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Friday, November 3rd

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This is the men's room. Listening to its real. Spring break your persona setting my brother out profile those dollar 9844999. A global player profile that's coming up be in minute. The headlines on the play one hour from now first quick check in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out good news today is national sandwich day and there are deals that pretty much every sandwich chain. Freud yeah sandwiches. And I'm glad I've found that out now if you if you want to know fled what kind of sandwich would you go for. We don't MM chicken salad or to do I got half a strong mayors of the world. Good I was like if Turkey bacon avocado. General Dowdell death. Stay right. Real miles your sandwich you get a deal and Amy sandwich you want. Oh got to be some kind of cheese steaks and ozone operational takes solid army balsa disaster Regis sandwiches or could it be Iraq might. So is. Dead and get deals until it's changed I just now and I ran on a parent has national draft day. I don't see why I don't get it near as often as they used to I was really young kids but for some reason when I think about going to get the same it's like hey you get one sandwich meat also bullish comes to my mind. Yeah yeah out of my go to for no other reason it took the least amount of time to get. And no game balls and merit rating and that a little bit and their own every day now usually I they're really and I haven't had winning years but every time I do I wonder what I haven't had looking into this. They come home ice a quick and easy way insurmountable police right. Unmanned and Germany trying to open a beer bottle using a pepper spray canister to react and when it broke 200 people had to be evacuated its. How many nothing that was gonna. I don't know how you try to open a beer money using a pepper spray cast well I don't know what else. That would table I would was an antique table before I tried to use of pepper spray canister ten but he isn't a movie theater. What did yeah but it's in Germany were you can drink to you think you hear what looked like man sorry gonna. The brighter bottle opener yes all of the comments that that was a real tear Jerker of a move kids. I will make no Mike I'm with you I have ruin the edges of tables before open beer bottles as loose and Anthony very flat does die hard tops our pentagon until just done an accountant you know did you ever knew to someone else's that. Yup yup and did you invest you know. Yes I did not you play ball Adamo going to go to the did you get your table man my dad's. Get them fixed. Yeah limited or no Arab joint problems at ten tables jump. A group of British male models starting thirty person brawl in New York City and they do a good look at brawl right. Hopefully we Cherilus. And oil take his top Bob yeah I think that if it. Well. I don't assume that models can actually. You know fight welter of him to trending. They're strongman must give her good she can keep I don't know of the fighters. Let the I don't know it is doubtful we'll much say that trimmed the muscular and muscular British and Chinese dream Harrell did sit there are shiny finish. That's Chris Brown how Jones finished in the fan Andy what do you do it I guess to thank the people people who fight and people take your shirt off before the fight. My dad and share their relatives brown moved the first round of just shut that thing run off predator you know The Today Show. I think the people in this rip off their shirt and having an emotional response to a great remember TERRELL OWENS. For a couple years ago I gotta be got booted off of football team whatever but the media decides to follow in 2000. He was the only unit either step out of his car ripped off her shirt fervently hope and I started Jones soda control what people Bob Fisher I'm just thinking if I had. Yeah I would assume the journal bush dirt and I don't wanna fight OK who's scarier taken the shirt off guy or rip in the shirt off debt. Well we're really vulnerable Khomeini on you and I think take you know assured offers a little bit more little bit more nuts. Our guys too much of you Rick Fisher of like now you're just over the auto guy casually out quicker you do it as though he grabbed him by the neck usually yank him his shirt off I apologize if this. So dude just pulls Hogan can rip city might think it's all right he's on steroids now one of white America he is not gonna feel your guns off walk away. Yeah I mean can you got to judge the guy just rips off your shirt Brit and Ebert takes it off when he got to just rips it like he's ready to play always compliment the Nepal's first. Hey look I literally grab the guy and great aerial shows little silver dollar and other kind of quarter size for the man drove in the not too big Buick and the poor. About singles and doubles reforms and defense those pacs are immaculate they're dark but not too dark. For paints an awful awful familiar with the dark from a hundred yards like a little thing in mind that users do you know balls or actual outings he told to a black man fooled. My bad there's a kick starter right now for deodorant that's made out rove moment whiskey. A with. Yet if I wanna smell and you've been drinking the most loyal friends does get back in the gym deodorant just go back to the gym working out you can have what alcohol what would have been up. The smell that I was for barter. Hold early release maybe Malibu. I'd go lemon cello. But the tobacco. I decide if I'm under the bucket thrill I'd go with a cucumber vodka can that is