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Monday, November 6th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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He would sure love to hear is real the members of this radio program yeah. Trying to look. Offend anyone. There's a. Invited to join the party. This he's done. Other than secrecy. This is the they say. Your radio more than three times. And Jordan. Or maybe all the good zone number 2700. CNN I along with Steve liberal guilt. We did Smith and love Limbaugh. Add to my car. As soon as I remember a. Yeah Palin question question is back. Your guess is as good as mine categories celebrity presidents and championships cities. They return events the men's room. Get right to play profile list plus headlines events are Jonbenet thumb blister emails and everyone's favorites. TV time with Ted I laughed picketed there and I Nouriel Forman celebrates birthday with friends goes down gets drunk. Comes on the girlfriend getting a birthday cake. To the face. We stay in Florida for a deal alive but the candidate trouble can I crowned type of race. Mother daughter team up to steal 250 dollars and cheesecake from a monastery. Experts argue whether people who have OG should have wings like a fairy. And they artist formerly known as. Here's a question. All I've mentioned is good day to you and yours aren't the metal world. They can be a very strange place for example a woman and eight now she discovered the Q&A boy into him. Warmer symptoms. These liberals terrorists was when he can make some later but she's got a weird of the lead Tina Holmes was assigned that she had to bring to. All right another weird medical condition it's called musical ear syndrome. Now apparently it's condition or people who have Hewitt lost to develop musical home summation. While in 87 year old Ron gold space. He's suffers from musical instant cure syndrome and as a result he hears the English National Anthem god save the queen over. And over and over in his head. Decimate city here's god save the queen. Around 17100 times a week. The company can do about it knocking them they've been bad he's just vocalist. So like linking the bulls report that do we have medical condition you know it's not a weird reason to see a doctor. Then when you've been I don't know mauled by a tiger. And ever Dusan keeper Russia she went and defeat the darker than tiger was not where it was corner quote supposed to be. So zoo visitors I've got quite entry may want to Siberian tiger. Which is the largest tiger in the world pounds on this woman and just go to town just you know she's survived she's expected to recover but. She got got messed up. But this has some of the stories we saw that led to many questions questions we'd like to ask you in the form of the random question question and here's our works. You call us we glass to a question I completely random. And after you share your thrilling story revolves will ensure view the story that inspired said question her probation. On Iran question question call 844999. Only you can like commence or month FaceBook follow us on Twitter amends or live and send your emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have gentle men's room but also ally and no other show number 2710. What are you know. Arafat has a random question question is on your guess is as good as mine the categories that you will pick from today. That will be celebrity presidents and championships cities. Celebrity presidents being that if you were to pick a celebrity. What celebrities. Would you like to be the president of the United States you know you've heard some talk about. Oh brawl may be would drama. But trust me and we're gonna freak are all or president will we demand that we'll get pretty colors well there all kind of on that tip so it's ten celebrities of people think would be. Great president so we we know that some people of article I've doubly. Kid rock's who's gonna run for senate. Speaking of the rock the rock has actually said that he would run for president so it's that tip and then. We have the cities that have won that the most championships in professional sports now this is tough because. You go back to just about any lead. That was formed and they add that into the equation by how far back do ago. What 19100. Over your life now. Let's just say that those at WNBA championship in Atlanta that count those down aren't you don't mean if you have MLS soccer championship in the city. That counts is more than just the big four. ABA USF fell exactly so it goes all the way back in kind of put that in perspective so that makes Alyssa little bit different this you know when you go back you realize well. The browns did win a championship. A championship yes it's just been wild at the Astros did win a championship 55 years before they just what this last World Series own. They take the total number. In Canada and all up even whatever legalism until after all these made you feel better about your city you have this picture and people in Philly Munich and we won a title like. Lemur Jersey RJR yeah. It's also the choices in your guess is good as mine celebrity presidents championship cities were gonna do a little lasts a men's room. And today is the day we do our random question question 844999. All around. Hello Jordan welcome to the men's rooms and friends they all it really all wow. I'd Jordan now aria. They're very we're doing great journalist or were this. Jordan what. What happens when you were at the strip club. I would say my boss. Yeah. All hole is nice you ran into your bus was an above that you got along with. Now it was a process I had issues seriously everything out of me. I don't know what it