SCREENSHOTS: Watch the Unsettling Trailer for 'The Haunting of Sharon Tate'

Hilary Duff plays the pregnant actress who was murdered by the Manson famliy

February 5, 2019

The 1969 murders of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and four others by the Manson family left Los Angeles gripped in fear, and the horrific nature of the crime and the frightening ordeal the victims went through comes across vividly in a new trailer.

The Haunting of Sharon Tate tells the story of one of America’s most notorious crimes through the eyes of Tate – played by Hilary Duff. The trailer shows Tate having visions of impending doom before her nightmares come true.

Tate was 8-and-a-half months pregnant when four followers of cult leader Charles Manson barged into her home. After a violent struggle, Tate and her unborn child were dead, as were three friends who had been keeping her company: celebrity hairstylist Jay Sebring, coffee heiress Abigail Folger and aspiring screenwriter Wojciech Frykowski. An 18-year-old who had been visiting the property’s caretaker was the first to encounter the killers outside the home and was the first to die.

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The Haunting of Sharon Tate is due in theaters on April 5th. It’s the first of two films based on the Manson murders that will be released this year. Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt is set to be released on July 26th.