11-07-17 Seg 1 Mens Room Has an Incident

Tuesday, November 7th

Mens Room Question: In your lifetime, what would you describe as "The Incident"?​


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He would sure love to hear is real. This radio program are so yeah. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This he's done. Other than secrecy. This is done. They say. Or radio more than three times. Okay. I don't oregano oil and it's all over 101711. Enough. Along with Steve the drew hill. Street did Smith and Nolan ball. The wide car. I did I and amends up. I'm detonated luggage are drying castles and do Sid didn't spend enough. Today the time to in the highest earning dead celebrities. What you don't need to know as things that we don't talk about. Gatorade player profile list. Plus headlines events are shot of the day fumble this or emails and everyone's favorite. TV time would take a class turned to drag our a year ago as we head to Florida where a woman refuses to leave closing bar. So as he it's bouncer in the head with a twelve pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Meanwhile a man tries to scare Al wildlife from honey glove instead it is killed by a deer. Hidden valley bulls people's minds as you can now order AK gov delicious wrenching it might shocks all of you to know we actually work with a guy named and heard it when things are under. I know what the news I karaoke on airplay now says she was just napping in a stranger's lap. That is coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. Now the industry that's very skew somewhat yeah. All I've mentioned it is good decades and you and yours I had no matter who you are. Boo hoo all you generally it's just the some of your total member's right it's your perception of the world based on your experience. And for better or worse both of us have. We have got a memory like that one specific memory that truly defines us or becomes the story that we always felt for example. There's a guy who's who's gonna tell the story of the time that you Obama flight. It may have been at the roots. Aboard the flight had to be diverted while I was a diverted well while he was asleep his wife went through phone and found out that he was cheating guy. She freaked out mid flight in the plane had to make an emergency lane he's always going to tell that story here. Maybe you're the guy and Pennsylvania he pulled a gun I'm a shy old. After two and his wife trip over the child shopping could learn a store. They turned the corner kids wasn't job she tripped over it moves do they've grown as a man pulled out a gun. I didn't feel we both he indicated. Morgan's other story goes up hotel housekeeper North Carolina. You're a new memory when she discovered a five foot long boa constrictor under the covers and an empty hotel room hold yeah are about. Actor Jim Duff you don't know this guy is but just know that you playing the role of a bank robber and a movie a film of the movie. He's stepped outside he's holding the toy gun still wearing a ski mask and I'll tell me stuff outside he realizes he's surrounded by cops better I'm aware of the filming the movie. One of the comes actually fired a shot at them. Let's give me the story he tells for a while we've all got them will have these. Incidents that have happened whether be at work and earn an income or have been haven't been to personal life whatever it may be here is today's question. In Norway attack. What would you describe as. The incident trip brother Joseph caught a 44999. Only you can like humans are among FaceBook follow us on Twitter and in your mind and send your emails to the men's room mad men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Hey John data Larry no longer there's no number 2700. M eleven. When he. Yeah as a dogged yard drive dazzled denounced his sins and today the top ten highest. Earning dead celebrities and you think to yourself well. Dead celebrities well it's like to be anyone not necessarily a musician or band would have the dealers. And yes in fact there are a couple of celebrities on there that weren't musicians of the time but. Iran is taking the time to fill the men with music that's appropriate to have for the got my career but most of the people on their believe it or not. Our musicians sorghum feature that today coming up. With the top ten highest earning dead celebrities on certain spin this remember the guys and you look at your paycheck just keep my mind someone who's dead makes more than you significantly more probably lower than everyone in your neighborhood and then go ahead on the on your blocker however want a slice and it's it's it's a substantial amount of money. So if you're wondering why Michael Jackson's kids will be fine for the rest of their life pretty well you may be financially god knows but yeah I shouldn't woes and her father yes no way they're fine tune a blank he gets its name changed Steve. And runs straight back Joseph daddy boy that he named Barry get. But my money says Michael Jackson probably is a medalist we have taken a look at the but to arise got a coming up with a top ten highest earning dead celebrities. Uncertain span and the return of what you don't need to know. We have things that people do that we don't necessarily talk about but in fact we do them on a regular basis some are a little bit strange but it's more of some things that you do. In the privacy of your own home that you would just prefer though the media didn't exactly know may be gone personnel check somewhere you get the idea is oh yen candidates have to that's