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Tuesday, November 7th

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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. He's thrilled. Hey my profile that is not an icon I made poor who are 999 a little flavor profile that's coming up in minutes. Are your headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not. Working out all right and work in his state representative who held get a distracted driving law on the books. Just got a ticket for gas what's distracted driving distracted driving. Of course today and they anybody can death and many people do and Davis had a bad day in green light for the monetary agreement to help that's really the worst one president of the left turning claim are certain intersections in the city were like look man. You have about a 42 window to make was left turn before you to sit 33 minute light cycle I want in my an early guy over the weekend. How much fifteen guards dragged and is due clearly is there anonymous phone I was about to lose my goddamn mind and when he realizes he has agreed Errol. He's got that African thing turned yellow and Russell was at a weighted I've seen certain driving service cars just stopped in the middle growth. They just stopped. To stop when you know overall it's 35 miles they have just stop that employ over they're concerned they just stopped. So in my neighborhood. The biggest problem is no one's going anywhere right people are just driving around we'll know where to go still. If you have anywhere to go to pull over for a minute departure card you have somewhere to go if they rather be driving around with a new reason for our people and I think like you don't know where you're going good you're not going anywhere. Yes that would really help there. My god I'm glad to bash senator thirty flashy nerves to her liver and living has gotten dangers based on one thing and one thing home. And that's it. Telling you man animals died like four times last year because of one company and one company elf and I will not names and government. I tell you until Pete they are trying to guilty. Opponent who it is but they're trying to kill got a guilty for the murderers. A look at everybody John event. There's a company after the vote on just make the director of the world bird sanctuary who you'd expect to be a totally peaceful and harmless person. Has resigned after being charged with blessings of flashing adjusted people thanks to a red box dispenser in Missouri season and a guy in charge of the flight world bird sanctuary. And he's shown feeds you yet what I mean that the bird free. Yeah I wanna see in my mobile. As a priest or who devoted to boot Wallace the duke wins kind of funny and he should be arrested for it people of the the bird what are you have to resign for. Claudia prevent or look manager at Nuremberg person feel hey the summer reserve announced an auto show my. They automatically have to lose their job their career their lively well look the company's just don't want anything to do with and it's he's worked yeah it wants him would tiger attack. The boycott ended ended. A woman in Montana called the police to do a quote welfare check on her ex because he'd send her a link to a sad Johnny Cash song on YouTube. He was drunk gunning to. Next comes Townes Van Zandt if he sent me a video hurts and I just wanna make sure it's okay if he. Guys just trying to tell you that he's hurt but I think what is harder to understand about back. It's called her. And maybe he just needs to let it go I don't know maybe maybe you said some to a but he didn't quite like may be did some to have that he would just not a fan of and ages. Maybe you don't need to do to firstly just let it go man whose sister Kimberly contestant. Alex he he's and I was FX church. Don't know what there was no mystery here that people do things you don't like him but this is nothing against you just what is meant by whom they showed up but he was just trying they have traveled. I don't know what accounts are here and we'll make you bigger than it needs to be she has yet again he's a Montana they might have trouble finding an elevator that's by the problem. Event yeah. My ground Montana man. There is a lot of ground and another you have equipment a lot of ground about the ground until I got to look like from the ground York good to go latter oxygen under elevate the ground here in. A new study found as Southern California has the worst commutes in the country. Well no kidding. And a kind of famous sports I mean it would have been well established that yet Southern California has as he draft. Also in California legislature LA and we can it's got to just be the biggest phenomenally LA but I mean it's it's a cough or cold today so you can't walk anywhere for nothing but drive. But on the same point should you just assume that whatever big city that you're going to the community as a terrible pass depends on to a disturbance of the city. Never have been the big city yeah well here's the mistake instead you can have a lot of extra thing if I live in Chicago I could take the train. You know parliament a major city but the drastic still sucks Travis inside look at new York city of romance always number but I. Traffic is still a dismal but the problem is you you don't expect to drive in the New York City you expected take public transportation in LA you don't have a choice you now have to drive. Right so there's no other way around that's the difference than like everybody's on the road that the few people you see on the bus maybe it's a couple hundred people whatever. That's 200 cars on the