WSU Men's Basketball vs Newman - 11/06/17

Monday, November 6th

WSU Men's Basketball vs Newman: W 113-55


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One opens into. I've lost the morning. Shocker. 103 point 7 hey you why am afraid. I'm bringing down here so voice in this. Tigers tonight and they take but university sheds any game that was added. The schedule. Couple of months a couple of weeks ago. As one of many across the country that have been put together as a fund raiser. For the victims of hurricanes and other natural. Disasters over the last several months it has just been amazing how much devastation those storms created so. A lot of college basketball teams across country or play a special game just for that purpose and it was nice to be able to get the that throughout the three city universities together. This is a series it's that played a little bit during Greg marshals tenure twice as an exhibition game twice as they regular season game. And so it's nice to make it work this out of course for both teams it's an opportunity to get more or ready for their upcoming season which start on. Right well there's nothing like like actually being enabled game. And getting the experience that you have when you really going to war and especially with the we're players they need that maybe the most seasoned players. Don't that this is a perfect opportunity. In the end it's great but you know this I've been involved with the program. For years and years and years a lot of people out there and it's. The basketball program it's a good university so it's great that they were able to put this together. Little bit of a change for movement for the first time in twenty years somebody other than mark potter in Kansas basketball courts would call which of course. Clark is a friend of yours and mine it's always been highly respected as a coach it just throughout the community assisted genuine good guy at that. It's appropriate thing to guard. Great coaching career in the city league itself it's a nice transition and it's nice carrying. It sure isn't Newman has had great great. Basketball programs with the kids that are. Fine young man that have gone on very successful things in their lives. There is not a finer person officer and mark. He's just as good of man is that possibly could be. And he was tremendous basketball coach he was having some health problems and it was his health problems that led him. We'll to retire when he did because I think he still has some very good years ahead of him at those good years will be spent on doing other things. So I think speaking. In talking about some of the challenges that people have as they go through life. RJ Alan we've known since he was a baby I need to be around Ronnie as long as we have. Friday's tape was a fantastic basketball coach and gets an opportunity to continue to be a fantastic basketball coach. Assisting RJ RJ it was a great player. Did a super job with mark potter on the staff gets an opportunity and now now to show what you need to do and I think he's going to continue to be very successful as well. And it's really interest me. What this movement program it's kind of it through and done and accomplished because they actually dropped. The men's basketball program for eleven years at that in 9899. Started it back out. Ad they became they've promised. NA I program nationally. As a mark potter let them through the transition to division two starting eleven years ago maybe that's the end to an NCAA division two tournament in recent years so it. It's been kind of an amazing for. Progression and certainly. After tonight will be rooting for them dead after that this year airplane again. The heartland conference which is but that division to conference for the last year. And they're going to be. Looking to get good news conference if they plan that walks in his hand aids and or use they if they keep getting into it if they can't there are a couple of other options that they have. But they've been eighty works in the heartland conference are almost always finishing up in the upper half was very very good basketball. That's the matchup tonight Wichita State had in the university these most recent time they play it. Was in the regular season three years ago 201415. Wichita State won that game 105 to 57. Add in the allowed the twelve season. Soccer's one wanted to get 53. Teams also played its ears right before that it exhibition play factors have lunch with. 23 straight these pre season exhibition games that are nineteen and now all time against division to an N ai programs. This was. I think I even though the guards and other projected pre season. I think maybe this will be a little better chance but the shocker at Henderson state laws that. And a good step toward getting ready for that season opener next Friday at this coming Friday gives him case I think. Newman will be a better team and Henderson state laws. Newman is untested they have several good players back. They have ahead several additional players that he has much time last year they've probably seen this year. A book but. Couple of their better players are back so I think seed them one of them is Bryant's. And he's put together some very very good numbers. And I. I think see what he's going to do because he has a chance to this. Into the starring role this year this ballclub any event should cavett right and I hope we do seeded Aggies had a little bit about an ankle issue and they had a likeness for a beach with a outside of politics where he gave off the pitch and obviously if you that it so we'll see how much he plays tonight. He was on the team. As well as Christians beyond three years ago when these teams last played. Both of them were red shirt years either actually play. And for the shot seriously senior group before your guy's shirt Kelly's background run a merger. Played at that game three years. Yeah they did and it's it hardly seems like it's been that an hour ago. Jacob Burton brown is a good player also slender 666. And I see them play my five or six times a year right over there because they're like people over there. Like coaching staff like the atmosphere all the nuns and end all of that should get over there. What pretty familiar with a lot of these players Jacob Burton found. I was second leading rebounder four point eight games once again very slender kid he's going to come up against it your kids. With the shock person that's good test his metal little bit. One thing it's always been thought about it that is. Part water ice like to play an up tempo style of game they don't they always had shooters and I would think that. Given RJ Allen's background not only in that program there that in his upbringing that Ron Allen that the program is plated have to acknowledge. That he would like that style also and so it should be eight spots up. Watched it and whether he could do that with undersized players you can get some people that did get the perimeter shots which he would always have. They run plays that fast break to get it to the three point shooters they run secondary break it is the briefly shooter they do a lot of skip past. In other words sassy at not to the man you left and the right. But you've passed it wore across the board that's harder to do when you've got big men that was written down court and defend its target that's it. Basket pass through so we'll see how that frequently works but it's been so effective. Humans for so many years I would think RG Allen would continue to incorporate that in his offensive repertoire. 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We're still waiting for your tweets and phone calls so any time at shot her voice on Twitter or 8691037. By phone. But because of tonight's game. We don't have any of our usual now three coaches shows no Gregg Marshall showed up at a show ahead of Chris Plante show. But Mondays are what we always update you on the latest volleyball stuff that it you don't have to shell out that you would still like to now. That Wichita State the 21 to twenty at any AB CAA poll coaches poll even better. Beaufort you both for eighteen to seventy. In the RPI. So again getting a little closer all the time that may be right there on the verge of possibly get a chance to host vs all around. In the NCAA tournament at seventeen there's certainly going to be at the conversation especially the way they draw here. And there's a rumor out there I don't know where it came from but it seems to have some very good fit for some reason. Rate is not going to submit a bit there's slightly ahead of the factors that fourteenth in the RPIs so that would put the soccer's. In the top sixteen of the teams in the RPI that might be submitting bids so we'll say that's. They've still got six matches to go five. Anything can happen but. Getting closer and closer to make it really having any special way to end this particular season. How well that would be need just a little bit of added incentive for them there. They're not walking away witness. Conference but they're doing such a good job they're better than the other teams picked up some tough matches coming up right. It's hard for me to believe it great that's wonderful something like that IV they just a lot of either way it think it's good for the they need to do those things with like the NCAA tournament games that's baffling that the only thing I can speak. Here is if they have some kind of conflict they've they've played their matches at the on campus created DJ so we'll read that. At the women's basketball team also places and it's possible whether it's basketball Tea Party is scheduled in season tournaments where they handle that. One other team coming in there's something so I don't know. By the way speaking of that. I thousands of people were scratching their heads a little bit about why the Wichita State women's basketball that are. At great Friday is at 11:30 AM. As it is because I checked. He is great kids' day. Great basketball which is much like soccer's schoolhouse rocks with the shots here that they've got is an annual thing. Where a lot of school kids come with the game it'd periphery. And so that's got they're gonna tip things off on Fridays and every couple of rowdy kid noisy kids. And it will be there raucous atmosphere shot. What does that Arenas said got 6500. I think that well. Which dusty spoke filling it up read them 101000. So Nate they won't have any problem filling three doubts before the house seats. So that's that's the reason for that you can hear that game by the way on KFH. Which jesus'. 97. Toward. Yeah that is him by 1240 that it is. On Friday. 53 games on 1130 tip off for women's basketball great. And we go to our first phone call ID it was paddy paddy thinks it. Now you can pick right wing. Art. I did a different kind of the thing that I would feel it at all. I admit Saturday. As I was in Mississippi were not making it back at school there that I had to pull over out of our back. And uses there Internet market within the game. And it entitled it the CD player game and the one thing Earth Day. You might have that lead them odd date here a little bit more. On that I like express. Greta I bet they. I I'd I'd pass on. That comment that you made about it not match the date on I don't keep in contact with Matt. He's sitting out and that that that comment meant to have got to have. And that he really appreciated. Not like we're I think out of the year and it really aided. Three and talking about them and that he he felt like that they felt like he made it on repeat and and then the only other threat that I have to. Admit guard we don't lie. Work here at the rule this planet that you haven't read that can't rule here. I also likes. I think three seconds is pretty universal I think it's an all in all types of basketball international and domestic so I think that's what he should be countered. And every line where it all back in Canada. I don't wanted to exit. It takes all right that's exactly what three seconds instead of an English that it suspend it means to save but what you get it called argue the responses the state regardless of the the way you say the words I'm sure. Yeah you could go. Mike you could go a dozen games without seeing that call and he's going to get used to that. Usually what we see the big in the company it is they're trying to figure out where they're supposed to be the plays that all of rotated their said he and opportunity both to the united all of them. And lose track. Where they are and how long they should hold before they released out of that you're gonna see that call too often on hands some a little bit. But not too often see its use the system. You know that's that all day you can go an entire season and I called it college basketball it sometimes. I would say that there are times maybe like some official just gets locked in on that I think maybe the other night it was probably. Usually if you see it called. It's beyond the street it's usually pretty obvious that they didn't hear a wild too long so I guess I I agree with David it's just something that. When you're out there thinking too much internal memory supposed to be there's that tendency to stand in one place too long and that's the one place you can't do it in the line that you haven't opposing coach that draws the officials' attention as it wants the attention is drawn to it and it's so hot these. I mean Haitians might there is because they could do for God's sakes. And he's not gonna be any wears the white shoes and it's a black 32 lane it's just so easy to pick up. You're right about that it's going to be some good talent you can put it can't others. Anyway yeah thank you very appreciate the caller we have dug up next iPhone that's. Wrong guide. The end. You only make. Into oh you are simply that they have. And this is going to be an exciting. Days and with the new car effort in everything. What the last game. I was really impressed with all the returner that he. Really play great. But I would I would really welcome to the newcomer. And a suit me up tiller in May. Transfer Google stripper accused him hey apparently did. Parker we may I thought he. Really play well. We hate it I couldn't see where we didn't play better. It looked like we might have a pretty good at that. Or Gartner. What you hear your opinion on that. And Lyoto the court we're the big Devin Booker. Europe. And I. I I can't date may. I wasn't really impressed with what I well no I will fail would get the war on. In any game. Again it was. Per game and what have you and he's he's got a lot to learn little long way to go I know I can hear your opinion on your. What can repeat it and maybe. How much of the different you can make with the key. As it goes the law so anyway. Hey great to be back. Love hearing you guys who goes up or not and effortless. Thanks I think that it. First of all my dad survive. Here but don't carry a couple of things that if pressed media what in particular I guess video. From an NBA game. Fred that Lee. Dribbles to the left edge of the key hole. And that turner about a half turn it like he was gonna circled back at the top of the key event suddenly spot again I want baseline related yet. At some logic did exactly the same thing I thought he showed that furtherance of others. He's got success that he's got stuff. He's got some gains guy he's he's. Really worked at this game and really developed a thinking man's approach to what you're only six feet tall even though you're really quick. Patty take advantage of the quickness and overcome some of the disadvantage size. He has that kind of awareness about it that I think this. Really going to help him finish quickly is he could have scored a lot but yet I thought he'd. Subordinated itself to this team which he should do especially the point guard position. He had four assists one turnover he handled the ball more than anybody else or. He did a good job defensively but he's lightning quick end. We made the reference to Dick Barnett during the game VO knicks player who kind of lay that ball softly on his left shoulder. Because he's left handed and shoot that soft jump shots in my she has that. That's kind of released he's getting it he shot off because he's so quick. And defender has the respect him we'll be back at least some logic we'll take that jump shots we are very very lucky to have him take shots at. It was a superb player we're gonna miss him. We're gonna miss that type of kid he is but it's nice to have some logic and an end of. And as far as. As far as I scored be guarded and then that'll throw rod brown the conversation. I think. You Doug said he was a little disappointed I think Gregg Marshall was a little disappointed in the post game interview he'd basically. Basically says it. You know as far as it guys he's not supply chain had a good first half not such a second half of the job that you think anybody played that well. And you know. You're gonna have some there a couple of freshmen playing their first game they kind of predator crowd it's probably the biggest crowd he's ever played throughout so. You have to take into consideration at the same time. Does your two young man that this coaching staffs gonna have to make a decision about after this game whether they want to redshirt them or not and yeah. I think they're really open both ways I I think that they feel like both of them had the chance to contribute. To this year's team. But if they're not going to be any more ready or play any better than they did the other night. It might be a wasted year to try to play that this year's that's it it's hard to make those judgments you know what they've seen what they've been like it practice. But now the country's stance wondering. I was in the that we saw that it was to going to be like in game situations such as nice cattle a final exam for those two you to Tennessee we go from. Here and it's the first time in front of 101000 people then I don't know for sure what they're gonna have tonight 83004000. I'm not sure. They were hoping to get six or seven but I don't know based on what I heard the ticket sales falling. I don't know it's going to be quite that. When Marshall brings the player in here there almost always good players. They're not necessarily but star recruits but the good players. Even the players that have left him going on for the most part to do very very well in the schools they have gone to. So these players that came in that may not have played as well as coach Marshall one of them play. Are still good players and has good upside and he'll make them better players. Players that you were players get better I remember. My what you and I were I was traveling with you. And Anthony annuals plane Bradley he's on his freshman year and I said to you I said to you. Why did they can have on scholarship. I mean that it's never he doesn't children's could be a player. And he went out to be the player of the year of the Missouri Valley Conference to see you here and people get better and improved and that just happens and it's not to say that you do it easily bowlers of the year and I will tell you finally. I think rod brown is going to be fantastic player but thought state. There was improvement between the first half and the second half. He rebounded well one rebound he was way above the Ria. He's 66 legitimate 66 I think he maybe just feet taller at 66 fluid. When he relaxes and gets into it if it doesn't richer this year he'll be a really positive contributor this year. And that's the thing that makes it registered decision difficult because. I certainly echo what they've used it about right around and I stood guard. It is not only really big he's got good hands he's got good feet for a guy his size he's got some touch. He already has a pretty good basketball IQ also. So the upside for both is tremendous they're both going to be really really good players here. So. Does that. Production and that reform it starts this year and threw a four year period or. Do you wait to start next year because the upside TV greater they've become if your players and I think that's a consideration. Separately with both think they decide rod ground ready now let's let's play that need to Wadey it was. When I scored or vice Versa so that's that's what it's all about it's not about whether. They're going to be good players or not it's the fact is going to be really went. Well that when they need to start