our sense there's a fresh should dispel impressions although it cucumbers rights and those delicious was an awful temperaments. Chats. No that was it is he Yeager and as of government. I don't think so much older parents. Rumpled man yeah its rumpled man are you wouldn't smell bad is that crap that Eric Davis at one time that of Poland and don't usually greets stuff old god dad drinks all god. That's stuff we hate that's also. I didn't like we drink more reach his sleep every single day. Tomorrow we had our world tomorrow got done in a bottle moves right play at that would open a 32 shot Rolen reached. We can't drink I mean we are dying for Arab all would get. We traded until I think you brought a little bottle a jab to Q and did some cheap tequila is like dude this tequila calls like 39 centralized we don't care. It was that badgered. People don't like who don't know who's a fan I am not one of those people. Tough. I don't lose since September oh we did a serial golden lose those who couldn't keep the milk well milky. Who's those sentenced them to catch you have hooters logo. Kansas. Since September 11 2001 the war on terror has cost 250. Million dollars. And Dayton daily. Daylight yeah yeah every four days of the billions god damn man. And I'm. On the best way for cattle farmers to test their soil and improve the quality of their beef yeah and nobody heard about this I have relatives give east is to vary their dirty underwear. Yeah and for what purpose now if I remember. If I remember correctly you bury the underwear if you pull it up and it's still intact the soils dead right the soils bad. If this fertile soil we will actually eat the underwear and a total Greg this is the waist and I etc. I say yeah. Which made as you look at the underwear tests the staff did not know back. Old old thing that you've been doing for hundreds hundreds of things pass or honored or tomatoes. The main suspect in New Orleans as the police for you quote lawyer dogged. But they and interpreted as him wanting a dog with a lawyer now that makes a good minutes into the State Supreme Court. Yet they used at the moment. There's no guys there well he didn't want a lawyer involved wanna learn I don't like him Manila where we forgot to put the comic angle is part of a written statement yes. Feel like one of those things a lawyer dog you have officially forfeited your right to look. There's just paddy yeah he's never pointed to an envoy and now it's in the Supreme Court. I'm sure they're the guys fighting like come on man. Because if you are confident so stupid that they think I think those are the more your bone fusion probably reinvest their police force or these guys are just be enable us. This is a way service time in my years and it. His lawyer finally dozens of men you should do we'll ask them. Where don't hit good performance for the next dozens of women have been trying to get an appointment with a gynecologists. Why I'll tell you are now has now. Thank you are your headlines are coming up one hour from now first the good news the room three cents. Siva thrown out to please tell everyone how profile this is playing as our ten miles at the simple game where we share with you real life news story. Something that happened right here at planet earth. Her off her. And as you listen to the store based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make we'll ask you what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Thomas welcome to the Madrid. Yeah. Yeah yeah and. Thomas you understand how this here game this place. Look bad you fantastic here's a story that's of course go to Florida. And this case a Lakeland Florida when he was arrested on Monday afternoon after beating up a fifteen year old boy they heap blame. For the death of his dog. Now according to the Pope county sheriff's office the boy was walking to convenience store. When you notice of the dog apparently been hit and killed by a passing car in front of home. That's when deputies say that the 25 year old man came out of his home blame the board for the dog's death. Debate ended that the boy compensation. To Graham did headphones were Toronto's next. And then the boy gore pulled away so the suspect began hitting the kid knocking him to the ground and continued hitting in taking them. The suspect rooming dad pulled away from the dead men Jim ran away and called police know the more you who suffered several abrasions he told deputies that a welcome for gourmet. Do you believe that this guy would have killed them. The suspect told detectives that he bled the boy who dog's death because he was wearing a hoodie go figure and walking by as yard while the dog was not happen. No W say there's a lot of traffic in the area and there's no evidence that the kid had anything to do dog's death plenty of evidence that a dog is hit it how it. Now the suspect was charged with robbery without a firearm or weapon because it's a bad calls but didn't mind criminal history includes five felony counts and five of misdemeanor charges. Including carrying a concealed weapon. Drug possession on and on and on and on ago. The question after you do you believe that the suspect in this case is black and white makes you or Asian. Yeah a little well. I am. Well the most deadly they're bad and the reason consultants. Phone home. You don't wanna know and I've looked in ominous clues wearing a hoodie and a warm weather climate. Given that isn't it the kid right there yeah it is in a neighborhood. Untethered dog. Remains. This guy this guy killed the dog in the plane ticket. No big car hit and killed the golf Arctic sea and walked into the store received a dog