That Time Ozzy Osbourne Met The Fast Food Tribute Band Mac Sabbath

The Prince Of Darkness gets a surprising tribute, straight out of Birming-hamburger

December 12, 2018

Mac Sabbath is a band of fast food misfits, sent through space and time to warn you about the dangers of government controlled food. They are not the first to concern themselves with what you eat, but they are the first we know of to do so to the tune of your favorite Black Sabbath songs. Also, did we mention they are from space.

The band consists of frontman Ronald Osbourne, who looks like a certain mascot who has been left in the sun too long. He is joined by Slayer McCheese on guitar, Grimalice on bass, and Catburglar on drums. Together they rip through every fast food pun possible, and actually perform a tight, fun set of songs. Their message comes out in songs like “Frying Pan” which sounds very similar to “Iron Man”, or “GMO Blind” which resembles the classic “Snowblind”. You get it.

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After a few years of gaining viral momentum, the band has final managed to meet their inspiration. No, not Grimace, but Ozzy Osbourne

During a previously unreleased clip from Ozzy & Jack's World Detour, Jack Osbourne takes his father to see a surprise performance of Mac Sabbath, and the result is pure joy. Deep fried, super sized, joy.