WSU Men's Basketball vs Henderson State - 11/04/17

Saturday, November 4th

WSU Men's Basketball vs Henderson State: W 90-53


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Can you. Don't open. Is in the. Jon herb. Point 78 year one. Break. Doctor I've evolved alongside my colleague. Many years Dave Wallace the Bob Hope there will be revealed that throughout the season on a home game this is 37. These. We're off. Bob ball starts his eleven year as my partner on the road and of course we will all get to. Together again. Let me get to the end of the season for the conference heard that the NCA a.s etc. with. Great to have you listed shocker is that exhibition play against Anderson stay out of arkansas'. This evening. And then on Monday night against Duke University. Before. They get things under way for real. One week from last night six days against yet Casey here covering it guys welcome and certainly I don't know that there's been a season. As highly anticipated as this planet in quite a while it certainly was that. Great seasons lately a lot of outstanding teams with a group the American conferences that adds an old. Which are and the date. At state. Or in Indianapolis. And then lost it that yet really think that stage expecting to hear which state. Has all the players that made. Here game I think that's the way. It. And it's not really on that play. I read into Gregg Marshall. That are at least part of the summer in. Christians that left handed Greg hired lifting it higher a couple of assistants and then the news conference that he came him. Thinking about generated it Reagan fellow walked a few minutes that though what then I. And like everything was new and well not nuke. He rolled the punch. That it is nothing against alluded to date that I was thinking about the Alaska Wednesday that it really had to hit you watch soccer madness. What we went back. Could turn it for the first time a lot of years the Hartford. 2006. And again he's the first couple of years Gregg Marshall. You get to those venues and you see all the attitude there at like a particularly maverick Connecticut in 2006. Look at those teams go. They're huge and if you pick geyser athletics is that there there athletic and they got skills that they just have all these things. And now Wichita State is one of those things that they really do have all the pieces that you look at them you know wow that's a really good looking. Well and Indianapolis we're out there look at a Kentucky we're looking at mobile we're looking at Michigan. Dayton some really really good ballclub. And we go toe to toe with those teams and the interesting thing is what you see the ball club you talked about we saw UConn. Back east. They had five star recruits as a matter of fact a lot of those teams had 235. Star recruits. Wichita State still doesn't have the five star recruit basketball players are every bit as good as the best what players on. Yeah and here's this the other thing I think everybody needs to keep in mind because there'd been all of these pre season rankings then. All of this kind of stuff all the buildup. This team is capable. Of playing with anybody in the country and going as far as anybody in the country. But it still comes back to all of those things that we talked about three years team work and supporting each other working hard at. And grounded out you know those elements are always going to be there with a Gregg Marshall team but. That it gets down to avoiding injuries at via hot at the right time I mean Wichita State. Shot the ball from three exceptionally well down the stretch last year and it just had a bad day for that range gets Kentucky I think it was. Far less to do it Kentucky's defense that was just one of those days that those that have. Well that's Kentucky team that went down to let the little hole reachable. And knocked off UCLA. And was a bucket from the UNC. North Carolina doubts that John Higgins thing where they they. Started thinning and all the stuff through its web site. There was a really close call in that ballgame or Kentucky might have. Beat you UNC got the final fours so. I shoppers played right down the wire with one of the top teams in the country. I think it was just it was every bit it is not yet outlet can best player on. Our act out like they guys. That he knows that if there's the proper way if they are supposed to do. Which a state of players on the what is it about it three of those guys that picked the top. If you know you guys are absolutely month the iron fire in them out violently ill one really high. And an obviously it was at their watches and yeah I thought Landry shadows every bit as good as those two guards and Shaq actually outplayed out of that's a monopoly in yet when he points to I think. Fox hit fourteen years so it. But. Levees eighteen of those came in the second half what effect and happy and that won't wild difference is that soccer players all the end very well with other teams. The defense comes ago some time to take. Or off. But what's not state plays defense every second every ballgame and that's why on earth stuff. Well we've got you certainly one of the things that's going to be insisting that the coaching staff here in the next week. Is at its agent or two about Richard. And this is one of those years where. Certainly could make arguments on either side with us toward the artist and probably rod around this weather. Shipment here. It Brown's case I think he came here expecting. It back but. With the entry to markets that if not being available at December certainly office that him playing time for round if they decide definitely when. While I watched him practice. He's certainly capable helping the team this year he's a very athletic 66 forward that can shoot it. Really explosive to the basket he's has got to learn the ins and out of the offense and learn how to play. Defensively Gregg Marshall wants to play defense that people have talked about him possibly Richard. And of course meet guard possibly maturity that in my opinion. I think I think Richard might be done I don't know guys are gonna do them and because you know you've got guys can transfer after four seasons if they complete their degree. We've got guys transfer all the time. Got guys leaving early. I think it's all hands on deck if you're a big here. And if you recruit it is a big year which state if you recruit players that play at the highest level. They think highly of themselves and their families think highly of them and they want to get out there plane that they don't wanna sit behind and do nothing here. Your pregame show is being brought to you by. Well if you're touching my interest thank your drive of the game racquet by Kansas flat tire and service for great tires. And professional auto service are always. A slam dot. We will start taking some questions but we definitely to get bucket here for a few minutes he's going to be doing TV today it will be leaving us just a little bit. And be glad to take your calls. And that's 869. One I'll have to check that number with you completely. At shocker voice acknowledged that at shocker voice on Twitter. 8691037. If you'd like to call that what are call will be glad to hear from you and answer your questions that. They've got to get things started we'll discussion here. And we have to get passing the American athletic conference one of the things that's exciting they beyond the big news that will be going to. You know you start going through the pre season magazines and stuff that you look at the players on the other team the numbers they put out that this past year's youth at. We really haven't seen anything like that pre season. Since the early to mid eighties when the valley was so good with the pulses race Bradley at all had other. You know NBA prospects as well with public thought state played eight teams that were in the top 100 last year this year there are used to deflate money. Games in the top 100. The schedule is going to be so much tougher is it with tough state a better team I don't know we'll see at thirty win seasons here. But certainly I think we thought they'd be better than they were flat. You know I don't know if we had a night off in the valley but we've certainly had nights a lot of nights where either home or on the road. We had real real high expectations of winning those qualities number on the can name the schools I think we all know we're talking about. I don't think that's going to be the case this year I think you know no matter where you go home or road. You're gonna have a dog fight every ball game because you're you're going against a lot of a lot of programs that are very talented. And most of the coaches are very very loosely. And you're gonna have to get that off the fence you can have people that are end. And it through the ants were really really good job and of course defend that points of the court. The other thing that you're facing that with the situation this year. Is that everything we have seen that everyone out in the league itself that the people apparently could not have been more welcoming and excited about having to us today. Get down to the players. Coaches. Others that mindset that there activities kept me here walk through the league this that this league they're there is going to be a big target on which cuts it back there at the end Bryant Barr on everybody's schedule. Well you know that's been the case you know company and ranked seventh. I saw Sports Illustrated had the shocker ranked fourth in the Gregg Marshall as the pre season coach of the year. So yeah the market's going to be gone shocker that. Big timely hits league play. But. I think Greg's pretty good that they can net you that it stands. He's very self confident articulate guy I think he should you know what year here the work that way. Players. And I think it's fantastic. Wichita State when he played against better players better that you get better but it's. And I think that's gonna make them better I think that's what we all want life come up with the big itself. It half wits end up. Proper parameters I think we've got to find it here and I think we've got a really good team do you expect that John is the best here for the event. To be used to spend it. Follow up on that just bubble we're gonna take its time now remember any day which actors play it 50% off your online order getting Wichita area pop the job. Just log on the Papa Johns dot com. That is the problem shocker fifty to receive your shocker just got back recovery though they call it awful and. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds us that every life is important and invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. Truck drivers are involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatalities that's over 100 fellow kansans please do your part designated super driver and kiss home safely. 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The online at Westfield dot com for those who even today they wanna see in the midwest. Shocker Schwartz has brought you by American family insurance in which it's Aussie agent Brad would be John Green rich cutlass dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. US shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven KEY yeah. Due to zero run yeah I can't trust bank. We're covering it up like Kennedy and golf Bob Hope again not taking your phone calls and 8691037. Area code 3164. Questions on whether. At at shocker why Sandra Hamlin our producer tonight. And day out gave us a call right at the beginning that we had to laugh a little bit before we got to call also Al thanks for your patience and good evidently designed. Well. More on the last myself. Because there's a lot off. You think you know what else. Number one of them that you agree but it certainly didn't I don't see them as simple laughter. Dammit you know valuable he was you know. Ought to read well oh well I've read this. And it. Order whatever that it has gotten in however there's little that the current. That there'll. The reds are a little while wondering if it was. But that was eager but we're gonna have a lead that group is they're all listed gambit with the undertaker he's so we keep them. A notable that with the how important would you could be if something went in again nobody thought this thing. Because it is discovered that the little bit better that your it was a group of players. That are not the people. With boy that are. Obvious and unavoidable this. I doubt thanks to the scholar at the guys here at address that that redshirt. Idea at Bob's kind of touched on net just a moment ago. They're they're certainly that's. This year what's different about this year is that you are losing a lot of seniors and you're going to be some guys with experience as much as you can get them next year and so. Maybe it's even 345 minutes a game that's worth more than sitting there watching and learning. That way this season. The that's what I've been struggling with people say well should we register this tired at guy. I'm like OK what's the best way to get this guy ready to help next year. Well I think it's not going to practice this season but you can something. If or the guard Pete getting his you Balkans would do well in applause Ralph and hitting few golf game which he will. Then I think it's gonna put them that much more ready. Health Minister though because if they think that he experienced it enough on the court is that the butterflies thinking. Fakes that got chewed out by the boat fallen out fell almost think that happened different than you know they need to have that happen so then. When they're asked the whale watch the following season. You know they're ready to go so we'll talk about maybe redshirt him. Austin Reeves let gosh you know point guard that they need we need all the way are we don't we have you know. Think about it if I do it goes down. That needs to customize it to point guard and often brought it back up cars and or Connor felt. I'm not here yet the luxury of being able redshirt ought to read because they keep on the ground his club unless it's music. Leon it. That that would be to me that would be the only reason I wanted to let. That you have to look at how deep somebody at the depth charges if the theory behind three players players give or even minutes. Maybe you think about it but not prepares the players' eyes it and like game situations. Like having the pressure and having the warm and that's why you put players in with a game is tight so they can react to it and learn how to be common make the decisions. And fitted with the teams I agree with you lot. Especially when players France. After three years. Once the data now we've got a situation. With players like they'll hit it might it crafted the workers here. And the NC now about what all of this started was the market's not the end that's things out as long as the years. That opens the plate not rod grounded certainly would that they expect. Started here and so it benefits couple three weeks replays like it that. Attitude that the markets that. You look at that experience of playing it. Games and I think probably develop you know that. I places left absolutely right with this team that. The excited about it and he looked very good practice. As these are well we are looked like you completely here and help. Well and you've got Rob Brown in the end it was a before on. I'm. A little bit yeah upper I want it gets experience. Oddly lefty more of the one side are rampant that they'd picked up off richer and bike racing league at point. He realizes the law the way he can hang with these guys had. That's just at the very beginning. Of his freshman year I think it's just get better and the other concern you at some times it would have benefited if they've been able director product certainly to wreck that he wasn't. Physically strong enough yet. We saw that was all Miller early in his career with big guys if they're not. And physically ready that's register here to Olympia benefit but not as Dave. Good body on him already he's physically here young man and a I don't think he's definitely the thing. Years to gain strength and so look back on Ronald situation no I'm not sure we beat Vanderbilt. Yes Toronto isn't there to play those eighteen or whatever. Fourteen minutes he had to play. In that game in Dayton Ohio against Vanderbilt because Jack was in foul trouble. And not great news and not doubled aren't that comfortable and they called on rock one. Flagrant yes and thank you ride it out late players it would be talked about UN BA draft also. I know how quickly picked up easily to be able to recover. Just because he might be able to come back at the late December that's he's going to come back as markets without the need not be. Up to that level yet by that time Rob Brown we'll have a hit game felt that it be a real. We'll with a little luck. Yet the same injury that. That run it correct if that. Well on the top of his book I think that's right okay for real slow healing injury. Let's hope he comes exactly rocket that. I think there gave Beckett curt statement about a third of the effort very stable yet I didn't put up about eighteen point than half of them are out in the. I had tried to get to your Twitter questions. Okay. Okay Bob gonna take offs. Thanks much we'll see uses zealots. Ford this season and really looking forward to working with the end and you Bob thank you laugh at that call today. And Bob is headed that way we have a question about why the game is scheduled for 5 PM on cots that seem to be the reason for the year it does seem real reason here early start I honestly don't know why. 5 o'clock. Maybe he has to make that. They think is. Since everybody on the staff had to be here for the women's exhibition game anyway it makes their day not quite as long transition from one. Well and it's just an exhibition game. Itself and so I don't mean to minimize that but it's just an exhibition game it's Saturday night. It makes sense probably to get a lot of lots just a little bit earlier that it. Had a question about what channels are we on it will be one of three point seven at them over the airwaves and of course on shocker. I know shoppers dot com. Also on. KE YN Entercom radio dot com to find it there on patent lie in. Channels so. Over the airwaves though 103 point seven where we've been for a few years now. Do we think we could be a potential final four team with a mix of loaded with experience now. Like we talked about this team is capable of playing with anybody anywhere. This is a team that's final four capable of that then. Pointed out agreed upon by a lot of national experts who follow college basketball. That is again. That's that's all you could say right now as a team that's capable and has enough talent has enough experience has all the pieces. Could be that attitude again you have to avoid injuries you have to be playing well at the right time sometimes matchups that. In the port no matter how good you are certain to. Could be a bad job problem. Ever. Yes very much so people want. Honestly. We've seen. On the face of it far more capable going into this season with the 2000. That's. Perhaps you you know you got him Bentley doesn't hit the shots that he hits against on