road and our four yet but I mean the entire city was designed with that in mind I knew we had designed specifically to be little car note to build public transit in every statement public transit it's safe it's fun it's cheap. Hit it the prevalence of Mandela from Baltimore and it's not safe or fun when Kerry did cheat. But it does not say for far Madison show it to recall of the rolling prisons and rather enjoyment plus tries to work and LA's just. It should now be just one considered one city. Now maybe even give him a player like look dude it's like 87 different sooner than like three to three major airports are once and Brett yeah. Did really well at LA says John Wayne was weird. And yes his view I mean always engaged a group of cities Saturday in Atlanta law collectively almost a dozen as an airport to. And they don't have a Long Beach John Wayne LA actually now there's three there's probably a couple more Wii on November 5. Thank. Amend the term junk have a higher risk of cancer. I don't go to my jump tonight I don't know what's going on now feel terrible Hillary thank you make an examination that I just. What does the curve junk have to do an hour moment maybe it's just a sign mideast scholar that. Peterson takes a left turn to cancer. Today is okay. I was thinking does say how much of a curve. No it doesn't and it just says curved just feel my body got that done cancer do coddling business and I think I got there I served jobs. A buildup of scar tissue I read about it you know Margo about a buildup of scar tissue I was I was working on my staff. What's being storage. I I you know what I did not look into all that I just read part of the article on instant is something to do its guards to be honest I just have left or right to pick her vocal you can use another issue or all of it. All of it like determining heard that the senate permanent curves. You could have an issue might wanna get it checked out and I know sincere guys you'll have that checked out at Tressel doesn't. Does that nuance curved back and you lose your left right but he's he was he was actually curb down only of fenfluramine like. I've just never heard verde investment Taylor left brighter offshore but a number of Renee Johnson would be multi use your kid he gonzo did yeah. You're gonna like I'm up at fifty. Dan says that message the eighth she's gonna die a little hollowing out. If this can loosen my as a mother on that they're gonna blow my nose. All right Ed finally major markets overkill against the under they whenever one hour now thank you like our headlines are going up one hour from now but first we didn't loan. Drew Brees yes. Siva prohibitively so everyone how profile this is playing sir Dan miles it's a simple game where we showed you how real life news story. Something that happened right here I'll blended her. Our and as elusive to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make last you what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Tiffany welcome to the men's room. All I thought wow I didn't really understand how this your name's bullet yes fantastic here is restore. A 39 year old guy in Titusville Florida he vaulted to a sprint store last Saturday and grab the woman's purse and then fled out of a back door. But here's the twist the person who won't whose life. Apparently they've been having issues and she thought for abortion earlier this month Jim her improvement week when he showed locals who is working snagged her purse and she chased after. She managed to catch up with him after your trip over concrete slab. Then he grabbed her arm and shoulder to the ground and so wells ran over to help. So he dropped the bag and took off now we assume we wanna money but it's not clear. Contract endowment that day mostly because she knew exactly you know he was he's raising Jordan for robbery and domestic matters the question is do you believe that this. Purse snatchers. Is black and white Maxine would you. It's. I don't know if since he had had a and you end. No man. He's ex girlfriend's purse it is not quite ex wife's here she filed for mobile. Only a week ago aren't a lot before she had not seen them in a week he shows off her she works spread so he shows have in store brands a person takes off up back. Jones told merit but there in the process of getting a divorce. I'm Dan leads anyway except incredibly stupid. Man pursued more was this. And Titusville Florida. Some just only white. I can my white guilt analyst. Stanley you know yeah. Announcing the addition something else there dominance of Mosul funny deduce the there that was good humor idea what he ran away he tripped over concrete slab that's awesome god he's still want a fighter there in its own game or to help mentally took off running with. Is stupid because then you're wife can probably tell the top three easily were defined as if you're white can catch you on every trip. He did trip this is still parliament he's still running after him and not up to the safe place. And ABC concrete slab and almost parking ones like pictures and wal. I don't know man out to me aspiration like every sidewalk. For some don't but I I have nor did the Hollywood tonight is why she was able to run it even if he tripped and my trip I'm just gonna bounce right back up keep on running short. The fact that he was not clear about stolen something the fact that he was able to catch up with him. I think that guy's wife. Yeah yeah well he killed and I just like he can't run your trip over your feet you're stealing the herders like and it really is like like look man if my wife was my ex wife was black and tried to steal her purse