High-Schooler Hits Every Note in Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel," "You Are Not Alone"

It is also the best "He-He" we've heard in years

September 11, 2018
Michael Jackson performs on stage during is 'HIStory' world tour concert at Ericsson Stadium November 10, 1996 in Auckland, New Zealand.

© Phil Walter/Getty Images

There are Michael Jackson covers and renditions that pop up seemingly every day, however, it's not every day that we come across one that is this good.

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This high school student sounds so much like the late white-gloved King of Pop that if you close your eyes, you may just mistake the two.

While we are unsure of his name (if you know him, tweet us!), we are sure he absolutely nails hitting every note in the 1995 hit, "You Are Not Alone," and late 80's anthem, "The Way You Make Me Feel." (Note the impeccable "He-He!")

Prepare to be amazed.