Local Connecting Vets Sponsor Paying It Forward to Our Wichita Military and Veteran Community

November 8, 2019

WICHITA, KS (SPONSORED ARTICLE) - Biff DuBose is the owner of our Connecting Vets Sponsor, AutoSmart South.  And being the Connecting Vets sponsor has been a very personal choice for him since Biff and several of his team come from strong military families.  His late Father, Frank was a Korean War veteran.  His son, Brandon is a Marine Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient of Iraqi Freedom.  Brandon was injured when the Humvee he was in was hit by and IED.  And then Biff, himself is also an Air Force Viet Nam Veteran.  They are proud to stand up every day to support and honor the men and women who proudly serve and have served this great nation, and strive to do everything they can to pay it forward through their business and personal lives every day.

One such program is Passageways, AutoSmart South supports and is a regular collection point for this organization.  Passageways is a private non-profit organization dedicated to helping end Veteran Homelessness.  They take homeless veterans off the street and provide them hope by connecting them with programs and resources that will provide them the deserved help they need.  Upon graduation from the program the veteran has his or her own home, a job and often a vehicle.  Biff and his Auto Smart South team help the veteran get a car that is safe and reliable transportation often times at no cost to the veteran.  Passageways to date has graduated 86 veterans who are succeeding in our community.  Biff and his team also collect donations of items the veterans will need to set up their new home.  When you visit the shop, you will notice the permanent drop box that is a regular fixture in the lobby.  Biff’s staff tells us, “sometimes the box is over flowing with items and some weeks the box is a little light, and on those weeks Biff can often be seen coming in the door with bags of items the veterans need to fill the box.”

Biff and his team also proudly support Kansas Honor Flight.  An organization that flies our veterans to Washington D. C. at no cost to see the war memorials that were built to honor them.  Since this organization is funded entirely by donations also, Biff has a donation box at the Auto Smart South check-out counter.  Many don’t know, but Biff matches the donations in the box when it gets collected every month.

In the past year, Biff has been working with McConnell AFB on a program that he designed to match the family of deployed service members who have a vehicle that is not safe or reliable with AutoSmart South.  They will repair the vehicle and return it to the family at no cost.  The program is currently weaving its way through all of the legal hoops, and will hopefully be up and running soon.

Biff also likes the fast pace…so his business has sponsored Veteran night at a local race track in years past.  He races TAG karts, which is basically a 100 plus mile per hour go-kart.  He also owns an AAA modified race car, which of course has a decal wrap that proudly honors veterans and active military.  “The racing community has always been strong supporters of our veterans, military and country, and so we are also proud to be a part of and support that community” Biff says.

Auto Smart South is a full service automotive repair facility.  Biff is proud to say, “We offer parts and labor discounts to active duty military, and first responders a well as our veterans every day”.  Biff is also an ASE Certified Master Technician and an inductee into the Automotive Hall of Fame in Detroit, Michigan.  Along with this honor came the title of World Class Certified Technician.  Biff and his staff work on all makes and types of autos and light trucks, including classics, performance, and motor homes.  They are a full service repair facility, so please stop by and visit the shop to meet Biff and his crew.

These are only a few reasons KEYN is proud to have Biff and AutoSmart South as our Connecting Vets sponsor, they are truly a special business and crew that demonstrate their passion for providing great vehicle service to our community and also a passion for our Country, Veterans and active Military through their business in so many ways.  But nothing says it better than Biff himself in his own words, “Upon entering our office you will see our décor is definitely about our country and the men and women who are fighting and have fought for our freedom…………We thank them every day!!”