she would beat my ass. And number one sure that would not be an option for me even if I wanted to today. I'm saying this guy's wife he couldn't even run away from his wife. Yeah yeah I guess when do I feel I feel more confident column white I knew that I think he tripped up. Just look a little party being any Intercontinental the anybody's. He tried to colonel and his Jersey global multi if the if indeed this Ellis pleaded button okay the fifth appearance there was no white final answer. Yes and I we're gonna find out disperse people as black white nights they are Jewish next fat entities you are listening to the men's or radio networks. This is your. While while those crazy guys. And he goes to as I slice slice more urgent need is basically runs in there and grab the person behind the counter runs out. And it turns over a concrete barrier and she ends up catching up on them he drops first takes off running obviously it was easy for the police apprehend them in his home because well she knew exactly who loves and we're fine and so when that big a deal as far as him being caught. It's everything we ask you do you believe that this guy was black and white makes you junior first instinct was quite in you're stuck with the people. Dead agreed with the U intended review based on the idea. That he was so slow and his wife caught up in the fact that he may or may not have tripped trying to hurdle a cement barriers. In the way white when grandchildren. Whom. Nothing I'm now pro TV news all times are TV Daunte. Yeah. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. So I think it's probably a year or two ago. We talked about here are actually during this very segment about Conan O'Brien and they were gonna try to put them out of the studio more. Is he thought the best work he did was out about. Depth and a lot of people of god and idea I mean not not that I. Announcing anything away from James corn he doesn't totally different thing gets in the car people and he sinks. All right Gerri Steinfeld says well. Let's have coffee new Conan started the whole thing basically with becoming. Lift drivers mover drivers he was doing all these different things way before any of that started and he would just basically go around and drive the celebrities it was funny funny stuff. Right ice Q Kevin Hart was a famous one get. So I got a fair amount of time where you don't buy that manager editor mark I gotta be fair here. It's a common thing it sometimes you just don't know if it's late just one from the side that on the site it's a strange flew real hair you think given the most that from the top of the bottom. Yeah definitely the bottom. Was the most pleasant. I've been all I guess said that their hard. And yeah that's what amendment is barely coming. Up as gobble up and out of my hair my head or is live there were those who lives gardeners hairs surrounding it just so many eyeball that somebody actually said to be daylight its goal that Davis start growing your hair and I think I'll let that go. But that's not how what works ma'am I think that was my exact gives you think that's not how works. And you're right miles everybody kind of how. Is the same stuff but right Tony and I will say you make it Jimmy Kimmel was just in what Brooklyn. But Kimmel like you the people at C or CBS HT BS came out that hey we're gonna making concerted effort to get Tony and kind of studio he does better there. Colin is a pasty white man so where would you set. Our Ireland from. Carl Pavano okay now Harlem from what I saw her from five redheaded pasty Darren yeah and it says she's got a cool may do it shows the Apollo Theater. EE I don't know how you would know to the Apollo they're very fitting it's Peter at Arlington. Broke a lot of black. Comedy music this and that ever that there's a stump you should route for good enough. Use the most of the sand and anyhow so he's doing a show at the Apollo Theater he went over to a famous shot to meet a man named dapper Dan. In dapper Dan did kind of make a look a little cooler in this event but Conan got to pick the first few outfits in. Dapper Dan's not too pleased. A gap yes I have found some good oh great great great. Yeah it. Do you run especially. This is the that this is spoke to me I saw this. And spoke to encouraged that you. This is my whole. Does anyone know what neighborhood this is where I go away. So old. It's. Finished and I got a good hit men and then ask you. Defend my work if you can just keep doing including a few school. Gary Payton he meant to try to sum him the okay. Flag. Flat flat flat. Well we lose me. He'd be okay. No look that's like trying to bit that way. He's trying to deal can't. School unemployed and. Yeah. So obviously it's a longer statement. Dapper Dan does no good job of cleaning them up you can watch a video at an engine FaceBook page. But it just funny is he kind of picks out his first few outfits and then he went to the point that I go on the street that people like it. There's like no no they don't yell under would usually playing both in and he does well candidly he looks cool he's in a nice suit there really dapper Dan hooks them up. But I think. I think everybody has their limitations. Sure it's even going to any shop you want to there's certain things you know you just can't pull off right they look at work in my of those talks about throw where Paisley. Miles and I went Paisley Samoan work does our Campbell off. Yeah I'm an old Bible while my delight it. Yeah I think so that's the same thing to write like if you feel good and are closed and though let me you look good but you feel bad about what to Wear a right where's