was let's just it contemplating them and the next couple we should work. So yeah ours is a unit boss you don't get along geared to serve globe and what is it like when you guys are making I count. I mean I got out OK gaming you'll want. Stay on the radio. Children. OK so your balls and a logo are oh heavens. When you see each other. Or are we had over our shoulder restraints and valued married. And he asked. Is why it had no knowledge of any of those. Means a lot. I would have to assume. I assume 50% of the population and any strip club and any given time as married I'm assuming are sure I would just think so. But that's why it didn't know rep says they're definitely. Thank you got right it's a be all right it's not a big deal so little thing a massive they did he say anything to rural life. He didn't you gave me this looks. And just avoided me the whole question leaving laden is still there next day at work. He pulls me aside during braking was like. It cheapest cigarettes. And my wife find out about this. I believe you should have thought about that while Miami drinks last night when disarm labor are. I mean hell I'd have would have been on his ass out of here you know. But take a half hour break and even Atlanta at that time I don't smoke a cigarette you'll call for the next tournament they let another any. It's your glove experiences involved you guys. And not that we haven't gone to strip clubs just to get down we're gonna go one point time go to parliament and had lost his ID the week before is America perfect time cram that I lost them literally the day before the day before gonna get out at those one point in time where there was a a brand the hearts there is is how it was terrible. I would assume that the hustler club is still in downtown Baltimore area who's there and it's it was very much she just like Larry Flynt that it was going to be it's an upper scale kind of establishment it's nicer than all the others strip clubs in that area by head and shoulders above that means nothing and that particular so we're supposed to do something there. The with the show and it was their grip maybe is a grand opening euros a different night there was some kind of event whenever. Either way of course they've got to a DJ. In the UK AA says she does. I leave this guy is run hourly employees ride here about how lower leg out he's got out robe Lowe they got a guy. Definitely got a guy guy you know we really go I got Google putting. It's O of these idiots. If that they they've had a thought Indians they're good people they they then I don't foolish they've seen the mistake. Since we were gonna be on the microphone that night but not necessarily up in the DJ Booth so to speak. That we would get a wireless Mike. Now all we had to do is turn this wireless Mike gone and it's hot it's hot man but says he does on her record and they didn't like these idiots like. It's generally would he do I know that. But did you know they're good they're Ira don't don't don't don't lose those late term for real problem honor him about the budget that the problem wasn't anymore I am about his flip this bids I can say whatever allies. So this over the time gotten used. Will I go real Berlin I hear all the globally low we will go real live legal. Represent at mean rescue huge desktop that we'll be like in the corner we're going to be easily cracked the bygones are don't forgive myself our super what drinks and other glove. And you dealer in the leg and they were just generally look around like no it's not particularly different is completely messed with a relative measurement. And Monica liberals were saying is going out of this thing we tell it well scheduled staged a foot seas actually go go banks is the Mercedes the Sony Trixie followed by its oil output. Nobody go to that if you yet but it Coughlin kind of trouble. She didn't mean to those on as well to be like those. There reasonably asked I forgot about he controls for birdie and an appeal of the problem was you know what Intel's New York you know the found on got a Sykes. The guy realized there we arrived a model. You can you can pretty sad about how he was a little better than about it. You should take the if not really been kind of new at this I think if you look is just it appeared this guy that it was unbelievable. I mean he was throwing up in his mouth or start with the what do you do great just gonna hit Senator Clinton they were pretty excited to meet again as things began the club inside and may mock me for ninety. Now what our musical no not really are not like we would really sound better computer more legal fun. It was more of this wasn't even mad he was sad I do know is that until the last minute are you a safe NL Florida did you sleep test that out now looks a bit about him that's not. Him then a guy who is the place no one can tell that to continue my. Like can you finally kick start my heart for about thinker a quick you have whether some of the things that we get I did because Google would have been a by the way. The reason we as would have minister of clubs and Nebraska man has been sentenced to four years in prison for sending prostitutes to strip. On his neighbor's front porch that's correct for years in jail he did this dozens of times over three year period. The Omaha world herald reports of 45 year old Douglas Goldsberry. Was sentenced in Douglas County court for pleading no contest to pandering. Allegedly gold's very hired prostitutes to bear their breasts and strip on his neighbor's porch while he watched from his house. They're not sure why did that there was no beef violence in and out all eight of them pro family with two small children. Reported the women and showed up as many as 75 