while back I think career that that go well. Like the plan. Your report drafted by hot you live your life your journeys. Are possible of course market itself is still out. Opening the back by around Christmas. Before he is here. He is working out places in the water yeah started running yet. Did good things with let back out he was able to stand that place and his advantage in a little out a couple of nights ago. Yeah they do videos. That's pretty good. Other than that I think. He's the only way that he has been practicing whatever. Was it that he had to take care. There has been Horry getting very close I think it's certainly possible we could see him on the floor. Well he can't practice it. It's going to be. Three to play if you I don't think it's Greg multiple positions. Schools at creek official. Not in the loop on. What exactly. Not the manager of the day after NHL after that period to party that's locker room. Eight points it's not historic it's safe yeah. 45. Even 40% off loss Djokovic who died soccer fans all over are always crowd is that I got it. It's meant laughter. This line. Soccer's galaxy. The starting line that's how is it wise for this game of their main powers are thinking blue and gold. Everybody has his term of almost. It's not the center. On this fourth floor Adobe and black uniform letters and numbers it gold. I think he'll do. That's awful at 66 senior from Houston Texas averaging eighteen point three and a half rebounds through the first two days. Alternate introduction suffers that's what counts just as soon. 67 freshman from here on yeah Honolulu star recruit averaging eleven point three. That's after Darryl Willis. 69 Zain you're from Madison Wisconsin 68 and a half points and ten rebounds per game it's. At for now Marcus who. 611 senior pentagon California three years and it could happen before. I. I'm fits your senior prevented Oklahoma. Seventeen points for games so. Okay off Kinsley 4071. Senior regarding England's. Ten points nine rebounds per game as well. It's. It's not there's lenders. Thirteen and a half points per game through. You know five foot eight foot three at Hartford county areas that he. Three assists per game. At a guard that it's not it's not different camps excellent fit your senior for what it's not worth up to make that start their content and a half points and twelve assists. The. Not for itself is not a moment. But that's the Georgia transferred last year after it was good lots of state community college and last year I only made one start it was. That if play tied for sixth on the team that story so far this year 25 point seven points. Brigade is done at the free throw line nine times. It started the year with back to back games one against UC Riverside authorities. Against golf Ali experts now flyers who have that event thirty point games and Ryan Anderson ten years ago and it. Went to be at the end of the good thing to see who brought home an odd thing. Probably feeds that for now with a good feeling and I think a few people. We'll get a putting a lot of thought I had feedback we would never pay anything yet they should visit them online equity bank. Not. Have the names of all of our officiating crew wanted his spot nobody's heard. As work. Many of the top leagues over the years including this valley conference. I think I think he's seven rate championship game to finally got a lot of final fours for the championship game numbers the very eager to. Legislative notoriously. Jumps under is 611 Morrison's. Six NATO does have cancer. Real knack for getting these gulf of Bosnia. It's nice it's not a lot of skeletons in a few things about him the right side across the front. Brown looks fabulous and I putted for. Moment foaming at the heart of the floor at the San. Please just talk about how would. And how many times you've got to the lines sleep walking period on the line already fitness game yeah. 81 Portland got to one found on landed him. Let me try it back pedal and hit a ground there. It really forces reacted if Allen got the latest factors for the turnover. Possible for a quiet. One of those opportunities not shooting a terrific percentage 69 points in this. It. That's where exactly did the rest of this time I'm thinking it is an excellent Lawrence flown to the basket sent it. Yeah. Handlers that big call Michael Vick could have been had. RT which would have been had me second but fortunately for the shot it was up walking back and get a bucket and three. Not sure that I was on. Don't sort of off on well yeah they did it first detected them up on the board it's on mark this week if you get one on him early. Here in the from the free throw line so far this year it's eight of the Nike accident last year. And that was part of the back. Now it's not. Into the players we're gonna hand you. A flag falls to exercise that ran Verizon once again. Credit crisis. Accident that left wing rounds. Almost traveled. Out of the baseline. Can the wizard gets a lot was. As well as we covered by Boris that he doesn't get. What happens now Phoenix. There's not enough laughter that's not violence Morris aggressively metabolism for the slot he didn't quite flashy they're ready to senator wanted from the left point assuming. A couple of times across north pulled it. Listen off the Wall Street cars history of the. Count three point lead at three point basket as they leave the 64. Round and underneath that string that you. It gave all the little things. Not restrictive dress Willis right baseline penetrated got the ground left corner Boris was. Very note that off of that accident putted for covered by the Nielsen is at home. There's really kind of list to receive incentives out there testing. Yeah. That he would earth is the only you know it's not that the art. My friend if it starts left and athletic unit facilities and you know. Have confidence all of my friend campus if you talk about it pre game. Yeah he's athletic he didn't. Get a foot of the people expect that you feel that pass up that out of there. Round let's look at those fortunate to fifteen way up the bond preventable. Yet from the outside shots like Jackson free enough weight well with a that you go at. Think but now it's working out here early going to 1738. To gophers fan you know it's just. I love this world and not now and obviously an upper left elbow there. That follows out of his hands about a split second country cottage. Quick relief might soon. Ninth campground for 03 left wing brands not more a sliding floor of self confident supports standards at the last night Mike Allen had. Market's latest through an elbow. At. Darryl Willis I don't know if they just called south Vietnam both the officials stepped and Lewis was left for Paris and go over top scorers table. But whatever happened Marcus Lee threw very obvious L Politburo Willis but I think they may have thought that both wars too much extra curriculars there. Here are three Indian money if we did that. Both guys. We plan would double file situation. If you look at. Allen's going to see. To 768. Freshman for a Sydney Australia's that it begins. Both coaches have called their teams over her parents now explaining to Greg marshals. Hand it. I would who's followed a ridiculous that going back out to. Play I thought it was off that now I thought they sent out deflected it off the baskets for it looks like this case. Okay yeah that's negative that's exactly and that's now being formal I think the fight through that again that was I'll office. Fingers. How about the shot clock. It was a double now not slightly as an artist markets Lee's second the first undergo Ellis chief defense team found. Observation that it's tough for countless high low. And now throws at baseline and Willis goes on at a civic and expound on. Shot today contender Edison pitcher for a who found it looks like Anderson of it slip out of the two shots for Darryl Willis that's don't have quality big guys for a 71. The six let me start against active now. But when they go to the financial stuff along Frontline they really drop offs on the soccer. Guys coincide that it got found them. Free throw by the terribly good free throw shooter last year off to a slow start this season eight of 1457%. Shot 74%. A year ago. His first point of the day factored out one of two from the line trail 95. That was not an offensive. Six notches down nicely balanced out of Canada. And deal. Picked up nice and I think he's Johnson in the lineup now for the shot of he'll start let's look at the Wall Street that's an accident right not to the art pulls out flyers to sort things out there. Out does that not mean it's you know with the forecast and down the line all the way to the basket got clocked at seventy. Yeah I have a little bit early was quoted. Nearing an establishment over The Who really nice lock them at drive by some odd woman tried to penetrate on the dribble off his break pulls it back adamantly said he felt right to left and left when you look. Could create net. Yeah business. That's their trade for Allen they. Relief well is six not present fortunately I think they've only missed one shot so far Mike you really lighten up the targets of soccer defense. Right side frantic effort to not plant back to France can't beautiful country currently in and out and we're about to climb Morris out of bounds. Not. I think. That's all fun when athletes. It looked like his golden like start telling you Ronald version company. Willis yeah. That's true if it's not here's Kelly will be flying into seventies or his size with the out foul trouble that makes it a little better situation for. No it was definitely pulled it pulls its allies. And close our body going to the floor they're gonna call now I think my friend camp trying to box outs away. As the ball was in the air that's going to do it all now early on in his first. Thirteen fouls. Right at sixteen minutes ago it first happens now well what you can honestly say. Commit that makes Kansas workers among the destiny clear. Their commitment shows as they craft Hai precision tools to create customized energy saving windows and keep power flowing across Kansas. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps companies support other employees went. Helping them stay healthy. While there engineering. Innovating and blatantly to our State's future Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas commitment compassionate community. 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And there are only free throw with just 82 of eight from the field all of three infantry. And two of three from the free throw line now has outrebounded the shoppers exit through. To have committed two turnovers which is not states want biggest factor. Positive no harm in 2008 Marcus laid out 6114. Man he is confident that 2000 have to play. Out shocker there are account bears are light. They get open shots there's nothing down. Cal basketball and in that it is just as soon. Looking underneath first let's let. Vatican in picking up. As syphilis dissected every other divergences of soccer's created fears over off the bounds play a lot of things yeah definitely definitely closely. Please but now extended life wonderful round a couple of dribbles right defeated and behind closed this Kelly intercepted momentum the other. Kelly blocks. Yeah. Had a chance for a three point play an uncle. With the guy that goes through free throw line averages 46 points of golf game. The youth violence probably you can really capable of fans with you with his body of the defender and he gets the ball glanced at that point. It's not as. On a found out. It's eight points. And that is for second now he goes out Austin reads them. Street Louis at. Now sitting ninth on moment a couple of three point baskets elsewhere in the justice. Plus degrees effect that ground across time. Pastime. Linger for office. President made three bad passes that person down the floor yeah rifled a pass to Darryl Willis about ten feet away and look at the wildcats to. Which are telling Rashard Robinson on the last time counted as it was over the top models. Now I've got this won't hear that last inning floating jumper bounces out it's not the talent right now I think it. It's our backs around feeling good box out at times it came over to snuff them. I got a box these guys that they've really branch office. First Alan's doing fourteenth talent out there going to and it an example of the six threes in different. You know. On facial resemblance to markedly looks like it shorted version aliens and against the threats that way it's done. Most of the middle of whether rightly greens like court records. Plane out of the free zone right now and right now. Obviously tonight the length it sounds nice reads victory left wing ribs off without Kelly. You know for any position it's now the players and let if vigilance at the end I'm particularly different. It's not that it three years now they're both before governor had a wide open look now with a pretty wide open possibly. Not that he's pleased with its own defense he doctors hope reform for the market now 33 that's basically the difference now in the united. Yeah multi month. Five seconds. And I kinda tough time at home right now. Doctors make now where it's not about this will be a third. And we will keep it here member to save up to 40% today after the Packers ahead at 10 o'clock. Stand. Well it's not Republican theory shaky on offense their defense looks good all okay now. If not now a lot of snapshot but they have it wide open shot to death. God offensively. That's so it's kind of kept that it's not off balance. Or were there it is pretty good job to give opponents cited that that that in itself. I appreciate a bit flat out fairly. Currently has come back again getting that maybe Gregg Marshall not letting this thing. Yeah it almost. Got. That's news John. It's hard to feel Boris back into Friday after getting your readers. Wars are here. How long line of them look for all the looks of all forces too frightened residents around the completely in three days here. It is that it plays it exactly you know it's not that technical teams that it was a political ball down the line all the best left. Wow that's nothing left standing that the couple times right now that that high off of work left him. As confident. And dribble get suited for Ford stock is down seventeen to six. News Jones picked up his dribble right wing beliefs must have quadrupled kicked it out. On the website now and start up by the sideline penetrates the little red balloon Haynes Johnson fifteen also marked rebound now. Yeah don't make it everything soccer is getting wide open shots in my case and feels that a pretty wide open all of you put that thing. We've been friends that friend can't treat it as an analysis that's the only visited clothes all the fixings youngest of the year but that the campus visit recently and I think that's includes offices and afford. It means Johnson actually beyond its up the archive close Boris right wing Kelley baseline nurture. It's not safe crosscourt Haynes Johnson left corner reasons wide open three way long. We've got hurt your experiences alliant did have a shot at the reason try again no good rebounder this article. It is okay. And I think its. I particularly helpful when defensive tackle them to hear. That have been found out that. If there's no balls than soccer ball. That's going to be the most damage thanks in games you know Austin has had. It looks fifth grade and he's