Primary Car Club--Draggin Douglas


Draggin Douglas
Douglas Street
Wichita, KS 67201
United States

Event Description:

Hey Wichita car scene! Everybody who's anybody in Wichita with a love for cars has May 20th marked on their calendar. Do you?! Get your ride cleaned up, inflate them tires, check that dipstick! Be ready to be seen down on Douglas. Grab a coke and a smile while you participate in one of Wichitas greatest traditions. Let's make this summer an unforgettable summer in Doodah! And please do your part in sustaining this tradition by being responsible on the streets. Everyone loves a good burnout but Douglas ain't the place for it, respect the law and do your part to show the youngsters how real car guys conduct themselves. Looking forward to the sights and sounds of the Douglas street cruise scene!!!!