times since 2013. This is what we do by the way during a definite. You're able. Wheels only used by the house of unanimous opinion microbial life. Par with those guys who are fans and all of the dollars. When I oh nodded through traffic move around the beltway here ball courses they. Here is Molly crew size twelve for the public good out of bed the. I could just picky wasn't on the Margaret if he's is clues the grills felt a little thing like a piece of concrete to some stupid. A goal very by the way. Oh by the way the prostitutes often try to take down the door yelling for payment at the south. A whole loan AM first hollow and we just want to see them strip for free okay opera are and yet that's a game changer and he also was indicted in federal court for position of a child pornography. He faces up to twelve years in prison if convicted. You know even the guys said dad about the rights or a comment comes as those dodge got two teenagers. It made me think they've finally begin with a hot mud and then if you if you thought the Fed's Idaho and done I do certain things they give me iPod hi and that's why they don't to have us do them and that's why you do that it. We could tell his own son he's you know bullet I failed a few years ago. Got them. So we don't a big event and I saw somebody know the people who work here or praise or security or Lori catering whatever it is but they all have those shoulder mounted walkie talkies right. You press the button to say to goddess and her constantly. Didn't inundated with information on what we're at this huge venue where people are literally a mile apart from each other if something needs to be done. And I would sell guide to things and a ball tracked me down I was like look mania stuff because I would always sing until. Imagine they would have meant a bottle. Right stuff like level marvels at one point rolls out. The ordeal was a big name bands again. Just and I wanna say any demands but the these remained manned and were backstage to miles council while he talked puzzlement shoulders like. We knew 1000 Bloomberg patriot. If if and do it if our. Iran if if somebody without it if this is talking official business ordered food I remember there are at an analyst at. Brand down right it's like I'm friends with big and it won't make it's US. Hello O'Brien welcome to limit their. Oh I bet you thought I. Doubt and Ryan yeah we're gonna Ben are you most. Lawsuits clogging plot on the gave a lot of days and she. Consumer news a lot. Like we do every day for parents and actually did it take show you do realize that this is this is from April 2008 teeth. On the ground in the future you are his health risk for great fly so unseasonably warm in when you hear back if you're gonna blow your mind. Pilots go this okay Ryan who ate your food. Kuwait your mood. We live at food. Okay so I'm but it sit there and I are on the chart and I did result is Paramount to what our. And I have another its nuclear buddy of mine are giving me a box and hit. Permit chopped. Well. My hey look did my charts like a little. And it died had a good enough I truck stop it's upon them that we didn't play great all the facts on the big ticket out of my truck. They all eat it. Between themselves is gone and they've used one bag it's. Since coming bags and a box 68 coming oh that's what you need to act like total load. And I think you'll be maybe all the marathon man down about sex not money and you want. United got into college trade goes on between you and other guys. Not not Anwar. Yeah in essence our brains Oxley. That have that it's had no doubt that that's. Had so there's all that moved the door open this is bad but it reminds me of tangled our state. It's a it's a Baltimore and every city has this kind of big arts festival to now birthday and summer blab blab about the what we would do when we were broke. You walk around a few different providers in the Booth set up so you could buy beer week about food right just typical operation can you. And when everyone started cleaning up. We wanted to be here we know is why I'm doing Heyman were like three moves downward to impeach and the Eagles double bears managed come down when you're done we didn't pizza slices. So I get his beer like get what we don't market speechless but that we go to pizza place and like him that. We who worked for removes all know no real place you'll resolves the pizza may come off the bears on us and like yeah yeah absolutely. So we would barter but we requiring momentum talent that was so we cleaned up or use them there was very little. Anyway we're gonna liquor store. There's this fancy not fancy this Cal's own place and open cause EV DO right they're all lead of an on the East Coast but you do the same thing. But we were walker there and make randomly drop off and a pioneer to. And then when they closed his liquor store stayed open later yeah so when they close they always have a three Cal's own stay over cooker. Alia just had to get repairman and Gaza. Rematch situation food and a woman has been left cool disgusted after opening a mcdonalds order discover that someone had taken a bite out. Laura heaven or stop the McDonald's and ash more on the Gold Coast of Australia after work on Saturday night hoping to get a quick meal for self and her son. She claimed to have waited in the drive through bay for fifteen minutes is a group put extra lettuce on her burger. Before hot cakes was sausage inside and out murder were delivered. The picture shows a hot cakes a murder with a distinctive chop out of each of them. Bites out of each one of their items that her son who requested the hot cakes opened his mile apparently asked his mama. Mum. Did you take a bite out of my hot