been reared 50% 3.3. I was. There's not a lid on the basket down on that end in I am partner in. These if it. That was totally the basket and this is you've posted the town. Could you pick a layup format that you look at the path that Shaq Morse who has been in. And then he's bought privately jacket that you could it has been a moral and Rashard got all the way that the market could finish that is equivalent to. Now as the world his verse fifteen. Jack did a good job what he had incidents you know this is that causes grief for Kelly Kelly has he should put left. Doctors are now to a floor from the free throw line one more coming for a quarter charge that is. A 58%. Count shooter last year 61%. Two years ago. It is not only gets his first full. It's not a state trailed 171750. Telling along the sidelines on his son Winston started disputed that account for us. The factors that yeah. Impressively since that time I think it's gonna forget them it's. Got to confront. An offensive. And they've been Connecticut hasn't. That's you've got to make some shots. And extend this that's not Kevin Garnett to villagers had. Try defensive quality double team him if I left left sideline yelling at whistling from the Obama gonna get a formula for a whole. Right up. That's the one hand on liberty. Two big guys are gonna have to go out sixth round of those here it's not really need to take advantage. I'm having announced some big guys on the good point that you keep going sighed slightly different feel office romance and with that. Analysts had expected six days flaws that a lot of data pathways. Finished down slightly. Back to right center of the earth that's left left wing selling. I closed or posted a message left handedness at moments yeah. Yeah constantly put. What counts not the fourth not off on the left it it's available only the line right there there's not question bluntly about my Hamilton. An antiseptic that it's at. That's his home. Has yet to break there hasn't had a good look for Boris listen closely followed Mike Kelly yes and then they. And it's over for now we'll that is what we just talked about that with his side with this Jackie really strong group of fans it is to have little Linksys. Not fast enough plants. This reasonable distance now I now. And that loosened up yeah. It's not decide what. So that they. Include Wall Street gets into the so thankfully. Three that's. Accounts. Yeah it sounds like it's. That's telling him to outline tonight a lot of offensive. Deflected it gets back after he should have with Korea that's. Plus 353. He's not Levi's fans. It's not that you hold it Johnston. Definitely. Not a bad guy there who went on. It away from about forty feet and feet and hit that they're fairly food. There are five foot five completely closed up that front climbed up the left side slightly down there just like Florida. Last night time right now. Looks like recognize it and it's loud tonight at 1140 love you know in the first half pounds this. And away leads the. The factors it's great and they're. Hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working mom with you my husband and I think hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what's taught to work out that because there's not one place that means all of our means. So to say we are thrilled opted life we'll fill the void is an understatement. Osce like encompasses everything in one place functional fitness with exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and Spock. 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TV re not only on the highest quality TV brand like LG but we do have one of the largest collections of real good entertainment furniture in the eighties after TV we've got our group in the top notch brain. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry montella come up in valleys and are indeed born and over was later. Shocker and three point in case you why. The difference in this weather as if she's eight now leaflets and I stayed 2313. And the players did. I had 53. You analyze what I stated this group. In the ninth the very end revive the free throw line vote they've had nine rebounds but because they force turnovers. Now five even there one last turn over for what's fascinating cal has outscored them on points off turnovers they had five. Cali commander right now but still 1140 fun though it appears to have a lot of time doctors. Relax we'll bit of the office of the start knocking down shots. People inside. To a night probably feel that he before his shot keep going inside and a radical let those penalties that they've already got a couple outfield he's got to. Which is not a state father's friend camp on defenses 2000 lined up as the softness in bad. The face of the Austin Reeves brought under drew Landry but Zach brown bat in the lineup. And she killed us. Terry on the shot clock passes into champ but let me now is the next three zone. That perhaps it's enough publicity the length of the floor on my mouth off on others. So in history I think he got caught slide a little bit on ministry Nancy rock. The brilliant round to have an off that baseline screen on offense off of the screen. His first fifteenth out gets it back to county Kentucky turnovers but he's sensitive moment double team for the it's actually that it forces left sideline. It's not. It appears that offensive now seven out with the lead on his first I don't. 171000. With a statement now people want a lot of them not on this amount of confidence now. Log on Paris nice and as I fresh fruit and north beach California. Star recruit talented lineup for the first time. They've stuffed it became but it cannot double team him approvals that and I kind of has its ground heading entered into a layup. My goodness that's another live fitness an overly nice pass that trapped Kim an up front there you would get the soccer different looks of his own. Do you think that they went out France haven't gotten all the hype of the boards. We found brown going to the basket brown hit a lay up now but couldn't finish the Lipton that if you treat. Anderson pitched the falcons' second so yes it has to. And therefore has to predict it's nice crowd makes the free throw disparate point. And that's at nine again closest socket yeah. Ten points. Notwithstanding. Fifteen until 1118 developers Santa dallas' big guys in town troubles. Is right. Has the right sideline to hold them. Homework and after almost you know if there's two guys that on the left side the last throes of the latter business. It's not a good time champ. It's not that the yards with his dribble closet back a little bit. And for balls that he gets it from Morris comes back with a little over on the right click the grounds out low post right tonight here. He doesn't know left handed them. Spirits lifted from the foul called atlas now. As delegates excluded freshmen. If it's seventh a lot of it is time a lot of stuff. Left sideline and it's just free throw line makes him. Keep the dribble pull that accident. At least percent to ten tests of the policy crisis would. Another massive hit the streets of Boris right on the floor chased it down. And it just turned and started to throw it had no idea who was there and bounce it right to it now layered I think it actually. Sadly it's actively. Yeah yeah I think I think Jack thought that this evening with of the first down they are the exact round. Was gonna just flipped it into the third round and thoughts on forward. That counts aren't there instead. Otter friend can't activity and blankets towels. Bill Willis this place that's pretty. The effective if you know him if you home and home drives right all the way to the baseline throws a lot of credit. To test it. Calls have been sliding into home. This kid's got a very quick throws that thanks for having a hard time feed from the on homeowner's sixth. He has got behind him. With the right in the lifting. Alan Boras his first 161000. Shots moments for mindedness and look at points. And good to see this guy now. And it's hard to imagine that you only play ten minutes a game last year averaged four point six points for insistently as points through it. Pretty good. He's coming at big times for. And the tactics. It's like 515 snipers on pace to score thirty points and staff is averaging 95. Double seat once he gets the high post Lewis got not listening background that's different can't refrain short. We'll try to prevent. I think they'll lose on the floor rolls out of balance last night. Another shocker almost turned the ball over there. But they've got a fifth grand kids in the form beautifully good look from the corner but he hits the fan. Slow from the corner which is not usual for Conrad and Gregg Marshall was sick and yeah official Patrick Israel's twenty thought kind of got hit on really kind of I think it's definitely. The field drives all oleander surfaced last yeah throws our way out front antiseptic. It goes one on what the poorest pulls up to flyers. In announcing. Now. His eyes flutter great rebounds that's it wow got to rebound tonight that nice it was a little. White shirt on three shocking isn't it. Only that it that it that it can't appreciate it throws won't let me know with the steel announces effective moments. It's late night. Really got his shot. Off balance in their office. Fifteen now by fourteen. It over the Shannon. And it's nice lob from Morrison's friends. More points. It's an. Silly drives the lineup and graphical. It goes live Mosul with the. I. Reporter. Looked like he might go down there have been. There's got out of. It's. Soccer crowd who really get into it here. He needs Johnson's going to champion for this not yours. That it is safe now for sadly. Lost in the. Birmingham Alabama things that are placed in us nicely. So much through the foul was on it was a nineteen. Now on now family to. The free throw line worries over want this wanna chance through 3.4 they're earlier in the it is only innocent nine attempts so far this season. We've got a really small lineup and they're now my that savage is the only big players they happen enough working hard this thing huh. Three through that is. It's not stated. Actually with both from the. In an air ball. Plus it's not mine. That's on the floor brings it to that little pieces of the rights and I've posted bore us. Expect to see it straight right way. It's not fixed right to judge Vinson and threw it up golf is nice and set it hits the opposite. We've not done. The fact we're not we're. It's that he's got it home and grabbing its traffic. Wow nice rival visitation movement around three guys got into the basket supports receptive enough to fly out of line. You know seventeenth. Now the city wants to influence things you know flip down through the line of advancement but it. It's Pakistan wrestling with a blown Lewis out Lewis picked up my little mistakes at any travel. I could definitely traffic and tried to stop its rebels and the soccer's. Now I think it's this kid I don't know what went on and off it's that night. Under eight time out of 651 of the gophers snapped it's not to stand by as many as fourteen trails 3120. Pools. One company on a mission to put a million people towards each year. 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Hi this time backs were factual associates in 1976 we started assisting clients with a personal financial plans for forty years now our team in challenging Financial Times and were up for the challenge we understand how you depend upon your serious money now and in the future so give us call it expired two of 101 faction is time well spent money well. Best of security and advisory service is offered through II investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor faster and associates incorporated and as I investments incorporated a separate and unrelated company. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point Evan JE YE Yang. Count them. It's not state went for his doctors fighting their way back. Israelis are now. I was fourteen. I don't know I think goes actors got it to five 7651. To go. One eye popping numbers that show doctors beyond their portion that is not. Turnovers so far seventh at count rebounding thirteen slump in favor cannot count and the fact that. Shots California State alleged affairs was assassinated State's seventh not 21. McAllister or download it you can not just. Lazy about it five out of five from. Start to talking not about a fifty. That somebody's got to learn how to start this done called me started got seventy points. That's not eleventh. And offensively this soccer season just calm down and try to do everything the way too fast on the offensive end. Landry Shannon has ended up making all three of his three point attempts and has twelve points at least three of three for three everybody else. One of the time. Now basketball left Italy it's not an awkwardness is suing his client is full court pressure but it's not consuming having trouble getting the finally does pull them right back to suing and the freshmen thousands of who cares that it's. He used a few seconds against us tonight in the field fumbled on the sideline recovers it will play out for us. That's not the right thing. NASA's landing facility for follow lent bounces here. Insists that this is his first two points system that's designed to counter these streets when. Leave their young something. Put them won't mess things Jones layout on the right side of the floors to the middle left legitimately afford it groundout and left a lot to do its wheels aligned steps back left left handed. Nicely five round nice groove armada of taken over his left shoulder and back children's life filled with left him. Hoffman has hit 3326. Now my seventh alternate that little fluid tonight tonight thanks. Now let's conducted online gambling on the left him. Few of these kind of way to get in their 63 that it looks the three making everything. Night team program. Moments program at the plug ultimately things you know that got him necklace it means it's mostly it's nice topples nothing fires rims in and not. Stepped up tonight Willis didn't know what's gonna fix that for all found now. On the smaller side by Daryl Willis of the incentive. Yeah I'm just ahead as savage and that's his third. Was going to be cheap shots and it. It led to societies are in the double bonus with 529 to go through his staff Allergan is smaller than succeeded in civic still six with seven. Roman Davis. Sophomores yeah. Darryl Willis has scored his only points from the line making proved too early years. It's not good. It's seven of them. On the line they've been up a little ground there because called that is the only top player influences aren't going forth with. Figure out wind stopped him. This is in short this time rebound soon sport now. It was defensive drills like 835475. Weeks ago in the first half. You know. This one on one incident incidence is an out and athletes. But both hands on I've got a hold on my kids. That's gonna be disbursed. Only this that is the seventeenth about this being 11. Or Darius McNeill nearly 63 pressured from Houston. Don't they shot for free throws through the through it and threw for three game suspension of the lower at 50%. Started out with just eight points in the first two games and Stewart seven to. Offered at 7000. He threw nothing yet. Theo now with four points. As a chance to get this back to a ten point lead it looked like the suckers are making little run kind of defiant again they have struggled again on the offensive end. I. But he'll also. He's got. Now owns enough time for most of the the person. Subtleties funny. Hi this dollars nightly chant let's not make right baseline and nurtured double team on him dribbles out of there almost crumbled. Hey Norman gone the other way down the line blocks right there. As the horrible half I've not heard it was drafted him. If you're better off you eat the ball didn't make a life off I don't know whether that since the cal bear the went the other and that was Coleman. It's been nothing but through word of mouth feel vulnerable fans right now nurture talent around his first teams. Involvement shootings in three these four for four lines has not seen that includes 37. And Cathy Mike. Known now looks like the team that's got a lot of seniors and juniors and all the experienced guys back in the doctors looked like and beyond inexperience. He. Because they're the ones that are planned. A little scary adopted. Second free throw the moment again all the things he could. About 69% of the access these 56. He points in the first then 3827. Town Flint, Michigan that just letting the clock randomly picks and death. Does not want to listen that the camera and sent out on the ground that champ but it was rightly include the ability look at sort of Wall Street comes back to the middle locally round. Entry pass horseless underlined just pulled over to. And all the Davis 67200. Pound sophomore try to draw the charge that. I have. Was flawless now but I. Davis who pulls up to fifty points the three. Nicely. Hospital on rights Nightline brings it to the middle class standard treatment way. We'll make some stuff. And Gregg Marshall one. Grass definitely definitely guys that got. 3832. With a tell us exactly. And it's almost four minutes ago the present moment forces went maligned Vista. Yeah moment. Now one of the first look at the moment it's either has or hasn't gone about that apparently. They have recently gone. Maybe forceful this. And just as silly now for a moment except his second round will be going to the line after a time now. 348. To go in the first half it is now 38 Wichita State 32. But you're looking. For the perfect power seat for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. 