inside wall. It goes there to see you can help realize dogs dead and as he's crouching over the dog and the suspect who planned out his towels things can still has gone thank commences to beat the genocide. Yeah. I'm really just go black on Muslim. I think guys well. I don't know that there. And so he's the moral you know you can always been crazy like a good old days your record everything you need to thank the guys up five titles a felon there's a reason I believe that because whether he was you know rightfully charge or not he seems to be in trouble the law logs and don't you know for whatever reason. Florida's own. I would say there's no five time. The Asian felons walking around for some reason I don't know lodge doesn't seem right. Yeah. Yeah I I think you'll add to this solved. Through W on black. Yeah I think I think that's gonna be asking mutilated yeah a final answer. That's designed like you don't go back to mama grew by now they have used black white mixed or your Asia next. Fat as a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. Listen miles and from other things to Florida and it. You do stuff because you saw a dog had been hit by car dog didn't make it but unfortunately for him the owner came out whether he was trying to help the dog the owner thought the kid was responsible. For injuring or killing dog he took the kids headphones beat the living hell out on the only tools roommate came out and and stopped so the kid called police and he was arrested. And quest to ask you Thomas did you believe that this guy was black white makes your agent and in the end human black. And I. At home. Now is now relatively new though that never DB time of day. Countless hours in front of a talking again in the men's room presents. Mike Leach is the head coach of the Washington State Cougars football program and before that he was a coach at Texas Tech. So if you know any black cultural bought uranium on Mike Leach he's he strange. To say the least not like coach Leach and you strange kind of a funny way. But. I I just want to preface this too with late he basically invented it. Well I think invented the kind of perfected a lot of the offense as you watch right now. You know it's like you've seen Texas Tech being a powerhouse but you got to remember before he showed up there. These Lubbock Texas was an outpost nobody even had good teams there who bright he came in with the air raid offense and it's and that's I like Mike reached but he's definitely strange dude. He's still Q Ed drinks his coffee at a little terror tiny styrofoam cup. I don't Robert gate is seventeen that change and it's a number one. Really get that styrofoam cup doubt that's Giuliani's like three or four miles away from. Is house from from the university. And he thought he walks of fields walks in the woods every day get to work both lovely out there on the loose mom a house and he Powell. Somebody asked him about candy corn he does not shy away and seems legit kinda angry about candy corn and a couple of things. Honorary kindergarten inches tall and I think candy corn saw salute you don't. It's like true OK okay you know there's a reason they only servicer fruitcake wants a year it's all yeah. There's a reason they only serve may June July this year because they're all things. And there's a reason they only serve Kenya born once a year because that's all yeah now it does beg the question why they serve at all. Plus oh. And in doing the Smart thing yeah. You lose your last encounter with the new car. I'll sometime when Isaac didn't use my hands full size that's all that's left to get sick. Video. Of the ledger faced a page is he's not kidding now we see in every time and it's awful. But she says his disdain in his voice yet he also basically solve the NCAA playoff system and like thirty seconds one day at a press conference they went. Oh yeah that's actually really good idea because that's always what else you're zero also samarra in place work it down. Got two games and a little bit shorter so maybe play one less game during the season's start the playoffs early boom they're all end. The bulls games still exists even the outward games that aren't. Part of the process to be national champion you don't lose that and then you get a really good playoff system he had a lump paper was amazing it was like makes cents. Yeah but I mean when you rather watch you mean this ball game. On December 26 that's in Detroit and yet Coopers GAAP. I think in the turf turn like that last year and it was time yes it was clear they were still handles this would mean anything toward the championship thank god yeah. But the purpose. Jimmy Kimmel a bit off this week he had us in different celebrity guest. Guest hosting. Big a role have been in there Channing Tatum. Had been there sees me. Scientists to Philadelphia Caesar for a second he probably still well. You can't fight it I mean I can make you unified occupied you can't fight the almighty when it comes as there is tonight. So Jennifer Lawrence is on there hosting. Do you guys know Jennifer Lawrence movies. I mean in general when she's in silver linings playbook I guess she was and yet she's in a bunch of them but it turns out to not everybody knows her movies. All my guys did you really getting. You name I am Jennifer Lawrence movies oh guys I'm. Please believe I only know. You can alienate you did CNN right now aren't. The worst and I. Jennifer Marines. You know you live now that. Right ten grand. He better than ten million green. I'm pretty sure funny and I'm Jennifer I. Anyone saying I'm. And yeah. See these things right by my neighborhood. There would be kind of