that process what will they benefit both his team and the individuals most from. That bella and remember we when we enter. View so much after the ball games have what's the difference between putts concede that we've been ruled that easily could coach. Had a lot of success the difference between Hudson which custody he said. They have so many plays here and so anything. It's hard to keep track of all of that stuff. Now that's a 21 year old kid telling us that. Now you're talking about 1718. Year old kids. That haven't experienced basketball on the college level that are trying to figure out where I'm supposed to be and what am I supposed to do. Lynn I'm not sure of my skills that yet and that's why it. They don't shine as much but when it's time yet. If that's what this thing she's here for the better players this program and from the coaching staff is that these first few weeks with new players. Part of the job he's just telling them. Look you're going to be okay acknowledged our year's problem. If you're gonna get you will get it it's gonna work out it didn't find you have to keep. Because they can get very frustrated clusters to Adam Everett you know learn this because there is a lot to learn anything you don't. When you have a program like this it's at this level. Don't slow everything down write those guys to catch up and not lecture older guys that go into development work there things you can conference camp as good as the years. Had that little bit of get acquainted period. That it took some time to feel comfortable with the system uses market players buying as good of a natural athlete has been fine it's built for him some tough. Thanks for the call that we have Bob patiently waiting Bob thanks for joining us. And ignorant question. And you know the answer may be what how are we gonna and develop. A kind of update over a week on it. Error. In the valley. We were always want it ended that contractual situation. But the group of officials threatened by. Big twelve the valley. And I think that Horizon League. Victim in a circle. And we're going to a whole different situation. Are we going to have. Conference officials like. Maybe. People like they'll speed like that clear. Or maybe some of that at three he's big he's. You have any idea that it's gonna work. But yes these. Getting the official like. We've gotten here because they're all contract did. But the valley and about the big well. You guys know anything about that. Actually. I think your perception is just off a little bit confident coming to correct you but. All of the officials pretty much that have worked in Missouri valley over the years but we've been doing it. Also worked desperately to it's not just the big twelve at one under water whatever. And the valley. To its credit has reached out of the year it really tried to expand its officiating rosters. Two guys that were the ACC the SEC the big hand. The only thing yes. What you're valley and it usually comes down to expenditure travel even more or travel what the travel expense. Allocations are even more so maybe that was her game. Pains. The valley. Hasn't been able to pay at the same levels say thank you to big tents on Saturday got a chance to depict him gamer valley gave those guys have been in the dictator whatever. I think what this league. It's established that. I think that you'll see. The best officials available war offered in this league maybe than the valley was able to get them. And I think it'll be because of that. The scope of where the league is geographically. You'll have guys that work the SEC BA CC the big east. They can because that's Cincinnati and so forth so. I think you'll see guys that are pretty well known names across college officiated at the few words of president makes. I think all officials all of best officials. We'll have to work water leaks or that they work. The others. I think the big twelve Big Ten. Or whatever but I still think that. You're gonna get some of those leagues guys work this week a lot marquise head. Is that he has supervisor. Officials for the American athletic conference who has worked a lot of Missouri valley games over the years some of those other leagues we were talking about it. Marc was always there. Mark was always a good fit an official at college. You know Israel is that a good jobs I feel good about having him about coordinating things the American. The other gonna have good officials candidly I might be in the minority I don't know but I thought the situation officiating for the most part was pretty good valley. Went there would be officials from other. League's big leagues that would come hand in nonconference games I thought they called the game pretty much the same for Bally games. Were you see the better officials when you go to the NCAA tournament and now they've been weeded out. And their I thought I always Islam and this will be not so good it's when you go on the road they keep you here today and are you outraged only a couple. The ball game and not during the whole ballgame and that's pretty much been the case. Ever since Kurt got here I think we get here Nixon wrote that it we. Here all of so I'm I was pretty content with Steve pitched it. Have a couple of Twitter questions that are. Relatively easy to answer out once and as I know Landry isn't playing tonight what is his status beyond the night actually Landry is going to. Placed on tonight. He had talked remarks today said he thought one it and play. Adds. So I don't know how much that they'll let him minutes anyway I had that he's ready to go we'll tell. By the opener on Friday against you and Casey the other question is where it's 88 seat venue or venues are both looking forward to broadcasting from. I've already seen some theories is on my travel with the volleyball team. And it's got a that it could take most of your readers are who works at large and although not necessarily larger than this one. The arena at temple. Is I think that 101500. Handled that billionaire Connecticut we didn't get to sing that's partly with the volleyball team. Plays also that they were working on the roof there and so. They were playing their matches this fall into a small jam on campus normally used for direct programs. And so we did get a beautiful today that it's really nice green I'm anxious due to play there. To my game. Played volleyball and plays basketball and a gold. Readers that revamp sound that it was built in the 1930s. With bodies that they. Acquired for their trip your share of the Rose Bowl at night 1935 or 1930s and it's all so it's not an older it's an older read. Certainly Cincinnati. Houston as city. SMU I had a chance to do volleyball it Rudy coliseum. The year before they renovated it and so it was not unlike what. This region used to be. And then. They've got to work on adding that renovated it will be much different from the time that I see if it's. Before. Those are and it goes I saw the sun dome at that camp US at this we could so you know it's a very nice read. I did get inside use you have Serena it's not from the outside of that. That campus by the way literacy in Central Florida campus is one of the most amazing thing I've ever seen they have. 60000. Students 56000. Undergraduate. Campus is here and everything he has. It really nice and here Reid is do it at one into the campus itself. There there are a lot of cool places. Like the line. The ones sitting there we're going to that I wish we could play it differently don't want time to molest threaten Philadelphia on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. Also a drop in Nyack got over there and got to go through. And it's it's just an old GM now it's such an historic place to be somebody great game went years and I thought if we ever play it. Yeah and if I have an opportunity to go with you on a trip for two this year my. The top four for being with the temple's first equality in the Philadelphia it's this prize and all the history there it's just amazing. And I've always been a fan of the temple's program so I would love to see. Game temple. With Cincinnati because when I was on the fees we've traveled Cincinnati and actually had some good battles and run medals worth it basket to beat Cincinnati was our top ten team. That was fun good memories there. Campus they were in the league when I was on the team and I enjoyed my trips to Memphis all the time we broadcasts them. I gave him down in Memphis which was a lot beyond mid south coliseum you're exactly right good memory of course you. And then. You can't there's just hate to speak at that time I'd love to see that facility had loved diseases campus especially in the dead of winter. Just to see what that's all about probably attract so many players some fans. To that arena. Happy to not get it back to yankees standpoint just to cities that this is maybe on my top five cities listed. The United States I absolutely loved Memphis. Because of the music I love that music did she could hear it here any time. The musical history that's there. And it just seven the other history of the old south. Graceland all of that stuff that this is a fantastic city and I'm really looking forward to going there a place like New Orleans and that's always a fun place. Anyway we're gonna take a quick time out and we will come back for maybe one more question before we wrap things up on our pregame show from cookery. One have a little fun what's our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one by award. 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Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss two Alex Acosta in valley center endangered or an end overweight Sawyer. USC shocker basketball is on one. Those with the HBO made making full master and therefore you're looking glass today's healthy shopper's tip described by United Healthcare has been. Real appeal program learn or have real appeal. Dot com. Gonna go through some Twitter questions throughput that because they're kind of the same they aren't worth the potential fractures in his right round planning on maturity this year. We always see Landry and CJ tonight. We've seen Landry not CJ CJ. Is working on some things part of basketball better position you know. As far as their security situation of the potential Red Shirts are probably outscored the guards and brought ground. Neither has decided ours the coaching staff decided yet. Whether that will happen it'll be a mutual decision between the and they they got to ask you to read here and one of them they ask you Richard I don't know that. That decision doesn't have to be made until after tonight's game report next Friday's openers played it that all kind of sort itself out after the which so I think that's pretty good big hand high and was wondering if you guard starts fell off a little bit whether he'll be needed because of this is good skill set that. At that. That is all the time we have for your calls and questions that we appreciate this you're getting hungry remember any day if doctors play get 50% off your online order. Editing Wichita area Papa John's blog on the Papa Johns dot com. And use the promo code shocker fifty to receive your shocker this gap we'll have our pregame get together with Gregg Marshall when we come back. 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Farmers Insurance Kansas star casino sector of space Kansas medical center and more apply online today. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy owed any Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. Wichita State University shocker basketball is on one of three point seven KE YE Yang Wei Tutan. Thank pregame show and the coach's corner with his coach Gregg Marshall was presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a billion. To work. Coach when last we talked after the game on. Friday one thing you weren't actually sure about was having scheduled this extra exhibition game that the guys that you might consider red sure you could play he could still do that so what did you find yeah. This is still considered. Exhibition game. So. All exhibition games and and those closed scrimmage is that the you've been allowed to have for the last fifteen or twenty years we gonna. So they'll get a chance to play tonight and before any decisions have to be made on their eligibility. You know in the last year or so we've seen kind of an incredible run of hurricanes and natural disasters of love actually and the territory of the league that we're now and so it was kind of a nice opportunity to. Be able to play a game where you guys gets more opportunity to get ready for the season and benefit are really important. Exactly. You know we've. Instead of practicing. Able to see some different. Guys in different uniforms different schemes. Different skills set so. And whatever money we raise after expenses. It's gonna go straight to the American Red Cross for these didn't. Hurricane disaster relief so. I think that's great. Obviously. Tremendous calls and hopefully our money will be well spent. And nice that you had a program right here in town you've had some relationship with Newman's you've been here and and coach Allen is there now is that an assistant under coach potter for several years so you have some previous history with them yes and he's also Ron Allen side from east icicles so. I hope that they have a good successful run there I've pushed potter was there for a long time it's great things and now we get a new. New guy in charge before they can be really good but tonight you did just that the opponent that we have to face. After the game what they think certainly we talked about was passing I know that's been an emphasis in your practice yesterday and beyond that anything may be less noticeable to a lot of us that did she really wanna see improved to nine. I just want us to be smarter and execute a little better but more most importantly pass the ball well passed the ball to guys when they're open in the post and and just not turn the ball we had thirteen turnovers in the second half which is against Henderson State ocean press one time and really didn't. Give us much problem in the in the from the front court so. But we've just sloppy with the ball so we've got to eliminate the sloppiness. Landry says. At least going into the shootaround he wants to play a few minutes tonight so he admits that he's going to be out there would would probably help lessen this turnovers but. It's just good to get one over your core guys back from a long injury. And certainly got a chance to look at some different combinations the other night if he does play does that give even a little more opportunity to do try some different things. Bit does my kid you know at this. Now we can and got. More guards obviously concluded their success just increases the combinations that we play it. Have you know obviously when he's healthy he's going to be right in there with one of its. Guys get the most that is so. So he'll play with his teammates and getting tight situation before we tipped it off on Friday. Coach thank you Jack good coach Gregg Marshall which tested a Newman coming out in the second exhibition from Calgary. Meet Lauren asked in OC that's Tennessee chocolate. Our dream is to make chocolate and not only taste good but does. Lisa is second intervenes directly from small filings and share the profits back from them at American family insurance we believe your dreams are the most valuable things you never. So today we're supporting Lawrence dream if people want to get involved. 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With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor in hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Services not available for all plants. Are you looking for a new career and this is the Wichita virtual career fair we have hundreds of jobs online right now good two KE YN dot com. Click on the Wichita virtual career fair banner then click on the participating employers will go to apply. It's that easy the online job fair is going on now through November 19 where you'll find jobs from great companies like always a staffing. Catch Durham school services which shop and more. Apply online today. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. Yeah yeah. I love the morning. I'm very shocker. Okay three point seven hey you want in my grave. I'm always open. Bring up Mike Kennedy on side they've gone are not feeling our producers in this. Hamlin and we'll hire great to have you this. Lake scheduled second exhibition game for the doctor. University all of those things like going eight hurricanes and other victims. Channeled through. American Red Cross this what was added to this gets up from the original exhibition at Henderson State but shoppers want on Saturday ninety. 253. The winning strategies. Or tonight's game are brought to you by capitol federal first home. Home dream all you contrast the strength behind Tripoli finances capitol federal. People housing lender member FDIC a while to get his day well thank you sir. First of all the jets live life on the ads. And shocks me next suffer the consequences. They shot 38 point 2% from the three point quite flat that's the best the entire conference like and they love to see. Read about 40% of there. You pull him through three point stance they take 26 weekly. The ball games. Thought statesmen have to get out on the perimeter they're gonna have to depend on the perimeter. I was soccer's good three point defense that's the great helicopter flies here. After states that frequently beat me but not here not against soccer's they would leave 7070. Points. In Wichita State and hold. Newman's under 25%. From the three point stripe that should be just fine. Secondly it lets me father for I have CNN eighteen times and the exact that's the number of turnovers its because they match. And every defensive team. The highest. Because they had all last season. Brantley on the road with they haven't eleven point three. Here basically the heat it was done well tonight. Third don't let the kids come off air soccer fans have been. What was it can't suffocated the bands that want to advance its fifth here that we under brake parts. Last season up against obstacles. 