KISS And James Corden Give "Rock And Roll All Nite" An Old Guy Update

"I gotta pee six times a night, cause of my enlarged prostate!"

November 6, 2018

Paul Kane / Stringer

Not everyone has been able to keep up with KISS.

The band is about to embark on their final tour after 45 years of rock. The End Of The Road tour will kick off in January and will stretch into 2020 as the band says goodbye. Along the way, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have rocked countless nights, and partied just as many days. And while that might be fine for them because they are a Demon and a Starchild, it's been a little bit more of struggle for us mortals to keep the battery charged after four decades.

Enter James Corden of The Late Late Show, who strapped on the leather boots, painted up his face, and joined the band for an old man update to KISS' most iconic song. While performing "Rock And Roll All Nite", Corden offers more middle-aged activity suggestions like, "rock and roll one night, then get to bed around eight", and the all-too-real lyric "I gotta pee six times a night, cause of my enlarged prostate!"

“The bar is very high, maybe the highest. We’re in competition only with ourselves” Gene Simmons recently told Billboard about their final tour. “We don’t wish any ill will to anybody else, but we’re too busy being the most fabulous band on planet earth. Look at us. Just one look and you go ‘Wow.’”

So far dates are scheduled for the End Of The Road Tour into July of 2019. You can see the full list of dates here.

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