Conan. Number one is doing if we'll have to affect the number two who is the him he's very tall pasty white dude yeah with just the worst color combinations that go street and Harlem like chart. I don't know how confident he felt that blew the call that mugger bait. I really mortem and that would parliament's over the whole city's change or short but still. Just that it and let's see we were talking a little bit after the World Series about Carlos Carrera. If they win the World Series Bremer he has his girlfriend to marry my I thought it seemed a little selfish. All teams seminal moment. And he got a took it over with fact I can't give you a little bit but he was on with Jimmy Kimmel talked about just base really hit the home run in China blackened out. They would target although the celebrations in the fist bump and everything on my I don't remember any of that let you know clearly blacked out. Do you remember. Getting engaged because. I think it's too late in the interview. How they asked him when the wedding was or whatever and he was like I told her we got a week to a no win another World Series of its ten years announced ten years and now. It's usually kind of look at do you think I'm kidding I'm kidding Jimmy Kimmel the you don't have to say that to me like they had to her protection the thesis yet. Ten years isn't limit on how long you can stretch on engagement. And oh boy they were engaged for like 23 years and then got married. I don't even know divide I have not been in contact with them. And and a couple of years but it was just an MO that rings right. I they knew there were engaged had been together forever McCoy has just physically no reason we have yeah we have a house Philly there's just no need in order to get in the government involvement or relationship and I were both pretty side and that's gonna like you unicorn you know when you meet I don't want to have care we don't need to get married yeah I mean that's a unicorn we all know that mean. Setup and it's set up or they've already done. Right in that case then yes. Still setup. I want Kara Valentine's dates set up set up I don't want children sat out I don't need to get it set up set up. Yeah I'm saying all the right things for you say all the right things are set up to the set up right. You know it's like that at the picture they use on the dating website it's just not accurate this is not an accurate representation of the which really really mean. Like your wife's gonna go up to you earlier to be like in say like Ted what we need to sign disagree or before we get married because I'd like keep my stuff and we divorce all right setup. The thousands and good luck right that was somehow uniform is a magical unicorn is never going to be there it's just it's a story Simone told rodent announcing he's. That back earlier in the penthouse life. I I have. I've talked to a home before that that was little younger that I let's choose only 24 like I'm against marriage and against kids in this in an athlete. This set of equity. It and yeah. And I but I have enough I have regular copier normally do when you do run into that couple the natural uniform. And unicorn couple where they they've been together for 1015 years ever gotten married and unit together their entire lives. It's normally something very practical that makes and get married like insurance. Medical insurance what whatever the deal. Also it's it's never a woman for a wanna say for sixteen years when they started dating as sixteen year old Jared. They had been together the entire time they were in the mid thirties and finally got hitched in our must've got it came down to ensure and so like what were far and with a joke we only all the nonsense but. Romania let's get married and have insurance taken care. I that was legitimately. Legitimately widely Amanda garbage a minimum we got before ever. Right but collect the merits of your carriers and some don't for the party. Tell part of you can throw that party I get married. Op which are wrong mind is people won't show up the whole idea that the things like people even if it's a wedding may expect you to show up right and I say hey I'm haven't. It's crazy party generally whenever regularly they would show that I wasn't but not woman I you know don't ago right if you elements a wedding or knowing it's marriage. Which would be great. Elements a reception like yeah there's no wedding impact on the agenda the receptionist frankly wedding rings and they're all the same here in here here's what you say you say it is Steve Wright is a lot. It's just going to be a small thing with family and then I would have a giant reception and I love to see there. And then when they said well. He said well I just told on a small thing in my family we just when we rolled roller coaster and we came here you know until he really did not say anything and I was like yeah no wedding had just really ran I didn't Gortat overhead we reception I do nothing is that when you started your party paid a parking figure it out and then you ended up with a reception and then it just got thrown that even. It's what you get my if you refer to dance party right like come on out and feel like you have to dress up to. Pride yeah they don't like you had to feel obligated to each day right away from its own game it. I say in the invite feel obligated basically just ask him what choice of dinner they want to Nick Cannon like that I'm gonna kick in San mark this thing off that you want and it's in the card back. You don't you yes you go through the format acts of that I'm telling you I think you're gonna get a bigger turnout and you think she