obsessed. And how today are questions. Go with in your lifetime what would do what would you describe as a quote the incidence. Other story that you would tell and we equated to like look man if you got a new girlfriend get a new boyfriend whatever the deal is. Maybe you're inviting them over to a family events may be whatever the deal is but you have to say he looked. I gotta tell you something about my uncle when my uncle was 22 years old he fill in the blank. And that will be his story whether he knows it or not I mean look you're story's gonna be different in the story that someone else to Els and Steve you could say the a story that would describe the in an era in your life and you've had a few of them. I would describe a different incidents based on just our knowledge of our friendship human you have had never won but I would select look which one this is all you need to know about Steve. You know I don't know. A burglary and kidnapping when no not as likely look I know him but I. It doesn't speak to my gym I don't I normally would kidnap people it's just one of those things that I did once down. I'm not sure which is more than enough I think it's. It's probably somewhere in between all the bars we've been almost horrors sort of asked to leave because you fell asleep at the bar that happens that would be my warning like look in on a million if he gets around 103011 o'clock. There's a pretty good chances Steve might fall asleep at the bars are just no might have to evacuate like. The time this even I was in San Diego and you know how much I mean obviously in his defense and seemed to asleep while thank you very much you know how much I'm on the lower alcoholic now would tell would fast food chain that serves chicken wings makes me very ecstatic we don't have a motor scooters store and I love buffalo wild went to the neuron know product go to buffalo wobbling all the time. It's just that I computers is not in our area they used to be in our area that kind of moved out of no hooters wings and more so. We're in San Diego IC hooters. And I'm like dude it just lets go of our quick and get six chicken wings and we'll get the hell out man this will be easier to remember this not don't know enough. So but I talk you let go because we have why did you make a goat. We were walking around we were uprisings are not like he might this is they story we heard me wrong in my recollection we were fine okay. So obviously we weren't a well how easily I was mama I ably as aren't telling me this hot day was under I believe you and they had the delicious curly Fries decided not joking and cheese but you know I'm a big fan of so. OK so we sit down. And we get a beer we had two big mugs of beer like I think 22 ounce mugs of beer I do surgery and of course slider whatever Howard drink and I'm fired up man but at the plastic menu. It's got all the pictures on it. I know when and didn't get like nine wings and get a small thing apprised you ordered some wings. Next thing I know. She's taking my order she looks at you. In your asleep I think I you have to borrow at a Abramoff. At the bar okay barring bar yes and and so it's a Mike and you're like yeah and as you irregular way in order regular way. So she orders a much man please please you gotta stay awake you gotta you gotta stay awake in just until we get the food I want more with times. Its like eleven. Oh ignite the well okay now nothing all day thank you can win the Donald well I thought. Selfish we wanted to stored Buick it was 539 unit of the ticket I don't know if I don't allow we've been a whole day doing her thing throughout my career at the end of the rope I just needed to get some food. And so like in between like you policies she keeps looking over and then it. The manager kind of comes over in the managers having a conversation with her. And she's talking to the manager and they're looking at me and looking at studio and you know I think I fed governors like at. I'm Mike good morning he's just got their wings out here right now as fast as humanly possible and then basically. She came up and she delivered the wings and she wasn't gonna give you your wings a first and then I woke you up again. And then she gave you wings to buy an apple and time that you fell asleep and got the food. So that the manager comes over and he's like look bad you guys you guys got to know a number of people might have been accused of this huge ass beard. Steve has not touched his beer there's also relying so I said okay look. Could you just wrap these bad boys up we'll get to the hotel. So low and behold we go someplace else to get a beer before we get back to the hotel because we're or finalists are walking around our got a everybody's awake or fine you have the wings to go I'm going to go so we go to from bar. And I left the wings that bar all coming up back to the hotel and I'm like oh god I left all the food or. We're not rule out war. If you thought I left him left let's do you want the bar hop in spite of the fact that I fell asleep and smarter. They thought hey. What you would your idea to go in this other bar for it was a much or why would you listen to me could you were fun fellows sleep on nobody like when looters the problem is understanding of your finally sit down with a party falsely well yeah that's the problem yet. So now was the surgery to stand at the next bar. Yeah we stood up easily do in particular. Hub of the wings I have no regulation of the Zaria yeah standup who really held real long walk back so you know by the time we got back we're pretty well fine because of the