Sega. If detailed doesn't hit a couple of shots and Bentley that that couple shots against Ohio State. Wichita State just over the final forehand years ago so who knows but they have the capacity to do that. We think they do and now for the first time everybody else thinks they do as well. Packer fans of the. Attackers are on the road here official watch party location as you know Israel and network to southeast quarter point firsthand what happened. Come by here all the large price for your chance to with a trip for two. The CAAC tournament in Orlando courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and if he goes through a tap worked through official watch party location. We're shocker basketball. Had a question about feet NEC and I honestly can't answer yet the question was does anyone believe the play a style of basketball that would not state is accustomed to and honestly we don't haven't got that deep it is that a that I can take it but a lot of personality believe it and so forth. I'm just guessing the numbers if it happens or is it an individual statistics. That most teams in the lake like to get an up and down a little bit. Certainly have potential scores on every team itself. I doubt it was the only thing that's 21 useful. I don't know if anybody differences plays a lot of zone north and presses a lot. We're gonna see it tackles all University of Central Florida. The biggest player Wichita State or played against at least that I can always 76 it was a big time shot blocker that. That's the element you just don't see that off that anywhere no matter wobbly and he's not just. Seven foot 67 foot six projected to be first team all conference so. He has the skill set there as well. You know you've got teams like Cincinnati I think that. Near Wichita State pretty well think defense really really far they hit the ball up and down the court and don't make a lot of mistakes they make you beat yourself. SMU was not going to be quite as good but they're pretty good they lost the ball players what we'll see you see. That have very good players and not just one or two but a multitude of very good players. Coached by coaches that are at the top of their game. You see yes that's the semi finals of the NIC last year I think he only had eight scholarship players at the end of the season they've got some. Got everybody back at an edit transfers to that Cincinnati's got to put people back. UConn. Those who won a national championship. Kevin Ollie have they were expected to be pretty darn good last year just had. Rash of injuries that they've gotten healthy they've got a couple of players that is supposed to be really good so. There it on top here for the league type team. Houston Kelvin Sampson for all of his checkered history has proven they can but wouldn't teams together and that's certainly. You know he's been building that program steadily so they're going to be that sadly there's just a lot of good teams in a lot of because he's got Wichita State which is a top ten team you've got Cincinnati which is the top twelve the top fifteen team. And there are three or four other teams in the conference there are going to be very very capable. Of not only. Going to be NCAA tournament but win games against the U turn but it's going to be. Delightful watch the style of basketball legacy here. You make continue to cause acts. 86. 1037. Area code 316 or tweet us at soccer voice will take the break and come back with more coverage. Wanna have a little fun and what's our machinery invite you check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one mile world. More hydraulic horsepower back. 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Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center attendees porn and over west Sawyer. US shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven GE YE Yang. But it back to Charles cup stuff like Kennedy a lot sight game now Armond oil are moderately will be joining us again this year as our producer. On site. And yeah. We start a season for the first time. In their 42 years. Without the presence of David in the it was our it was our home games statistician. For all that time with no land for four years before Wright that you games and David passed him shortly. After the end of last season that was kind of sad. He had been fine the last time we thought that he would. Here. We're kind of dedicated the season he made that and certainly this this is presidency. The shot here's what he had here was one of those which taught people that grew up with soccer fan of the time it was a little kid and so. We are very very appreciative of his dedication and and all the time he put it here helping us over the years it and and certainly we'll miss him he has to work with and even though he didn't have air time night. We would stop him during time outs gates really in side he kept great statistics. I'm very sad. That he passed away very sad for us not going to be working with the very sad for the fans that they're not going to be able to benefit from its high skill set. We continue without pre game show coming up in about ten minutes or so you'll hear from head coach Gregg Marshall until then you're certainly welcome to give us a call at 869. 1037. Eureka 316. Or. Tweet us. At at shocker voice on Twitter thing questions or thoughts that you have them be glad to pass those along that you. Wichita State all time in exhibition games has now won 22. In a row I had a nice chat with Bob and Jeff loops on the drive on Wednesday about the doctors exhibition history here 56 intent all time now. They were eighteen and six against foreign opponents before they play those games. Eighteen you know now against the creation through it and ai opponents. They also used to play the teams like if athletes first athletes in action Marathon Oil. But but doesn't it get to hear this. Gave remember book that he's definitely back. Yeah 1982. Prior to the 883 season. Wichita State played the national team of the Soviet Union. Led by our defense up on yesterday's seven footer who ended up being a longtime NBA player that. Who at that time was eighteen years old seven feet long and slim could run up huge. And they were powerhouse. And Wichita State did not have that one party that's the first handful of games that season with a stress fracture. At the things that are it would succeed and make dad feel in the second half certainly want to the floor rolling in pain. It turned out to do leg cramps that if you about it Doug Sanders who worked on increases these spreading gather restores table back on the team would get it back there. And then have to watch maybe three or four times this thread is that it it there yet. Out and he ended up with nineteen points and thirteen rebounds and made a free throw with 28 seconds left that won the game 8180 that was. A Soviet team that played Virginia with Ralph Sampson on the top teams and only lost a couple of games. Two. Yeah and X made his mark and he showed that it was going to be a force to be reckoned with that tires these. What a day you basically. At that quickly deployed go to the next called the other vivid memory I have was. Few years later it's actors in eighty vote was first year as head coach. Played the national team from what is now the former. Yugoslavia the united at that time they had Raj and after that she was already established international star went on display at the end of the day. Still oil rocketed to play the cavaliers and Celtics body he's not playing in the NBA at the Yugoslavian team won that game by about ten. Sasha review of its led Wichita State with eighteen. And Eddie fogler was very impressed with an eighteen year olds stand left handed he would scored thirteen points to have them on three pointers. And he said decides. Much over pocket that he added if you Beatrice did it coming to school at the United States that's not him back exit court. He's already making too much money over there as a kid was Toni Kukoc who of course was a thirteen year NBA guy it was a key element of a couple of doubles championship team NBA star yeah at you know going back to act that was started us off here. And he had wanted the best off for years any idea. And late Clinton to be an all American and playing that way what he's. That game he played that way every game so late next three years. Those are fond memories. Yet you know a match at this doctors are eighteen you know against division to it and I have opponents but I had almost forgotten. Last year and yet and they've Shannon Sheryl David US justice George 59. He had people hang Alla a free drinks trees from the corners scored 33 points at its doctors finally won that game by 67367. So their aggressive too much about. These situations because of what's allowed the Tutsis we'll have a very definite. The ball game. That he's not immediately snapped up I mean that's too much pressure and he's not used to this kind of stress in the ballgame he kept development of the plots in the ball game right. All right we're gonna go back to the suns let's rock rob thanks for joining us today. Good I really you know. I would probably come down here to there article. I'm presuming you're right it. In the gist of it was. So. That journalists it's. Today it. Marshall thanks. I'm under skilled player you'd do well. And I agree with Bobby has sent you that and then. I think did you know that let mentally was mr. basketball reported gainers. Ron thank it was a pretty good athlete before he got here. Is. I cramped and you know it was a pretty good athlete or he got but. And it would prompt me to ask you guys this question. Can you Bank of America. And he won basketball. Ride that won't stop your. It has yet. They'll see through. What that together. We do here in better when Marshall. Then they go dark. You know if you'd asked me. Kind of leading into that he's the only one I was that bad to say any better I honestly do not think so. And it was all. Respect the top is though it might shift the end and some of the great names in college basketball they'll self Roy Williams I mean those are great coach. But nobody does it any better that Gregg Marshall and you know you wonder what's up with a I mean honestly I don't I wonder what John cal Perry's record would be. What Wichita State material over the last five years that's supposed to. 5681. And done guys on the same team at Kentucky every. I just think he's as good as there is. I think the votes that got that gap was that really good job with. Let's say I do recruited player out of left field but when I recruited players but now he's kitty. Blue chip five star recruits also. The difference is with Marshall who I think has more on the recruited players that it is ours. You can tell when. It's a player and he is protected first team all conference and has never played 12. With jet ski. Or. Cal Perry gets player and a protected the first team all America and yes what's the one edit. Now with the player that has the skill set the company in that hasn't happened with mark felt and yet at the end of the season that the end of your season. He has players that he is that all Americans. I thank you for that question and we are going to be going to coach Marshall in just a moment I think we have one more Twitter question here that I was gonna try to answer any accidents it just you know. Nothing else so. We're gonna go ahead and move on coming up next it'll be our pregame chat with Gregg Marshall. But you buy express employment professionals on a mission to put a billion to work that's coming up when we return. On the pregame show what you buy influence thing. Its own reflection of his mark since like between seventeen should be close out this time. I'm buying it seven. On the court the 27 teams are going fast they'll get special clothes out pricing on the most popular Tony seventeen shedding models like Silverado Tahoe in traverse did. London trade and get a great deal during the 2017 should be close out. Sears hometown Chevy dealer today. For only a select month. Available special clintons were there offers from everybody 113017 succeeding dealer for details. 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We should trust university shocker basketball is on one of three point seven KE YE Yang way to time. Soccer coach said Marshall joins us from. For tonight's exhibition game with a Henderson State and coach I guess that it. The question everyone's been asking me you get to this point you're gonna play an exhibition game. Coming out of practice sessions now what are you may be looking for most got to see what happens to. This really wanna see how all our guys especially the new guys like DiMaggio he's gonna play and the big kid as Bjorn and Rob Brown how they react to. Gaines said you know we've had this chapter madness we had it closed scrimmage. But now there will be some people here in should be a packed house and just wanna see how they they they react better off we're relatively healthy but from where we had then. We'll still have a couple of guys not practiced I'm not participate tonight but it's we've we've been down to eight or nine scholarship players practice so. We're relatively healthy. We think Austin and Landry may play a little bit tonight. But I think again that's just saying how they feel coming out of the shoot around with the trainers and doctors said. Along those same lines you would appoint reared. You feel like you're you really need to play somebody else play somebody other than your cells into a game type situation yeah I mean we did that guess toward you but this'll be. No I won't be able to go out blow my whistle and stopped the action in this deal this will be your controlled by the rest reasons guys just have to go play you know we've. We feel like with the veterans we have we we know what we're doing. How hard we're gonna play how tough we're gonna be how Smart we're gonna play is all the things that I'll be looking for tonight. You know I know that you never approaches season any differently in terms of how you go bad at the mindset the hard work all those kinds of things that does this would have maybe just. A little bit different feel at a news conference and all that sort of thing high national ranking we just got it totally but those things. Honestly I totally put those things aside I would start thinking about the conference around Christmas. We got to get to remind helpers before that. We've got to couple exhibitions before that so. We're just taking it one step at a time and and in the end hopefully it becomes a great season but right now we've we've we've where oil. And if we lose a game we'll be right out of the rankings so we need to we need to get me get prepared for you and Casey next weekend and the college Charleston after that. And then now we'll be there the next. Hurdle. You had a couple of changes on your coaching staff a couple of guys departed deadheads. Really spent some time here that he had a lot of trust CNN and you guys are really knew each other itself. Are you starting ended just a little bit of adjustment period in terms of getting used to each other on the bench and who's kind of got to fill what roles as you get more used to each. Well yeah I'm jones' command he's he's been a very positive. Addition to our staff he's fit in well with the other guys and I mean we still have a lot of but I experience coming back with a Isaac brown Collins then Dominic O'Connell and Yvonne Smith those guys know exactly what we're delighted that around for awhile so. Gaudio just find his way of sitting there and healthy during the course of the game but. I don't know what exactly his role they got to be honest I noted that those guys the work that out we know without and I need him to do collectively so. Somehow they'll figure that out but. We're excited about this the new staff I think I think Donny is what his experience in Florida and it in the NBA last year with the clippers. Has helped. Just have a new voice of god it's been Vincent day's events and places and one national championships. And their business seniors that have been around here for so long. You may be needed that. You are playing a team that I coach Wright Jimmie eldest is certainly yes and familiarity wet he was an assistant for eight years of Marty Simmons of Evansville and and do you expect a little bit and at some what you need to Evansville style from his team. Read some of that stuff is really do and and I'm always admired that offense and awaited day job. Are so difficult to guard. They didn't come off screens and they didn't tax cut hard and Jimmy's not doing it for one guy like a coal Ryan or a DJ Valentine's more ballots. But. Still the motion is is is very good. We gonna defend a lot of screens could have. Stagger screens they screen action which is something new for us so. It's our guys have to gonna be in these are gonna have to be. On alert. They're gonna have to be active and energetic and tough team to defend them because it this team can score the ball. Coach thank you check it coach Gregg Marshall Wichita State and Henderson Stater coming up an exhibition action at Coca arena right after this. Another smile power experiment brought T by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile its first sing this with no Smart. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are seeing all of weekend wow that is awesome. Healthy smile is a powerful things he deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with the delta dental. Hi this is actually hey if I'm a full time working on the tip of my husband and I think hundreds of dollars a month at various places and how much time to work out that because there's not one place that needs all of our needs. 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Classically what the TV looked out that's not part of the deliver all the fuel surcharge. Plus all of the glistening starts the next what's my name might service fees extra steps charged Sunday could. College and on behalf. Cast your TV we believe your TV should be fun not frustrating and that's why we offer free delivery and installation we also surface everything we now LT and Catherine TV watch happy. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in which it's Osce agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. Oh yeah. I'm very shocked her. I think these days all of our bodies lay on site here and handling in the studio tonight the shot is played the first upset. Exhibition game this year. This would then on the schedule against Henderson State out of Arkansas. One has been added this coming Monday night with David university as a special benefits for the victims of the hurricanes and other recent natural disasters and that's nothing gets hit. Going on across the country so that's a nice addition to the scheduled but the night the suckers and Henderson State beating for the first time ever. In this exhibition game or get into all the details of the game what it reminded that. Eating just five fruits and vegetables each statement making things better and help you lose weight that's today's helping shocker tip write to you by United Healthcare. And the real appeal program work or at real appeal. Dot com. It all has been winning strategy described the bike capital federal first from new home or dream home you could trust the strength. Behind True Blue finances capitol federal equal housing lender member at. You guys. Know yet and I have to say you've been following that have missed it a little. Look at. First of all the first witty strategy. And enough is enough. Unless you're Henderson State that is they don't have enough. Henderson State doesn't have enough size there's only one here it's at least six foot seven at six foot nine inches 185. Pound. But our thing and yes we did much the last couple of US stocks have high throughput. For bidders were at least 67. Henderson State as a the top five players fact that it from a team that just barely broke 500. The shots have their top eight sports back instead of the top eleven players ready system. Bring it up warriors lord tonight secondly watch out for the comment. Palin Chapman the six foot 195. Pound guard he's the star at this book club. And he hits it at this point right the best pounds stocky guy. And he tries to draw a balance the fortunate thing is Atlanta reached yet but it's not gonna play tonight because the little concerned that he might be the answer right to defend against Tampa. The weight neutralize them is that not only about. Don't play links at least nine different times last year but just don't let the other players. What strategy number 36. Shocker it's yours to keep off the air well we're tonight. An example with him safe the fourth team needs. That is his upper Echelon of college basketball because offense runs like finally see and it. No one on one player is points able to move outside of that finally. Team end well it's right north side so the soccer and have to. It might find basketball. And it's like to have led by the sixty. Strategy number four. At earth State's defense spent most of last season is burglary. And they said it well tonight. Their opponents scored 77 points to gain last year that night in the conference. And if that wasn't bad enough. They're pupil is that the worst unions soccer conference. Which State's 81 points a game let's do the best that they had scored the most its scored 34 years. I looked whipped us they did that 77. Or at least eight minutes left all of it needs to be able to break to hunt not. What strategy number five split that the spotlight lately in Atlanta and the markets the company. Lots of my knee felt it played very very well it's time that went our experiences they start tonight. The one that really furious about it right Rick Brown. Brought me it with the idea that he read through these player like markets that stuff the end they are really really pleased. He's been practicing. I see him getting some good at it today and I see him also might not read security. And we've made really good job with our stated that workers accidentally again now as you start. Look again not in. So why he probably right. They've got to ask this question to figure out today I had the answer is no he wondered. If you. Are we were going to go for what he called the low hanging fruit we'll let the fans know. States that it is ready he came from the early nineteen hundreds. Football team work right here please visit haven't made more. They started college ready it is. It's as if it is to stay ready for this could opt opt out. We try to stay away. Obviously tiger board is brought to you but I feel life your life character me. We do have an injury report to talk about tonight Marcus picked up we had an eight foot injury. If estimated it was numbers and certainly that that if you cut it back. But it doesn't they've thought about his other players who. I think you'll be happy to know. Atlantic champ I think that it could face stress fracture. He is practicing now it was that here before the game they proving that he participated in and around. But they've decided to. Just stay on the side of it is not going to play tonight. May or may not play a little bit on Monday against Cuba but is expected to be absolutely we'll go by the start of the regular season. You know I was going overseas bluster about three weeks ago I started when myself together and I was looking in every player and thought well these important. That player that they felt wealthy. Very very good players I've really furious about how. Ice. It's talented player. State and slide. These tea up top five player and that he did this difficult. Economic. I stopped taking. I find out the answer to that flash. Why else because you have to do that tonight taking care of the matter. He has waited for his opportunity. As it possibly be worth it feels as if it's great athletes. Was going pretty well they got mono and then more recently it had any differently than it did in his book. That was pretty painful but ex race importantly. Of them but it's not a stress fractures and they're like yeah. And often been going through warm up to the ground looks like he is going to try to. Play a little bit tonight and obviously they need him. Help these people. Well he felt like ours last vikings and it would. Smarty and he knows what players. On offense and it is capable of playing tonight I've remarks Saturday into the lineup. Just preventive care to remember the day after the attackers then at the party is jets locker room. Nobody likes the Dodgers scored its name him bloody fighting that 40%. All shocker. Not brands all her life that it is today. I got an advance fat blocker. And the west. Doctor. Responses. Henderson staging area though was sixteen at thirteen. I think Jimmy's health is in his second year as head coach Diaz won. Here as a division one assistant. And then became a head coach for the first time accepted everything they've got. In April of 2015. For the previous eight years he had been parties haven't position at Evansville Missouri Valley Conference. And also on that point in your division one read today. He is Jim wolf refuse assistant at Kansas State for sixteen years so certainly is familiar with the safe is to read. A lot of other things haven't played here. Andy did a great job already and he loves a physical basketball he was one of the bright recruiters. Until they recruited some excellent players it's. You look at it how it translates what if he did last year. They average seven. It's all game they they take that shot with about fifty seconds to it that it slipped the shot clock if you're gonna see a whirlwind world that it. This ballgame so be it the a lot of action now that we will see. For sure that the starting lineup we'll be hearing this the moment but they were protecting started just guns. And manner Campbell then and there are a couple of guys that. He gets hold of the division one right. The program this year hopefully to upgrade the talent level of the program I found that supplied through your event this group play. A couple of years ago at Richmond average about two and a half points per game like that and it's a game. As a pattern Hamilton has things getting six dead sophomore but transferred before. Western state of Louisiana. And these projected to be the starting lineup tonight these guys they're hoping it. Add some some height to his side play however he only played about six minutes of game. Henderson State last year averaged one point one point yeah. And it would look at his son. As president Mike it is very good and they're only putting him out there against Wichita State because they can't content size differential without it. James. I am here just about ready to honor America what they're National Anthem and it will create. Played by these soccer basketball bad. That's done by our audience tonight so here is our national. I. I think this round and this sounds. Aren't ready to go for another season shocker basketball you can just feel the air of anticipation here in the excitement about the upcoming that you were a candidate Mike for the first time in net I don't know how many years were going into the season without liquid sexton we're going to sneeze without state Stallworth both of whom. Had passed away last year and let its common let's go but those two will never be forgotten he impact they've had here which though absolute. Wells there is an ongoing project to raise money for the that they've stalwart statue and I hope certainly that. You'll think about getting involved with that it make you that it continues to move forward. Towers former teammate of Dave's got the ball rolling it was not stated administration certainly has. Enthusiastically. Audiences. Moving forward that it raised over 84000 dollars the higher right now are checked next week. And look for 1000 dollars. And. One thing that it's noon here this year is the lighting system that it is outstanding you get a really. Right light on this board really showcases the court and the players. They're also able to turn it down it turned it back out that'd be very what it used to be able to do so under the have to continue to remind myself to have my. Life life ready. Toward the outlined that because they won't let them fly spotlight. But for Henderson State that here's the announcement. Who we all are on hand themselves. Clearly Keylon happens it watching your card for a Little Rock, Arkansas the leading scorer last year's game. Just the transfers I thought that surprised to hear from them that's Tennessee. Stanford University of Richmond. Whereas there is any returning player can't beat your. The Blackhawks peace prize from may but confidence in the 'cause that's not the Bahamas 6650. What the players they're really excited about rape while Rodgers was 6730. Pound freshman forward from the a lot losing first team all state last year Arkansas. And a better and Lazio is a 64 sophomore guard from Port Orange Florida. And plan. After about five and a half points the game right here yeah. What a shocker stayed pretty veteran lineup as movies that night. 66. Thirteen pound senior this. The Texas averaged seven point oh points per game a year ago. Forman. We'll hear from Madison Wisconsin transfers without stating here for pearl river community college and an average nine point eight points. And five point one thing. From the field. Confederacy Gilmore 68279. Pounder who appears to hear from Edmond O. Five point one rebounds shot 52%. Last season as if you. Added guard not a break camp 615. Year senior for what it's not your eight point nine points forget it does not floating. And rounding out tonight starting lineup is eight. Understood to be right back. Some odd days name's Joseph six foot care for what it's gotten tired transfer from Hutchinson community college. Also dropped the former Wichita eagle beat writers now rides the round house column on line that was because state. As they did day dad my research that says. That this is the first time to city league guards have started together that would give us dates that Carl had an operation around Baghdad tonight to remove while. They could be half as good as happy if you rod world Wichita faith or race season I thought I think they'll play. At least a handful of times probably close to eight or nine times and I was impressed with him every time I saw him play he's lightning quick. It's either. He runs so well he defends for Levi and the fact that last week and it is not playing. Her shoppers but so much it's just an excellent player I'm looking forward seat but he did. Before we can put up one of our fine sponsors over the years the cars are put out what is going Saturday to sixteen. But. And it provides the quality hardly limited to file. Final area. Maybe at great everyday low prices not. Inferior product this low prices really quality stuff so appliances at any time you bars. Market outlook and words that are great shot to sponsor. Starting at about device but thankfully never paid to him leave here to visit them online equity. I think that that's happened over toward us. The Kennedy. You feel Morris will jump it. It looked like excuse me look like an air traffic control is if I. They're reaching up with the officials for tonight's gave Terry Oglesby who worked a lot of Missouri Valley Conference games Robert elder. Now they've exceeded the tip in the backcourt recovered by Henderson State and they'll bring. The first. Half without Bryant is that but as you look for the good guys and it's not. The so called deflected out of bounds it's been witnesses who say that ground fleshing out of defensive minded enough that we're projected to be first team all defense. You know the American athletic conference. Or offensive output to put Diageo. Away three pointer on the way off the far side of the rim much red there rebound. The factors conference championship for the office of hockey games and I did not but the art which left the feedback that's not who has done the right walked. Wars while away. Knocking down his first got to get the factors it is definitely not 58%. The field in Lebanon last all of last night in the leg and drug now. Is that but as you Laurie Anderson's days they. Know that. Background a little too tightly on him except his first Balentien. Person. One thing to feed him Mikey. He throws right confidence. 75. My fear justice. With they sent him. It doesn't look that is likely jumper and a foul mouths on some logic needs Jones stepped into the attempted to not like you wouldn't happen. Happened at the line produces. There's a couple of thousand missing in possession. You know those guards that just can't read this one's a one off. And you've got guards like land and it's 4 o'clock. Seven shots last year you have for him to walk. It cuts left and yet they can't. They have been street. And last year in 2%. From the line and this was good free throw shooting teams have been five point 4%. As a group. It happened when the line. I. Six times yeah that could free throws is that. The first point for Anderson's latest one which it does state in the first minute of play. Doctors in white hitters and state. It's red and and black uniforms black shorts. Read yours. On the left wearing brown. You know war is about half of the block who has the stronger. Check back away. Traveled it's not that he did make it recognizes this as well. The officials to start but it did the work that. Right there in case the defender pops one from fifty this rebound Boris it's not different outlook. That's not a friend Tampa along the right sideline for a quarter. Going to the middle off the Wall Street for more salt away the benefit related it was. Saw little opening of this accelerated if at all. And effectively. He's been so much that are succeed. I think things like that definitely that's pretty well. After that rivaled it against some much needed you know one on one level it could make a move that's made a couple of good luck Rick. One I used in the lions and they're gonna call traveling on him feel more his body bus pretty Rogers is a little. I take it away. Well at some state turns it over yet as my speed up these would shoot the ball on the floor and the soccer defense just collapsed on him and it caused. Rogers checks at Tyler Williams. This exceed 240 pounds off work. Green where markets if we wanted things guns in different forthrightly when it mattered to you know Willis left. The ground looking down the block wasn't open that's not frightening you know. This but it's gone. Left wing Boris periphery yeah. Or. If it works equally well last year I officially behind the line through now. You know look foolish not make nightmares but to them or shovels zones within. Looked back there on the left wing that ultimately happened was to jumper hit and he got hit in the year ago colonies Johnson. It would happen it was fifteen footer for his first basket cut off three point for the visitors. Four I paints Jones who they couldn't go to the basket late in float down left handed dribble. Along the left side if you look like this could turn back out rather than just my back and accelerated all the lip bite the afterward there. Johnstone stuff that Jeff forever not a sprint can't short chipped out Jones got the opposite. The collection rightwing vineyard for three this stuff that that we've got kicked out of court I feel Boris is that the conference here about the state. I'm like yeah but there at least that its development experiences. Daughter write the keep following fifteenth hole. Four points for the conference can't put constantly thirteen history aside like so many times I might come up with acrobatic shots. Balances does it. Bruntlett at handling it is that you know he's been playing the point night that jumper by it happened but it became a short saved by ambulance to kind of thing if the Packers we'll bring it up. State that now that. I can't play like I have read his fans. Senator Fred can't putting on. Early show here has sixes factors lead fifty history single song that plays and run twice already. Was away from the ball looks like it's going to be an illegal screen call on somebody for Henderson State maybe not a word you. It turned over and. But it's headed toward the bench that we're not to be under sixty yet so let's just say it will take it over. League that was on. Tyler Williams in the legal screen it's either way its efforts now on voters stayed in the game. And it's doctors and several substitutions arts degrees in the game it would Malone is dead Ronald merger which are killing only. Their Willis needs him for a irritable starting five. Dylan Malone bringing it up thousands left it to you what let's turn to faces the prospect but to the floor ticked under strong goes all the way to the basket. That's developed for the basket he could figure out the little crack the little scene that get the basket and it at that time. You know Willis was fourth 73. Shots it's not run for its stakes here Hamilton that you can effortlessly but I don't miss it on the rebound it may have an over the back along with us today. And nothing is ever the other ways to push off. On violently. Actually they're saying nurtured. They were headed off because we're at the FB six K so 1545. To go first half. What to us state seventeen. Henderson State three. My uncle doing there beautiful cars into. What the fray yeah 93 lately to the office for help us tax of course Haiti he eats. My budget slightly seventies when you talk to the boss would like to do from. The mother insurance companies just seeing how are we sounding you weren't really hard part of Salina Kansas secretary deserves. But now he's never done this but he says I could not immediately let stand some free air freshness DO. The state farm. Call anything today. 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How one of their comfort consultants come out and check your system and if it qualifies him gives you look to 18100 dollars in trade for new energy efficient model. That's a win win cult plus stock for details 943. Cruel. