World's Best Show Mug? 'The Office' Edges Out 'Friends' for Most-Watched on Netflix

October 24, 2019

While fans have been begging for a “Friends” reunion for years, they've made do by rabidly binge-watching the popular show.

But the NBC sitcom isn't at the top of the most-watched list for Netflix.

On Wednesday, economic advisor and media strategist Scott Lazerson unveiled Netflix’s top 10 most-watched licensed TV shows.

And the winner... "The Office!"

Trailing behind the show was “Friends.” According to People, despite both shows being super popular on Netflix, both sitcoms will find new homes in the near future at other streaming services.

"The Office” is heading to NBC’s Peacock in January 2021. “Friends” can be streamed on WarnerMedia’s HBO Max at some point next year.

“Grey’s Anatomy” ranked third, directly followed by “NCIS”, “Criminal Minds”, and “Shameless.”

The list continued with “Orange is the New Black,” “Supernatural,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “Ozark.”

Just last week Netflix released its viewership for its original television series and original series. People reported that data showed “Stranger Things” was the most watched show, with 64 million views!

Back in August, in honor of “Friends” 25th anniversary, several episodes of the NBC series were shown in theaters across the country.

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