Yoke's on You! Krispy Kreme Launches Salty, Egg-Filled Donut

May 22, 2019

Do you want your donut sunny side up?

Krispy Kreme is looking to change up your breakfast game.

The donut chain has unveiled one of their more curious offerings, a Salted Egg-Filled donut ring stuffed with a “lava egg.” What, you ask, is a lava egg? It’s a runny custard filling made with egg yolk, sugar, milk and salt.  Your Cadbury Crème Egg would never!

ไข่เค็มมาแรงขนาดนี้ เราจะพลาดได้ไง! เฉลยแล้วววว รสชาติใหม่ของ Krispy Kreme ก็คือ Salted Egg Filled Ring Doughnut โดนัทออริจินอลเกลซ สอดไส้ไข่เค็มลาวา หวานมันเค็มกำลังดี อร่อยยั่วๆ ไส้เยิ้มๆ เพลินจนต้องซ้ำ! เพียงชิ้นละ 35 บาท (ราคานี้ยกเว้นสาขาในสนามบิน) รีบไปจัดความอร่อยกันได้ตั้งแต่วันนี้ มีจำหน่ายถึง 30 มิถุนายน 2562 ที่ Krispy Kreme ทุกสาขา #KrispyKremethailand #Krispykreme #Doughnuts #SaltedEggFilledRing

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If that sounds appetizing, you should know then there’s a catch to being able to consume this interesting concoction. Krispy Kreme is only launching the new product for a limited time in Thailand, where they will retail for about $1 each.

Apparently, the egg donut is inspired by egg tarts which are wildly popular in countries like China, Taiwan, and Portugal, reported People.

If this runny pastry couldn’t get more peculiar, these donuts don’t have a middle, so the egg yolk has been stuffed throughout the entire donut ring. No matter where you bite into the donut, you’ll get some lava egg. 

The Salted Egg-Filled will only be available until June 30th, so you better book those tickets to Bangkok, stat!