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent friend would be John dream which took place does he sells for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. He lets you shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven JE wanted to. What if I stay for the that is that it started that it happened characters are eight. Point eight from the field only one of those three pointer but I feel more at. No free throw attempts yet since day one of seven from the floor open three from 31 of his life with state or two off the boards. Doctors three assists and those turnovers that statement. Forty cores built ago. In the first half play. Left side of the court is very for fear which State's offense I think all but one basket and scored. By driving totally off the back work left. Side a foul just the fourth time out on Wagner who. Doctors whose state places him way out right hander opinions about you know. Guns there captain Hamilton. Or at least stay right wing. Hamilton with the three pointer missed about the back rebounded their Willis quickly outlets to Keylon Malone. Palin is the threat toward its Wall Street crosses over the left and right back on the left wing. Are telling us on the floor it's. It's not rightwing read Michael Malone try to throw it on the block mergers intercepted by captain threw into double coverage that time down the link to happen. Contact. Captain goes to the floor and saluted nurtured. Actually three's enough to agree to be called the Lockheed incidents happened to the line that's a lot of them. A he's a physical player for. His first now fourth team now and Kalin happens it want it to the free throw line activists right statement. Pre game to a point leaderboard ninth time last year with a high of 32 against north list of Mohamed makes the free throw. In that game which he scored 32 points he may school record seventy a team from the free throw line. Points but he. Note the basket and we get to the free throw line averaged about five and a half points. At the field goals in double figures. Actors in the front court Malone went to the left where it left quarter two Reeves got down the block nurtured now that was the one Henderson State. If we hold them law and human snapping his first second now. And with just split. So you've got experience players like that all was with. Left it on it wouldn't merger. Who would spot the ball with the lights. Free throw line and that. It was perfectly executed life and injuries the left corner baseline inbound play Palmer these happen arts reporter but well it's not that. Shot. You know halftime this is shot there although it says seven points and yet warrants have made its dockers and three pointers that it's guys on the floor. When asked the left wing and Eric had already taken off never saw the pass coming from Diageo. Turnover for Henderson State your Willis is going to check out Zach brown will come back here and that was just Willis was. We want some free points right flat but we got it indicates that things that count when he was. Outs shooting in the three point that the soccer that. It alone brings in Wichita State were frivolous the Florida street read up slippery that he is beatable have that. Not left went to read threaded through it on the left block and it's out of bounds. He threw it a little early here. Really had time to setting himself down there was kind of moving the post up position the ball just eluded him bounced out of bounds. Greg marshals here is fools here. Wore long. Happy with that one followed by red faced and out onto the US. Bringing it up or Henderson State analyst Chris partners in regards but those do. Hamilton let that he got for a few brief one Rogers Beckett binders that pass deflected but. Picked up right here Gallagher added import all the way to the basket through traffic and fouled Henderson State going to be on its partners. I dislike it there's little way. You know its first thirteen now on the reddies Chris Parker is a freshman from Plano Texas. Who's not a Charlie Parker who was you know head coach for your units it is thirteen years as stated in. Its. Got quite. Packers played in the baseline it would Malone looking under first nobody there out of the right way to Rashard Kelly knowing the sideline. With Utah State leading 25. Elliot it's not into the office Malone. Avoids its cumulative starts to the right way and that got it right he is dribbled at the top three reasons it's little screen goes left of that crossover dribble want Hamilton got in the year to get shot way out for a round drives like all the way down the line at this a layup. Re back telling follow up. This but which actress is on a layout wise background. The five which state worker driving penetrating and back out let's not at war fumbled dribble get to the way to Murphy. Now back that my reads right wing Campbell. Crossovers. Don't rightly tried to drive baseline cut up migrants aliens while away badly contested shot this. I mean it's hotly contested that's ahead but below the third year running the half buffalo. Also Mike he catches it looks up four spots mergers throws it down to the head of the pack which are gonna cut it in the wrong. For. Parker and Lincoln's record for increasing state left wing you know chemistry and a top that off near the left water and wilted but I have rendered here a couple of dribbles not right Jones shot clock night over the birth certificate Mike Reid's hand drives it anyway they're gonna call it Austin what is now. Little bit but can they hesitation you'll move by a group the end it was kind of glad it ended up sliding into and that's going to be Ausprey second. Now. What was that rules that were talking about it or read anything about that the first ten minutes of that half. You would have 5000. They'll start to shoot 11 in the second ten minutes that each and use start you 5000 again. You know that's. Of those urban. Not there right Lott booted up in traffic Vista gets his own rebound tries to put it up again and definitely. Bank it in through two defenders of brand name here is his first two points with us at least 24 to seven. But he needs to effectively gave front you can only try to drive it and then got to hurry it through it threw it away what you want the official not picked up by tapping going to the other a lot like Kelly. Go over on the right side of the Gordon Brown pulls up into the Kelly out front dirt here for three off the bag this time rebound get ahead out of bounds left that night at its stake of that you definitely. Point out that way at that point. Reverse the ball movement. You could get that at any time against this club your big boards and. All the launched in Wichita State's next round quickly anomalous base line in there throughout front page field wide open three. Had a layup earlier knows they're afraid third three point basket through Wichita State. Fleet's 27 to 7-Eleven fifty to go first each of reminded you that for network that. I thought that it needed. That university fumbled it recovers guarded by means him not front and he has that sit on the floor starts right back lucky there got a man of the year penetrates easily Murphy out front tooth and that's you know he drives it. Throws it up on the run it bounces out of the rebound controlled by Zak brown the bullseye himself bring it up the floor down the line all the way to the basket. The left handed rolls off that it took that convert the other rebound from Henderson technically of course as you know. Let it go it's like life itself I kind of training camp and come back quickly the other way. Myers to the baseline to Hamilton's two out there. That's the season we're right there. And that's completely. Beautiful. Anderson say. It's like this. Will be a full time out. We'll keep. At this will be the under twelve solo breakaway your love and a seven to go first half what it cost eight point nine Henderson State seven. What the shocker drove into an American athletic conference tussle you can bet they rolled it on tires from Kansas land tire and ball -- shock has looked up on some unsuspecting opponent on the hard wood and a blast filling mascot what happened did the air I wanna his tires blew shocked nosy can count on Kansas land tired to be Johnny on the spot with service and repair with six Wichita metro locations at 23 all across the state you can count on Kansas led tired just like you can count on the shocker for the store nearest you go to Kansas land tired dot com get display entire pure. Bear Ernie repaired these guys care. A little thing called taxation without representation once caused quite the stuff with you guys thanks. 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Shocker Schwartz is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Alex Acosta in valley center ten deep or an end over west Sawyer. US shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KE YE. And I stayed on a torrid pace the largest exhibition game against Tennessee State doctors. 49 points and there's still eleven. Developers have. They have made thirteen of sixteen shots 81%. Freedom war for very happy that the free throw line yet. They've all they've held Henderson State to a thirteen they've outrebounded them tend to. Three turnovers. To five turnovers for the visitors to other impressive statistic six different players have at least one assist that would not stated position to six different players. We thought stakes at all kinds of records last year might it leads over the last 55. Years' war. There superlative. Offense defense. And killing is wrong it. Back to your original starting five now with the and I stayed out front with it for Henderson State beating frank with its statement in this camp without him. Yes I've ever read that which stick with me it is so much it means you know. Not that Boris Jack looked down. Blocked it right the lord frankly well beyond the arc right it will work brown left town flopped over the top Willis catches in traffic. That they're gonna call. Now for the then your opinion everybody you're out of the year to catch the ball defender behind sweeping it under him. You give him anyway in Atlanta it's going to be on me Franklin. More hitters and state your worth as a team we shoot over 1%. Like that's a lot of point blank shots. Out of bounds. Modeling caught by Willis hit traffic but it got hit it it's got his own rebound right back with advanced. Your old Willis with the follow up and it's nine citizens they quickly up court. Out front with the minutes he has he has virtually one of the little room currently that you writings next round in traffic and these double team experience balls away missed it and now. Stand up off the glass and finally got to balance by field fourth at us like snack he was kind of badly one on one. With Tyler Williams finally batted it away out of them. On Rogers it would happen back in records. You know it's got that offensive rebound night. Six war. I did a great job tonight with our Italy. Right that blanketed the campus Mike Jones Wright tonight this for about fifteen rebounds. Erica. Arie. Zach brown from two state in just the regular Willis time over the top to Boris now it's going to be awful on Anderson's day. Doctors are looking for that a lot practically returned the ball goes to the top they're looking for that high low nasty lie about it the only one Rogers. State that is its first that's because it's state run the big and the statement to step it up a little bit higher than analysts they work fine. All the different can't. His faith his defender I adding to fears that. Why go for fifty footer that he drained from the bouncer. What do you do about it like that you went to the place he. He's the threat of him on it with a deejay bring that right into the people that. That's the left wing it that's your right baseline and out but ground that's not right Franklin. Holds up floater in the lane short might freeze them read that recovered underneath that late AM by rake one Rogers I wouldn't let it be finished by Rogers for his first you know they've gotten a lot of offensive rebounds that we are all but I think I don't. Jacket right off that penetration to the right Portland past history that not that this young the other in this as well the rebound and foul. On the rebounds not play. But it's going to stay in that in. That we have with us today arm bar. Actually the son Daryl Willis his first. Jack goes six. With state and I scored. Seven footer from Denmark it for the first time. If he is an official soccer game you know official things happen until it's right. Josh Jones played him for state they slide right in that it bounced past him up and he'll probably tempered this rebound Haynes Johnson almost got knocked it recovers for that up the middle of the floor. But it's right it's affected fires off the left side of their Willis fighting forwarded between communities and state players. Got it at best if not thousands. We've got that they try to save that letter to the basket you know perhaps what we gonna slam but it rattled them off on the basket those that eleventh. Worker for three rightwing mrs. Anderson state rebound bounces along the baseline the conference can't. Wichita State at 35 to nine it definitely didn't go right flock we'll attack the basket double team. Biting at their spins kicks it out recanted threat Haynes Johnson three with a walk the ball was in the air fouled. I think one it would happen yeah it is on the shot will be streamed free throws wars of decades you know. Now that does it. It. Face the law. Today announced first trip to the audience five points of a layup and a three point basket and throw it. Left in the future. To happen next month old lessons. He has to bow. As that it could rightly. Thirty to go first half 36 denied Wichita State's second of three. He kind of stepped across the line that like somebody left them little short that it it just now please note. Zach brown add it for the first time factors but round accurate round of 66195. Pound freshman from Cordoba. Tennessee Memphis area product. That's the Atlanta here. This is my needs of millions of getting itself rebounds got to let them along the baseline at rates shovels and off the littlest. I think. France champ long and right away a little short. You start fighting forest deflected out of bounds off at this stage. On three back on your friend here at these birds bid us. Doctors play in width 80%. From baseline rounds well but yet all. Think. That's what's happened. And it. Looks like it. Read it right wing ground. But that is the floor fumbled it tries to save it throws it away marker that bounces deflected off the soccer player rather than belt look the playing field. Yeah. Utterly but it was a beautiful. That's it's. Not like that. Josh Jones retreat right wing nailed his first basket of the night in the first three pointer for him it's it's definitely the 39 to twelve with 741. You know firsthand. At the right names fields were right to left. Right over there rightly bring down the middle back that means you know. Guys let's not all the way to the basket and gets hammered if he goes out that little line for two war. My name's Jones is going to be able to guard because it shoot it. So where it you know want him very close it mindless. Accelerate so well my you know what that's what. The that fifth soccer players in practice the art of effort to save up to 40% off the day after the fact that locker rooms and lastly that it was not about what it's nice day. Maybe this day. Now. Hello shocker nation this is Andy card in hand with the Carnahan group that JP wind and incense for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on us let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and are proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is Hussein I promise. 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Now cooled off 217 of twenty wars of 1% free throw line needs Jones is. He's the only shocker who's been the lines of party made three of war. And as he points that doctors are three of six. From three point range they have held at Henderson State to four of 22 shooting at the 18% second free throws. 63 point attempts. Four of them have been it. And the steel on oppressed French can't change jobs book now live roles. Fifty footer for some odd days got eleven Wichita State leads with 43 it well full court pressure Henderson State obviously a little flustered. It backcourt partner get to related Jones up across the time line drive into the keyhole at the right corner with a but as you know it's not pick that up on the way Jones don't get the Wall Street circles not for a look at that drive it pulls back seventeen footer nice group might not announced he now has five for instance there. Rashard Kelly back in the shocker line that might be guard. Paints Jones. Ground and frankly a lot of the line and if I got sandwiched a little bit not a real good pass. That's down the other way Parker rapid heart walk them it's not quite quite ground follow up to ten pistons and the follow up by Hamilton is. Tanner Hamilton but his first news that matters since they crashed the boards well that time had two guys against one shocker going through the grievance you have like they do that they can. You really well they are not good defenses the picture like attack. Mean Jones off the Wall Street to the right here right going to bring him back confronting Johnson. Step faith now left wing to ground rod ground that is drive and it got fouled bush. On the drive into the line that's going to vote Wichita state of the moment. Now's son Josh Jones his first team's seventh don't want want. Ground he gets his first chance to score for the and I didn't if tonight fantasy goes Austin reads that the end. Not ground freshman from Cordoba tendencies that in the now aligned with the scored his first points 612 to go for staff. 11 just a little hard ice form that is the long. And resentment Anderson's days which I've still got 43 to six teams. Jones trying to drive them Reeves have speculated that will deploy pulls up for three out right bounces off strong rebound by run around players to hand. Got a friend here he's got lots. Ranking it in the record left side brings it to the middle of floor and then back on top Kelly drive it's hard all the way to the basket. Lot of contact no call followed by the dark. It off cuts that they pulled out of life. Strong rebound this guy down the face fourth. But I hear a cut off throws that way out front and way beyond out front in the backcourt Oakland back hard against you readies. Wichita State we'll get it back on the turnover with 533 NATO partners that got them about six to know that some month. There. It is seven haven't. The basketball conference camp out and it would Malone is that he would. It would give him as a walk on your goes to switch you from hitting Texas. It was the right. You know I'm not going to read constantly rubble left wing to start you know look at the proposed I read. Rightly it alone if you know the shot clock. Went out front read that the people pull up to fifteen off the back iron Kelly's wife Fords yes it and it's not edit its hands. Finally try to recover Josh Jones it and that was it for him it's state. The left wing department Beckett for a joneses as you know. As you know by accident but it's a ball screen a couple of dribbles crosscourt left wing Parker. Workers. That's tones down the line throws that got to put as you know he takes it in life it's a couple of in the air try to throw a pass Saturday at the bottom of the backboard recovered by red haired. Went out front Parker law of three bounces short rebound Reshard Kelly from Wichita State. Is it to Malone will bring it up for 35. First half after that my 29. But it's not Cali. Right wing to right ground penetrate kick to that Malone open three right wing bounces off the back rebound and Diageo for instance today. Brings it up himself across the sidelines all the way to the keyhole but yet Jones victory. Doctors didn't look good job in transition to pick up the the ball that time to let Josh Jones with a wide open look like a secondary break with the states try to find the man by that time shots off. I've been left side Milan got that here at saint adapter Reeves left way that's right Kelly. Sharks right. When you run around gonna whistle away from the ball looks like. His eyes or yard and he feels he can stand at the top of its that it respected all the features it. That brings the under eight time out at exactly four minutes to Dallas the first half orbit at exactly what did not state 45. Heads of state. Thank you. 