EXCLUSIVE: What Do Mike Love, Bill Murray and Hanson Have in Common?

Perhaps the most unique 'Reason for the Season'

December 3, 2018

The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album was released in 1964 and featured the enduring holiday favorite, “Little Saint Nick.” Mike Love sang vocals on the original and has now reworked the song and included it on his new album, Reason for the Season.

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That’s not the only symmetry on the release though. “Finally It’s Christmas” features Hanson on a song they recorded in 2017, and Hanson also recorded “Little Saint Nick” in 1997.

We also promised a connection to all of this involving actor Bill Murray. Check it out in the video above.

As for Reason for the Season, Love says he wanted to touch on something beyond Santa, presents and Christmas trees.

“The reason for the season, fundamentally, is more philosophical, "Love told RADIO.COM in our exclusive interview. "It has to do with love."