odd though if there's a big Hollywood starlet can you name five movies have been and then there's their inaction are. I will say this too much credit he had five or navigate it was she did. Hunger Games I was so I can't name all three but the route three sound goods so relies playbook and passengers I think. That are on passengers at things. If she was it passengers and tried to what you alluded twice undermanned and I swear I fell asleep both times it's just not interest. Yeah I just don't watch enough movies and you know they're not only that's right yeah. Right issues Asia was asking something about payers are migration you know I've got an hour to what is a typical question a celebrity's us yet. And CEM I movies now can you tell me about Bert bear migrations sure sure the surest signal more. Outside of the polar bear. Gee I forget you as always stranger things yeah yeah very much is such show scifi. Or yeah just always there some part in the past outside its it's a little bit of everything. Well late I was you people talk about strangers things but nobody really describes. The with the show with these guys are much more I don't watch it now Mike I will that's great that's only a hole into another world every dog about like. An alternate reality an alternative universe those of us probably scifi art sounds like a wrinkle in time. Which ones that did you ever read that book I did not really made me read it I know the title but I know what they mean I may have created the good book. I didn't like OK you and I failing grades I had to read that the second until group. Yes wrinkle in time blowing a hole got in your read that book I think that the average hypocrite I didn't. When they go on a seven footer. That point it's just to see you. Well basically this the second season came out a stranger things people were very very excited about it. Netflix doesn't have like. I got official numbers may have ways of kind of regime they how many how many people streamed it in this and that. But basically Nelson kind of came out some ratings for the estimated that fifteen point eight million people watched the first episode of season two. Sometime over the weekend that I believe it. That's crazy. They said of and of those nearly eleven of Rome where you know that eighteen to 49 which which you wanna have yet and I could Netflix doesn't sell ads. They're making money because they had those people there. That you don't mean how do they make the money so subscription a rarest of the journey isn't good from base and then. I don't know but if you have that many of that demographic watching there's got to be so I don't know if that's right. If I think the main thing now with a website stuff I tell Bakken numbers and data and maybe they can do pop ups at the union and yeah. Maybe gonna watch a strange things a woman should reside in the gone out and if he met a new Toyota. If I think I know your Kennedys and he has been maybe distract you thank you complete random stranger walking to you on the bus and trying to sell you stuff. It's also about four and a half million people they figured out of binge that show in the first weekend are sure they just Dick did everybody in here watch it on first again. No god not under that I what's like an episode once or twice week three rooms we think about the ability that problem that I entered I think they've got more time the united. The Arctic. And I think that might you know get no I'm not one of those people that I know around and watch that then yeah I think I'm Obama Homestake grab nothing to do I just haven't had that window my life feels it down to watch. That's why. To be honest with the UIQ you watch a movie because I can't sit still long enough. Yeah I'm a hard time that I mean I really do I don't edit movies it's emitted it's a middle of drama nod to the movies tournament. And the sort of mean it's like look he. Iran says they can't do whatever for how long the plea deal whatever it's worth your while if you're invested then you will unveil a real bright put it this way you stay on the line for our economic road course of the last ninety seconds but it's worth Bigelow mind the seconds were freaking awesome I have yet. Which you can't stand still would you go to there the pale movies not all of them but they cannot sucked man lately there has not been a lot of great movies that. But there have been a lot of great TV shows like I watched all of us were all just emotional ones. I do prefer the half hour shows seems like I can get through a little bit easier and only half an hour right into us or you could not do that than Memphis real prodigy identity your two days. All it took the weekend night and a I'm couch Barnicle tensions okay. Taliban about it if a day for our event that they do it's I don't know it's about might not have enough time but he's got to concentrate and sit there and got to be senator yeah. Added new mine I'm a vacation. And before I would go to bed each night when bad things are much better forums and only what eight episodes threats of like that to a three and I had a couple days it was done by now that we're working but there's no chance man. Now a daylight savings here there's Carter also have Omar. We're shows. Mean. Yeah I mean that's what people do the winner threat watch where show makes chilly you know help stuff I do crock pot right into all that kind of stuff start fires. He can stay in your fireplace he said in the fire and arsons and yet don't just start fires around how are you probably not gruden. It's OK to smoke we get down. Obviously one of the biggest controversies. Going on lately is the MOG with a burger