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The security advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated a separate and generally companies shoppers force is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Gerald Amato Chris post's Amy -- -- Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. US shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GE YE. Or minutes ago exactly in the first half which it does take shooting 65 and a half percent on 19493. Of seven. The tree and it made four of six free throws meanwhile Henderson State just 45%. 93. Wichita State double the rebounds 42 to 115. Turnovers to snap it. Laurie Anderson's statement to stated let my hero was eleven kind of thing from happening again I think. Nine. Eight ninety. For instance that much different companies look statement the last war and it's my which stated that outscored seven. Six. That's all belongs to Anderson's statement Dustin Johnson full court pressure to fuel Boris is back again. And that ground ball tipped him backcourt batteries that saved my count it's like driving the front court. And just ran right it it's Neil Morrissey was standing there waiting for a they're gonna come out on. Who's really out of control. He's gonna go to the line for two Jack except whispers. But the officials captive. Probably were cut and that is also not. Buying it. First free throw attempts for Johnson who has eight points free throw good. It's two threes foreigners. Josh Jones junior from Memphis transfered from Richmond. As a way that the 2014. Season he's been out for awhile. Makes network he's got him first half points. With us basically it's 45 to 21. Lost track of the biggest lead but it at least 29. Well. Report reads rightwing nuts right to tally on the left went in the Milan has left a lot of forest wheels aligned jump hook kind of flew out of its and electrocuted. This stuff left side of the green redone and you know the record Akron Franklin retreat this shortly Van Halen Milan. That itself crosses over to the right side of the floor of the right way and get to Wall Street pelicans that got topless wearing reits. Run away to grounds background that dribbles and up front Malone. But apparently cutting through the line. Let's not of the lord of war on Nightline left swat. Nearly doubled you want him that is reportedly the ground cutting the basket like that sounds like you stay out. And this statement guys blame my oath not yet. Albert Lee and Rory Anderson state and going out that you know guards like you belong to play in lots of greens since nine if you greens. The right side of the key netbook but yet over ground for three guys that ground first basket it's pointers. And that's not usually 4820. Line. 56 to go first yeah it is where users. Wait your background it's court. I. Josh Jones middle of the lord dribbles it the right way look at them back off the Wall Street does now dealers stepped back and fires have retaliated yet that was tough contested shot. Like Josh Johnson as well. Anderson takes 43 points like him. Player 4823. Which nicely it was blown war pitted out but it's not slowly into the record throws at the highest vote tally left elbow. But couldn't make it move on Jones into the line through traffic but it didn't read. That's. Where it's at night knows how to control of that strong body is bumped off. But he's still maintain with its rank. Not that you'll fall fifteen to 23 with us an earthy aunt passed. I haven't line stepping back if there is good. Mike Cameron direct transfer from the university of Springfield in his first year Anderson statements is from Little Rock won three. If he 25 with us today in the Milan paraded up the forty developers that it was left wing goes by reaction to the basket president mortar round Kelly Kelly drive the lane. Blur the line Vista and I'm a little bit and then out of bounds. Often if they nice though. He dribbles it takes that he dribbles out about the three point line the walls. He has balance let's white kids he would like it to be its. Right to left. At this stage that. At that as you know back in the game just Jones comes out probably could use a readers thought hard for a wild soccer's player of the excellent round where we have left we wore us. That's right you look Malone. Started right picked up his dribble incidents around just right of the key drive but it gets around the defender shovels and off Morris sort of fit it. I gave rise next round which finished with Shaquille or vote. Playing together long enough they can anticipate. What's going to be happening at ground right yeah. And have a tough time released the ball on the right hand side right under you hope we have it injury here why it looks like. The Albert fees to help off. Holding his right foot up not making contact with the. The floor that choose. Painful. May have rolled an ankle. He has helped off. That now was on rate one Rogers his second four gators stay here this team and you'll Boras and the chance for a three point play. Jack ended up last year. Shooting 79%. From the field and eaten too about the lastly. Eight. First it was not stately 53 to forty fives and seventy you know what they've had you know double team the time one throws and hit you Rex. Excellent I can't get a shot away quickly in the left corner. Driving is Parker throws a runner on the lucrative thing there. I shot my. Chris Parker for his first they run at NBA often wore out one thing one song on Friday. You know it. Must reads above left wing approximately round under the basket Kelly goes over the left anyways I finished the Irish are tallied from the left side of the basket with a lefty. Well that for a that route and it did it by. Our daily. Expense side that if and it passed by Henderson State workers' direction at the time line that lady right into the scorers table and out of bounds and turn over. By the reddies Wichita State will take it with 39 seconds remaining in the first half. Round play in the work force right back background shot you're leading 55 point seven. To try to make it past two wars to get tips recovered by ground down the line a little left hand fourth hand was found on the way out. Different. And I think play. Yes it's got a quite that your government says it never quite got full possession. Reflected back to 1000 cameras wrecks that will be experts. And Zach brown with a chance for a three point line. Active sport in the last couple of minutes of the first half could end up with six here in doubt. Like the free throw line this time all. It's easy baskets but that's great work stand outside. Where. That all happened pretty quick with snow almost thirty seconds to go and half months hasn't worked. Next cut off the right side of the lane bike in the Milan. Second place the first half which stately 58 to 27 looks like. Anderson's naval run clock play here letter runs right it's right before the half Parker writes we're still about the way marketplace that ground. Office three cut off like Cali could help off the street parked in the life. Throws and outlets night contested jumper that. Everything we've done Kelly. And that's the way to have will ahead. Volcanologist us good looking pretty good score in the first half leading hitters and stayed at halftime but this exhibition game. 58. To 27. And soccer fans remember the weekly coaches' shows on his business 9713. Thirty everybody night. During the athletic scene will take place at eight days were filthy Alley thirteen. And tree which typically although we'll have a few weeks' delay for travel and games. But the united Gregg Marshall six to seven from eight to exports Filipino and thirteenth and read the road markers up by 31 at the half stay tuned. Would have done here. Thanks pat I'm standing in a neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening lightning is striking constantly yet there's no damage people are actually outside can't make. Homebuyers told me this phenomenon has credit union of America's lightning fast home loan from an online application to pass decisions in closing three ways home loans come with low monthly payments are no BMI. It's just incredible settle in Sydney with. Let me ask Helmut term credit union of America applied now it seems you love America that come see you anything equal housing lender. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. 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Way that I really can't might Wichita State and it's a much depth and it's hard for a team especially her. Year to be able to have a good chemistry when they got some of these players. Rotated in and out because if you find that chemistry. I thought he's going to let them fly in the first half this incredible. God he was dazzling. Like Marshall said after his birth here I'm never. Garden in my life he certainly is they don't. Player capable. Of starting and doing a great job without it's also very close. Today I thought gotta love that weighs a little bit about the 8 in the morning about the morbid mark thereof or 76. And then Zach brown caught fire. Wichita State was able to build that we. Was Henderson State. They finally got it we'll read them they find. And yet they still only have 27 points and that's the real credit to what caused the defense they bottled. And if they know for the first half at Henderson state of that shooting 31 point 3%. Remarkable based on the way they started. But remember what you thought they held the report. Classic. 51. We'll have all of this that story coming up in a little bit a couple of things worth noting what to tell us they played eleven. Players it the first half eight if that score at seven different players had at least. One assist nice balance. And but it's really spread around eight different players played at least nine minutes nobody played more than fourteen. Rather had the honor of playing the most minutes. Every start filling with thirteen. And we didn't really talk about this and all of our analysis before the game. Those are some. Really key guys from a leadership standpoint. That this team I just happen to have the opportunity with the waiting for the flight after the Kentucky game department last year. To talk to both of them and you could tell it was already a lot of determination. In their minds about what they wanted these years that he had that they wanted to go farther than that at the end it. They're going to be a big part of this team site and going this. What you've got leaders like you're talking about what they got the another leader with Landry scam it. And they're not even on the court because there are injuries although we examine the way it happened late today. What you've got ears hey a little bit of a white there but I'm not since the late because everybody else is stepping up pretty well I thought he Jones. Illustrate it or displayed some leadership. Tucker franc cap is just. Done so well about the last twenty games of last season. And this year even though the competition isn't quite as good at least five of six from the field as Tim points in the eleventh minute efforts now. 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The first half jackets sports properties in Wichita State athletics who like to think that soccer ambassadors. I states legally level of corporate partners how's it wants delta dental. Coke industries and Cox Communications. If your interest in becoming a sponsor of Wichita State athletics College Soccer sports properties at 316978. 75. 52. As we touched on what you just days shooting 65%. In the first half on 24 of 37 that includes four of nine from beyond the arc. And it paid 75%. Of the free throws on six of eight feet long hitters and stayed only ten of 32 for 31% to stand for three. He didn't make five of six free throws. Wichita State was plus thirteen on the boards 25 to twelve. Had five turnovers to Anderson State's eight and a shocker for the eleven assists. In the first half. Individually for Henderson State. Josh Johnson has twelve of their 27 points hitting four of ten shots overall twice as many as anyone else took for the visitors. To a 43 pointers two of two. From the line next time. Is Keylon tap but last few leading scorer with five the only played ten minutes picked up a couple of early fouls and several other players with to a piece. For what it's not state your Willis made five of six overall it is only three pointer with eleven points five rebounds and assists in the first half. Ten points for Connor French camp wants five of six shooting is only this was not his only three point try. Nine points for so much they actually have got some much need for eleventh may have been for nine of the statute I think they gave two of his points to rot ground. So we're gonna go with eleven force of RJ three or four from the field one of 1234. Of five from the line also at three rebounds two assists. And no turnovers. In ten minutes short Kelly four of seven from the field for eight points. Zach brown one of one from three and to a four overall with a free throw conversion for six points. And round again two points apiece. For Toronto nurture and ash four and beat guard leading rebounder was Willis with 53 apiece for Shaquille Boris. And societies Johnson actually don't think making it shacks eight point he was three at five field one of two. From three to Wichita State leads at 5827. At halftime. And it indicated shot before I get 50% off your online order at any Wichita area Papa John's blog on the Papa Johns dot com. And use the promo code shocker fifty to receive your shop at discount back with the second half of a couple of scores right now. Are you looking for a new career and visit the Wichita virtual career fair we have hundreds of jobs on the line right now good two KE one N dot com. Click on the Wichita virtual career fair banner then click on the participating employers who go to fly it's that easy. The online job fair is going on now through November 19. Where you'll find jobs from great companies like Farmers Insurance Kansas star casino protect aerospace Kansas medical center and more. 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Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Alex Acosta in valley center to endanger porn and over west Sawyer. US shocker basketball game. He's on 103 point seven KEY. It shows brought you back thirty years of America. It would priced services checking accounts to home loans that everything in the way credit union of America proudly sponsors got the basketball. Earlier this afternoon that would not state women's basketball team. Won their second exhibition game this 64 over southwest Baptist rented to start with 26 to lead this Packers Thompson. Hopkins added fifteen he Thompson ten points and six assists the women's team opens their first season. That Adams next. Friday at things of what it used this time of 11:30 AM central at. At soccer volleyball team with a 30 win over Connecticut last night with 21 and three on here thirteen and now in the American athletic conference. We will take on temple at tomorrow. Here at. Basketball exhibition game on Monday that it gets in the university at 7 o'clock. Anthony. Game against Apple's volley vote tomorrow. The last. Man it is well thought the last there's one but then that's on the Friday at all that's right into this is the last full weekend. All it all levels of the chance to get out see that. Follicles but the act as they usually are but this. That. Is about ready to go with the second half papers business. What you tell us they. Lineup was named games vikings guns kind of training camp hairless Jack Morris Zach brown. Eyes guns except me Jones victory that the report try to throw a pass at the high post it was deflected the save but Willis and now on the left side so much you need guns left went to ground. Willis with the street drives to basket pulled up bad is going to be a foul on Anderson state. As a defender kind of slid it under Willis at present here it's going to be guys Jones that his second. And of course the first team talented team in the second half as well as goes to the line for the first time tonight. Last year as a junior Willis 73 point 9%. On. 34 camps the free throw shoes at night shooting touch overall pre development. That the second vote free throw attempts. Second. Second mark but he's one. Lewis with one more arch in and out rebound brown daddy found on the qualifier reach one Rogers. We're not just life in there from off the lots sold it rebounded and quickly went up it was not the floors vibrate on Rogers this is there pressed to think there might Wichita state of play at that point yet every possession played like it's. If it. Brownback the lottery made his only attempt in the first half that it's not finish doctors were six of eight in the first half. As they go from 75%. To sixty. Just over them a couple of misses here early in the second hand. Lewis did make one of two. Seven of 1164%. That would in and out by Zach brown rebound to Henderson State. Freed up we've met for Diageo. There was Hamilton. England captain Brad Baird just. That you picked up his drivel that Republicans benefit clients have been able. What happened what a lot of good friends here. Started drive it pulls it back now pulls up the flyers in mr. Hadley offered that hit off the backboard and often read everything out of my ground for the record games Jones right away it was enough to Willis right at the top. Darryl but could get it backing. Societies where the fun just killed. I think all the way to the rim and just missed the layup with a right hand rebounded there all my mother and forever fell off. The report happened. That's not you know it's shot they penetrate walls of fifty goals off rebounds Willis with countless two things you know which does. Is different sort of stuff to us you know one terrible accident off the ground. Pulls out the top this of up to that. Willis like this that reflects two wars across workings you know drives baseline here droplet of water this reduction. Doctors have an on ice cold shooting 65% the first half drive it the other walked by ground. Drive by there. Rebounded by gators statement almost all of my friends camp Clinton recovered flight zones that we'll look forward to happen when he won if you happen gradually got to have slipped