can. The Phillies finish whatever being. Wild card though it's fried chicken and fish and chip. Oh yeah man that I would I was a kid I says are these are vegetarian option. Therein then go somewhere else. You could of entered let the government wherever that your option do you there's brown rice and there have that mean. I. With pork fried broccoli my mom tells the story without a kid I guess I Torah doesn't get mayor had Decatur Bob McDonnell smooth it back. Why not yet right that would be awesome but everybody still dressed up people just walk around so we saw happen. Are these our thoughts. I miles you're talking about people sometimes weight eat dinners they find something on TV they wanna watch. Do I think there's too many shows on TV. There's too many ambitious history channel's I think there's too many you need to watch shows on right now which is not a bad thing of you enjoy watching television there's a lot of good pro Bono live with DVRs and and I'm demand. It's kind of okay. Did you have to watch that might gonna go watch it later you want to the next day whatever it is I don't mind having a lot of chose to choose from the Broward but I would guess that we only said this before I don't think there's ever been a period in time where. More must see shows have been on a one time. The people enjoy the people bend wash and granted he couldn't do back in the day but it's just the sheer number. It's not just regular TV anymore this producing this is just finally there's really weren't and so the whole thing all right trio took. Took the time Kamal the original series there was ground breaking and all the ways in since The Sopranos. Every Britain cable network map right there doing her best not to just give you schlock but tropical mobile some quality TV. That's is that right you got like Amazon Facebook's us are doing shows that later on your door rather parameters that you do not traditional broadcast station so you don't have to work within those boundaries. The bubbles are pretty good program so last year new episodes of 455. Different shows it here on cable. Broadcast or streaming platforms like Netflix. Hulu apple and Amazon prime day. Ten years ago. The number was half that you're talking a 192. Different shows that air. So factually it there are more show can. Even crazier the same there were on pace to have 500 by the end of this year. Jesus and Billy given a percentage of the shows and actually state. In Duluth wanting to debut that minutia of blowing anything and it's. Well it also depends on where you are right. So if you're overall like Amazon crime or Hulu or something and not as many people know about it. But you have to be that big show in the world right got to kind of be the biggest show in your little niche brand don't lose money essentially write some with you I don't know that they're all. Super successful successful but I think there is and we look at vintage day and that's a win win for everybody but your civic there's more options and rights of your board I will say this I do have a theory an honor and a challenge you have. People like me you'll still flipping out and not ban on its equivalent of going to negotiate or open the refrigerator Maria and Japanese. I don't know what is this I'm clicking through the channels might actually lose while forty different shows are would have kept my interest of somehow and that moment I decided not to duplicate. Yeah I mean I have. Whatever number of channels but I highly watched that Ted right. So anyhow so well so I don't say this is a win win right because at any point can go home watching new series and watching the show I get like you'll be in to watch a lot of stuff before he got to knock it out. But also is going to be great for actors turned actors who earlier dollars in oh absolutely yeah I mean of the bigger. Yeah but let's run across stories were. Airing it's a good time probably. Yeah yeah we'll hear him we hear more stories about more predators move more shows to be a program carried out. Jackie deposited man to catch a predator. Here in Hollywood. Or not leaving the studio we're gonna stay right here were on sex they catch the director of the show. They'll infect. I'm within Chris Hansen yeah she could have a seat executive I think that the director and a Pepsi yeah seriously. And I agree and it's everywhere and my kids want to show it to Khartoum told loud house to do cartoons I can get through with them. It's a mildly funny pretty well gone the guy had agreed eventually brought up on some gun such charms. No kids and I'm just like my god man I mean immediately my kids load the show I was should be you don't need to know about all that but among. The look and analyze a market actually want to last night to Sunday night. I'm gonna watch it with them in my head and slowly. The thing that is easily I think he's in jail right now on either it was a of kids or something but it was it was bad and it was sexually. Yeah I mean talking kids got in cartoons. Last council sounds like that the Iraq production company it does yeah there's now house production Joan. A now house. I would see you guys like Tony Romo when he's doing is announced and then there's so are you so much better than phils Phil Simms said. Yeah matrix T. You know what I'm just gonna play you Tony romo's joke seem to think about it. You don't wanna tackle that's one of the things I'm telling you. He's really good out there around the corner offer coverage but it. Not his thing now and he makes Deion Sanders look good attacks and sometimes. All right. I don't think that's that they're proposal of a shot at the Ed Sanders now