67 point 3% against with a state. The best sixty. Years. At this defense team we thought they would have to do their fine job defensively look. Not through more than 35%. From the field number four. Newman is an opponent. They're not a guest of honor don't do that many neighbors don't put as being on the free throw line and gets paid 77. There free throw attempts last year. That is three percentage points higher than that soccer's best of all the time that was only good second place in the heartland. Yes Wichita State. Must do a better job of not what. There are reports on the free throw line and they would. It just stayed on the free throw line parking lot and finally winning strategy number five it's not just where you work going in life it's what you. Yet there the shots that we need to go to the backboard tonight and dominate on the rebound home. Now in the as the top two rebounds back from last year Kevin Bryant 65. Average date rebounds a game ranked. That you got since existence take him were found he was second at what point eight rebounds per game at least light. He's a good jumper and I once again looking forward to see him play but Newman. In their conference in rebounding last year and the shots were number two yet that. They outrebounded them. Fight night game it's shots should be at least they plus fifty on the boards and that enables them when the ball game Dwyane Wade. I can't thank you soccer fan remembers the day after any shots or whether it's a party at jets locker room. Depending on how many points to shock her story could save 1025 maybe 40%. Upon shocker merchandise it was 45%. Yesterday. After he shot his performance on Saturday night soccer fans all over always brought to snag got a bit tense stance locker room. East and the laughs the injury reports brought to you by opt Eli your life your journey your optimal due. Forward to tell us they landing ship that is going to play if you. That is tonight and then we'll be ready to go we'll stay on the regular season opens on Friday of course is coming back me. Late summer's stress fracture Marcus Vick got beat out a painful injury. I'm so it December. CJ Kaiser tied it up again tonight that is not his injury related related situation. And movement has lost two players to be injuries Alan Wilson has sixes off one of the river Minnesota. Was going to challenge for a starting spot that is not to be here with a knee injury. That have occurred at six foot freshman. Harrison Arkansas. Also out with a knee injury Davis bills sixteen. Flyers tonight as they also aren't going to make some decision this week about possible breakthrough. And it really hard to decide because they have so. Players like that instead of the players who want. Thought our staff did what they do with the lights go up so our tails that haven't worked them out. Area here. His city's schools playing here tonight at one of the great city businesses for many many years of ours carpet outlook report Saturday June 16 Rotblat they're rounded feet. Associated with this game to play. Always proud this year. This glory products and of its kind available heartland levity tile area rugs carpets payment. Huge selection and great people to work list would you needed to happen glory goes into varsity teams sixteen. North Broadway. Just about ready for the starting lineups in the university tonight he would make it fair game debut although not an official game. Of course there are Jay Allen's. First year as head coach after six seasons as mark potter is an assistant and in the bottom retired last night after nineteen years. As events head coach has talked about RJ is the son of Ron Allen grew up on his. Coach accomplishments as president was an assistant to touch stayed for a couple of years in the early nineties a lot of success of this city league most recently. At east high school. RJ was part of a state championship team for his father in 2002. So RJ Allen his dad on the pitch up catalog of all to brings to his first year as an assistant came a lot of history here. As the grad assistant and Tyler miles is a volunteer. Assistance. Before we progressed farther. Let's honor America. Is these shocker audience and pictures of him advance is well tonight jointly shocker basketball bad. As they sing our national it. I've actually had prepared telescope period just about ready for the introduction of the starting lineups that. What the checkers go on the road the official watch party location this season is Dina was going to app works. That's the southeast corner of 21 and swept up by during all the watch party for your chance to win a trip for two to BAC turner at. In Orlando courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and do those Billiton up words here fictional like hardee's locations this year. Four shocker basketball. Image to be introduced first. Demetrius walker is 63 junior guard from Columbus, Ohio transfer from fort Scott community college. This year added gardens and sixties you hear from Melbourne Australia. Kristen beyond its exports here what did not play. And over central high school Jacob certain bomb is a 66 sophomore from park to city Oklahoma. And Andrei sands 67240. Pounds scene here brought Freeport. In the Bahamas this baby says it's straight exhibition game that what the starters for the opposing team it is from the Oklahoma as a place of shoppers. Certainly enjoyed visiting themselves a year ago. Offered at least fought victory. You know there's got to be somebody to go to Darren look. I'll volunteer. For the shot there introductions. Special. On the court pyrotechnics. The shocker starting out of that brought you buy equity bank where you ever pay an ATM pretty sure to visit them on line. And equity bank. God. Doctors coming off I 8253. Where Devery Henderson stay on Saturday night. It there exhibition opener plant trees and it did not play at that game. He will play some time without a half but tonight you won't see. In the starting line up and we'll get an opportunity to get up there it is he added competition. For the first time this season. Also but pitching I have this moment that I will be joining clubs and Jeff lutes. On Wednesday at 425. On the drive it started weekly segment. This shocker this outfit that could be all kinds of things that. Good news stuff it. Awakened we encourage you to call that or get in touch with Bob that you have. And let them nothing she'd like this to discuss things you'd like to hear about. The factors starting. Darryl Willis 69 footer 25 pound senior from Madison Wisconsin. He had fourteen points and seven rebounds in thirteen. Zach brown is the three 66 seat of the Houston Texas. Eight points five rebounds played 22 minutes in the first exhibition game. You feel more at 68. Just 79. If you're seeing here at Oklahoma he was almost devoid of it as well as their own well if he had sixteen points. At seven. We'll six. Against Henderson's game. And rather got the starting lineup that could guard spots on her friend can't 61 senior from Wichita north. Only played fifty minutes against Edison state. And ten points on five of seven shooting at it the other guard spot. It's survive. This from these tie it way to the states can't do there as well as the it would RJ Allen. It's a budget eleven points four assists in just one turnover. In twenty minutes in the first exhibition. You know their play the National Anthem by the head. Just out of haven't looked up at 6115. About the concourse area. Because that's for liquid that's how it did and always check about this victory was there for the ball games. And of course that would have ways he's fit last game long they don't work as fast break. They'll be greatly greatly. The officials for tonight's game two of the three. As those who work these first exhibition game on Saturday night they are Toby partition Robert tells us they're going to oh in shorts. For tonight's game related. You know I I don't not familiar with any of these guys. Right home rip Wichita State's media relations contact for men's basketball for the things one of these is going to work. Great season opener Friday. Casey that'll be the next game for the shot that elect to. Sharpen things up even a little more tonight than they were in the Henderson State game as they get ready for the real thing on Friday night against it cases. Or it's hardly lost any tips last year he lost against him. They looked up against Jacob were involved he didn't lose that tips it is tonight's game means you know attackers hit all pulled tonight. But black letters and numbers in the University of Dayton blue flight movement on the front red numbers. I frankly have left if he drops down load Boris on the block its treatment of the year goes between them can't quite get the rope and appreciated. To cut it on the right block turned got a shoulder in between the two defenders on him head faked out of both in the year. It felt beyond Jacob burns balm for them Shaquille it's really really good free throw out of 79%. From the line last year. Started off with a ball of fire this year my 55. Free throws right. In the last ball game connects them now. So they still perfect of these first two games attackers threw a little. Up and down in the exhibition game with Anders state they ended up shooting 71 point 4% but. Some guys nuts and sharp. Zach brown to completely free threw shoes only one country or is this the second. Ground fighting for the rebound but it takes his hand glass before going. Didn't know to this day with a sharply stepped out of next and so of course they wanted to do a good job by Zak brown the come from off the block yankees that would alive tonight teams still playing it and left wearing different camps quick jumper bounces little short rebound. Two cents toward movement but gallantry in the press for his haven't scared them. Here. Let's wait and those were bomb with a hand out here. In the left corner to walker. Would look for the link is passes hit the coverage right here. Walker not thrilled to hear your guarded by so much it means Johnson off the street could help off the street but Boris and I are driving it all with a basket was a little quicker load store. Like that night as the bulls like he. He lives in side. Big man does you know quite soon enough. It's stuff off the board page shows left slot that was a good position that he shot was partially blocked Fred Burton vomit then recovered my walker for him quickly to the front court. I was surprised there are a little bit to. We're probably got out that his fingers on them you're driving harder so much James Jones wants to dribble goes out of bounds last touched by semi today. It will stay with Newman. They're basket and it's the hazard of happy to film right underneath bats if you see that in the NFL games on the sidelines seeded basketball games. In the an area that government sometimes are at risk there. That Ayers played here right away quick jump from a led by the out spins off the backhand rebound by Zach friend quickly after so much. Needs to go to the report just about the right way. But could drive it. But not the street gives it back to those driving baseline double pump in the air rolls in and out rebounded the event. Soccer's getting some decent looks early but not often nearly as good as starters they had against Henderson State actually getting into the cylinder we got a whistle away from the ball and foul. On duke led. It's going to be a moving screen so it's vibrant bumps and it goes through. Found that both are on Jacob Burton Bob. He's going to come out of the game and Kevin Bryant checks in they need about in the game already Willis is this was do you goal attempts this. All of the Henderson State team with six of seven infants state. Kevin Bryant a 65 C you'd normally you started reason that a little bit in the neck injury the past five Willis pick up my locker you know go down and lay it up with a look at domestic. A little concerned that there was trailing him this left handed layup read that if I was to tell us they. Softly. Fifteen footer left wing by Lewis this is rebound. It is some wine. Wichita State to lose for a snack or its free throws right quarter walker for three. Victorious walker range. Wanted. 2851. Story about. Things Jones right side of the floor works right at the prices over Apple's backing up his. Boris the let me brown asked me to. It is in the post that's right or is wide open 3% bounces off the back from that chased down by walker Rezko was standing here for the offenses. Don't make sense like that once at this. Week. Your driving hard down the line throughout the contested the shot got to partially block the rebound but most of the other it means you know slicing through the leg left handed drive. Lifted by half. Fearful defensively on you have to get a lot of health field and Q you transferred getting attackers were stuck into the night they trailed 53 fat away from the ball looks like it might be unfold along the baseline and it might have been. Don't moderate rain dance with the whole his first first and now. On Wichita State it would have been in the thirties that he and the baseline to the right to the basket. And here will play their care and Australian. Transfer from snag it valley college in Washington State averaged over fifty points three assists lessons. Right watched him who wouldn't jumper missed from about sixty about it you know analyst with countless not afraid yeah. If record right side of the floor prices in the middle let's he. Wars right way round victory. That way break the three pointer. At Wichita State is its last shots to go in front of mines jacket one last plug in against him. Then air lifted to keep Bryant right people's back to. That'll keep doing it right tonight it definitely within them that's not that it wasn't ultimately not the time line to Christian beyond. And I frame it your right up the street back mystery stands. In the lane jump hook why the heck forest creek battered by Willis I'm looking at different camp behaves just driving to the basket. Ran half of them playing all of life and some budget reform if doctors now only eight to five. It scored seven unanswered points after falling behind five to one. Here driving hard that left wing Kevin Bryant with a long jumper rolls off. Round part of the war to get knocked away by saying he still recovered that's different here. Daughter. That's left to right across the top of the key right wing fifteen footers kids out. Kept alive but rather by the control like Kevin Bryant. Or is that Bryant was Newman's leading rebounder last year and second in the heart and confidence that statistic that eight game. Then Ayers who was right hand off to be done at that theater well we rightwing write it off here. Yeah it rises spins in the line try to force it out that's not what it means Johnston that there was this. Three on two breaks of logic and the little shuffles off explosive dunks but they're gonna whip up the basket ballots or counts of logic means you know that's a tough one out of that guy it's not. And it ends that like theory playing on that it was the defense apparently but I think it's well lucky down toward its path. And it's just under 605047. To go in the first half it is Wichita State eight university. 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Baxter & Associates time well spent money well though. To its security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad would beat John Green rich cutlass dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. US you shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KE YE Yang. Which cannot stay on the a field that they did snakes. Very slow start what a cute. Hey they held school for a field want it to retrieve the doctors also one of free. Is that 50 they are rebounding. 76. To state has committed two turnovers. One. Doctors and out of the timeout with Boris means Jones. Brownsville on the floor that landry's ship it. Average. At its mission of course stolen by James Jones Kelly Campbell line had guns don't count the basket and I found on the layout. It's. It's really no stability. Which it statements. Layers play. There we long arm that's right more recruits. And that in order. Excellent defense work that's doctors. That's right Kelly that's since the bones the balance them Kristi the yeah its first. It late last year the line only 50%. Some. Witnesses that would prevent Kevin Bryant poured it so it's not yet but not to three point one shot lead him. Five regularly swap it listening great last night Bryant feel Boris now is Kevin Bryant and it helps that is they nice shot today. By Brian detectives who laughed about it. Basically made sure he wasn't gonna make the layout like this falling on him and not hitting the floor well once we pass that was all. Well. Run that night night god rightfully. Line went outline plans last six. This is the first at least you know we get the story column that was meant for him. You feel forest that's there Richard Jackson and others it's not as seniors. 62 and stole. Second free throws like Kevin Bryant. It breaks along dries offered it to six with a nicely so much it means you know at that shot. Goes left wearing this neck around. That front team. I don't the right way to damage haven't tried to get one in the post telling you get a called Kelly fourth and throwing it defectors side that was guarding him on the block. Art except his first now and the team's fourth. Fourth house was well with two guys they realize that we have 1450 lives of those third death in. In the game Ford in the agree that Cameron gold thing. Mean to yet from. Australia. Meddling here bounced master Bryant chased them right basement if that's definitely hear it here chase yet just before one over it back. It down to ten on the shot clock. Here but it on the floor can't get Mike Haynes Johnson cut off my certificate is dribbled up floor this year pastor Bryant who may not get it off just barely get it. It did not that could. Forever why right. Some good defense which I stayed particularly person movement. After they've made one air passages really force it and it was difficult situation. News that's it that this job. And with a basket but it was to lay it out off the soccer basketball fan that would bring it out of the picked up by it in gold it. You left off the street by here cost reasons given factory for three and out followed by Gunter what they. He probably was behind the mantra of the block about it is spotted shot back yeah right over the top it's. Wichita State at 126. Goldfish at its not that watch him try also left baseline goldmans to know for sure. We've got along the baseline recovered by chance it might realize the right sideline that's that little rebel look when you reached on the back out front to Shannon but it for a Wall Street surgery gets it Demetrius walker tried too hard to fight over the top discreet and now Shannon. Now on it at the risk that you aptly. At this Heatley. It's going to be difficult for him to keep this thing. Our players that it's not just tonight. But. It's that basketball. As a result your own reasons that really here. I think they're past this news that it means he's cleared its heels and wood and utility live right. Willis threw three right way way short skirt you're chasing it down throws it aired jump ball loose on the floor from the controlled by the event. Governor out of there with an entry in a news reports the left corner walker who read this that we presented by Kelly had this year but along the left sideline. There it simple fact Kelly on the way rise to the top of the hour right we've read so that three guys off. It quickly saw that but it's not state of the second period that gave it's 56. Point 9%. Three point stripe last year I think so much. I Kevin Bryant drive to the basket blocked tiger drew fouls be called on Rondo and he's got his announcement that it desperately looked like pretty good blocking incident ignited a little bit with the body after these. And two shots for Kevin Bryant for human Burris now on mergers and the fifth on Wichita State right. Well but look this thing. Kevin Bryant has scored on one of two from the free throw line previously. And back here yet. Tim Russell. Is in line effort but it the last. And was it yet now. Played in his eyes wall to touch the equipment marble mouse in your head. Bryant made the first free throw it one more drive the there. As well the last. One. So that's. Three and he'll check out that it is on race things started the game. The basketball leading fifteen to eight. Reeves and Sheehan but at the backward to the doctors with Willis nurtured and totally upfront. And it goes right baseline reasoned opinions back to ship across Lithwick. Yelling at the top Willis looks at high low nobody else has done most jam it through three right elbow it. Got it situation is here clients nothing but the bottom of the perfect released. They're trained for the shot if they lead eighteen to eight rightly voltage across website that crowd size spectacle infantry out front short chased down by Kelly who is defending the shot at them went to the boards. Outlets to Seattle on the right sideline just above the way rights comes back to the middle. If you frivolous and over the Willis for three from the top way up right side of the grip rebound the stance toward the but that's ahead from the capital switch back to account that's not him off his stance. And you know had a Christian beyond coming out you know what we drive but over the right way Powell for three short rebound Kelly. And it means that the language and the Bassett hit left wing pass on the block. But let's basket wheels and goes to the left hand dissident rolled off these very rarely. This is that little lefty stances to resent it and it did have an ankle or. On the baseline. For Clinton. Back. All but out front for a short term good. Love towards somebody saw anything that person was not afraid campaign to disgorge table to check here and so it righted the shocker meant. And out of bounds time out of 1143. You know the first half. It's now what to tell us state eighteen. That ain't. Hi this is actually Hayes and I'm a full time working mom of two of my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what's taught to work out that because there's not one place that meets all of our means. 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It's that easy the online job fair is going on now through November 19. Where you'll find jobs from great companies like. Farmers Insurance Kansas star casino tent aerospace Kansas medical center and more apply online today. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry lost to Alex Acosta in valley center to endanger or an end overweight Sawyer. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KE YE Yang. They couldn't get started any better than one of five or maybe one of six from the field they are now seven point seven. 41%. Get seventh street meanwhile holding in the did two of twelve overall and one of five. Created from soccer's twelve to handle on the boards and the turnover totals not bad free if you give it the case. The first half but has four turnovers which honestly it's three. Well one statistic it's gonna catch up with the doctors have him points off the bench. And in the as the only three points obviously have a that is one program great recruit players hateful company. Jack Morris that he had surgery still live there. Down the plot turn around good lesson about more troop cuts if not controlled by a bit here for many Russians and it for a court to the right way it is not the American standard saying it sent out nasty air nice dish underneath it all laid out by Tim Russell. Like that what it. The police inspire them in the basket going to the right side of the basket shoveled back in the middle of the line and traps allegedly at grant him left flocked to Boris that's the the basket at Rutgers shot snake goes to drive it to go to college for racquet that it could have shot fake. Her over Wichita State it and it will get it back to nearly eighteen detail. Palin Malone checked in at the last it also uses it to guard spot with that in camp authorities nurtured Kelly and Morrissey stand the the young and gold finch. Then here and tips possible for doctors said why don't. First Africans and stay there at city worked for over right now. Let. Stand back the basket trying to back down Boris that shoots the jump hook over in the stores accidentally gave on race and we'll only averaged three point seven points per game and nice bucket Boris tries to get it right back it is now my stance on the turnaround. Check we'll go to the line for two now and on racing and his first. Fifteenth fell on the chance that he'll Boris one of two of the line we'll go back here for two war stance as the Pittsburgh reminiscent of Jack. Your feet. It in the seventh act as. Free throw by Boris is. Is two points on two of three from the line. Sands is a big body Bryant is pretty solid this is a little more physical team in the Henderson State tee shot played a couple of apologizes. There free throw. Two hearts. Jack has done since the fourth line is that rebound quickly the front court that there's nothing pops over Milan this is not the fact rebound. Kelly outlets to him and below. Applaud the left side of the floor back on the way to Cali but the blockage that after surgery right side right here at 1045 to go for example on driving. Makes it all the way had missed the shot that he was found that believed before the shot. And we'll see out of they are gonna call in the active shooting in August 2000. Yen a year its first for Newman. Six team announced that it had been in the active shooting it would not in the bonus. He would Malone goes to the line. You played sixteen minutes against Anderson stay free throw a ball in the left. If the lines of that game last year in sixteen games and only played between. It's total but he only shot two free throws all year made one of the coach Marshall a lot of recruits left handed players and then there. Ocalan has come a long way from last year joined the program as a walk on then it's getting some time this free season. And 23 to go first half second free throw yet. Ocalan Malone with the Wichita State lead to 21 to twelve. And it was all bad here breaking it up against human Milan. Drive right so as they can dribble hand off that they're gonna call the foul on here as we make that handoff he kind of threw his arm out to. Kind of standoff Kelly who's trying to because between him in the intended receivers there's going to be called for the offense he found his second personal here from. Got their players. Here is for Melbourne golf into storage units. Gold Coast of Australia it's easier to recruit foreign players whose video you can watch the ball gains of one you know do all kinds of things and that just makes it much easier that's what's happened. State tennis for example for years and years. Boris at the top left wing Kelley over the top Gordon started late tonight. Already the best play it. Made last. Youngsters from Denmark just check did you know really good job of posting up nice finish in the line ball comes loose from walker had Jack Morris on the Florida get rid household by fiat witnessing that a couple of years ago for him at camp right at the theater gonna cost check for illegal screen in three different camp on that life. Except this second now. Now they have Shaq will come out Darryl Willis back in Caitlin Malone is. And survive today means Jones had soccer lines that just about what I'm walking with us today. We'll have now called on really read a top. About every game on. Ray Johnson is 66 freshmen in there it is beyond me enough to Johnson and then he gives. Face on it. I feel for just by six. Mississippi young driving different camp in the face with an elbow. And you'll be called for the offensive now I'm not sure that Robert Felder was going to call up now there chilly side. Ray camp noted that holdings amount then now on mr. young is his second. Now at 181000. At three if the players that 2000 cities in the first half. Ranked camp might be leading a little bit so you might have to Campbell trader tonight Nagin. They called both teams so I think they're gonna look at that's what it is there a look at the video. You see if it was even. Inadvertent contact above the shoulders which it certainly was here right now. It could BA. What's. Lakers want to play with a quantity that is the threats unintentional deaths. So worried sick. The monitor that I'm 26 to go first half remember you can save all the way up to 40% today after the shot briefly at. As lockers it's the last realistic after the game. And we'll tell you today because over the place it's not underscore what you're discount will be the next day at work. With the state as an awful lot of weapons they. Art that great mark was going to ask employees to balance that he walls here and see which players are fifth in the with which nominates him play football game it's him. And it's as season wrath. Didn't see any indication they're going to assess anything beyond just the offense now offering this line he states in society needs Jones brings it up 920 gophers. Started left those rights pulls back the way I read it. Step today. Bulls that's on the dribble. But it forestry for Willis drives left doubles Russ Ortiz much. Drives into the line up a little off guard related ads but they. Little was sold before. The guard who complete the play it was a foul on the pass. And it's way beyond me when it's on on racing's hands LB his second becomes the fourth yet players that got him in the first half. And some ninety names Jones to the free throw line. Not to with a pair of field goals for four points in the exhibition opener made four of five free throws this one's the nice stroke advisors. From field food dance is balances is excellent for guidance that quick he never gets ahead of itself it's not done a lot. Great balance since Jackson added to him Tressel is in free throw by Joan. He's got six. In an area that those yet 2000 is going to come back here for in the replaces the out lawsuit goes out with 2000. We Prius walker back in the lineup. Factories pressing full court now. Got to the Walker's double team did immediately throws the pass crosscourt that these guys. Then Eric gets the most appropriate transition and yes it got down got the shot away before the shoppers got back his first thread that's five points. At the other end news you know accident in the corner left wing telling us the guard was away from the ball. It's gonna be on hold as their Willis is trying to get those positions in the high post area. And was fouled by ray Johnson the freshman from Austin, Texas. Let's if Rama at halftime in the locker room it was when the we did in the 0846. To go first half that's 101000 London. There'll Willis at the line for the first time has not scored tonight. You're talking about the basic things now days. I hope we're not talking about that if we cut it out at the it's the pillars of the pillars youthful. Which does date started one of three from the line and seven at hand and bounces softly in fort careless he's got his first two of the night. Wichita State leads 27 to fifteen. Believe nine different players scored it's not long pass that hit too long for everybody to act around it great position on Demetrius walker and actually was hit me on that long lead pass down court. Or just let it go at it was destined for a out of them well one. What the goals you press like that my horses yet turnovers and oftentimes they'll put the other is there's less time once the ball in the works for you like offense sets them. That's very effective. Those at the top left where good news jobs. The block let's open up front ground for three off the bat well is fighting for it it is out of bounds off their hands Johnson did that it will stay in the shot trees and 825 to go first half which Utah State 27 to fifteen and it's actually. Ten different players who scored already I think Sox already have it points in the knee it's the story. Haynes Johnson batters in Willis has the right side of the lane you know little ten footer for his first field also he has scored force based White Sox lead by fourteen. Right now one hand off here trying to go right that helped off the street but he garden airworthiness more little step that. They have to hit guard lasted for just a split second. Ayers made two straight trays and as a board the flight player. Right bloc beat Dartmouth to turn around it rolls out but he got banged Mike Tressel on the movie's gonna shoot too. High maintenance that. Seventy. Both demands both shoulders. Jim Tressel is going to be here is first. 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Three F 83 pointers and eight of eleven from the line if it has warmed up. We'll do 35 point 3% in three of 83 event here. Making his last three pointers week. Point good balance for Wichita State ten different players have scored led by society things Jones was six. Darryl Willis had sports background three points and five rebounds already. I think human as real human error I like him a lot. That's a good guys it should let them get better. Demetrius walker looks like he's got a chance to make an impact I scored the guard at the line for Wichita State. First chance we've had do you see him shoot a free throw. We'll be shooting two of them has two points over and harassment up well forma. I guess offense. There's an old adage that big players system have the thought of them feel for the ball rookie guard. Very very nice that. In large. And it's not very very he's got four Wichita State leads 31 AT. There's some other big guys that theory is loom large over old. Left side Johnson. Of Woodrow Wilson in you're definitely for three left side its again he's made three in a row. He's got eleven. And is that at sleep 103141. Which stay close to not let playground with its deal with him my walker left what we are ticketed strong. Hello. It rolled out. He had his arm grabbed as he shot it was still strong investigated after the gravity it rolled completely around the cylinder before it fell out he Andre Johnson fouled him. Wouldn't what a wonderful dimension that is they have a layer that is that they had that strong note that could do something that. That blindly gets paid to have to get to war that would just before. Bottom line. And forgiven Kevin Bryant backing it replaces Jerry Johnson. One more for me yard. Seven foot freshman but. Hosting Oregon well. Second right down the bottom. Of the star three for four of the line has five point ceaseless completely different. And wait that'd that he did in the first exhibition games he's obviously a little nervous district court here right wing walker. Hold it for a moment but it on the floor drives baseline and gets all the way to the basket Lacey did that guard showed off discreet that time it didn't recognize the commitment to stay there and force it to go wider picket that offer all the way to. Doctors defect or let wait for him at the top teams Johnston from the rebels stepped back it fires rinse off kept alive by the guards grabbed by Willis. But they're gonna call me guard I think for a foul. Pushing off a little bit on the tip pool that went down. Yes that is on the those who is also there is afraid that he Iraq little late 171000. This will be a one and one forgive them Netflix says that the bonus. Let me share of it back into the Wichita State lined up at Austin Reeves also backing him. As print campaigns Jones go to the sideline. Kevin Bryant always seems to be the guy at the line he has made three of forays back there for a lot of Juan now a lot of surgery would be guarded. I've story getting a nice hand for those in attendance here. When he went to free throw line about six times walking last year might not with them on free throws season. Once again on the team shoots 77 cents a line he's not very modest six point. Kevin Bryant is six privacy here from all the Germany he played at sunrise academy here which it during his high school greeted you read sure did. Three years ago it Newman. Played in 28 games about sixteen minutes a game two years ago three and a half points a game. Last year's Dave mentioned the number three scorer on the team that ten point one lead in the rebounding at eight games shot over 45%. From the field so. Became an important contributor to this team a year ago he certainly one of the guys are looking to beat them this season a 65 athletic guy. Can't lead a team in rebounding issues so many three point shots he's quick enough to get out. Those long rebounds he beats the ball very very well like Texans to do. And you know where the balls that come off and that's one of the reasons that he's been successful Bryant really anticipates very well. Officials are checking something on the monitor again not sure what that they want another look if something gets his chance to remind you that because of tonight's game. That's but these gave. College of Charleston and then two weeks from tonight factors play on an hourly. It will not be any coach shows that next week which coaches you know location throughout the year ages which Israel at the Alex hits Russell street free throw why not let them but they were checking. Russell missed in the read them pulled down by your Willis. And reach and it brings up the process time line that's right wing appeared to no not right Willis. That's on the way Reeves. Constant threat to Willis drives that are throws that Hanson Ted records is that it is too much traffic in here the other way for it in the left wing walkers not to fires retrieve it hit my drive to upper left wing by Demetrius walker has since raised. If this cut the lead to 63226. That left swat littlest kids those under lazy. Over the yet there. If we move and we haven't had a chance to scout in the nobody knows who's left them all the time that move is there for him was able to. But yet he built it started by reason handoff to Brian takes it down the line little states. Slips underneath and just now that. And now it's going to be. On Rada nurture. Bryant went down the left side of the lane and then reached in his right has really brought his shooting arm right up in the arm of the defense you're perjured got the foul call will be shooting to the fell under through his second. Back well. It's now four or five lines through all of this points human. As now made five two and threes and here at walker combined to go 5%. From beyond the art. Bryant with one or free throws coming and that one's good. Right has five it is only down by six and 3428605. Of the gophers. Mary for that job. Haven't left wing that ran down the left locked down it got it back and they almost block that they've managed to muscle up Landry says that. With five points in limited minutes tonight. That's right we're right hand off to air shot fake drive them grounded gets back in touch with him in the institution often walker and they slide back here in the left corner. Off to screen shot his way through industry. And this reader is gonna be called for the foul play and it's going to be him trusting. Russell tried to caddie shift his feet to give it more route it's him through the street was sliding right into the defender that's going to be his second you know let the ball full might be to need to go left. Right screen that's if he takes one step he's seventh street. Background leapt right out front Boris right wing reaches 3628. But it does Dave Lewis does not driving into the lives stepped through offered jobs staff that he gets it off it bounces. Notice that Darryl Willis has become a story machine scored eight points all in the last two to three minutes. Wichita State by hand. Kevin Bryant if it's not right and keep trusting. Him Russell gives enough to Walker's. Act Russell anti. Just read the cuts by this weightlessness because that round just instinctively threw his hands up that hasn't lied and he deflected out of them. That's Russell will go out and checking in for a moment. He is. He's got a different numbers that he was Slater who wears Terrance Samuels. That's what he lives in back here and busy street Bryant took that chance and then. Was turning in their hand sleet hit it right into the defender's. We're used to get away with that all the time that I've most two Kyle Korver mystery but. They caught rub it ordinances first verse or. The sense that. After that. Soccer basketball other 3825. Minutes exactly the gophers to average and the very threats toward the top clubs at the top from NASA. I honestly thought that love was too tired Shaq made a liar out of because he was laying out there to get them. His first field goal he's got four points air holes not 78 left little short rebounds background. That brings itself passing game. Raves and it is time to you know could the cuts that would on that downfield good that. That was way too far out in front of las degrees nice idea by Zach brown just not enough under the the lights yep well which our ago when there. Six turnovers with state now that there's short yardage back in partner Willis. Gardner. Kelly knows the Forman brown the three in the guards and the tree were 33 to go first half with testing that like twelve. They care about the old thinking about running it back here we. Here's a look at the move off screen crosscourt goldfish fired three rounds left front and the good rebound by Bryant followed Nokia. Rebound ripped out of their that is not your average art Galley. President himself unavailable floor that way Reeves makes it not right Kelly asked if that treated right away I was factories. Is it back into their profits street thrives lightweight champ. Asked me streets telling him not to screen. Don't want don't want them all right ground. Package for a campus and it's on the clock like you. But there's very. Office today. Just dead center in the bottom of the basket landry's daddy he's got that first out. And ring that is handling almost stole it saved my sandals not front to wolf it left wing walker. Thirty to go first half and then once it's time that. RJ Allen Paulson Steve Allred don't have that session 332 on the shot clock. And. Did it this be a 32 time out. Started to mention that we won't have any she shows for the next three weeks that what we do they heard AJ sport throws the Alley thirteenth street which roads. Here than everybody night on 98713. Thirty K and assess. And Gregg Marshall typically six to seven on Sunday night our next coach show. Night will be Monday November the 27. And we'll have Chris slam to talk about the upcoming NCAA volleyball tournament. And Gregg Marshall and Keith Adams to talk about their new season which that one of these five or so games along with the knowledge of games. I don't know for sure well. On this upcoming trip there is no one to do the east Carolina of that on Friday night to go for. And here or could do it down there so deceptive followed that up wide stance Friday. Chris selecting an old friend used to work here in Wichita will be at Cincinnati where he lived out Sunday's victory that. From Cincinnati eventually get us backed road trip to Tulsa this. So where is scrambling a little bit with the all the events that might look like they used to do Minor League Baseball in the old days over the wire just the whole thing out there. Recreate down. So we've got a lot with volleyball women's basketball's starting men's basketball as of this TV as well as radio and Internet. Got a lot going on. Steve is with women's basketball game that it is that they're getting started the course Friday afternoon it gets very. Seventeen seconds left on the shot clock for about 330 years ago. And I may have missed the under for a time out here who looks like they've turned it into that. So we'll have won that make up a little bit later on right now which it does stay up to 52%. On fourteen of 27 flavors I know seen the course of this for the first time out they were three for nine today may eleventh. Of their last eight. Which is over 60% to get that up to 52%. For the game fourth infantry and eleven of 57 proof that. At 39%. 