hotel early hunger. Starving. The star but I'm starving you know Legos and you don't you know they like I think and a couple tacos or some of those is Diane as it is no you there's certain spots and you want wings you're not gonna pass it also pissed off. I couldn't believe I can literally so dumb tiles or those were great story. Would you listens to me. When I say hey what's stopping and about that. Add to and I don't like hey man c'mon yet. I think what this up I am pretty sure in the office when this iPhone came out the did the other fingerprint system yeah we set out loud this is going to be a disaster because absolutely if you want to unlock whoever's phone that was when they're sleeping and you just put your finger on the button man and you know unlock the phone right do we not say that that's exactly what was it. But it's so obvious thing about William OK Mike give us use my iPad. Can walks in the room but steady springer on all you know everything else lefties and you can get another she's under a thing but you get the idea we're like that seems awfully strange. And here is a case of that. A woman who accessed her husband's phone using his fingerprints and found out he was cheating caused a mid flight emergency and the cutter Airways flight I was a guitar yours occurred on says Qatar but commodores are good thing cutter cutter which sounds stupid but that's cutter yeah. From my innocent or not if the governor O'Malley generated ads aren't I not a lot of birdie had a drill religion may wanna go undergo. A cutter Airways flight they are traveling almost forced to make emergency landing in India. After she started to repeatedly. Beat her husband following discovers she resumed beating him in the chair. According to the Hindustan times. The Iran Immelman had managed to unlock her partner Smartphone by pressing it against his hand while he slept. Flight attendants tried to intervene but were unable to calm her down she's losing that. Leaving the pilots would no option but to make an unscheduled stop. In the southern India Indian city of should nail in the session nanny you name today. On cutter here. But Kabul along with their child removed from the plane gets write the kid was their true. Which then completed its journey tamale. The family spent the day as to nice airport no police action was taken according to the newspaper but that's that's how that went down and it went down at 32000 feet. I just don't think. Only the cops anywhere give you a hard time about that for a what are they gonna do right and she found out on the plane did you she's like she's gonna react if it bit us. Oh. Let's go to Florida. Gains Goldman was arrested after hitting it a bouncer. With a twelve pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and now this this to mean I have many questions about the story aren't. Casey Elaine Wylie. A 27 years old who boy oh boy oh boy what a rough rough Tony seven years I will say though in fact producer Richard one wild and fox has said just pulled Robin Roberts that I just look at this picture of this lady please give me an age estimates. On how old you thought when your name on one Q I grew her name is Casey Lynne Weil it's a don't give it away you know I won't Casey with a ZASE. Wise Lynn wiley she is. 201 was university avenue there images Arizona. This raises hope that's not her that was this this was another was in Florida. So Casey little wiley. Hit the bouncer with a box of beer after he tried to remove her from the bar. Keep in mind it's 3:10 AM geez she is the last patron in the bar the bar had been closed she at this point in time. Just rip people off a tour here. All right I gotta. Are all okay get a idea television and right held. What's your guess is a woman who hit the bartender at twelve pack of beer Robin green I nailed it she nailed it on one yes. Army shoots forty man keeper hobbies and mind Ted got a guest here in the store I'm Arenas are okay 27 years old. She is only seven years old is lovely if I had in the morning she refuses to leave the bar the bar had been closed and they're cleaning up and she won't leave. So wiley was handcuffed while police investigated the incident but she still tried to leave the scene according to a report. After she was released from the handcuffs while they refused to give her name or date of birth to police and police say the Wyly was behaving violently and yelling profanity some of them. While later gave her name and date number two an officer and afterward she step toward an officer in an aggressive way after being told not to. The bouncer didn't want to press charges against wiley wiley was arrested on charge of disorderly conduct. And taken to jail where she was released the next morning now my question is that's I guess because the place was closed. And yet keep that in mind. They were probably bringing in beer to restock is what I'm assuming here I thought as a woman get hold of a twelve pack of beer and throw it at the bouncers and what are the rules of Florida can you buy beer from the bar. But some stage you can buy beer yeah I can go bar and by twelve pack of beer. Again in Michigan and we return on at a bar and then we relieved and then you can there's some states heavily used by a peer to go yet but can you buy a twelve pack of beer and sit on the table and sit there with four solo probably Rick none out there and instead he knows he's only TU lake if you're leaving. Okay but as I have been in a place couple places in New Jersey was which is BYU will be yet it was either club. Or an orchestra club doubled debtor status