Brian May to Launch New Single from NASA

The Queen guitarist will combine two of his passions

December 19, 2018

It’s probably a safe bet to say Brian May is one of the smartest men in rock n’ roll. The legendary Queen guitarist is also a doctor of astrophysics. He will combine two of his greatest loves by launching his first solo song in two decades from NASA.

On New Year’s Day, the New Horizon spacecraft will get a good look at an object called Ultima Thule – a billion miles beyond Pluto. To celebrate, May will release “New Horizons,” a guitar track featuring Stephen Hawking’s voice.

“This project has energized me in a new way,” said May. “I was inspired by the idea that this is the furthest that the Hand of Man has ever reached – it will be by far the most distant object we have ever seen at close quarters… To me it epitomizes the human spirit’s unceasing desire to understand the Universe we inhabit.”

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"New Horizons" will premiere around the world in a live broadcast on January 1st at 12:02 am EST from the New Horizons control Center in Maryland -  the moment when the historic encounter is expected to be confirmed.