these wrote a notorious horrible times like saying talking about Jimmy Graham blocking. Or Shaq in the free throws I'm all right live on or barrio at a game we don't know whether it's. Great so here's ideal Deion Sanders to meet is an elite athlete in elite cornerback person rightly he shut down whole side of the field. But I do think it's fair that they take shots at his tackling. Then he won't even notorious for that moved right so I don't think Tony Romo was was going into deep on him but Deion Sanders heard about it and he went deep in on Tony. Tin years as the starting your two and four. In the playoffs who may want NAFTA well I tried to bury the hatchet both the book work for CBS are what I should do and it is a Tony you know what a great job this would be. But abolition people show me the when he was gone home and I got a gold jacket that I didn't bag. And that sit a guy who look up and I don't really know lol man I got a lot of ammunition man how many of these jobs aren't. No I didn't want to come home usually everybody when we. Never won the big ones you know you've never won a big one of stuff and leave me alone I'd try to take out rule when I don't know I had movies. Never says is that it's a joking tone and not like area urban and you know Steve says these red in my do a nice return that floated into and rest up its each other. Yeah I think the two of them allowed farm with a right. They're both cowboys they both live in the same town they've both given. Yeah Deion can admit that he can't tackle Tony can admit that he threw nineteen interceptions and only one entirely or why aren't there doesn't just stats that are true. Think our UConn in a bit above beyond funny then when he got steals second appointment by dealers that's great but it's clearly. Tell women don't you did out there with you can give these over the retirement prefer not to let me I hate the out. Down now we get a man and saves them your ammo can you know don't even make funny again some later date. And you don't want a repeat insults you normally oppose is just tough frank is for Tony Romo are sharing go anywhere in Dallas and east trailing Tony Roma true. I think the plate. DNC Penders is the calories before you he's got to folk legend wherever he went. He won the Super Bowl. I think with the team at least there'll TV blog that you can win a World Series does that mean. What worries there World Series generally only go where little World Series or say they want to know what I'm a when the gravy not only lost so many up afraid soft targets are bracing and no it's true didn't get on you know like compounds and had a band Buffalo Bill where they had to like the Buffalo Bills of baseball. Yeah this far isn't losing champion pretty lean just made it to a lot of World Series up and blow somebody had to be there and they did but they want war. Which any Goss had separated them from the beam that's the one deal with I don't think so but I'm sure I dismembered dumped that water all over Tim McCarver. Thank you very own TV tower don't get the headlines on the way when my cock eleven minutes you are listening to the men's or radio network. Read and twenty miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. Go ahead of Florida oral and refuses to leave closing bar associates a bouncer and had little pack a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Meanwhile man tries to a scare out wildlife running club and instead it is killed by a deer. Ten dollar bulls people's minds you can now order a K get a delicious ranch in my jocks on you to know we actually work with a guy name ten inch. I don't want to thank karaoke on an airplane now says he was just napping and a stranger's lap C means time for your headlines. It's Sunday. There's might call. I shout Dario rare accident occurred para hunter in France. The man was part of a hunting party in a position that they called the feature. His job is to try to spooky animals under the hiding spots and out into the open. Unfortunately the stagnant demand scared charged him and Brandon Taylor right through his chest old Danielle 65 year old man died of his injuries before authorities arrived on the scene footage just pull them get ahead. And I and I'm sorry to say this but I honestly guys like looked. I'm gonna pay every I realized. That in certain states there are properties that you go and you hunt on specifically. And these properties have hundreds and hundreds of acres in you can go in you can hunt and honing club on private property I understand how that works again. However. If you are sold back and honing. There's not only do you have to pay to go to a specific place that is stocks which is in this case this area was stocked with animals. To the point where then you have to have someone else scares these animals out for you into the open so you can shoot them. If you give to the point now where is just like it's not hunting tomorrow this list and he's done just by like a deer if you want to meet or whatever but I mean like you not. The 900 years. You're just going on in shootings in as usual I mean let's say it's not a target right now really as a means. If you wanna go hunt go hunt I mean a vote him out if you've ever pundit says that's exactly what you have to do the idea of hunting is is that it's a fair sport. Not fair always but it's more even. On both parts of Europe huh empty nest eggs that's the there remain a hunting imply that your worn out there searching for something right. If you don't do that on Easter egg hunts is a visible signs of seats are supposed to be easy I know guys who have god bless Virginia and they get up