on the strip club yeah but you brought your own stuff and short and basically just became kind of cool did you talk to everybody about what to have with their drinking a new trailer appears you with some states have same lake there's the bars are just packets source to. You know when you leave a guy who by right there goodbye Jeremy as she walked into a cooler was on a side pick up a case that was a long question the bottom to leave power bar in the is that there where there's been a drink and then you know had an end to what if that's legal in Florida I don't right. There's also a chance she just was wasted wall next walks next store bought twelve factoring. Came back for a march traffic. Our question today your lifetime what would you describe his quotes the incidents 844999. Hello hello Paul La welcome to demonstrate that it. Allow all laugh. So. Now what is your incident Paula. My incident is. I had an epic out of constipation. And not. Usually how things work in my digest it trapped. But does. Earth then you're a good day when I went in to take care of things as usual on the bathroom. And you know I was patient any you know. How exactly how long recently in their wedding wanna go for those shoe to drop. Well it took about I think an Al where bit slightly by that I have a situation on my hands. You know I don't think we're kind of rail link you know an irony. But I'm not quite a good amount a lot of around this point how long it'd been NG data about moment. It's you know. I would really counting but I keep an awful lot of achieved in crack there we can't allow us. I don't know why that bot like I love cheese and crackers but in this case somehow there kind of rule is that you know why this is happening but you continue to eat the cheese ball. Well I'd never have that problem that for Coca all cannot. They're eating their cheese at that time because I believe these you don't feel like eating cheese that what did you think he has I insisted that people know what not to eat. Guys are you eating. I well I would eating we're camp until they get to play should be cheddar crackers out that's the run run through dirt. Yeah and not much water apparently so. So here I am and I you know a certain Eric yet you think and I am in trouble because that there's so many there that. It's just not gonna sit out the doggie door you know. The whole hello this week at all your hair out via credit at raccoon it comes in through a doggy door you got a massive drop out of the dog you don't really don't not valued did you at at you had children. I had I had children know Oak Hill but what acquitted but get the baby but it hurt that was taking a. Came out far because all of that both of those are are good and that's a positive thing worries as saying you're deserves an up the sides of the may be indeed did not mistreated for your vagina but probably we we will go to the doctor doctors have his finger up there once a year right. But I had surge that look like you know the Janice finger you've ever seen him raise small and feel as bad as the doctor doing that this is Levy right records unless the difference in my hands so you could you not vs thing. Yeah so you know I draped around so we that was approached help what. Things like that. End and that started. Well. I would I I went I. I had a bunch of aquarium too big cup and somewhere stored somewhere and I thought you know maybe an animal would talk chill night you couldn't do. Take an aquarium NG to put it up your backside and blow water and yet Al well you know something had to be. But you could have gone just on a regular animal bottle. I didn't have one because that that's not my problem it's it's you know usually I'm I'm. I'm one of those people that. It doesn't have constipation problem. I don't know what most people Dohmann diver a Panama and NM out of NG tube from fish today. Well I ate it did does that. That's uncalled for. So you really pay you as all this is going on raising your breed C a little bit but it's not. And and a player also. If I I had something to drink that the emphasis I don't know like mineral oil or something that's supposed to help you should've had a menu so. And yeah a minister is UK. And so then my body looked actually having contractions. And out. And I would I would getting ready you know I just feel in that cold sweat you might. You know like I would get a pass out. And things just kind of built up a build up you know like I kept trying. How long how long were you where you. In this situation. Well you know of course I look at looking at the clock and it seemed like forever but I would say. And accurately in our next may be quick I'm minutes to an hour to get into it and not likely get probably I probably took another. How are you out of that area and I could threaten to lift the nature of how it made life. And I said hair that the situation is and and she said. OK you can get yourself out of it. Are you need to. That finger. And gasoline. And to encourage. How someone I'd say that the women behind them time to talk to the police then yes give a save or if so did you get any jewelry jump in there and grab that thing out. So well it was really high let it tell yet so it even. You know like that that was the site of course I'm competing in the whole thing we didn't end in contracting and. But yeah it looked like it was like it had made out of clay. He's got an out there. Yeah I mean you have to chip away eight car. The make and I mean it down growth but I would ready to call 911. I actually offered to come and do. Do it floored me but he says it's