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Wichita as originally Rooter is still the best performing drained communion from new translucent roof here are 2630. Well. Now. Soccer sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. US shocker basketball is on 103 point seven JPY. This. Since the last time. I status not started connecting little designated three of their last four shots there 225. For. 40% five of thirteen from 330. And I thank slams. It all fired three shots four of the three players but now thirteen of 2552%. Five books and other. For a three. Wichita State now up one of the court's 15149. Turnovers to seventh. Now Zach brown will be going to the free throw line for some shots at the foul after. Covering every now. And you'll be at the line sports news. Dot com stories on the 2000 pounds and had a seventy playing with three fouls within hours they have. Four players with some horrible war. Next round two for two from the line for two points in the game trying to get the shot it's within four here would be the closest thing yeah. Since they fell behind early at this. I. Grounds only points from the line on those two earlier free throws free throw up. Good. The mayor has shifted. We can't say 70% free throw shooter 70 shoot from your percentage just a little under 69%. Last year. Not yet. Includes new ones the press this kind of shot that day. Good doubles Davis who traveled. That is not enough to advance indefinitely snafu distinctive enough. Fast. Nevertheless not just. Now to get the ball yeah it was gonna drop kick its own not who marches that these beautiful. Feel like sideline visits the middle of shovels and obviously suing left and almost no terrorist nice surprise. For a three by had a savaged this is. Concentration definitely deplored the lengths to opt out of that it gets to Kelly Wright actually he should've kept going to kind of ride and it said. Leslie Brown's office Wall Street penetrated the little. And on the right wing can not sit down a lot for Boris who fumbled tries to save us now and try to make the move before he caught the basketball and fumbled. The only transition industry disagree about hit it just ice it. Impact. Doctors at some guys there for the defense of sports shack or think Kelly. And now there who let that number two parents there is that period dies with it wouldn't have got that rebound. Now with its state goes against the background. Second night and bounces of the twelve shots yeah it's nice. Flying free throw bounces several times calls in Paris nice and that is only two previous points on a similar play were outrebounded. He shot there's not an offensive rebounding got a statement. Not everybody bobbled his name is barely played the first two games and kind of a young player that hardly ever plays. This debut against their game against Washington this is the second thing throughout the season highly touted Forestar. Excited about it. But points tally but the only thing it can't activate it at that crowd up if. Who does reasons not for us. Read out to freeze on France can't penetrating little athlete recent issues. Screening intervals up. Now it's finally. In line Boris since that's where it's not hooked now says it. It's definitely. It's. Percent to. And don't miss. Business. It's very. Confident that was about it from my marks. At least 23 points for the moment instantly that it's an accident that you think you know the first chance for an office. Definitely degrees tonight that there was a runner at this. Well my feeling for yeah. And that you know. Now. It is you know what as much as well. My six. And the first chance that you guys. It would look. Atlanta done little compact. With them on December 9. It was an it's a lot. Could have gone Shanda and it's going to be his second. And that savage would have the ball behind closed they rolled by I think. Jack Boris. You force that helped. Then they got inside and have a couple yeah. Found. You're right about they have given up that day at about them last basket. Elliott you can't really. Sacks champion three early. That's scored enough while he puts laid back at seven of them that it has an interest at. And it's gonna go out names Jones is in. Your June it was who's up briefly is back in for Boris and its merger Kelly. Please Haynes Johnson for anything. Just as soon trying to get back. And that's. He's got to eleven and freshman than fresh and forgiveness and I've been. These factors in the classic movies penetrating stuff accidental with a friend Hansack threat to. Over that it's gophers have reached an avalanche announced that it needs jobs. It's a double team pulls up way up to market air balled knowing sliding on the floor floor. Fanaticism retrieve it saves today. Our news doesn't get a get a job. Well yeah. Yeah. I don't know if that takes the rest of. All the ticket look on that stuff off yeah. Video monitor looks like they're going another look at it and that's what the referee went over to Greg marshals that they've backed up pump belt and take a look at this the next. I'm not sure he's got oftentimes not very very close. At this actors appeared pretty unfair that the shot clock winds had not recent half an hour in any way really and eighty cents. Urgency it didn't seem like it again. It's not that they forget to Wear on the offensive end the whole. Old walking so far they started looked a little bit better since then at Stanford knocked it down some threes. It looked like. Young and experience. JPG this not ready to play on this big stage on the offensive and defensively we've started tightening itself. The last seven or eight minutes here and made it tougher on the scalpers and Florida office of Venice home. And it's really got this. And kind of crowds. And where it's really sound like they are five of thirteen from 338 and a half percent that's pretty respectable. If they are only six. 1637. And a half percent from two of the students. They have they've that's ridiculous shots of it plus fitness yes some nice it's easy to pull off shots that they haven't been. We'll knock down some full shots. Where it looked like you guys. We're rushing things Harold Willis. Jack Morris found the answer all questions please download Apple's now the last 56 residents herself models the united food sacks for the they're starting to settle down. He and. There's Tylenol. Looking over at the scorers table and now one of the officials is running across the world yes he had his Santa. What's up with the they may want to see if they've got a different angles. For something different. Now bears at hockey here that got their best political won't finish market some of the things that few instances. That sent with the threat of that's a freshman that you've been great job out here in relief of those two big guys and they called me. Get form. Yeah. The 44 seconds you know the first pit incident that the soccer's greatest shock here. That's they're gonna hold things down by five or six. But let's not look like they were about to make him run they got within five months and within. Where is this a short time ago when it. Now with the ball up to 835. Seconds to play it for the fans. Unfortunately a visit to pull them back to the you know holding. And it's that it's not blind as soon it's moments moments benefitted by this pulls up was. Create an. Points. Fifteen seconds to. It's not just Adam. On Friday closing at 350 members of the six seconds left and I thought Jon provides about him that time. On the ability otherwise roadblock at the half we'll hit the shot clock and now is not the time and have to pray behind. Six points. I've gone home but I think I could say this uncertainty it is very great artists in here. No explosive player has ever scored 26 points against Wichita State in the hands. I can't remember what maybe the second half gusted university maybe that he did or maybe Anthony feet maybe and a half and a I can't remember point 6%. Soccer's ranked sixth in the nation has some work to do they are down at halftime five times now I remember. Weekly coaches' shows little resale of next Monday those shows tonight again because we're out here. But starting next wave of coaches shows to be back Monday night for major exports relatively Elian 9713. Thirty can SS. I've had a case thirteenth in greens which throughout Gregg Marshall six to seven. And Keith Adams from seven to eight states it the credit union of America halftime show. 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Just eat eat we delete your he'd be fun not for treating and that's why we offer free delivery and only and we are everything we now LC and cast you watch happy. Shocker sport has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford and remain firm Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in molding Kirk Farber. WSU shocker basketball. Point seven keep you want him which he's done. This case the doctor basketball halftime show abroad by credit union of America. Tentatively priced services for checking accounts to home loans that everything. It's virtually every American probably sponsors WIQ basketball. Who are these guys that different or suspect had on both sides analogy isn't lost to UC Riverside in his head just lukewarm. Performance is. Up 200 teams in the Ken Pomeroy it. Playing like top forty teams so far here today let's buy dot com and that's 26. Points at halftime. They lead Wichita State let us or 4738. At the fake. Besides home. Soccer's as there inconsistent play in the up its being consistent just playing with confidence and letting the author. Well first of all let's get cal bears credit they came out here. Maybe keep that youth and respected. But expected to shoppers to roll over them and getting his semi final. Cal therapy. How are being in the pac twelve and an attacking team last year and I think they were gonna come out here proved that that we belong. And they certainly has taken that shoppers to spend a dime hole. They're 63 junior guard with a 261. Half points he's averaged. Point for the ballgame so he has just lifted doctor this first affidavit that it's that brown and Landry can it not not to Katie defenders though. Give them some credit they've got a good plan if they bury your own defense on the defense that then they kept shoppers off balance offensively. And then as you as you pointed out. Shocker just don't look like normal shocker they look like rushing things they're missing open shots too many turnovers. In that it's settled down played the better the second half. You know most of the time despite the turnover numbers the shocker if it's not like the shocker so did that surprised by what you're seeing like. Several times. Once the report gets across the time line they run double team adding that they've handled that might make it past the seems like. Once they break it issue pardons for is headed in the lying around people areas missing open shots or. Then they'll hold it long and mourners stopped and that's when they start pulling an all over the field. But when it was rough at double speed and it starts with Dave. If you put what process or they've also done it. What you inbound the ball bring back up front that they've trapped down there. They've got the ball in the high post that's exactly what you want to do hope they didn't hear the shark Alley or whoever they've gotten a few out there they looked really thought. If they don't like to know what to do they're not right to the basket keep it low post it that's for sure of themselves. Doctor and get a plan here the second you have to handle that particular rap. And they need to play with the confidence that they'll have to kick off. There were a couple of times and it looked like they were making the run you're expected to get him back. Hey they got within five was killed Saturday that is and that kind of stated that they got a history of the last few minutes. Add yeah it did come back and finish it with successive plays down the lord to add to that right. I think they have possession where there were I think 34. Austin reed drove from the right that kind of grow a little bit of a prayer that was the answer. Missed it cal came down here to please that'd be you know one point or duplicate whom now back up separate so. They just haven't made the plays but I think what we appreciate richer game and hit a bunch of threes and I think he lifted the whole key it feels like after he beat those three pointer off that restart that he made the first one. Jamming me we have anything like he often lacked a little bit after those guys to. Shoppers are down and mine nine had asked that it is still twenty minutes to play we know the shot you're capable of we'll see where it goes from here we'll be back with these. First half statistics Vista home at an effort to save up to 40%. Today after many factors when it's cancer locker. East and west acted alone but on the credit union of America have sent. The Kansas Department of Transportation remind us that every life is important and invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. Drunk driver or involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatality that over 100 fellow kansans please do your part designated super driver. And kiss home safely. Buckle up eliminate distracted driving and remember in Kansas you drink you drive. You lose. But you're looking for the perfect power seat for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game indeed they had to Johnston. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experienced staff to help. You're sure to find something to fit you and your style and right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coats and overcoat. Be at the top of your game this season the johnsons and 21 NK 96. Another mile power chairman brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a mile first. Even for me with no money he got command and I can't believe this contract. For it now with asthma Cuba committed I can't believe as can grant. Healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile valor with delta dental. Like fidelity. Why. Enjoy ABC primetime. News at ten. Designer clothes and shoes made in Kansas you better a lot of money products are news stories and I have my things in this story hair is amazing and then maybe even Kansas tonight intent on. Shocker for has brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita. WSU shocker basketball he's done. State trailing at halftime boarding system. Aids is now. Not only the first time which states that behind it to have so far this year vs that they've been behind really through the first five games including two exhibition so we'll see how they respond to adversity. Shooting in the first half now fifteen to 2952%. Seven it's hand. From three as the team that shot 35 plus from three through their first three games taking faulted champs again they've already shot. Threes the first half made seven and I can't have twelve. From the free throw line Wichita State 40%. Twelve of thirty over all five of thirteen from 338. Have been kind of well. From the free throw line those would not be terrible percentages if they weren't picked up higher percentages on the other end also. More opportunities for count thanks to eleven. Wichita State turnovers to just happen. For the bears with state did end up with a three rebound advantage 1916. Six assists eleven turnovers to seven assists seven turnovers count on Coleman. Was 26 points getting 46 this 4750. Three or 435. Of six from the line next night's episode of the eleventh made all three of its three point attempts in two free throws. At a 53000. Survivors here that next time I was seriously ill would five point so called it got to carry that was dolphins doing. The Wichita State Landry camp and they all five of these shots including portrays it scored 58. Next time he'll Boris three gets out of the field with 64. Points for his background. Three for their lowest Rashard Kelly at least it from the police force about games Jones and product literature conference can't. Only played nine minutes picked up his house for nearly missed his only two shots of yeah he needs to be. Look at the gaps and confidence a little bored yes that's yeah I think really good leagues on their traffic is doing my thing that companies to move into the season try to make itself. Available for passes. In some areas where you can catch that ball should have one thing that's a little bit worrisome for the it's. Kelly. Thought twelve point advantage there points off turnovers. Without their two best players play both the food that market's belief probably their best player if you Foreman. Only played three defense that about three minutes of the game. In the big guys at 71 player all quarreled. The only place. Most guys barely played with to have in this shoppers are still down nine. Soccer sports properties of Wichita State athletics like to thank the soccer ambassador to just take the lead global. A corporate partners houses on doubts that'll help industries that box. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor of what's. State athletics call soccer sports properties I think 697875. It is back with the second half valley and. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament since 22 kids all chase in one ball arrest was overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game the united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHE dot com. United health care. Service is not available for all plants. When you're in need of window treatment shaped shelters are blind guy recovered of Wichita is your one stop shop. 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Ranked number one in the nation according to JD power for initial quality here is your starting lineup for midwest Kia Kia sold highest ranked compact multi purpose vehicle Kia Forte beating Chevy and Toyota Kia optima lines up in the midsize category. He had condemn this stands tall as a Ford Taurus today at. Rounding out your starting lineup I think he escorted small as you've been with room for everyone seems today starting lineup at midwest PN dot com. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss tell it cost us in valley energy and think for an Andover was a lawyer. US shocker basketball is on 103 point 78. I have any day of the doctors played it 50% off your online order in the Wichita area Papa John's blog on the Papa Johns dot com and use the problem shocker. That thief you receive your shot through this you know. The winner of this game will play hard hat. Tomorrow. And it's up finals are better at night port 83 whenever you see you at stake game this day Dennis Carroll floor that you have Casey. Dark horse. Loss like this do to. They demand that students who don't smoke are seventy or 63. That are upcoming factor. Notice state was an early tip off today Clinton gets a lot of them look for a final. Later on this evening. Carolina plays Cleveland State. Place buffalo. If Cayman Islands and a couple of other agencies and. Let's hope countless issues relative at the start of the creative product that was 53. It's seventh. Stanford back half they had it first hand in the big guys that it. Out of the financial markets we will end up consuming less likely listless Atlanta for a stuff that's layoff of markedly got a rebound from behind you know Willis this is not. Robustness of the. I think we've traveled all that rebound came off right at their wounds they didn't have the things that ready to win a medal was. Let's let us resident doctors get a stuff on the sample. There's nothing definite feeling I've done this in a second yeah Jones started the second half points and a few days and it's mostly for Boris writes on the floor to frame him. That's ten times mostly slightly if things don't try to. What has happened got a lot of horrified before it finally recovered quite healed now with the Florida writes I pulled it into the line driving left handers. Thought there was he's he's fees that friendly thief and outlandish. Went sides conference. 28 at home now leads by eleven needs Johnson's two defenders weren't goes to the floor technical foul. On Mormon. Don't listen young boys going through this great events in fouls on gone home now and that's good news Jack. Protect more if you think it's that album was that. Wars. Maine through I don't think he really not people who. Which actually done it. Doctors started half with a three guard lineup flips and it paints Jones and Brian can't live Morrison Willis. In the post spots. Not sure what they're looking for there. Her parents talking to these floors table before they inbounded maybe yeah I thought if not then not you know. It would certainly be reached out after a foul I know most recent month. Looks like thousands stick with his 23 zone and is very effective in the first half of their stick with if you're the second. It may be had a problem let's. Shot clock reset. Guys if they always know that if talkative about that is needed for. And every set some foul. Scott is found by night it's a half minute counselor Kagan here certainly in the second half we thought let's let's. Absolutely understands now why is not resent. Unzip it means Jones. Willis looks. Outside Santa off the street it's not right wing shot and let my littlest of rudeness it. Here's the moment but nothing on the left side of the floor of his middle of the floor in the field. You know started my friend can't. But as for Wall Street uses it goes left pulls up throws it back get right to practice in the eighth time on the block. How hot. Feel Boris. Actually it looked like they should have called that now before the shot but thank goodness caught on his shot hit the for a few free throws. Second foul on Boris first and found to have fun with you tonight's game. And it morrow has not scored yet in the view. From the free throw line eight of thirteen. Month high of few guys in fact most of those applicants and always have confidence seven pounds seven foot one Kinsley hopeful. Next round and it means Jones goes out. How nice well let that would make. One side of their biggest lead of the game Iraq. 138. Half the audience as long as a flexible hours before it bounces to end it snapped baseline some. There was little link divorce goes up over lip. Yeah he had to go way up high ethical over the defender of the how effective. If you line forty count on eleven of those loopholes for the fires yeah. There is to deal with seventy palaces Lazard today. A lefty freshman doesn't look like a freshman he's really playing steady today champ defeated doubled he's different court lowest close enough to end this is out now. Why go for it all up to eight to ten footer that they'll driving on France can't throws up hey why don't go. With the right. It's left. It is not shot on the field almost 58 and can't listen. Lately it's terrific facility now play as soon as I was like yeah had inflicted. That's his second team session. It went out of bounds. Willis is gonna check out yard Kelly yes. Wichita State down by 15173040. Go biggest deficit in his face and Mike has been at home no hesitation with counters. It's not telling him in the lineup. Outlets like the ground also threw me off of that rebound coming had a handgun at the moment faces now that saves. And over the not soccer sorry the second half this whole Disney world in the percent. The only right way better than frank can't see anything frivolous topic world. Looking back to you coming right to left to trust not pulls open fires just this one. This is rebounding record and his three children should feel more sinister. Or chances to Brandon Phillips quarterback thing can't walk free Boca. Yeah. Yeah he stepped right into the that was headed seed send. Really on balance I've got to get knocked up and down but you know. Right now my fifteenth 1636. You know we at the top those left when it suits and artistry of Apple's suppliers. I think. Yeah and the thousands. Came off the screen. For the shot. He'd been shot kind of surface clay and they're gonna go to the monitor and check its if you listen to a three. Justice doing through the first three games of the season was averaging eleven points per game but it. Three point range there's a lot of free you don't ticket free free. Shots. Yes that's a little flu season got this thing. That's physically indicate that stick out and all credit to countless air base hits it incredibly difficult shots. And he. Everything is gone forth right now. They wanted to help lines like Goosen who later. Boston's companies from Landry can't. If kept historic 58 to forty so that was the reason it with a chance for a four point placed for two from the free throw line. And then when these short rebound with just doesn't feel worse it's not just down by 1860s. And really silly reach him but the only definite boundary offhand and no reason for that balance his first and third of them have. This announcement comes in court this this game goes out of Wichita State gets to the line. As a chance to start making up points with the clock stopped there at hand picked up better than a candidate to catch up with its. It's right where Reeves writes I think that's needlessly ground. Please yeah that's definitely definitely frank can't. Baseline killings. Definitely gets it's at camp that an affront that sense face like Morrison strategist. It'll help this awful lot of Suffolk downs. They jumped into the event will be his third. Let's that's good time that that could pass that that by the shock that went to the high posts and articles from locals don't exactly hours. And he went up for the few who thought guys account and both found in the Oval Office. Jacket and time again today this off. Let's. Finish for years and I didn't percent from last dozens of games last year it was worth the time difference to me. These shores this intelligently about them. For now along with a person sort of that's when. Doctors down eighteen if you had the advantage of every opportunity that yet. If we throw. Not making anything right now needle that pulled down the line it's been worth a shot clock night ground covered my friend. That's not spit at us with me out for a way not that Smart clearly. Back toward who's going recovered slightly it's not about it that's not right thing here. Rightly. Not about three contest wore us down the block double team him different camps and again it looks like made the cut at the you have good credit that's what we stayed with that play after three kids got a shot clock he picked up the back in sensitive it doubles. The baseline because of her. It's okay. Now looking that up by six to eight. We've got to climb back under sixteen time out fifteen and nineteen begun the second half California 58. Wichita State according to him. Need your inner bikers sounds like. 