cakes I said of course not only like hotcakes. I and wrap the rest of the meal and this is what I found. Misses haven't erode the post that it has since been uploaded picture shows a hot cakes a murder with a distinctive chop out of each of them. Wish mrs. baker claims are not around. She tweets. I started your store and ash more after work last night when I got home my sense that mum. Did you take about a my pancakes as that of course not only liked him anyway I and wrap the rest in this is what I got. She's a data get a call explaining that they do not believe that any of their crew members would do that's. Laughter reported as an incidence and submit paperwork. Under the head office and other oratory and on many things but they also offered to check the cameras to see whether we could see a crew member eating a meal. So there you go here. I have always heard is that it as a joke but I know people were doing what actually take a Bynum zones Leah. Well no the kids. You just assume when they're gonna know and they know it was you well you castle hamburgers all the time and trust me I thought about anybody trust them crapping it back up and see still what I therefore I had done to me like that. Yeah that's Hulu yeah zoologist at one Medicare like they were going on the run it was like midnight tonight I'll take a big Mac they come back there's a bite out of that you feel terrible though it's been almost why we. Still may relate directly they do that that's creepy. That is creepy and I was only fourteen what was going on that could happen this McDonald's I think that I can't like obviously wasn't the McDowell I think he's my brother I could do the dad move on the ice cream tester. And each of another round of that local Temecula Jennifer's. Only works for certain amount time that dammit I still use it you know you have a girl's death there's a certain point record punch right at Iraq so that those jokes stop it if it can handle congressman I like I got to test the deal. If you do you. You know we're contestant right that's because you about the death of fifteen year old it's bigger against the hard part artist part of having roommates because those are examining have roommates you know food is food and whether you get to the grocery store or not is just in the refrigerator. And you come home and and at what those just that sixty nines and frozen bean burrito whatever the deal as it is gone there's a rapper and you're like man because that's what you were going to. Eat it and I discover was just this renewable roommates in you write your name under food it just lets a roommate know who they want to abort. Yeah pretty much all I hate test for re oh good they're well and so all anything. Who are used models is mature way I would ever came here I had four roommates one point. Here's what I realized if I bought anything was microwave mobile it was guaranteed to be gone because two of the people that I live when Gooden caught in rural migrants to. Now if I bought through that had to be cooked that means that I had a 50% chance of those guys taking my food and actually cooking it. So if I was going to go to the store I would only buy food the needed to be cooked therefore eliminating 50% of the population who would be non microwave food before. How much stuff that you board and room. Anything they didn't need to be refrigerated I mean just putting it if you like splurge. On a box of pop tarts. It was the first week thing you've eaten that's not a guy named candy corn in twelve years like. That was in your room and even then it's like under your bed behind the pilot closed because of your room and sniff out to did you pop tarts pop starts ago. Hormel chili and can't golf I mean you name it if if you could just heated up real quick put in a microwave. It was golf pro Brohm has won all all of your roommates are smokers man. The Monty said in a want to Monty said that apparently no nobody cares whose food there. I won't go much Lisa daylight out Florida may moment the worst thing you can do is order laundries instead of two. Read a question question 8449990. We've got more your calls coming up hang on there you're listening to amend your radio network. Yeah. Rodriguez tells got other Saturday is on the way and the return of as a men's room you have a question forest issues an email to the men's room at men's in my dot com and make the subject as some interim in the meantime it is our random question questioning former gore press 999. Cola. Hello Jeff welcome to the men's room. Or relax and okay. I Jeff isn't for you. Jeff what's would stupid thing to do blow your money. All a lot of stuff that that's probably the funniest time was that. I'd buy eighties motorcycle. Operators new motorcycle. When I was nineteen years old almost want to eat. And about a month and a half later I crashed it and it caught arms fire. You granted in a column fired yes would I admired from the set up chip. Miles an hour. It tipped over the gas tank hit one own little room reflectors in the center of the road and it caught on fire. How much money did you put on my body. I think after everything that they are like fourteen great you know the in my closet. It was 82006. Yamaha. Are sick. So lousy job mas run forever you know let's it's sure do most of the drop money side of its gas tank it and at the. I end to make matters ever so slightly worse at a military times it was paid a and how little we really proud of the bank and that. Everybody and you years. All so everybody and their brother was out there and I guess you didn't have insurance on the bike either. Now because. I only had a liability got to Morris Arnold and like anything else is only indoor rag manage him what if it's going to be the other guy and ride some ill eagle fire department to stand there and watch it burn with everyone you know. Yes and got what I wanna be blown your money on sensible thing and I know what it is mostly boos. Okay what's the most money ever spent a night drinking. More time. I experienced original owner of the world were you regret that foods like all my guys. Yeah I woke up one time I had a barge cantor. 