really better you do it. Yeah yeah I don't know avoid this you know that's a real friend that is they threw for Al Jim Babb who batted them. As and surrendering start Charlotte's that is the incidents they ate cat made out of clay in our time what would you describe. As the end today if it 844999. No more your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you ask your. True coming up front door prize apple has since been stabbed in the highest earning dead celebrities as on the way are quite. Should your lifetime what would you describe as the incidents and a few comments are coming and yeah we we took Paul's call in addition missive Paula called and told us the story. Of the time she was consummated OK so these are some of the comments that came in as Paula is telling us about her harrowing journey says. I can't as the nasty as lady sarge and when she married. Oh gosh this lady has made me ill. I am this lady is turning me on and that was the best every call ever ever and also those comic comes in that. I had to do the same thing that woman had to do to about a big gold compact deserve all gone it hurts. And that would much rather be held from I was donut to go fifteen to twenty minutes pop. Yeah and my sister firm long period of time to not do that either. They're little story behind that but anyhow apparently when she finally did it was the same thing like. But was ever great yeah just it I mean it honestly looked like of the globe for Brent I. Why how and it was just like Barnicle and how did that bungalows nice the roles again Outback Steakhouse I'm yeah. Yeah like a veteran of one wesun at the Wonder Bread outlet store that's my favorite bread he has thrown. The that Brett. Now we know we look back bread we got a Redding Pennsylvania the accidental tripping listen to this over a child's toy led to a gun being pulled during a dispute. Inside a grocery store in Redding Pennsylvania. Man became upset after his wife tripped over a small shopping cart being pushed by a young child you know they have the little Playskool of course that you the same engine in my home with a all the plastic food don't let your kids they have that in the nurture stores that you can push one around as well. Well his wife tripped over one with a kid was pushing an inside the seat count supermarket. The ad in points the gun at another customer before manager pushed him away. Officers arrived as he was checking out they said the ignored all their commands forcibly resisted their attempts to arrest him. Six year old was eventually taken into custody without incident. And charged with possession of a weapon reckless endangerment resisting arrest simple assault he was freed on 20000. Dollars unsecured bail but yes because of a child he comes to gun. In a grocery store are questioning your lifetime what would you describe as the incident. Hello Caitlin and welcome to the men's room. And I thought. I'm. Sick care. Very. Might story is similar. Student one million both. Sides. However it kind of public. There's no I don't know it's in the back. I don't eat sleep and anymore. I'm not sound mind and yes I say any wind I don't. Eight and from my account over that the L to the beat goes. A couple people yeah. To a cheap good restaurant in downtown at all. I forgot the name like that and they cheer go up and end. I ain't never really liked broccoli spears but they had come went honored can't help but cracker. Well sort of the next day and I my lunch in my car on an important phone call. And I'm thinking I I interrupt you let it cut the do you. You can afar while on the phone and a very important phone call really well at such titles in ten Chi's restaurant has. All. Went and it can't exceed. I important not Jill Scott. Okay. All in low rolling out of a palm is that this is that. You are the Enron do. I I can't. I'd let you know I won't I don't know I'm coming away and we in the op that I did Obama pick our. Why. Do I kinda. Made a large circle and my little air out and oh okay global. I don't know what at and didn't make thought exactly what happened to happen. If you need to go always sour and you struggle runners don't make everyone understand what is this I'm super. As it took that long to get out I did answer it affected you that much like it was the following day I think that it was if you made a bad one it would have been immediately it's the latest news just your body. Not reacting well to the food even though the food was fine. And then like. I might write a book about an eight minute I'm delighted that. How bad a car smell. And so you on the phone you poop yourself. Do you caught the calls short or do you do you fight through the rest of the call it's it was important I don't. If it. I have to wait. It out at the gush until next to my alert. And rarely. A good purpose can't. And Jen it's Illinois it was you somewhat contained at this. Yeah because the underwear and I've seen ladies Wear don't have much to the back in the yeah I would just ram two sides signed the difference and a woman okay. No we're not very small pilot that's a fortunate my household was your leg as underwear that's the question. To come. How old was your underwear wasn't just a stain on reserves and series maternal. And let you all mad cowboy yeah. It's pretty. Like when you go to those crunches and they have these chocolate fountain you can do everything in and I'm gonna picture her and I mean how bad. I get your awful lot of in your lifetime what would you describe as the ins and an 844999. All. I shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.