Report: Heavy Metal is the Fastest Growing Music Genre

What other genres are on the list?

April 30, 2019


Pop and hip hop may be everywhere, but music fans are still discovering loud guitars and long hair. A new survey found heavy metal is the fastest-growing genre on the planet - at least on one platform.

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TuneCore, a service that helps independent artists share their music, has been keeping track of how its musicians are doing, and compared 2018 to 2017. Heavy metal music saw the biggest jump in consumption year to year, followed by J-Pop, R&B/Soul, K-Pop, world music and instrumental.

Heavy metal - 154% increase 
J-Pop - 133% increase 
R&B/Soul - 68% increase 
K-Pop - 58% increase 
World music - 57% increase 
Instrumental - 42% increase

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