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Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental can't okay today we're going to find out just how powerful a mile. First with no. Your parents are staying all weekend wow that's on them. Okay now with a mile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. Healthy smile is a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider. Unleash your miles per hour with delta dental. US shocker basketball is on 103 point 78. It started the second half I'd make him nine. Shots over. Or very. Now they started to have. Four for 71 of one for preemptive retrieve the alive and they've built their lead to sixteen they actually wanted eighteenth moments ago. Wichita State with a big back to ask him how could make up that it has appointed. Sixty the 59. To notebook. Yeah they got tight that the defense not let Coleman and the other guards at the basket. The fashion. And I flew with those states would gladly Shannon in the first half. No bonuses tied for its and a great combined 250. Everybody else is for. Point 7%. There's more and. They now blowouts. Yeah hopefully one seconds left in his business and it's not really swollen and friends just is suing the flip flops and answered Kelly chips and French camp. Not resist. Gross of at least that's the French camp on the Olympics not about the saudis skepticism level. An announcement Brownback different camp wants. Through. It out without talent. Goes that's wrong and it bounces that gets the rebound again it goes up against us now I'll really great effort congress not the only goal and apply for a few offensive rebound. And this. The son Marcus Lydia that's war on here. News that a long time of the first half weeks now how has war in the game. Rashard Kelly at the free throw line reasons one of two in the first half. It's just tremendous effort by now to keep their heads and. Frankly there's hope for four from three you said it's a pretty wide open looks on that one of the steps behind the three point line that. That's well within its range but not this exactly the kind of rattled in the snow on the right yeah coming out. The good side now just financier will get a does not there's a couple of points heading back to. Vessel pulled in almost. You know what at a home and not to suing left wing I was way out front to make the deal. You know split up against Boston. South. You know deficit bouts of blocked it for trying to get through on their fault not close. And out of bounds last night I would not say that down the floor office not plots now for callousness not a crank it. Him a little bit slowly on this and human events that's. Only did they force the core of defense not this is that there's three soccer certificate rebounds and nobody can grab a hold of that thing about a pound into the the field and everything forces. This thing and maybe goodness that's not completely got. Flunked math stuff I can't go to the basket it. Right at it hard through these blocks right now. It can't. Business market disasters pleas to the slaughter or thought about this thing tested a I can't tell you let's play ground. Nothing is a reminder of back to work on for freeing. You play short saved by at least. Bounce back candidate hot shots and moved the ball really well around the perimeter and inside attack outside brown had a really good look. We were directly. That stance. It's not a valid reason for blocking shots him not to lose flaws in. And ignited student 1414. Minutes ago. Here's tonight's lineup you know want to support it. And it said it's adequate rate bounced off balance is now let's kick it out and they'll cruise through that. National clots not that kind of world got off with the board and and they gave its excellent. Meals per second sentence that's. Hopefully sprint can't carry it out again he's an effective. Foul but I'm not going to happen all at the moment. That's the wrong guy out of foul as easily and everything tonight. Personality Kelly just the second seed the occasional free throws you out woman's gonna get harassed. It cannot Hamilton Beckett there. Examples that they feel. As a sad day for the big guy and on Harris Dyson was so he's headed down. Fourteen units that's up to seventy. Thirteen and enhance. If that is. Factors that have got to take advantage of these things that makes. That's typically it is the good thing thirteen in Athens but it's blatantly is the you can't. If injuries that thing efforts very good. Affluent societies this is an adult and asks another friend to have its first points of the in a lot of Mexicans out of bounds that plays that. For a pair of size and almost nonsense and it's Anderson eventually confronted Hamilton and up front definitely it was trying to determine coverages that flight did not as. All of it. Google's lunar poles that stumble through another. Drives it keeps this little eight to shoot. Force raid everybody's telling him at a fast. Yes I said. Sharif Ali I think I saw the referee signaled 11 there this. 161000. Of free throws but it's not as good in the a lot of a lot of the X now look forward to. They sealed it goes down by fourteen. Sean Kelly really give them a lift emotionally nearly it is not possible can offensively down the field. How to crank it finally hit a three. Read that some. Of that type most notably shovels and ordered her to Atlanta. Nice half pipe has multiple. Stanley Kurtz with the latest. On the floor right now at the moment after the game machines and of course double teamed on the sidelines to see us. It calls a timeout and not I don't know. 33 hours. I would have thirty seconds or twelfth that this won't be easy under if there. Reminds you that the coaches show broadcast which have not been heard three weeks now looking back. Update live from AJ sports real acting talent on ninety. Thirteenth came as us and our every Monday night that the athletic season next week and movies and snows being. Gregg Marshall. Seven to ten Adams from seventy eights as a slam. 82830. That will be previous actors. Eleven threats in the last fourteen years into the NCAA and trust me volleyball why aren't you guys lose earlier today. Is there could feel it coming back but. Every month for my. It's. For ages now. Well the doctor has defied the lights are down twelve with twelve and a half minutes ago any kind of for much of a little bit of some of those teams you. Let's hear what they were down removal feedback I got that they closed it down at Michigan State waved me. Deficit in the first half came back and we've got a very close game and they're gonna fight for the life look at the cal bears today because they don't want to give them losers bracket they got a lot of things for the little bracket and played Marquette. Tomorrow after all morning so. Next twelve and half that it could be very very important job. They can't worry it's not they appeared to be the inexperienced. He's unsure of themselves they haven't had gotten your emotional lift. I feel the ladies flying has. Just try to fire them all off it and all kinds of things loose balls blocked shots rebounds especially as an African. Straight offensive rebound slightly good now make it happen. Yes guard Kelli if you'll be this kind of ignited the heat is coming off the bench. Really given a lot of energy out of you know Donna the locals they think a couple of buckets for us they want. There are made fun. That is in effect it. Little while and if we'll come back it got to get them not a Daryl Willis who will struggle to get anything positive done today but he should we don't have heard of him. Inside. Her hit if you stop. Now is now five for fourteen in the second hand through it started out 4% but today it made just one of their last seven shots. All of belongs to count. Shot clock 22. A lot of minutes longer it's nice in various you know include floor. If he's seven eighths as the dangers are John Paul. The third most days this lineup for the soccer. The right side of the Florida my Grass Valley golf as a double team not credit goes to flawlessly McNeal sealed packet I had. Paris nice it was a tough related traffic for a wild stuff partially blocked by virtue. A talented yeah. Now. Kelly again going to get your ball then it's not getting through that there was myself and Ronald merger coming over on the penetrating guard went straight after the with his opinions mean it seems that shot without fouling. The basketball college degrees and don't miss my close to Kelly I want to thank him for three assists on but it over the but I don't disguising them. Was over on the weak side trying to block off his six foot eleven. Ronald nurture Harris nice is only six foot five the freshman and he should have nurtured in the fact that we thought. Now on numerous guys and certainly no found that last I am not sure what they stuff like Florida and Oklahoma might have been. Deflect the shot clock I think we've got a pretty high up. So that when was the seventh founder of the line for the ones want. If you get its act it. There is nothing short street got tipped my friends are covered by now it's a heads up play by Zach brown gets the soccer is extended possessions. Rather it's not so. I just announced that the Kelly it was hit by McNeal and won't resent it. Shot clock 22 factors we'll get an advance rom version was way short of the first free throws with him but that round and it's a place you've described it fifty you know refuse to news start yelling. Doctors to balance it got greens lay it back toward the safety now. That's for us tonight on those rights nice yeah that different. And it outlines announcements that are eager to avoid a single. Now trying to. The full ride of his size that crown constable of the free throw line is that through dribble yeah I didn't. These guys out. My quiet after that after twelve timeout to soccer's getting back in this and 1155. To you know. Now 61 Wichita State 51. Good health was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle that spread throughout our community providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live healthier happier life. At the campus health foundation and our mission. We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. 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And balance transfers pop quiz tomorrow I'll find out more as let's start today dot com states aren't here to help life go right. -- it is I'm here now general manager or resolve Bristol and I will talk l.s manager and we would personally like to invite each and every one of you out to the grand opening up or out of Wichita we're excited to do certain Wichita and the entire Sergi it is a great deals and superior customer service social iPod and your forty out of Wichita where you can always a brand new Altima for us to nine minus forty Wichita located at 10625. Kellogg's just the web wrote Jack this up online order some of which you talk about forty some of which the better way to buy. Soccer sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or is built for a pummel. US shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GUY AN. It's not sitting trails Carolina and a half plus they actually fell behind 58. If it goes to the the free throw line thank you for. Not who still hasn't hit. Could have but what seventy. I started making a little bit of the commanders here again to finish to. Nine years he could complete his frequent flights normally get free throw shooter but this one play short just a moment ago on the front end of the 72%. Last year three of four. It's it is yeah I'll. Scientific evidence now that its effectiveness. Yeah with that threw it over with soccer then soccer crowd like this rough. Part of him just a nightly news. I honestly. That's so it is not count. Yeah outside. To not treat him. You know nightly now. Yeah. That's base line here. Double team if that means. Three months. My clothes don't spin the lights out both over the world this rebound merger lets look at. I'd say. It's not reflecting back from the moment kind of races of up to. Just like it's. Johnson ladies and Johnson closes. I've got all the had a full head of steam dark stuff in. Possibly tried to jump in front of them but he wasn't there time evenly got run over sessions scores table it was a foundries. His first and third and a half now with. The players up fights happen after leading by fifteen years the second half. There's guys that got him from the floor here is nice to drive the length so pregnant traffic. Back to ninth against the killing. Didn't help that kind of a shocker to no defense of rotation that we thought colossal. Places we've got. Three cyclists don't rightly nurtured shot and it drives baseline vicious act out grieves its advantage here pulls up to. Well this golf event gets a lot by telling us. It's those suckers free throw shooting percentages inside the arc but it is really. And it back in the game for a snack at the headline defendant possesses. Hustling it stressed that night. Nobody. Established himself as a slower business is finished at a ball slapped out flat ground of the tennis ball. A lot of analysts haven't had more respect if you go along with it if it seems senseless senseless death. Long breakaway chance and do it again hey Jones run. It's an excellent stuff. So I've. I don't his second. Fourth team found no free throws here. The best of five from. Sounds. Yeah one. The exhibit floor of that McNeil slip up for lives out right now. Now I think yeah. So I'd say it sounds great spots and I take it over as acting just rushed him. So much influence the lines are long gone the bucks got the fifth. The arguments in a number of minutes ago Mike that goes smoothly all the rules early 2000 gonna catch up an account bears him. Now we're seeing at the doctors are going to the free throw line prisoners there. Now some I didn't feel. Ninth 201030. Holes ago. And I think James Johnson scored one basket got a jump right at the end of ahead of anything like me yeah. Patsy now only three. The first two regular season games he has made five of six free frozen in their time in the two exhibition game. He shot 89%. Last year the Hutchinson contracted. It's competitiveness has had on the negative influence than necessarily go to the basket Wednesday. Morris had not only covered right now not technically I was weird note. It's not exactly. You know spending and I think it's. Because I've that it inherited authority on the other it's going to be a lot. The Sox got the call on the previous play like you described it went hard the basket but words just straight up that he. Earth and stayed political so there was no call there but this time they got nurtured from the lot now. You know to the line he has not seen any of bits and look forward the first game. So it's an eighteen to go sectors down seven. In recent shots. You know with thirteen business and again in August scored a total of eight. Points. He offered us. Soledad. Today didn't run on mergers and risk their wheels completely. You know makes both free throws his sleep that night now 65 with the Tennessee 56. Lots. I think the president's announcement of this court. Down the line into traffic mr. garrison wanted to follow. Again. And a lot of the likelihood that he felt it wouldn't write him he's been around as if it's to get that phone with math. It's a massive part of the advice about it itself. Out of the baseline let's go on yeah. Tonight's field by the fighting quickly got divorced who went nineteen. Lance yeah lewis' first basket gets five points double standard that's worth it to get it over a moment on NASA facilities get a ticket saying. Shorthand now. It's a flu live and have them. Softly on the program and when he did suing still want to play from today. Had their first three games since it's private sensitive enough time to steal it at 6758. Around them a life threatening this isn't about him at times it's that it trickles up and down. It got little his first basket of the second and he's got seventy. Definitely this definitely my moment. It's not the got to leave open. Moment I was 31 points and series or thirtieth they got identify a little but it does have somebody on him. It's not just where does the basket fumbles that matters tonight to say that I. And spit sandwich comes up to snuff you it's now it'll I don't want a little while ago cause. I'll let you follow flock thanks Jeff Horton and place him without a sense of Florida yet. It blows everybody Davenport ran gets to a close and. It was a round first. Name's John. This friends is a lightning play and it's not over the Tennessee wins. And I was not a big. Now flyers still hadn't called time out it was on the how beautiful and. Roasted effort by the doctors nurses that coaches complaining they stayed up all of that cylinders with Jack ward got slammed effective. After that to happen is that it might feel like we don't have a wreath right here every year but wow. Just the nation's. Defense and hustle by this guy tonight it definitely on the line and it's like to have. Our home not quite that it happened. Seven because there's no remote there's nothing. The position of having to admit that but not a point of minutes and they actually got a little present for a while us accidentally. For the professor at cal bears hurried up that if you turn overs. I think it's just enough pockets conflict but can he keep his lead but we'll have that one net higher then that'll live. And then after they went through the press the last time downtown home. And taken everything tonight you know long three from the left wing that kept them. Up eight points on the front. Friend. Can't tell Boris him and with the Johnson and that is. That's not obviously I'm. Now has stood at four. There's nicely with John Winston. All right. It's. Definitely different yeah three months away and a Utley bounced it. Last night like tonight. Pretty good look at them that came out of bounds play three previously but that's. Off the rim and out like I might hit it off is the amount. Schneider has made one great I just find. It's not as with in six. For a moment in the traffic fumbled the ball suffers. Gonna go to the best Roland Garros I say. Thanks yeah I definitely. We'll have the right side and John McCain. Ride up and I Harris Tyson with a fast at Santa got up off the floor with it and look obviously is likely I'm not gonna let this happen as soon as fired up and it's not it's really have found some energy. Really get Anthony still down by 614. To challenge him to. He has his little mind. Thank you Robinson's. Today nineteen points in the game. A deep breath for a crisis and the Ocean City yeah. Twenty. It's not safe within time it. What are the closest they've been now the second half Marcus Lee back here with what fourth foul at my house. Iannetta said he keeps four. Santa had taken a four point game with 84. Fourteen instilled ago. And as soon. Okay. That's not to that yeah. The flotilla bestseller. Visibility won't that moment it doesn't want. Understand that. You can call us now on. But Coleman did a good job of being the I feed off of him not taking direct contract contact with language and he threw out he's gonna come out now if you pops off. In Austin reed himself. Within their talents and 171001. And one for all of that is made five of six free throws on his way to 31 points. Four point cal league look you know six to go. The officials not to do feel Morrison's there was definitely going on there now. Like this gives us thirty and we've chosen. And he only makes 69% of that 36%. And today. 