on it. Whether or not cheese goes on top of burger if it goes below the burger. How could you know she's anywhere but on the top mover. I guess well I mean in theory if you put she's on the bottom bottom and hop burger on it that would kind of melted yet. I mean look dude I'm with you. This and the good she's needs to be on the girl before it goes on the blog. Me I just think it the in the grand scheme of things like act MOG. Like the cheese is awfully it's not a big deal now via but it is a controversy. So let's talk to winning its controversy here in America so what's your English and James Gordon talk. CNN's I control this erupted don't what's up over the weekend off to reuse pointed out they do most cheeseburger among G places that she's underneath the bug up while. Apple it puts it don't talk. We'll bring you out about it. Does this isn't it can jealousy cheese goes on the top of the bug Ghana did to an obviously got over the first thing I love my go to America. They tell you the apple that you moving here I am she's on top okay. It responds Google's CEO between since we'll drop everything else we are doing an address so mom died if funds to agree on the correct way to do this. There was some kind of way for Google a lookup how to make your cheese. How web site that lets you do. Yeah it seems it's only a matter time for apple and Google make food. Do when. 3-D printers you can make your own food and home yet exactly well. At a time when you you go or you go online one way or another wouldn't apple gonna have to. Annual battle apple food Apple's layoffs. Yet thought apple stuff apple juice. I got my hat that I was to Apple's pretty Burson lead are you a lot and apple student grill on the median overall. Grill grill apple sure yet and I don't know why don't know learned. Dude that guy Steve Franklin on TV many girls everything yes he does yeah I love them yet those that make it a grill I I do yeah. Need to grow apples trust him on. Good news for if your fan of the seventies show. Bill murder. Valderrama. Wilmer is it it is Wilmer I believe we'll learn Wilmer Wilma Rama he Wilmer Haney. You can't. Dean hunt with her father Obama. Basically. As somebody asked about asked him about recent quote we've had some conversations but there's nothing official yet. I mean. It doesn't seem like it should be that hard for that crew to get back together. But I mean culture and Danny Masterson are still working on a show together could Jersey married to Mila Kunis wreck but Masterson has some legal issues going on he does. And us in the united America you know real allegations of a very very inappropriate ratings. They'll get Marion central Moscow Idaho and Andre and carried out. Three different time out there and one of the lawyers told to slam dunk case to put that in perspective. And I could turn. I mean who knows but could just one of those guys he made his money and then he's least he's been Smart kind of despair from the public eye but plate he's invested in so many think went went. Square the little things plug in the bottom your phones and credit cards embezzlement Twitter so he's made him drew gobs of money doesn't need to do it. Well he's acting again these are Netflix shares it yet and Mila Kunis is tell me that doubles cost them. Oh yeah the urban yeah yeah I NN I won't say. Number one I like Berman and I hope it's hurt those commercials are effective. It's Mila Kunis are you telling your drink burba and realize hey it into Burberry and security don't mean much more the sales pitch but they knew throw me would Kunis and analog. What do I would drink any freeze if you handed to impose though knowing that I think actually bottles of illusions. Was she was she wanted to do you know the poor and we don't make ends he's if you watch a movie she could convince you drinking efforts doesn't I have does not match of trees are good. Males when I was child the sounds horrible but any freeze is very appealing to the looks like Gator as we have great not only that assurance why analyze it back. Really oh yes that's a lot of women who like poison her husband to there was still a high around do they come home and if you don't want the total white women may take pursue that wanna watch you guys on but. It seems that idea at the Gatorade Jesus Christ any freeze has been the main one and like Myles said man they hide in fruit punch they had a Gatorade I guess. I can't really taste yet Allen always had a bunch of mr. yuk stickers on mr. As many as you can fit yeah do not drink U looks delicious and burly under pays half bad. She's putting darker bottles. Maybe don't make it taste like that or go to jiffy lube. I mean look man like natural gas and has no personally given odors in the view of gas leak you're aware of trying to. Correct you can do though many for like make it taste so bad that someone did take it simply wouldn't think who that would take another war. Yeah that's bad stuff there. I don't often player bunches steam coal barely guy at the announced Steve I just don't watch him go where all that much. But yes some funny bits on there so this is him and call Kidman. Was asking the questions. Stars so beautiful. What do you think happened before the. Well. I think fewer people watch CBS. And everything. As C do you think artificial intelligence we'll ever conquer humanity. I asked my legs and that she just lost. Marina. What do you think it is the difference Shiites us. From animals. Our complex emotions are love Novartis and are immortal souls. Also we're not allowed to look our grinds and publicly. Damn shame that part of the ended debuting they're really separates us the most is