You Can Now Play 'Jeopardy!' While Driving - Is It Safe?

September 20, 2019

You’re commute may get interesting when you play this 'Jeopardy!' game in the car. The gameshow ‘Jeopardy’ is now made for the car by a commuter trivia app called Drivetime.

According to CNN Business, the app was founded last year and the company wants to make driving way more fun through safe games. Drivetime reported that the company believes this app helps drivers be safe on the road without getting distracted with texting.

Jeopardy!’ tweeted that the app was available with an advertisement that said “Play hands-free in the car!” The smartphone app consists of the hit nightly game show that just started its 36th season.

To play, you have to listen to Alex Trebek and a “clue crew member” reading out clues with three possible answers. After that happens, the player has to shout the correct answer and collect money points just like in the show to wager on the final Jeopardy question.

Experts are weighing in on the app and its use while driivng. CNN reported that fatalities while driving have increased 40% since 2008 - the year the iPhone was released and smartphones started to become popular.

Willem B. Verwey, a professor at the University of Twente in the Netherlands, said, “It is quite obvious that such a game will distract drivers when traffic is dense, even when hands-free.”

Another professor from University of South Florida, Paul Atchley, conducted a study on driver alertness that Drivetime cited, and “cautioned against any conclusions on Drivetime being drawn before testing it.”

"If Drivetime was designed well, it could be fine," Atchley said. "You have to find the engagement sweet spot that keeps someone's brain going without being so engaging that it takes resources away from paying attention to the road,” he continued.

CNN interviewed CEO Niko Vuori and he said the app has not been tested, but the company welcomes research. "We know we are on the right side of the safety argument," Vuori said.