43511. Trades at 5% think well of Atlanta chant let's be the end and make golf reasons you will definitely through. Three pointers. Certainly aids kidnapped. Background six rebounds in eleven minutes of play 54. Rashard Kelly. Two seniors do you agree yet there's factors had ten assists. In the first tasks. And basketball belongs to them in the seventeenth on the shot clock. There's young backing him that it ended here improvement throughout all the way to the right wing part of my breath and effective way the wind out of winning. Gold finch victory missed an off the deck resentment resentment that is pushing up the floor to the middle of the court. I think it's right at the top Kelly pilot would not meet our relationship with the left and quickly catches it over his shoulder and it left and the beautiful atmosphere that way and I scored at Dartmouth street. In the right water walker for theory I guess that was contested right now only. Blocker now has three trays and eleven points it's he's gained only 29 and a half percent three woods got acknowledged. Brent and Kelly right wing damage. That's the Phillies with a screen that get to them with lower back Kelly let's at least twelve issue. I asked him a couple of dribbles what's inside that right program. I am very opposed it it appeared identified issues. These kids man of the year blonde streak. That was about 47 he got around. Boston Braves beat the clock that is second period that gave it Wichita State leads forty eighths to 31. That contract with the globetrotters. Definitely up there in the fair or right wing gold pitch out front it's reflected in stolen by Kelly didn't we'll go it alone and can't hold me. Sorry Kelly was or. Both have been dumped. At Wichita State leading fifty to 31 with a minute 57. The first was elated that absolutely. Here for three left it short left right center redone ground out to sham it. Maybe she and that's it for me aren't running the floor catches up to deflection and it gets out because that was like yeah right hustled down the floor by expert. Yard seven feet tall got the lead and now. Here's your chance that it would stop. Just to mention something that's been a real hallmark of the shocker teams in recent years and Gregg Marshall this was a close game. In Wichita State wasn't scoring exit and excessive rate. But this is the team that can do without in a hurry they can transition you off turnovers they can get defensive rebounds and get out of all of the sudden. They've got fifty now 51. Free throw was still wanted to minutes ago the first head and it's not just scoring points might their defense been better as well giving them just what shot and it's it's the balls off the basket Wichita State. With all it's damp all the players that lenient. Forget for a good minutes is able to build flatly. Toward the heart with eight points in the first half second free throw also five for six from the line as time points Hewitt knows the same guy except that there's nobody else that day from how I played in the opener. That's right Kevin Bryant looks on the floor takes the wind lots crosscourt lobs it over the head. The intended recipient Davey and it now Ryan Newman turned it over Wichita State possession. That at 32 to go in the first half. 32 time out taken by the soccer's we'll keep it right here. Rod ground it's going to be at the soccer lined up. Ground looks like it's going to be brown survived. Maybe Palin belonged there there's a little college Kelly maybe they're kind of huddled up a couple of the street from me. Right around the freshman from Cordoba Tennessee Memphis area. Just play basketball with the at 32 to go in the first chapter now leading in the 52. To 31. Gregg Marshall calling up the sideline what he wants to run here. Dylan Malone will bring it up. The guard position that the free throw line now rolls down the life means you props at the right wing rise next door and draws now. Little pass fake out front and then what toward the baseline and him Demetrius walker fouled him on the way in his second. I think I think guys have actually hear Christian young they say that would be his third. No great parties to have that year that's like accidentally the teleconference lowering the I don't know we've seen anybody. Thinks that for quite as we. As. Oh my frustrations. He has three for three from the line now has seven points and 23 still the bill of the first half of the shot you're sitting at 53 points. And make it fifty fours during but to test days make it's kind of free throws here in the first half. It means to young in back toward. Picked up the timeline by Haynes Johnson of off the threat court Demetrius walker little sort of Bryant drive it hard to delay and got a call telling for a balance a little bit evident here called his round was a little bit out of control this kind of lowered his head it stumbled in the valley but Rashard. Was moving with it was getting set position so he picked up his second foul. This would be. Wanted one for Brian. And makes the person gets the bonus that was the night. Six of seven from the line for Kevin Bryant that's reached on all of this story. Kelly will come out now with a mid fourteen to go in the first half through Willis that he had. The guard at five louis' four man ride round three yards Malone. Bryant misses this time rebounder Willis. Is doctors have the 5432. U. Just over minute to go offers him him on the record it was the right way look inside the defense cuts on the right want to. Back to the basket double teamed up to Milan. Rise pulls out this is baseline Willis noted strong gets it and if the line for a future. And that it. It's seven games last year. We're able to position because. Willis. With its football you know one thing in mind that's the basket. Thousands Kevin Bryant he could score some anyway back to the basket he faced at that she drives it and it did that this year. With fatal plane left him with. That right now because he's been working on all summer. It's. That's a bit then on the streets you know he's got eleven it's not present at CeBIT in the first half it's 732. District where walker off the street drives it. Throws it up in the yard slant that off the backboard for the block recovered by rod grounded Malone forty seconds ago firsthand needs Jones right way right watts Willis. But the right way we'll have a lying little jump hooks it that workers don't rebound the foul on the original shot though on new but it limitless Samuels. It was aaron's and yields now. They're Willis. Line fourteen shots. Soccer. Match. It wears it down but only one god. And that some tough man. You they're frustrated. This will be the 21 and second free throw attempts at the half which does. Those free throws that he's now fourth of fourth line is twelve points with Steve that some would call it like it is tonight which it's not state. That's when he won with all the last ball on the season. Last year they averaged about when your when he won the football. Hero makes it he's got thirteen which I stay at a steel by game. It sounds of the at bat late today. About K games. There's still looks like it he's got two of its doctors at 61. In the first half 613270. Seconds left. NASA court Bryant went backward across the time line but now I'm Ed walker a theory. Of that off the front iron. Reid then we'll take it away from his teammate means you know in Milan with a four seconds every right to drive at baseline right through the hands around. 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Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for an Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. WSU shocker basketball he's done. Three point seven JE YEN Wichita. And you're listening to the shocker basketball halftime show brought to you by credit union of America check out pretty. And America are small business the spirit of America proud sponsor. W that she basketball welcome back to poker Rita. One of the real significant numbers of the first half Wichita State started out shooting three of nine the field might have been 151%. Three for the first time out. And then went sixteen for 23 days' rest of the way that's right at 70%. That have. At 59 point four and they lead in the 61. Really really impressive. Have so many ways. The offense finally thawed out Wichita State was nine when he won 43 point 9%. With eight minutes left in the first half. They've made ten of their last eleven field goal was to dance company from just about everybody from every angle lot of different weapons might. Wichita State has been successful. All these years because they the long run it's hardly ever have run against them. And they go to the free throw line it would of the free throw line too much first half and that's fine. Except if faces all the way weights tonight so. If it drops the rhythm a little bit but once that rate which it out if their legs they turned on its. And they started out slowly at the line also want to afraid. At that stage 78 of their last 1918 to 22 field goals for 82% with a lot of different people shooting. As they did and what you've got a situation I thought first of all let's recap it. Proved why he's. Pre season all American he comes and and anti he's one of the reasons that stocks got off to such a fine second part of the second half. Go three for three you know he handles the ball very very well he has two assists no turnovers in nine minutes of play and he was still. Probably the outstanding player of war but how about that guard. Question whether or not if you right there whether or not the player they thought they. They. We're told he was he could see whether it's staff has been excited about. And catches the ball well he delivers the ball very well maintained close. The entire first half and I think he's being that he deserves that playing time this year and probably won't be right here. And as we said at one point in the first half. This is vivid scene was so nice pieces to make his locker that they're really getting help this team and I think this team's got a chance to be pretty decent that I think they're a better test honestly. At Henderson State was on Saturday evening. And this actors are just playing that much better themselves they are because they create turnovers. They created twelve turnovers and scored twenty points off those turnovers and that's because. The players are used to getting out on the rate especially when nature. The other thing that was very impressive to me with the points in the thing I thought birdied the first half with prostate settling for the outside. The big man. Coming out take the outside shot finally when they found inside was fertile territory. The pass was delivered to them and they immediately converted in the basket what's the thing. Which stayed out scores the 26. States. So it is 6132. At halftime we'll go through all of days statistics for the first half for you we come back and remember. Save up to 40% today after any shoppers with a bad luck through at least at last night after the game how much to be right back on the credit union of America halftime. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. 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WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KE YE Yang. The fact that credit union of America halftime show remembered him. Competitively priced services are checking accounts to home loans that everything in between credit union of America proudly sponsors. W mention basketball. You're the first half shooting numbers for Wichita State started three for nine and made it. But the figure out sixteen that their last 2319. To thirty to 59 point 4%. Five of 11345. And a half at eighteen. Afflicted two from the free throw line for 81 point 8%. In the town of 2835. Point 76 of fifty threes for 40% six of nine from the line that 66 point seven. Dave was looking for 815. Rebound differential this shot is you're halfway there at eight on the boards to have 22 to fourteen. Six turnovers to twelve. Points off turnovers twenty to five in favor of Wichita State Dave mentioned the 26 to six points in the paint. And you made a point also gave about GAAP and the thing yes not only does what to tell us they have these significant edge in gap over division opponent. But over the last couple or three years they've had huge numbers brigades over division one opponents on. Points off the fifth that they were 318. Advantage going to. The first they sure. Were my hands you've got Yemen which I think once again it's going to be a good team in this conference and not a big fan but they had only five players scored a basket. And two of those five scored only two points each Wichita State had. Eleven players scored baskets for them and they had to players in double figures. To do that newcomers Demetrius walker event here were both four for eight overall and three for five from three each collected. Eleven points in the first half. Kevin Bryant xmas so all of his points from the free throw line. Wichita State Daryl Willis with thirteen points and four rebounds tonight Kay Hayes Jones ten point two assists three steals. Eight points for Landry sham and it just night that it made all three of these shots two of them threes and had two rebounds. And two assists and nine points were outscored leaked archived for two of the field. But at six from the line six point roster reads on two of three for 34 points or he'll forest floor. For Rashard Kelly. Three point seven rebounds for exact round in thirteen minutes to leave this doctors in partnership with Jerry Kelly four points five boards four assists. In ten minutes 6132. Wichita State leads at half time. And ready Davis actors play get 50% off your online order editing Wichita area Papa jobs one Papa Johns dot com. But from shocker fifth. Promo code chapter fifteen to save your shocker this gap will be back for the second half. Number one soccer mom. 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Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss two Alex Acosta in valley center indeed born and overweight Sawyer. It's. Shocker basketball he's on one of three point seven KEY. Well we started the second half shocker sports properties of what you guys did athletics like to thank the shocker ambassadors would. It's not a state to lead global corporate partners it's on. Delta dental pulp industry. Lots of Wichita State athletics hall soccer sports properties for 16978. 7552. Wichita State the it would in this exhibition games 6130. Jets won't start the second half that there was. Fort patriots offered me preferred. Sands and these young forgiven him for bomb baseman Jeff. But twelve misses rebounds and Shaquille Boris which stay in check your Willis. Background. Tonight Jamie Jones conference here drinking and driving less when good for a way out front or if not for the the background for free just left of center. Has invested tonight miracles trays. Utah State 86. Four to 32 with the ultimate shots Mike in the first half of them had only one offensively that they'll play. Shoppers for. It stops it to that here he drives those upper runner out of foul. On background one thing I lied about bad areas is a recipe. He comes right at QB challenge you to argument you have really got to keep moving your feet and not read some unity but on the foul line. To feel the difference maker for. If you might also need to do a lot of different things he penetrates deep passes seems to me. He takes the ball off the dribble get to the free throw line this is that one of these freak. Spotted out but he's got a lesson in the game victory at five threes in the first half that was experts free throw opportunity. What we're having here. It was six of nine from the line in the first half that stood for. Here it's the first point for him that in the second half and trailed 6433. Of society. That's left elbow Willis here to face these. Boris faces of the free throw line hey dad who passed they can't often seventy footer off the bat rebound deflected. Ground fighting for it as safe as a front page out of the French team he drives pulls up but well that is not with the active over the line for you but. Group like not afraid. Can't that it became whole area. It is beyond racing in 2000 it is there for a campus like tackling dummy how many times you hit the deck company that's been hit in the face. He doesn't mind giving a couple of free throws out of it. Only took two shots in the first half that mr. Barroso news scoreless so far scored ten points in just fifteen minutes of the first exhibition free throw it out or not. I can't a year ago. A very good 76 and a half percent from the line that he has always been throughout his life is way better than 80% free through this year. 88 and a half percent on. Some limited opportunities two years ago that's what's good history for the. To stately 6533. We're not trying to get it to get pressure finally does hit here they are dribbled the office today that those were down spacewalkers to retrieve the quarter of this. Strong rebound by Louis. It's about to kind of drinking. Water if it weren't for his dribble pop's theory that it's no good that overconfidence and now I think on the street by Willis they just rolled off a little too soon. And it's called the movies you it will law that. That's green. How many of those how many offensive street bounces they called probably clear word games. Stage 3000 already listened the second half of the first minute and half to to state. Bob Levy it's up to the but it was it was right back door cut my losses with hands I society Haynes Johnson deflected any deflected it off of walker shoulder and on out of bounds suckers were collapsing they were defend him perfectly and that's why it was neat to be. That I stay with the ball. Leading 65. Thirty three's tonight he needs guns that would effect works if it's not Lewis left playground. It's about the Florida and they can it be pants that does Morris office. The loss left side. That way at fifteen footer off the three. In the right hand it says. Kristi. Lost his grip on it in Portland. It for a moment. Rand mine figured it might actually it is the first. Those anyway. The baseline. Line up one for bomb and it rolls out rebound contestant on the hook up off the floor I've been here for him but he doesn't trust the time line not needs to guns falls down tries to save that for a Glaus doubled loose still loose on the or Deion gets it to burn and my left wing walker of the three best and off the back and read about it needs to which it hands down the middle of the floor that's. That's all I can't. Well. Perfectly run by some highs today and I thought it played it was. And it's almost looks like dribble bounce passed over for a can't rent rent it and you run the war and inside politics in the globe that very basket now it seems that he was one of the studios that separately it. I've read it at that point life. Certainly adds fourth I thought you know. Was going to make it difficult shot after he split the defenders Willis now in the back sort of the press and bring it. Okay good pressure that don't know it. That. James Jones turned what looked like may be difficult. Places. That. In the Clinton did that he would double team on walker crosscourt into. Air traffic incident had in mind back here. More like three minutes of the second half sack forced him that in golf club record those people the right way prefer blondes were baffled. I've stepped through slip through last. We're not proud to be done. Drive put up with water left little short we've got to go to break here. None of which they hit slows down lets us deplore. And it's been underground for three for not brought off the front of the rim and deflected in the butt buddy under the rebound that time have brought in little. The fire them little ill advised at that Gregg Marshall Field's in and that's. 1642. Days ago second half after Tet 6833. Thin air split two defenders of the Boris audited. I've heard bump retreat no good off the back lot rebound rabbis of arcade games Johnson and away from losses. The event was sold inside the area. And that it's going to be a hold on burned bomb. Sorry. Burn bombs there. Second team now on the movement and Wichita State will have the ball that was substitutions. Yeah I agree this is just you know it's an exhibition game what. The issues wave to mostly. Means you know that front. Pulled back a little bit mentally frankly it it didn't hear shovels and nurture you that's the it is not the nothing less. Or enough left yet and that's. Otto was or seventy year history was to tell us they pulled him into the game even if if mr. looked. It's not gonna be clear that we get for the white water. These steps back tonight to to free up the rights that it really rebound deflected change. Another rebounds lots of time one rolls around defenders down the line stepped back of the field. Kelly he drives it in traffic up optic blasts in and out rebound tip the the Kelly case that the out of the left or. Out of the way the round play out front page Johnson don't resent the half court offense. Themselves left leg off the Wall Street's getting fired for fifteen cuts supply OK okay. Well and he is light it up again tonight at all aspects of well he is telling me he's forced to be reckoned with Mike and have to fight. 