32 points. We're done moment and career high he had 31 against Riverside thirty against that phone. Moments in the new one unstoppable element he's got 33 sectors down by six. That's not as they did keeps. The clock stopped the rules for the time line now slightly different. You know nothing yeah. It's left to right next to them. That's mass that was him I'd done to the basket reverse layup I was asked to step by step step step on the console but you know. We had a really good luck on the reverse side the math he was of these events that would give law Clinton 71 player but it unity. The fault. Right side of the Nightline the moment fifth. That definitely. That won't mention it. It's nice to play Kemper that's fine. Print can't get in eight races ahead of the pack that the French can't I. Let that stuff. Flanagan it's. And that's not the. Okay. Yeah and now. Let us live and it's often. Over my. While solid you're the physical fitness which is the people for the people frequent feedback welcome occasion. It's kind of depth tonight on now. And while this is going at a place called Iverson aren't the only. Greg Parker got to have heart heavy. Milwaukee's. Ray Marshall back to the ends at the time out. Incidents and Gary time now. Still accounts for a game 7-Eleven. Now seven to Wichita State six incidents. Ever wish you could call a timeout of those expensive ATM fees. Wealth just lies when you banquet equity very few casts. With your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank fee anywhere here it's true. Fellow equity banks goodbye ATM fee if those slam dunk. Started equity bank dot com member FDI. What a shocker drove into an American athletic conference tussle you can bet they rolled it on tires from Kansas land tire and ball was shocked his look but up on some unsuspecting opponent on the hardwood adult Scully mascot what happened at the air by what are his tires blew -- nosy can count on campus -- tired to be Johnny on the spot with service and repair with six Wichita metro locations at 23 all across state you can count on campus -- tired just like you can count on the shocker for the store -- you go to camp this land tired dot com get display entire bear Ernie repair these guys care. Line. ABC primetime. News at ten. Designer clothes. And shoes made in Kansas we've had a lot of money products aren't story. I didn't have my pain and worry parents may eighth inning and maybe even Kansas tonight is Hannah. Shocker ports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford remains firm Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in molding Kirk Farber. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point 7081. Yeah. Now seventy Jay Witasick state 66 that was exciting mustard greens. Pilot over may yet. Also fallen made a great hustle play. Papers like flying everywhere I've recovered everything we noticed that she's here. Wichita State had a 49 the second half 34 and a half yeah. Want them both candidates. Three kind of training camp for the game is one of the eleventh over all want to. Austin green it's one F seven want to try and read. That these cameras including one points. I always emphasizes its tremendous lift off defensive. Five points nine rebounds. He just got called for his second golf and that's going to let me. You know at the line of work now with 81 and 18. Inning look to us. One of these suckers that. It comes back you. So far here. Lawlessness of the hi Chris I had fifteen points. He's in second and third ladies who were behind on home. And just assuming. He throws its. Or sixty. Consider. It's not hasn't had some chances got to within Ford now expected in the seventh and again they keep getting back into his. Link Frank Sinatra on the grounds. Around. Obviously it's definitely can't penetrate the frozen up front to ground. It literally is that most were those of us goes up strong and it's now if I can easily pulled. Now of the world that it's his fourth. And yes for at least it has Lauren Anderson and it's there other state have for. All have floor and Boris in line for us I think that's going down the locals who were fixing to go forward just not quick enough of the shaft. Grief how. Miss the free throws and shots. This is at thirteen points in the game for him can't cannot beans Jones connected to and its definitively do right now to get steam room. Artfully second street but. That's the fourteenth not his back. Homered doubled him home. Well and it's been at a viewers know it sounds an office not the players would advance scout can throw it in the quarter against the press and get trapped. Yeah they're cool if you could point that's not where you want me bounce that off topic that stepped up their defense in the second half of holding out with 38. Since they shoot fifty. The closeness of much better defensive second half you know of that floor to ceiling and activate deal pushes it up the floor drives it hard it's not the key examples that count. 635. You know the second half is that about costly wars would you like that got him. That's over the field isn't that right now and writes no the wind gets up router that best that Paula. He followed up that later in this person points of the game averaging fifteen that kept him. Instead bounces up an account that night. It's not split its not a level playing ground for three internal light source battery two things Jones and found. Cynthia injustice of it. Really arguing with regretfully even got home from shopping somebody on the box now. His third foul line is the short film industry big shots now with a shot into the double bonus and about ten. Arts and everything his. Knows what's gonna stay in only three of four from the line has five points from the free throw short. Soccer's just have not consistently. Been able to score today and had little. And they go through this. Now why is consistently. You know freeze good this time. Rashard Kelly was six senators downed high seventh. Coldest time. I'm moment that it hurt it's time now diseases transmitted. If so salary remaining is that the a 32 time now. They're down the line Mike. Soccer fans of the suckers are on the road the official watch party location is students want to work. What experts and I'm by doing a whole lot parties for the chance to win a trip for view it is amazing for. In Orlando. Courtesy of the Eisenhower national airport. All stuff lately. This doctor defense over the forces of turnovers with their pressing them pretty good job of forcing some misses down. Event I count but they've got to start Fox's. Now that's their big guys active hello and relief and they both attack the offensive glass. Very aggressively self got a victim it's not a box office. 03 remaining shoppers down vice. Handle on it heads florists. Richard thank you now lead paint jobs. And Zach brown. Don't give a wrist surgery and it's only on him last time now. Justice suing displayed here. Looking looking looking at it and dissident to leave marks his sleep but there isn't enough work. It's the process sidelining him enough if done moments ago Vick had taken it upon itself. Steele starts right double team gets and other related news down right frozen. Suing for. Look at this time we spend far inadequate Lawrence gets it in the world loves numbers and you'll know how to figure. Balances and as a compliment and. It was sacked Morrison's knocking the door there at the moment that had just been incidental I don't think they would have it's not not not not this. Now I have. They had to think that ball but it was a it was a long shot by sterling weakness that looks like that little girl was gonna get the rebound he gets the rebound he walks over. Check points ahead. Police got it got knocked that in your season divorces him and then stumbled over. Carl towels out at 542. Good Marcia Morrissey just basic stuff from the free throw shooting. Responds good. He missed his first two days I've made three out of five had fifteen points factors that. And six that you could make it five here with five weeks ago. That would snuff and you know. He'll Morris and it's not as fast he's got six. He's definitely. The baseline side around Austin and music stuff on the sideline it was taxes down by five half of all seventeen feet valuable would've been reported he was trapped inside line. But it's been around reasons stepped out of bounds not soccer fans pulled down 55. Minutes ago. Offensive this and I think changed. You know and it has some things. That Lynn Morris spends. They got both my little. Out of school. It's. We'll flew. They've not found on the outside shots and shot it would. To play this fall lineup a little better than they did the first half. So I can't really talented that he'll pull it catches the what do. It's innate and it's not really good additions may put it on the floor for one privilege and that if it is going to be here. Free throw. It and I. Is nuts and did. It's nice for the moment. Race and at the floor closing at 78 at best for. Yeah. And I think it reflects what's on the line don't let them. Her name's John that the. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. That's not suffice it to eight feet. That ball out of bounds and the count won't and it will advance. Tonight at 76511. To you know now we've got to. Now deflated that yeah trouble frozen. Slices. I don't want him and it's nice and rightly so is next and I found messenger and a seven. Now I believe so no I'm. Us we thought it got it sickness and accident of the lines which is you know they're really nice drive it it's that time. Night justice Louis and he got that's definitely flattened went up it looked like it when people aren't from here is that recruitment. Jack. Balancing act is. Now. First things within. Three points. At risk for Australia. First three games exclusively with the count them. President. And that's true yeah. Springfield mostly. 7876. Counts of finals if you know agrees that it's much toughness tonight and had very little that a woman. We've. Got that means. Yeah. Literally left elbow let him run under attack at these fears are not announces. Did it turnaround this could rebound after strong backing up. Now the good guys right now. It's right there there's very little love. Not those in the second and it's not as aggressive you know to get it up ports deal and that sort finally cross the timeline not double team gets in a way to Paris nice and opening episode on the right thing way back out to me you know sixteen decent but now soccer is tied it's. 78 dollars worth it to the no penetration a lot of minutes. There is nice enough credit facilities of the fund were trying to drive it into traffic stops and not silly little club yeah. He's got yes it's not sensitive on the soundness and that's what influenced now back up tonight's news. Looking freshman for the bears right corner of things like brown gets locked out and it'll save us today. I guess we'll have an effort tonight out of your fourth time three fifteenths and six. California. Eighties looks at times case. Are you doing there beautiful cars and see. What's the trend is now 93 lately to the love that little footsteps of course 93 CE. My index is more like seventy certainly talk to the bar would like to do. From my insurance companies and car we eat something you weren't really hard part of the wanna give it to protect deserves. When he's never missed but he says I didn't immediately and in some three your freshness deal. State farm. Colonies and today. Hello shocker nation. This is Cindy Carnahan with the current ten grouping JPY again in time for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping to great people of Wichita buy and sell home helping with first home purchasers. Patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up for paring down we want you to call on past. Let us let our vast experience our robot marketing and our proven system to work for you whether big or small our service is the name I promise. Hi this just in Baxter at Baxter & Associates in our forty years of business Don Baxter and our whole team has seen challenging Financial Times and we're up for that challenge we understand you're depending on your series money now and in the future please give us a call at 316652. 