one for an camp potters golf that now he went up one night. It's now Connor French camp. And the first don't have fun which it does anything happen to the fine. Line at. The end. Wore them fight to happen once again the line laughed at them. I as one of the latest good new and half but missed his first free throw this evening that has made for the Rhode Island has six points. Averaged fourteen point two per game last year after transferring from itself to become. Second one afternoon. He's got seven. Which State's lead isn't even 3059. Point eight it's a much needed Johnson reference being guarded now by the bigger red haired 65. That's that's right it either Willis. Holding it above his head still had the privilege he needs to get to the French camp right side predicted the middle for the left wing didn't young pups from. Create rolls off Willis Reed. Before I could go up the bank to follow they called out if somebody had a big handful of Willis is Jersey on that read that's gonna delegates that you know at it you want to. Just admiring this red. They're now of the half already on Henderson states I think it did it. And it's gone violence statements. A fact that it is now that you can't exactly. Walls display and it puts it outfit goes up and you'll shoot to read there. Going to be called for the amount. Now on there since his first. That rips. That's looking like it looks that way they handled this badly on most of the did that definitely the doubters wrong thing another in the fall off me through my heel Boris is up and good. Jack is nothing for two from the line as nine points. Nice touch for a big strong guy. Second tripe coming. Wichita State leading sixteen to 29. And that was not and that's they have matched their biggest lead they've had through 32 point leads out the second half French camp nearly stealing one deflected out of bounds. Stay with Henderson State so after showing some full court pressure. Willis guarding he had better which is six Santander Hamilton. Have altered the playing days here at the right. Quarter of the baseline if you didn't cash junkies quickly double him he's wanted to way to Hamilton back. Just cut off my ground and double team pretty effective. Press edited get it up. Exactly yeah yeah. You know you may want their eyes today exhibition game by Perry who are they pressing because if things they have to work gone with the timing of the team worked on that dress was outstanding that sent the timing of captain double teams so fluid. Well that you have a lot of sees that in my mind. Find something that I'll seize this stuff. Tonight. James Jones almost don't poke it away. Josh Jones on the floor wrestling sport and this actually survive day news Jones had his hand on it that his feet were on the sidelines. Motivated to play. DJ Franklin we'll play it in for their readiness free throw line extended looks Nightline before him. Renounce some they filled the entire thing he could and at the fort yeah. It's like. Just yards to the floor between the circles that would double it to death. Happens you know in the middle bounces try to beat me. To Franklin DJ Franklin drivable as well you know frank can't force hope for. I can't walk get on the floor Shaq more of what dad got friends here. It's not sport left where it. Crowd the line they're gonna call the block as Franklin was late sliding in front of Zach brown and got the worst of the he got not the floor. Actually it's not happen happen with the one night the slide in the near his third foul. Fifteen. Now of the half already and bought like three minutes left seventeen notes that those and with us they've only scored 3.3. Minutes. A 61. To 29. Is that 58 at the hands that much it means. About it Google. It do Willis from ten bit that'll do it. It was that he will look at the hole thirteen from the field fourteenth overall with Darryl Willis of this little stance that down that's. Anderson stated defect or standing for the defense. And until Henderson State schools. That's that's the Hamilton went up the other stuff you are afraid of them than there is distinctive green bounces off the back rebound print can't get lots of good shots. Frankly if we had left sided rounds. Think if it's doable but frankly that's right side needs you know that's that's not right so the light boards from well. Bounces off the back rebounded junk yard for him today. Right sideline goes Parker was a worker picked up his pupil now looking for help right water level to that Parker on the right way. One on one against ranking has been that nice little spin move and at the gonna get the now one friend you have to have moved surprise starter for example that is. Parker did a 360 spin on the dribble and got his body in position this deal offering him 2000. What you see anymore a lot of these guys it might play basketball year round they developers who says it's the there but the witnesses for eighth. I used to have wondered with you. Got seven great release the ball well players flop and that opens up an awful lot of offensively and lead a lot of historically that nice four on his first free throw enough that he's got three points in the ball game. He has a true freshman from Plano Texas wants the free throw also did. Four point for Chris Parker which plus a fleet of 6331. Of the historic Kelly has objected to the game. Plus degrees also in. Skills he's Jones Boris. And around your original starting group the top of the art Kelly right. When did reason escalade was deflected it a foul is called. Austin Reeves is gonna get a little session that Gregg Marshall for that entry pass. For hours on race on larger issues that are holding checked Boris from behind. As actually has forced out magnificently under sixteen time out at 1558. To go. Second half Wichita State a little bit of a slow start to to have the Phillies hitters that state 63. To 31. Yeah yeah. Chairs around. Do you remember your skin. 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While down the block grant us consulate they're gonna call it the traveling is good at street dance. Bison monetary gains Johnson's background just too long to make his move it try to finish that's great work it's. Start. I have a 72. Forget about sex in the seventh. On it was a six turnovers which does say it is stately that is different work right away worker out front. It happened just off the back of the chip Reid street that a bunch of you know for us an outlook on every hospital on let's Nightline. That's right so much it means and Boris tax active games Jones and let it too far. As a little kid to Boris and it means you know rolling in you're needs. And let it a little too far off with them we don't have stats. Yours stuff. I think. In the front court. Marker with. Rightful order from him. Mailed him if if Israel was trying to get rid of Boris fought its way around the post man Williams deflected it stolen. That's right for a change Jones with us today in wars trailer frivolous it wouldn't you know it up the other. Knowing that's it's it's change you know between the circles works off screen rightly that in front wars victory in a bit off the back. Rebounds around to it by telling this document that the detective Morris. Good hustle or out of power but they all the basket got a nice faster Kelly is Lan. Let's land and on. Let's all late one night. About five on the top. Or. Better handle. It and you know in port and stay with us 65 there on. You know it's right for his part. Mr. This problem right. That's my fourth they baseline and you know rightly Parker's shot clock well. Where does that make it in Kabul that it stayed right with the world now. That's an attempt clause might be a good job of SP. Parker real weakness on and the law's the law means. It's now. There. Greg Marshall in mind that now that he is very likely that I'll. It. Parker makes the free throw. Line that's five points back round out an odd round. Rich brown is. Mercury free throws. Were aligned. It's not statements is 5340. For the it needs you know sort. Right let that write these long way out front on the left wing program the left one. That would work past the MacBook has its hands off me. Natalie active force. Well Phillies spots. Side that played get. Yours marker your outline through the runner this event that there but it that it got all the talent Elliott at all. Rashard just spinning around right behind the walls the warden turn right in there it's news that yeah. Now one yards first. Fourth round one with. Did succeed if that. The it. It's been throughout the rules for players at that. It's accidents. He shoots it the percentage he does everything well at defense so well. On the right way Boris is a threat toward a fantastic Kelly managed to say that drive the light left wing right ground. He's hit it right it is distrust toward him in Milan and he drives. Throws it on the baseline to rise throughout all content putter this that kept a lot like Kelly it bounces off the backboard then often Nickerson state player out about. Nice message there and they got a couple of good looks but. But Brad Pitt knocked down the short jumper with a plastic will keep possession and in Milan to play and it's over fifteen minutes ago cannot easily 6734. Love you read to the left corner I have more us on the left elbow. As of now. Sneered was just reached that there pack in his arm. Now on there it is his second. And did sixty now on and use its name. Actually seven. That behind ones who just won one for Shaquille wars. Jack he's three for three lines as fourteen points. Out of here you're getting ready to check the end. Spears when it's up then good Shaquille Morris. Your drew will be in for Morrison with Jack makes this would not checking out otherwise we will go on for a little bit. Worker who can enter free throw up. So Boras get the rat he's got sixteen. And Darryl Willis with fourteen foot shot that. It's sex high. Points incidentally. He may float free throws at him that's his. One. In the district court quickly hit it should stay there you write it driving the the baseline pulls up from about eight feet left a little short on the rebound and I'm so flying in there Jolie's fox net may have been a little too good there as he moved there and out of them so charged Kelly Dixon is second now. Fifteen pounds to have fun with us today. Won't be out of bounds to Nickerson state rod ground checks out Zach grounding and teaching moment for Gregg Marshall. Most throughout explain something. And out here to play him. Looking under their way out front. Yes that round them if you pull up jumpers spins out rebound. To show right now it just shows that it's nice player with a lot of Kelly left wing degrees look at the clock to try to throw it appeared to but he waited to launch it there and stepped in front intercepted it. It is different for pulls up about one group over nurture Vista strong rebound batteries pushes it up to. The floor right in middle of the court stands on the level. And then handed off to now. Start at the top illnesses through what we need to get to the ground right way to act different you re not flop it fifteen left wing Kalin blown off Wall Street with the top down the lane stops free throw line around fifteen foot her roles they. Background would. Was seven they. Hit eight. Then Wichita State fleet of seventy. The thirty for their new biggest lead of the game uncertainty in this ballgame my shot clock. Now the leg Parker got bumped by Caleb Malone appearances always they called 2000 thought the contact was minimal. Thought. It's going to let alone in his first at the sixteenth on behalf. Time out on the floor the under twelve time out at 1115 I had to go second half Wichita State 71 of the Henderson State dirty pool. Every day. Kansas workers put compassion into action by empowering people to live meaningful and productive lives providing lifesaving medical services and assisting with disaster relief efforts Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas offers Kansas workers the widest healthcare access back with proven support. While there are improving lives saving lives and restoring lines Blue Cross and Blue Shield of chances commitment. Compassion. Community. Shocker fans prepare to be shocked tall grass country club our local favorite golf course since 1981 has something new to show you the new local owners have already started adding new solution fairways to the golf course and plans to start on a new 24 hour fitness center memberships start as low as 3999 per month. 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After TV we've got our roots in which tough not just our branches shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy would need Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. US shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven JE one yeah. After a one point seven start to the second applicant does say that paid three of the last five guys got to go. Three of the second half. And eleven of sixteen for line of the 62 and a half percent but there's sorry 69%. But doctors have no hitters and stay. The second half they had gotten the line a little bit maybe seven and eight there. Doctors now thirteen to seven over its stake in the half and 71 dirty war scored the ball. That's your Wichita State but it ended thirty or. But this ball game Henderson State as bottom line fourteen cuts toxic. If you. State trying to get it can't make finally the united. Rebels left him back to the middle slipped into. He came off Wall Street if he's we'll going to give it up it would happen. It happened off the street cut off by nurtured veteran driver and a wreath. Left right and as you know shot fake drive cut off that's happened the jumpers short rebound out long trip but ground. That's been pushing up himself drive it down the lane and video over there a little bit but also got fouled on his way it. Or is that just to deflect them and then to just the election now but there's Parker. Round. Loss to. Control of drivel just a little bit I'm thinking of ways that it welcomes it agreed to the left elbow hit the street but there are the bulls' confidence that their civil right when the ground up for him and Malone left wing Kelley. Yards straight up one minute you're at the front reads gets a three way and it added that. Those that really nice stroke puts his follow through right. We were sitting in a perfect stroke might raise for his first basket of the game lead briefly at the teleconference if doctors first read it the second half they've done for for ignited this. To penetrate is part alerting you celebs that do read. And I think that's all the charges against yeah if I could tell for sure Terry Oglesby won't have raised his hand. Seem to be pretty obvious that you never know on the block charge. Let's Parker was his second. Eight teams now the half on Henderson State. Soccer basketball league 7434. Human Malone brings it up for what it's not state. It was left of left when this next round. Of 1053 to play friends left one of the loan. That was out of the corner of the plane pulls it back out a little bit please cnet's live Margaret Kelly drive had to step rapid as you posted strong Dennis partially blocked and recovered. I Henderson State that's along the right sideline to the threat according to fuel up front yards he tries to penetrate. Reeves got nearly leveled blues greens and he's okay. Drive that it bricks throws a letter gets that. Artist called the charge I think roughly about the best. Now the average rate since his second. Night. One Anderson's. Brees to my arm got hit it on that street you know went down here's the line. Odd ground back in what does it replace background reads them and effective. An awful lot of it's. Yeah. It forward in the I've posted there right elbow looks lots fortunately it hit traffic and goes definitely I think the book. Over the that is assured no weakness there that's. If there were risks off the Wall Street. Right four minutes ago link it to most recently. And it differently partner cannot make guys that had you not think. Pulls up but a fifteen footer up the right that it resentment in Milan. With a plastic ring it up on the grateful and with the market him now the trailer. They're not ground right. Now please read the Wall Street. No animals right. Went look what Philly post that's the that's only requires that they reverse layup that's. Almost stolen on them is to never mind it's nice it's like round them all. On the line handed the traffic. They charge them red hair and slam it reassured knowing. They're now on there. Now. Stay with us today in the double on this last. This long. Obviously 7634. If it's slipped my mind up on the labs that. Kelly. Ground. There alone in. Line with us ample back in the higher rates. And there's workers. And it team to play. At some point. In Milan. The one by Parker writes those trees leaves it up from behind left Ron Brown a lot like record that's yet to graphics system itself but. He's really dead at. It himself held off a couple of defectors ahead for that it was the left hands that fourth one. Doctors leave 78. 34 as part of the for a tour. That's enough. It's not to have wolf if he gets to hear about it not for the that's passed are preparing the way but that's not the left quarter three by Hamilton bounces off the back nine. Now on the rebound it's gonna go against Boston Reid's jostling for position. His third it. Teams seven at this field one and one for heaven's gate. And the camera riffs going to the line 61 junior from Little Rock transfer from Drury University. Residents who might what happens a lot of these exhibition games is there gets to be a lot of bounce forward you. Ballgame it's leave him alone. And Wichita State and wait foul trouble. Free throw out that good it breaks the bonus he now has three points. In the ball game. Rix last year. Averaged two point six points per game was only for a night. I've scored big guys in the lineup for Rashard Kelly so you have the guard announces five. Surgery at the war. Ground of these three men guards and reason alone the free throw away. Rex makes to have you with us state leads with 78 to 3630. You know alone. You know play a lot of minutes tonight would not second year with nothing but fourth rightwing to Austin reads. Instead of like us you know not threaten their left wing Milan now festival block stolen by Hamilton. And bring it up will be missed partner for this state right wing three on the way short and rebound. One baseline about bricks with a three try. One thing Hampshire Gregg Marshall won't be totally happy with tonight there's been some answers haven't been that many turnovers that they've been surpasses the certainly wouldn't it. Some of the anticipation. As if it getting all their time and what you. Do through those kinds of athletes. Athletic conference might. That and take it's course. On trying to pass it is evident from the high post got hit by partners of men guarding Malone goes out of bounds which does date will retain it. Jones and workers though that humans happened is back in line with that as you. Love places who have wanted to reach record throughout the block and it got deflected picked off again. Positive reasons that maybe the biggest defender on some of those passengers talking about writer of this but rich rebound and guard quick outlet to Palin alone. I had the rod ran down the baseline bank shot and the. But it's going to be a power hitters they say fit for a three point play effort acrobatic play that rob ground. I've got its first first two points on Melanie which points at halftime but I think he gave it to us that much these points and Wilson that in that the end of the game right now at that time now. 750 to go on the second half. Ron Brown will be going to the free throw line when we return but Wichita state league 78. To 36 of the games that. Okay children are gonna be alphabet next subject financial wellbeing and helped manage your money concerns of his side of your text plan. 