5022. Second half of it right right baseline. Here do. Yet they thought they did that make. That it was well now on. Man I mean it's news. Only it is look at somebody at 2009. I was up there. We're going to be here awhile. They did a lot of things throws before it's over 1514. Because second half as we go to it's not about Wichita State 72. That 33. What happened to paying one price and getting everything included you buy an airline ticket and pay extra to bring a change of clothes look hotel room in your show and offer Wi-Fi and overpriced bottled water could really imagine my delight when I found out roadside assistance is now included with my shelter insurance auto policy or get a play. I needed jump I just call and they take care of me there's no additional cost but some restrictions apply. More free insurance reviews CNET Otis Deanna only Paul or or might render in Wichita. Its own reflection of his more sounds like between seventeen should be close out this time. I'm buying up at seven error on the court. The 27 teams are going fast they'll get special clothes out pricing and most popular twin seventeen shedding models like Silverado Tahoe in traverse it. London trade and get a great deal during the 2017 should be close out. See your hometown Chevy dealer today. Offer only a select models available especially when at least are there first thing everybody 113017 she participating dealer for details. It's another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first sentence with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's on some. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider. Unleash your smile power with the delta dental. You see shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KE YE. De. We just gave a modest four for nine from the field before a second half they made. For seven. Of course they gave out what it does state shooting 56%. 29%. Which doctors plus fourteen on the boards in just seven. He police. Which state was equally. You might. As a matter fact this what. We. Went right at 46 point tonight a lot of players. Bird. Three players have three pointers he hit it started in about going against what now. Walker. Three. That's fourteen. Three walk it. You know the high post right elbow different faces swaps that caught my Kelly. Very acrobatic Kelly. It's much out of his talent and it's plentiful but it's as much about this film does anybody on this T six with the what is in it. Not here Mike Kelly obviously those Wesley walker off the left slot that the best wolf it started my friend right here Google's web drinking at exit they switched. Again a three off the. The back rebounds background which nicely at different camp which they hit. Pulls up for three left wing and out Kelly fighting for your program that actually means you know its active and resentment at fort Goddard transition from that. 25 feet that time rattled in and I post killing the free throw line fifty footer just off the bat the bat to ground steals it puts it up well. Little short gets his own rebound and a follow on event unbelievable. Muscle wise not around. First your original offensive rebounding had outcry about three in the players. This is not got his own rebound was now but it doesn't it appears there. I don't know how many rebounds and act as it is about three shots that time he has eleven let's hold. Added close another foul on him. In any event. So he has eleven rebounds as the clock counts in the statistical category Mike. That's next high rebounding. Total he's eight he's been at five different times and he has a nose for the basketball tonight. This went on true sells his fourth and it's in the active shooting this time Rondo mergers to the lines those two field goals before offers free throw it to. Yeah. Toronto with five. And the biggest don't you and Mike is so much more of a complete player than he was just a couple of years ago but. He. He had to play a couple of years ago they just short of the players and now they've got an abundance of big plays. Secondly. It bounces softly hit out of a seven. These 2% of his free throws last year's hit six points tonight Wichita State leads 7630. He was fourteen of those six to you know human heads toward one. That's second. Kevin Bryant to stand for right elbow started but you're looking inside. From street split two defenders bounce it back to Santa puts a little finger. The world list that we've got better and after walking on the left wing it here. Typos sands turnaround contested this prevents doctors at. Wichita State. Background would notice twelve rebounds and again not to the floor by I think his own teammate reassured knowing that it. Background hasn't been all over the board tonight that there to play. Looked a little bit gassed. He's. Flaws lie about Kevin Bryant that would going back to work. Forty minutes now we're back you. There were thirteen 37 to go about best network at play here fumbled it goes out of bounds off of there and Wichita State we'll get it back. Turnovers fourteen Purdue in the seventh Wichita State. That gap still fourteen in the country. 33 shots there's just not Drake Johnson entered in the Bryant goes out. What's the deal with chopper defense to be in that made half my against him at some stage Anderson stated score a field goal. For the first twenty minutes of the second half we got him in the hasn't scored a field goal yet we got six and a half. Not a friend yes that's right you to stream from. Emerges starts right back up. Right it's he drives and end up blocking now one walker I dislike with the men that get right down in front of him moving in dumped him. I think walker except his fourth I think walker whose typical player. It's guys that he would this is what club would likely aptly. Might take that three point shot. Take the bulk of the men who doesn't mind that he's in the eyes it's. Sevens team now. On Newman's is being one and 1%. Routes doctors in the one on one with thirteen forty to go in the second half free throw. In and out. For a free throw attempt. Airport driving all the way satellite channels the stance problem that gets back just step jump up there. Racing they. Dispersants. The best things done quickly but opted to get out of the darker auto run for its life. A lot of passing the advice of my game existed. When tonight eight point he's electrifying night. Right here one on one program that if you give them let's we're. Yeah that's best left wing stolen by Rick camp were well prepared by Santa he's doubled he's definitely Johnson that young century high arching thing. Christiane Christians yeah it was his first basket of the game the three pointer. And do flat. Frequently hire. Me you know driving up hinder your candidate got now from behind. But it another beautiful penetration hands. Nice in my today means to announcement Cameron told the edge and. We urge you to the line for two he's just so vastly he's so quick we're talking about James Jones. Bet that the defense has a tough time deciding whether they're in trouble for help off him. Or if they're gonna let let the other defended the prime defender taken moments ago. Free throw by surgery yeah. Flat bellies to retrieve the line and it's eight points. Caves. Out. Branch campus town sandwich and greens target of the guards. Up for a three remain the same Brennan Elliott there through three seniors Jenna Greg Martin says he'll never be short of guarding him he certainly is not that here. Here through streets good. I was nine. Wichita State leaving it 79381220. To go along Knesset or two goldfish. So it puts it on the floor drives less read space right where they. Comes back out front that's not sense him not to be out driving right baseline air pops and it's in and out rebound us to read through Wichita State. Great to deport himself right leg. Bulls not this instantly cut up to radically nurtured the tree out front awesome back. People go under the deck. And a thousand to be on brown and I think he has been so aggressive going to the boards maybe a little overly so that time. Well that's enough gold. Round dance that camping gold ridge was the foul. It's the strikers will be at the free throw line when we come back at 1157. That goes second half Wichita State seventy guy. In the university. 38. 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This is Steve Gonzalez vice president of marketing now from one drop zone inviting you to the Spirit Aerosystems veterans day parade on veterans day at 11 o'clock. In downtown Wichita and partnership with UST 259. JR OTC. Will recognize the first infantry division I women's army corps. In Operation Desert Storm. See you veterans day in downtown Wichita and reply and intercom cares. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. US you shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KE one yeah. Whether it's 57 seconds remaining in this exhibition game. Are sitting 79. To 38 is not there's only shooting 40% the second half it. Free for the game 40% to three. It's actress went to three of. Background goes to the line I want want outlook rebounding like around eleven rebounds tonight. Which it nicely five free throws him OK last season was in the us. Oklahoma State they made 3547. And already it. 2430. Wanted brown makes them. Tonight. Almost twelve minutes ago. Remarked that's going to so much confidence that grounds. Crew here all the players in the world which states that. Scores that we. The most minutes. Eight points for a background cannot influence pressure air along pass a port city on field violence here and immediately back at the time line here. Here dribbles left. Girls of the civil rights they went through when Adam Laurie gold. He. Thwart him issues. Expert back or not that was enough that it pulls out the fires here long resented by telling that was. Well defended by Reid's land candidate in the front court that doctors in the not to there. Travel definitely flipped it up now massed around the block. Within thereby roundly. Right. Left late in the left hand he's got him points within the bench like he might need a little bit tonight. That scrap. Well but when but he. Didn't have to play through it I think mark is set up that played for mark. Here it violence here mrs. Chapman read about it my stance for these web is topic our hands. Right baseline players that wake up about short I like that it can't answer that question that they had been nurtured canceled around. All are now. 6766. Guy can't put it on the break you've got a 610 guys were thinking ahead of the beautiful pass that over the shoulder catch of a lay it won't be despite all these. Acrobatic moves with 1045 left in the second half Mike. Wichita State still with a seven turnovers on the ball game coach wants we'll have to be pleased with that. Out of surgery now at eleven will try to targeted at three point play that I was understands his fourth treatment. In Munich now that he would. Not normal product. Here the wineries reap the force of organized and 45 you know the free throws. There through twelfth right around the game with us they don't like about it fortieth the first chance of the chance literally years second shot up six to 38. Now it different sort my dreams. That estimated rate so I went old adage let him. Expert to make it. The rate. Writes that in the line for social. Now identified issues you know people all have very defines something. And hands before. It. I think Greg Barfield. Lots that defense like that very happy with that position. Would you pick up verbally and dance your problem which especially along the sideline. She and it will bring in at 1012 to notice that it happened thrust on line look way for a program that haven't. Google's pulls up look weak reads let. Wondered Kelly. A mile away. It's exactly you know read. And that kept right baseline Nellie knows under the bank shot rules not to my surgeries. It'll probably won't get. Mergers. Fourteen in this with us needed ate up by fifty long street like Larry Johnson not to that treatment you know they itself on the level. Through traffic almost lost numbers there that lifts I've read. At the top back to count two mergers slip. Yeah. What a beautiful pass by reads it's set way of life they know where the defense is at its defenses. We're searcher was six team really intimate stuff. Once. Nine HTT. This will be expanded. To a pool. So we'll breakaway and I eighteen to go second half state already at ninety in the nineties yesterday. A little thing called taxation without representation once caused quite a stir with your parents. July don't like from arms while ATM's turn to a bloody fortune and fees just to get through college revolution is in the works the equity current deficit count comes with feet caucus using Internet and your ATM in the final machine sort of a special country copies even if you agreed to their extortion you equity current can't blocks from thing hitting your account joined the revolution today. Which he pac member FDIC. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for an Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in molding Kirk Farber. Hi this is just in Baxter Baxter & Associates in our forty years of business Don Baxter and our whole team has seemed challenging Financial Times and we are up for that challenge we understand you're depending on your serious money now and in the future so please give us a call at 3166520101. Baxter & Associates time well spent money well invested. Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies. One a shocker rolled into an American athletic conference tussle you can bet they rolled in on tires from Kansas land tire and ball was shock is looking up on some unsuspecting opponent on the hard wood and a escalate mascot would happen did the air by what his tires were shocked nosy can count on Kansas land tired to be Johnny on the spot with service and repair with six Wichita metro locations at 23 all across the state you can count on Kansas land tired just like you can count on the shoppers for the store nearest you go to Kansas land tired dot com can't display entire pure bear Ernie repaired these guys care. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seven JE one. They've got the second half what it's not Dave has knelt in the it to six points in almost eleven minutes of the second half. Doctors led sixty. Ninety. 3898. T me. Lot of people have seen extensive action that would keep stayed at his doctors most veteran players shark Alley. Exactly ten points and eleven rebounds it funny that it's Kelly six points ten rebounds and six assists in seventy. It started the second half I thought he had history. Half my. So many combinations for the soccer so let's captains is very difficult for any fees to content that. In the basketball it is dark Kelly rod ground. Palin alone and not to read now about to ask us to Tressel. Outside he can about your caddie but because of the tear drop just rebound rattles around volley flex two walker forgiven but I. Another whistle. All the ball was being thoughtful it's going to be a bush. Certainly on some what estimates of logic games Jones. Hope that things that it. Rod ground it's cold there. Boosters team's fifth. If it played almost like bounced right Edwards air who makes the layup and was fouled by big guards stepped in a split second later. Well pretty hard and it wasn't me cards fall like that's a guard that got involved in bounds plants. And shocked regards to turn bad. And as a result the best it was a very. Free throws short. Rebound loose right recovered by Kelly's he's got eleven rebounds. Then air that is one of three from the line has fourteen point lead him. Along in the front court with the Wall Street with the guard goes left he. Left corner Kelly. To block the guards they double team. Players will volleyed excited dribble and almost got through it does get a strip. At a jump ball as the ball possession arrow keys it was Wichita State. That he just he put it on the floor Gregg Marshall let me hear it about that that's. You just can't he had it there no. It ever ever belonged to fled in. Right the basket slot for Kelly going strong gets fouled on the shot you go to the line for you. Because Andre Johnson his third floor in the university. 151000. Chapters in the double bonus for the last 841. Kelly. Over one from the line tonight has six points to go along with the eleven rebounds free throw in an end. Hate to win basketball games he has some shots and take that he did defend what. Inside player on the other team. Hilton that he always rebounds for you he's always in the right place. What a great career he's had. Jacob very bumpy average gold finch that he would forgive had been hired gets a well deserved breather. Telling. It could hurt the second to get this worked so Rashard that was seven. Wichita State 91 in the forty launch pad support to gold fits right side it was to be it. He picked up his dribble baseline. Trust rather walk who was way out front. Right it is there through. And she'll referred back to you walk or drive gets adopted her love for the nice dish I can read this walker it's a nuclear bomb Plavix declared his first two of the night nights for the highlight film for. Lightning rod ground. Brent and Kelly yard right wing that Malone. Blown off the screen but I can only back on the way Reshard and create little short. Our society Courtney was over the back. Forward. We'll be here is second the. 171000. But didn't want him on it now the free throw a parade starts NATO Ford ago. Even in the wanted to months suckers are in the double bonus the rest of the way. Jim Tressel at the line 67 junior from Paris France transfer from. North Iowa Erie community college degree or twelve point one points per game last year. He has two points out of first half field goal makes it influences. Now one of two from the free throw line. 804 remaining its dockers at 9143. Line at this Palin Malone. Ground. Austin breeze for Eric Kelly. I scored Gardner missile the secular rebounded by Austin Reed Johnson for the good job on the box outs going the spots. Kalin below the point guard in up its eye healed her for his left quarter three of them left like Kelly gets a man of the year ended defender comes down on his back. Nobody hurt but walker will check out of the game what is it now. 751. To go ahead in this locker had a nice first tentative and leaves of eleven points eleven points he's played a lot of minutes worth than anybody else. This ball club. I hate to see him go out. Under eight time about a 751. To go Wichita State citing the. Why did the university 43. Are you doing there beautiful cars into. What's the phrase yeah 93 lately to the office for help us tax of course 93 the heat's home. My but it's more like seventy when you talk to the boss who would like to do the welfare insurance companies just seeing how are we see something you weren't really hard part of the wanna give it to protect. Deserves. Put out he's never done this before but he says I didn't immediately let us into some free air friendships deal. State farm. Call anything today. Hello shock. Nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan grouping JPY again incentives for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us let our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same. I promise. Plans are now wait for the 2018. Outdoor in the begin my game show march 2 third and board that century Q and it continues to -- realm to show is now in expelling convention halls giving you more room to showcase your products and services to thousands of consumers if your business is landscaping exterior lighting lining streets here are anything outdoor living coming apart at the largest garden shale in the state of Kansas for sponsorship information does hurt your Booth space call sixty side when he wants one line or outdoor living in landscape should act and. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad would be John Green rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KE one yeah. Tonight with the guys they've got up we'll. It was slow start shooting wise at the second half the last at the first media time out. Bora camp. Now 48%. And a half 55%. For the game at 27 of 35 for. The free throw line for 77%. It held the lives of four of twenty shooting in the second half. Factors that read Manning now by twenty. And still only have seven turnovers and won the entire secondhand very opportunistic 24 points off turnovers to only five. Can only with a free throw a bounces softly in so Rashard raises his percentage. Two before the line. Eight points for Rashard Kelly eleven rebounds and six assists. So that 51 to go. Second free throw nice charge Kelly now practically a fire line nine points. Off of him to preferred. Double team by reason Kelly gets it way to burn off. Couple of dribbles up court long pass ahead of the overshot his dad trying to be bold pitch through it out of bounds. And for in the university there's seventeen. Turnover as opposed to seven for Wichita State the shocker is leading 9343. And Darryl Willis is only played seventeen minutes tonight Shaquille Boris 12100 French camp seventy. Galen hall bringing it up for us time why not wait to ride around fresh from the society it's where we start over. Right wing to read out for a long long. Brave. Back rebound right ground with Iran well. If it. Yeah rounds. I pulled him. That read down down actually there were you when players that have been redone position it is gross outs off. Or as soft enough that goes through ballot Steve Brown did to us one now on Cristian yeah on its board. Results that it might be yours in third in the Brian brown the chance for a three point play. The 722. Ago. That's. That victory with its not state that. 696437. Weeks ago that these pressures in the back toward burned bombed there. Feel. That it's it would alone. Lost it for a moment is do it slipped past that friends of mine here. That's when it left wing to be. Packed enough for a bomb shovel after her third shot clock it's the end of the right balance under baseline minding rumors layup nice. Put up with a view to ask them. Different sort Milan. And guarded by her for a little too closely replicated between him in the next receiver but now. Now on I fielder newspapers. And the line with its dockers it would Milan and everything is two shots with a non state terrorists waited thirty. 38 from the free throw line for 79%. Like human Malone is bounces softly yet so it's three for three for a line. A year ago which it state finished at 73 point 3%. From the lines that it. Typical of them Gregg Marshall street through holes in the. Which it's not safe at night he is 9845. As the backward bird. That you referred. He'll bat fourteen to one zone harassment factors referred bounces across the line to Byrd bottom right corner minding your. Down the block where Bob picked it up and gets. Rashard Kelly nice little jump start the basket my tickets were bought this war. Were executed very well when you got the pressure on the perimeter usually could find something on the weighted basket. He guards at the top of the arts degrees heading into the key for a fifteen foot. Tigers are 100 points constantly. Eight. And you can get yourself all geared up for the season that. Nets locker in the east and west tomorrow you know about it we get an opportunity here tonight he'll referred back to that a little bit the offensive and welcome to lose that money it saves on the left way way out front teeth Dion. Ten issue I 55 to play the game not present 147. Ball bounced loose on an out of there with a Palin Malone pushes up the middle of the floor down the line all the way to the basket left handed flip. Right side of the basket here live alone. First field goal he's got six lots pass ahead to goldfish city blazers and the factors could get back in transition house of course very happy about that. Those sort of things just don't get steamed about leading 102 to 49. Kerry Kelley left wing to run aground off the street driving down the line all the way to the rim and gets founded. Lines that you rep Marty getting ready to check influence soccer's. As they leave it 102249. With a shocker scoring a hundred or more. 40%. Off all shocker merchandise tomorrow and it adds Lockerby east and west tomorrow oddly. So get in there really get yourself some here built up for the upcoming season run around free throw yet. Fit for the line has four points. Red party he had been. There aren't we'll get a breather he might still be back here later. Darryl Willis is here for the first time since the very beginning of the second half that Willis party rod brown Austin Reeves Kalin Malone for Wichita State. Still 522 to play. Do you think Mike that when these things about whether. Round richer. At new markets. Could you. It. Brad May accidentally got five point three retreat from the line soccer's 10449. For three. Making it awfully pleased that I did so perfect still hesitant to ask him minding your right way. It lines that not minding your. It's been around left wing to hold it comes off that screen looked at this did have a prosperous mining director there for seven issue. Different look could make the playoffs to dribble drives that car he traveled far away with a laser. I feel hurt hurt his first shot is back the other way in the line of work if you want your Willis is not old enough to break Barney. Right looking high low right side to Malone drives the right side all the way into the basket accidentally Willard brown reached Willis with three right elbow way short. Saved by rod brown offered required great hustle by Scott Brown as he bounced it off of Anthony Harvey junior the shot here's what he could get it is thirty with 429 to let. Those kind didn't get to play as I just never let stop. It would Malone wanted to leave system right now was to figure falls density drives align its bank lifted up off the glass of any. Austin reed with CN. Wichita State up 106 to 51. We're certainly left to right cut off by Mario street the way shovels in the line and easy layout. Or Matthew green its just there's two points for that runs that very well and it breaks in them prevail. Blonde driving at the other end to a writer Dustin rebounds is minding your. Perfectly happy long has had left corner party for street at the edge of the back board covered by greens. Weren't minding your effort. It makes let those right looks to drive down the lynch him that yet to read that image Lewis checked him Harvey left and he brings it to the middle. That gets it opens very. This rebound your lowest it's here's. Traffic cleared it to all 334 place doctors at 106 if the tree. Louis just right of the art underneath the basket but the left my hand them. Beautiful pass my hero well listen Taylor alone has eight Willis had 23 assists last year might but he trying to prove that that would. Wright. Recently left her third way my fingers have approvals. This would shoot that four out Eddy almost lost it now sees it baseline hardly that's best connected recovered quite green partially blocked my (%expletive) gets it up to Harvey. Shot clock is not recess parties whether there off the glass at the end of all of our Willis Willis has stood there Barbie joke right it three in Arctic blast is gonna get a chance for a three point line. Now on Darryl Willis will be news there. Time now at 60. And it looks like it's doctors have cleared the benches walk on Tuesday Coopers and rice and bush jacket with 256 left Wichita State up 10. Aides to 55 we keep it here to remind you know coach shows this week. Because of this game tonight but normally they will be on Monday night for major sports grille of the how it could be heard on 97. And thirteen thirty KM SS Gregg Marshall typically six to seven every Monday night. Throughout the season life for AJ sports analyst the Alley thirteen to create the truth next time will be there. November. 27. That is soccer's at a 108 tonight in this exhibition game is shooting 56%. For field. 81%. From the line on 34 of 42 they've held them with the 35%. And outrebounded them by twenty. The Wichita State Mike is getting to the free throw line an awful lot 35 times thus far in the ball game last year ironically all the good things that they. At one of the best things they did was to find their way to the free throw line on the season. The shoppers shot 622. Free throws that second molds to sixty. Two years shock us. And that's free throws made 622. Free throw made. Second holes to 62 years. At that matches the factors that typically shot. Free throws well under Gregg Marshall something like six of the top ten all time free throw percentages have been during his tenure. And they usually get better as the year goes along blaster shot 76%. Over the last thirteen games. Up the season to finish at 730 victory. Again tonight. 34 of 6156%. Six of eight teams the 33% 34 of 42 purple line. 81%. Holding in the did 35%. Out rebounding. Just stay. As play. Just over seventeen minutes of the second half with one turnover at a fast paced game and that was the point of emphasis all obviously they had thirteen turnovers in the south. Like Parcells said even your pregame show was him that's going to happen in this ballgame and he was prophetic. It certainly has not happened that fast pace. As a result in the a lot of turnovers. Anthony Harvey junior at the free throw line he's 59 sophomore from Lawrence played at Lawrence high school got in the night games last year urged a little under two points for games made eight. Runner over Darryl Willis that was fouled on the place in the chancellery three point playing here. Free throws up and bouncy short rebounds through those for which. A couple of guys wait to get in the game. Bryson bush. I've toward the guard quick timeout called by Gregg Marshall just long enough to make the substitutions. Of those guys could. Jacob hers had just checked in Bryson who accused in its red army. Eyes toward the guard and rod ground. Soccer basketball team 49. They lead 108255. Price inflation the report rightly dry ground. Brown curls toward the link it to Atlanta for the body make quarter this broader rights here but yeah he's got seven really nice second half ride around. Left wing parties pupils toward the top. That it will going through holes left. Pulls up about a fifteen footer over everything here ball rebounded by Greek exit to perform. Their free spins on the dribble across the Harvey three pointer left way short rebound Jacobs hurt for Wichita State. There's brings it up himself thrust the time line drives right turns back to the left. Back out front. What they have a shot blocked those six to play rice and bush goes right kick it out. Needs to make it. Rep party confident right now. Threatened Brent Wright gets them going all the way to the rim finger rolled to about Brown's got nine points in very limited time geared toward the end of the game if he left. Creative. And he gets it because is that let us as the gold Fitch three from the corner listed rebound rather let the statute and control that he denies getting shut out from underneath in the front court gatekeepers from which doctors. Rubles to the middle left went Bryson good off the street but the director of the top down delay tries to get up with a shot at him get to go to the free throw line at these town budgets. Rice and bush patiently looks just like his older brother you just exactly five years as a walk on. But he's a little smaller and a little quicker he's more of excellent guard tonight that actors were kind of mystery man. Writes of bush getting his first chance to score years and shoot two free throws. Amid a 28 to play Wichita State up one swell to 55. Throw. Is there. One more try Kevin he'd have anything bulletins or free throw attempts last ball game. These three minutes of action. On board tried coming for the walk on freshman. Played Goddard Eisenhower Nixon. If he gets into the story College Soccer Cleveland's thirteen to 55 C these numbers wearing yeah it's its record high heeled Erfurt. Robin Wright doing if party brings it back to the middle. His and get rid of it finally left when I hear back to Harvey thirteen issues. In front of her for. The about it this time to play now her for guys alliant shovel pass out of the way. Harvey launches this is off the back fighting sport ground still fighting for green got to forget that and missed the follow up. And I'm very bad at stolen away by threat party after her ticket hers rushes up the court. Goes all the way to the basket epic traffic draws another Fallon would get a chance to score with 48 seconds ago. Is that what later was. Nearly behind three point shooters ninety to 96 still ranks ninth in three point field goals made and wickedness they. McPherson right yes but part of a really good run the person had that. For takeovers that if one more. Ticket heads of NAR mail offers and also was it would be looked dead and track and field second in the state in the high jump. Very good athlete. One more strike him. I'm too. Fuel in the large list of shoppers who scored tonight it's not and little short the rebound in the sandals came down with a for the jets. There's enough there for long pass that hit the Harvey in the left corner. Anthony Harvey you obviously a threat to her efforts. 36 seconds to play perfect try to drive it on bush at the Los Angeles Angeles definitely temper over the yard play short patchwork rebounded papers. Hers and hit it Bryson good. Pulls it out gives it occurs. When one seconds to play. Left wing bush. Left water to run ground. That got bush. Bullet that cannot normally Gregg Marshall would just freeze it here if they're gonna with a walk funds on the gonna go ahead run and try to score offers. Dribbles right push for street right wing a little short rebound is good and bad. Wichita State putting on a show tonight Packers score 113. Points. At defeat 113. To 55 to wrap up the exhibition schedule the real thing is next coming up. On Friday stay tuned for the post game film coming out of the house. Reflection of his mark sounds like between seventeen should be closeout design that evidently. I'm fine. Seven error on the court the 27 teams are going fast they'll get special clothes out pricing and the most popular twin seventeen ship models like Silverado Tahoe in traverse it. I'm a trade and get a great deal during the 2017 should be closed down zero hometown Chevy dealer today. Offer only a select models available especially when at least are there first it from everybody 113017 she participating dealer for details. 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I picked up period this is the Johnston ex post game show shocker fans remember when the team is on the road the official watch party location is Diego's Philip tap worked southeast corner of 41 and let them biker all the watch parties. We chance to win a trip for two of the ACC tournament in Orlando is nice trip courtesy of Eisenhower national airport. And vetoes village aperture official watch party location. For shocker basketball. Johnston the funny person K 96 bring to the post game show remember Johnson is so much more. Then just then suits your drive home from the game rusty by Kansas land tyrants service were great tires and professional auto service are always. A slam done careful on your way home. Wichita State tonight defeating given university won thirteen. To 55 we'll get in the game recap it just vomit and just generally speaking. Somebody people played well it was a nice improvement over the first exhibition game in terms of putting two heads together. Just one example thirteen different players scored in hand hit eight or more fees well it. Pretty amazing balance Mike and also you talk a little bit about. I really good second hampered Marshall was just outraged about the fact that against Henderson State Wichita State had. Thirteen turnovers in the second half well they have one turnover. In the second half and it's really hard not to create or excuse me not to have turnovers. When the pace is as fast as it is I mean you're talking about. A lot of shots are going talking about a lot of backing for a lot of points off of turnovers which to us they have that they were able to. Pull it and out of those that fast paced. King 24 assists Wichita State it's always books for the open man very selfless basketball. Mentioned after the show actors got to that point in the game you've got a great opportunity tomorrow attached locker room east and west because shoppers scored a 113. Points when they score a hundred. You get 40%. Off it'll never be any better than that she got a brand new season coming up so it by either Ted location to. Borrow and save 40%. On all shocker merchandise and you'll always be happy to say I got it. At Santa 113. Tonight. Where Wichita State. Dave. Give you the game recap Retief by ability to Cummings Cummings of Cummings is your criminal defense in the UI law firm in Wichita. Give them a call at 2641548. Or visit online at go Cummings LLC dot com. Cummings of Cummings law where your needs always come first we talk a. Ballots. Wichita State's balance. And this is probably not an accurate reflection of what it would normally be because you have guys coming off the bench that would normally be starters seventy. Points off the bench and I don't ever remember seeing that statistic for as long as you and I have been doing the games Mike. Wichita State's defense is so confidence is demoralize. And it's just relentless in its days at U. Newman was able to shoot only 31 point 7% from the field to get their first field goal with thirteen minutes nine seconds left in the second half. It just wears you down cycle price fight. Except you're supposed to go fifteen rounds and you're exhausted by the time you get seven rounds into the fight just because Wichita State. Throw so much at you so much depth. And it's certainly helps you have big men and that can pass they can catch that can shoot free throws and they can run the court and you'd you'd need the big man. And he could do it doesn't make any difference all the big men are capable of doing that. And you can't he can't defend quickness. It's just very hard to do in Wichita State puts a lot of quickness on the earth orbit to talk about just two players. He's Jones who had some just amazing electrifying assists and tonight's ball game. And Ron Brown shows that he has some depth to him also I think Greg marshals would have some very difficult decisions. In trying to determine who is going to richer if anybody this year because Rob Brown would play a lot of minutes for a lot of teams. At Ashe court the guard at all right monitor staff and showed why they're so excited about him at what he could be as. As things go on side getting people he made that decision itself and the sky's the limit for him and he is about halfway there already I mean. He catches the ball well he. Did creating bad turnovers he had four turnovers in the last ball game. And he has one turn over in this ball game so he I thought did a really good job of making for some of the disappointments. That some people felt to him but there was a huge difference between last four games tonight against the jets go to the things you just mentioned to Utah big guys stick him. Catch pass score past tonight Jack Morris only played twelve minutes that hit three justice Carol Willis had two assists in nineteen minutes. The guard and nurture each had one assist and you have to count Reshard Kelly is a big man could be placed before and he led the team with six assistant united 41 and he's he's just so versatile he sets the tone and another thing that he does. And we saw a little bit of that from nurtures their romance works so well but. Which are Kelly can run the floor with the dribble he can look up dribbled left handed group right handed and move the ball up court. And that's devastating against a defense because you have too many big guys can get back and defend that. It and we talked about this in the past some of those soccer teams go way back when you and I first started. If first of all you know you gotta rebounded then. You know you look to outlook the ball but when you've got balls come out in the middle of the lane or out around the free throw circle and you've got bigger guys in the rebound those. And don't have to look for a guard like Kelly just bring it out yourself and get started maybe you find the guard after that. But he just. Gives you even more opportunities to push the ball and make those fast breaks in and give yourself the easier chances to score catching on the run is very very difficult and should you put people on. Four can you can roll your body to worsen defender going to be as the man coming over to try to take the ball away from you. And the shocker big man are able to run. Catch the ball and do something with it and that's a very tough skill to master and most of which are states that minority have that down pretty well. Wichita State when it ever Newman won thirteen to 55 we'll have our star of the game or defense he player of the game we'll talk with Gregg Marshall much more to come as we continue. On our post game show presented by Johnston 41 community six. 