WATCH: Duncan Jones and Michael C. Hall Accept Brit Awards for David Bowie

By: Maura O'Malley

February 23, 2017

At last night’s 37th Annual Brit Awards, the late David Bowie posthumously won two awards: “British Male Solo Artist” and “British Album of the Year.”

Michael C. Hall, of the Bowie musical Lazarus, was present to accept the first award, which he described as a “testament to a man beholden to nothing but his own boundless imagination and daring, whose ever-expanding artistic vitality simultaneously soothes us and sears us and astonishes us.”

David Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones, accepted the second award—“British Album of the Year”—on his father’s behalf, stating, “He’s always been there, supporting people who think they’re a little bit weird or a little bit strange—little bit different. He’s always been there for them.”

Later that evening, Jones tweeted, “I did forget one little bit of the speech though….F*ck cancer. F*ck it right off the planet.” Heard that.

Speaking of Jones’ tweets, here’s what he had to say after Bowie swept every category for which he was nominated at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards earlier this month.