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We have hundreds of jobs on the line right now good to GE one N dot com. Click on the Wichita virtual career fair banner then click on the participating employers will go to apply its that easy. The online job fair is going on now through November 19 where you'll find jobs from great companies like polices staffing. Catch Durham school services quick shot and more. Apply online today. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in which its policy agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for an Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. US shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven KE YE. Rick mentioned there will not be at its. Hates this but they would did not state men's basketball playing field here that. That was added to the schedule. She goes on nights that follow it up it. Is the College of Charleston game and they have. So for the next three weeks she shows but there home. It is eight case weren't real happy Alley at thirteen victory which typically very heartfelt but days. The seventh may two days at the Alley like this every week after we get through this disease it. Right groundless he completed three point play this free throw attempt in the first half a little bit long with the form look good though. Six freshmen grief. So they've apparently. Laid off. They waved off the bat I don't know they have. This stat monitor it updated the scored eighty the scoreboard had school board the stat monitor him 81 that he should be a second preakness it must that it advances. This is the second street. See what the score it's not that that was the reason that. Right. Port handling at Morgan State. For. It's do. Mexico he hands it off Palin have to drive it rises through traffic and Colin Powell. And it's an ambulance that much changed it is again playing really tough defense that maybe just a little too close to the man. He is there get a small car. With the loan and these shelves. Grounds is free better than the two big guys surgery and he guards I think they're. They're getting this question asked now at the scorers table but not. That that previous. Flurry got there right. Foreign after the timeout where it appeared that rod grounded scored to take account of the basket. And it was going to be possible three point there was anything that he shot two free throws. They didn't know win in my I think Mike I think. Any bait the first free throws if that should have only been one that it's still. Should be needing one. The officials we've got to discusses. Yeah I did what official this. Held up one finger like get cute is that 13. That's the only debate why there's nothing they really need to change. Looks like scores going to stay at 81. At the free throw line remittances they see what happens when. Once again that lives outrebounded Toronto there it is what happens now five of seven. It from the free throw line shocker basketball in the that's all the frequencies. I've addressed the top of the guard you and after the game as if it's not considered. Let's play Malone. Shot clock well below what they could move off the dribble crosscourt right side it himself if history. And nurture us. It's a whistle away from the the basket. They're gonna call three seconds. On the guard at the end I think he was called wanted to do hamburger dreaded seeing this year. 32 call was shot and second of the night. Bob back to him. It hasn't been maybe 136. Which Tuscany. We left right. That match baseline cut off him to step away Jeff pleasant guys had like ten. 8138. With the dust it. Off the dribble Malone who. He's unflappable all right side of the lord we are trying to depose you can't get himself open love nuggets. Reasonable right back out front it's. Scott Brown left wing needs young threaded through walker got deflected away passing it did they're going to baskets and it gets there headed nurture for the layout. Mergers trying to cut you off yes definitely. And apparently did yeah. 8140. Wichita State. You not to duplicate fought pretty hard nightmare trying to slide off the screen and read their habits his. Now. Doctors in the double bonus so tee shots coming for Kalin Malone. Which just it's. Really lucky that Anderson state. And it's Maria turnovers shocker sloppy ball in. Soft passes usually is but doesn't instead of a hard bounce pass line. His first points of the night. If you tell us they now where it's twelve turnovers we had five at the first test they've had seven him. But fourteen minutes here secondhand I think this is the most minutes into the plate bogon. I'm sure is he played a lot in the exhibition at the end close scrutiny with the Oral Roberts because. Possibly did play at that. Question that was like instantly as the third guard heard played well. I'd be if he's got some capabilities. Made the second free throws and he's got two points double team and. That's correspondent. Dana. Anderson stated timeout called but it goes through traffic along the sidelines. This will be a thirty I would think but they'll also convert that it's the first called timeout by seeing so that's good yep this will be expanded. To a full soccer fans the official watch party or shocker basketball games is expecting those real and snapped words southeast corner when he first. And Webb road and in addition just like it was Scott Peterson appeared to come by for the large part vigilant can't win a trip to new. AC turn that you know Orlando in March courtesy of Eisenhower national airport. At egos relative average professional Life Party location for shocker basketball. 78. I stayed up 83. To authority we have 610 to quiet. Was that shot that was just music and I feel that makes it done baseline. Thought their first. About. I can't be the turnovers were the advocates are from Wichita State and it's this. Making past due to obvious they're kind of look at it that brought it with a guy at the look daddy did you that it can't kind of fighter. There though makes their passing exactly where there. We'll be defensive there usually not found that. We'll leave it up it's too much time for definitively what passes going to be intercepted pass this team. They played very good perimeter. And you've got good players. And you. Can't afford to throw those past. Thought they have learned that lesson as they left in the third well over to thirteen turnovers for him. They want positive Wichita State started the second half but making only one of its first seven shots. Says that doctors are seven or eleven so it heats up here. Those first four minutes of the second half that 1% but they've shot 6465%. And with the recent upswing at 44%. Now for the second half their 58 point 2%. All the key players for the shot. Leo so not only your thinking contributions from every player they're getting good shooting. From virtually every quarter. That Marshall trying to get a little more time at this second. Half for a passport guard and also. For rod rounds of play worse than this it's the second half not to pressure him back court. Adds an extra had a lot to let you buy it rod brown and another time now take it. By Nickerson state to avoid it since second yeah. One of its dockers guys. Was urgent somebody you know the latter is the case here out he was guarding on the double team. Killed Malone just lobby Terry Oglesby the guy privileged setting up this lead our it that we've got six attitude you know. Eighteen seconds left on that possession. Or hinders state. Theoretically. It didn't seem that sense that it get fired fellows start. Eighteen remaining. What we've learned math major but we forgot our calculator to figure that. Got a lot of pervades the five K games. Actually every suspect kidnapped him and Milan is gone out nurture rod ground end. I scored. That you have written my right ground. It's night time like he did you Bill Owens spins to it that way. Grounded it it's the statement I'm going to happen forceful enough for reasons does it end. Every fiber of your players if any. Good defense. By constantly stayed back off the shooter it's not his hands up over the top of the quality tried but it. These penetrating and let's it needs you on the last weathered other albums through the life and his passes deflected what it is dedicated to these guys. At the other it happens crossed over left behind it reads it did not want to hit Barack rabbit goes to the best. I think you can catch that ball might but he caught it. Yes right right handed shot. Shooting off his right foot showed. Great coordination on the tough shot and it's speed as well five points for Ryan Braun left wing and edgy it dries most athletic kid what are dribble that. The Nacchio the spurs. Points. The attack game you guys do. I changed you know rightwing sites baseline gets only evidence then back at you that there are currently up front Austin three dribbles left. It's ball screen with the Americans back to the left when your background lots of the top spot but we are left block double team is little casual outlet pass deflected stolen. At the other end to happen down the line threw a wild run this before artery that often means guns. Captain still that the other at its violent forehands young satellite dishes off the character for the way. Everybody in this arena thought it was going to shoot the ball like I certainly thought he'd don't Wendy Walsh who would excellent body control. Johnson knights the fastest. There it was six and then you repeat that does it have been looking for a possible that like you said you definitely. But IQ right right right Erica has yet throws at the writer best rebounder background that was to us today. It's 8746. Doctors for both of and now all there and called for a movie screens that mystery out of the way. His second. And it's the nineteenth on behalf while what did not state player patrol thousand evolved over two hitters in state after. The time out 358. To you know get the ball game Wichita State 87 Henderson State according to the. The following is a message from new trends. The easy to date does rejuvenate did not know you buy holiday millionaire raffle ticket mr. scripts and he always understood drinks blogs my good woman yet. And now they're more than 4200 winner's life. Her phone she only. Good dreams are awaiting some flavor Kansas lottery holiday millionaire raffle with even more prizes and great odds of winning one million dollars. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in which its policy agent friend would be John Green rich gutless does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca shell or Stephanie Thomas. US shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven KE one yeah. A lot of severed. That's a bit late night of their last thirteen you know. Point 6% for the game they're holding hitters stay. 24 and a half we forget what you want. In the second half doctors are plus 41 rebounds and one disturbing number fifty. In the second half and it's sloppy passes that we have talked about it some leg. Checking it for what kept us it is Jacobs hers and walk on freshman. From the and build high school he has the sun rioters who played Wichita State from 1990 to 96 and still ranks ninth all time three point field goals in Iowa player he was. In the right corner there to back it pops and gets up to three for Brad and that was nice. Step naked and step back jumper he's got eight points in the last statement which just existence of only one free point. Constantly stopped in the yard right. Elbow to rent party also has checked into record these Victoria. Walk get a couple of walk on a couple of years ago is night Richard soft. He's right where it hurts started right back after a few reads. The Wall Street from the dark it's really desolate and gets knocked in the floor as he tries headed up on the move will go to the line for him than a thousand on Brad there and I think that's it for him was that its fifth. Brad there wolf now up with a total of eight points in tonight's game. Checks out with 319. If you know. In Austin Reid going to the free throw line. Hamilton who had gone out briefly right back yes Morehead State Austin reed last year's freshmen the free throw line. Shooting 75 point 7%. This. It's the Friday only hint at 37 attempt it 33 teams list. He was the most accurate three point human valley last year but didn't have enough camps. This was not thought that would cost agrees with four points on the second half Wichita State. With 8845. Which three nights. Go out. And Jackie it is the other end our walk on Bryson hoods with freshmen rob Stoddard Eisenhower. Is that your brother exactly should use at least five years there's shock walk on last break a fun one if it wasn't. Just you know steadily in the water treatment. And guard fighting for the rebound tips it. Listen the floor flush on the floor after it and add it's tied up but it cooperate console. Answer writes that bush. Like his brother. And a hustler. Reality is still the you know possession arrow papers and here's states it on the sidelines. 87. 8845. With testing on its. Parker handling it started fibers is right up fine market rises it and got a foul them. You reach five. Bikers. Felon Jacob vs birds tend to announces he took shots. For Chris Parker who's shown proficiency free throw line making for a four. We can be one of the better players for the student season. Bouncing it there he's got 75 of five from the line throwing a 160 pounds he's really slender but. Very very quick player. We scored the 8846. That we threw his 8847. With us the fifty ago. Next were bush apparently hit it to the present not money it's Arthur. For those rights that inadequate parties parties left right right ground. That front. Birds that we like that it traits. That you get decision not to throw it there campground down the line pulls up eight footer does not that that might keep them alive and recovered by hitters stakes race launched Rogers. The threat for workers murdered by bush on the left way. I suffered right through as a runner yeah that's snapshot actress Parker that's an idea out there puts him in double figures with the end. He is true freshman so they couldn't pressure it's got to make explosives seasons. We flew over bush picked up his dribble gives it up to. Rep Marty party beyond it's not the Kirkland to guard him you know finally gets to run round along the right sideline play out beyond the top of the art prize that now volleyed xxx shovels and under the layup I had. Right wording. That's according to the finish up but nice fish for background. Wichita State and it 1990 to 49. It never did put up that one free throw on the scoreboard. Pass intercepted by reporting that charity Parker out of that got him party outlets bush which quickly hit the ground. Much down the block to speak to our great city of catching up a lot faster. The alliance it was not a good decision about that that was stolen by just guns. That the press time line to Parker had 21 to play. Bradley Parker bush almost all of its loose and Floyd that if you get a pass to Rogers is now but beat guard. Give workers and credit he almost lost that ball was on the floor made a pass to Rogers genetic potential layup it was now but you're still playing hard. It's still keeping their starters in the ballgame. Now his son. NCK Cooper. I'll be gardens like that free throws investment grade one Rogers. Writers who two points out of first half field goal a true freshman making his debut of sorts again nothing counts until the regular season next week. Be curious to see how this team doesn't. In the regular season and it's neat. Players that would spun out as well rebounded by Andy card which stayed on the attack it it is wish him well at Brooks writes bush goes right back left in the left quarter birds don't look flocked to Brett Favre was the victim who was right. The fact double team I just stepped through throws it out that occurs he drives it. Goes a mile and draws sound nice group like Jacob version of the well what's the all of I'll call it very offensive foul I don't know how that played at the end I don't know it's. I did see it really did make contact. Get up nice tonight with high jumper placed second in the state of it's. The talent that is. Just under fifty seconds ago tepid driving throws without the traffic could manage to get to go off the glass. Captain with night on the night that just his second field goals 8950 who actually ninety to 51 with us today. The record bush gets strip but Parker you'll drive it to the basket and Lydia nice flight. Make this part Luna has swelled. And the clock stopped Ramallah 28 seconds to go. Not sure what this discussion. And requested a but I. Against the clock they're gonna put it back to a full thirty seconds. In the record rise to put it. In the right way and that that it'll get to that regret parties. Ernie holed up beyond it's not the dark enough to run around. Trends that have been recognized you know. It's screen guard. It used to dribble out there are going up the street and that's the bush and good for this quote backing out of holding out off. Finals. This exhibition game. Either 9253. Or 89 to fifty people applying that. We've tried please stay true. Because if you know coming up presented by Johnson and play virtually any state of mind so much more than that suit that post game. Its own reflection of his homework since like between seventeen should be close out this time. I'm buying it at seven. The twenty seventeens are going fast then. They'll get special clothes or pricing on our most popular twin seventeen ship models like Silverado Tahoe in traverse its transit trade and get a great deal during. Tony seventeen should be close its a year hometown Chevy dealer today. Offer only answer was well. Available especially when police were there offers it for everybody 113017 T participating dealer for details. 