The Original Woodstock Festival is Being Recreated on 38 CDs

Performances by every act included

May 13, 2019

432 tracks on 38 CDs. A collection of music that’s being called a near complete reconstruction of Woodstock is in the works to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the festival.

Woodstock 50: Back To The Garden will include 267 previously unreleased tracks, a Blu-Ray of the director’s cut of the Woodstock film, a replica of the original program, and lots of other treats for collectors. But it comes at a price: $800 for one of the 1,969 individually numbered sets that come in a plywood box.

Previous Woodstock collections have been hit or miss with the artists and songs included, but the new release features every act that performed at the festival in order, including The Grateful Dead, The Band and Janis Joplin, for a total of 36 hours of music.

Condensed versions of the collection will be available for the more budget-conscious fan: a 10 CD set, a 5 LP version, and a 3 CD set. They're all available August 2nd and you can pre-order your choice here.

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