Campaign Calls for Stevie Nicks to Work Shift at Fleetwood McDonald’s

Because Fleetwood Mac… get it?

January 4, 2019
Stevie Nicks performs at BB&T Center

Ron Elkman

In the latest news of puns so bad they’re good, the internet is calling for Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac to work a shift at a McDonald’s in Fleetwood, England.  

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In a Facebook event with over 3,000 people who have said they’re going and another 17,000 marked as interested, petitioners are urging Stevie to sell them “sweet little fries.”   

The page is home to photoshopped images of Stevie at McDonald’s, terrible memes, and lots of wordplay that likely includes cravings for a Big Fleetwood Mac. While the two-time Rock Hall of Fame inductee has yet to respond to the pleas, McDonald’s is excited about it and would welcome her to their crew with open arms.

“We’ve heard some rumours that Stevie Nicks might be keen to visit our own Fleetwood Macs. Next time she’s in the area we’d be delighted to welcome her for some sweet little fries before she goes her own way…” a McDonald’s representative told NME when asked about the campaign. 

The event is set for September 28, 2019, and we’ll be there.