Greta Van Fleet


Yes, The New Greta Van Fleet Album is Coming Very Soon

Welcome to Greta Van Fleet Week (2 of 5)

July 24, 2018

When is Greta Van Fleet's full album coming out, dammit?! 

Well, we asked the question once… Then we asked it again from a different angle and they called us out for the poking and prodding.  If at first you don’t succeed, try again, right? 

So, here’s the deal – we might not have a specific date just yet, but can for sure confirm Greta Van Fleet’s first full album is coming this fall!  We can all soak up the summer sun a little less anxiously now.  You’re welcome.

What can we expect between now and then to get us through the summer?  Well, according to Sam, “of course there is going to be a barrage of singles” which have already started coming with the release of “When The Curtain Falls” last week.

The full album will be similar to their epic double EP; however, we can expect something a little more dynamic.  Josh explains, “I viewed the double EP as putting a foot in the door and now it’s sort of like welcoming all of the people who are listening to the double EP to the Greta Van Fleet universe to see more of those dimensions.”

Plenty more to come from these guys.  Check back tomorrow for a few awesome stories about some of their unexpected celebrity fans.