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Then men's suits are put it in the deep threes play of the game coming up next and it's brought do you buy it lives appliance. It. But. The floor. I. Now. Just a tremendous past most of my. The defensive player of the game is brought to you by got you covered I'm going to suggest there's several candidates. You know Doug McDermott was in the league at Creighton. The numbers he put out he was like player of the week every week they used automatic what you could name's Zach brown defensive player of the game pretty much every game because he's always really really good. But I thought some mud GA it was a shocker for pressing toward the end of the first half. Disrupted things made a couple of steals them and it showed that what he can do to disrupt and offense well the whole game turned around. I mean it was a six point gain and then all of a sudden it was 22 point game. In the blink of and I a lot of that was because. Jones brought to you by got you covered and what controlled lighting your living room creates privacy your bedroom to transform the look of your kitchen got you covered as the right went to treatment solutions for you to call 3166127000. That a got you covered Wichita dot com got you covered. Serving the Wichita area coach Gregg Marshall joins us coach's corner presented by express employment professionals. On a mission to put a million to work well a lot closer to what she wanted to see as far as what you have together and that. Yeah but we were much much much better with the basketball passing was crisp. We were sharing it liberally. We've worked sloppy last class scheme where thirty what happened with thirteen turnovers and sick. Which were ten baskets it's ridiculous that was terrible. And it would be heard about it they saw they were on we're gonna continue to work on we continue to. Pass the ball better. Which we did tonight. When he forces seven turnovers that'll that'll do. We we got a lot of weapons you know Uga got a lot of weapons. If we can. Take care of the unselfish in in and share it and move it. And give people shots going to be hard to guard we've got so many guys that can hurt you inside outside on the deck. Tonight cluster and then a little bit too much in the second half. The only shot 29%. So it's that. I thought to be able few easy ones lose. Outrebounded by nineteen. That the altered caller really. You give them credit you know they've got two guards out yet they still. Number one walker number two here I thought they would yes they don't for nine baskets. They were players there were harassed tremendously all game long we were during the pressure. But. Those are two good guards they supposedly have two starting guards are now so. It's easy that that they have when they're healthy your team is does some things so well it sure helps your big men on the court catch the ball. And finish. Well you know now we can only play five days in. There's about twelve users it over they're hoping that they can get their chance of when they don't run the court that you just watch okay spoke. I mean it's a beautiful place it is at this point. They're gonna do that they're gonna rebound every time they're gonna box out they're gonna defend as hard as the candidate to run the court. And when they don't they hear the war well shark Caylee shirt got that. That can't about two years ago he continues to run to the US yeah yeah he's got to continue to get him in better shape it. I loved how round pursuit of the ball. Around eleven rebounds Kelly with eleven rebounds. Mean that's what those guys can do they have to do it every time. Because one out. You know why not pursue it like that round could be double double that told him. I've always. Tonight he got it finished and around the basket I was impressed with that you know last game he hesitated because they don't know what to do left left or right in that get the 32 child but. Tonight I was very proud of him how he pursued the basketball Kelly was tremendous as well we have a lot of good performances. Certainly meet guarded right we're out tonight shows a lot more of what you've seen him practice what you know they yeah oh yeah they they you know last game first time they've been out here they even wanted to river plate from the crowd like. And I thought they were much more at ease tonight. My Shaheen Jones is quite play well. You oversee these too quick to want to steal that he made in the first half. When we were in the press piece rented sideline to sideline and intercepted the ball right throws were stable. Was as quick as I've ever seen anyone move on the score in the past that he delivered an adult patients I still I was watching I still don't know how did that would. It that had a little bit of a globe Trotter. Effectively with. He's he's good he's a keeper and I love I competes hard place. He just winners and hardship and Atlanta recent minutes to Landry looked like Landry denied it had to be good for him just it is the way before we said we want him to play 1012 minutes that's what he played he's perfect from the field. Eight points in twelve minutes to assists no turnovers. Rebounds. And perfect from the field so. He's just a good player and makes makes everything that we do a lot better when there's so. It gives us another guard. Kalin Malone was good at Austin was better. Connor was you know hit the shots tonight that he plea for great warden. I'm just really really pleased with with our effort tonight we were much much happier coaching staff walking off the court from ones as opposed to the second half which they. And you play two games in three days so certainly some things that you worked on Sunday it that you like to space right now Reid got a few days before the opener on Friday really fine tune some of these things that you've seen them today he has told me that tomorrow to cure their bodies taken their academics see the trainer. Can you study hall hours make sure you work is done in the classroom and then come ready for practice on Wednesday Thursday as repair for prepare for our opener. On Friday or think everyone it paid tonight is to come. You know eyes is probably a lot of people that are season ticket holders of people would come all the time but there's probably even more people that. Don't get a chance on a regular basis to see the shocker that and tonight every 100% of what you did. That this community support. Goes to the American Red Cross for hurricane relief so I appreciate the city's short. Newman has some fancy which is great. In in the and they put the good fight they were really good early. And you're speaking tomorrow chamber of commerce dinner yes I am I guess I am. If we did I tell yeah I don't think you know. I think of just you have some remarks I think he's gonna do most of the talk. The treatment doesn't fit into that. Goats that actually OK things that Gregg Marshall curious after the soccer's 113. To 55 win. Over Newman University. In the second exhibition game and they'll be talking with restored earlier start the game here in just moment and Morse will be right back to the Johnston post game of but you're looking for the first. Think power suit or just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnston. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experienced staff to help. You're sure to find something that you and your style and right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. 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Or iTunes or Google black. Thought the back of the Johnson's post game show are starting game presented by the Kansas lottery and we are joined by senior forward Rashard Kelly who had nine points tonight shared game high rebounding otters that fellow seniors Zach brown with a eleven and led all players with six assists to just one turn over. In 21 minutes. Those numbers speak to any really good all around. Game that something you've continued to do since you've been here's developed that all around game what's what he may be most proud of in your development what you you've improved since you've been here. Primark consistency. As the dude dude play in play go nuts thinking please we could that contain keep my arm edition. I think as the BQ are there market listening to our rightward news and more current Lou. Took a little bit about senior responsibilities. That new players coming in and what that means in terms of for example. See that's cool you got wanted to do everything coaching to mites and leaving. And the announcement against or Roberts was mark Karr flew me. Some of the coach you know traffic goes I know you went out very right outlet shut out the coach in Washington via voice and the guidance for the young guys. And that's all I try to do is try to help him out but I try to over correct lucrative and they are filled with involvement. He had an opportunity to chat with you that Zach after the game with Kentucky last year that ended the season and it was pretty evident. Even debt right immediately. You guys thoughts run this year and that you want this season to last longer than. Yeah I think we just got right back in you know from needs that CJ Iran knows Aaron Karo. Down or something got his army to focus every day you get. We hero we always murky and you can come here any talent knife marks from an Egyptian. The violence though at that we that you wouldn't be no work we will moreover just aren't thrown humor. How do you feel when you look in sports magazines when you read the articles about Wichita State the top five team in the top ten team. Not only the pressures but the confidence that it's really appreciated all but. Coach Marshall. Is 2000 dollars and you come surprised when they might be worth it has been made and he fumbles that's definitely goes so heated that allows the followed incident be it is notable is bound to be one team that. Hollywood so we work hard every day feel even brought it. Accolades yet it breezy at birth the only news on the floor taking charges every day. Begging. I think Larry one day at practice when you are in the game so we're still that same play angry mentality today. You know you've been through this process for for four years now of playing the exhibition games getting the season started and do you feel like that growth even in just a couple of days from how you played Saturday to have you played tonight was good staff been in that process for. Yeah I definitely forest influence in theaters on Friday those of you waiting in the effect this part of it. We we even got our young guys they lose more confident and more fluid out there it is at two days underground movement Ashburn. And use some you may know missed it golf at the end game. And I think tonight he finished. Should we were proper position free throw line seven footer. Families have vision notion that your so I think uses it does as everyone's is. I just think you know we it was a rude about his resume is worth about parking we went game how can we give better thing so I'm kind of proud. When you were making the decision five years ago about where you were going to go to college and you were highly recruited and you chose Wichita State. Even though you haven't won a national championship. The team has done so well and you've been a big part of that tell us a little bit about your thoughts about. Your expectations and how those expectations have been realized. Low deceit and down the division my official visit. And made my parents you don't push marshals office. DC ordering he had on his trophies from his previous foods pages as you even through his assistant coaches he had a track record. And as soon when our when I was creating head forwards. Coach tired. And they because grounded me Coach Brown offered here and as right through orator is coaches do like. 89%. 1%. Of steroids so closest so I'll that you couldn't went wrong there and we every year we close it close to where there's something about this year and his group of guys who are we we continent we know we want. Reshard thanks for your thoughtful listen joining us and all your hard work good and please take some time to enjoy this for the long relation with this season I appreciate you guys. Sheriff Kelli star of the game as Wichita State takes them Newman won thirteen. 255. Pitcher Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire go to KS lottery dot com for the most current. Jackpot amount like Kansas lottery and dream bigger. And as he walks away so here this is that a one of embarrassing that that's what makes absolutely doing this so enjoyable it's not just the winning and the caliber of play is that you have people like that do and that's one of our favorite players for all these years and definitely one of our favorite people. And humility. But. Somebody that just loves to compete in came here because he wanted the bee winner and he certainly is that that he's hardly one of the kind they're all like that NASA's culture that's been created here and he just reflects you know. The whole mindset and that's why it is so enjoyable to watch these young men excel and do well in and represent this university in this community so tell me what I need to do I'll do it. And that's what he does. Quickly for many years people as far as carpet out would have been numbed by the slogan every day's a savings day at Javaris carpet out look they don't push that is much hitting orbit it's still through every day truly is a savings day you certainly won't find the quality. Of flooring products that they. I have in their story in the warehouse. Anywhere else at the same kind of prices they do it with volume and they've developed a great reputation over the years that having personal experiences that I can tell you that the service you received an equality to people you work with. Is second in that is wells when you need flooring of any kind all you need to knows Javaris is located at 1816. North Broadway. We haven't actually just run through all the stats that basically the the key points Wichita State shot 56 point 3% overall there were six of nineteen from three little sub par there but 35 a 46 free throws for 76%. Al Newman to 31 point seven and outrebounded fifty to 31 and only had seven turnovers 2181. Turnover. The entire second half. Thirteen players scored eight had eight or more led by Ron on merger with six team. Darryl Willis thirteen twelve for some RG Haynes Johnson had a piece. Frosted Reeves and Zach brown and you have Kelly and rod brown. And Osbourne meet guard all with nine apiece in eight points for Landry she amity just twelve minutes of great balance. Brown and Kelly to seniors had eleven rebounds apiece and now the checkers get set to start the regular season against you and Casey. First one to mention that November a shocker spirit month that Carlos of Kelly's. Shocker cheerleaders for lunch and dinner at all three Wichita Carlos Achilles locations Kellogg and ridge forty sevens and south Broadway and 29. And rock road this is the spirit squads annual fundraisers who come out and support team. That supports the shock yours in now. It starts counting now we can really get excited as you Kasey comes to town on Friday first meeting with two between the two programs in seven years and others close to finish right. The middle of their conference it's Christians conference it's Blue Hills conference as well so there are some shock her. Coaches in that conference UN case he has lost a lot of their players from monster's ball club. And it's going to be a tough game for them Wichita State should be primed to do well they have a lot of experience back. And I look forward to which to a state plane exceptional ball game against Hewitt Casey. And for those of you worried about this aspect of it would be so Landry sham it tonight certainly he looked like. The real Landry sham that in and nothing. Nothing off kilter it also. He'll be in the line up on Friday night and certainly that gives the shocker not only to stability of leadership that just one of the finest players in his position in the country and recognized nationally is that. And this is the type of cubic Gregg Marshall recruits. Not only is he an excellent basketball player. But when people that were playing his position or out on the floor excelling he was the first one jumping up and cheering them unhappy with their success and that's what team basketball's all about. That game will get underway at 7 o'clock on Friday night so our pregame starts at six for the regular season opener against the University of Missouri Kansas City don't forget also shocked it'll also play at home one week from tonight. Against College of Charleston. Can't wait for that would either not looking past you at Casey that we'll have Earl grant back in here is the head coach trusted that breyer's is director of operations so a couple of the family back here on Monday night makes you proud. After the like they're your children problems. Well that's gonna do it for us don't forget coming up this weekend the volleyball team out of town at east Carolina Friday night at Cincinnati on Sunday at women's basketball. Opens its season on Friday at 11:30 AM. At Creighton and he could hear that game over on that 1240. Her thirteen 30 AM. As. The shocker skip things underway for the regular season in women's basketball first game for Keith Adams as Wichita State's new head coach and one last little tidbit these volleyball team moving up to seventeenth. In the RP IN twentieth. In the national poll today as those events take place owes on Monday. So that'll do it from here for Armani lead day to all of our producer in the studio and handling great to have you with us. Look forward to having you it is for the real thing on Friday united shocker stick on you and Casey. Final score in this exhibition game Wichita State won thirteen Newman University. If you thought.