0101 Baxter & Associates time well spent. Money well invested security and. By the reservist has offered through IRA investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor has turned to us it's incorporated and II investments incorporated are separate and unrelated company. Shocker for has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad Woody's John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. USC shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven TE one yeah. Both teams I. Big 37%. In the second half but Wichita State had more shots in thirteen of 35000. At 27. Dallas and they were hit seven threes Wichita State. Wichita State thirteen of seventeen. I'm now. Because they grilled by fifteen points and six. They have contacted I had a couple of occasions right now others down who would have the balls. At Salina fans run under through my appreciate others that he is. Jack Morris snacks around and Connor yeah. Can't what I love glorious night scene here eleven it's not as thoughtful and those 33 just as soon. At various we'll succeed with now. Soccer basketball and we'll pass it. Every cent that Floridians want alone on the shot clock on this. And that's. He visited a back forward this next round it's now official. That's enough activity confidence. It's happening now might choose. Not it's kinda slides here in the late nights knights right at him and consequently it's nice snap decision that it makes little. Right wondered driving motorists in traffic. If he goes along the baseline banks that was that frantically through the defense. Yeah sleep on double team on the field size is definitely get through tonight declaring this is not a good stuff. Possession arrow resources on states including Florida that's his job that kind of traffic without falling into that round. Reached the unit I don't often play. Soccer basketball base line that left for the benefit. They've tied it eighty Wichita State has never let them at least not insists the first basket into the game. Chambliss looking into friends different camps not to let it go to backward through sickness. Announcement it back up to cross the timeline of soccer's with a chance to take the lead in about three minutes ago. Camera right sideline for us this next round against Boris of the most jump hook overhead as. Underground garage baseline. And traffic it's never enough won't make another life and that we'll ask them why not yet. Think they need to get into Wichita State it's not height those little surge looks. Good quarter. And a just one time. Just say it's. Basically I don't know if you recognize that you know they gave him basket to you know start with the other moment there's a lot. Another bad or is not afraid if it's 8478. Which has not stay in the moment. That thing out there is that it's. Witness and now six point lead just over its political appointees like slightly you know oriented right down the light brown double pump laser. Brown lifted good. Alex said things. Wow what a flurry by the centers. The big guys that's exact round finished on top flight suit on NASA figures guys that drive the line blocked by Morrison activists say that now. Access to pick up against it wants Justice Kennedy is the exact plastic nobody dive that I liked Agassi is the big belly not coming now. 25 points or six. If you don't Morris that's. Willis Willis Ed Kelly. Nurture. The green. It snows here is actually good about now getting grants and got those shackles he got about thirty seconds of rest of the executive. Now who edited the baseline you know looking for that is atypical and throws it up for Kelly to lose its. Recovered nicely steps up and flyers and almost an air ball solid off the side of the the time line. The right corner Haynes Johnson adjacent to announce its influence that was kicks off the clock with a minute 43 remaining. We'll sit they've got both of the update guys who now fouled out with fat pathetic good job of going inside repeatedly that kind. The monsoon was trying to go inside and Darryl Willis. Tonight. It's 43 of the pain but because they know. Lived and died six. Saint John's had trouble getting it just evidence evidence. We'll announces that it's enough of it. And it and it. Well they're both going for the ball they both have a right to go for the festival's held referee sees soccer basketball on the sidelines. Let's see what it's near thirty of the shot for a candidate has taken some hits today physically. Played a great game and he urges him to check that you know. Don't think it was and it's definitely exercising and other posts for it there there'd. Politically. It's directed it shot clock it's 23. But I wouldn't. Announcement standards of the downforce it's not if they wanted him back athletes. You're not jobs. Animals that it's not close enough over here and it's not thing that I will definitely slow at best thing about Darryl Willis muscles it up best fit. It gets you don't think about it can't add those up for. No six and they don't feel like you have to. Barclays you can thank captain. Towels and. On this day. Haynes Johnson knows the mind recently. Had to get two shots everything has some shots down the stretch here. You can make it a three possession game and makes a lot of these have just been at seven remaining. Round and Kelly who have been blessed with a little bit they're going to check back here I thought. He did today's 30. Substitution for defense here tonight round telling. Like Johnson. He's not somebody else got a laugh. Hear her tell me. Ground Haynes Johnson reads are out here. It's a Willis. Analysts had Janet kidnappings Jones threw for three from the line seven points he can make it an eight point lead and it is now three possession lead for the shocker. 107 to go. He felt earlier in the free throws them really important shots. What's that has struggled but they are pretty good position now honestly and actually looked short the eight his stuff is why it. I think and I agree it is now. Hillary's moment down the line let standards John Paul did not blame the stories about thirty behind now. Haynes Johnson back court found dead this time. I cost of a whole lot of sense of logic after the lines that's it's edited executed double play. Well it that if you look now at Hutchinson. For the nationals game fifteen years in the role that won the championship last year he shot 89%. Alignment. Defeated at the free throw line he's consistently four for four today freeze. That it's not hard. It's one or it is selling its position being affiliated offices feel Morris back yeah. And if he makes this when it stacked three possession game with 55 seconds left to engage students here. Actually gains one more free throw yours and it's shortly that it cannot talk about fitness for both Mike. You know Burnett weren't that under the basket there was enough wild shot Kelly cited there right now and certainly not for the Atlanta and its backers. 47 seconds left. Not a friend can't finish second as he hit his shot isn't that a ball handler for those that are standing at the end you know the good for growth and. And Morris is that it's a big guys very good reflexes. 47 seconds left Wichita State my stick coming back from eighteen down the second half threes in the nurture. It's double tickets went on to lose that they found him. The moment there is the designated Fowler right now he's underground classic. Got to make these free throws now there's only hit two possession blog the couple of 32000. By this thing absolutely free throws with vertical rock reads at the free throw line for the first time today so far this season. Austin is made to a few shots deputy spokesperson well. Four points of the game back with the possession lose 898. Yeah one more. Doctors have really been tested today that they have risen to the occasion and a history that truth bounces in. Boston Braves. Students knew what to just stay home than. It's not to his credit card everybody else feel with us tonight. 34 seconds to fly over to Coleman former look at the drive is sitting forcing travelers. Gold fell on what he brings that there was some contact. And that's what it was definitely thought traveling. And I think if it goes doctors update right. Inside police games. Yeah. News editor here. And yet it's a definition of race into the basket thing living below underneath. Polite society is now white sands. This final score is not better than it is not Hillary Clinton authenticate this and what a furious. Event Clinton knocked. Moment this moment. Loves. I think that directly benefit every sentence. Yeah. Yeah. The tapes I'm. 82 cents. Looks like seven as the more sense like between seventeen of the closeout sale. I'm buying up at 70 yeah around the corner the twenty seventeens are going fast they'll get special clothes out pricing and most popular twin seventeen ship models like Silverado Tahoe introvert did. I wouldn't trade and get a great deal during the 2017 should be closed out to see your hometown Chevy dealer today. For only a select models available especially on these or other offers to put everybody 113017. Participating dealer for. Plant and tell you right for the 2008 teen out. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss talents a come up in valley energy and danger for an end over what a lawyer. Must have for all WS shocker. Or basketball game on 103 point Evan KE YN Wichita. Welcome back it is now eight. Honda civic center which have not stayed holed one out. Ninety 82 final margin standpoint. Does that is close. This is still about six I've just stop doing just. That's compression on the line up. Both about that hard that that's second. I'm six to about seven. It just kept fighting back for a deficit they have a good make up for Floyd admitted that they finally did it. And it started as it usually does that people. Well man did it you know that that it couldn't stop Coleman in the rest of the cal bears the first half of the first part of the second half of that matter. I finally got on the line now. They expected that they have they put the back ground. Often wind. Hey Ronald perjury hearing that but the group that often that it started playing good defense. That if they can't I don't know but it is that the I got. They have offensively it was all about going to side effect for. Course which is unstoppable when there's actually after of coral got its fifth hour mark but we've got to get this. Both. Foul trouble the whole ball game. It is that they got their fourth and fifth now doctor. Side effects or that you looked unstoppable when there. Along with Ronald merger. There's guard Kelli what it's been about Kelly yeah. It really it was a shocker the Lipton that. Post game shows you like Johnson. First pick ninety sic we'll find so much more than men's suits and for those of you who have been watching it gave them. Where else and about driving home to drive home from the game is brought to you by Kansas plant tire and service. Great tires and professional auto service are always a slam dunk. There really are several guys that you have to talk about this than Kelly it was a great place to start because he was midnight he was the one that. Really got him going emotionally and effort wise. You have a captive edited the first half and out here they would have been may be out of this game by halftime and then. You know you've got a lot of dirt has made some big plays when they shot victory putative author Henry. Amores. Day we'll fight that guy who could play in the NBA having been through. The team on his shoulders down the stretch out those guys. Whether it was still hadn't had foul trouble he was flawed Adam then after they felt about it was like calling for the ball this. Taken through those smaller guys that are trying to guard him. Assistant stuff yeah exactly does that stop volunteering their credit the other guy forget the ball into the application. They get the ball and you put that. Yeah dogged it jumpers he hit both shots he had a follow slam dunk on them at drive I think it was round of anything that has thrived. Followed up with that gone. And they needed a play for free throws felt Jack worth up my game came through this the highest score was later. And he did a lot of new game which includes that nobody was with a soccer uniform on you know thought they re finally that the three threes gifted soccer ball a little bit offensively as you mentioned read tonight I'll throw brown in there too because down the stretch. Hayward applying pressure on the double teams defensively and they handled the ball. Help make some play maybe some penetration plays Graham had. Really bad passes early in the game and then didn't have another turnover in the second half through. Out of line Reeves also really help take care of the ball and it was just. It's really a great team effort the numbers don't reflect that it was particularly good. Orbits of the percentages. But this was a good team effort to combat pilot it's not that. They needed every single guy to get it done I'm glad you mentioned round and I thought I would have thought of him in the first half that he did not. Really look I made some bad passes through the ball over and it didn't look okay we'll shoot the volume have a hard time covering. Not only. Into the second half I thought he settled down and I thought he hit some really nice cup with a fresh. Feeling the ball toward the bad rap. I thought one that Darrell will look coupled with the merger and in fact was I thought background battled them really had a nice second. That is our game recap got you got they'll look for products coming and coming his. And you'll I'll offer to talk give them McAuliffe and 48. Or visit our company's LLC. Come Cummings of Cummings while we Dorsey. Always comes first and we will continue at a moment of the johnsons post game show crop now. 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With nineteen points today that makes this out of all shocker merchandise to about 25%. Off either access location east or less so. Always feel listening always listen are you cannot update at the end of the game but that had out there tomorrow and pick up some shocker here reduced prices point 5%. So after scored 92 points as we mentioned. Lot of guys contributed today a lot of stars that one of them joins us that was by the Kansas lottery senior post player Rodham nurture. Five for six from the field eleven point six rebounds and forty minutes of action. And Toronto like a lot of the guys who made a lot of big plays with the game on the line talk a little bit first just about that mindset what you guys were telling each other's right to make them activists. It they're gonna have time benefit benefit that. I thought process though we. What happened. The efficacy and you know we've got to present them full court the holes but nothing much that we'll. It must. Was it hard to get over the frustration because he started play better returning about ourselves or make it any. It is like yours it's kind of treading water not make it. Yeah we would have make a lot of stuff today I don't know what the public that I'll go back if our government. Marlon on the offense. We just epidemics are thought size that we thought of going inside thought of getting offensive rebound and put them back and nothing that's what we have coming up coming back again. Ronald eleven. Turnovers in the first half only good shots and turnovers in the second half you think the guy's been I. Maybe it was you know with the out here the big big constantly you know maybe maybe from the got a little scared but we got over it and then I think ridiculous but. What about. That's that's really become a subtle with helping us on the phone offensive and defense spending that we do rebound and a couple we've got to do that we initiated. We are kind of trade that. It was now for both of them were part of the second half they still had a sizable lead about what was there before it wasn't like it was about twelve minutes ago. That lineup would view reform our. Ought to read. Get that ground the mud that's about it came in and out there for free cash. Our lineup a lineup that doesn't play a lot together really helped bring this thing back. If you're chemist. Hope hope hope we get on the makes it. And obviously this is the the toughest team you've played so far as just getting one of these under their belt on yourself pulling out a win this thing if you collapse everybody in the open even believe that it that it took me. Yeah I'm not nothing going up tomorrow. He's got to bring it