Rats for Autism Roadshow - Heartsprings

8700 E 29th St N
Wichita, KS 67226
United States

Event Description:

This is the reschedule event 

Rats for Autism is keeping the Roadshow going our next stop is Heartsprings in Wichita, KS on Sunday June 24th 

Come join the folks at Rats for Autism to present shirts/sticker to the amazing kids at Heartsprings in Wichita, KS.

We will hand out shirts/stickers to the kids and bring them outside to check out the Rat Rods. This is NOT a judged show. It is not about the cars, it is for the kids. We are bringing the show to them. There will be a small flamethrower display performed by members of Rats for Autism. 

Shinny Cars are welcome :) Please do not attend if you have issues with the kids touching or sitting in the cars.

If you are bringing a ride be there by 12 12:30 pm , Kids will start going out at 1 pm Contact Michael W. Millman Sr or Paul Shoate with HellKat Racers if you have any questions.