2 Former Van Halen Singers Cover Led Zeppelin On Stage

Watch Sammy Hagar and Gary Cherone Unite

May 31, 2019

Two eras of Van Halen collided on-stage in Boston this week. During Sammy Hagar and the Circle’s set on Tuesday, Gary Cherone grabbed a mic and joined the band for their cover of “Rock and Roll” by Led Zeppelin. Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony is also part of Hagar’s band, so there was even more interesting cross-pollination reunion stuff going on.

Van Halen has famously employed three different lead singers over the years. Hagar replaced David Lee Roth in the mid 80s, and Cherone replaced Hagar in the mid 90s. Cherone is better known as the frontman for Extreme of “More Than Words” fame.

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Sammy Hagar and the Circle just released their new concept album Space Between. Hagar says it’s about money, reed, enlightenment and truth. The band, which also includes Jason Bonham on drums and Vic Johnson on guitar, talked more about the LP during our recent interview below.