Everybody Is Dancing In Paul McCartney's "Come On To Me" Video

They can't stop moving to the 'Egypt Station' song

October 18, 2018
Paul McCartney

Kevin Winter / Staff

Paul McCartney makes everything better, even work.

Whether it's a long night of working security, a rough day in the food truck, or an overnight cleaning job, McCartney is pumping out the feel good jams to help get you through it.

In the official video for "Come On To Me", three employees use their time alone to groove along with the icon. We can't help but shimmy a little bit ourselves as we watch.

We knew this moment was coming from McCartney, as he released a stand alone version of security guard Freddie Maxwell crushing his dance moves in the department store last week. Paul also asked people to film their own version of the video, using the #COTMChallenge hashtag.

"Come On To Me" is the third single from McCartney's number one album Egypt Station. It's his first number one album in thirty-six years, and is available everywhere.

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