Phelps. If you have certain. I think it's a huge factor in elves make I mean how like other good stuff right and the ability to communicate languages. Cities yadda yadda yadda. But I'm thumbs my boys what does any of that without so much else that tendon and no man from what society vulgarity or big don't belong here and if you lose it. They don't. It's always weird I told him a brand they're short thought I'd like to moments are about my brother widget has been toth Arafat's. But they look like peaked notes I know it's weird it's really where he has to do my hands fans are walking flip flops. He probably could if he can do a lot of those sums them all right you know what and a Hammond a while it always makes me laugh what's here's a drug Trent. Right had friends take years maybe now. Do. Now they see me do grow up tonight. This is president of. Okay. Please you're. Listen. I think they are tied that is so stupid things slowdown in speeches but what makes you laugh every time. Thank you Dan I don't get your headlines coming up when my cock in minutes you are listening to the men's or radio network. And Swiss pilot. Let's see what's happening in the real. Arterial Oregon where school this requires featured reports if they suspect a student is having sex. Meanwhile a North Carolina woman hits a lottery then hits and again and gets too big checks. In Florida woman is pulled off jury because the man who killed four people is so damn cute. Pennsylvanian at Pennsylvania men go to gynecologist so they can smoke the green doubles route that was NBA front nurse who delivered her own baby. In her own car it is time your headlines. It's time to eight. There's might call. I've got started gynecologist in Pennsylvania has seen a recent uptick in the number of people wind above him for employment. The only issue Ferrer all mad. And a mob of John over eating good PG and oldest reason that did you came after an article named the doctor as the first doctor in the area eligible certified medical Merrill. Yeah I. Dozens of men have been trying to book an appointment with the doctor LaMont. In the mail. All I have for weeds. Writes I leave this beat fair and think and I'm gonna bad neighborhoods been some shady apartments and all that score we bag today and these these guys who own or professional. But the man is risking his license if he does this and he's got a good gig goal and yet that's on him my compromise amassed well you don't know until you try and I would just call. Okay thank. I have an unusual isn't so the far right and I have some winds have been a music and have scanners even think to be inside a delay this you know everything an antenna vanity. I do like this that is line for the article is from businesses and their request for appointments began mostly coming from men though he's he's female patient exclusively. He's he's a gynecologist. I can't promise he had a hairy chest to. With a good if it's 101000 things changed. After I possibly. Could. There throughout the world in Florida a woman was dismissed from jury duty after he gave an interesting reason for not being able to make an objective judgment. The defendant is accused of murdering four people and will be on trial soon but the woman claimed that the man was quote too attractive and in my head affect your judgment why. Well the BC Obama's. Oh would you tell Mike butcher excuse that's nice news daddy you know jury duty. And I'm different and crazy in Atlanta though buys it and maybe get sent when you're up there near the duke job paid as it goes to mole hole if the triumph write them off saying that over and over the problem that's recipients is dismal. A woman in North Carolina as being hailed as one of the lucky as well I have to buy a stretch of ticket and jump for joy at the 101000 dollar prize that he had just one. Two of the lottery headquarters and claim your prize it was in such a good move that she about a second one on the way home which turned out to be a one million dollar prize winner foul. Of which she will claim 4171000. Dollars after taxes are collected from. Thank them out they don't nobody wins the lottery like the government. That is they wanna they literally in the morning and bring jackpot stands they win everytime someone when they win right every single time. They're the real winners way to manage your taking money from me that I just one for you because I won it from yield and now it's mine. Yeah. How. Kind of line. Yeah never forget the lottery. Was started by gangsters and we've just he's running the numbers yeah and then the government says hey this is good racquet we're gonna take it over told. I think I think they did anything it's designed for them to make money. It's no hole yeah like you got to play don't you know the wind but it's. Anybody can be a winner. Threat to capture some mile an hour and what will happen. We got to Oregon coast they know we're talking about I'm like oh my scratch up right. In Oregon a school district has put a new requirement on teachers but did they know it as a fact or merely suspected teachers are being required to report their students' sexual activity to law enforcement or state officials now this is millions of missing the lead on ending child abuse however most people are concerned that it will damage the trust between students and teachers that are very headlined about. Shot got out. They've reversed cereal CNN's Deborah your guess is as good as mine are random quests in question men's room rules and profile this yes indeed all of that is drew and pat we be all about here but until next time. Would you do best and poorly for the sake standard vehicle.