Floyd's Pelican Bar in the middle of the Caribbean Sea

Joe Pepler

Dream Job: A Bar in the Middle of the Caribbean Sea Is Looking for Someone to Come Bartend for a Week

It's a good gig if you can get it

May 16, 2019

Lots companies offer up “dream jobs’ for the summer—petting puppies, flying first class, stuff like that. Here’s a new one: pouring drinks in paradise. Floyd’s Pelican Bar, a Jamaican watering hole in the middle of the water is looking for a bartender to fill in the bar’s owner (that would be Floyd) while he gets some much needed R&R.

Floyd’s Pelican Bar is particularly notable not for its drinks, but for its location. The bar is a full mile out in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Negril, Jamaica. According to Atlas Obscura, it was built by local fisherman Floyd Forbes in 2001 after he had a dream (a real dream, while he was asleep) of a bar rising out of the sea on stilts, so he built one. And he’s been there more or less every day since. (Also according to Atlas Obscura, there is no bathroom there, just as an FYI)   

But now Floyd ready for a break. Virgin Holidays, the sort of experiential travel arm of Richard Branson’s Virgin empire, has partnered with Floyd to help recruit a temporary replacement. Here are the job requirements, according to Metro:

  • Willing to commute by boat or paddle board, even when the weather is a little too beautiful to go to work.
  • Eager to chat to locals and tourists alike and get to know them over a cool bottle of local beer.
  • Manage the music playlist to ensure chilled beats are playing at all times.
  • Throw the occasional fish to the resident pelicans, who gave the bar its name.
  • Welcome passing boats looking for a refreshment with a smile.
  • Able to multitask—it can be tricky to hand out beer and appreciate the glistening turquoise water at the same time.

Sound doable? You can drop your details on the Virgin Destinations site for the opportunity to get picked.