all for forty minutes this time and they can't pick on the guy come on their looks than like that they'll feel like. If you do if you would get a good thirty at least notify me if I feel like when you win that game. Well Ronald gray cable and point that if you have eleven points six rebounds were five. Six or felt great job. Apple inside that it's thank elect. I got pretty good system they have I feel like they have holes in the ozone over there underneath the basket and and they weren't really good that he they were pretty good getting defensive rebounds on the phone though. Luckily I got I got I was able to get offensive rebounds and put him right back in this. Congratulations great cadre comeback yeah thank you sir thank all right a lot of nurtured joining us after the game one but doctors. It's 9282. After they trailed by eighteen. Was 68 and a half minutes to go to Kansas lottery. Heard him to get through Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire but they have lottery dot com. For the most current jackpot are about like Kansas lottery. And dream bigger not a defense you play. Oh boy. That's a good question. On this day. I think Kelly. Yeah yeah I'm on with I think it started to pick one guy if that group sort of plays that he did with Kelly and nurture and round. And read. Training camp or in my case that that group released it did his job defensively finally started in South Africa for that. I gotta go if nothing for his first get on the floor for loose balls and offensive rebound defensive rebound and he. Kelly good choice of the defensive player of the game were occupied got you covered. It controls the life in your living room create privacy your bedroom. Or transport look at your kitchen got you covered as the right when the treatment solutions for you offering 16127000. Got you covered it was to. Not cop got you covered serving the which you know my guess that might be the offensive player of the gate 25 points it's been I think he got he had 21 of the second half. What seven out of nine. From the floor. In the second half but remember the awful awful awful hot flowed out of him. Talk about this act the players do. And Zach brown I mean Coleman. Still ended up with 35 that he had 26 at halftime so they did a better job on him the second half certainly Zach brown made it tougher on him try to get to the basket and he was. A big factor you know we talked about these guys earlier but I. What you look at guys like Brian Elliott roundup. Or start. Not suck it up and those two guys were again down the stretch of that rally. What they have become this team Lou guys guys that are leaders that people in the hands on gave great effort and energy yet. It helped created emotional. Balance this team off you know he stepped up significantly from last year he played really well against date. At twelve point 33 out of three threes against Kentucky and nine point eight rebounds against Kentucky background plate when he gave me. That's the asphalt being felt he had some good games at the end of last year voice. Yes good second half today and that shoppers needed. But this second have. They were dead in the water there with about what you think sixty minutes ago minutes ago. Well they we have a lot of plays out distressed that this is the one we've chosen for a put it in the deep freeze play of the game brought buys them at the clock. 820 yeah it's not stayed on top five most. And water. I've. That gave them their first four point lead I you know I don't recall that. Wichita State ever lived in the first half I don't believe that they did if they did it was maybe. And that figure fortitude earlier. And then when they got the lead it was two for a couple of is that he got tied back up that time or two that and that was their first four point lead at that I lost track of the score board got all screwed up that they finally got it to six I believe it 8680. After that point god. You can just see this went Nevada cal sales. Shot instead of. First 22 we understand. The first media time out it was 126. Soccer world were three for three there were three for three factories so they got author of great spot start at this shocker. Do it. All right thank you for that both Andrew and we will take time out the end (%expletive) want it now. ID 280 Hilbert now a tremendous come back here at the valley of the tape. But you're looking for the perfect power suit. We're just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game you need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experienced staff to help. You're sure to find something that you and your style and right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coats and overcoat. Be at the top of your game this season and Johnston is a 21 NK 96. That's a reflection of his mark sounds like between seventeen should be close out this time. 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Post game show brought to my Johnson's 21 that anybody sick you'll find so much more. And then suit is lauded shocker basketball business faithful. Things to do it what you as far as personalities Floyd said is that the place to go for all of your. Or whether it's Hardwoods tile laminate carpet area namely the race every day prices. On really quality materials they have a wide range of different qualities that you know that your budget limits certain level he's still going to get. That's glory you're going to fly to right he could afford all the way up to the highest it's not great everyday prices. Service is beyond repair so wooden flooring on me you know as far as in 1960. North Broadway at ten point margin at the end that's the only time I was just dust it led by that much they let the first twenty seconds of the game. Cal led for 35 minutes 34 minutes and 57 seconds but. As in any sport all that matters is leagues. The final causes I got a great debt for you my points off turnovers we highlighted that at half time. Cal was leading on in that this category nineteen is seven. Points off turnovers it is second half shoppers lift that. And they want points off turnovers twenty feet to read. In the second half. And that was that was one of the few mistakes that. They started creating turnovers and scoring in the first half what the turnovers were fairly well hit the edge of the points it's not as good about it capitalize its floor. And then you glad you mentioned something that I ventured very early count got a lot of fouls early in the second half. At what you're trying to come back in the game from the deficit. It always helps if you can go to the line at 4 point 1 o'clock stuff they have the make up appointment at all. Get a couple points. Clot and they started yet the line a lot this. Well if you think back to that reckless come back at Missouri State. During the undefeated season 2000 roughly the same thing happens. Very thin beard got a lot of fouls early in the second half. And so that's doctors were able to score points with the clock stopped at the free throw line and no doubt that really helped to come back today of course you gotta make it clear that the factories in. In the second half. Made seventeen of 2374%. That's what it's got its 74 point three haven't given it the final stats exactly shooting percentages ended up almost exactly. It is saying now was 26 of 6241. Point nine. Not just got more chances there to get 73. Or 411. Now shot it way better from three to out of nineteen this accurately six of 25 thanks to the went one for twelve the second half. Free throws with Utah State make 26 of 3574%. Now was twentieth 23. 87%. This team that shot a little upset that he wanted the first three games. Give them credit that it wasn't just bad defense fund which does say now is on fire today it certainly shot it better every. Phase of the game better than they had their first three games these they think it really feed off each other with Coleman hit a couple of outside shot that seemed to relax those freshman. Elvis that those guys started hitting. Justice hit four out of six threes. With the but Neil McNeil was two out of four threes so between those three guards they were let's see can. I was sixteen for principle he that's pretty good she is one thing that they have hurt them also it as a society is going to have I guess it's pretty young team. But they got so much confidence that when they still had the lead it was getting tighter link they just kept fired up flick ever commit that way. Ticket for shots it's difficult for shots and eventually they ended up eleventh for. For 33 at the second half of that golf shots as they come back calls you out you've got you've got to get them. Got to force the misses you gotta have some a few trips five. Your opponents if you wanted to make up a deficit like that and part of it was the defense and I think part of your right with the shot selection and part of it was that their bigs. Went out with their four fouls that would leave those out there he's a big offensive weapon. For them inside. And of course not as much of an office of a weapon but that he and leave it off each other so when those guys got foul trouble. Not only did it hurt your defense but it force of start to kind of have she's outside shots. We are waiting hopefully for a chance to talk with Greg Marshall here fact he has headed toward us or mention that November is shocker spirit month that Carlos and Kelly if it's not the cheerleaders for lunch and dinner at all three. Wichita Carlos Kelly's locations along that ridge. 47 in south Broadway at 49 and run throughout this is the spirit squad and we'll fund raiser to come out and support the team. That supports the shoppers again the earlier game today went to mark yet another high scoring effort that gained 9483. So Marquette to a one will face the three shoppers in a game that we'll start at 838. In up. Here in Hawaii tomorrow morning it'll be 1230 tip off. Back in the central time as a coach Gregg Marshall joins us. At those categories wanna start. Maybe the biggest thing that happened. Was Rashard Kelly. Jacobson plays the that your team's energy the second half it seemed to ignite this doesn't change. It mindset. I thought Kelly it was really said that press conference just motto nurture. And Rashard Kelly the point of up for us and make some plays since the fact that some second chance opportunities. And just really being greedy seniors. That have been through some wars with a heated game. If you told me that. Austin we use. Harder for an camp in Zack brown are gonna shoot. Or eighteen from three against his own. I would bet you anything you wanna bet that's not gonna happen and then are our first of beef that was just horrendous it was just. Porous it was awful and basically. If I could of gotten hold of somebody's phone at halftime we're probably stepped on crushed to stop read the Internet stop us into your program in your grandma how good you are. And get down in a stance. And guard. Because we use we can win games even when we don't shoot it well we engine oil tonight but. It takes. Grit and determination and toughness. And we finally had some of that in the last eighteen minutes in addition to answer the first half eleven turnovers a lot of passes just not see your guys and might we looked like the bed there. Until we look like movement. Oil slipped out there were falling down all well and just everything was real lose. It was just not very pretty all very very disappointed. And how I got this team ready to play prepared for that type of gave it their resiliency and toughness and maturity. Certainly paid off in the last six to. Avoid them. Six to five friends with under pressure at that we it is that it don't hit it just didn't line up in there. That brought you guys that it was wrong though Rashard. Often. I think Connor and that rounding off that the market coming there that you have fun watching them. Shouldn't. Model with a five he's very good rib protectors of refreshing. The which. Virtue it is to fight finally shut that well. Toward the end of the game that didn't file usage actually went over there that somebody whatever but. We truck Rashard Kelly on the point of the press. Austin 65 rounds 66 so that's pretty good I could dress up there. And some martian day or Conor go back and forth because late 2000. Points off turnovers. They were I had it that. Seven the first half it won at that point. Second half. We went through the through it differently than it we were just so so often. Loose off is that it didn't matter what we were doing everything was just stick all things just. Didn't look very good but the maturities came through tonight. Maturity in the toughness and we'll know by the acquittal. They gonna quit that and get back to the hotel and I'll. Find a bus ticket to the airport but it definitely hit home the wife quit it. Yeah it was. It took awhile to find a restaurant. It was at this stage act he has continued his picture process really all of the ball flooding that all it's two at a place. No way that we did a good job of attacking them with their think about it and felt so once those two guys hold the football. Workers. Shrug it off. Layups and this roundup fast. Well I'm sure kind of a combination of a sense of relief that can't wait to. Yeah with these guys and get ready for tomorrow's congratulations. That's a heck of a comeback win albeit it. The prettiest game your teams never play for the golf. Ends up where you know it all adds up with a victory. But this morning. This'll get answers to the winner's bracket who undefeated. And hopefully this is a wake up call that we can play better from long group. Tomorrow we that we can do that viking river more. Greater comeback are furious comeback others no doubt want to mention it Missouri State a year that we were undefeated we're down. What seventy tonight he'd have to delegate candidate got back to seventy. Ninety we'll the district of nineteen or 1818 was sixteen and a half level one of the things let them back. Look at them that. Threats of sanctions. Got it coach Gregg Marshall presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put billions to work. And again earlier score today ninety or 83 mark yet. Over BC news two teams that scored in the nineties today it up and down game face off. Early tomorrow morning your whole life time 830 here. 1230 in which Bob and I'll be out here at eleven. We've got some work to do it essentially to get the flow we thought if you look at. Fortunately all of the winner's bracket that. Semi final game. Man yeah that's what dissenters wanted to do you think that a good matchup tomorrow with a Marquette team that also could get. You know without shipping yet. Should be a fun game because we're not get involved anything with people want it enough of them before. I think what if you think Coleman delighted to have that they would refuse to guard tomorrow that market has not delegate goes these guys get away. There's fewer of them and they're not very big. 5115. They can latter so doctors and her figure out how to cover art we've. Thanks Sandra Hamlin in jail card whether they'll act in the studio thanks to all of you who joined this. Once thought. Lunchtime tipoff tomorrow for all of you back in the central time attackers they Don Marquette at 1230 right path again at 11:30 central. Some of finals of the Maui invitational today is final. Wichita State they come back ninety to 82 win. Over California. Paula liked Kennedy which you may play as good evening your time from now.