How to Play a Hidden Video Game From 'Black Mirror' "Bandersnatch"

A developer revealed a website that lets you play 'Nohzdyve'

December 31, 2018

If you’re like us and were left with an overwhelming sense of guilt after watching Netflix’s new, immersive, choose-your-own-adventure style Black Mirror special, you’re probably looking for some lighthearted fun to take your mind off of your slightly evil choices. 

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The "Bandersnatch" special centered around the creation of a video game under the same name and presented viewers with choices that spanned from things as mundane as picking breakfast cereal to choosing someone’s fate. Along the way, we meet Colin- a famed video game creator who’s working on a game called Nohzdyve

The game company featured in the special is called Tuckersoft, a fictional brand a developer that worked on a number of the movie's easter eggs revealed a real site for. Along with a job ad encouraging people to work at the company, the website lets you play Nohzdyve

Click here to enter the site and download the game (we can’t confirm there aren’t any viruses… but it looks very legit).

SPOILER ALERT: The bottom of the site reads “A morbid turn of events would lead to the company shuttering its doors before the anticipated release of Bandersnatch, an ambitious title in development by the now infamous Stefan Butler.” Ouch.