every single day for your season some years not get a deal. Yeah I know that it's a fellow hunter and you'll be like yeah I shot three arrows the whole season right now but that's what he's hunting because not only that but he didn't have a clean shot a lot so there's never gonna take a bad shot and wounded deer without being able to take it down. And you know. Cilic humanely so. After that that's hunting and such he was basically throwing dynamite in the pond death pretty much been going real emotional things I've alluded to this if I wasn't upon my cue with the public pool lifeguard just got fired by an uproar about. I think to get another highlight of the dear one missile at those stores are killed a guy what black bags yet last Friday I was there. I have to have Mike Easley I've never heard anybody talk a lot of high schools what he shoots it's an abacus tags and whether to back its mascot. I guess I mean dear. Threat. That's there you want them around oil rich. All right you guys are that's very little while back to the strangers Baghdad fell four or relations during a flight data yet correct filed a man allegedly received favors saying that the woman had actually fallen asleep in his lap on the flight and that she wasn't doing what everyone else knew that she was doing with a mouthful means. It hasn't been the story. You tell me if you broke through their mouth open right here's the thing is that it should be noted that the woman was described by witnesses as heavily intoxicated. And they used a blanket. So I have never heard in the case of somebody falling asleep one that far into somebody's lap in that cramped in the space. And to the guy just being a gentleman who lays a blanket over her head yes there's jamboree. Those cold. If we are told that there it was on them that left at that. Fifth two spells relief from some flair. Had was when lots of them minor. If she's if she's dreaming would you involving perhaps. It's the moved lower on all right good news brands leverage you can now spend they have 65 dollars to get yourself a hidden valley ranch. Today gets. Along with a year's supply of dressing does anyone need a keg of snow with stress that's not a year supply. Of what is going on and realize that you needed Hague of ranch dressing. I love interest outsiders do mentality years this is ridiculous. Do you really think the thing is is that yes it's ridiculous but the fact that they made it means that there is a demand for it I don't know that somebody tried to make a ranch fountain. All right to be honest it would make little veggie tray a little bit more fun elegant chocolate fountain right. Glad that he's the biggest hypocrite and I got got the thrift now than you thought. But they they couldn't find enough range to villas and or nobody could make a range found so I guess they compromised by making a dead give any effect tomorrow. Who needs a K a brand drug things people though apparently they just seems weird that detects your brains come that attack. That is kind of look movement do so this principle. In Florida a twenty year old man was confronted by police after being identified as the man that started an incident at a local beach. He was upset at the newest visitor to the beach that he liked to frequent for serving and began yelling at him to get out of the water. When an argument broke out between the two the man threw a can of beer at the visitors face grabbed his own board and ran the water because he knew begin trouble for throwing a beer at the man's face. Police try to get the left guard to call a man on the shores so he could be arrested but the man knew better and remain on the water. They actually had to resort to getting his mother out on a megaphone to coax him and Sam makes sense I bet they Arafat and water act got a guy lives at home in his mom's gonna tell what to do yeah. They just searched all day and in my opinion they spend. And I really hate to think. I mean really didn't. You on the ocean. I mean that's big and wide right on the North Shore this is Florida well there understand like it's not that unheard of in surfer circles to be very protective of that's particularly less stupid says. If you're right I'm not surfing at this stage right. It's not that and say you make this happen. Right when you go to the North Shore of what is certain parts are pretty sure that you can't just roll up and jump their water wells the same as you can go play a PGA tour and its jaws. So you're Smart you know I mean you're not gonna go out there and it's real news. Really good Natalie. Mouth. At outcast. An interesting gave an Alabama man Venezuela on the death throes stemming from a murder that he committed in 1985 when he snuck up behind a police officer responding to a domestic call. And shot him in the back and ahead Jesus since his incarceration the man has suffered a number of strokes and consequently he can no longer remember the crime that he committed to get himself on that from the first place. There's a million or however has ruled that the argument does not merit in being released and they have located execution. There's gonna dive and doesn't know what exact. I don't know why you couldn't remember and that is do you all remember broke so I'm Bryant and sentiment fascinating and it didn't make sense but. Yeah I think realize that my heart. And I heard general finished after the return of whose Sox last the word is back and of course another round a profile this just indeed it is all true we'd be all about those bids for now but we will be back tomorrow so until then please. Do want to do math and for a lead this thing. Stale beautiful.