Crazy Frog is Planning to Return in 2020

June 8, 2020

Ready to feel old? It's been fifteen years since Crazy Frog was unleashed upon us, with his ring-ding-dingy, ultra-hyper cover of "Axel F." - an electronic track written back in 1984 by Harold Faltermeyer for the Beverly Hills Cop movie soundtrack.

Well, it's 2020. So on top of a worldwide pandemic, killer bees (sorry, "murder hornets"), and asteroids the size of the Empire State Building whizzing past the planet -- we now have new Crazy Frog music to look forward to.

This year, as you have surely witnessed, is not joking around.

Activity on Crazy Frog's social media accounts has picked up steam since the official announcement on April 22nd, and people are here for it. For good reason, the Frog is a straight up hit with the "keep the kids entertained" crowd and, if you dare to remember, he topped the charts in over a dozen countries hopping his way to number 50 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The music video? 2.1 billion views. With a B.

Now, the only question that remains, is...

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