Watch Moment When Raging Bison Flings Girl into the Air at Yellowstone

The video is shocking.

July 24, 2019

(WWJ) The video is shocking, showing a girl getting tossed several feet into the air and flipping before she lands.

It happened at Yellowstone National Park, a destination for many families over the summer.

A group of about 50 visitors were standing close to the animal for nearly 20 minutes in the Old Faithful Geyser area on Monday afternoon, according to the National Park Service.

That's when the bison reacted.

Tourists can be heard on camera screaming, “Oh my god, oh my god” as the girl flips end over end into the air.

The New York Post reported, "After charging at the little girl, the bull bison stoked more fears when it set its sights on a crowd gathered on a nearby bridge."

People were running in terror and crying.

Eventually, the bison sauntered away, and the girl was treated by park staff. She was not seriously injured.