250 bucks in my pocket. I assume must buy and other people drinks. He's that's all I'm I'm that it. I did know before I've done the I've done the occasional. I think I've done it twice in my lifetime once of my dad. In another time before her show we stopped in the someplace and they had paddy van winkle Alia. Yeah and you know he's on track pad then legal limits of on the shelf and I wanna say that was around sixty dollars a shot. We stood a shot some that we would want to I'm nursing you do packed yes and you do with. Johnny blue jabbed and fortunate okay we're literally walk out with like a hundred. Idea as to most expensive one of my head was leading into your wedding miles. We don't flown back to the hotel owners tomorrow the week just decided to commandeer and make our own and Bard doubled since like 325%. Three Tony five but again I didn't recall this who has a three dollar and wraps to you look all I got yeah we're Merrill yelling retorted. Calories grass what's stupid thing to deploy your money on the sale was an indulgent purges would be an understatement. A Chinese millionaire paid a record 101050. Dollars for a shot. Of 1878. McAllen single malt Scotch in July. Except it turns out. The alcohol was just about forty years old who eyebrows were raised about the the truth of the purges after photos of her pro posted on line. From the restaurant. And basically the guy who bought the bottle or about the drink posing with the manager of the Walt halts and see hotel. The whiskey bar has a 2500 dollar collection the prime condition of vintage bottle and the wording on the label apparently didn't add up. And they were right the BBC reports a series of lab tests were performed and returned all around negative results. University of Oxford researchers carbon dated the sample and they say that there is a 95%. Probability. It was produced in like you know 1970 yourself and it's not even single malts. Has tested by Anna Paula analyst it was a blend of 60% mall 40% grain. The result has been a big shock to the system we're delighted to have repaid our customer in full look at her as a gesture of goodwill so they have run stuff on there but apparently. Much like everything there's then I wanted says some of their other models that some I'm thinking if only that I got to be like the ultimate Boller depending have to pay for. Right still got a decent shot putter he's like are you there have been dueling visited more you. Had to how would you noted tasted like an 1878 and had a gonna give you Pepsi to go and Tuesdays just like us they are a friend. Ran ran ran home are welcome to the main girl pregnant. And lol wow. A lot of blow. Here in ours. America's got me itself lament is the new one of the hardest. Random question question we've ever asked you know guys. And what would you say. Is the nicest thing it did an X has done for you to ask you guys have broken up. They're okay. You are over them okay. That's very nice did so no I'm glad. It didn't but it. Usual garden you shared it. Didn't. You would be upgraded. And you know what mark I know Bob. Nobody would each night dialogue and so are you saying that you had sex and you had a decent night after the break up and he's on the car over. You know we didn't have the magic innocence and that was you know you didn't close it better than it normally laws. The break up thing that he didn't go broke you yeah depth and. When you word dumb that it's like. Hitting the farthest home run you're ever gonna hit the did you and your last game he's he's led the battle away and never played that part beginner you and me like he ended on that. Alike with a natural annoy your break and lied some stuff for do you think you go back and can't take like 45 mark cut three strikeouts and a. You can you imagine the burden back and he didn't houses and not one person. But I don't think dad. And you bet you the bad and democratic blog. OK I want you to say merry go yeah and I got to a point in right if it's just you know Wal-Mart time over the plate you know anyone alive why be remembered for like a foul tip third strike on the now gone on top man ankle and I paint many you'll wonder trophy does go except what's the nicest thing annex has ever done fetus is amazing is 41 year old woman named Nicole and and she lives in England and back in March she was diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer. Her doctors estimated she had four months to live to eat she did some research found those hospital Turkey doing advanced chemotherapy treatment it just might be able to help unfortunately. It was a 165000. Dollars for five sessions. Talk money right shore but get this her ex husband's new wife. Stepped in to raise money for her to get the treatment surname is Claire and Sheehan Nicole's ex husband Andy launched a massive online enough funding campaign. She says that she did because Nicole's two sons are her stepson to quote she's an amazing mom continues to put them first throughout all the treatment. And she deserves the chance to watch them grow into men okay. That means so her ex wives are ex husband's new wife. Started a fan rising camp of fundraising campaign enters George Lopez in the chemo treatments actually work. On the. They should many games continues on the men's room radio network.