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Shocker sports is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center it's indeed born and overweight Sawyer. Listen for all WSJ shocker basketball games on 103 point seven K it. And let them play. I like yes it is. Brought them back to the arena and the post game show brought by Johnson's voted for it in 96 real life so much or. That didn't suit Wichita State when this exhibition opener over matters of state tonight 9253. Pretty strong performance by the doctors except for some sloppy turnovers in the second chance of that. Yeah it's been experienced players they gave this threat of force they will capture them repeatedly that certainly not great martial. Right now though the game recap. But you know. And economic coming to coming here for defense Eli attorneys which. In the McAuliffe and six for 1548. Or visit the company's LLC. Having it coming blog or Ortiz always comfort Butler who. Main reasons why Wichita State won 31 games last year rebounds and Wichita State averaged 49 point. Forty point nine excuse me rebounds per game last year. The best of 32 years well they dominated on the board for seven point six into the ball game. And I think that's good news right then again this year. Also the defense this suffocating. The last few they have tremendous defense one of the best defense. Teams in the country was tremendous again today as a matter of fact. We believe it or statistics are right that Henderson State went home sales was thirteen minutes. In the second half for the sport people. That would ball games that you can do that look past that those were the real strengths. Turnovers great equalizer. That reads in the second half was. The way it was played as turnovers which state about one additional thing might need films. Played like it better. He. Is. A heady ballplayer he's a football player he's very athletic. And he showed that although Landry sham it was missed. It paints Jones does more than credible job as a backup point guard really nice addition we're gonna talk to him in our post game as we continued. One thing that you pointed out the date that I I thought was significant. Which gusted ended up with eighteen turnovers. Anderson State's fifteen. But points off turnovers Wichita State still had the age it's 2217. So they want to kind of turn overs that. Atomic bombs like Gregg Marshall calls in the lead to layups at the end they warned turnovers were regarding these trips. The basket they were turnovers or forward would spread out. It intercept the pass that he was unfulfilled all the way down the court. But they were soft turnovers nevertheless eighteen turnovers cannot be especially against a team like this eighteen turnovers is not going to be acceptable. That is our game recap rectified built and he can comings and we've got a lot of other things to present one is the defense chief. Player of the game. But you like got you covered but he left controlled lighting your living room create privacy your bedroom or transport look at your kitchen got you covered has the right window treatments. For you call 3166127000. Noted that she covered it which it it's cute to see H eight covered at which it's not. Dot com got you covered serving. Wichita area nobody gets out I'll. I think kids Jones and the reason I'm saying net is is violence happen comes into the ball game and he's the best player. On Henderson states he averaged fifteen points a game last year he's a good shooter. But he only goes to him for field why is that because Jones institute repeat job one now. He got to the free throw line for seven camps but when you've got your star player. That you 20% from the field and can't get off more than ten shots you've got to find out who's guarding him that was mean films is now. Every shocker fans should benefit every time this actress win with discounts ought shocker merchandise tents locker room east or west which doctors with ninety points in this exhibition game. If you ate 25%. Discount to borrow it either to adds location. East or west of stuff behind it big savings to get your season. Under way at we will continue with the post game show presented by Johnson's. Right after this. But you're looking for the first. Think power suit for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear the watch the big game need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. You're sure to find something that you and your style. And right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coats and over coach. 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You one thing to protect the environment. It all starts which is one thing. Go for green gifts they offer menaced for gifts that don't involve buying anything. For example. Give yourself extra time together. Or background and have a friend with kids and give them free babysitting donate to charity or give gift certificates for music and movie downloads it's seizure wallet and the environment. It all starts with just one thing. Find tips and more at one thing US dot com. What's your one thing. Shocker sports is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. US you shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GE one yeah. Or your cards on your way home please say they drive home the game has brought you like this land higher service work retires at the national service are always. A slam dunk. Let's hear art but in the trees play at the game. A lot of that in place but that's the one which has brought by lines. Myers the baseline to them. Do it. Right there and that's completely yet. Beautiful animal life. They're here. And we are back good here at that time sorry. Want to remind you also while Greg marshals on his way over so we'll just get to that and a shocker that coach Gregg Marshall brought to you by. Kansas. By express employment professionals they are on ambition. To put a billion to work so actors winning this exhibition game 9253. Over Henderson State first. Two exhibitions in a short span of time Shaq will be back on the floor Monday night against in the university. At seven. Coach before the game I ask you about some of the things that you were kind of looking to figure out tonight at one of those was discussed in the do you guys look at the lights on. Intriguing situation how would you value. Formed. We're talking to margin in the two freshman yeah tomorrow's it was okay in the first half it was pretty good in the first half I thought not to go in the second half at all. And then the two freshman group. I'm very good. You know the thing that really turned in the second half of this game was the passage in it which is kinda. Obviously into law at the receiver and try to throw the ball in the air force in situations that are are not typical certainly but I guess at some point out. Film and really work on. We have been tell on this team that they pass the ball as poorly as any team I've had for a while and tonight was just another example of that thirteen turnovers in the second half which is. I mean we we're we are late with passes the big guys don't holders year old. With passion we shouldn't be passed in that we had a chat channel one hand pass. On a cut early in the second half. With a bounce passes to seven footers. It's a it's just a wide range and variety of of poor decisions and poor execution without passing. Tomorrow we're gonna go on the court I was so to woman videos with a little open and or in the court about 121215. While volleyball matches alone will work have to see if we can improve on. If you can't play defense though extraordinary. Defense second half I think. Figures things out. Twelve minutes before they score that. Yeah that's I think fair's just decided to sit down and hope that they'll continue to listen to the other team scores a basket but that was a long time to. To stand today so I understand it is an exhibition game so everybody's not being formed yet. We if this was okay. You know just that the breakdowns were. Think we can correct. In the helmet on helmet that transition. Finding the shooter in transition. They scored one basket are we in this. It's early in The Who see you can. I think Shaq. And turn the corner again to the team kicked out for really. So you know those things we can certainly improve upon what can continue to work will be in the gym tomorrow so. There's no day off played well despite its star players. Yeah yeah we played especially in this first half. We shooting the ball well we were Chris we had five turnovers. And shot the ball 65%. 4544. From three. And we were up 31 points at halftime so. We've seen that before round here and sometimes it's hard to come out with the same zest energy and focus. The young guys. In them and that we disappointed with how quickly the second half so. Maybe we knew it was closer we would hopefully it will better. Also second half Connie didn't play that much having you didn't have a chance to get some guys that exit is that beneficial even if they didn't play well to get them some minutes and it kind of see them in the game situation. Nearly I got to see if they can or can't at this point. You know we got a couple of I don't know about from politics of the emotions Monday's exhibition if you could still. Play guys and they can richer I have to find out if that's in the rules so. You've got a couple more chances now maybe one more chance. To decide if there are going to be player. And otherwise we have to make some tough decisions on Richard you know whether or not richer guys. To what we see here. For shark killing still old faithful added that it season last season but his numbers. Through an entire book it. Yeah you know he didn't have any turnovers which a life he's been turned the ball over some practice it's ten point 25 for nine from the field. Obviously knows our system. He had some trouble with the kid bread near me. Let that guy as athletic and he was unfortunately. Beating Rashard just some rebounds. That she was charged yet. But it just under estimated the kid can't do that he's big and athletic and Rashard. That's next few tablets that if you can't. I think it's incredible how accurate Marshall joining us it's what you're testing experts at the station partners state. Ninety 253. Most of the talking with our player of the game that Letterman Lamar fine shocker sponsors cars are an outlet. And Florie Saturn like the Greek tradition shocker basketball. Javaris longtime tradition which community providing great flooring products at everyday low prices great service. Another great people who work with us unique floor at any kind carpet tile limited whatever made the go see Javaris. Eighteenth sixteenth. North Broadway we're still waiting for our. Player's guest. Don't have a scoreboard person but with just a women's basketball team. Won their second exhibition innate good performance today over southwest Baptist 8264. Makes improvements over the first exhibition at three players in double figures and now. It's on for real as they play great next Friday India official debut for Keith Adams as. She's terrific person just really really fine person. Got a late start for the recruiting this year I saw most of that gain. The kids played very hard. We'll see what they're going to do depict comedians I think last place in the conference or tenth place in the conference. And Saddam so they got their work cut out for him but she's built. Even dynasties before so we're looking for big things from. A couple of things I want to mention of the got a moment about tomorrow obviously the volleyball match with temple at noon that's the next to last home volleyball matches you do want the other one until the Friday after Thanksgiving when that is done in. Temple got upset last night at Memphis with him last place they dropped back to third place but still. Dangerous team should be Goodman tomorrow and if you're not aware. Two of the leading contenders. In the women's race in New York City Marathon tomorrow or former shoppers Helen Taylor. As the second fastest time. Going into the race behind in the Libyan the runner 36 Olympics the last time. And LT actually about as the sixth fastest marathon time and neither of them have run a lot of marathon yet here. Young professional careers that. Helen Taylor out to Lima should be two of the leading contenders Ericsson marathon. There is live coverage at an obvious the end she's started at 8 AM you wanna watch them. That's certainly to find soccer's. Out there tomorrow and verified that would be worth watching which we can be very pro and always have been very proud of the two of them but more so even more. I we are joined violet the newcomers to shocker basketball but certainly note newcomers to fancier with not so much change you know with latest high school basketball east. Which state. Hutchinson community college. Let's start by Agassi getting your own nightly. Performance in this first time under the lights. Miss half a foot company. Pretty. The news baton oh lead in the team's second half but could do a better couldn't that's been bitten me in the team that. Talk about the transition from junior college. Division one at this level certainly there are steps every transition high school go to college that what's it may be the most difficult thing yes. What employees we can have a lot of plays that this community college really have probably two that we really were and in the end everything else is just an approval. Theres a lot of plays and let alone and let them so you can let them be more vocal as a point guard that the Najeh. Choppers had eighteen turnovers thirteen in the second half you handle the ball more than anybody on the court today but yet you only had one turnover. So at. It so you do take it very good care of the basketball that's something that's very very important to you outfitted me. He is very important has the balls very precious to us we don't listen about all of that we had a lot tonight. And we just have to clean and it's impressive. A lot of things it really is out. On time your forty in the night I thought shocker that insults. Potters scene that really clicked and it right. Have a nice feel for each other for no longer. Yeah I'll play with him a couple times. The lives and to see him at the same shots and just run the team. The same way we did all of this found on them play together. Loses is great playing with a month. Your minutes are gonna be determined by how you do defensively you seem to be able to figure out where you're supposed to be the rotations and healthy now quite a bit on defense. It's most definitely this is so let him process that defense is schemes that we learned fans don't get better at every day in practice that I can do it out here for the fans and this for most of them who has put exceed your family here today on my sister shared. My family is not really around not that much so. My sister is among them alone season on the moon fantasies on the JV game and on this and doing that she's here. Which he has reason to be proud of you today. This budget coaching is coaches always talk about a game like this season exhibitions give them a better idea of where guys are now in game situation. If you look at. Does that help you also to get out here in nature game situation get a feel for what you need is still work on and so. Most definitely. It was you know it was better to play against people that you don't play into every data. If Phil watched them watch film every day. Various of against the opponent. That'd be excited that he would part useful thing expectations it. You know honestly it's just the blessed and I'm just happy just being in this position that I am and I'm just taking every moment. In playing hard as I can't everybody amongst them for the team. Thanks for taking time isn't it that. I think he. Suns one of our stars of the game tonight and up eleven points three rebounds four assists and just one turnover. Minutes of play Wichita State was there exhibition game ninety. 53. Over state the player of the game is brought to you by the Kansas lottery Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become. I'm millionaires as lottery dot com the most current jackpot now like Kansas lottery. And the bigger. What did the things you heard this program is to be. Self evaluating. Evident you're standing what. It's you don't have to self evaluate we have Greg Martin Luther coach but it seems like I just think he's going to be great all mice already has. Already that's something they they've really needed support yeah there at that that quickness and energy that he brings. Constantly keep the pressure on your opponent's plan matter countered that game yet they still. This deep in the same kind of intensity on the up on if I was disappointed when they shot Smith decided to transfer I thought he was great team player. But he added the element of quickness and which a state is a quick team but I mean a level above quickness and I thought I just don't know for going to be able to replace that. They have with so much if he is as quick players I've seen out here many many years. And when Wichita State substitute him into the ball game when he gets his minutes into the ball game. It's a new dimension it's a different look it's gonna make Wichita State dangerous regardless of what point they are appalled. So I think it has become kind of a new tradition with Wichita State basketball as Carlos Kelly's and spirit month of November is spirit month posted Cali she could be cheerleaders for lunch. And dinner at all three Wichita Carlos of Kelly's here Kellogg rich 47 south Broadway. And 29 at. And this is the spirits was annual fund raiser cannot support the team. It's worth the shot. Nice that they mean it worked out really well it really is this is a community having an eight. Everybody supports one another room and bogeys for the ladies in the in the young gentleman and they come out to such fantastic job for the team and they deserve it. And speaking of it's a great community thing to have in the play Wichita state of the special exhibition Monday night to benefit hurricane victims and others the other any natural disasters experience recently in so it's for a a great cause it and certainly we have seen them. Play in recent years both in the regular season and an exhibition. It's running Allen's son is not a coach mark potter was a very good friend of ours. And coach Allen is going to do have a very good job for a moment you and I are both Newman fans I have been from the time Dave Skinner. Policy and of course he coached out there. And I'm glad that they're given this opportunity to come out here they're a fine program with superb people. And they they deserve the opportunity to come out showcase their talents. That is Monday night 7 o'clock tip offs were 705 will be on the air at six which means no coach shows that kind on Monday night. Again don't forget volleyball tomorrow at noon against temple last chance to see the shocker at home until. The week of Thanksgiving so it's kind of winded out of that sport just getting started in basketball that could be more excited about the season. Well enough Wichita State's basketball team can do nearly the job that the volleyball team has done it's going to be successful season. Final score tonight Wichita State ninety Henderson State 53 there is no locker room show after the exhibitions that will be starting up again after home games starting next Friday chucked it on your little head do that again as far as I know he does a great job I certainly hope he does and I tune in. After every ball game the listeners didn't do. Let does it for tonight think storm on feeling for his help here at the site and in the studio Andrew Hamlin for Dave. I kept saying goodnight for Coker at Wichita State defeats Henderson State 9253. It will be that much the united six with the shoppers and the.