Snickers and Twix chocolate milk

Courtesy of Mars

Drink Your Candy! Snickers & Twix-Flavored Milk Has Arrived

May 30, 2019

Your chocolate milk game has leveled up!

In a bid to make your breakfast candy bar dreams come true, Mars is releasing Snickers and Twix-flavored milk. Sweet!

Instagram account @CandyHunting was the first to get a glimpse of the new lactose tolerant power duo and the kid in us is screaming!

New Snickers and Twix flavored milk are coming to US refrigerated aisles later this month!

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“Snickers-Flavored Chocolate Milk delivers a bold, nutty flavor balanced with the intense sweetness of gooey caramel, and rich chocolate,” a rep for company told Best Products. “Twix-Flavored Chocolate Milk combines the three harmonious flavors of smooth chocolate, rich caramel, and cookie to deliver a satisfying taste.”

Now if you’re worried about your sugar intake hitting record levels, it should be noted that both flavors are made with low-fat milk and contain 14 grams of protein.

So, does Snickers Milk do the body good? While that might be going too far, it does sound delicious!

Both Snickers and Twix milk will be available in convenience stores across the country starting this month and each 14 ounce bottle will retail for $2.49.

Now go ahead and enjoy and wear that milk mustache with pride.